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The Logistics Cluster in 2 minutes
When an emergency strikes, there are certain items vital for survival, such as food, water, shelter and medicine which need to reach the affected population fast. However this is never as simple as ABC. Despite the challenges, humanitarians are always present when an emergency arises. Coordination is essential in complex environments like these. The Logistics Cluster is a group of organisations working together to improve the logistics response in emergencies. The World Food Programme was chosen as the lead agency for this Cluster, due to its expertise in the field of humanitarian logistics. “Logistics is a basic and fundamental need for any operation, the backbone of any task, big or small. For humanitarians, it’s about getting life-saving supplies from A to B. Let’s take an example: this organization has come to bring medical supplies to these families. These supplies need to be transported now, but local truck drivers have fled the area, remaining vehicles have already been taken...and fuel has run out To make matters worse, heavy rain and landslides have made the roads inaccessible. Borders are closed due to ongoing conflict and ships cannot enter the port. The organisation’s lifesaving cargo will have to stay here for now, but where will they store it? And how can they quickly inform other organisations about these constraints? Where our partners need it, the Logistics Cluster provides transport of emergency items via ROAD, AIR, SEA & RIVER. We facilitate STORAGE space for vital cargo. Where FUEL is unavailable, we distribute it. We collect and share vital information, to help the humanitarian community make informed decisions. Finally, we offer COORDINATION to hundreds of humanitarian actors. For it is only through working together, that the humanitarian community can effectively and efficiently respond to need. “…through timely and reliable logistics service support information and coordination” The Logistics Cluster “ensures the humanitarian community has the ability to save lives”
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Maersk Line - Logistics Emergency Teams (LET)
Natural disasters and the breakdown of society's infrastructure are a revealing reminder of the importance of logistics and infrastructure, which in daily life is taken for granted. Agility, Maersk, TNT and UPS are experts in transport and logistics. The four companies have formed a partnership called the "Logistics Emergency Teams" (LET) lending it's support and expertise to the World Food Programme (WFP). The common goal is to contain loss and suffering when natural disasters strike. In July 2011, 25 employees from the LET partners came together on a three day intense training seminar at the TNT headquarters in Hoofddorp, Holland.
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Red Cross College - Transport & Logistics
To find out how Red Cross College can help kick start your career in Transport & Logistics visit www.redcross.edu.au or call 1300 367 428 Red Cross College is a well respected nationally recognised training provider offering accredited and non accredited courses and qualifications. Our flexible programs aim to enhance the skills, knowledge and attitudes of each individual and promote satisfying, enriching and rewarding experiences around lifelong learning
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UPS Technology
Use of Technology in the last mile of logistics in UPS
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Humanitarian Disasters: Why logistics are vital
The all-too-frequent humanitarian disasters that occur each year need a carefully designed response. Since the Southeast Asia tsunami of 2004, the commercial and military disciplines of risk management, supply chain management and logistics have transformed how to speedily ensure resources reach the right place, in the right timescales. What are the required disciplines that need to be in place? How effectively are they applied in practice? What challenges must be confronted?
UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
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Montage sur la logistique
Une video sur la logistique et les projets de transport et logistique au Maroc
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Analytics and Logistics Optimization at UPS
UPS uses advanced analytics to reduce miles and improve service, with the potential to save millions of dollars every year. To learn more about analytics, visit http://www.sas.com/
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UPS That's Logistics
UPS That's Logistics 2011 Ogilvy music by www.frisbienyc.com
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American Red Cross 2013: Arms Open and Full
Every nine minutes, the American Red Cross brings help and hope to people in need. Every dollar you give helps us do more of what we do. Whether it's a natural disaster that devastates thousands, or a home fire that affects a single family, the Red Cross is there with arms both open and full.
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Warme Wensen Bezorgen
De kerstwens van Solidarité Grand Froid oprichter Cynthia is sinds 2012 het aankleden en warmhouden van daklozen elke winter. UPS-vrijwilligers zijn samengekomen om nog verder te gaan. Volg het hele seizoen lang op onze Social Media kanalen en op ups.com/wishes
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UPS Commercial
The winning UPS commercial advertising UPS's My Choice system.
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Keuze, controle en gemak voor patiënten met UPS
UPS Access Point™ en UPS My Choice® geven patiënten controle over hun leveringen thuis, gebaseerd op hun schema's.
