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Special Delivery | UPS Guy Don't Give a F***
Online shoppers beware. A UPS worker gets a little careless while making deliveries. Would it have been that much more work to set the packages down nicely? Original link: http://bit.ly/IOF7Ut SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo REGISTER on our WEBSITE http://JukinVideo.com TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: http://bit.ly/1bhZZcI
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Watch UPS Tetris In 24-Hour Holiday Delivery Time-Lapse
There’s a UPS parking lot packed with truck trailers behind our Hell’s Kitchen office. On any given day–but during the holiday season in particular–the place is buzzing with activity, as its delivery fleet hitches up to and drops off the trailers. Due to space constraints, this plays out like an IRL game of Tetris, which we captured from a camera mounted on our roof in this 24-hour timelapse. Watch the entire puzzle-like dance play out in about three minutes above. Good luck making it through to the end. Read the Article: http://a.nim.al/1bf2QDk Subscribe to Animal New York: http://bit.ly/subscribetoanimal Follow us: http://twitter.com/ANIMALNewYork Like us on Facebook: http://fb.me/animalnewyork
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UPS - Package Delivery Driver
Package Delivery Driver
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UPS, FedEx Work Around-the-Clock to Fix Christmas Delivery Delays
Shipping giants say higher-than-expected online shopping, bad weather caused delay.
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UPS delivery man throwing boxes.... again
I came to watch my package get delivered by UPS and this is what I recorded. Will be using FedEx in the future.
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UPS Delivery...Stolen in Boyertown
UPDATED BELOW!!! This security camera footage from 02/18/2013 shows the UPS driver being followed around his delivery route and directly shows this package being stolen from the front porch. This happened in Boyertown, PA. Skip to 14:34:35 on the time stamp to see him in the act of stealing the package. UPDATE 2/21/2013 In response to the questions we have received, yes this was reported to the police and this as well as other information was provided to them at that time. Still no word on anything. It was also reported to UPS and they made a note of it in their system. I agree that he is the best UPS delivery man always smiling and clearly doing his job correctly and meeting his obligations as far as delivering the package. The main point of this video is to remind you to just be on the lookout in your neighborhood and to be aware of what is going on around you, there were people home in every house when this happened... Also remember your packages aren't as safe as you think they are, while you are at work trying to EARN a living someone else could be taking what is yours. Also as an afterthought, make sure you check out the Limerick Township Police Facebook page, they are always updating with public safety information it would be great to have something like their page in Boyertown. To have a page like that to subscribe to to alert people to certain crimes in areas and possible descriptions of what to look for is amazing. They have information about road closures due to accidents, package thefts!, general public safety tips, and even robberies in the local neighborhoods.
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UPS, FedEx have package delivery problems
UPS, FedEx have package delivery problems
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UPS and Google also exploring drone delivery
The two companies, like Amazon, are reportedly testing and evaluating same-day delivery via drone. For more: http://lat.ms/1eTmUzg SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=losangelestimes LET'S CONNECT: Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+latimes Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/latimes Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LATimes L.A. Times ► http://www.latimes.com/
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UPS delivery driver sings  Santa Is Your UPS Man
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UPS DELIVERY?! - Castle Crashers: Part 12 - w/Kenny
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UPS Holiday delivery by golf cart in my neighborhood
UPS is using golf cars with trialers to deliver packages this December... and driving on the wrong side of the road. But maybe that's safer, since they're not licensed vehicles. Hmmm.
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UPS Delivery Man Has Quick Feet
Footage I captured of the UPS delivery guy sprinting to my door leaving the package and sprinting back to the truck
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UPS Packages Stolen Seconds After Delivery In Brooklyn
As the holiday season approaches, delivery drivers are increasingly being tailed by thieves, who swipe packages from doorsteps within seconds. As CBS 2′s Dave Carlin reported, a surveillance video from a home in Mapleton, Brooklyn, last Thursday, shows a UPS worker leaving a package on the porch, and less than a minute later, a woman jumps out of her white minivan and steals the package. Homeowner Norman Brodt (Nechemia Brodt) said he is stunned by the brazen 5 p.m. crime. "Hopefully, the right surveillance is going to get them," he said. Inside the box were women's shoes, size 7 1/2, valued at $105. "My wife wanted to use (the shoes) for a party for a wedding," he said. Brodt said he is also upset the UPS driver never rang the doorbell because he was home, he said, and there was no notice on the door saying to leave the package outside. UPS has policies to prevent theft, and drivers told Carlin that during the holidays the rules are even more strict. "This time of the year, we are not allowed to leave any packages at all," said UPS driver Uri Eshel. Eshel said every driver is required to knock on doors, and he recommended that customers demand packages be released only with their signatures. Eshel said leaving packages on porches invites criminal behavior. UPS has promised to reimbuse Brodt for the stolen package, he said.
