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UPS 747-400F takeoff from Anchorage  Airport
Ups 747 takes off from angorage to china
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UPS Tests Residential Delivery Via Drone
UPS announced it has successfully tested a drone that launches from the top of a delivery truck. The test was conducted in collaboration with drone-maker Workhorse. Sending drones to make deliveries from package cars could bolster efficiency in our network by reducing miles driven. https://pressroom.ups.com
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United Parcel Service, behind the scenes Part II
The UPS hybrid vehicle fleet is world class. They have incorporated hybrid technology and use a high tech navigation system in order to reduce overall fuel costs and emissions. Check out why this company tries not to make any left hand turns.
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UPS Worldport Time Lapse
Hundreds of thousands of packages are sorted every day at Worldport, UPS’s all-points, international air hub, in Louisville, KY. Here’s a quick look at some of the activity that takes place during each sort.
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It's the UPS Overnight Truck, layover in Kingman Arizona. High definition [HD] video footage. United Parcel Service Overnight Delivery Service. Are you looking for a job as a UPS Overnite Driver? Contact UPS today. Peace, Mark Allen Channel (4GUESTS.COM)
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New UPS truck safety features in action
Keeping everyone on the road safe should be a fleet's number one priority. That's why UPS trucks will now use the Bendix Wingman Advanced system to improve safety in their vehicles. FE hits the road with the new UPS vehicles to see these new features in action.
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The Future of Trucking
Imagining the future of the vast trucking industry that will become autonomous in the coming years. Subscribe for our newest TDC original mini-documentary: http://bit.ly/2pu8oNz Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West. More information on this topic: The future of trucking: http://tcrn.ch/2f1cx2Z http://bit.ly/2pyRU2K Tesla's electric truck: http://bit.ly/2nKwlQi Platooning: http://bit.ly/2eg8UKi Truckers discuss the future of trucking: http://bit.ly/2oG2MM9 Script: The semi-truck. Our modern lives are completely dependent on them. Look around you. Every object you see probably traveled on at least one big rig. Here in America, truckers make up 2% of the workforce. But with multiple game-changing technologies converging simultaneously — and the relentlessness of the hyper-competitive global marketplace — the industry will be revolutionized within the next two decades. This is an examination of the future of trucking. Before we get into the technology that will turn it all upside-down, we must first understand the way this extremely fragmented industry works now. To the numbers! There are about 3 million drivers for 2.5 million trucks in the US. Those trucks are owned by 532,000 carrier companies, but 90% of these fleets have fewer than six trucks—and half of all carriers are single individuals who own and operate their own rig. Then you have the middlemen, the freight brokers. These 13,000 companies play matchmaker between the manufacturers and wholesalers (who are trying to get their goods to market) and the retailers (who make the final sale to the consumer). Because this industry is so splintered, there aren’t universal software systems tying it all together. In fact, 67% of shippers don’t use software at all and rely solely on paper records—in 2017! This creates tremendous inefficiency. When every piece of information has to be communicated through human interactions, drivers are frequently forced to wait hours to book or pick-up a load. And sometimes they just don’t, an estimated 20% of trucks on the road are empty. To solve these problems, investors are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on startups competing to develop the silver bullet, a software layer that can be used by every segment of the industry. Another area ripe for modernization is how trucks are powered. Today, medium and heavy duty trucks account for 6% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in America. To their credit, companies like Walmart are looking to transition to fleets powered by cleaner natural gas, the bridge fuel America has embraced to transition to renewables. That’s where Tesla comes in. Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car manufacturer, plans to unveil an electric-powered semi-truck in the next six months. Battery range will be the biggest obstacle to the widespread adoption of electric trucks as Tesla’s pack will probably only have a 200-300 mile range. The other challenge will be having enough charging stations — and enough power available at each station — to support fleets of Tesla trucks. The Nikola One attempts to overcome these limitations. This gorgeous, hydrogen fuel cell truck will have a range up to 1,200 miles. The young company plans to begin leasing their trucks by 2020 for about $6,000 a month — including the cost of fuel — but it will first need to build a network of about 400 charging stations throughout the country. Cutting the emissions of semi-trucks is great for the environment, but the real cost-saving opportunity lies in cutting out the drivers. It’s been more than a year now since six convoys of semi-autonomous “smart” trucks arrived at the Netherlands port city of Rotterdam after leaving factories from as far away as Sweden and Southern Germany. That experiment relied on a system called platooning, a semi-autonomous feature allowing trucks to find each other, link up, and draft to cut down on wind drag, saving energy—just like in NASCAR or the Tour de France. And in October, a self-driving truck completed the first commercial shipment by an autonomous vehicle, delivering a load of Budweiser more than 120 miles across Colorado. A human got the truck on the highway and engaged the autonomous system, then climbed out of the driver’s seat. That truck was made by Otto motors, which was recently acquired by Uber. And dozens of massive, 240-ton trucks are already being used in Australian mines. So that’s the near-future we’ll see in the next 10 years: fleets of driverless trucks. Some will be designed to be autonomous, while others will have the system installed later. Many will be electric, and nearly all will be connected to efficient networks that are not slowed down by frequent human input.
