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UPS Commercial - Kelly Natividade, Ivan Shammas and others...
Very cool commercial recently shot for UPS. Includes the talented Atlanta actors Kelly Natividade, Ivan Shammas and others.
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Glade Plug Ups Commercial
A Refreshing Blast from your Ass
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The UPS Store Commercial Circus
The UPS Store Commercial Circus
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The UPS Store Commercial Online Printing Deadline
The UPS Store Commercial Online Printing Deadline
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The UPS Store Commercial Wild West
The UPS Store Commercial Wild West
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The UPS Store Commercial Gladiator
The UPS Store Commercial Gladiator
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The UPS Store Commercial A Happy Holiday
The UPS Store Commercial A Happy Holiday
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FlatRate Commercial
FlatRate Moving Commercial starring Ed Stelz and Jess DiGiovanni.
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Me and UPS in 1984........
My fiance filming me in my 1976 model P600 in 1984...
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Sketchers Shape-Ups
Recorded on February 28, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Shape-ups Instructional Video
Get in shape while you walk! Skechers Shape Ups mimic the effects of barefoot walking to tone your back, abdomen, buttocks and calves, resulting in rapid results for a stronger, healthier you. Wearing Skechers Shape Ups regularly will not only help you to lose weight, but as part of a walking exercise, will help to improve your circulation, endurance and general health. Its easy to shape up with Skechers Shape Ups. Simply by wearing your Skechers Shape Ups while shopping, walking to work or simply standing and your body will feel the benefits.
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80's Commercials Vol. 136
These commercials aired on local ABC affiliate KGO on February 19th, 1984. Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for recording these. 1. Winter Olympics Commercial Bumper (Brought to you by United Airlines, True Value, Apple and Beatrice) 2. Allstate 3. American Express (With Olympian Jackson Scholz and "Chariots Of Fire" actor Ben Cross) 4. Meister Brau 5. Promo for "Three's Company", "Oh Madeline" and "Hart To Hart" (Oh Madeline!) 6. ABC Sports Update 7. Federal Express 8. ABC Sports Update (Featuring Michael Jordan only months before being drafted to the Chicago Bulls) 9. Promo for "World News Tonight" 10. Lucky (A commercial for citrus fruit...and only citrus fruit. Odd) 11. Sprint 12. KGO News Promo 13. Winter Olympics Commercial Bumpers 14. Miller Lite (With John Madden, Rodney Dangerfield and probably a few other famous people. I'm guessing this features all of the celebrities/personalities featured in Miller commercials of the time. Amazing!) 15. Promo for "Lace" (God, Phoebe Cates was hot) 16. UPS 17. Calvin Klein Jeans (With Shari Belafonte) 18. KGO News Promo (Featuring the most ridiculously epic mustache I've ever seen in my entire life) 19. K Mart (More incredible animation. I'm not sure what lightning bolts and sorcery have to do with car batteries though) 20. Wang (Wang...heh heh) 21. Miller High Life (Finally...an ad with drunk cops in it) 22. Skoal Bandits (Sorry this skips so much, but I pretty much HAD to include this. It doesn't seem like this stuff would have been advertised on television after the 50's) 23. GE (Awesome!) 24. Promo for "Foul-Ups, Bleeps And Blunders" and "Ripley's Believe It Or Not"
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Two New Cap Pick-Ups
The first... is a standard "On-Field" game hat for the Baltimore Orioles MLB team. The color ways are as such; the bill is all black along with the wearer NE flag, button, Team Logo, and rear logoman. All crown panels are orange with the eyelits being a mix of black and orange... The second... is an Exxxxxxxxclusive Limited Edition Release for the upcoming Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film. Disney and New Era have teamed up to collaborate on this collection. The set debuted early February this year. It's a collection of some nice works too. I've gone with the "Cheshire Cat" cap. Color ways are as such; the bill and crown are black, the facial features are heavily embroidered with the eye's being teal along with the NE wearer's flag, teeth and rear quote are stitched and hand painted white. Both cap's are wool as well as size 8 59/Fifties....Check for the new Alice in Wonderland collection folks. They won't be in stock forever yo. All my cap enthusiast should appreciate the set. As always KingNewEra59Fifty, Peace Out Rate..... Subscribe.... Comment....... View.....................
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6-30-1998 NBC Daytime ads (Part 1)
Includes the following commercials: - Pull-Ups - Chex Mix - Juicy Juice - Ultra All - Belle Color Color-Ease Gel (with Melissa Gilbert) - Taco Bell Home Originals Aired during Days of Our Lives.
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Glade plug-ups.wmv
lame advertisements
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Eastern Airlines DC-7B, engine run ups
Curtiss Wright R3350 engines at full power. Opa-locka airport, Florida. There is fire in the dragon! The Historical Flight Foundations "signature airplane". The first the HFF, of the born again legends of aviation. Plenty of leg room in this spacious airplane.