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Chronic Closeup UPS 420 Delivery Santa Fe Springs
http://WeedMaps.com - News Mar 27, 2013 - Visit our WeedMaps listings for current hours and menu. UPS 420 Delivery Santa Fe Springs, CA 90011 *Deliveries Only* http://legalmarijuanadispensary.com/dispensaries/california/santa-fe-springs/ups-420-delivery Gil takes aim at a beautiful group of flowers from a Southeast Los Angeles delivery service.
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UPS Delivery Issues Slows Christmas Spirit in Chattanooga
It was a shipping fiasco that kept thousands of presents from getting under the tree for Christmas.Both U-P-S and Fed Ex are taking the heat for not making good on their promises to deliver by Christmas Day. Some shoppers are still seeing red, but many seem to be adjusting to the situation today. We went out to find out what caused the backup, and hear from one customer, whose son waited until the last minute to ship his gifts.Philip Cooper's son in Cincinnati shipped Christmas packages by U-P-S back home to Chattanooga Monday. He wanted t make sure it got here in time for his sister and the rest of the family, Cooper says.He paid for overnight shipping, which should have gotten them to Chattanooga by Christmas Eve.That did not happen. Somehow, his father knew whatever could go wrong, might. He's a 20-something, and I'm old-school, Cooper says. I knew.. 'get our packages in the mail early.Famous last words.. what could go wrong.. did. We had a few capacity issues in Louisville, going into Christmas Eve, says Jimmy Winton, Package Distribution Manager in Chattanooga. As a result, As a result, packages going out via U-P-S air service were slowed quite a bit.. along with them, Philip's son's packages bound for Chattanooga.Louisville just happened to be the place where packages were backed up, I told Mr. Coop
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UPS Delivery - Halo 4 Montage 2
My buddy UPS Delivery asked me to edit his second Halo 4 montage a couple days ago and this is the final product. Overall, it took me about 4 or 5 hours to fully edit. As usual, no fancy editing. I feel like keeping it simple when editing really compliments the clips and lets the gameplay speak for itself. Anyway guys, enjoy!
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Inside one of UPS' busiest days
The UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky., is the center of the company's international shipping operations. It's the size of 90 football fields, sorts 350,000 packages an hour and contributes 20,000 jobs to the local economy. We took a peek inside their busiest shift: 11p.m. to 3a.m. a week before Christmas.
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ups late delivery
ups late delivery
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UPS uses Bikes For Delivery
United Parcel Service uses Bikes For Delivery by TonyD
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Media Fail!!! UPS, FedEx delayed Christmas delivery. Sorry UPS!
To hell with social media and the major media as a whole
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GTA V Online - ups Delivery Easter Egg/Reference!
Thanks For Watching Hope You Enjoy See You Next Time! Hope you enjoy this video on the ups delivery Easter egg/Reference this is just a simple thing gta put in the game and it's easy to spot it kinda looks similar to ups delivery so me and my friend decided to class this as some reference or easter egg more easter eggs coming up in the future! Like always make sure to drop a comment like and also make sure to subscribe!! Subscribe To Me : http://www.youtube.com/user/McDonaldConverted Follow Me : twitter.com/JFMmcd
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Special UPS Delivery Harlem Shake - Chess Board Edition
Madness breaks out on a giant chess board in Venice, California in this Harlem Shake dance video. This is the "Where's Waldo" of randomness. Look closely for the coolest baby in the world and a confused UPS delivery man as he tries to deliver a package to dancers. Also see a lot of hooping, planking, glow sticks,crazy girls, Cousin it and Captain Casanova. Shot by and featuring famed fashion photographer Bode Helms...Look closely, he is no lady!
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UPS Delivery van
UPS Delivery Van in Istanbul Turkey.
