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Analytics and Logistics Optimization at UPS
UPS uses advanced analytics to reduce miles and improve service, with the potential to save millions of dollars every year. To learn more about analytics, visit http://www.sas.com/
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UPS and MGM Resorts: Logistics Delivers for the Hospitality Industry
When you look at the supply chain of a hotel, it's complex. Leading hotels and resorts like MGM Resorts International are using logistics to reduce transportation costs, improve the customer experience, and provide a competitive advantage. Visit ups.com/hospitality to learn how UPS delivers transportation and logistics efficiencies to the hospitality industry. http://www.ups.com/hospitality
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UPS in China: More Logistics Means More Opportunity
With UPS Contract Logistics, we can deliver the same distribution and post sales expertise in China as we have in the U.S. We have the network, import and export expertise, and the integrated services to support companies looking to reach deeper into China's emerging markets and growing middle class. That includes more than one million square feet of warehouse space. UPS is using that network in China, from eastern China to the emerging inland market. Learn more at www.ups.com/chinalogistics.
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UPS Logistics Action Teams
UPS Logistics Action Teams work in partnership with the American Red Cross to provide logistics support that speeds vital relief supplies to communities devastated by natural disasters. The UPS Logistics Action Team Program enables UPS skilled volunteers to support the American Red Cross at the local chapter level. For more info on UPS's commitment to Corporate Responsibility: http://www.responsibility.ups.com/
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UPS Trade Show Services: Logistics Gets Your Show on the Road
Count on UPS Trade Show Services for the reliability, flexibility and visibility to get your show on the road. UPS has the trade show logistics expertise you want — shipping to the advance warehouse or directly to the show site via freight and package shipping. Visit ups.com/tradeshow to learn how logistics delivers for trade show exhibitors. http://www.ups.com/tradeshow
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UPS: We love logistics, We ♥ Logistics. UPS: Kochamy Logistykę. Reklama Polish Version
Reklama UPS. http://www.ups.com/content/pl/pl/index.jsx
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Weeks 12
Head Coach Mike Smith discusses the three keys to the Atlanta Falcons pulling off a victory against the division rival New Orleans Saints in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game.
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Rekluse Takes Motorcycle Clutches Globally with UPS Logistics
Watch and see how Rekluse Motor Sports successfully specializes in making automatic clutches for high performance off-road motorcycles, shipping their product globally with the help of UPS international shipping logistics. Learn more at http://thenewlogistics.ups.com/
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UPS: Logistics. UPS: Logistyka. Reklama English Version.
Reklama UPS. Logistyka.
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UPS to Acquire Hungarian Healthcare Logistics Company CEMELOG
UPS to Acquire European Healthcare Logistics Company with Bill Hook, Vice President of UPS Global Healthcare Strategy. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130425005207/en/UPS-Acquire-Hungarian-Healthcare-Logistics-Company-CEMELOG
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 17
Head coach Mike Smith details his three biggest keys to ensure a Falcons victory in the season finale over the Panthers on Sunday.
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Brazil Logistics Sector | Overview of UPS Brazil
Nadir Moreno, President of UPS Brazil, talks about the company's history, its structural expansion over the last years, and points out trends in the global logistics sector.
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Welcome to Inter-lan Cargo Logistics A UPS auto transport company
webpage: http://inter-lcl.com INTER-LAN CARGO LOGISTICS A UPS AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY is an American freight logistics company based in Dallas TX. Our staff brings over 23 years of experience in the Freight & Import / Export industry. As a freight shipping broker we provide logistical solutions designed to meet today's diverse and demanding transportation needs in specialized trucking, break bulk ocean cargo and international air cargo as well as auto transport. We pride ourselves on each partnership we have established between the clients we serve. We observe and listen, understanding your freight and cargo transport needs before recommending a logistics solution that will ultimately fulfill the client's objective. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our client's company, producing results that directly and positively impact on our client's business objectives. ILCL is also committed to providing professional working environment that encourages teamwork and enthusiasm. Our philosophy is based on quality service at a fair price.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 13
Head coach Mike Smith details his three keys to a Falcons victory in their international game against the Bills on Sunday in this week's edition of UPS Logistics of the Game.
