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UPS Commercial 2008 Thanks Dale
Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial. Thanks Dale!
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"X ray" - Visibility  - Cool UPS Commercial - Whiteboard Series
Another UPS Whiteboard commercial. Aired on April 4, 2009. See "What brown can do for you".
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UPS Commercial 2005 Dale Said Yes
Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial. Finally, Dale said yes to race the truck.
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UPS commercial - Dale Jarrett and Jackie Stewart
UPS commercial of trying to convince Dale Jarrett to drive the brown truck featuring three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart.
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UPS Commercial-What can brown do for you?
ups commerical made for deca class.tight
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"BEOWULF THE BEAST" the untaimable LORD VITAL is let loose over metal bars and rubber mats...lol (SHOUT OUT TO RICK- BARBARIANS... for the St. Ann Park footage)
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Freshen-ups Gum Commercial
http://www.internetlurker.com If you have information about this video like voices or actors please leave a comment. Help document for the great archive. Also if you have a story about this video please share it. Thank you.
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial
Vote for us! McCombs Next Top Major competition video. Voting begins on Monday, February 9th 2009 at 5pm CST. Click here to vote: http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/nexttopmajor/watch/scm/ Hurry! Vote before Sunday, February 15th 2009 at 11:59 CST.
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ups commercial
Jingles by : LanhamMusic Copyright 09' WWW.MYSPACE.COM/kurtlanham
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial - Large Animal Shipping
Stop motion school project, used Photoshop to create the 600 some images and Movie Maker to string them together. Always remember UPS for your large animal shipping needs!!
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ups driver backing up doubles
I've never seen this before. This is a UPS driver backing up a set of doubles right next to my truck.
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ups commercial
Jingles by : LanhamMusic Copyright 09' WWW.MYSPACE.COM/kurtlanham
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January 20, 1989 Commercial Block
These were the ads that aired during America's Top 10 on January 20, 1989 on WPIX channel 11 in NYC. Ads include: Potamkin Motors Nestle Crunch Maybelline Sheer Essentials Close up Tooth Paste Snickers Noxema Clear Ups Oxy 10 The Brooklyn Museum Pedigree Select Dinners Noxema Clear Ups Nestle Alpine White with Almonds Chocolate [different Version] Z100 FM Radio New York Maybelline Sheer essentials [Sorry i know this is already here] Buckle Up PSA with Heavy D and the Boyz Skittles Noxema Clear Ups [Again!! UGGHH] Maybelline Performing Mascara Z100 FM Radio New York [I can believe i left another double!] Sorry for the doubles in this set, I must be tired or something to let them slip by.LOL
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The Real UPS Commercial
A histarical parody of the UPS commercial. Be sure to watch credits. This video is the first of many to come!!!!
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AYM Commercial - UPS
It's not just sunday, it's sunday at AYM!
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Glade Plug Ups Commercial
A random commercial that I got in an e-mail
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Ups...Shit ... Banned commercial very funny
Ups... douche Accident funny , laugh , lol 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , new , fart , gym
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UPS commercial Stop Motion Movie
By Fanny Reuterswärd & Matilda Kahl, 2009.
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UPS commercial
Me and Nick thought we could make our own whiteboard UPS commercial, quite frnkly, i think it's good and clever, besides the extra crap nick put in! HAHA! enjoy!
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UPS Whiteboard Commercial: Island-to-Island Shipping
This was the time I auditioned for the UPS whiteboard spokesperson job. Didn't exactly work out. For more unfortunate LA adventures, check out Effing Los Angeles on BrettKonner.com.
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UPS Commercial
This was another project for my Motion for Typography class. Instructions were to make a commercial for a company. Some we could choose from were Habitat for Humanity, UPS, and FedEx. I chose UPS and getting the idea was relatively easy because it did not require too much research. I got to use one of the school's sound booths to record my voice and that was something I've never done before. I chose the color brown for obvious reasons and the white and yellow set a good contrast throughout the piece. There are some things that can be improved on, but it is most likely I won't be touching this project for a while. I created it using only Adobe After Effects CS3. Credit goes to my friend Dane who composed the song.
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1980's Animated Cheese Commercial
These little guys are cut ups. For more 80's animation visit us at http://www.vintagetvcommercials.com and click on COMPILATIONS.
