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Fedex and UPS Documentary
Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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UPS - Logistics song
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Use Logistics to Go Global
This UPS Game Changers campaign video focuses on a game-changing idea for business: Going global. The best companies understand there are no borders to business. Historically, the most important part of business was your location. Today it's not about where your product is made. It's made in the world. Logistics enables any size business to source locally, but to be successful, you have to sell globally. Especially for small businesses, the biggest opportunity for growth is outside the U.S. Logistics breaks down the barriers to international trade, so you don't have to be fluent in a country's language, currency or tariffs. UPS is the Official Logistics Supplier for the NCAA®.
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#UPS Commercial Funny We ♥ Logistics
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#UPS "We love ♥ logistics" special #London2012
#UPS "We love #♥ logistics" special #London2012
UPS Logistics Jingle
This was a personal project. I wanted to write a jingle for a commercial. The audio track is my property, but the video footage belongs to UPS.
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VITRONIC - VIPAC - Camera-based data capture for Parcel Logistics and Warehouse & Distribution
VITRONIC technology for shorter delivery times, transparent processes and top read rates These days, customers expect increasingly shorter delivery times and transparent, secure transport procedures. VITRONIC paves the way for powerful automation. The latest technologies help optimize processes in distribution centers worldwide, significantly reduce costs, and thus help to substantially improve performance. Modular systems ensure that parcels, letters and other items can be identified automatically and then efficiently sorted. Reading of codes and text, volume measurement and automatic weighing for courier, express and parcel companies (CEP) As well as identifying codes and text, the volume and weight of each parcel is automatically recorded, so that postage is checked immediately, invoices are generated automatically (revenue recovery), read rates are considerably increased, and delivery times and costs are substantially reduced. To do this, VITRONIC uses camera-based solutions -- comprising both standard and custom systems. The use of camera-based machine vision systems makes no-reads a thing of the past. This is why global players such as DHL, UPS, USPS and FedEx have opted for VITRONIC systems. Even faster processes? VITRONIC's cutting-edge auto ID systems ensure that goods flow smoothly and efficiently -- from receipt through picking to the sorting and shipping of your products. By using the latest machine vision systems, deliveries are automatically recorded, placed in stock reliably and quickly, and products are picked efficiently. We provide our customers with a range of powerful, seamlessly integratable solutions from a single source -- including both hardware and software. Storage Logistics & Distribution Logistics: VITRONIC Paketl 13b57043ea VITRONIC's systems measure the volume of boxes, weigh products in motion, inspect deliveries for defects and deformities, and read all standard codes and text -- completely automatically. Even if codes are very small, damaged, or poorly printed, or if several codes are used simultaneously (for example, barcodes, 2D codes, data matrix codes, etc.), the data is captured accurately and automatically sent to the customer's ERP system. This is made possible by a camera-based auto ID system with specially developed software. Unlike conventional laser scanners, high-performance cameras generate complete images for archiving. Please contact us for VITRONIC's camera-based data capture for Parcel Logistics and Warehouse & Distribution: http://www.vitronic.de/en/industry-logistics/sectors/parcel-logistics.html
#UPS: We ♥ Logistics - "Tick Tock"
Twitter : UPS: We ♥ Logistics - "Tick Tock"
UPS Drivers gone Bad
For more Logistics and Supply Chain Videos visit http://www.globallogisticsmedia.com The power of Social Media plays an important role in shaping a company's reputation; it is also fair to say that a company, who spends millions of dollars on above the line advertising, has little control of what is said about their company on Social Media Platforms. Read more here http://www.globallogisticsmedia.com/video/view/e9nQI43m
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UPS My Choice - A toast to home delivery
Online shopping is easy, So is Delivery with UPS My Choice. Sign up for UPS My Choice today http://bit.ly/L2tYiW Ordering what you want is easy, and now, so is having a delivery time that fits your schedule. Delivery made easy with UPS My Choice!
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Logistics Model (UPS White Board Parody)
Credit to UPS for the original idea, The Postal Service and Nadia Ackerman for the music. Review of the Logistic Model from Calculus 2 (Calculus BC).
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Race Logistics
David Hoots has been NASCAR's Race Director for over 20 years, and he also has over 25 years of experience working as a UPS service provider, retiring from UPS in 1999. Applying skills he honed delivering packages such as seeking efficiencies in everyday processes, time management and careful project planning, David is responsible for putting on each and every Sprint Cup Race in the NASCAR season. This includes not just the prerace set-up and post-race break-down, but also oversight of race control. From his vantage point in the booth, David has many responsibilities, including calling for caution flags and directing safety crews. Only through his mastery of logistics can David Hoots successfully manage so many moving pieces at the same time.