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Why UPS Trucks Don't Make Left Turns
While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, a huge corporation like UPS has proven since 2004 how avoiding left turns in its trucks can significantly increase its bottomline while reducing emissions and accidents. With nearly 100,000 trucks and hundreds of aircraft, UPS averages 15.8 million packages delivered daily worldwide. While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, since UPS implemented a right turn policy in 2004, they have significantly increased profits while reducing emissions and accidents. UPS estimates the right-turn-heavy policy, combined with its routing software, shortens routes by 20.4 million miles and saves 10 million gallons of gas while delivering an additional 350,000 packages and reducing CO2 emissions by about 20,000 metric tons each year. UPS engineers noticed how waiting to turn left caused trucks to fall behind on their schedules, consume more gas, and increase the probability of accidents. Their software maps routes with only right-hand turns unless it's quicker or easier to proceed with a left-hand turn. A driver estimates they do about 90% right-hand turns. The television show Mythbusters tested the policy with one route using 8 left and 4 right turns, and another route using 1 left and 23 right turns. The UPS-like route was just over 1 mile and 9 minutes longer, but it reduced gas consumption from 6.8 to 4 pounds. UPS' software probably would've added one or two more left-hand turns to be more efficient on time while still saving gas.
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Hot Rod Yard Jockey - Shag Driver
Yard Jockey hotrodding it a bit
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UPS Planes Departing Louisville International Airport HD
This is some clips of video that I shot at the UPS World-port hub in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville International Airport (KSDF). Please enjoy the video and feel free to rate and comment. Please subscribe for more aviation videos
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PAINT SHOP // Painting Time-lapse // Air India Manila Folder 777-300ER
This video documents the process that went into applying the Air India livery/gloss to the model 777 I'm constructing. The actual painting process took over a month, and there's a lot that isn't shown in this video, simply because there wasn't enough time (in the song). You might ask why I even bothered to "paint" on the livery, given how subtle it is—I didn't want to ruin the manila folder look with actual paint, so clear gloss seemed like a better option. It's hard to see under normal light, but at the right angles it's definitely visible. MUSIC: Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) Rob Dougan Furious Angels Filmed with a Sony Nex-7 (Kit 18-55mm lens)
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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 1. Wave Power Station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXtI62ikW8E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww-3a7KtJG4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2es_WN-nYw 2.Liebherr MK 88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuaelgrvNec 3.The NASA crawler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-ehJlGM1Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfJFPriNfqc 4.SK3500D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn_wif-NorU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqS7mu1t_H8&t=85s 5.big bud 747 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcXEOjdjJP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qy9BgB8EeU 6. XCMG XGC88000 Crawler Crane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r7J8DSNIys 7.Mammoet SPMT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGWj-Sz3VIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czouOLb6CaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiX9Vcdg208 8.dragflow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtu08kmpCkY 9.BELAZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrNsojATl_w https://youtu.be/b3_zvIcXmiU?t=2m45s 10.p&h mining equipment 4100 ac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Ip0L0aoqE 11.Diamant 2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbrrHtW9bOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bTKyoVVqA8&t=93s 12.Liebherr 934 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJiM5JCfKMo 13.liebherr P995 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY8e7iQSvrw
