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Fedex Commercials 2010
New Fedex Commercials For 2010
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The UPS Store Pack & Ship Tips
Is popcorn an approved packaging material? Should you use a new corrugated box to ship? How many inches of packaging material should surround your item? Hear tips from two The UPS Store packing and shipping experts to help you get gifts intact to family and friends this holiday season, and, well, any time of the year.
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UPS Race The Truck Commercial Documentary
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak championship Truck Racer, coordinated the design and building of the UPS NASCAR Race Truck, for the UPS "Race The Truck" Commercial campaign. Additionally, he drove the truck for all the stunt scenes in the commercials. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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The UPS Store
This is a commercial Castlewood produced for the UPS Store in Springfield, Missouri.
NEW Playing Chrome Dinosaur game FOR 1 YEAR (World Record) MEGA HIT!!
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Playing Chrome Dinosaur Game For 1 YEAR (World Record)
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Grab Some Seat! - ANY% Speedruns - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Support the stream with a Tip! https://alexesposito.live/tip Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexEspositoYT Big runs, and bigger cutscenes. Lets get it. Watch past livestreams here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa1i9D5y6jlvYfYIOJODdntiO1berIyGB #jedifallenorder #speedrun Five years after the Great Jedi Purge, former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis works in a junkyard on the planet Bracca scrapping ships from the Clone Wars, but is forced to use his Force powers to save his friend Prauf during an accident. Unbeknownst to them, the event was captured by a nearby Imperial Probe Droid which transmits the footage to the Galactic Empire, revealing Cal's true identity to the Imperials. The Empire dispatches two inquisitors trained by Darth Vader, the Second Sister and the Ninth Sister, to take down Kestis. While being pursued by the Second Sister, who kills Prauf, Cal is rescued by Cere Junda and Greez Dritus, and flees Bracca aboard Greez's ship, the Mantis. Cere tells him she is a former Jedi and knew Cal's Jedi Master, Jaro Tapal.
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Gladiator  - Cool UPS Store Commercial - Cardboard Series
UPS Store: "Hey, we do a lot more than shipping"
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Panic is REAL?  All Hands on Deck!
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The UPS Store Grocery Shopping
your face will be tired writing out all those shipping labels. the ups store commercial, know your role. ...know me? twitter: https://twitter.com/cjaysaintscs instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjaysaint/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cjaysaint main channel: https://www.youtube.com/cjaysaint gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/saintsgamecollection
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"X ray" - Visibility  - Cool UPS Commercial - Whiteboard Series
Another UPS Whiteboard commercial. Aired on April 4, 2009. See "What brown can do for you".
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Tanger Outlets 30th Anniversary Commercial
Check out our new commerical celebrating 30 years of Savings at Tanger Outlets!
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TD Bank "24/7"
Regis has a couple (hundred) questions for Kelly regarding TD Bank. Check it out.
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Every ing at the market
Think that The UPS Store just does shipping? From printing, to packing, to notarizing, The UPS Store has any ing and every ing your small business needs. Visit http://www.theupsstore.com and learn more. Every ing for small business. And, of course, shipping.
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U.P.S. Logistics commercial
"That's logistics".Short version.
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UPS Commercial - Chapter 2: Up and Running
UPS Commercial - Chapter 2: Up and Running
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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Every ing on a date
Think that we just do shipping? At The UPS Store, we offer a variety of services from printing, to packing, to notarizing. We have everything your small business needs. Visit http://www.theupsstore.com to learn more. Every ing for small business. And, of course, shipping.
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Funny Ups Commercial October 2001 #2
Another funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001
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UPS We Love Logistics Driver Commercial - Ben Subtitulos
Nuevo comercial de la campaña de UPS - We love logistics subtitulado. Fuente Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egDUrL0eby0
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The UPS Store Mailbox Services - Caliano Pizza
Gaining a legitimate and permanent street address via a The UPS Store mailbox has given small business owner Mario Maruca a safe and convenient place to receive and consolidate all of his business mail, and also gives all of his customers a sense of security and confidence that when they send a check, Mario will receive it. Watch more about this small business owner’s positive experience with The UPS Store mailbox services. For more information visit https://www.theupsstore.com/mailboxes/business-mailboxes
Views: 17284 The UPS Store
Ogilvy ad for UPS - "That's Logistics" (30 second version - US)
After a decade of work and the investment of billions of dollars to successfully transform the company, UPS has launched a communications program to demonstrate how it has vaulted past competitors to offer the broadest range of logistics services in the industry. The communications program, with a new advertising campaign here in the UK (also in the United States, China and Mexico). The ad campaign was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. The creative elements of the platform will focus on the theme "We ♥ Logistics" to reflect UPS's passion for delivering transportation and supply chain solutions that can bring competitive power to its customers. The first ads run today (13th September). New advertising for The UPS Store, the first to be fully aligned with the corporate platform, will launch on Sept. 19 in the U.S. UPS plans to show its new advertisements through a variety of mediums, including print, television and digital media as well as some unique "out of home" activations. UPS also will support the campaign through various social media channels. For more information about UPS's new communications campaign, visit www.thenewlogistics.com. You can even download the music to this ad as an MP3 file or ringtone!