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Surprise UPS Delivery Featuring NASCAR's Kasey Kahne and Dale Jarrett
IMW helped Amazon.com, UPS and NASCAR drivers Dale Jarrett and Kasey Kahne make one unsuspecting customer's dream come true!
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UPS Delivery!!
I finally got some nice cymbals! Upgrading my kit peice by peice, this delivery I got my Zildjian K cymbal pack w/ 20" K ride, 16" & 18" K dark thin crash's, and 14" hi-hats. I also got 4 Sound Percussion double braced cymbal stands to hold all my new cymbals up. I'm not a great drummer yet, I know this, so please refrain from negative comments about my ability, I posted this to show my new cymbals not to display my skill level. Maybe another year I will be uploading videos to show my skill level. Peace, ~SB
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First FBA Delivery to the UPS store and eBay Shipment
FBA shipments, just taking a ride done to the UPS to drop off some boxes with my baby.
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UPS delivery dilemma
Packages don't arrive on time
UPS adds 100 electric delivery trucks in California, 18 in Bakersfield
UPS is adding more electric vehicles to its fleet in California. The trucks have begun appearing in several cities throughout the state.
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UPS delivery
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Early Warning of a UPS Delivery by Maggie Dog
Maggie is sleeping on the pad on the floor under her blanket. Watch when she hears the UPS truck engine start after a stop at the neighbors house. She does this every time she hears a UPS or FedEX truck driving down the street too.
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Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck
What a fail Was it UPS's fault or bikers? Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck Off Road Biker Rear-ends U.P.S Delivery Truck
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Sophie seems to hate the delivery man, but she actually loves him because he delivers toys in those boxes.
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UPS Delivery Man
On the streets of New York City...as seen from The Ride.
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UPS, FedEx delivery delays ruin Christmas for Mainers
Some Mainers got I.O.U.s instead of a gift under the Christmas tree because of delivery delays.
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Shipping Service Role Play; Bubble Wrapping Ryan Gosling's Jacket - ASMR - Role Play
Hello my fellow tingle-heads! :D This role-play is based on a real life ASMR experience that took place at a shipping store. The trainee who assisted me at this place evoked the most intense tingles whilst packaging the very same jacket in this video, so I thought I'd recreate the experience for you. Enjoy! For those who are interested in donating to my channel, here is a link to my Patreon campaign: http://goo.gl/MFBVVc For anyone interested, here is a link to my Virtual Reality related channel: http://goo.gl/36fZ1f You can also follow PixelWhipt on Twitter here: http://goo.gl/z3jkl8 Common triggers included: softly spoken, mindful movements, bubble wrapping, packaging Enjoy, like, subscribe, and leave your requests in the comments below!
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GTA 5 Online - UPS First Day Delivery
GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - UPS First Day Delivery Service! *SMACK THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU ARE A FR3KE* :D ►Follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/IMFR3KE ►GET PARTNERED! CLICK LINK : http://awe.sm/q0kpQ ►Become a Freak! : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=imfr3ke ►Instagram : http://instagram.com/imFr3ke GTA 5 Online Beach Bum Pack GTA 5 Online Beach Bum DLC GTA 5 Online Free DLC Beach Bum Pack GTA 5 Beach Bum Pack GTA 5 Online Beach Bum GTA 5 Online Beach Bum New Vehicles GTA 5 Online Beach Bum Pack New Clothing/Weapons GTA 5 Online New DLC weapons GTA 5 Online New Clothing GTA 5 Online DLC Weapons GTA 5 Online DLC Vehicles GTA 5 Online DLC Hairstyles GTA 5 Golf cart race GTA 5 Golf Course Race GTA 5 Golf Cart Race easy money GTA 5 Golf Cart GTA 5 Faster Money Than Survival Gta 5 Online Give Money GTA 5 ONLINE Give Cut From Job GTA 5 Online Give Money TO Friends GTA V Online Give Money GTA 5 Online Cops GTA 5 Online Cops Chase GTA 5 Five Stars Chase GTA 5 Online Solo Sessions GTA 5 ONLINE Private Lobbies,GTA 5 Closed Crew Sessions GTA 5 Closed Friend Sessions GTA 5 ONLINE ATM EASIER GTA 5 online internet atm GTA 5 ATM App GTA 5 ONLINE CAR WASH GTA 5 ONLINE FUNNY MOMENTS GTA 5 ONLINE MP GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS GTA 5 ONLINE SURVIVAL GTA 5 SURVIVAL GTA 5 WAVE BASED MODE GTA 5 SURVIVAL ONLINE GAME GTA 5 SURVIVAL EASY MONEY GTA 5 EASY MONEY GTA 5 ONLINE QUICK LEVELING GTA 5 ONLINE Fast Leveling GTA 5 Leveling GTA 5 CHEAT COMBO GTA 5 SUPER VILLAIN GTA 5 INVINCIBILITY CHEAT GTA 5 SUPER JUMP CHEAT CODE GTA 5 MICROTRANSACTIONS GTA 5 ATM CARDS, GTA 5 ONLINE MICROTRANSACTIONS GTA V ONINE GTA V MICROTRANSACTIONS ONLINE GTA 5 MP GUNS HOUSES CHARACTERS ECT GTA 5 Where to get firetruck FIRETRUCK in GTA 5 GTA 5 firetruck How to get a firetruck in gta 5 GTA MINI GAMES GTA 5 RACING GTA 5 YOGA, GOLF AND TENNIS GTA V CHEATS , GTA 5 CHEAT CODES GTA 5 XBOX CHEATS GTA 5 XBOX CHEAT CODES GTA V PS3 CHEATS GTA V PS3 CHEAT CODES GTA 5 CHEAT CODE LISTS GTA 5 Cheats gta 5 all cheat codes GTA 5 cheat codes xbox 360 GTA 5 cheat codes Ps3 Gta 5 EARLY Gta 5 8GB install GTA V 8GB Installation GTA 5 Early release GTA 5 CHEAT CODES LIST GTA 5 MULTIPLAYER GTA 5 Sports Gta V Weather Changes GTA 5 Letsplay GTA 5 GOLFINGGTA v letsplay GTA 5 CARS GTA TENNIS GTA V Storyline GTA 5 Drugs GTA 5 Cheats GTA 5 ALL CHEATS Gta v vehicles GTA 5 Characters Gta 5 yay or nay GTA 5 YOGA GTA 5 Trippy moments GTA 5 CHEAT CODES ALL LIST GTA V Early, GTA V 8GB INSTALLMENT REQUIRED Gta 5 early GTA V EARLY GAMEPLAY Gta 5 TRAILER GTA 5 MP TRAILER GTA 5 GAMEPLAY MP GTA 5 EARLY PLAY Road To GTA 5 GTA V 8GB INSTALLMENT GTA5 EARLY AT WALMART GTA 5 Story Mode GTA V LETS PLAY GTA 5 At walmart EARLY GTA 5 8GB INSTALLMENT GTA 5 FIRETRUCK GTA V FIRETRUCK LOCATIONS GTA 5 GAMEPLAY TRAILER New Grand Theft Auto V official trailer 2 HD GTA 5 GAMEPLAY Grand Theft Auto V GAMEPLAY GTA 5 GAMEPLAY TRAILER New Grand Theft Auto V official trailer 2 HD GTA 5 GAMEPLAY Grand Theft Auto V GAMEPLAY GTA 5
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UPS Delivery Man Owned!!!
Sorry Tony.
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UPS delivery !!!
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UPS Shipping Requirements
The purpose of this video is to request that UPS help us meet their requirements for proper packaging. To often our packages come back damaged due to not meeting their standards. We lose our shipping costs and the products spoil. We are hoping they will review this and let us know where we are deficient.
Views: 1812 Michael Haley
UPS tries to delivery backlog of packages
UPS is trying to deliver a backlog of Christmas packages delayed by issues nationwide.
UPS delivery goes wrong after driver leaves Christmas package
A mother in Barnhart, Missouri was left devastated after learning her daughter’s Christmas present was thrown in the trash by a UPS driver.delivered in her black trash can, in an effort to conceal it from public view, but the rubbish had been hauled away.
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Papa Barking In Response to UPS Delivery
Papa, our PBGV, only barks when someone knocks on the door. Watch him bark at the UPS delivery man. This video was shot with a Macally IceCam2 I have mounted to Papa's gate. I use Witness App from Orbicule on my Mac to monitor my house for break ins, and to monitor Papa.
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UPS Delivery 4
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