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CRAFTS & HACKS ► https://goo.gl/hxvYYc 1. 845D Feller Buncher https://youtu.be/TTvaNdRJB_o https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9R4FfD2H9y8ciYiu6TH7kA 2. Elkaer HS2300 https://youtu.be/i8Kx-bKjl7w https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_JrKgFXk7hvoLlF4S-3fQ 3. SUG 40-T https://youtu.be/Hx3CHqfRyhU https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSRjypHH-40CFtk5HphEOgA 4. Fendt 933 S4 https://youtu.be/s6VoNE5J2C4 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrj0hUOWW7lGBYqq6eCPAQ 5. KRONE BiG X 580 https://youtu.be/fTrx3xoJ5UM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAEK1ln4mv8LDGG6Y4qq3ow 6. Erickson S-64 Aircrane https://youtu.be/yCb-gXrD1Jk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHESZ-51u2S4x3OY3VFTWvQ https://youtu.be/YdynKxCloUQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXMkNARidU8vXZRU7BpWVw 7. 1085B https://youtu.be/ZzMyXO9IAA4 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9R4FfD2H9y8ciYiu6TH7kA 8. 480B Mulcher https://youtu.be/zsEB0Wn8QaI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9R4FfD2H9y8ciYiu6TH7kA 9. Van Damme Drainage https://youtu.be/_5hfE8ReeiI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBoXjMgqTNDcY395KJQkSRw 10. McNeilus Mixers https://youtu.be/chQdvPlHlYQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPuWurTHLBWQcGPTfdv_Qig
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Professional driver jackknifing a 53 foot trailer into a parking space.
Take notes, this driver makes short work of getting this buggy into a hole.
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Big Truck gets stuck boarding Corsica Sardiania ferries
Port of Nice France very rare 3 Ferry boats at same time in port, adsfree-20Min. Italian style of boarding big trucks, get them over the ramp Mamma mia - complimenti Corsica Victoria - brava ! (sorry ringtone from phone) have fun enjoy summer
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Fedex and UPS Documentary
Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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All Alone in the Night - Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS
FAQ: https://randomphotons.com/alone Images: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ Music: 'Freedom Fighters' by Two Steps from Hell Editor: David Peterson Serving Suggestion: 1080p, lights off, volume up :) Inspired by a version of the opening sequence of this clip called 'What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?' (Inspiration: http://youtu.be/74mhQyuyELQ), I tracked down the original time-lapse sequence taken on the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA, found some additional ones there, including the spectacular Aurora Australis sequences, and set it to a soundtrack that almost matches the awe and wonder I feel when I see our home from above. To those brave men and women who fly alone in the night to take us to the stars, we salute you. ----------------------- Sequences: 1. (0:00) North-to-south down the western coast of North and South America. 2. (0:48) North-to-south over Florida, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. 3. (0:56) South-East Asia, approaching the Philippine Sea 4. (1:04) Western Europe, from France through Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. 5. (1:20) Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean, approaching Australia 6. (1:36) Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean. 7. (1:52) Aurora Australis, unknown location in the Southern Hemisphere. ----------------------- Featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day! http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120305.html Explanation from NASA: Many wonders are visible when flying over the Earth at night. A compilation of such visual spectacles was captured recently from the International Space Station (ISS) and set to rousing music. Passing below are white clouds, orange city lights, lightning flashes in thunderstorms, and dark blue seas. On the horizon is the golden haze of Earth's thin atmosphere, frequently decorated by dancing auroras as the video progresses. The green parts of auroras typically remain below the space station, but the station flies right through the red and purple auroral peaks. Solar panels of the ISS are seen around the frame edges. The ominous wave of approaching brightness at the end of each sequence is just the dawn of the sunlit half of Earth, a dawn that occurs every 90 minutes.
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United Parcel Service
We take a trip through the United Parcel Service (UPS) and find out the true meaning of corporate responsibility. This company is over a hundred years old and is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, helping the environment and their bottom line.
