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Virtual tour of UPS’s healthcare-dedicated facility in Roermond, the Netherlands
Take a 360° tour of a UPS GDP/GMP-certified facility. Best viewed with VR-goggles, smartphone or tablet. The warehouse is located close to UPS’s European air hub in Cologne, Germany allowing for late order cut-off times and access to most European destinations within 24 hours.
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How UPS Is Using Big Data To Transform Package Deliveries | NetNet | CNBC
One of America’s parcel delivery titans is upgrading its operation with automated technologies and a routing program that’s going to save it up to $400M every year. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC How UPS Is Using Big Data To Transform Package Deliveries | NetNet | CNBC
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Supply Chain transformation in the global medical device industry
Medical Device makers are working hard to keep pace with the global market. Watch how the industry’s transformations take place around the world and download the DHL white paper series on the Medical Device Supply Chain in Europe, U.S. and Mexico. http://www.dhl.com/medicaldevices
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Inside one of UPS' busiest days
The UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky., is the center of the company's international shipping operations. It's the size of 90 football fields, sorts 350,000 packages an hour and contributes 20,000 jobs to the local economy. We took a peek inside their busiest shift: 11p.m. to 3a.m. a week before Christmas.
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The UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain Survey
Each year, we talk to some of the industry's most influential supply chain decision-makers to find out what's on the horizon. We discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead and discover new behaviors, refined strategies, and ideas ripe for adoption. Want to check out our latest research and track industry trends? Download the 5th annual UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain survey now: http://www.ups.com/media/en/UPS-Change-in-the-Chain-Executive-Summary.pdf To view past survey results and learn more about UPS’s high tech solutions, visit: http://www.ups.com/citc
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Healthcare Trends and Supply Chain Implications: Where we are and what comes next
Daniel Gagnon, Director, Healthcare Marketing & Strategy, UPS is responsible for executing the UPS healthcare logistics strategy in Europe and has been instrumental in implementing many of the company’s healthcare supply chain solutions. Watch this video to hear from Dan about the global mega trends that UPS is seeing and how these affect logistics decision making in the healthcare industry. To learn more about how UPS can help your company succeed on a global scale, visit us online at www.ups.com/healthcarelogistics
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Watch Before Interviewing for UPS Package Handler
*UPDATED AS OF 6/21. DAY ONE VIDEO IS UP!* This job isn't for someone looking for an easy way out. Put in the work and determination and you'll be provided with benefits and such. **Follow me on Facebook** https://www.facebook.com/Akemi-703393149847656/ Backstory: UPS is a place that has been continuously recommended to me by my peers. He simply said, you throw boxes into a trailer for a few hours and you're out. Having previous experience working at a factory, it shouldn't be bad at all. I applied and low and behold, I got the interview. The rest of the process was explained in the video. Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed what you saw!
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CSM and UPS: Changing the way we deliver healthcare
The complex logistics of this clinical trial were once thought impossible. See how UPS and CSM worked together to deliver hope to trial participants and future patients. https://www.ups.com/healthcare
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Tour One of Our Dedicated Healthcare Distribution Facilities
Major healthcare companies worldwide rely on UPS for complicated healthcare logistics. Many of the world's most important healthcare companies work with UPS—and for good reason. We've invested heavily in technology, equipment, facilities, our people, and their training in key healthcare issues from customs to regulatory compliance.
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Logistics Solutions for Clinical Trials and Specimen Logistics
From distributing test kits, investigational medicinal products and supplies to getting specimens back to the testing lab, healthcare logistics are critically important. For all of us. And for your business, they’re everything. UPS gets that. We are ready to customize a logistics solution to fit your specific needs. www.ups.com/healthcare
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Optimizing the Supply Chain of Medical Devices: A Shared SaaS Platform for Suppliers and Providers
About the Presentation The United States spends over twice as much on healthcare per person as other industrialized nations. This has prompted initiatives to improve healthcare outcomes and lower costs. One area targeted for cost savings is the supply chain. While the supply chain in other industries, such as retail, have been optimized using Point of Service (POS) technologies and Just in Time (JIT) techniques, the framework for delivering healthcare contradicts many of the foundational assumptions of supply chain solutions. The result is that healthcare providers carry medical device inventory in a complex mix of consigned and purchased products, valued at millions of dollars, yet still plagued by problems of product expiration, overstocking, stock shortages, and human error. This presentation is the first of a two-part series. It will describe a systems approach to optimizing the supply chain of high value consumable medical devices, as realized in the WaveMark platform. The guiding principles are that accuracy in terms of product availability is critical to patient outcome, and that optimization can only be achieved through end-to-end visibility of the product life cycle across the supply chain, from the point of manufacture to the point of patient implant or use. The platform is a cross-enterprise real-time SaaS solution shared between medical device suppliers and healthcare providers. It incorporates a distributed network of high-accuracy RFID data collection nodes and mobile devices throughout the supply chain. The resulting shared visibility enables a collaborative system-wide optimization capability. About the Speaker Prior to joining WaveMark, Jean-Claude Saghbini was an architect and manager of software development at EMC, where he built an organization of 25 software developers. Before EMC, Saghbini worked on digital imaging products at Polaroid. During his tenure, he had a unique multidisciplinary role in mechanical engineering, software development, and systems integration. He was more recently involved with the inception of Fantasy Seats, a venture designed to create a futures market for sporting events. As an alumnus of MIT's System Design and Management (SDM) Program, Saghbini earned an MS in engineering and management from MIT. He also holds a master of science degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts. About the Series The MIT System Design and Management Program Systems Thinking Webinar Series features research conducted by SDM faculty, alumni, students, and industry partners. The series is designed to disseminate information on how to employ systems thinking to address engineering, management, and socio-political components of complex challenges.
