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How UPS Deliveries Actually Work
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UPS Diesel HEV Delivery Truck
UPS earlier today announced that its fleet of alternative fuel delivery vehicles has now driven more than 200 million miles since 2000. The alternative fuel fleet (AFV) now numbers more than 1,900 and another 62 vehicles have just been ordered. Doing the math, including the earth's circumference at the equator, the total mileage accumulated by UPS's "green fleet" is the equivalent to circling the Earth more than 8,000 times. In addition, while it took 11 years to do it the first time, it should only take another 6-years to do it again.
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UPS drivers tackle holiday week
CNNMoney spends the day with UPS as they deliver hundreds of thousands of packages in the final days of the holiday season.
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Ace Ventura Smashes Package
Funny clip from the begging of the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective".
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iPhone4s delivery UPS
Dedicated to Steve Jobs Video 1 of 3...
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What It Means When @UPS Transfers Your Package To Local Post Office For Delivery
I hate seeing "As requested by the sender, this shipment has been transferred to the local post office for delivery to the final destination." This basically means my package will be late. Often very late. Even more frustrating is when UPS was coming to my Office anyway to deliver something else. There is however nothing you can do about it.
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UPS bicycles in the central valley. What can't brown do?
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UPS Delivery Goes Wrong
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Brian Regan - Humorous Take On UPS
Overcharges on your shipping is never funny. There are mistakes and or late delivered packages on each and every UPS/Federal Express invoice, 52 weeks per year. There is a significant amount of money to be saved by auditing these carrier bills; unfortunately most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit these invoices internally. What shippers typically do is "spot check" their invoices. We at LJM Consultants have the software, personnel and industry knowledge to thoroughly audit these invoices and get that money back for your company every week. We provide the most comprehensive line item audit in the industry. Typical auditing savings are 2%-6% weekly; typical savings from contract negotiations are between 10%-25%.
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UPS delivery driver flips the bird and throws the package
ups driver flips the bird and throws the package
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UPS - Delivery
Directed by Peter Sullivan Written by and Starring Courtney Arnett & Brendan Kelly Special Thanks Joe Cyganowski & Mick Kelly
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Fastest UPS Delivery Truck Moves really slow
Fastest UPS Delivery Truck Moves really slow
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UPS Special Delivery
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UPS (SUCKS)  throwing FRAGILE packages off truck at Greenway Tower denied claim
Ups handle with care, one week after they denied my claim for a broken package at my office I see my delivery driver and his partner doing this... lol one package was marked fragile glass, they don't give a $h!t...not the little short guy in the truck with the size 16 shoes is throwing packages out the back to the fat dude....watch the back of the truck at .42 to .50
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UPS delivery truck drifting
My UPS driver showing off his drifting skills today :)
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OzLINK for UPS - How to Track with Proof of Delivery (POD) - Demo
For more information, please visit http://upsready.ozdevelopment.com/. This video will teach you how to quickly and easily see proof of delivery (POD) with OzLINK for UPS.
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Special delivery dog! Rina carries packages for USPS, UPS & Fed Ex
Rina, an 8 year old lab/golden mix helps the UPS, Fed Ex, and mailman by carrying packages up the long driveway to her home. They drop the package over the fence, and Rina carries it to the house.
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UPS Throws My New Hard Disk Drive
Watch how UPS delivered my new hard drive a few days before Christmas. Thankfully it appears to be undamaged, hopefully it won't suddenly fail on me. I understand that during Christmas there are many packages to deliver, but throwing a package about twenty feet from my lawn into my front door is not cool. Note: the entire flight of the box is not in view of the camera. If you would like to see my measurements of the 20' distance the box traveled: http://goo.gl/zY6rH Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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UPS Delivery - Is this standard practice?
This is UPS delivery to my house. What a way to unload the box from the dolly. I can't refuse delivery because he did not even ring the door bell.
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jim carrey-ace ventura-good delivery boy funny video ever
from film ace ventura pet detective
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UPS app to aid parcel to Germany delivery
UPS Mobile app for the iPhone making parcel delivery to Germany, France, Italy and Canada easier.
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UPS delivery ..... Really?!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Send a Parcel via Courier with Transglobal Express - Parcel Delivery with UPS, DHL, TNT & more
Compare discounted rates for UPS, DHL, TNT & FedEx. Send a parcel via worldwide courier. http://www.transglobalexpress.co.uk
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International Express Delivery Service - Cooler than UPS, FEDEX & DHL rolled into one.
http://sendandfly.com can make an international same day delivery as an express delivery service we facilitate deliveries airport to airport with our international courier traveler database contact us today to experience our version of a same day courier or same day messenger service like UPS, Fedex or DHL.