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UPS Flight 6
On September 3, 2010 UPS Flight 6, a UPS Boeing 747-400F, registration N571UP, a flight from Dubai International Airport to Cologne Bonn Airport, crashed near the Dubai Silicon Oasis at approximately 7:45pm local time after declaring an emergency fifty minutes after takeoff. Both crew members were killed, the first such casualties in UPS' history.
Views: 219570 Drewy Bluey
Work Truck Converted Into Stealth Tiny House
This is a unique and interesting tiny house on wheels setup. Outside it looks like a work truck you'd expect to be hauling...like...work stuff. Instead it's a very well thought out, cozy tiny house inside that's completely off-grid and ready to be moved on short notice. See link below for more listing information. For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/elk-river-mn-12-efficient-steath-tiny-house Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1QoPzmt Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com Tiny houses for sale in your inbox: http://eepurl.com/bAcWb Instagram: http://instagram.com/tinyhouselistings
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How to wash a truck EASY WASH a Road Train in less than an hour Part 2
Number 1 for Australian Trucks. www.EasyWashAustralia.com.au Cheapest, fastest and most effective Truck wash soap.
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Gold Ray Dam Removal Project in Time-lapse
The removal of Gold Ray Dam located on Oregon's Rogue River in 2010 provided a unique opportunity to remove one of the last fish barriers on the Rogue River. Additionally, funding tied to habitat allowed Jackson County to remove a deteriorating structure and any potential future liabilities. This video shows the removal process from start to finish using time-lapse photography. http://www.hdrinc.com/portfolio/gold-ray-dam-removal-and-sediment-analysis
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Street Survival: UPS Truck Demonstration | Tire Rack
http://www.tirerack.com/a.jsp?a=HP5&url=/features/motorsports/street_survival.jsp Behind the wheel of your vehicle, you know what you can see. But do you know what the drivers of semi-trucks don't see? Street Survival students learn first hand what obstacles truck drivers must overcome on the road and how that affects each and every vehicle on the road.
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Orrery Construction Time Lapse - Seven Months in Seven Minutes
A seven minute time lapse showing the complete build of my Orrery. I designed and built this Orrery over the course of ten months. An Orrery is a working model of the motion of planets through our solar system. Detailed videos of the entire build are available at www.zeamon.com Plans for the Orrery are detailed in this video: https://youtu.be/YdXMI65cmNw Soundtrack performed by Hi-Way 13
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UPS Interview - Driver Helper
We speak with a former UPS driver helper about working at UPS and interviewing for a job. More information: http://www.job-applications.com/ups-job-interview-tips/ Like us if you found this helpful.
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Official San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction Time-Lapse
Witness more than 42,000 hours of construction in just 4 minutes with this official time-lapse movie of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Our live streaming video and high definition time-lapse construction cameras have been on site since 2008 to document progress, archiving nearly 2 million images for the $6.4 billion bridge.
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UPS Diesel HEV Delivery Truck
UPS earlier today announced that its fleet of alternative fuel delivery vehicles has now driven more than 200 million miles since 2000. The alternative fuel fleet (AFV) now numbers more than 1,900 and another 62 vehicles have just been ordered. Doing the math, including the earth's circumference at the equator, the total mileage accumulated by UPS's "green fleet" is the equivalent to circling the Earth more than 8,000 times. In addition, while it took 11 years to do it the first time, it should only take another 6-years to do it again.
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Truck Backing3.mov
How to back a Big Truck. backing a commercial vehicle condo cab with a 53' trailer into a parking space. The proper way to back into a truck stop parking space by http://www.online-safety-program.com
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History of the UPS truck
Hobby Collection of model UPS trucks
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UPS bicycles in the central valley. What can't brown do?
