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Funny Ups Commercial October 2001 #2
Another funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001
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My Top Ten Fav Nascar Commercials
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Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) a cappella tribute medley song - Corey Vidal and Moosebutter
A Star Wars themed, four-part a cappella musical tribute set to cinematic themes from composer John Williams. YouTube video (lip sync) by Corey Vidal Vocals (ALL singing) by Moosebutter Written and recorded by Moosebutter Please support our careers, everyone's love of Star Wars, and the amazing work of John Williams by sharing this video. A BIG thank you and ALL musical credit goes to the a cappella comedy group Moosebutter (from Provo, UT), who are not only the voices behind the song, but greatly assisted me in the making of this video and memorizing this brilliant track. Check out their website here: http://www.moosebutter.com/ ——— GET THE MP3: http://www.moosebutter.com/starwars GET THE T-SHIRTS: http://www.districtlines.com/ApprenticeA A CAPPELLA SHEET MUSIC (FREE): http://mistertimdotcom.com/sheetmusic/Star%20Wars%20(John%20Williams%20is%20the%20Man).pdf 2009 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD VIDEO NOMINEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/35th_People's_Choice_Awards FEATURED ON YOUTUBE CANADA (Nov. 3, 2008) FEATURED ON YOUTUBE WORLDWIDE (Nov. 6, 2008) FEATURED ON STARWARS.COM http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/index.php/2008/10/29/star-wars-a-cappella-tribute/ John Towner Williams (born February 8, 1932) is an American composer, conductor, and pianist. Williams has composed many of the most famous film scores in Hollywood history including most of Steven Spielberg's feature films. ——— FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: "Is that really you (Corey Vidal) singing?" No! Sorry to disappoint everyone, but all 4 voices belong to the talented guys from Moosebutter. I had their permission (and their help) in the making of this video, and we all share in its very unexpected success. You can learn a lot more about the making of the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6Xi5HoVky8 Also, check out and hear more of their awesome a cappella songs here: http://www.moosebutter.com ——— LYRICS: [Close Encounters of the Droid Kind] You must use the Force You must use the Force (repeat ad nauseam) You must use the Force [Raiders of the Lost Wookiee] Time ago, far, far away Long time ago, far, far away Kiss a Wookiee, kick a droid! Fly the Falcon through an asteroid! Till the princess is annoyed! This is spaceships, It's monsters, It's Star Wars, We love it! Come and help me, Obi-Wan X-wing fighter And a blaster gun! Dance with Ewoks, Oh, what fun! This is spaceships, It's monsters, It's Star Wars, We love it! [Super Han] Get in there you big, furry oaf I couldn't care less what you smell! I take orders from only me Maybe you'd like it back in your cell Your Highness, your worshipfulness, Your Highness, your worshipfulness! No one cares if you upset a droid (Nobody cares if you upset a droid) That's because droids don't tear your arms out of sockets (Nobody cares) I suggest a new strategy: Let the Wookiee win That's because nobody cares if you upset a droid [E.T. - The DiscoTerrestrial] Now we listen to Luke whining: One more season... one more season... One more season... one more season... I was gonna go to Tosche Station for power converters Now I guess I'm going nowhere It just isn't fair... [Jaws: The Wookiee] Woooooookiee Woooooookiee Woooooookiee Woooooookiee Woooooookiee Woooooookiee Someone move this walking carpet (Woo-kiee! Woo-kiee!) Someone move this walking carpet (Woo-kiee! Woo-kiee!) Kiss your brother, kiss your brother Princess Leia! Well, I guess You don't know anything About women Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy? [Jurassic Darth] Luke, I'm your father (That's not true!) It is useless to resist (My hand!) Come with me, my son We will rule! (I'll never join you!) Search your feelings, it is true So, you have a twin sister who Obi-Wan was wise to hide (Is that Leia?) If you will not turn Then perhaps she will Give in to your hate, You are mine [Close Encounters of the Droid Kind - Reprise] (Long, long, long time ago...) Far, far, far, far away Long, long, long time ago, Far, far, far away! Kiss a Wookiee, (kiss a Wookiee) Kick a droid! (kick a droid!) Fly the Falcon (fly the Falcon) Through an asteroid! Till the princess (till the princess) is annoyed! (She's annoyed!) This is spaceships, It's monsters, It's Star Wars, We love it, it's true! Episode III Coming to you 2005 So let's go (Go, go, go to the movies) Stand in line (Buy, buy, buy me some popcorn) Cause it's al- (Please, I'd like extra butter) -most the time! (JOIN THE DARK SIDE) May the Force be with you all! JOHN WILLIAMS IS THE MAN!