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Logistics of Delivering the 2013 Men's Final Four
Learn how UPS coordinated the delivery of the 2013 Men's Final Four with the NCAA and several of their key event vendors. Mark Lewis, the Executive Vice President of the NCAA Championship appreciates UPS logistics: saying, "UPS is a great partner in the truest sense of the word. They try to understand our needs and provide a customer based solution." http://thenewlogistics.ups.com/sponsorships/college-sports/
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 16
Head coach Mike Smith identifies his keys to a Falcons victory against the 49ers when they visit Candlestick Park for Monday Night Football.
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Kigurumi Rail Logistics
More Logistics From UPS, USPS, FedEx for the holiday shoppers with a pare of SD40-2
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How Amazon Receives Your Inventory
Take a tour of an Amazon fulfillment center and see how our Associates receive your inventory from your inbound shipments. You will also learn what happens when your shipments are missing vital prep, labels or packaging or are otherwise not e-Commerce ready.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 14
Head coach Mike Smith highlights what the Falcons have to focus on in Week 14 to get a victory over the Green Bay Packers in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game.
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Scanner Training
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UPS: We love logistics, We ♥ Logistics. Reklama English Version
Reklama UPS. Wersja Angielska.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 15
Head Coach Mike Smith discusses the three keys to a victory against the Washington Redskins in this week's edition of UPS Logistics of the game.
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Hospitality Logistics: Make It Your Competitive Advantage
Every day. Every week. Every year. UPS provides everything you need to support your hospitality operations. Visit http://www.ups.com/hospitality to learn how logistics delivers for hotels and resorts.
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What is a Transportation and Logistics Agency?
I've got twenty-four years of experience in the industry. I started with a small U.S. customs broker called John V. Carr at the referral of a school chum of mine; he was a drummer in my band. I managed the band's affairs, and when his father was looking for somebody to take on as an apprentice with a good business acumen, my drummer friend recommended me, and that was my entry into the market, believe it or not. So, from John V. Carr, I went to Fritz Starber. Fritz Starber was acquired by UPS-SCS, and from UPS-SCS I was recruited to manage the regional sales team for Schenker of Canada in eastern Canada. About four years ago I decided to launch MyTLA, as in My Transportation Logistics Agency, which is an agency in transportation logistics, not unlike a real estate agency or a recruiting agency or a talent agency. Based on the customers' requirements, I'll scour the industry for the best service provider and support the rate negotiations and service solutions and implementation.
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MSU Logistics
Produced and Directed by DANIEL HANCOCK Executive Producer SUSAN FENNELL RACHEL FOSBURG - MARK SAUCEDA - ERIC SMARIEGE Director of Photography MO BEIDOUN Editor DANIEL HANCOCK usd.msu.edu MSU's University Services Division is here to serve YOU! From Central Shipping and Receiving, to Mail Services, to University Stores, to Open Orders we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the university! We offer the lowest pricing available on commonly used, high-volume items like Recycled Paper, Office Supplies, Health Care and Lab Supplies, and all your day-to-day campus needs! The Shop at State online catalog makes ordering easy so you can enjoy high quality products, free delivery, consolidated billing, and no-hassle returns! Tracking your order is as easy as the click of a mouse with Logistics U-track it system! You can track your Stores, UPS, FedEx, and Payroll items from inception to delivery! Our staff are dependable, efficient and committed to Customer Service! Consistent Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery make our delivery time unbeatable! We Service over 100 Buildings and over 12,000 Employees! In taking on more incoming deliveries, such as UPS ground, etc. we are creating fewer trucks and less traffic on campus, playing our part in keeping MSU GREEN! Our mission is to Support MSU's efforts in Education, Research, Outreach. Our goal is to advance Boldness by Design and the Campus Master Plan 2020 as we serve the faculty and staff of MSU and contribute to the community experience. From Order to Arrival University Services is here for YOU! usd.msu.edu
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 10
Head Coach Mike Smith stresses that the Falcons will need to stop playmakers Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson among other weapons on the Seattle Seahawks roster in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game.