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Your Wishes Delivered: Driver Training Camp
Last year, UPS made Carson a driver for a day. This year, his mom wished for more kids to have the same experience and share in the joy of a wish delivered. So we gathered three new kids to take on the challenge of becoming UPS's littlest (and most adorable) drivers. Share your wish at http://www.ups.com/wishes. #WishesDelivered
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The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS (4K)
Serving Suggestion: 1080p, lights off, volume up. Even better, go 'Original' for 4K. Click "Show more" for details about the sequence. ------------------------------------------------- Images: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ Music: 'Fill My Heart' by Two Steps from Hell Editor: David Peterson Optional Extras: View in 4K by selecting 'Original HD' in settings. ------------------------------------------------- This montage of time-lapse photography from the International Space Station is collected from many taken in Expeditions 29, 30 and 31. The previous sequence, 'All Alone In The Night' (http://youtu.be/FG0fTKAqZ5g), highlighted night sequences and spectacular aurora light shows and intended to give a feeling of flying through space. The goal with this sequence was to bring a bit more attention to the station itself, including the humans aboard it, particularly Don Pettit (appearing in the final shot) who took many of the sequences in this montage. ------------------------------------------------- Sequences: 0:03 - Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ukraine Mission: ISS031, Frames: 55446-55591 0:08 - South Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Liberia Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154281-154472 0:16 - Greece and Turkey Mission ISS031, Frames: 26008-26202 0:24 - South Pacific Ocean, near Peru Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48993-49186 0:32 - Turkey to Syria Mission: ISS031, Frame: 76590-76782 0:39 - Libya to the Mediterranean Mission: ISS031, Frames: 25782-25972 0:47 - Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Madagascar Mission: ISS031, Frames: 50818-51010 0:54 - Pacific Ocean, south of Japan Mission: ISS031, Frames: 117700-117772 0:58 - Pacific Ocean, facing North passing Hawaii Mission: ISS031, Frames: 101027-101674 1:02 - China, Japan, Pacific Ocean Mission: ISS030, Frames: 112458-112553 1:06 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela Mission: ISS031, Frames: 75421-75513 1:10 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina Mission: ISS031, Frames: 42147-42242 1:14 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48140-48199 1:17 - Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand to USA Mission: ISS031, Frames: 66043-66136 1:22 - Southern Chile to Angola, facing south Mission: ISS031, Frames: 49203-49277 1:25 - Iran to Australia Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180064-180120 1:29 - North America to South America Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180172-180222 1:33 - Pacific Ocean to Chile/Argentina/Brazil, facing south Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48094-48139 1:37 - South Pacific/Japan & North Pacific Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154164-154204,154205-154256 1:40 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil Mission: ISS031, Frames: 44598-44645 1:44 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil Mission: ISS030, Frames: 159064-159113 1:48 - India/Thailand/Indonesia/Australia/New Zealand Mission: ISS031, Frames: 177704-177764 1:52 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil Mission: ISS031, Frames: 37675-37735 1:56 - DR Congo/Zambia/Mozambique/Madagascar/Indian Ocean Mission: ISS030, Frames: 21632-21819 2:03 - Lovejoy Comet over Australia Mission: ISS030, Frames: 14225-14455 2:11 - Moon rising over China Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27699-27763 2:13 - Moon rising over Pacific Ocean, south of Japan Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27468-27526 2:14 - Moon rising over Taiwan & Philippines (with Don Pettit) Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27802-28017
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Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 13 years in 3 ½ minutes.
