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Funny UPS Commercial October 2001 #1
Funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001.
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UPS commercial, Commerce Synchronized
UPS ad what can brown do for you?
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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Intercept
Stop, reroute, or hold you package while in transit.
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Funny UPS Commercial February 2003
A UPS commercial that got me laughing from 2003. The expression on Jarretts face says it all lol
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Funny Ups Commercial October 2001 #2
Another funny Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial from October 2001
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Oral-B Brush Ups Commercial
Television commercial for Oral-B Brush Ups (Oral-B Brush Slips in Europe).
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UPS Whiteboard - Freight
The Big Brown Truck just got a little bigger. UPS also offers Freight services.
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ups :D funny commercial
funny commercial :D
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UPS using Electric Car, the Xebra.
UPS is now using the 100% electric car, the Xebra, from ZAP! for short deliveries.
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UPS Commercial That I composed For
UPS Commercial That I composed For
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Fed Ex Stolen Idea
Funny Federal Express commercial.
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UPS Whiteboard - One Driver
One driver to rule them all.
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Easy to Use
www.teeter-online.co.uk Roger Teeter, founder and owner of Teeter Hang Ups shows how easy it is to set the table up. It literally sets up in seconds, is adjustable from 4' 8" to 6' 6" and has a capacity of 300lbs. The table comes with 2 controls to ensure your comfort and safety, the tether strap to limit the extent of full rotation and the patented hinges which control the speed of your rotation. The table comes virtually assembled and snaps together in minutes. Snap your feet in and simply oscillate backwards to a healthier you. Benefits such as increased blood flow to your brain and skin & improved lymph flow start at just 30deg. Rotate back further to use gravity to decompress spine and joints. Buy online today at www.teeter-online.co.uk
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UPS delivers !
The proper way a UPS driver delivers a package to your door.
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Commercial Close ups
The kids each had to make a commercial for one of their school projects this year. Enjoy!
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Bush's Fuck-ups
Awesome "commercial" from Bill Maher. Sad but funny, yet true.
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UPS Whiteboard - Small Business
Your small business with UPS
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Suzy Q Gets Fresh Breath Commercial
Another 1950s animated TV commercial, featuring teen idol Suzy Q, getting the hook-ups after buying some new toothpaste... too funny!
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the only funny fedex commercial ever
funny comercial
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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping
International Shipping with UPS
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1990s Ren & Stimpy Fruit Roll-ups Commercial
Nice spot featuring R & S and other then-current Nick characters.
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The Residents -  ups and downs
from the commercial DVD
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brush ups commercial
nikki and i
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UPS Whiteboard - China
Shipping from China with UPS
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old UPS Commercial
Herb is seen around 0:22 but don't blink! we're on for a split second
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UPS commercial
Ups commercial
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pie ups commercial
1 of 4 commercials shown during the UCLA Pilipino Welcome Reception brought to you by PIE (Pilipinos in Engineering)
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UPS Commercial
Another school project. I thought that there should be one so. Well at least for the jacket.
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UPS Whiteboard - Visibility
See the future with UPS's visibility.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial Parody
I saw these white board commercials and decided to make my own!
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Flinstone Push-Ups
I certainly remember this commercial when it first came out!
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UPS Whiteboard - Customer Service
How customer service should be in shipping.
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Fruit Roll Ups Commercial 1980s
One of the first commercials for this tasty treat. This was before the multi flavors and tung tattoos. From the 1980s
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Ford Tempo 80s commercial with Jackie Stewart
Ford Tempo 80s commercial with Jackie Stewart
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80's Hot Wheels Crack-Ups Crash Course Commercial
The music makes it happen.
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Next Town Over - UPS
this episode is a parody on the UPS whiteboard commercials. KB makes fun of Fred while at the same time talking about why UPS is so great.
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UPS - Whiteboard Parody
The famous UPS whiteboard commercial parody. Enjoy.
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How UPS Airlines Works
No matter how far you are from your nearest neighbor, if you live in the United States or Europe, UPS can deliver to your address. UPS can deliver to 80 percent of the planet within 48 hours, so if you live somewhere else, it's still pretty likely that UPS can find you to drop off or pick up packages. That's a lot of addresses -- and a lot of packages. In fact, in 2005, UPS delivered 3.75 billion packages and letters. That's more than one package for every two people in the entire world.
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Pampers Commercial 1994
Cute Pampers for boys Commercial from 1994.
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Glad Plug-Ups
Every man should have this...
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Burmarrad Commercials | Grand Open Weekend
Prepare yourself for the grand Burmarrad Commercials Open Weekend, in Burmarrad Road, between the 7th and the 9th of December. Showcasing a wide range of products including the new Toyota & Mitsubishi Pick Ups, Cars and Commercial Vehicles. Benefit from fantastic offers on cash purchases.
UPS Whiteboard - Reliability
The most reliable color on earth.
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Winners to 80's Commercial Quiz
The winner for the commercial quiz and the runner ups. Full length commercials. Tune in for commerical quiz two coming soon.
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UPS Whiteboard - Distribution
Let UPS be your warehouse.
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Coke Commercial
Coke Commercial with the enite Coke Family
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80's Fruit Roll-Ups Commercial
Before all the shapes and gimmicks just having some chewy mass stuck to plastic was enough.
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Dale Jarrett UPS
Dale Jarrett gets a new spotter on his team.
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1980s Fruit Rollup commercial
1980s Fruit Rollup commercial
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Fruit Roll Up Commercial
Pampers Commercial Easy-ups - Bare Butt (2003)
Pampers easy-ups commercial
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