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UPS Whiteboard - Freight
The Big Brown Truck just got a little bigger. UPS also offers Freight services.
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UPS Commercial Whiteboard like Iphone
http://mastercom.over-blog.com Your Global Business Advertiser: UPS Agency: The Martin Agency
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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UPS Paperless
UPS was great to work on and more challenging than you might think. I came up with the concept for these 3 then worked with Andy Azula (CD/Star) and Joe Alexander (CD/Writer) to hammer out details. The production on these is very simple and cut and dry. As a result, I didn't end up going on production which was OK I guess. I was busy on production for FCR anyway. By the way, Andy really can draw and if you concept on this account, it kind of helps to be able to draw at least half as well as he does.
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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Stop
Stop a package in transit and have it sent back.
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UPS Whiteboard - Visibility
See the future with UPS's visibility.
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UPS Whiteboard - One Driver
One driver to rule them all.
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Whiteboard Animation - Animation Companies - Video Advertising - UPS Whiteboard
Created for the UPS "Whiteboard Headquarters 08' web site, these animations educated viewers about UPS's products and services. This video production was produced by True Film Production. For more information about our services please visit http://truefilmproduction.com/. video production motion graphics video marketing post production demo reel online video marketing video production company Corporate video production video production companies web video animation studio web video production video production services corporate video video advertising business cartoons animation companies whiteboard animation video post production
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"X ray" - Visibility  - Cool UPS Commercial - Whiteboard Series
Another UPS Whiteboard commercial. Aired on April 4, 2009. See "What brown can do for you".
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UPS Whiteboard - Distribution
Let UPS be your warehouse.
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Interlibrary Loan Whiteboard
A spoof on the UPS Whiteboard ad showcasing the interlibrary loan service at the Harold B. Lee Library.
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1985 UPS Commercial
Cool 1985 commercial for UPS featuring their 727s.
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The improved US Postal Service tracking system has up to 11 scans so you can receive more information on your priority shipments. Utilize the USPS Tracking™ tool to check the status of your package at any time. USPS Tracking™ Tool – Just enter your tracking or receipt number for your priority mail at the website below: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action Get social with USPS: https://www.facebook.com/USPS https://www.linkedin.com/company/usps https://twitter.com/USPS http://www.pinterest.com/uspsstamps/
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UPS Whiteboard - Small Business
Your small business with UPS
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UPS Whiteboard - China
Shipping from China with UPS
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UPS Worldport Time Lapse
Hundreds of thousands of packages are sorted every day at Worldport, UPS’s all-points, international air hub, in Louisville, KY. Here’s a quick look at some of the activity that takes place during each sort.
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FedEx vs UPS vs USPS, Shipping War
Who's Winning the Shipping War? - Evaluating UPS, FedEx and USPS for package tracking, delivery time and shipping costs. This video highlights a real-world study comparing the top three U.S. shipping carriers on tracking scans, delivery time and overall shipping costs. Download the free white paper: http://www.stamps.com/shippingwar/form/
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS.
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DIY Whiteboard Wall!
Today I painted my own whiteboard wall. Do it Yourself DIY whiteboard wall with paint. Watch how easy this is! Twitter: http://twitter.com/MunroCameron Site: http://cammunro.me
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UPS Whiteboard - Early AM Delivery
Early morning delivery with UPS
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Whiteboard: Overview
This video demonstrates some of the main features of the new updated Whiteboard.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial
Vote for us! McCombs Next Top Major competition video. Voting begins on Monday, February 9th 2009 at 5pm CST. Click here to vote: http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/nexttopmajor/watch/scm/ Hurry! Vote before Sunday, February 15th 2009 at 11:59 CST.
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UPS Whiteboard - Reliability
The most reliable color on earth.
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How to Make a Giant Whiteboard on Wheels
If you are teaching or selling online, having a whiteboard that fills the entire video shot is a big plus. Even the largest portable whiteboards have a tough time doing it! Once you do some shopping, you'll also see that they can be quite expensive. So what's the answer? Build it yourself! In this video, I show you exactly how I built a giant 4'x8' whiteboard ON WHEELS. And it wasn't that hard!
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United Parcel Service Presentation
Made for career day at my kids school. 2008
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Esquoia - whiteboard notebook
You can order ESQUOIA on www.esquoia.com
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Clean Ideas! Whiteboard Performance Tips
Understanding how to get the best performance from your whiteboard.
