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Funny Ups Commercial October 2001 #2
Another funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001
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2001 Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial
From 2001, Dale Jarrett told he is going to drive the truck.
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UPS Commercial 2006 Burnout
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Can I take it for a spin?
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Funny UPS Commercial February 2003
A UPS commercial that got me laughing from 2003. The expression on Jarretts face says it all lol
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My Top Ten Fav Nascar Commercials
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Dale Jarrett UPS
Dale Jarrett gets a new spotter on his team.
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Nascar Fan Controller Daytona 2008 Toyota commercial
Great Nascar/Toyota Commercial played during 2008 Daytona 500. Officials let some kids drive the cars via remote control. Funny -Funny
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Dale Jarret drives the Big Brown Truck around LMS!
2008 All Star Race DJ's last race. UPS lets him drive the Big Brown Truck around the track during driver introductions!
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Dale Says Yes!
Dale Jarrett agrees to race the Big Brown UPS truck in this commercial from 2004.
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UPS Commercial 2004 Safety
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Safety is the most important thing for UPS drivers.
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UPS Commercial With Joe Walsh of The Eagles
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UPS "Brakes" Commercial
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak truck racer, built and drove the UPS NASCAR Race Truck for the4 commercial campaign. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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Dale Jarret UPS tribute commercial
This is a commercial put up by longtime Dale Jarrett sponsor UPS.Dale retired this year,and is going to be misse by just about everybody in NASCAR. Thanks for the memories,Dale.
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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UPS Commercial 2008 Thanks Dale
Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial. Thanks Dale!
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UPS Race Truck - Brakes
New UPS commercial
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UPS commercial - Dale Jarrett and Jackie Stewart
UPS commercial of trying to convince Dale Jarrett to drive the brown truck featuring three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart.
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Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial
Title Says It All
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Michael Waltrip Commercial I'm at the wrong Track!
Here's a pretty funny commercial from 2004.
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UPS Commercial 2006 Brakes
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Brake performance is important for a race car.
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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Intercept
Stop, reroute, or hold you package while in transit.
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UPS Commercial 2003 Truck on Track
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. I know you don't want to race the truck. What about the movie?
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UPS Commercial 2005 Plan B
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. After he decided to race the truck, UPS decided to use his race cars for...
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UPS / NASCAR TV Commercial
The Auto Moto Three Wheel Scooter is the star of the new UPS television commercial recently premiered at the Daytona 500. The Auto Moto driven by David Ragan in this commercial is now up for grabs in the UPS Racing ONLINE SWEEPSTAKES. Learn More about the sweepstakes at: http://www.racing.ups.com/tag/commercials/ Learn More about The Auto Moto Three Wheel Scooter at: http://www.TheAutoMoto.com
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UPS Commercial 2007 Tirechanger
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. They've been looking for the new tire carrier.
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UPS Commercial 2006 Lugnuts
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. The truck needs a little longer pit stop.
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Thanks Dale UPS commercial
The UPS commercial where DJ finally races the truck, then hangs up the key for the final time...Sniff!!
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UPS Commercial 2003 In Car Crew
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. If you race the truck, you can have your crew in the car.
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UPS Race The Truck Commercial Documentary
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak championship Truck Racer, coordinated the design and building of the UPS NASCAR Race Truck, for the UPS "Race The Truck" Commercial campaign. Additionally, he drove the truck for all the stunt scenes in the commercials. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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UPS Commercial 2006 Draft
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial.
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UPS commercial, Commerce Synchronized
UPS ad what can brown do for you?
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Dale Jarrett drives the truck (All Star Race 2008)
Including the invocation by his father, Ned, and the national anthem...seeing DJ wipe tears away about did me in. DJ's final race.
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UPS Commercial 2005 Wind Tunnel
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. The truck's aerodynamics has checked, and the result was...
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UPS Commercial 2007 Ned
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. He just wanted to testdrive.
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"X ray" - Visibility  - Cool UPS Commercial - Whiteboard Series
Another UPS Whiteboard commercial. Aired on April 4, 2009. See "What brown can do for you".
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UPS Race Truck - Draft
New UPS racing commercial
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Sammy Hagar Napa Commercial #1
Sammy Hagar Napa Commercial 2007
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UPS Commercial 2004 Jet Truck
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. UPS has maximized the truck's speed by using their resorce.
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Delivering Holiday Packages
WPBF News 25's Brian Albert finds out first hand how delivery service UPS is able to deliver all those holiday packages.
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Dale Jarrett Visa Commercial (2000)
One of my favorite NASCAR commercials from back in the day...well at least in my day lol. "Healthcare here with a special really see this almanac murdering someone" (TURN ON CAPTIONS LOL) Enjoy! Oh and if you're wondering, the chase promo will come out this FRIDAY!!!!!!!! #95 -- Top Favorited (Today) -- Autos & Vehicles Thanks guys!
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United Parcel Service
We take a trip through the United Parcel Service (UPS) and find out the true meaning of corporate responsibility. This company is over a hundred years old and is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, helping the environment and their bottom line.
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Days Of Thunder - Exxon Chevy (1990)
My 10th completed build. From the 1990 movie Days Of Thunder this is the #51 Exxon Chevy Lumina, driven in the movie by character Rowdy Burns, driven in real life races by Bobby Hamilton and Hut Stricklin. Body is painted testors gloss black, chassis and roll cages Krylon Pewter grey. Kit is the Monogram DOT Hardee's, decals by Powerslide. This car is easily my favourite from Days Of Thunder
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UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
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Darrell Waltrip - Tide Chevy (1987)
My 13th completed build is Darrell Waltrip's #17 Tide Chevy Monte Carlo from 1987. Kit and decals are both by Monogram. Waltrip drove this #17 Tide Chevy for Rick Hendrick from 1987 to 1990. For 87, 88 and the first 1/3 of the 89 seasons it was this Monte Carlo before NASCAR made the switch to Lumina's in May 1989. Waltrip won 6 races in the Tide Monte Carlo, most famously his Daytona 500 win in 1989, though that car was the Tide with Bleach ride. Waltrip started his own team in 1991 taking the #17 with him and getting sponsorship from Western Auto. Car was painted Krylon Fusion White, and Tamiya Yellow. Then like my other Tide model it was given 3 coats of Tamiya Florescent Red followed by 1 coat of Tamiya Bright Orange.
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2001 Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial
UPS commercial featuring NASCAR driver, Dale Jarrett. This one first aired, I believe, during the 2001 Pepsi 400 at Daytona. Full credit goes to UPS
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UPS truck fast
fast UPS truck
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Terry Labonte - Skoal Oldsmobile (1990)
My 15th model is Terry Labonte's #1 Skoal Oldsmobile from 1990. Most people see this car and think Rick Mast... and so do I, but I could only get a hold of decals for this car that were from when Terry Labonte drove it, besides its the same paint scheme and whenever people have seen it on my shelf they think Rick Mast anyway. This is a Monogram #75 Dinner Bell kit with an awesome decal sheet from Powerslide, car is obviously painted black and white, Tamyia Black and Krylon White.
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