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Cheerleader Dad Commercial (PSA)
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US Postal Service Vs. FedEx & UPS
TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): http://www.youtube.com/user/whattheflickshow Follow TYT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theyoungturks Join the TYT Facebook Fan Page: http://tinyurl.com/yblkjqr Follow TYT on Google Buzz: http://www.google.com/profiles/tytnationhq Check Out TYT Interviews http://www.youtube.com/user/TYTInterviews Watch more at http://www.theyoungturks.com
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Skechers Shape Ups
JTwisdom reviews her new pair of Skechers Shape Ups.
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MadTv: Sony Commercial
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Reebok EasyTone Commercial
Commercial for Reebok Easytone by DDB Berlin, Directed by Diana Martel (Soup Film), music by Sizzer Amsterdam
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Fuck Ups - White Boy
Album : FU 82 Track: 1
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CSR Outtakes
Various fuck ups
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Huggies "Potty Dance" commercial feat. Ralph Covert
Commercial / Music video for Huggies Potty dance, created with Nickelodeon Advertising Agency. Starring Ralph Covert. Produced by Primal Screen, Atlanta.
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Transportation Matters UPS
BIGGER BROWN: UPS Canada opens its new $72 million expansion of its Toronto hub facility.
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Grand Prix, The French Connection, The Italian Job, The Seven-Ups, Spinout and more
In Part Two of this special discussion about the role automobiles play and have played in Hollywood over the years we explore why so many car movies involve crime. "Bullitt" with its Mustang and "The Italian Job" with its Minis both factor highly in the mythos of automotive cinema. But racing, as we start to talk about in this segment has an obvious role to play as well from the corny films like Elvis Presley's "Spinout" to well-made films like "To Please a Lady" with Clark Gable and "Grand Prix."
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Fruit By The Foot | Campaign
Staff Picks - One Show 2010 - Informal & Unofficial favorites chosen by the One Show's video department.
Chris LeDoux sings in Ford Truck Ad
Chris Ledoux sings "Running Through The Rain" chorus in 1993 Ford TV commercial for 1994 Ford ranger pick-ups.
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UPS - Calbayog Race_2.mpg
Views: 6125 Ryan Roy Baculpo
Really Awesome pick ups Pawn Shops
Stuff that I have accumulated in the past few weeks and a late video that I forgot to post
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Cage & Tame - Mash Ups
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UPS Parody - Spartanicity is Easy
Spartanicity.com makes your life easy by delivering straight to your dorm or apartment!
Views: 491 Spartanicity
Fruit by the Foot Commercial
Fruit by the Foot Commercial with Brenden Orton and Canaan Vance.
Views: 2435 Brenden Orton
CrossFit Pull Ups
This is a montage of Kipping pull-ups and some attempts at Butterfly pull-ups of me and then my wife. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 452 Regan Green
www.spin-ups.com  |  Lavary 01
When Lavary moves, people notice! Straight after this Spin-Ups shoot, she was in a well-known Gold Coast surfwear store trying on some jeans... next thing Lavary knows, she's been commissioned on the spot to be their poster girl!
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Life Call Ad - 1989
Commercial from 1989 for LifeCall medical pendants.
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UPS Parody - Spartanicity Arnold Palmer
$17.99 Arnold Palmer cases delivered - Spartanicity.com
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Wayne Gretzky T70 Canon Camera Commercial Edmonton Oilers
Wayne Gretzky T70 Canon Camera Commercial Edmonton Oilers
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Colgate Wisps Commercial
Another commercial assignment for the class. Good sound and shots.
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Funny push ups + crunches
Nephew doing some push ups and crunches haha enjoy
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Unbelievable Pick Ups and Story,  Atari 2600, 7800, and Colecovison Games
I'm still in shock Subscribe to me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/okami_dude Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Okami_Dude Join my Discord: (The best place to talk to me and see what i'm doing) https://discord.gg/3cCYqUt Join my Intellivision group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intellivisioninvasion/
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The Screw ups!
Me messing up while trying to record a mission of Hitman 2: Silent assassin Everything you see happens about 5 times on every mission. So Glad i Beat the Game!
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Boardwalk & Baseball Commercial 1984-85
Boardwalk & Baseball Orlando, Fl approx 1984-85
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Modern Masters Metallic Plaster Video Close Ups
Metallic plaster close up video. The urban style condo was transformed by Modern Masters metallic plaster and ivenetian.com The owner wanted a very urban hip "mtv" style look to her condo.
Views: 35068 Eli Lucero
Red Meat Amazing Food 2010 Ad
Red Meat Amazing Food 2010 Ad
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Reggie SMith - Barbell Knee Ups
Reggie Smith of the San Fransisco 49er's performing some knee jumps + Barbell at the start of a dynamic lower body day.
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K-Swiss "Awesome Day" commercial
New Commercial from K-Swiss from their website! How cool is this? Makes me want to go to California!
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