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How to Properly Clean a White Board
The secret of making a whiteboard new again
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Quick-Grids for your whiteboard
Quick-Grids. Freaky-Fast grid kit for any whiteboard. Perfect for use in hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities and more. Quick-Grids are grids that are ready to use in seconds! They are available in Magnetic Quick-Grids or Peel & Stick Quick-Grids for use on any whiteboard. One kit contains SIX 15.5" x 23.5" grid panels to complete a 4' x 4' grid board. Get your FREE sample today! Visual Workplace, LLC
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How to put up a whiteboard
In 4 minutes, 38 seconds.
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New UPS ad "That's Logistics" - created by O&M - 60 second UK version
After a decade of work and the investment of billions of dollars to successfully transform the company, UPS has launched a communications program to demonstrate how it has vaulted past competitors to offer the broadest range of logistics services in the industry. The communications program, with a new advertising campaign here in the UK (also in the United States, China and Mexico). The ad campaign was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. The creative elements of the platform will focus on the theme "We ♥ Logistics" to reflect UPS's passion for delivering transportation and supply chain solutions that can bring competitive power to its customers. The first ads run today (13th September). For more information about UPS's new communications campaign, visit www.thenewlogistics.com. You can even download the music to this ad as an MP3 file or ringtone!
UPS Whiteboard - Customer Service
How customer service should be in shipping.
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A channel partner strategy in 4 steps and 60 seconds
What's the best channel partner strategy? Selling a great solution to a willing market through the wrong channel is almost guaranteed to produce deeply-disappointing results. Marketers often use the term channel to mean tactic. Sales people, especially in B2B, use the term 'channel' to mean who you sell through. We're using the sales version on this occasion. But what type of channel do we want and what's the best type of channel partner strategy? Let me give you a super short primer, then in 60 seconds and 4 steps we'll show you how to set your channel partner strategy. At the end we'll also share a tool tip and show you how we use Funnel Plan to determine the best channel partner strategy.
UPS We Pack for You
UPS Burnaby BC http://goo.gl/bflba Ups, packing and shipping to North America and International. Best local and International rates. Free mailbox offer. Contact us today. Check out our Google+ Local reviews at: http://goo.gl/XAy0G
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How to make a Whiteboard for UNDER $5
I've been making whiteboards for a few years so that I wouldn't have to waste reams upon reams of papers, solving my math homework. I just thought that I would share with you the best design that I have made yet! All you need is a few bucks ($10 if you don't have the paint) and 15 minutes of your time. You only use about 1/10 of the can, so you can make a ton of these with it--so I'm figuring that the materials only cost about $4.50 http://www.clayalchemist.com
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Interactive Whiteboard
Touch Boards
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Doodle Videos Animated Doodle Video Presentations
go to ----- http://www.sellamations.com for more information on how to make a cool doodle video that sells for you. Sellamation can create scribed doodle videos from practically any topic using rapid drawn animation techniques, paper cut out stop motion video, and even electronic sketch art.
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United Parcel Service
We take a trip through the United Parcel Service (UPS) and find out the true meaning of corporate responsibility. This company is over a hundred years old and is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, helping the environment and their bottom line.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial - Large Animal Shipping
Stop motion school project, used Photoshop to create the 600 some images and Movie Maker to string them together. Always remember UPS for your large animal shipping needs!!
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AltaVault whiteboard presentation
Cloud integrated backup and archive solution
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Trucks and Planes
Why does a company that brings in so much money need a bailout from Congress? http://www.brownbailout.com UPS lobbyists have buried a short 230-word legislative bailout deep inside the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009 currently before Congress. It's worth billions to "Big Brown" at the expense of today's American economy that thrives on next-day commerce, competitive shipping options and ready access to markets around the world. Read more here: http://www.brownbailout.com/buried-bailout/ What's in a bailout? The bailout bottom-line is this: What's the difference between a 100-year-old trucking company and a modern airline that flies packages around the world every night? Answer: everything. Yes, both carry parcels and packages, but how they do it is obviously and vastly different. UPS' bailout would shoehorn FedEx Express -- an airline created in 1971 focused on next-day delivery of essential goods and documents around the world -- into the same operating rules as a 100-year-old trucking company. FedEx Express and other airlines operate just fine under airline regulations, but UPS doesn't like competition. Keep in mind, UPS chose to form as a separate trucking company for its pickup and delivery operations. So "Big Brown" is throwing around its political weight and seeking a bailout from Congress, so that it can saddle its only remaining U.S. competitor with the effects of its own decisions. And at the end of the day, all of us who rely on overnight-deliveries -- medicines, paychecks, critical replacement parts, essential inventory, and the like -- pay the cost.
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REAL Customer Journey Mapping (That Works) - John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility
Learn more about personas: https://ignitevisibility.com/create-persona/ Learn more about CRO: https://ignitevisibility.com/services/conversion-optimization/ Customer journey mapping has been done in so many different ways, people are confused on what it exactly is! In this video, John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility discusses customer journey mapping, how it works and how to set it up for your business. If you are not doing customer journey mapping, you should be.
