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UPS Commercial 2006 Burnout
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Can I take it for a spin?
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UPS Commercial Whiteboard like Iphone
http://mastercom.over-blog.com Your Global Business Advertiser: UPS Agency: The Martin Agency
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UPS Commercial 2004 Safety
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Safety is the most important thing for UPS drivers.
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UPS Christmas Commercial
**WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY** UPS Christmas Commercial
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UPS Postal Service Commercial
UPS Postal Service Music Commercial
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Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial
Title Says It All
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Dale Jarret UPS tribute commercial
This is a commercial put up by longtime Dale Jarrett sponsor UPS.Dale retired this year,and is going to be misse by just about everybody in NASCAR. Thanks for the memories,Dale.
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Douche-Ups! Funny Commercial
Ladies, experience a new way to clean your couhe! Rinse, dip, douche and say ah". For more funny videos clips visit http://www.videospills.com
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Thanks Dale UPS commercial
The UPS commercial where DJ finally races the truck, then hangs up the key for the final time...Sniff!!
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UPS Freight Commercial
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2001 Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial
From 2001, Dale Jarrett told he is going to drive the truck.
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UPS Commercial 2007 Tirechanger
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. They've been looking for the new tire carrier.
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UPS Commercial 2003 Trading the Paint
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. If you race the truck, you'll get such a benefit.
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UPS Commercial 2006 Lugnuts
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. The truck needs a little longer pit stop.
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UPS Commercial 2007 Sneakin
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. UPS is the only one to allowed to go in the garage, so we can sneak in the qualify.
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UPS Commercial 2003 Truck on Track
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. I know you don't want to race the truck. What about the movie?
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UPS Commercial 2003 In Car Crew
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. If you race the truck, you can have your crew in the car.
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UPS Commercial 2006 Draft
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial.
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UPS Commercial 2004 Jet Truck
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. UPS has maximized the truck's speed by using their resorce.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial Spoof # 2
UPS Whiteboard Commercial Spoof # 2 mocking Andy Azula, the actor and creative director behind the annoying ads. Actor in spoof is Matt Warzel www.clevelandclowns.com
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UPS Commercial 2005 Plan B
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. After he decided to race the truck, UPS decided to use his race cars for...
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UPS Commercial 2006 Brakes
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Brake performance is important for a race car.
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UPS Commercial 2007 Ned
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. He just wanted to testdrive.
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We just propose it
Consultant Humor
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Stick Ups Commercial
Funny Stick Ups Commercial created by John Arehart and Meredith Muegge at McCann Erickson Advertising.
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80's Tune-Ups Toy Commercial
Toy commercial for Tune-Ups. I still have the little footpad launcher but the car is long lost. =/
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Wendy's 1984 Where's The Beef Commercial
"Where's The Beef?" 1984 Wendy's TV commercial. Video remains the property of Wendy's, all rights reserved.
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renault clio commercial
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ANTM Cycle 11 Portfolio (with Close-ups and Commercial)
Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 11 Compilation Portfolio Judges Tyra Banks, Miss J Alexander, Nigel Barker, Paulina Porizkova Executive producer(s) - Tyra Banks Ken Mok Daniel Soiseth Original run - September 3, 2008 November 19, 2008 International Destination Amsterdam, Netherlands PARTICIPATING MODELS - Analeigh Tipton, 19, from Sacramento, California - Britney ShaRaun Brown, 18, from Chicago, Illinois - Brittany Rubalcaba, 19, from Henderson, Nevada - Brittany McKey Sullivan, 19, from Lake Forest, Illinois - Clark Gilmer, 19, from Pawleys Island, South Carolina - Elina Ivanova, 18, from Seattle, Washington - Hannah White, 19, from Fairbanks, Alaska - Isis King, 22, from Prince Georges County, Maryland - Joslyn Pennywell, 23, from Lucky, Louisiana - Lauren-Brie Harding, 20, from Charlottesville, Virginia - Marjorie Conrad,19, from San Francisco, California - Nikeysha Clarke,19, from Bronx, New York - Samantha Potter, 18 from Woodland Hills, California - Sheena Satana, 21, from Harlem, New