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Nascar Commercial - UPS
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一些 UPS 的广告 - UPS Commercials
Final project for CHIN 111
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power ups commercial.avi
freeborns class Kyle Chris MAtt 2.4
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Banned Viagra Commercial
Wicked idea...push ups erecting.
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Transylvanian Pin-ups Calendar 2011
Transylvanian Pin-ups Calendar 2011 is the first pin-ups calendar from Romania. It is produced by the BillyKustom.com shop (first rockabilly kustom shop in Romania) in collaboration with Rockabilly.ro. The calendar highlights the meaning of the first pin-ups in Romania, especially in Brasov, Transylvania. Brasov is the nearest town to Dracula Castle (30 km). Order this item now! http://billykustom.com/
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ETCO Toilet Commercial
This Toilet has a sweet flush! Thanks to StarKid Potter and A Very Potter Sequel for the quote!
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How NOT to make a commercial
So to understand this I think you should watch the actual commercial first. But anyways we had sooooo many mess ups making it so I thought i would just show them for fun:)
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10 funny TV commercial
This is a video of ten funny TV commercial. Watch n enjoy........
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We will let UPS deliver the toys
Santa and Tucker Elf talk about flying into China
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Going to the UPS Store in the Rain
I venture to the UPS store on the worst day of the storm
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The Bunker is under Attack by Pop-ups!
Don't you think this is annoying?
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Santa Sit-Ups
Santa's shaved a few pounds since starting CrossFit, but he's still working on his sit-ups!
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90's Commercials Vol. 69
These commercials aired in 1993 1. TV Spot for "Tom And Jerry: The Movie" 2. Cocoa Krispies 3. ICS (With Sally Struthers) 4. Station ID 5. Cocoa Pebbles 6. Promo for "Hey Dude" 7. Wendy's Kids' Meal 8. Alvin & The Chipmunks (OMG! Another music compilation ad I subconsciously memorized in my head) 9. Promo for "What Would You Do" 10. Orange Appeal (With Michael Cage) 11. Fruit By The Foot (I preferred the taste of fruit roll-ups, but usually ate these because you got WAY more snack per pouch) 12. Golden Crisp (I liked Sugar Bear better when he beat up random animals) 13. Planter's P.B. Crisps 14. Station ID 15. 1993 Collectors Edition Playoff Cards (I didn't really collect baseball cards, but I was BIG into Marvel comic cards. I still have the entire 1993/94 Marvel Masterpiece sets in a binder) 16. Guess Who? (Game cards DO NOT actually talk) 17. Promo for "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete 18. Krystal Princesses (LSD not included) 19. Nick Videos (I still have my orange-colored "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" VHS tapes) This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It is presented for the purposes of entertainment, education and criticism/commentary only. No infringement is intended.
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1990 Commercial - FedEx Anthem
1990 Commercial - FedEx Anthem
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80s Commercials 1982 (Part 7)
1) Ford Commercial with race car legend Jackie Stewart. 2) Nyquil - the nightime, sniffing, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine.
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SnackWells Commercial - (1996).mpg
I about laughed to death the first time I saw this! ^.^
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Last Round Hangover Support - Commercial
Last Round cannot cure bad decisions, questionable hook-ups, senseless ramblings or excessive friend hugging....However, Last Round will have you feeling so good the next day, it's like last night never happened. Last Round is all natural hangover support. You just down one before you go to bed -- before a hangover sets in -- and the all-natural herbal blend erases your "sins" by detoxifying and breaking down alcohol while you sleep. And when you wake up, you will actually feel good. As long as you didn't sprain an ankle trying to play leap frog over a parking meter the night before. The truth is, you'll have to live with whatever you did last night. But you don't have to live with a hangover. Just remember to take a Last Round.
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Wrapped Up in the Giving: TV Commercial
A Woodgrove TV Commercial, "Wrapped Up in the Giving".
