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UPS Commercial LOL you mean the black guy?!!
We all do this, a black guy is a black guy, its not a cuss word people!!
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UPS Hello Commercial - Singer Phil Cavill
UPS Commercial starring Phil Cavill of Les Miserables fame. Thanks to tvspots.tv
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80's Junk - "SIP UPS" Drink Box Commercial - circa 1984
Here's an ad with a jingle that's been literally stuck in my head since 1984, and a product that was cancelled that same year. I remember these drink boxes were pretty good, but then as a kid, anything with sugar was good. Can't find any other info on these at all.
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Emperor Kaioyus in Pampers Easy Ups TV Commercial Train Museum
Emperor's 1st audition and his first commercial.
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Chin-ups Suave Commercial
One in a series of shorts created for Suave Hair Products on Fox
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The UPS Store 'United Problem Solvers'. Commercial 2015 HD
Becoming a small business owner is not easy, so Carly got a lending hand from UPS as she launched her catering business. The united problem solvers of UPS set up her business with a mailbox, and they are on call as her taste testers whenever she needs them. Whether she wants business cards, flyers or helpful advice, she can get them quick and easy.
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Kentucky Farm Bureau's Bluegrass & Backroads: UPS Worldport
Worldport is the worldwide air hub for UPS (United Parcel Service) located at the Louisville International Airport in Louisville, Kentucky. Lets take a tour!
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Fruit Roll-Ups Commercial (Ren and Stimpy) 1993
My pants, ruined!
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Father and Son Pilot Team Makes UPS History
MD-11 Captain Nelson Lare and his son, First Officer Matt Lare made UPS history this week – giving each other a tremendous Father’s day gift along the way. The two were the first father/son team to fly for UPS. It also marked the first time the two had ever flown together. The pair made the historic flight from Louisville to Minneapolis. “It was so much fun, I never in a million years thought I’d be able to do this and it was even better than I thought it was going to be. My only regret is that I wish it was an 8-day trip, I wish we had more legs to fly together. It was awesome,” F/O Lare said after the flight. Watch the video, to see more about this historic flight.
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Commercial Loan Packages & Credit Write-Ups
SBFI course "Loan Packages & Write-Ups" improves commercial lender performance. Learn more at: https://www.SBFI.org/Loan Packages & Write-Ups/
1980 1993 Air Wick Stick Ups Commercial's
Air Wick Stick Ups Commercials from 1980 1981 1985 1987 1991 1992 and 1993!
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Cheetos Mix-Ups The Bribe | Commercial HD
A family is shut down at the desk when attempting to bring their inner tubes to the pool. Well, as it turns out, a blind eye can be turned to hotel policy with a handful of Cheetos Mix-Ups.
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Huggies Pull-Ups commercial 2002 | Mickey Mouse
In 1997, Disney character designs were introduced, featuring Mickey Mouse for boys and Minnie Mouse for girls.
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Commercial E-Waste Pick-Ups (Schools)
Schools are a good source of e-waste because there's so many schools around and very few have an e-waste recycler servicing them. I recommend advertising to them and contacting the IT Technician that works there, usually one IT Tech' will service 3 or 4 schools. For a part time small business, offering a free pick-up recycling service will get you a lot of free e-waste to recycle & for precious metal recovery. I have about 15 regular schools I service and am slowly building them up, eventually I think schools alone will be all I need to keep me busy with e-waste.
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Fruit Roll Ups Tongue Tattoo (2004) Commercial
here is another commercial from my childhood and this is the Fruit Roll Ups Tongue Tattoo commercial from 2004 or 2005 to be exact. Director-Brian English
Views: 7693 Richard Canipe
Your Wishes Delivered: Driver Training Camp
Last year, UPS made Carson a driver for a day. This year, his mom wished for more kids to have the same experience and share in the joy of a wish delivered. So we gathered three new kids to take on the challenge of becoming UPS's littlest (and most adorable) drivers. Share your wish at http://www.ups.com/wishes. #WishesDelivered
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The UPS Store
This is a commercial Castlewood produced for the UPS Store in Springfield, Missouri.
Burger King - Simpsons Spooky Light-Ups (2001, USA)
Another commercial from Burger King with the Simpsons, this focusing on the Frozen Black Cherry, which could make your tongue black, or in the narrator's case the special light-up Halloween toys that came with every Big Kids meal. This rip is in marginally better quality than Fox's DVD version.
Fruit Roll Ups TV Commercial HD
This is a old commercial for Fruit Roll Ups that was popular back in the 1980's. Hope you enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching.