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PAC-12 Championship Picks a Winning Game Plan - UPS Logistics
Technology and innovation our essential components to any successful business. See how UPS technology and innovative solutions provided the logistics game plan to assist the PAC-12 in successfully staging their 2012 Football Championship Game in Stanford, CA. Visit www.ups.com/college to learn how UPS delivers for colleges and universities.
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messevideofilm.de EVENTDOKUMENTATION PANALPINA transport logistic 2013 MUNICH
THE UNITED SOLUTIONS OF PANALPINA PANALPINA PRÄSENTIERT SICH AUF DER TRANSPORT LOGISTIC VOM 4. - 7. JUNI 2013 IN MÜNCHEN UNTER DEM MOTTO: THE UNITED SOLUTIONS OF PANALPINA. KURZ USP. DER WAHRE UPS, DIE MITARBEITER VON PANALPINA, STEHEN AUF DEM MESSESTAND IM MITTELPUNKT. COLLAGEN AUS ÜBER 15.000 MITARBEITERBILDERN ZEIGEN DIE MENSCHEN, DIE TÄGLICH IHR BESTES FÜR PANALPINA GEBEN. MESSEVIDEOFILM BEGLEITET DIE MITARBEITER EINE WOCHE DABEI. Panalpina-Gruppe Die Panalpina-Gruppe ist einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter von Transport- und Logistikdienstleistungen. Das Unternehmen konzentriert sich schwerpunktmäßig auf durchgehende Supply Chain Management Lösungen sowie interkontinentale Luft- und Seefrachttransporte. Dank fundiertem Industrie-Know-how und modernsten IT-Systemen kann Panalpina ihren Kunden globale, integrierte und auf individuelle Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Door-to-door-Transportlösungen anbieten. Die Panalpina-Gruppe betreibt ein dichtes Netzwerk mit rund 500 eigenen Geschäftsstellen in über 80 Ländern. In weiteren 80 Ländern arbeitet sie eng mit Partnern zusammen. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt rund 15'000 Mitarbeitende.
UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 8
Head coach Mike Smith details his three biggest keys to a Falcons victory for Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 11
Head Coach Mike Smith discusses the three keys for the Falcons in order to get a victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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UPS Logistics of the Game: Week 9
Head Coach Mike Smith details his three keys to this week's game against the division rival Carolina Panthers.
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Eqstra ups profit 16%, fleet management, logistics business lagging
Industrial and capital equipment group Eqstra on Wednesday reported an 11.6% increase in revenue, to R9-billion, for the year ended June 30, with operating profit up 16.2% to R1-billion. The revenue jump came from increased equipment sales and the positive impact of new acquisitions in the Industrial Equipment business, as well as improved domestic contract mining production volumes in the Contract Mining and Plant Rental business.
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A Whale of a Move: UGA and UPS
When the University of Georgia's Museum of Natural History needed to move roughly 75,000 animal specimens from Northeastern University in Boston to Athens, Georgia, they contacted UPS. See how UPS helped facilitate the move, including very heavy and fragile Humpback Whale and Fin Whale skulls, on a tight timeframe from a difficult location. That's logistics! Visit www.ups.com/college to learn how UPS delivers for colleges and universities across the country.
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Let UPS Move Your Business Mail
UPS Mail Innovations is a high-volume mail service provider offering an efficient and effective way of delivering your flats and under 1lb parcels. From postal costs to time in transit to packaging labor, our services can streamline, optimize and synchronize your mailing process. That's logistics! To find out more about UPS Mail Innovations, please visit http://www.upsmi.com/services/index.html or contact us at info@ups-mi.com or 1800-500-2224.