Also check out the new unique time-lapse 'Portrait of Lotte - 0 to 16 years' on this channel. Birth to 16 years! https://youtu.be/-Plk7TLNmsU A new edit in full color! Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester has filmed his daughter's portrait for 15 seconds every week from the day she was born. In the meantime on the 28th of October 2015 Lotte turned 16 years old. This ultimate coming of age time lapse 0 to 13 years, shows Lotte transform from baby to teenager. You are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life - growing up - accelerated into 4 minutes. Birth to 13 years in 3 min. 30 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) http://www.franshofmeester.nl Lotte en Vince komen uit Nederland. I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 13 years old an then made this time lapse edit in FCP. The tune / song is produced by myself. Pai registra todos os meses da filha,do nascimento aos 13 anos de idade 제 딸이 13 년동안 커오는 것을 일주일에 매일 한번씩 찍은 비디오 입니다. 13 лет на фоне белого одеяла Hier finden Sie die Zeitraffer Filme von Lotte & Vince. Lotte ga 13(jyu-ni)sai ni naru made no seityo-kiroku. حتى 13 سنة "أب يصور ابنته مرة كل اسبوع من يوم وﻻدته 3分で13歳までの誕生​​。 30秒。時間の経過ロッテ。 (オリジナル) El nacimiento hasta los 13 años en 3 min. 30seg. Lapso de tiempo Lotte. Van geboorte tot 13 jaar in 3 minuten. 30 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) 兩分四十五秒,看完從出生到12歲 時光流逝 De la naissance à 13 ans en 3 min. 30 secondes. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) Dalla nascita ai 13 anni in 3 min. 30 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) Geboorte tot 13 jaar in 3 min. 30 sek. Tidj verval Lotte. (Die oorspronklike)
Views: 5786042 Hofmeester
How to Back Up a Tractor Trailer - An Aerial Guide
An aerial view of a tractor trailer backing up was exactly what I wanted when I was struggling to learn how to back in. I hope this helps even just one of you guys get the hang of this difficult and necessary task for this job. #rookieforlife Allie Knight drives a big rig all over the lower 48 states. Spend time on the roads of the United States with this weird chick from Boston and her ridiculous cat, Spike. Everyday is a little different filmed in glorious 1080p at 60 frames per second. A vinyl version of digital video. See the USA from the driver's seat of a Peterbilt 579 named Lazarus. All music is found on epidemicsound.com or freemusicarchive.org === Post Address: P.O. Box 17423 Missoula, MT 59808-7423 @gluttnous http://www.allieknight.com/ http://www.hammerlaneusa.com/ http://www.gonetruckin.com/ https://facebook.com/gluttnous https://www.youtube.com/c/nekkidknight ===
Views: 136254 Allie Knight
HD UPS 757-200F Landing, Unloading Time Lapse, and Takeoff at San Jose Airport-SJC With Live ATC
*Please watch in 1080p* This Boeing 757-200F was as light as a feather! It departed to Reno about an hour after it arrived, with only 5,000 pounds of packages on board!! Enjoy :) All future videos will be uploaded to my new account BayAreaPlanespotting http://www.youtube.com/user/BayAreaPlanespotting
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Super Mario - 3D Chalk Art (Time Lapse)
Artist: Chris Carlson - http://www.chriscarlsonart.com/ Photography: Mike Larremore http://www.mikelarremore.com June, 2012 - Denver, Colorado Music: The Boston Pops - Super Mario Theme Both photographer and artist are for hire. Extra Angles & Images: http://imgur.com/a/cuWb5#0 See Another Collaboration: http://youtu.be/hyz_0Y9reFY?hd=1
Views: 4549580 Mike Larremore
Convoy to the Overdrive's Pride & Polish Truck Show
Here are some quick shots as some familiar trucks head to the Overdrive's Pride & Polish truck show in Willows, California. Aerial video support by Fueled Photography. Keep the videos coming regularly! Show your support by buying something from the online store here - http://store.bigrigvideos.com/shop/ ©Copyright Big Rig Videos, LLC. Produced By: Christopher E. Fiffie Like Big Rig Videos on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bigrigvideos
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Cozad Lowboy Trailer - Custom 8-axle with power tower
Very nice 9'6" wide custom 3+3+2 lowboy with 10" outriggers and a 10' deck extension. This detachable gooseneck setup has Air-Weigh trailer scales, automatic tire inflation system and a hydraulic power tower with flip extension on jeep. Trailer necks are interchangeable between the jeep & the lowboy. Additional details: The Jeep: 3 axle with flip, power tower, air lift pusher and air lift tag axle Powered by tractor wet kit The Lowboy: 3 axle, heavy duty 10" outriggers, 9'6" wide, 27'8" deck Additional 10' deck extension Powered by tractor wet kit The Booster: 1 axle + tag axle, east coast style Powered by pony motor Tires: 275/70R22.5
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Toy UPS Truck Unboxing - BONUS (Toy Mail Truck)!