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A Day in the Life of a Apollo Courier - Medical Logistic  Delivery Services Los Angeles
Medical Delivery in Los Angeles & Southern California: Emergency, STAT and Routine delivery service for temperature-controlled specimens, life-saving organs, blood products and medical equipment. Our couriers have medical coolers and we service any temperature requirements you have. Drivers are OSHA & HIPAA compliant and have HAZMAT training. Each courier also has medical gloves and spill kits. Apollo Courier drivers are uniformed employees ready to deliver, around the clock, any medical related transportation you have. Please feel free to contact us at (310) 337-0377 for more information.
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UPS Aerospace Logistics
See the level of engineering expertise we invest in our aerospace operations. We'll handle the logistics of production support, spares distribution, compliance and quality management so you can focus on strategic plans for your company. Control costs, gain efficiencies, and increase the satisfaction of your customers. Learn more at: Ups.com/aerospace
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Keeping Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals Safe and Secure
UPS safeguards temperature-sensitive shipments with an end-to-end, global delivery network. Healthcare manufacturers need to protect their products and provide evidence their products were compliant within a certain temperature range throughout the transportation journey. Temperature-sensitive shipping specialists Mark Davis and Susan Li discuss UPS's dedicated healthcare services and technology that help protect the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products at every stage of the supply chain. Logistics is about getting the right product to the right place at the right time in the right condition for the best patient outcome.
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UPS is a logistics company  that handles 2% of world’s GDP globally.
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Will additive manufacturing (3D printing) change medical device manufacture?
Interview with Mark Kirby, Renishaw Canada's Additive Manufacturing Manager, at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), where he discusses with ENGINEERING.com the potential for metal additive manufacturing to produce more efficient prostheses (note: Renishaw Canada is not a manufacturer of medical devices). This video is copyright ENGINEERING.com
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Solving Supply Chain Challenges For Monster Moto
When Monster Moto decided to on-shore their mini bike assembly to Louisiana, their biggest challenge was supply chain management. The logistics experts at UPS custom designed a supply chain strategy. Using UPS's turnkey supply chain solutions, Monster Moto was able to think beyond shipping to operate more efficiently and increase profit. Find the latest product news to help you ship smarter, and insights on business topics like logistics and supply chain management at www.compass.ups.com
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Sealed Air and UPS: Taking the pain out of after-sales service
Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division needed to supply parts for its TASKI floor cleaning machines to more than 500 field engineers across Europe, but getting these parts was proving to be time-consuming. Sealed Air teamed up with the supply chain experts at UPS and expanded their delivery options from 19 warehouses to over 15,000 UPS Access Point locations in Europe. This significantly reduced the time field engineers spent getting their spare parts, enabling Sealed Air to improve customer service and save on infrastructure, inventory and operating costs. For more on supply chain services, visit http://www.ups.com/manufacturing.
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Take Flight With UPS
If you only know UPS for ground and package delivery, it’s time to take flight with UPS. Fast. Reliable. Overnight. Our air and international services deliver the speed you need, when and where you need it. Every time. Around the world. Visit http://www.ups.com/professional to learn more.