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Cisco Security Explained Simply - Whiteboard Video
Learn how Cisco can simplify security by helping customers move from having the best boxes to building the best platform for a multi-tiered defense. The integrated security platform can be open, with applications enabled, and with threat intelligence that identifies threats and reacts fast to block them.
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UPS My Choice Demonstration
Last month, we introduced an innovative service called UPS My ChoiceSM. For online shoppers, it offers a new level of control and flexibility for shipments delivered to residential addresses, such as the option to reschedule a delivery when you're not home or redirect a delivery to another address or your local The UPS Store.
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QuirkLogic Quilla 42" E Ink Interactive Whiteboard with digitizer, collaboration, productivity
http://quirklogic.com Quilla is the world's largest Connected eWriter, on 42" E Ink electronic paper replicating the familiar feel of paper and pen, bringing a more natural and smart collaborative whiteboard for companies and schools that want to provide sunlight readable, bi-stable, paper-like eWriting, a display that enables a different athmosphere, a different interior design for the brainstorming and strategical collaborative space in companies, enabling colleagues to get inspired in the brightest room with most natural light, on a most comfortable for reading display. With Quilla, users can walk up, grab a pen, and easily scribble out ideas, actions, and plans without hitting setup hurdles and quickly pick up where they left off in an instant. The Quirk Logic digital writing system consists of portable, always-on inking devices that go beyond space and location boundaries. Teams are no longer tied to conference rooms that have equipment anchored to a wall and instead can make better use of spaces designed for informal, ad-hoc interaction. The eWriter's easy on/off mounts, light weight (22lbs/10kg), and battery operation enable workers to go wireless with the device and take it to any workspace. Also, remote participants can contribute and interact with content in real-time through centralized library and workbook sharing, enabled by an intelligent connected "inking" ecosystem that does the heavy lifting behind the scenes, keeping it simple for the users.
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Interactive whiteboard
New Alfa Infotec Private Limited Presents Finger Touch Interactive Whiteboard with Ceramic Surface with Optical Sensors
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Delivery Intercept Launch
Web Video
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The Top 10 Small Business Web Design Mistakes
If you're frustrated by the lack of leads being generated by your shiny new website, you'll really love this video. Outlined are 10 most common mistakes small business we designers make and how to avoid them. Watch this video for an immediate surge in traffic, leads and customers through your website (after you take action, of course). small business websites - website design 21 (24%) 142 (28%) 6:45 unknown 11 (12%) 61 (12%) 5:33 web design mistakes 4 (4.5%) 19 (3.6%) 4:37 small business web design 3 (3.4%) 30 (5.9%) 10:02 web design business 3 (3.4%) 26 (5.1%) 8:38 how to choose a afforable web design company for my small business 3 (3.4%) 12 (2.4%) 4:05 10 misteks web designers make 2 (2.2%) 9 (1.8%) 4:32 top 10 websites design 2 (2.2%) 23 (4.4%) 11:20 top 10 website designs 2 (2.2%) 14 (2.7%) 6:48 website design 2 (2.2%) 14 (2.6%) 6:46 10 mistake small buisness 2 (2.2%) 22 (4.2%) 10:47 business website design 2 (2.2%) 16 (3.1%) 7:55 business top 10 mistakes 1 (1.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0:09 top ten designing websites 1 (1.1%) 1 (0.2%) 0:47 web design for small business 1 (1.1%) 13 (2.5%) 12:41 website making for small business 1 (1.1%) 2 (0.4%) 2:01 small bussines website 1 (1.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0:02 website development business 1 (1.1%) 1 (0.2%) 1:03 top web design mistakes 1 (1.1%) 14 (2.6%) 13:31 the top 10 small business web design mistakes (low). 1 (1.1%) 14 (2.6%) 13:31 small business website design 1 (1.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0:03 website development common mistakes 1 (1.1%) 1 (0.1%) 0:30 top 10 design websites 1 (1.1%) 7 (1.4%) 7:21 tops for great business website 1 (1.1%) 12 (2.3%) 11:34 top business mistakes
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Interactive whiteboard TRACEBoard
TRACEBoard is TOP manufacture of interactive whiteboard in China, with 14 years experiences, millions teachers and students are using our boards and enjoy services. Contact us: sales@traceboard.com.cn
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TPACK commercial (whiteboard / UPS version)
A commercial for the TPACK framework created by Punya Mishra for ISTE2010. It is "inspired" by the whiteboard/UPS series of commercials.
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