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United Parcel Service
We take a trip through the United Parcel Service (UPS) and find out the true meaning of corporate responsibility. This company is over a hundred years old and is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, helping the environment and their bottom line.
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UPS Sustainable Logistics at the London Olympics
Please visit UPS at http://thenewlogistics.ups.com/sustainable-business/
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New remix song  #UPS Nous aimons la #♥ logistique - We love ♥ Logistics
Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/ExpressPostNews original version : http://youtu.be/1L8pXxALCjk
UPS Logistics parody
I should be paid for making this!
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UPS Thats Logistics
What can brown do for you? Damage all your shit! He just got all those packages from the apple store
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Logistics of the Hail Mary - UPS
For more logistics and supply chain videos visit http://www.globallogisticsmedia.com/ The UPS® Logistics of NCAA® Football - Flutie Hail Mary Analysis On November 23, 1984, Boston College entered the Miami Orange Bowl to face the defending National Champion Miami Hurricanes. It was windy. With gusts up to 30mph, the two teams faced off in a competitive battle. But it was logistics that decided the game. With seconds left, Boston College Quarterback Doug Flutie dropped back to make the game winning pass. He bought time as his linemen made their blocks. As he scrambled, the receiver jotted down the field with practiced precision. And as the gameclock expired, Flutie heaved the fated pass through the air and into the hands of a Boston College wide receiver for the win. It took everyone doing the right thing. At the right time. That's logistics.
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UPS in Roune France
We went to Rouen, France today and I ran into a couple of co-workers there...
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Logistics Emergency Teams Recognized at 2012 World Economic Forum
LETs leverages and matches the capacity and resources of the logistics industry and the expertise and experience of the humanitarian community, for the purpose of more effective and efficient relief for the survivors of disasters. UPS, Agility, Maersk, and TNT comprise the private sector member companies of the LET which seek to provide a helping hands for humanitarian organizations during large-scale emergencies"
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Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush
ABC's John Donvan heads into the shipping company's largest hub during the busy season.
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UPS Logistics
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UPS carbon neutral shipping
UPS's carbon neutral option empowers you to take action to offset the climate impact of the carbon emissions that result from your shipping. By working with globally recognized certification and validation groups, we extend our ongoing efforts to reduce fuel use, conserve energy, recycle, and operate responsibly. To learn more, go to http://www.ups.com/carbonneutral
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Customer Solutions Group At UPS Overview
Explore exciting http://bit.ly/InxHoE Customer Solutions Group UPS opportunities! Our Customer Solutions Division plays a very important role in supporting UPS Sales efforts. Our three main groups within Customer Solutions are: the Customer Facing team; Solutions Design & Implementation team; and the Program Management team. Working closely with UPS Sales Account Executives our Customer Solutions subject matter experts (SMEs) customize, configure, implement and manage innovative, global and nimble customer solutions for UPS clients' transportation, inventory management, asset right-size management and supply chain processes that make those companies more productive and profitable by improving their overall ROI on shareholder equity. Together, we can make the world work better for everyone.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Falcons at Saints
AtlantaFalcons.com's Rayven Tirado gets the latest information on all three phases of the game from head coach Mike Smith as he prepares to take the Falcons to New Orleans for an NFC South rivalry game
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UPS London loves logistics - con subtítulos
Video original de UPS. Solo agregué los subtítulos para una presentación de lo que es la logística.
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The UPS Foundation
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iRacing ups logistics
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The Logistics of a Game-Winning Brow
Spoof of 2012 UPS commercial, "The Logistics of a Game-Winning Shot." As a Kentucky fan, it was pretty lame to see this commercial played so often during our run to the throne. This is my response.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Falcons vs. Broncos
AtlantaFalcons.com's Rayven Tirado gets the inside look at how the Falcons are preparing for Denver in all three phases of the game from head coach Mike Smith in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game
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Logistics Emergency Teams
http://www.weforum.org/ The Logistics Emergency Teams is a partnership between leading logistics companies - Agility, A.P. Moller-Maersk, TNT and UPS - and the United Nations, providing surge capacity during interventions in disaster-stricken areas.