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The UPS Store commercial
10 second animated commercial presenting the different services offered at the 330 locations of The UPS Store. for more information, visit www.theupsstore.ca
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The UPS Store - Commercial #2
The latest UPS Store commercial. Shot and edited by Jon Doss. Co-directed with Austin Albany. Starring David Duzzit.
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The UPS Store 0612
The UPS Store 0612 Located at "The Target Center" (right next to starbucks) in the city of Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 You can contact us by phone: 949.831.7933 / 949.831.5340 Fax We have all the support services you need, from packing and shipping to providing you a mailbox with real street address, to being your one-stop source for printing, faxes, office supplies and more. Whatever your business or personal needs, we're here to serve you. Convenient mailbox, document and pack-and-ship services. Get that and more at The UPS Store. Mailbox Services A street address, not a P.O. Box number 24- hour access Package acceptance from all shipping carriers Package receipt notification Mail holding and forwarding Call-in- MailCheck Digital Printing & Document Services Full-service and turnkey solutions Color and black & white printing and copying Professional finishing Collating, binding, laminating and folding Custom printing Flyers, newsletters, brochers, menus Postcards, business cards, stationery and more Faxing Sending and receiving Packing and Shipping UPS air products & UPS Ground Full-service guaranteed packaging International shipping Freight shipments Postal services including postage stamps Moving Supplies & Packaging Materials Boxes, Cushioning, Tape, Moving Kits Additional Products & Services Notary services Office supplies Greeting cards Passport photos Computer Services Money orders/transfers
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Shadow's Stories
Oh Shadow
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UPS Store
Here's a campaign that I had for a few years, produced by Gary Schreiner, singing Stevie Wonder's 'Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing' for UPS on both radio and TV. Check out the REAL version on Stevie Wonder's 'Inner Visions' album. It's a classic!!!
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UPS "That's Logistics" 2010 UK Advert
Agency: Ogilvy Discussed in my blog: http://www.blog.jchdesigns.net/2010/10/adverts-of-note.html All rights belong to UPS.
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UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
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Emergency Management Associates Seismic Briefing Wedensday December 11, 2019
Mail: emaradio@freedomrevolution.com, emergencymanagementassociates@gmail.com Mail: P.O. Box 526, Sandy, Utah 83091 Follow us on our website: https://rltnspd.wixsite.com/emerg-mgmt-assoc, Follow us: Twitter: #TylerEMA Get social with us on Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/EmergencyManagementAssociates If you would like to support our program and what we are doing, you may make donations to: paypal.me/EmerMgmtAssoc Sources of Information: Earthquakes: United States: USGS.gov European Agency: EMSC Pacific Northwest Seismic Network: pnsn.org. National Tsunami Warning Center: NTWC.gov National Hurricane Warning Center: NHWC Weather: National Weather Service: NWS.gov Buoys: National Buoy Center: NBC.gov Ron Tyler has been involved in First Response and in the Preparedness arena for years. Since the early 1980’s Ron Tyler has been working to make sure people are prepared for whatever comes there way. He assisted his parents doing survival dinners at a local church and talked about why people need to be prepared. He has lived in earthquake country.. Quite a few large earthquakes hit San Diego and the state of California. He was a First Responder, and went to those areas to help serve, rescue and train people. Ron has set up emergency command posts during fire seasons in the mountains of southern California and in Colorado.. Having been a volunteer fireman and then a Police Officer, Ron knows what needs to be done and has done it. Ron and the crews have saved many people’s lives. Ron has spoken to hundreds of community groups, helped organize Emergency Preparedness Fairs where he has lived. Through his travels Ron has met hundreds of people and is valued in those communities and continues to work and lecture people on the complex work of Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management. Ron has spent 24 years in Law Enforcement, and has an extensive background in Law Enforcement and tactics. Ron’ career was spent in homicide, traffic accident investigation and weapons and tactics and personal/executive protection. The views and opinions expressed in this program, may or may not not necessarily reflect the views of management, those of the network, it’s parent company or it’s affiliates. Music By: AShamaluevMusic https://www.ashamaluevmusic.com/cinem... Composer:Aleksandr Shamaluev Fair Use In Good Faith This Work Contains Fair Use Of Copyrighted And Non-Copyrighted Images From The Public Domain And The Web For Non-Commercial And Non-Profit Educational Purposes. This Work Is Distributed Free Of Charge By Emergency Management Associates. The author Ron Tyler Has Neither Monetized This Work Nor Sought Any Profit From Its Distribution. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 Under The Copyright Act Of 1975 Allowance Is Made For Fair Use For Purposes Such As Criticism, Comment, News, Reporting, Teaching Scholarship and Research. Fair Use Is Permitted By Copyright Statute That Might Otherwise Be Infringing. This has Being Produced For Educational And Reporting Purposes. © 2014-2015 Emergency Management Associates EMA - All Rights Reserved WARNING: The images, banners, animations and contents of this site are protected under International Copyright Laws. Unauthorized dissemination or distribution in any way, without the express written consent of Ronald L. Tyler, CEO, is expressly prohibited. Violations are punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308