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UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
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UPS commercial 1988
United Parcel Service commercial from the late 1980s.
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UPS - United Parcel Service commercial Sydney 2000 olympic
best commercial...forever Song - Heather Small - Proud http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OygsHbM1UCw The Official London 2012 Olympics LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEoxGJ79PMs
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UPS Logistics Commercial 2011
"That's logistics".
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UPS Commercial with Scott Michaels circa 1992
His Name is Bob - In 1992 I was living in Chicago and I ran a mail room for a law firm. I lucked out, and got involved with a survey about shipping policies. I said we used UPS. We didn't. They asked me our driver's name. I didn't know it. I said, "His name is Bob." Not true. I showed up to take a survey and make $50.00. Turned out I was making a commercial that debuted during the Superbowl. Over the next 12 mos. I got checks in total of about $16,000. So... it pays to lie?
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Brooke Burke Shape-ups Commercial -- Newest Move
Brooke Burke Shape-ups Commercial. Ok, we all get it. A toned body is beneficial for your health. But who can find the time? And if we did decide to make a commitment what's the best move? Easy. The best exercise is the one that you will do!
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UPS Logistics Commercial Lyrics
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SKECHERS Shape-ups Commercial
SKECHERS Shape-ups Commercial
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Shape ups superbowl 45 commercial
Kim kardashian
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Huggies Pull-Ups Commercial (1993)
"Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!" Nowadays, this guy has absolutely no trouble getting dates. No trouble at all.
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Skechers Tone-Ups Commercial - Breana McDow
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Breana-McDow/74137887826
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UPS Commercial
In a world where the transportation of personal goods is threatened by a lack of speed, efficiency, and the will to continue onward, one delivery company will rise to the occasion. Ask not what you can do for your 460THz-500THz visible color spectrum, but what it can do for you...
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UPS Commercial: Brown and the Mailroom Guy
TV commercial from February 2002. What can Brown do for you?
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UPS moving at the speed of business (commercial, 1997)
UPS tells you they gives you more on-time delivery options than anyone else while giving you a fast-cut view of the equipment and people who make that happen. Tagline is "UPS, moving at the speed of business" This spot aired during the 5th game of the Baseball World Series on NBC on October 23rd, 1997.
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Skechers Shape Ups Kim Kardashian Super Bowl XLV Commercial Ad 2011 Watch Your Best
http://dealplanet.info Skechers Shape Ups Kim Kardashian Super Bowl XLV Commercial Ad 2011 Thanks dealplanet.info
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Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Ups the Bet - Lays chips commercial
Cognitive, emotive, and behavioral tips to control your eating anytime. Try to lose weight and your human nature goes against you. But you also have a lot going for you. You can successfully cope with unhealthy eating urges... More info: http://www.psychology-advice.net/no-diet-tips-for-high-risk-times
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U.P.S. Logistics commercial
"That's logistics".Short version.
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UPS Logistics Technology Commercial 2011
The newest U.P.S. Logistics tv ad male singer."That's Logistics".
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Nascar - Commercial UPS
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Pull ups Commercial Spec
This is my PRB class final. In my film program we are all required to shoot a commercial, then at the end of the quarter it must be reviewed and passed by at least three professors in a review board of five. I was one of the lucky ones that passed! YAY!!
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Bisto Commercial. DOP
Bisto Commercial This was a low budget Bisto advert I DOP'd for Sesalos productions in Durban. This Bisto Commercial used very simple flat lighting, using led panels, generic Kino Flo's and two 800w reds. Exteriors were natural light with a bit of bounce for the close ups.Bisto Commercial.
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UPS Store Commercial.wmv
The UPS Store Located in Williamsport Pennsylvania
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After Effects UPS Commercial
Student project for a 30 second commercial using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.
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Superbowl Commercial: Gretzky's Shape-ups comeback
Is Wayne Gretzky making a comeback? He's wearing Sketchers Shape-ups, so it's a possibility.
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Ups Commercial
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Ups store commercial south Tampa
Meet mike at the ups store. Passionate about his job!
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UPS Commercial Spoof
Commercial Spoof www.10bridgesmedia.com
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Canadian commercial - Mr. Christie Sun Ups
1995 With Jean-François Gaudet
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Sketchers Sketch-Ups Commercial
Get yourself a pair today! If you liked this video, please subscribe! :] Link Things: 2nd Channel. http://www.youtube.com/tatuapes Twitter. http://twitter.com/tatuapes Music and sound effects are from Onision, iMovie '09, and SoundBible.com *This commercial is a joke. We intend no copyright towards the Sketchers® Shoe Company.* [:
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Finn Still Likes The UPS Commercial
Recorded on January 3, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
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Southern Marylands best barbers and barbershop ..razor shape-ups..Bejing..fast and in-expensive hair cuts..shampoo and scalp treatments..tired of barbers taking your hairline back come lets us bring your shape ups to life..if you got gray we can take it away!