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Fred Savage  Fruit Bars and Fruit Roll Ups commercial
Fred Savage Fruit Bars and Fruit Roll Ups commercial
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Fruit Roll Ups (Berry Blitz) (2002) Commercial
here is another commercial from my childhood and this is the Fruit Roll Ups Berry Blitz and this features some kids finding what the newest flavor will be and end up throwing at them as a food fight for some reason! and this commercial was from 2002 or 2003 to be exact!
Views: 5808 Richard Canipe
Bulls-Eye Baseball (Warm Ups) commercial
here is a Bulls-Eye Baseball toy commercial i found online and this commercial was 2008 or 2009 to be exact. and notice that boy with brown shaggy hair is wearing eye black makeup and as a matter of fact It is often used by football, baseball, and lacrosse players over the years though i'm not surprise to see that coming and still i'm okay with this so i usually loved baseball as a kid which is my favorite sport ever and enjoy!
Views: 625 Richard Canipe
Ahead of the busy Christmas shipping season, we put the delivery companies to the test. Which company is the cheapest and fastest?
Views: 4875 Jessica Smith
Always his little girl: Heartwarming video explores the emotional ups and downs of a father-daughte
A new video by Toyota Japan shows the emotional journey a father and his daughter go through as they grow up together. It is shown from the perspectives of both the father and daughter. A new video by Toyota Japan shows the emotional journey a father and his daughter go through as they grow up together. It is shown from the perspectives of both the father and daughter. A new video by Toyota Japan shows the emotional journey a father and his daughter go through as they grow up together. It is shown from the perspectives of both the father and daughter. Always his little girl: Heartwarming video explores the emotional ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship, through the eyes of a dad and his child� Always his little girl: Heartwarming video explores the emotional ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship, through the eyes of a dad and his child� Always his little girl: Heartwarming video explores the emotional ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship, through the eyes of a dad and his child�
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Victoria's Secret - Swim 2011 - We Love Push Ups TV Commercial - HD 720p
I do not own rights on this video
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UPS Packaging Tricks - Resizing A Double Wall Box (Carton)
Industry secrets on how to modify heavy duty boxes to survive the abuse by shipping via UPS and other commercial carriers. This video demonstrates how to shorten a box to better fit and protect its contents.
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Commercial E-Waste Pick-Ups (part 1)
Small scale e-waste recycling can be a rewarding part-time venture. Advertising to local businesses and households with flyers gets me enough e-waste to keep me busy at a comfortable level. Some may take it many steps further and I think it's possible because whilst at the highest level of recycling it's all covered, Servicing small business & residential homes is still very open for anyone wanting to pick up e-waste in smaller qty's. Space is always an issue for me so it's a balance between bringing stuff in, researching and then either selling or scrapping.
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UPS United Problem Solvers™
Bring us your problems. Your challenges. Your daydreams. Your scribbles. Your just about anything. Because we're not just in the shipping business. We're in the problem-solving business. We’re more than 400,000 "can-do" people serving over 220 countries and territories who are ready to roll up our sleeves and help solve your business problems. Let’s get to work. For more information visit: https://solvers.ups.com/?wt.mc_id=SHR_YT_BP_SLVR2015_UPS_0001
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CoolSculpting at Upstate Plastic Surgery in Greenville, South Carolina
CoolSculpting helps you eliminate stubborn fat without surgery or downtime! With over 1 million CoolSculpting procedures performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves thanks to individual treatment plans tailored specifically to their bodies. This amazing technology cools fat cells resulting in your body's natural elimination of these cells over the weeks that follow. The fat melts away, and you look better in your bathing suit! All consultations are complimentary and can be scheduled with one of our Plastic Surgery nurses at your convenience. Learn more at UpstatePlasticSurgery.com
Fruit Roll Ups Nicktoons Commercial
Reupload June 16 2012 this video.
Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups Candy Fruity Money TV Commercial
Fruity money from around the world
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Pinkberry AMEX Commercial
AMEX used innovative start ups to tell the story on how they help brands like Pinkberry launch ideas to reality. Find out more about Pinkberry: http://www.pinkberry.com/
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Pudding Roll Ups commercial
Pudding Roll Ups commercial
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Ollie’s Truckloads of Deals Commercial 2015 – Coloring Books for Grown-Ups
Coloring books for grown-ups are the hottest trend in America and Ollie’s has the best quality at the best prices. We have over 4 million dollars at the fancy store prices, with over 25 different styles to choose from. At Ollie’s Bargain Outlet we’re loaded with brand name deals and our trucks just keep rolling in! We’ve got name brand toys, Christmas decorations, books, stuff for your home, all at up to 70% off the fancy store prices! November 2015
Hook Ups - As Seen on TV
http://TVStuffReviews.com/hook-ups | Hook Ups Reviews View 2,100+ As Seen on TV Products: http://TVStuffReviews.com Have a Question, Comment or Review? ------ Problem with this video? Request removal? Contact Us: http://tvstuffreviews.com/contact.php
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UPS Werbung - Fegelein
apparently not the official commercial
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Что такое ИБП, зачем он нужен и как правильно выбрать ИБП? APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 Обзор.