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1986 Christmas Commercials (1 of 6)
Includes WOIO Station ID (featuring Jeff Kinzbach) Astronaut Barbie & Marshall BraveStarr.
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UPS Christmas Surprise '10.mov
What can Brown do for you? My running battle with UPS (Useless Parcel Service)
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Huggies Waist Watchers Commercial (1989)
Visit http://www.retrocommercial.com to watch all of my commercials.
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Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins Nintendo Gameboy Commercial
Old television commercial for Super Mario Land 2, the Six Golden Coins for the original Nintendo Gameboy Commercial. Enjoy!
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Pacman Binaca Commercial -- Attempt 1
A class project for Advertising design class. © Created and copyrighted by Candace Barnett, Jeremy Higuchi, and Lisa Worden, 2010. We do not own Pacman or Binaca. This is the first attempt changes may be made later.
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TRX Suspension Trainer - commercial - DirectShop.co
http://www.DirectShop.co/ - TRX Suspension Trainer
FCC "Net Neutrality" could kill start-ups
The FCC is voting on Net Neutrality this afternoon (effort to ensure everyone has equal access to the Web & preventing Internet providers from interfering with web traffic). On the surface - FCC is doing a good thing. However Jason Rosenbaum, the Senior Online Campaign Director at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, says what will actually happen is big companies will be able to pay for better coverage of their products and start ups will die before they have a chance to grow.
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Nascar Commercial - Nextel
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Luvs diapers commercial.
All about baby poop. Whoomp there it is.
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25 Days of Christmas - Day 3
I stop into UPS to deliver a package when he's greeted by Bill.
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During South Shore Casting Studios DECEMBER TO REMEMBER Vacation Program Students created their own commercials by choosing a product to sell using our Green Screen Studio, costumes, props and writing their own Jingle. Commercials were directed by Jodi Purdy-Quinlan and Stephen MacDonald with assistance by Alex Milne. Score by: Stephen MacDonald
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Mr. Bean push ups by an Arab
XD Hope you enjoy it =) It's really funny
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The cutest TV Commercial with the cutest little girl...
Hugely popular film for Spice 3D. Cute script, cute film, cute girl...
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Grown Ups (film)  part 1 of 14
Grown Ups (film)
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The UPS Store.mov
Business of the Month
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Nostalgia Critic - Top 11 Drug PSA
Nostalgia Critic - Top 11 Drug PSA
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Eastern Portable Xray Commercial
Eastern Portable Xray Commercial
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1988 Imperial Sugar "Homemade Love" TV Commercial
Visit http://www.imperialsugar.com/recipes/category/recipes-for-kids/sweet-dream-bars for a delicious recipe that is similar to what the little boy is eating in this spot!
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Nascar Commercial - Sunoco
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It's Your Life (Football) | 2010 Bodybuilding.com Commercial
It's Your Life - How are you going to live it? We can promise you one thing, improving your health and fitness will only take you further. For more information on Bodybuilding.com, go to http://bit.ly/dzharx
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Toyota Freaky Scary Creepy Zombie Car Commercial 2010
That's a Corolla!
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3 Chevy Foggy Morning Cold Start-ups
I figured I should take advantage of this opportunity because it's only once in a lifetime that fog hits Yuma, AZ and it's this cold so I decided to just go and start all of 'em!! It's long because there's a lot of scenes of just listening to those V8s idle so beautifully. 1. 1989 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 5.0 TBI 2. 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 5.0 TBI 3. 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 5.0 4BBL
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Business Commercial
Do you have a business with a website or social networking page? If the answer is yes, then you need a commercial. Let the professionals at EyeMaster Video Productions create a custom internet commercial for you. EyeMaster Video Productions can shoot, edit, and post your video within 24 hrs. Prices starting at just $299.00. You'll be able to email and direct new customers to your new video today. Increase your sales. Call (410) 905 -- 7648 or email info@eyemasterimages.com. It's time to bring your product and services to life
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