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On The Road with FedEx: Alaska
Brave the snowy conditions and go on the road with FedEx in Anchorage, Alaska. Join as Ron Bernier (a National Truck Driving State Champion driver) shows Jason Baker from FedEx Communications how to navigate the world of moose, snow chains, and the Land of the Midnight Sun.
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On The Road with FedEx: Colorado
Travel to the Rocky Mountains and go on the road with FedEx in Denver, Colorado. Learn the secrets of greasing a 5th wheel, and hear the difference between a city horn and an air horn as we go behind the scenes in the trucking world. Ride along in the Mile High City with Rich Merich (a National Truck Driving Championship Rookie of the Year driver) and Jason Baker from FedEx Communications.
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Inside the FedEx Hub in Osaka, Japan
In 2014, the FedEx North Pacific Regional Hub opened at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the 24 hour state-of-the-art facility.
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Al Glenn Reflects on 44 Years as FedEx Captain
Captain Al Glenn reflects on his 44 year career in FedEx aviation.
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Virtual Reality Hub Tour: Explore the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, TN
Get an exclusive, first-hand look into how FedEx delivers millions of packages around the world every day. This virtual tour explores the FedEx Express World Hub in Memphis, TN. From loading and unloading aircraft, to sorting millions of packages, to monitoring flights and shipments all over the world, you’ll learn how the massive facility and its 10,000 team members connect people with the products and shipments they care about.
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FedEx Makes Bear-y Special Delivery
Two grizzly and two brown bear cubs recently made their way from Anchorage, Alaska to Oakland, Calif. aboard a FedEx Express jet. FedEx donated its services for this special delivery as part of the FedEx Cares “Delivering for Good” effort, which supports the movement of rescued and endangered animals. The one-year-old cubs will enjoy a new home at the Oakland Zoo’s California Trail. For more information, visit the FedEx Blog.
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On The Road with FedEx: Vermont
Go on the road with FedEx to the small town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Ride along with former LAPD police officer Andre Raven, a National Truck Driving Championship two-time state champion driver. Andre welcomes Jason Baker from FedEx Communications to ride in his unique FedEx pick-up truck, showing off the beauty of fall foliage in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
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Future of Flying Tested at Retired Military Base
This plane is equipped with lasers, cameras, 100% biofuel, and a cargo bay full of computer test stations. Go behind the scenes in remote northern Montana as Boeing tests 35 new technologies on a FedEx 777F plane. It's the latest of their ecoDemonstrator program designed to make the future of flying safer and more efficient.
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This Is FedEx Office
Discover what it's like to work for FedEx Office by getting a glimpse into a day in the life of three team members one at the FedEx Office corporate headquarters, one at a retail center and one in a print production facility. See what each person finds most rewarding about working for FedEx Office.
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A Day Of Possibilities
It’s a new day – a day like any other. A day of possibilities. People, small businesses, and enterprises around the globe, looking for better ways to connect and make a difference. The one thing they have in common is who they choose to have them do it – FedEx.
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Behind the Scenes: Building the New FedEx Boeing 777F for the ecoDemonstrator Program
A time-lapse and behind the scenes look inside the Boeing factory at construction of the new 777F for FedEx. The plane will be used as part of the ecoDemonstrator program, testing things like compact thrust reverser, flight deck innovations, and fuel efficiency. The goal is to improve environmental performance and safety of future airplanes.
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Overview of FedEx Electronic Trade Documents
Properly preparing your customs clearance paperwork is key to finding international success. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents allows you to submit your documents online, so you can process your international shipments and clear customs faster - with fewer delays. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint when you submit your international paperwork online. Find out how at fedex.com/tradedocs.
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How a Roll of Tape Can Help Save Lives
In central Botswana, the combination of donkey carts being the main mode of transportation and the A1 Highway cutting through villages with no streetlights, can be deadly. See how the Society of Road Safety Ambassadors came up with a simple solution that helps save lives.
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Fat Toad Farm: Goat's milk caramel shipped with FedEx
https://smallbusiness.fedex.com/grant-contest.html Watch the owners of Fat Toad Farm explain how they chose FedEx to ship their goat's milk caramel throughout the country from their family farm in Vermont. As 2014 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winners, they plan to use their $25,000 grand prize to make major improvements to their caramel production facility. http://www.fattoadfarm.com https://smallbusiness.fedex.com/grant-contest.html
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Meet the FedEx SameDay Bot
The future is smart. The future is capable. The future is full of possibilities. Introducing the FedEx SameDay Bot. The future is knocking. Explore more at https://fedex.com/thefuture
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Build a Following During the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Voting Period
FedEx Small Business Grant winners share their strategies for generating votes during the grant contest. Plus, learn how they used the voting period to market and build community around their businesses.
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Tech Minutes from FedEx: Autonomous Tuggers
Autonomous, or driverless, tuggers are being used by FedEx Ground to transport bulky packages through hub facilities. The tuggers know the shape of the building and are packed with sensors. These large e-commerce deliveries (trampolines, exercise equipment, canoes, etc) represent the fastest growing portion of FedEx Ground package volume, currently about 10% of total volume. Using these automated tuggers for repetitive, simple tasks allows team members to focus on high-value, skilled work.
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How to Pack, Seal, and Label Shipments
www.fedex.com/packaging Learn how to pack, seal, and label your shipment with the right materials and a few best practices from the pros. Follow these easy steps for safe, reliable shipping with FedEx.
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The FedEx Story
The FedEx Story celebrates how FedEx team members and customers work together to shape the world. The film honors employees and customers whose skills, commitments, ideas and passion make connections that can empower global marketplaces.
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Around the World with FedEx in Sixty Seconds
More than 650 aircrafts. More than 150,000 motorized vehicles. More than 400,000 team members delivering 13 million packages on average every day to 220 countries and territories around the world. Take a sixty-second look at FedEx around the world.
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The FedEx Story: Moving The World In One Click
The magic of the FedEx global network plays out every day across the world. Watch how one click and one individual delivery connects a family celebrating a special milestone.
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What's Inside?
FedEx delivers millions of packages around the world every day. But FedEx delivers more than just packages or pallets. We deliver possibilities. fedex.com/possibilities
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Two Military Veterans Discover What It’s Like to Work for the Tennessee Titans
FedEx teamed up with the United Service Organizations to create on-the-job experiences with the NFL for veterans transitioning to civilian life. Go behind the scenes with Army veterans John Williams and LaMont Whited as they help deliver the ultimate game day experience with the Tennessee Titans.
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10 Countries in 30 Seconds
Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of FedEx global operations around the world.
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FedEx Delivery Manager: Customize Your Deliveries for Convenient Pick-up Now at Walgreens
When it comes to balancing work and family life, careful planning is key. See how FedEx Delivery Manager helps this Supermom keep her family on schedule. FedEx Delivery Manager can help you customize your deliveries for convenient pick-up now at Walgreens. Learn more at fedex.com/delivery. * *Terms, restrictions, and some fees may apply.
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Maple Syrup
From supplies to supply chains, we deliver opportunity to small and medium-size businesses.
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Go Behind the Scenes with the World’s Largest Licensed Sports Retailer
Find out how Fanatics works with FedEx to deliver your favorite sports apparel right to your doorstep.
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