Hot Wheels Rev Ups Skyhigh Speedway Play Set Commercial
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★★★★★ Scary Ghost Car Commercial | Real Ghost? Disturbing Footage!
This is a british car commercial that allegedly caught a Real Ghost on camera. The Ghost was not noticed until after filming was through. To make things even more Disturbing, a spooky EVP was also captured in the background of this Disturbing footage. You may have to turn your sound up to hear it. Just kidding..By now we all know that this is one of the most popular, widely viewed and Scariest Scary Pop Ups in the world. Enjoy! http://www.scary-pop-ups.blogspot.com
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Toast'em Pop-ups Commercial
My English Project! :)
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The UPS Store in Eagan Print Commercial
We are certified packaging experts. You can bring us anything from your small delicate crystal stemware to your large bulky patio furniture (and everything in between). Our packaging is money-back guaranteed. Also, get all of your printing needs fulfilled at The UPS Store. We specialize in business cards,customized photo calendars,posters,signs,banners,postcards,envelopes,pads,carbonless forms,etc. Just give us a call or email and we will work one on one with you from design and layout to production!
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DryNites Pyjama Pants Commercial
DryNites - Lighten the night
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CBS NCAA Commercial Break (04/06/1992) (12 of 17)
This is a set of commercial breaks that was aired during a broadcast of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship from April 6th, 1992. This is Part 12 of 17. All Copyrights Acknowledged!!! 1. Chevrolet Cavalier 2. UPS 3. 7UP 100 Years of Basketball Contest (Those Red Dots wake up a man who falls asleep during a game. maybe cause they want him to win) 4. Nike 5. Another Promo for The Royal Family and Davis Rules
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CBS/KWCH Primetime Commercial Breaks, 3/9/1991
-Hershey's Symphony -Helen Keller International w/ Pam Dawber -Big East Championship Promo -Network ID -Chicken Tonight -Dog N Shake -Big 8 Tournament Conference Coverage -Andersen Windows -Halls Cough Drops -Visine -Lean Cuisine -17th Annual people's Choice Awards -Dirt Devil -Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager -Anacin -No Nonsense -AT&T Select Saver Plan -Movie Bump -Monday Comedies: Evening Shade & Major Dad -Rescue 911 -Network ID -The Kansas Nightmare Promo -John Ridge Station ID -Wendy's Chicken Cordon Bleu -Salon Selectives -Summer's Eve -Pull-Ups -Sunday Lineup -Police Academy 5 Premiere -Network ID -Pepsi w/ Ray Charles -Del Monte Vegetable Classics -Oldsmobile Bravada w/ Joan & Jack Hemmingway -Ziplock Bags -Visa Card -Lubriderm -Brite -Buterball Fresh Deli -CoAdvil -GM -Ponds -Pull-Ups -17th Annual People's Choice Awards -Above the Law Promo -Morning Worship on KWCH -Neonics at the Ulrich Museum -KWCH Basketball Coverage Promo -Dodge Caravan -Luxura by DuPont -Sprint w/ Candice Bergen -Ultra SlimFast w/ Christina Ferrare -Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager -Grey Poupon: Part 1 -AT&T Select Saver Plan -Grey Poupon: Part 2 -Selsun Blue -GM
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USPS Commercial w/ Felicia Day
USPS commercial starring Felicia Day. It was shown on Sunday, December 18th, 2005 during the Disney movie "Once Upon a Mattress" (part of the Wonderful World of Disney), ABC TV (WABC, Channel 7, New York)
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How to block ALL ads on youtube (free and easy)
pretty self explanitory. ask if you have any questions chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/landing_chrome.html?hl=en adblock: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom puppy: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26300000/Dog-Gif-dogs-26334592-480-360.gif
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Fruit Roll-Ups "Chimps On A Bus" - 1986 Commercial
We love the fruit roll-ups! From Fruit Corners. Commercial from 1986.
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FSX HD Delta Airlines Commercial
Read below Add me on Google Plus: http://gplus.to/GprimeJ This shows my love for Delta Airlines, I have seen Delta's black and white commercials on the TV but I wanted to go a step further and make this video. Oh and help me hit 200 subscribers please. UPS Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gl9CjDgwqU Subscribe for more and thanks for watching. REX 2.0 PMDG 737NGX Adobe After Effects CS5 Magix Video Pro X3.0 FRAPS FSrecorder ================= Windows 7 64 bit i7-960 @3.56Ghz Noctua NH-D14 ASUS Sabertooth X58 Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 GeForce GTX 560Ti DS OC CORSAIR TX750W Thermaltake Chaser MK 1 Tags: FSX Delta PMDG 747 737 atlanta KATL black and white adobe after effects commercial
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