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#UPS "Nous aimons la #♥ logistique" (French version) advertising publicité commercial
Attention nouvelle version HD à voir ici/New HD version : http://youtu.be/1L8pXxALCjk à suivre sur Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/ExpressPostNews "Oubliez les frontières, dédouanez sans s'en faire, c'est la logistique Adiós, cheerio, au revoir, c'est parti, c'est la logistique Dans les airs ou sur terre on est mieux sur nos cieux, c'est la logistique Le monde entier, UPS à vos côtés, c'est la logistique" English version : http://youtu.be/mXSFo4DSleA When it's planes in the sky For a chain of supply "Thats amore" Dean Martin original music for advertising of #UPS commercial "We love ♥ logistics" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epe7LQ3yyz8 That's logistics When the pipes for the line Come precisely on time That's logistics A continuous link That is always in sync That's logistics Carbon footprint's reduced Bottom line gets a boost That's logistics With new ways to compete There will be cheers on Wall Street That's logistics When technology knows Right where everything goes That's logistics Bells will ring, ring-a-ding Ring-a-ding ring-a-ding That's logistics There will be no more stress Cause you called UPS That's logistics
Coyote Logistics 2012
We believe that our people make our business. We want the brilliant ones. The ones who rock our world every single day. WWW.COYOTE.COM
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Tour One of Our Dedicated Healthcare Distribution Facilities
Major healthcare companies worldwide rely on UPS for complicated healthcare logistics. Many of the world's most important healthcare companies work with UPS—and for good reason. We've invested heavily in technology, equipment, facilities, our people, and their training in key healthcare issues from customs to regulatory compliance.
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Logistics Takes the Court
UPS Moves the 2012 NCAA® Men's Final Four® Floor In March 2012, a 60' by 120' foot hardwood floor, built by Connor Sport Court in Michigan, took a 1,000+ mile journey to New Orleans, Louisiana. It was on its way to becoming one of the biggest stages in sports—the surface on which the 2012 NCAA® Men's Final Four® basketball games would be played. Getting the specially designed court to the Big Dance® with no room for error or delay was a major logistical undertaking—and a perfect job for UPS. As part of a carefully executed plan, UPS All-Star Team driver Phil Wolske smoothly transported this massive, nearly impossible-to-replace item across the country, even stopping along the way for seven events bringing the excitement of NCAA® March Madness® to fans. Making "One Shining Moment" happen? That's logistics. NCAA, Final Four, March Madness and Big Dance are licensed trademarks of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
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UPS Commercial
The winning UPS commercial advertising UPS's My Choice system.
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Colleges and Universities: Delivering Logistics Efficiency on Campus
Logistics Brings Efficiency Back to School As budgets tighten, colleges and universities find themselves learning a new lesson—innovation in cost-containment. UPS logistics helps streamline processes and improve efficiencies on campus. Efficiency creates opportunities — to save time, to cut costs, to be more sustainable, and to get more done.
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Remix #2 Dean Martin That's amore music of commercial #UPS We ♥ Logistics
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L8pXxALCjk http://youtu.be/aunhGtixnlg
UPS vs. Freight companies - BIG difference!
UPS vs. Freight companies - BIG difference! Most online retailers use freight forwarders for their FREE shipping, but do you know the downside? Watch this video to learn why free shipping isnt always an advantage. We are the only source in the world with pro level building and tuning, utilizing our QuietTune build process. We have the ONLY indoor cycling specific retail stores in the world! Beware of the giant used fitness equipment warehouses that sell everything and specialize in NOTHING. Call Jeff direct at 888-909-BIKE or visit us online at www.Studio-Cycles.com
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M.TransportCommunicator - Integrate parcel services and logistics companies into SAP systems.
Add-ons for SAP from Mercoline: http://www.mercoline.de/en M.TransportCommunicator provides support for all its users in the preparation of shipping orders for logistics companies and package delivery companies (UPS, Fedex, TNT, DHL, DPD, ...). This easy -to-use application enables you to maintain a comprehensive overview of shipments from your warehouse enroute to your customers. The software functions as an SAP standard structures-based add-on that is fully integrated into your SAP system. M.TransportCommunicator can collect the SAP system master data and transaction data that is required for a shipping order. The application then compiles the information into a message issued to the logistics provider and conducts the communication with them.
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UPS Chief Sustainability Officer Scott Wicker - Q&A
What does a Chief Sustainabilty Officer (CSO) do? Find out in this short discussion. Visit ups.com/sustainability for more information on UPS's commitment to sustainability.
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Pit Crew Revolution
Ray Evernham was an innovative pit-crew chief in the Sprint Cup Series from 1992-1999. He used video to study and improve the coordination and teamwork of pit stops. He sought out specialist instead of shop guys who weren't equipped to do the most efficient job needed at pit stops. Ray used superior logistics to help get his driver to Victory Lane.
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Michigan State Football - UPS Commercial Spinoff
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This was merely for fun and I am happy for the way it turned out. The Flutie Hail Mary was amazing, but so was the Cousins one, so I tried to see what it would be like if MSU was in the commercial instead. Follow me on Twitter - @bcoster3
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