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Dealing With Difficult Medical Logistics
Brad and Christa discuss some of the ways that we have had to navigate medical / insurance difficulties and how you might be helped a bit (hopefully). PLEASE click this link to subscribe, Thanks ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBCi5TpnTXorbRke79UyLw Patreon page... if you are cool with helping out, not necessary in any way, but we are super grateful! https://www.patreon.com/bigfamilyhomestead Stuff we use- Why am I seeing this??? Well, if you like our videos and want to know more about the gear I use AND want a piece of it for you, Amazon gives us a couple bucks for referring you if you buy through one of these links... and we are VERY grateful, so thanks! Video Production Gear Canon XA 10 Camera http://amzn.to/1TYkq8e Rode Video Pro MIC http://amzn.to/1Pobha4 Mackie Mix 12 FX Mixer http://amzn.to/1ZgRrxQ Audio Technica PRO 70 Lav Mic http://amzn.to/1XTsc5S Adobe Premier PRO CC Video editing software http://amzn.to/1U0hfye Cowboy Studio Light Kit http://amzn.to/1U0hgSP www.bigfamilyhomestead www.bigfamilymarket.com #homestead #homesteading #specialneeds #medical #disabled #insurance
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Will UPS medical delivery drone be too complex?
Here is a possible solution for simpler launches in Africa and other developing regions. Based on the announcement that UPS Foundation (NYSE: UPS) is partnering with Zipline, a California­-based aerial robotics company to explore using drones to transform the way life-saving medicines like blood and vaccines are delivered across the world. Original article: http://www.suasnews.com/2016/05/ups-drones-might-have-an-issue/ Background footage: Zipline International Medical Delivery Drone http://flyzipline.com/ Arcturus UAV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FC91GkFQpM Canberra UAV VTOL fixed wing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqGWQrjZTBc Aerosense Inc/Sony VTOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btT3_SR7rE0 Background music - "Remember Me" by JR Tundra Keep up to date with the latest UAS business news: www.suasnews.com www.facebook.com/suasnews www.twitter.com/suasnews www.suasnews.com/suasguide
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Fedex and UPS Documentary
Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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PTV Group Logistics Solutions
http://www.ptvgroup.com - PTV's software solutions support the entire logistics chain in real time: from planning to trip execution and arrival to invoicing and analysis. Wherever you get in: you will be well on your way with PTV logistics software!
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Want a better view of your industrial supply chain? UPS helps you track deliveries in real time.
Manufacturers and distributors need to keep track of all the moving parts in their supply chain. That’s why UPS created UPS Quantum View® Manage— to make real-time tracking easy and convenient for industrial businesses everywhere. For more information, visit: https://solutions.ups.com/Industrial-Products-Visibility-Index-LP.html
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UPS Global Freight Forwarding
You probably know us for small package transportation. But we also move tons of pallets and containers to every corner of the planet. If you're looking to grow your business globally, take a closer look at UPS® Global Freight Forwarding.
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Logistics Innovation: DHL Parcelcopter 3.0
Our latest DHL Parcelcopter is one of our most exciting innovations in the logistics branch yet. Have a look as the fully-automated Parcelcopter takes flight in the picturesque Bavarian Alps. Learn more here: www.dpdhl.com/parcelcopter
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UPS: Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Für Premium-Service zu günstigen Tarifen.
Entdecken Sie die Möglichkeiten! Dank günstigeren Online-Tarifen ist es für kleine Unternehmen jetzt noch einfacher, beim Versand zu sparen und gleichzeitig ihr Image zu stärken. UPS. Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Erfahren Sie mehr auf https://www.ups.com/de/de/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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UPS: Founders Vision
Having vision in leadership drives an organization forward. UPS and the Masters are two organizations who continuously inspire and innovate, yet never lose focus on the values set by our respective founders. By truly understanding the importance of vision, we can help customers achieve theirs. Click to discover how we can support your vision: https://www.ups.com/us/en/services/customer-solutions.page
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UPS: Entendemos a las pymes con un servicio prémium a precio asequible
Con nuestras tarifas online reducidas, las pymes tienen los envíos y la reputación que necesitan para crecer. Piensa en todo lo que puedes lograr. UPS: entendemos a las pymes. Más información en https://www.ups.com/es/es/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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UPS: Entendemos a las pymes con envíos más económicos
Bajamos nuestros precios para que llegues a lo más alto. Con nosotros, las pymes disfrutan de tarifas online más bajas con la misma calidad de servicio. UPS: entendemos a las pymes. Más información en https://www.ups.com/es/es/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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UPS: Entendemos a las pymes con envíos internacionales más rápidos en toda Europa
Los clientes lo quieren rápido, nosotros se lo entregamos más rápido. Ahora nuestros envíos internacionales a Europa son más rápidos y asequibles, y nuestros clientes están más satisfechos. UPS: entendemos a las pymes. Más información en https://www.ups.com/es/es/services/small-business/we-get-small/speed.page
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UPS: Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Für ganz einfachen Versand.
Zu viel zu tun, um sich um den Versand zu kümmern? Dank UPS.com ist der Versand für Ihr kleines Unternehmen jetzt ganz einfach: anbieten, klicken, versenden. UPS. Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Erfahren Sie mehr auf https://www.ups.com/de/de/services/small-business/we-get-small/ease.page
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UPS: Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Für schnelleren Versand in ganz Europa.