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UPS Race The Truck Commercial Documentary
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak championship Truck Racer, coordinated the design and building of the UPS NASCAR Race Truck, for the UPS "Race The Truck" Commercial campaign. Additionally, he drove the truck for all the stunt scenes in the commercials. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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We stand with you Chicago! You my brothers and sisters are an inspiration to us all! GO GET EM! #RespectTheVote! Pay Pal Donations Here - https://paypal.me/TylerBinder344 Email- Tbinder38219182@gmail.com
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Chevrolet commercial - Why is Dale Earnhardt the Intimidator?
Chevrolet commercial of Jeff Gordon and Terry Labonte wondering why is Dale Earnhardt the Intimidator with Darrell Waltrip giving a likely answer.
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UPS commercial, Commerce Synchronized
UPS ad what can brown do for you?
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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Intercept
Stop, reroute, or hold you package while in transit.
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too many orders.mpg
The need to match sales and logistics
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UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
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UPS Commercial Whiteboard like Iphone
http://mastercom.over-blog.com Your Global Business Advertiser: UPS Agency: The Martin Agency
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UPS "Brakes" Commercial
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak truck racer, built and drove the UPS NASCAR Race Truck for the4 commercial campaign. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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Sprint Commercial - The Monsters of Nascar
Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA Art Director: Kevin Koller CD: Ronny Northrop CD: Rich Silverstein CD: Paul Stechschulte CD: Franklin Tipton Copywriter: Rus Chao Exec Producer: Josh Reynolds Producer: Brian Coate Director: Michael Mann Spots's Prod Co: Alturas Redfish Films Line Producer: Adam Gross Exec Producer: Marshall Rawlings @ Alturas Redfish Films Director - Design & Animation: Three Legged Legs Design & Animation Production Company: Green Dot Films Creative Directors: Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn, Reza Rasoli Managing Director: Rick Fishbein Executive Producers: Darren Foldes & Rich Pring Producer: Mary Ann Cabrera Designer: Chuck BB Animators: Robin Steele, Dave Creek, Dylan Spears, Jahmad Rollins, Matt Flynn, Ryan Green, Brice Mallier, Kathleen Quaife Additional Cleanup: Amy Clark, Chris Anderson, Joe Kennedy, Omar Ruiz, Thomas Yamaoka, George Fuentes, Tuna Bora, Jason Han, Timothy Gatton 3D Artist: Billy Maloney Tracking/Compositing: Tyler Nathan VFX Supervisor: Caleb Owens Audio post: Robert Feist @ Ravenswork Studios DP: Dante Spinoti Editor: Hank Corwin @ Lost Planet/CA Titles: Buck Music: Human @ Human Sound Design: Gus Koven @ Stimmung Colorist: Corey Brown @ The Mill/LA Vehicle Graphics By: Bluemedia
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Fedex "Wrong"
See Francis Fallon in the hilarious FedEx "Wrong" commercial spot.
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UPS Commercial
Another school project. I thought that there should be one so. Well at least for the jacket.
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USPS Express Mail 1987 ad
Commercial for the US Post Office Express Mail service. 1987
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Dale Jr./Michael Waltrip NAPA Commercial
Ahh... Good 'Ol Days of DEI...
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USPS Next Day Air commercial
http://internetlurker.blogspot.com/ If you have information about this video like voices or actors please leave a comment. Help document for the great archive.Also leave a comment on this page or on my page. Thank you.
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UPS Whiteboard - Visibility
See the future with UPS's visibility.
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UPS Whiteboard - Early AM Delivery
Early morning delivery with UPS
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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UPS commercial - Dale Jarrett and Jackie Stewart
UPS commercial of trying to convince Dale Jarrett to drive the brown truck featuring three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart.
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Funny UPS Commercial February 2003
A UPS commercial that got me laughing from 2003. The expression on Jarretts face says it all lol
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UPS delivers !
The proper way a UPS driver delivers a package to your door.
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Nascar Fan Controller Daytona 2008 Toyota commercial
Great Nascar/Toyota Commercial played during 2008 Daytona 500. Officials let some kids drive the cars via remote control. Funny -Funny
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