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2013 Pain In the (Supply) Chain Survey
UPS's Director of Global Strategy Healthcare Logistics, Robin Hooker, discusses the key findings on the business landscape of healthcare logistics around the world, as well as healthcare logistics executives top concerns and strategies for expansion. To download the UPS Pain in the Chain study, please visit http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/bussol/browse/industries/pain-in-the-chain.html?WT.mc_id=VAN700372
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Chip Kelly: Logistics
Chip Kelly's UPS commercial
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FedEx and UPS, shame on you !
For more logistics and supply chain videos head to http://www.globallogisticsmedia.com It is estimated that a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 - 15 people, that was until the emergence of Social Media. We calculate that over 3 million people have collectively watched one or more of these videos on a social media platform, this means there is a shift where consumers can now vent their frustration to a wider audience.
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Wireless Is Limitless: Mobile-Driven Logistics
UPS is using a network of wireless devices to better deliver millions of packages, improving efficiency and saving money, time and energy. Wireless technology provides a complete picture of package flow, precisely tracking every item. This allows for better and faster decisions that lower operating costs while improving customer service.
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Service Parts Logistics -- Getting Critical Parts in the Right Hands Quickly
Learn how UPS Fast Turn allows UPS to implement Service Parts Logistics solutions to get critical components where you need them and when you need them. To learn more about UPS Contract Logistics: http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/bussol/browse/contract_logistics.html
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How To Find Truck Loads for Owner Operators | How to Find Freight Loads
This is an Educational video on How To Find Truck Loads for Owner Operators. If you have any questions feel free to Comment Below. SUBSCRIBE !!! :)
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Making a Difference with CARE: Humanitarian Logistics
Logistics — that's where UPS excels. Employees design a supply chain in the most efficient manner possible, making sure that shipments go exactly where they're needed in the shortest amount of time, using the fewest resources. These skills are never more crucial than in the aftermath of a disaster. UPS has put this expertise to work in its 20-year partnership with humanitarian relief organization CARE. To learn more about UPS' corporate responsibility efforts, please visit http://www.responsibility.ups.com/Sustainability To learn more about CARE, please go to http://www.care.org for more information.
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U.S. Coast Guard - Horrific 8-Week Training Program
Recruit training for the U.S. Coast Guard is held at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May in Cape May, New Jersey. The training lasts eight weeks. The U.S. Coast Guard is unique in that it fires the Sig Sauer P229R pistol during the training. The training also covers basic seamanship, drill, military bearing and firefighting. The Coast Guard base on Government Island (now known as Coast Guard Island) Alameda, California was also used as a second major recruit training center until it was closed in 1982 and converted into the base for the USCG Pacific Area Command, the Eleventh Coast Guard District, the Marine Safety Office San Francisco Bay, the USCG Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific and the Integrated Support Command Center - Alameda. Although the Coast Guard is a part of the Department of Homeland Security, rather than the Department of Defense, it is by law and tradition a branch of the United States Armed Forces. As with all military members, Coast Guard personnel are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Due to the Coast Guard's unique mission set – including CONUS and OCONUS defense operations, search and rescue and maritime law enforcement – there are added requirements to maintain high physical fitness standards and intense military bearing. Due to its extremely unique, diverse and difficult mission, the U. S. Coast Guard is the most selective in recruiting and training standards. (As an example, the Coast Guard Academy is the only service academy that uses competitive admissions for prospective officer candidates). During their time at Cape May, recruits are subjected to the usual "boot camp" atmosphere of direct instruction and intense motivation. The recruits are designated as Seaman Recruits (SR; E-1) and, uniquely to the Coast Guard among the services, advanced to the rank of Seaman Apprentice/Airman Apprentice/Fireman Apprentice (SA/AA/FA; E-2) upon graduation. They must adhere to strict rules such as hygiene and uniform regulations and obey all lawful orders. Coast Guard drill instructors are called "company commanders" and hold a rank ranging from Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5) up to Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8). Coast Guard companies have approximately two or three company commanders and anywhere from 20 to over 100 recruits. After completing boot camp, recruits can select their rate and then attend an "A" school. Not all graduates go straight to "A" school, many spend time in the fleet as "non-rates". "A" school is a long-term technical school providing specific instruction about a rate. The "A" schools last two to six months and usually occurs at TRACEN Yorktown, Yorktown, Virginia or TRACEN Petaluma, Petaluma, California. Some rates have an available apprenticeship training option instead of attending an "A" school, known as "striking".
