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MADtv - delivery boy I
Excited delivery boy is on his way..
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Clay Aiken Amazon Delivery in UPS Truck
Clay Aiken delivers his book and CD "Learning to Sing, Hearing the Music in Your Life" to two lucky fans in Camarillo, CA.
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MADtv delivery boy II
Excited delivery boy strikes again!
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Eric the Delivery Man
My friend works for UPS over the holidays, so why not celebrate it.
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Special Delivery (Sphynx)
Lucy trying to get her toy cap out of a UPS box.
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UPS advert Jean Reno / Pablo Raybould
advert for UPS deliver more campaign
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Yeah i sent my cousins to deliver some roses to a girl while i was at work lol yeah...as you can see i should have used UPS
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Paul McCartney- Hope of Deliverance
From the "Off the Ground" album. 1994
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Venice Seranade
Venice gondolas with seranade. Notice the UPS delivery gondola on the other side of the bridge.
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Radio Host Prank Calls Scottish Pizza Takeaway with Hilarious Results!
Funniest video on Youtube! English radio host makes repeated prank calls to Scottish pizza takeaway. Hilarious. It's a MUST listen!! If you like funny videos check out my other video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knAdEFmOmRA
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UPS Race The Truck Commercial Documentary
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak championship Truck Racer, coordinated the design and building of the UPS NASCAR Race Truck, for the UPS "Race The Truck" Commercial campaign. Additionally, he drove the truck for all the stunt scenes in the commercials. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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UPS Technology
Use of Technology in the last mile of logistics in UPS
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Real radio wind up
prank phone calls
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UPS Race Truck - Draft
New UPS racing commercial
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UPS Race Truck - Brakes
New UPS commercial
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UPS "Brakes" Commercial
Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak truck racer, built and drove the UPS NASCAR Race Truck for the4 commercial campaign. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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Dave Chappelle's Funny Ass Shit
Dave (Killin' Them Soflty) Chappelle Ft. Scenes He's Still Here, Hello! 911, Crack House
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Giving the man UPS
This lady is obviously a doctor of some sorts.. as soon on http://foundrymusic.com/
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UPS Politically Incorrect Ad
Watch the HD version here!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/EngeniusProduction Political Correctness hurts us all in this very funny UPS spot.
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Brown : A Madtv UPS parody
Madtv parody commercial taking UPS's new catchphrase to the extreme .... BROWN has never been funnier... it's so funny you'll BROWN in your pants.
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UPS Commercial
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Jean Reno First UPS AD - Meeting of Minds
Can't you recognize me? I am you, I am you 50 years from now. I am your future. .. You know you are going to have a good life, and sorry, a big nose.
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Increasing Benefits to New Members as UPS Expands
There are over 200,000 Teamster members at UPS and the Teamsters are continuing efforts to secure good contracts, health benefits, and secure pensions for these members. As UPS expands, it is necessary to ensure that the benefits of Teamster membership are extended to workers in new companies that it acquires. (Running Time: 6:44)
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UPS snarls Adams Morgan, DC
August 14, 2006, UPS truck parks in the travel lane to the distress and endangerment of many on 18th Street in Adams Morgan, DC.
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UPS Mack Double Semi Tractor Trailer
It is pulling to trailors thru Olean, NY. UPS Mack Double Semi Tractor Trailer
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HK UPS Advertisement
Hong Kong UPS Advertisement
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Gave him UPS
I think she was thinking of CPR
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UPS - The Package Exposed
A documentry about Dan the UPS man, and his daily route.
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UPS man delivers game ball for the Civil War
Fred Vandecoevering was the UPS man who delivered the game ball for the Civil War football game 2006 played at Reser Stadium
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Food delivery gone bad
One of the crazy scene from "Ressurection of the little match girl" Edit: Let me explain, this guy came to this company to deliver jajang noodles, the receiptionist answer rudly and told him off as no ones even order takeout while a guy in the background laugh. At the end, he says that he remember his voice from over the phone.