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Livrer des souhaits qui font chaud au coeur
Depuis 2012, Cynthia de l'association Solidarité Grands Froids n'a qu'un seul souhait pour la saison des fêtes: aider les sans-abris à se vêtir pendant l'hiver. Des bénévoles d'UPS, ensemble, ont fait en sorte d'aller au-delà de son souhait en lui livrant bien, bien plus. Toute cette saison, suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux et sur ups.com/wishes
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UPS: To Logistyka - TV Spot: Polish
Reklama UPS "We Love Logistics"
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UPS and MGM Resorts: Logistics Delivers for the Hospitality Industry
When you look at the supply chain of a hotel, it's complex. Leading hotels and resorts like MGM Resorts International are using logistics to reduce transportation costs, improve the customer experience, and provide a competitive advantage. Visit ups.com/hospitality to learn how UPS delivers transportation and logistics efficiencies to the hospitality industry. http://www.ups.com/hospitality
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How to make your supply chain more resilient: A conversation with PwC's Joseph Roussel
Learn more at PwC.com - http://pwc.to/1f8Mf7K Between natural disasters, the financial crisis, and macroeconomic vulnerabilities, companies' supply chains have been rocked by several disruptions of late. And that trend is likely to continue, says PwC's Joseph Roussel, co-author of Strategic Supply Chain Management—Second Edition. In this short, informative interview, Roussel discusses why supply chains have become increasingly vulnerable, and offers specific tips on how companies can design and manage this critical strategic asset for resilience.
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The meaning of TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More !
The meaning of TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More. V2 now available with corrected typos and an additional slide in the end. - Hope you like it ! http://youtu.be/x0LiIWpitkM TEAM Is a group of people with various complementary skills, WORKING TOGETHER towards a common VISION. TEAM Members operate with a high degree of TRUST, accountability and interdependence. TEAM Members share authority and RESPONSIBILITY for self management. TEAM Members create synergy with strong sense of mutual COMMITMENT. TEAM Generates performance GREATER than the sum of the performance of its INDIVIDUAL members. TEAMWORK is the FUEL that allows common people attain uncommon RESULTS. TEAM Members HELP one another, help other team members REALIZE their TRUE POTENTIAL. TEAM Members create an environment that allows everyone to GO BEYOND their LIMITATIONS. TEAM QUALITY COLLABORATION:- Communication - Coordination - Balance of contributions - Mutual support - Effort - Cohesion COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING; KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS; WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS! If EVERYONE IS MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER, THEN SUCCESS TAKES CARE OF ITSELF. LET'S DO IT ! IS more POWERFUL than: I do it or YOU do it. Simply stated: TEAMWORK IS LESS ME and MORE WE ! TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More Music, courtesy of: FELDBERG: YOU & ME - http://www.feldbergmusic.com This work by DEsign is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You are free to SHARE, REMIX under conditions of ATTRIBUTION, NONCOMMERCIAL & SHARE ALIKE. To view a copy of these terms, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Various sources, among them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team
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UPS mette a disposizione dei pazienti scelta, controllo e comodità
UPS Access Point™ e UPS My Choice® offrono ai pazienti il controllo sulle consegne a domicilio in base ai loro impegni.
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Working for the ICRC: logistics specialist
Humanitarian logistics today is often even more complex and demanding than in the private sector. The ICRC is looking for skilled and experienced professionals in this field. Do you have those skills? Do you want to use them to help those who cannot help themselves? Then this is the place to be ... apply!
Choix, contrôle et commodité pour les patients grâce à UPS
UPS Access Point™ et UPS My Choice® permettent aux patients de contrôler leurs livraisons à domicile en fonction de leur emploi du temps.
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Lee Westwood: The Open Championship
UPS Golf Ambassador Lee Westwood talks about The Open Championship. In particular why this Major is it so special to him and his tactics for Muirfield this year. Click here to find out more about UPS Golf. http://thenewlogistics.ups.com/sponsorships/golf/
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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UPS My Choice Demonstration
Last month, we introduced an innovative service called UPS My ChoiceSM. For online shoppers, it offers a new level of control and flexibility for shipments delivered to residential addresses, such as the option to reschedule a delivery when you're not home or redirect a delivery to another address or your local The UPS Store.
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UPS Wishes Delivered – Wärme liefern
Cynthia Simpson, Gründerin der Stiftung Solidarité Grand Froid, hat einen Wunsch: die Obdachlosen im Winter warm zu halten. UPS hat ihren Wunsch erfüllt. Folgt unseren sozialen Medien während der gesamten Weihnachtszeit.