Subscribe for more garbage truck video at http://www.youtube.com/user/garbagetrucksrule Toy UPS Truck Unboxing - BONUS (Toy Mail Truck)! We received a box from Amazon and inside was a brand new UPS delivery truck and a brand new US Postal Service truck - yay! Thanks for watching! GARBAGE TRUCK CLOTHING: http://460328.spreadshirt.com/ "The Little Lost Garbage Truck" Kindle Book Now On Amazon! Only .99 cents. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CH2IWFE All about garbage trucks and toy garbage trucks! Lego garbage trucks, too. http://youtu.be/7Jq-w7wtlD4 Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas 10.0 Title: Dump Truck http://soundbible.com/1909-Dump-Truck.html http://soundbible.com/about.phpAll about garbage trucks and toy garbage trucks! Trash and recycling.
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The Knight Life: Episode 3 | Awesome Women in Trucking
In this episode Linda Dominy, Director of Payroll for Knight Transportation rides along with Susan Hoagland, Veteran driver at Knight Transportation. Flat Tires, Broken mud flaps, and traffic jams are a little taste of what Linda and Susan experience on this trip to Las Vegas and back. Subscribe to our youtube channel, we upload videos weekly. ✸https://goo.gl/bnDKZc Connect, follow and have a conversation with us. ✸Instagram -https://goo.gl/iCKEui ✸Twitter - https://goo.gl/ODNYW5 ✸FaceBook - https://goo.gl/W6Wfc4 ✸ Pinterest - https://goo.gl/fkN33X ✸ Linkedin - https://goo.gl/DveJAG ✸ DriveKnight - https://goo.gl/pR7rok We are Knight Transportation a provider of multiple truckload transportation services, which involve the movement of full trailer or container loads of freight from origin to destination for a single customer. We use our nationwide network of service centers, one of the country’s largest company-owned tractor fleets, as well as access to the fleets of thousands of third-party equipment providers, to provide truckload capacity and a broad range of solutions to truckload shippers.
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Gate to Gate: What Happens When a Truck Picks Up a Container?
Inside a typical truck turn at the Port of Los Angeles / Port of Long Beach complex. What it takes to drop off or pick up a container at the ports.
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Taxipost : Automated Parcels Sorting - English
New Taxipost parcels sorting installation in Liège and Charleroi - Belgium. Taxipost, Parcel & Express division of the Belgian Post, delivers million of parcels. To keep up with its future growth it is investing in state-of-the-art technologies: robotics, scanning, bar-coding and video-coding.
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BIGGEST Vehicles Ever
From the largest pick up truck to the worlds biggest ship, these are 10 of the BIGGEST vehicles ever. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr Number 7 LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train Back during the nuclear arms scare the government had all kinds of crazy ideas to both combat and defend. Some practical and others just plain head scratchers… that brings us to the LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train. This beauty of 1950s technology was said to have been created so that in the event our train tracks were nuked, we would still have a way to transport massive amounts of goods. The land train featured 54 wheel drive and spanned 570 feet long. Unfortunately overland trains were replaced by skycrane helicopters before they could even be fully commissioned. Number 6 The big muskie Industrial construction sites see their fair share of dozers, excavators and other heavy equipment but there may not such a glorious site as that of the big muskie. This gigantic glory of earth moving mayhem was the largest single bucket digging machine ever made. Built for the central ohio coal company, it weight over 13 thousand tons, was 151 feet wide, 222 feet tall, and 487 feet long. It caused such chaos to any form of land it came in contact with that it could swallow up 295 tons in just one single bite. Number 5 A whole lotta limo Having a large vehicle isn’t always about destroying earth and getting work done, sometimes you need a little pleasure… or in this case, a whole lot of it. This is where the worlds longest limo comes into play. The 100 foot long rolling luxury limousine is for the most upscale of citizens, and features 26 wheels that take two well skilled drivers to maneuver. In addition to its stretched out style, the limo also comes equipped with a heated Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a king-sized bed and a sun deck…. As well as a… helipad? I mean seriously.. a helipad? Who lands a helicopter on a limousine?!.. good luck trying to parallel park this thing downtown. Number 4 Get to tha choppa! In the 1950, the Russians loved many things… vodka, big bombs.. and really big machines.. so Its no surprise that one of their greatest mechanical marvels is on our list. That’s