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Game ball delivery
This is probably the coolest game ball delivery that I've ever seen ... and it took place during an AFL game (Aussie Rules Football) at Telstra Stadium in Sydney, Australia. The special delivery was done in honour of it being the 60th anniversary of the Victory in Europe.
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What exactly IS IPTV (television over Internet Protocol)?
There are many misconceptions about IPTV, but Geof Heydon, Director of Innovation and Market Development at Alcatel, is an expert in the IPTV future. In this interview he separates fact from fallacy in the IPTV and "multi-service network" world. For one thing, IPTV is delivered over a separate IP network that is not the Internet. It is not something you can do on the Web today (or even in the future). It is about offering video in all its forms, TV on demand, free-to-air TV and even pay-TV together - and richly imbued with simultaneously available multiple broadband connections, Voice Over IP phone circuits, video conferences and so on. But it will take place on a very different kind of network from those in use in Australia today. Heydon explains the work to evolve the existing broadband networks towards IPTV, but also the entirely new networks that may be built to succeed the existing HFC cable when the latter wears out. Only new networks will be able to overcome the high "background contention ratios" that prevent today's networks from delivering the end-to-end performance needed for IPTV. It is that high speed that allows IPTV features such as quick channel changes. ADSL2+ is a major upgrade to the access component of the network and that is one significant requirement of IPTV. But that's just a start, says Heydon. You also need the network backbone to be upgraded, and for a small country such as Australia, it is not clear that the market can be allowed to look after itself without a visionary Government ensuring faster networks are implemented via a sensible regime of new incentives to the broadband industry. Heydon talks about the issues that have faced SBC, a telco in the USA that is using IPTV from Alcatel and Microsoft to wage combat against the leaching of triple play cable competition. (The SBC IPTV offering is expected to light up at the end of this year.) Heydon talks about broadband companies in places such as Italy, where FastWEB has many lessons for the Asia Pacific region. Heydon also talks about the specifics of today's user experience, with early systems such as the Microsoft Windows Media Centre and the Elgato EyeTV, or the Foxtel IQ PVR, offering the first glimpse of the IPTV benefits, but nowhere near the actual promise of a fully realised IPTV regime. Trickle fed video services on today's Internet can't deliver Standard Definition, let alone High Definition channels, with hundreds of such channels being instantly accessible. That requires a lot more network sophistication and a TV-oriented experience, rather than a PC-oriented experience. And such a unified delivery system also establishes a unified TCP/IP environment so that 3G networks' video-capable mobile handsets will seamlessly interoperate with the TV world, allowing applications to interoperate across both platforms with video shared and used appropriately on each. That means a unified user identification system, with a dramatic decrease in the number of passwords people will need to remember. It also means a much better capacity for the network to intuit each user's needs based on its understanding of the user's personal wants and needs as they assume each "personality" in their broadband life. Notwithstanding the potentially chilling confidentiality issues, one result will be that TV will serve different advertisements to children, as compared with when the parents watch TV later in the evening. It means a game player's profile in shoot 'em ups (established during that person's teen years) will be maintained separately from that player's more sober business profile during a day in the office. In the IPTV world, it will also be possible for each device in a consumer's life to control or access each other device. For example, a parent may use a Personal Digital Assistant while on the road, to transmit a message to the TV screen telling the children it is time for bed. Heydon describes a metaphor: when water and electricity were installed a century ago, no one anticipated the dishwasher or clothes washing machine. But the way those early utility services, once so separate, eventually converged into new forms so useful that they are almost ubiquitous throughout the developed world, is a signpost to how today's broadband services are likely to mix and match into new and ubiquitous forms in coming years. And that thinking raises the vital issue of how entrepreneurs and technology strategists will profit from these changes. Heydon describes some of the new businesses and new products envisaged today, that will forge the profitable broadband value propositions of the next decade.