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UPS Air Hub CGN feat. Variosort 3.0
In 2011 we decided to expand this facility. The important thing for us was that we'd be able to sort large packages and more parcels in the future. We are increasing our sorting capacity from 110,000 to 190,000 parcels per hour. The project will be completed by the end of 2013, by which point we'll have invested roughly 200 million dollars. http://www.siemens.com/logistics Wir haben 2011 entschieden, dieses Gebäude zu erweitern. Wir haben dabei vorrangig darauf geachtet, dass wir in Zukunft große Packstücke und mehr Pakete sortieren können. Wir erhöhen unsere Sortierkapazität von 110.000 auf 190.000. http://www.siemens.de/logistik
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UPS, FedEx Surge of holiday packages delays  shipments
Thousands of Americans awoke to find that special something missing from beneath the Christmas tree Wednesday, a day after UPS acknowledged getting swamped by the seasonal cheer and failing to deliver orders in time. Now, rival FedEx appears to share the blame for the holiday that wasn't. "We're sorry that there could be delays and we're contacting affected customers who have shipments available for pickup," Scott Fiedler, a spokesman for FedEx, told the Associated Press Wednesday. Pressed Christmas afternoon, a supervisor at 1-800-GoFedex, the customer support line, went further in a call with NBC News. He declined to give his last name, citing company policy, but acknowledged "extraordinary" delays at the shipping giant and said his team had been apologizing to customers. That mirrors what UPS first acknowledged on Tuesday, as the complaints piled up and packages failed to arrive. "The volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity in our network," UPS spokeswoman Natalie Godwin said in a statement. And less-than-jolly customers of both companies took online to pummel the shipping giants. "UPS SUCKS," wrote Kip Ingram in a post on the company's Facebook page, just a short scroll from a "Happy Christmas" message from the company's delivery crew. "They just FAILED. SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!" "Merry Christmas FedEx," wrote Teri Martin in Phoenix, Arizona. "Thanks for taking my money, ruining my son's Christmas and taking days off to avoid dealing with desperate customers trying to find out how to get their packages! NEVER AGAIN!!!" A high volume of holiday packages overwhelmed shipping and logistics company UPS, the company said on Wednesday, delaying the arrival of Christmas presents around the globe and sending angry consumers to social media to vent. Amazon.com responded with an email to affected customers offering shipping refunds and $20 gift cards to compensate. A convergence of factors, including higher volume than expected and recent patches of bad weather, caused the delays, UPS spokeswoman Natalie Black said. The company projected 132 million deliveries last week "and obviously we exceeded that," Black said, without disclosing how many packages had been sent. "For now, UPS is really focused on delivering the remaining packages," Black said. "You might not see trucks, but people are working." Customers awaiting deliveries should expect packages on Thursday or Friday and those with delivery guarantees will get appropriate refunds, she said. Amazon.com's email said credits were applied directly to user accounts.
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We Love Logistics
UPS Logistics video Martin Guitar
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Season Ticket Logistics: A Winning Game Plan for College Athletics
Football season is priority number one at Appalachian State University, and it begins with tickets. UPS delivers more than 10,000 tickets in a timely fashion to Appalachian State fans. That's season ticket logistics! Visit http://www.ups.com/college to learn how UPS can deliver efficiency to your college or university.
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Pac-12 Logistics of Championship Week
With just a week to prepare, find out how UPS helps the Pac-12 make the 2013 Championship game happen.
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