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UPS  We Love Logistics Commercial
The catchy UPS commercial "We Love Logistics" ups the television and web presence for the global shipping company.
Views: 77635 Brian Regan
Package Delivery - UPS & Getting Mail
I got something in the mail! And UPS sucks! Twitter: http://twitter.com/TL_Tyson Like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ThatGirlTyson Like the vlog? Like the blog! http://thatgirltyson.blogspot.com
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Special Delivery (SupereeEGO and Gradual Report)
The U.S. Postal Service's new recruitment video. When a mailman, UPS guy and FedEx delivery man all wind up at the same place at the same time, an epic gun battle rages. Who will win and what secret weapon has one of the delivery men left behind? Click to subscribe and see our 25 other videos!: http://bit.ly/ujxig7 Directed by Travis Kurtz Produced by Matin Atrushi and Travis Kurtz Written by Matin Atrushi Camera by Jordan Brade & Travis Kurtz Edited by Roser Segura Flor VFX by Sean Mullen http://www.youtube.com/user/RampantMedia/featured Sound Design by Benjamin Brown http://www.oddioworks.com Starring Eric Ochoa and Danny Grozdich Music courtesy of http://www.Shockwave-Sound.com -- Great quality royalty-free music -- "Shine A Light" composed by Dan Gautreau "Laser Cuts" composed by Pierre Gerwig Langer See more of Danny at the GradualReport: http://www.youtube.com/user/gradualreport See more of SupereeeGO Eric Ochoa: http://www.youtube.com/user/supereeego
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Ups delivery
Scared the crap out of me
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IPhone 4s delivery gone wrong
I printed and signed the UPS form while taping it to my front door so that my iPhone 4s would be dropped off at my house. I received email confirmation that no one was home and UPS would try to redeliver on Monday. The following video is the attempt to locate and retrieve my long awaited iPhone 4s. This video was shot in real time. None of the events were staged. ENJOY!!!
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A UPS Delivery for a Funky Girl
Go Wild Tonight ;)
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Gracielas Ups delivery
esperando por el F@#$#$$ UPS!!
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UPS Delivery with Music.wmv
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UPS Delivery
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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UPS Delivery with Music
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(UPS Delivery) UPS Guy giving the finger
(UPS Delivery) UPS Guy Giving The Finger
Views: 275 Gregg Spurlock
Edmonton UPS Delivery Thief
This guy steals a box that UPS delivered to my front door on December 28, 2011, in Edmonton, Alberta. He followed the van in, drove around the block while UPS delivered it, then 11 minutes later he backs in the driveway and steals it. Hopefully someone will see this video, recognize him, and call the Edmonton Police or crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous. The police file number is 11-166807.
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Burning UPS delivery truck
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Opera Stars & UPS Delivery - Felix & Sam
felix & Samantha invade Resed
Koko Greets the UPS Delivery
Koko doesn't like brown boxes!
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Engine compartment & ups delivery :) touchpad
The pic in the beginning is from TheBassheadz who is in spain :) i Got a day off and took advantage of the weather to sand down & paint the engine compartment ohhhh and upgrade the power wire set up... then UPS came around w my new touchpad :) all in all I managed to get a super sunburn and a bunch of progress :D
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UPS Delivery Goes Wrong Or Not?
UPS Delivery Goes Wrong Or Not?
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UPS Driver gets jiggy with Christmas tip.
UPS Driver does a little appreciation dance.
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UPS sent me an email regarding a package I am expecting. Yesterday the email read "adverse weather conditions". Today the email read "emergency conditions". be prepared now before it is too late.
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Mad TV - Jack (The UBS Guy)
Jack asks Alex Borstein out on a date
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UPS Driver Gives Finger Holiday Delivery Official Viral Video
Report Bad Drivers http://www.jewelryslide.com We wholesale jewelry UPS Driver Gives Finger Holiday Delivery Official Viral Video
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Lousy FedEx Delivery Guys - Conan on TBS
Watch Conan @ http://teamcoco.com/video. Conan O'Brien reveals more footage of lousy, lazy FedEx guys delivering packages.
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UPS Special Delivery
Bad week for deliveries.
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