York ORDER OF ELIMINATION 14. Sharaun 13. Nikeysha 12. Brittany 11. Hannah 10. Isis 9. Clark 8. Lauren-Brie 7. Joslyn 6. Sheena 5. Elina 4. Marjorie 3. analeigh RUNNER UP - sam WINNER mckey PHOTOSHOOT GUIDE •Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Posing in Metallic Blue Catsuits (Casting) •Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Political Voting Issues Made Sexy Analeigh - Healthcare Brittany - Military Clark - Bureaucracy Elina - Foreign Policy Hannah - Nuclear Weapons Isis - Privacy Joslyn - Unemployment Lauren Brie - Education Marjorie - Immigration McKey - Environment Nikeysha - Cloning Samantha - Economy ShaRaun - Homeland Security Sheena - Energy •Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Posing on a Rope Ladder •Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Malibu Bikini Shoot •Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Eyes Above Water •Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Los Angeles Disasters Analeigh - Santa Ana Winds Clark - Blackout Elina - Earthquake Joslyn - Rockslide Lauren Brie - Snowstorm Marjorie - Traffic Jam McKey - Heat Wave Samantha - Tidal Wave Sheena - Sandstorm •Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Award Show Snafus Analeigh - Interviewer with an attitude Elina - Overly emotional acceptance speech Joslyn - Another starlet in the same gown Lauren Brie - Trips up stairs Marjorie - Using the restroom in a gown McKey - Believes she is going to win, but doesn't Samantha - Can't read cue cards because of lights Sheena - Starlet stepped on her gown •Episode 9 Commercial: CoverGirl Commercial •Episode 10 Photo Shoot: 17th Century Women On A Ship •Episode 11 Photo Shoots: Simplistic; Dramatic •Episode 12 Photo Shoot: Windmills •Episode 13 Photo Shoots & Commercial: CoverGirl Print Ad & Commercial; Seventeen Cover Ep 1 - Sharaun ousted Ep 2 - Nikeysha has her last word Ep 3 - Brittany is out Ep 4 - Hannah eliminated Ep 5 - it's Over for Isis Ep 6 - Clark's ANTM dreams shatter Ep 7 - Lauren-Brie snaps her last photo Ep 9 - No more ANTM for Joslyn Ep 10 - Sheena walks out ep 11- Elina knocked out Ep 12- Au revoir, Marjorie Ep 13- Farewell Analeigh Ep 13 - Sam emerge runner-up ep 13 - McKey is ANTM
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UPS Delivery Intercept
We parody the very popular UPS commercial advertising "Delivery Intercept". "Stop the gizmos, there's a problem with the gizmos!!"
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Wizard Of OZ FEDEX Commercial
A Commercial that was aired for Fedex during the superbowl with scences from the wizard of oz.
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TV commercial film for American Tourister Luggage 1970
American Tourister Luggage cast: Oofie the Chimp "DDB Goes Ape" on "DDB NEWS April, 1970 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/chuukyuu/20100122/1264099102 The art director, Mr.Roy Grace appointed "Hall of Fame" members http://d.hatena.ne.jp/chuukyuu/20080413/1208063175
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80's Commercials Vol. 12
Here are some kid-oriented commercials that aired during the afternoon cartoon block on KBHK TV 44 from around 1987 to 1988. 1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (With all three Bakers!) 2. Cinderella 976 Number (This looks so cheap and trashy. These things basically exploited the fact that kids would dial the number without asking) 3. Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Wrinkles (Strawberry Fruit Wrinkles were awesome! Notice they're made by Fruit Corners and not Betty Crocker) 4. Dino-Riders (This is awesome! "Look out for the traaap!") 5. Captain Power Videotapes (This looks both awesomely cool and incredibly stupid at the same time) 6. Pudding Roll-Ups (Pudding in disguise! Pretty sure that Seth Green is in this one!) 7. Frosted Flakes (Contrary to "Teen Wolf", I don't think growling at your opponents is an effective basketball strategy) 8. Trix (The Rabbit needs a name!) 9. Snickers (Least convincing guitarist ever) 10. Powermaster Transformers (I love the announcer here. Find out in Marvel Comics!) 11. Kool Aid (Oh Yeah!) 12. Cheerios (I hate it when Yeti Mountains steal my cereal!) 13. Trix (So that contest was all for nothing? What the hell? Why can't the little bastards just give him the cereal already?!?) 14. Lucky Charms (Leprechaun on a roller coaster!) 15. Pop Tarts (Exploiting sexy teenagers for the sale of toaster pastries is not cool!) 16. Hot Wheels (I love the look of amazement from skeptic kid) 17. Fruity Marshmallow Krispies (Hell yes! That's Fred Savage telling jokes at the end, obviously. Next person who points this out gets their post removed) 18. Purr-tenders (They made some very strange stuffed animals in the 80's) 19. Promo for "Explorers"
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7 UP commercial (Fido Dido) from the 90s (1)
7 UP reclame (Fido Dido) uit de jaren 90 (1) Visit www.tv-ark.org.uk/
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Hot Wheels Attack Pack commercial
If you have information about this video, like voices or actors, please leave a comment. Help document this for the great internet archive. Also if you have a story about this video please share it. Thank you. Like the videos? Buy the Internet Lurker a cup of coffee. http://bit.ly/oPdwCU http://www.internetlurker.com
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Created by LoudmouthTV! Filmed over the course of two days fitness models Jeremy Matza & Jeff Gillespie did countless pull-ups in the making of this spot. When the talent was resting the film crew took turns doing pull-ups & making fun of each other... We found it a fun & effective product that was also a blast to shoot. For more great award winning productions such as this, visit us at LoudMouthTV.com
90's Commercials Vol. 7