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Pudding Roll-Ups commercial from the 80's pudding in disguise! The Residents and Seth Green
Pudding Roll Ups. What more can be said. One more reason why the 80's were EPIC! Not to mention Seth Green is in this commercial! This video is not my property, it is property of General Mills. The purpose of this post is for educational reasons. www.generalmills.com
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City In the Sky- Official Commercial
"Special thanks go out to our sponsors including but not limited to Papa Johns,Miracles,The UPS store,and more! Also...a special shout out to the National Breast Cancer foundation,The Ashe foundation,The Gem Project,Friends,The Designers,the MODELS Well wishers. We worked hard on this,so I hope you like it! Raymond,big up yourself! Here we goooooooooooo"
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fruit by the foot karate commercial
this is nutz i love the old dude
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FISDU Barrio Commercial 2009 SBC Packers
This commercial was cut last minute from barrio. Parody of the UPS whiteboard commercial with inspiration from Rex Navarette's SBC skit.
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Art commercial: Created at IADT
Art commercial for any artist out there, doesn't matter what art and big ups to my friends in this film who helped me that you see in this commercial John, Jabari, and Cartrage
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The UPS Store commercial
10 second animated commercial presenting the different services offered at the 330 locations of The UPS Store. for more information, visit www.theupsstore.ca
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The UPS Store "Circus" commercial
form Doner and Psyop
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Circus - Cool UPS Store Commercial - Cardboard Series
New TV commercial for UPS Store from cardboard series "Hey, we do a lot more than shipping" - UPS Store
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Gladiator  - Cool UPS Store Commercial - Cardboard Series
UPS Store: "Hey, we do a lot more than shipping"
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My 1st commercial ;-) I recorded it from the TV on to my camera....BIG ups to Comcast's DVR....
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What I do for Work and Fun! Visa Commercial
http://www.TopMLMTradeSecrets.com Visa commercial I shot in France.. and Yes, we were really on the wall.. I rock climb and we rappelled over edge down to the porta-ledge and then shot the commercial there.. even the close ups were done on the wall. Oh, I'm the scruffy guy with no hat on the left! Hope you like it :) Mark
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Dolly Pops Dress-Ups By Knickerbocker (Commercial, 1982)
Here's a commercial for the girls toys Dolly Pops Dress-Ups by Knickerbocker. This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, April 12th 1982. Visit The Museum of Classic Chicago Television at http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV for more fun!
Fruit Roll-Ups Stickerz Commercial
The fruit roll up commecial I do not own this so don't say i did anything bad ponce..uploaded via iPhone 3GS
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Who does The Chopper think he is, anyway? The Fonz? By the way, eating things like raw carrots hurts my jaw and gives me a headache.
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Fruit Roll Ups Flavor Kickers Commercial
I LOVE Fruit Roll-Ups, and the commercials.
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Tropical Storage Commercial Miramar, FL
Tropical Storage www.tropicalstorage.com South Florida's Only Cat 5 Self Storage Facility -Backup Powered Generator -Covered Loading Docks -Wine Storage -Alarmed Units -Computerized Access -Dollies and Carts Available -Free Moving Truck Available -Package Acceptance -Fully Air Condition Indoor Self Storage Facility -Fedex/UPS drop location Located at: 14751 SW 29th St Miramar, FL 33027 954.450-5600 Created by: The D.O.N
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Fruit Roll Up commercial
this is for the fruit roll up company even tho it stinks
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Fruit Roll Ups commercial- Fortune
Fruit roll Ups commercial.
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Wow- that's EXACTLY how we felt when the bell rang and we were all set free at the end of the school day! Of course, that couldn't even compare to how we felt on the very last day of school before summer vacation! For some strange reason, we would also wrap fruit rolls around our thumbs and then just suck on them for like half an hour. Child actress Jenny Lewis appears in this commercial as one of the many students who apparently tote around whole boxes of fruit roll ups all day without eating any.
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Fruit Roll-Ups Commercial From 1986 Chimps Aplenty!