where the MIL V-12 comes into play. This prototype twin rotor monster was the biggest helicopter ever produced and at one time held 8 world records including the largest payload at the highest altitude, 66 thousand pounds! That’s enough smirnov to last well over a decade! The chopper however was discontinued and today only two of the prototypes exist, exclusively for public display. number 3 Ahoy mateys! Trucks and choppers aren’t the only thing topping our list of the largest vehicles ever built… there are also sea fairing vessels that would even make the titantic cringe. That’s where we set sail on the Barzan. Constructed in 2015 by the united arab shipping company, the barzan measures over 1300 feet in length, with a max cargo weight of close to 200 thousand pounds! This monsterous cargo cruiser cuts up the water at a modest 26 mph and requires a crew of 35 just to get set in motion. number 2 Attack! Attack! We couldn’t just talk about modern marvels without going back in time to one of the first ever creations of mobile excellence. That’s why the ancient Helepolis makes it mediaeval mark on our list. The greek translation for this mobile siege tower is “the taker of cities” and one simply cant doubt that fact when you examine the specs. With 160 tons in weight, and being 130 feet tall… it took a massive crew of 3400 men to operate. The tower was covered in iron plates for protection and could move in any direction due its wheels being set on casters. As far as firepower was concerned… the six story helepolis featured a fearsome arsenal that boasted two 180-pound catapults, and one 60-pounder catapult on the first floor, three 60-pound catapults on the second, and two 30-pounders on each of the next five floors… and still left room for two men using light dart throwers to clear out defenses on any castle wall. This early first century war machine could even make a panzer tank blush! number 1 May the force be with you Its been a fun journey to number one, and even though the final vehicle on our list doesn’t actually exist.. we couldn’t finish up without giving it proper mention. The Executor, an empire star destroyer which was the flagship and personal touring vessel of the evil lord darth vader, is rumored to be one of the largest ships in the dark sides fleet. The ship measures 19 thousand meters in length, and carries an armament of over 5000 cannons. Within the ship itself were over 300 smaller combat ships including 144 tie fighters, heavy walkers, mobile garrison bases, speeder bikes and enough supplies to satisfy a crew of 3000 imperial loyalists who all quaked in their boots aboard the ship in fear of just one man with some serious breathing problems and a taste for black.
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UPS Package Truck from Daron Worldwide
See the full review at http://www.timetoplaymag.com/toys/4801/daron-worldwide/ups-package-truck/ The UPS Package Truck is a replica toy of the United Parcel Services' (UPS) brown delivery trucks. The free-wheeling truck features the graphics and logos on real UPS trucks, including the company's tagline: "Synchronizing the world of commerce". Kids can push the truck forward on their own, or pull it back and let go to watch the UPS truck go forward on its own.
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VID 20131005 163429.  Impossible Backing Up.
Gravel Truck Backs Down Alley Around Tight Turn With A Quad Trailer.
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Home Delivery Dump Truckin'
Home delivery in Brookline, Ma. What you can't see are the four cars parked on the opposite side of the street making it a little tight hence the need for a pull up two super truckers. NOTE the hydrant and telephone pole in the reflection in my bumper. The man who was working at the house who walks up to me said he use to be a trucker and if this was him, he would have never attempted the delivery. Just another delivery in the day of the life of The Boston Trucker. Thanks for watching.
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Inside UPS | National Geographic
See how UPS sorts and ships hundreds of thousands of packages every day. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Ultimate Factories: UPS : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/ultimate-factories/3330/Overview/?source=4003 Inside UPS | National Geographic https://youtu.be/VQReRnmCaqA National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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UPS Truck Delivering Packages
"He's delivering toys to the kids, Mom!" ~ Construction Baby.
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UPS 747 very low Go-Around at Boeing Field
Visit our website http://www.justplanes.com This is from California Regional Video (1997)
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Giant Pumpkin Time Lapse
This is the full lifespan of my giant pumpkin from planting to harvest.
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