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Ogilvy ad for UPS - "That's Logistics" (30 second version - US)
After a decade of work and the investment of billions of dollars to successfully transform the company, UPS has launched a communications program to demonstrate how it has vaulted past competitors to offer the broadest range of logistics services in the industry. The communications program, with a new advertising campaign here in the UK (also in the United States, China and Mexico). The ad campaign was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. The creative elements of the platform will focus on the theme "We ♥ Logistics" to reflect UPS's passion for delivering transportation and supply chain solutions that can bring competitive power to its customers. The first ads run today (13th September). New advertising for The UPS Store, the first to be fully aligned with the corporate platform, will launch on Sept. 19 in the U.S. UPS plans to show its new advertisements through a variety of mediums, including print, television and digital media as well as some unique "out of home" activations. UPS also will support the campaign through various social media channels. For more information about UPS's new communications campaign, visit www.thenewlogistics.com. You can even download the music to this ad as an MP3 file or ringtone!
Mighty Oaks "You Saved My Soul"
Live in den FritzStudios. www.fritz.de
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Integrated Analytics in Transportation and Logistics
Presented by Ted Gifford, Schneider National In this session, Gifford will follow the cycle from ad hoc exploration/discovery projects to the development of online decision support (DS) engines on to the implementation of interactive dashboards that allow for proactive monitoring of user compliance with DS recommendations and corresponding performance metrics. He will also demonstrate how analysis of these metrics can often provide insight to further exploration and ongoing framework for continuous improvement.
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Building connections in Greece
This Christmas, UPS has again made a special delivery to one of the most remote parts of Greece. UPS is helping the residents of Nea Kotili stay connected with each other and the rest of Greece.
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Entregando deseos de abrigo
El deseo de Navidad de Cynthia, fundadora de Solidarité Grands Froids, desde 2012 ha sido mantener a las personas sin hogar abrigadas cada invierno. Los voluntarios de UPS entregaron mucho, mucho más. Sigue nuestros canales de redes sociales y ups.com/wishes
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Delivering Warm Wishes
Solidarité Grands Froids founder Cynthia's holiday wish since 2012 has been to keep the homeless clothed and warm every winter. UPS volunteers delivered much, much more.
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Once Upon a Wishes Delivered, The Story of Jax & Cooper
UPS Canada and Children’s Wish partnered together to help a boy named Jax deliver Cooper’s wish - just in time for the holidays. http://ups.com/wishes
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UPS Employees Catch Package Thief
Two UPS employees honored by the Palm Beach County’s Sherriff Office for catching a package thief.
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Entregando Sueños: Entregando ayuda y sonrisas
Descubre cómo una pequeña conductora UPS entrega sueños y sonrisas a los niños y familias que más lo necesitan.
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One Veteran’s Wish for Others
Veterans Village of San Diego president Kim Mitchell has a simple wish for her rehabilitated veterans: to live a successful and happy life. Watch as her wish comes true in the form of a partnership between VVSD and UPS. See more wishes at wishesdelivered.ups.com
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Wishes Delivered: Delivering smiles and wishes
Check out how a tiny UPS driver delivers wishes and smiles to children and families to families in need.
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UPS Takes Basketball Dreams to New Heights
A young boy with dreams of becoming a basketball player will be given the opportunity to be part of an official Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) match. Watch the magic unfold.
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UPS Delivers a Brown Family Christmas
Christmas is Philippines’ biggest celebration, and a time that’s often spent with family. Together with Project Pearls, UPS PH employees and their families will deliver a Christmas celebration to the kids of Helping Land
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Fedex and UPS Documentary
Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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UPS My Choice Million Member Milestone
UPS Canada celebrates more than one million UPS My Choice users in less than three years.
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UPS Eindhoven in 2018
Een investering van 130 miljoen euro, 29.000 pakketten per uur, vijf voetbalvelden groot en 200 nieuwe banen. Dat is het nieuwe UPS distributiecentrum van Eindhoven in 2018. Dankzij de groeiende economie van Eindhoven en de strategische ligging, zal dit centrum een belangrijke, logistieke rol spelen voor Nederland en de rest van Europa. Deze video geeft alvast een preview!
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UPS Shipping Tips Returns
We help make returns easy. Our return process is always a perfect fit for your schedule. Here’s what you need to know.
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Mit UPS mehr Auswahl, Kontrolle und Komfort für Patienten
UPS Access Point™ and UPS My Choice® geben Patienen Kontrolle über ihre Hauszustellungen, wann immer sie diese wünschen
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UPS Aerospace Logistics
See the level of engineering expertise we invest in our aerospace operations. We'll handle the logistics of production support, spares distribution, compliance and quality management so you can focus on strategic plans for your company. Control costs, gain efficiencies, and increase the satisfaction of your customers. Learn more at: Ups.com/aerospace
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U.P.S. Logistics commercial
"That's logistics".Short version.
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