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Projekt AK - Shadow Within
Project A.K., one of the premier groups formed in late 1995, the original members consisted of Nazri and Rudy on vocals, Knox (of local hardcore pioneers Chronic Mass) on guitar, Zani on bass and Fyzal on drums. The band first made their mark on one of the first local hardcore releases ever, the Visionville Hardcore compilation released in 1996. The band issued the Against Kounterplot E.P. in 1997 to critical acclaim and the E.P did considerably well . Sometimes in '98, Knox left the band to concentrate on his own band, Chronic Mass. The band then added ex-Basic Right, Status103,Groundrule guitarist Amy and ex-Infectious Maggots guitarist P.E. to boost the line-up. Projekt A.K. gigged constantly throughout '98 and '99 but then took a break in 2002 due to the work commitments of various band members. Blending the imaginative wordplay and rapping of hip-hop music with the stomping and funky rhythms of rock and funk, Projekt A.K.'s music feeds the head as well as the heart, rocking the crowd in the moshpit. The rappers and the musicians in the band constantly push each other to new directions. While Nazri subtly shifts his delivery to adjust to the unpredictability of live instruments, the other band members intensify their musical attack to avoid being drenched by the fury of Nazri's lyrical rainstorm. Projekt AK have played blistering live sets to crowds from KL to Kuantan to Singapore and back. Hundreds of shows.Among the shows they've taken part in include the seminal Hardcore Matinee back in 1996 at Piccadily, the Kent Fresh Freakout at Sunway Lagoon in 1998 as well organizing and headlining Renegades : The tribute To Rage Against The Machine show and the Big show in Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam where they performed with Koffin Kanser, Blind Tribe, A.C.A.B, Gerhana Ska Cinta and others. The band has also performed with some of the best local hip-hop talent Too Phat, The Tarik Crew, Da Joint and many more. On the Prototyp E.P. released in February 2002, the band worked with former Malaysia DMC runner-up DJ Ken from the reknown Playaz Universe who provided some fresh beats and scratches to give the songs an even harder edge. 2005 was the year when Projekt AK reunited with original line ups namely Rudy, Nazri, Knox, Zani, Amy, Fyzal... after a long slumber from the underground scene, did an opening with comrades Pop Shuvit @ Hard Rock Café. In 2006, since Zani the original bassist of Projekt AK is in Langkawi with commitments, Rudy called upon Andy Flop Poppy to join Projekt AK as the bassist. Amy and Fyzal remained as the line up. Nazri, Knox and Piee left for personal matters. Current members namely Rudy, Syahmi, Andy and Fyzal
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Pizza Delivery Gone Wrong
Eddie Alfredo is my hero.
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Beer Delivery Guy Fails to deliver beer
Glacier Point Beer Deliver Guy Dinner without beer, but we had Tequila
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Delivery Boy Chronicles- kicking baby boomer a-- clip
Delivery Boy Chronicles film clip-- sales pitch for our generation!
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BFP Delivery of Death
OLD BFP SHORT! 2 guys try to order a pizza and rip the delivery man off, and he's not to happy about that!
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the soba delivery man
he's so good at manouvering the bicycle it's amazing.
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RaYnii OpENs The Door & Dosent Tip Da DeliverY Guy,
No Tip For Da ChiNeSe DeliVerY Man. LOL
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Same Day Delivery
just for kicks
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Delivery Man
esto pasa por llegar tarde...
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jennas seduction
ups man gets raped
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UPS Courier services 40sec ENG
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Race The Truck
UPS truck around Autobaun Country Club North in rFactor
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musicvideos - fucked up delivery
Here you got two fcked musicvideos we did in school.
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Fed up Advert
An advert made by my group.
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Please Sign Here...
This is the true story of a lonely delivery guy, whose only ambition was to make a friend... Van Helsing Productions 2006 http://vanhelsingproductions.googlepages.com
Fun with the dominos man
oh good times, ok so me and some of the guys though it would be funny to pull a prank on the delivery man...tying up a person, taping the money to his chest and seeing if the delivery man would actually untie him.... long story short delivery man got us in the long run...he showed up and late and then some
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