Suckers! You will now have this song stuck in your head for the next two weeks! Anyhow, there are certain universal truths. One of those truths is that you can't go wrong if you put chimps in your commercial, no matter what the product is. You can see hundreds of vintage commercials and classic cartoons streaming free 24/7 at www.acmestreaming.com
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ANTM Cycle 12 Portfolio Official and Complete Version (with Close-ups, Commercial)
first, sorry to the glitch for the second song and thanks for all the patience from you guys =) i hope this one will be as successful as cycle 11's •Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 12 Compilation Portfolio Judges Tyra Banks, Miss J Alexander, Nigel Barker, Paulina Porizkova Executive producer(s) - Tyra Banks Ken Mok Daniel Soiseth Original run - March 4, 2009 May 13, 2009 •International Destination - Sao Paulo Brazil EPISODE TITLES 1.1What Happens in Vegas 1.2Fun & Games 1.3Do You Light the Way I Look? 1.4New Yorks Finest 1.5Put your Best Face forward 1.6 Heres Your Test 1.7Acting Like a Model 1.8Cycle 12 rewind 1.9Take Me to The Photo Shoot 1.10 The Amazing Model Race 1.11 Lets Go See The City 1.12 Take me to the Jungle 1.13 Americas Next Top Model is. PARTICIPATING MODELS • Kelly "Isabella" Falk, 19, Barboursville, Virginia •Jessica Santiago, 18, Caguas, Puerto Rico •Nijah Harris, 18, Rancho Cucamonga, California •Kortnie Coles, 24, Houston, Texas •Sandra Nyanchoka, 19, Rockville, Maryland •Tahlia Brookins, 18, Phoenix, Arizona •Lauren "London" Levi-Nance, 18, Arlington, Texas •Natalie Pack, 19, Palos Verdes, California •Felicia "Fo" Porter, 19, Albuquerque, New Mexico •Celia Ammerman, 25, Cynthiana, Kentucky •Aminat Ayinde, 21, Union, New Jersey •Allison Harvard, 20, New Orleans, Louisiana •Teyona Anderson, 20, Woodstown, New Jersey PHOTOSHOOT GUIDE • Episode 1 photo shoot: Goddess Profile / Types of Goddesses (Casting) •Episode 2 photo shoot: Childhood Games •Episode 3 photo shoot: Group Shots using Lights •Episode 4 photo shoot: NYC Sightseeing •Episode 5 photo shoot: Ellis Island Immigrants •Episode 6 photo shoot: Beauty Shots Evoking Different Colors •Episode 7 commercial: CoverGirl Trublend Micro Minerals Foundation Commmercial •Episode 9 photo shoot: Crazed Ciara Fans •Episode 10 photo shoot: Embodying Carmen Miranda •Episode 11 photo shoot: Swimsuits •Episode 12 photo shoot: Exotic Birds •Episode 13 photo shoot and commercial: CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain / Seventeen Magazine Cover MAKEOVERS •Allison: Long blonde weave •Aminat: Long, Naomi Campbell weave •Celia: Cut short,Kate Bosworth style , dyed platinum blonde. •Fo: Cut short , Boy cut. •Jessica: Cut, volumized, and red highlights added, given waves . •Kortnie: Dyed red, and curled . •London: Cut short and dyed blonde, given side swiped bangs. •Natalie: Added weave tracks and given darker color . •Nijah: Long Exagerated Weave. •Sandra: Buzzed off and dyed Platinum blonde. •Tahlia: Blonde weave , given 70's flip. •Teyona: Slicked back wavy weave ; later, Beverly Peele inspired weave ANTM Cycle 12 compilation portfolio close up photos pictures america's next top model tyra banks winner tributes commercial spoiler Covergirl episode 8MissBitch8 j5s2s095 jmoblipias i got a feeling black eyed peas davis archuleta zero gravity katy perry waking up in vegas teyona anderson allison harvard aminat ayinde celia ammerman natalie pack fo porter london nijah kortnie jessica isabella sandra tahlia
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Delilah Frey Commercial 9 15 09
Delilah Frey (3) films her own "commercial" for Fruit Roll Ups, which she calls "Wacky Fortune" because of the fortune inside. The themesong for whatever reason is 'Wheels on the Bus." Rock out!
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FISDU Barrio Commercial 2009 SBC Packers: Pacman Express
the second of the SBC commercials that couldn't be shown at barrio. spoof of the UPS whiteboard commercial with influence from Rex Navarette's SBC skit
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Boy, does this bring back memories... They really did sound like that when you ripped them off the plastic
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