Geben Sie Ihren Kunden, wonach sie verlangen. Ihre Kunden wollen's schnell. Wir machen's schneller. Unser günstigster Versand innerhalb Europas ist jetzt noch schneller. UPS. Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Erfahren Sie mehr auf https://www.ups.com/de/de/services/small-business/we-get-small/speed.page
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UPS: Entendemos a las pymes con envíos más sencillos
¿No tienes tiempo para tus envíos? En UPS.com, las pymes pueden consultar el presupuesto y enviar paquetes con un solo clic. Así de fácil. UPS: entendemos a las pymes. Más información en https://www.ups.com/es/es/services/small-business/we-get-small/ease.page
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UPS: International Delivery
The Masters is a truly iconic event with sought after merchandise available only at the Tournament. Therefore, delivering exclusive Masters merchandise around the world requires a reliable shipping partner. We provide end-to-end service, with each shipment trackable any time, no matter where it is in the world, until final delivery. Helping the Masters protect the integrity of one of the world's greatest sporting events is another example of how we take care of every detail for our customers. Any size business can ship safely and simply with our streamlined tracking and visibility solutions. Click to discover more in your country: www.UPS.com/global
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Chez UPS, nous sommes proches des PME grâce à un service exceptionnel et des tarifs intéressants.
Imaginez le potentiel ! Constatez à quel point des tarifs réduits en ligne aident les PME à améliorer leurs expéditions et leur réputation. UPS. Nous sommes proches des PME. Découvrez notre offre sur https://www.ups.com/fr/fr/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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Chez UPS, nous sommes proches des PME grâce à des tarifs d'envoi international moindres.
À faibles coûts, croissance forte. Les PME profitent de tarifs réduits en ligne pour une qualité de service toujours aussi exceptionnelle. UPS. Nous sommes proches des PME. Découvrez notre offre sur https://www.ups.com/fr/fr/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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Günstig zum Erfolg? Kleine Unternehmen erhalten jetzt günstigere Online-Tarife für den gleichen, großartigen Service. UPS. Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Erfahren Sie mehr auf https://www.ups.com/de/de/services/small-business/we-get-small/value.page
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Haben Sie Lust auf Schlangestehen? Nein? Dank unseren Versandstellen ganz in Ihrer Nähe wird der Versand für Ihr kleines Unternehmen jetzt noch bequemer. UPS. Für uns ist klein ganz groß. Erfahren Sie mehr über die UPS Access Point™ Standorte auf https://www.ups.com/de/de/services/small-business/we-get-small/convenience.page
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Chez UPS, nous sommes proches des PME grâce à notre livraison internationale plus rapide en Europe.
Vos clients sont rois. Ils veulent des transports express. Nous faisons mieux. Notre service de livraison le plus accessible est devenu encore plus rapide dans toute l'Europe. UPS. Nous sommes proches des PME. Découvrez notre offre sur https://www.ups.com/fr/fr/services/small-business/we-get-small/speed.page
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Chez UPS, nous sommes proches des PME grâce à notre réseau local de points de dépôts.
Qui a vraiment le temps de faire la queue ? Grâce à nos points de dépôt de proximité, les PME expédient plus facilement leurs colis. UPS. Nous sommes proches des PME. Découvrez les avantages des Access Point™ d'UPS sur https://www.ups.com/fr/fr/services/small-business/we-get-small/convenience.page
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Network Global Logistics Integrated Same Day Logistics Solutions
NGL is an integrated same day logistics provider offering Medical Routed Courier, Same Day On Demand Local Delivery, Next Flight Out, Distributing & Warehousing, Service Parts Logistics and Freight all under one roof with: 99.5% inventory accuracy and 98% on-time shipping performance – metrics that are unrivaled in the industry.
UPS: Entendemos a las pymes con cómodos puntos de entrega a la vuelta de la esquina.
¿Quién tiene tiempo de hacer cola? Ahora, nuestros puntos de entrega están más cerca que nunca para facilitar los envíos a las pymes. UPS: entendemos a las pymes. Más información sobre las ubicaciones de UPS Access Point™ en https://www.ups.com/es/es/services/small-business/we-get-small/convenience.page
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Chez UPS, nous sommes proches des PME grâce à des services postaux sans souci.
¿ Vous manquez de temps pour l'expédition ? Grâce à UPS.com, les PME ne perdent pas de temps : un devis et un clic suffisent à chaque expédition. UPS. Nous sommes proches des PME. Découvrez notre offre sur https://www.ups.com/fr/fr/services/small-business/we-get-small/ease.page
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