These commercials aired on A&E on March 17th, 1991. 1. Symphony Chocolate Bar (Drug laced candy bars?) 2. Jack Perkins on A&E (It's too bad they've switched from showing biographies and documentaries to "celebreality" crap) 3. United Artists Cable 4. Nolands On The Santa Cruz Wharf (Love the early 90's fashion) 5. Promo for "The Twentieth Century", "Battleline" and "Our Century" 6. UPS Commercial Bumper 7. Burdick's Stereo (I had no idea IRS agents were Nazi spies) 8. Glade Country Pottery Air Freshener (♫Put out the pottery...♫) 9. Hidden Valley Honey Dijon Ranch Dressing 10. Tilex (This commercial scares me. What's up with the ghostly wailing and moaning?) 11. Ford 12. Promo for "The Agatha Christie Hour" (Oh the British and their murders!) 13. Butter (Mmm...Butter!) 14. Sprint (With Candace Bergen) 15. Promo for CNN (Now it's everything but actual news!) 16. Met Life (With Snoopy!) 17. Sensodyne Toothpaste (I swear, their commercials haven't changed AT ALL)
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Pull-Ups Diapers Ad from 1992
An old commercial for Pull-Ups Diapers.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial Spoof # 1
UPS Whiteboard Commercial Spoof # 1 mocking Andy Azula, the actor and creative director behind the annoying ads. Actor in spoof is Adam Grimes www.clevelandclowns.com
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Fruit roll-ups (1984)
Commercial of said name... nothing more.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial (Parody)
What Can James Brown Do For You? The Indicators own send-up of those UPS commercials. 1 of 4 in the current series. Look for more to be released soon. Starring our very own Robert Greene as James Brown!
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BU perfume commercial
Commercials for perfume B.U. Reklama za parfem B.U.
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NEW Heineken Commercial - verry funny
It's a men's dream to have it at home...
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Scary Car Commercial - In 4 Different Scary Modes!
READ THE MESSAGE FIRST. TURN SOUND ON. Strange but interesting. This is a car advertisement from Great Britain. When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot. The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon. Watch the front end of the car as it clears the trees in the middle of the screen and you'll see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road....Spooky! Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. If you listen to the ad, you'll even hear the cameraman whispering in the background about it near the end of the commercial.
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Bessie Smith - I ain't got nobody (1925)
Bessie Smith (jul 9,1892 or apr.15,1894 - sep.26,1937) was Americas most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and '30s. Smith is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era, and along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on subsequent jazz vocalists. As a way of earning money for their impoverished household, Smith and her brother Andrew began performing on the streets of Chattanooga as a duo, she singing and dancing, he accompanying on guitar; their preferred location was in front of the White Elephant Saloon at Thirteenth and Elm streets in the heart of the city's African-American community. In 1904, her oldest brother, Clarence, covertly left home by joining a small traveling troupe owned by Moses Stokes. "If Bessie had been old enough, she would have gone with him," said Clarence's widow, Maud. "That's why he left without telling her, but Clarence told me she was ready, even then. Of course, she was only a child." In 1912, Clarence returned to Chattanooga with the Stokes troupe and arranged for its managers, Lonnie and Cora Fisher, to give her an audition. She was hired as a dancer rather than a singer, because the company also included Ma Rainey. By the early 1920s, Smith had starred with Sidney Bechet in How Come?, a musical that made its way to Broadway, and spent several years working out of Atlanta, Georgia's 81 Theater, performing in black theaters along the East Coast. Following a run-in with the producer of How Come?, she was replaced by Alberta Hunter and returned to Philadelphia, where she had taken up residence. There, she met and fell in love with Jack Gee, a security guard whom she married on June 7, 1923, just as her first recordings were being released by Columbia Records. The marriage was a stormy one, with infidelity on both sides. During the marriage, Smith became the biggest headliner on the black Theater Owners Booking Association ( T.O.B.A.) circuit, running a show that sometimes featured as many as 40 troupers and made her the highest-paid black entertainer of her day. Gee was impressed by the money, but never adjusted to show business life, and especially not Smith's bisexuality. In 1929, when Smith learned of Gee's affair with another performer, Gertrude Saunders, she ended the marriage, but never sought a legal divorce. Smith eventually found a common-law husband in an old friend, Richard Morgan, who was Lionel Hampton's uncle and the antithesis of her husband. She stayed with him until her death. Bessie Smith (feat. Buster Bailey, Fletcher Henderson) - I ain't got nobody (1925)
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BuyTV Spotlight Cyberpower 500VA Rack-Mount LCD Series UPS
The Office Rackmount LCD Series UPS is designed to protect home-office servers, PCs, graphic workstations, and commercial electronics. The Intelligent Crystal-Blue LCD diagnostic panel gives administrators immediate, real-time information of the UPSs vitals.
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Man Diaper Commercial
men in diapers
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Offshore Diving... A Risky Business (part 1)
The ups and downs of an offshore diving job. Part II to follow...
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Fall is just something that Grown-ups invented
Fall is just something that Grown-ups invented Recorded by me Purple. x]
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