В этом обзоре мы разберемся - зачем нужен ИБП, как он может продлить жизнь вашему компьютеру и как правильно выбрать ИБП. И ознакомимся с одним из лучших ИБП - APC Back-UPS Pro APC Back-UPS Pro 1500: http://goo.gl/5VeF7o Лучшая цена на APC Back-UPS Pro 1500: http://s.socialmart.ru/c3_MnrWpgVn_Z8LdSKCQZambOKfK Больше крутых обзоров тут: https://goo.gl/jO8GtA Мой Игровой канал: http://goo.gl/WXT8HK Мой Instagramm: http://instagram.com/igor_morozov_91 Моя группа ВК: https://www.vk.com/it_games Мой Twich: http://goo.gl/uuKqsO **Консультации со мной тут: http://goo.gl/bejSEK **Мои Лучшие Видео: http://goo.gl/UkjnYH Трек: Amoebacrew - Commercial Ocean, The Sun, New Expectations https://soundcloud.com/amoebacrew http://audiojungle.net/user/Amoebacrew
KFC commercial 2015 - Limousine
Kentucky fried chicken $5 fill ups
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The 5 Happiest Break Ups That You Need Right Now | Nestlé PH | Nestlé Temptations
Break-ups aren't always bad. Sometimes, it takes a happy break-up to make things right. Do you know anyone who needs this change of heart? Share this video with them! http://www.nestle.com.ph https://www.facebook.com/nestle.ph https://www.facebook.com/nestletemptations
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FedEx McDonnell Douglas MD-11 vs UPS Boeing 747 : Back to Back Cargo Planes : Aviation in INDIA
PrathzAviography:- FedEx Express Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and UPS Airlines (United Parcel Service) Cargo Boeing 747 about to land at Mumbai International Airport (BOM). The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is a three-engine medium- to long-range wide-body jet airliner, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas and, later, by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Based on the DC-10, it features a stretched fuselage, increased wingspan with winglets, refined airfoils on the wing and smaller tailplane, new engines and increased use of composite materials. Two of its engines are mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. It also features a glass cockpit that decreases the flight deck crew from the three required on the DC-10 to two by eliminating the need for a flight engineer. The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial jet airliner and cargo aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. Its distinctive "hump" upper deck along the forward part of the aircraft makes it among the world's most recognizable aircraft, and it was the first wide-body produced. Manufactured by Boeing's Commercial Airplane unit in the United States, the original version of the 747 had two and a half times greater capacity than the Boeing 707, one of the common large commercial aircraft of the 1960s. First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years. Keep Watching !! Subscribe me for more videos !! Video by, Prathamesh Yeram
10 Biggest Editing Mistakes In Movies
Top 10 Movie Mistakes In Popular Films! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Hidden Movie Scenes You've Never Seen https://youtu.be/VfrXCVlsa-4?list=PL--PgETgAz5EST8IApKy1PrgjqsPdW6S- Best Hidden Messages In Famous Movies https://youtu.be/q14aPbvbvl8?list=PL--PgETgAz5EST8IApKy1PrgjqsPdW6S- We all know that mistakes happen. But when hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line, you would think that people would pay even closer attention to detail. In the world of movie-making, the opposite is true. The bigger the movie… the bigger the mistakes. They’re not all bad, and plenty of them can be downright hilarious. Either way, fans won’t want to miss a single one of them. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Biggest Editing Mistakes in Movies. Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis https://twitter.com/rob_flis Featuring: Mad Max: Fury Road | 0:28 Avengers: Age of Ultron | 1:00 Jurassic World | 1:35 Guardians of the Galaxy | 2:10 American Sniper | 2:43 Frozen | 3:16 Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 3:53 Furious 7 | 4:41 Transformers: Age of Extinction | 5:17 X-Men: Days of Future Past | 5:55 Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/ Screen Rant, All Your TV and Movie News In List Video Form! Movie Secrets, Hidden Clues, Superheroes, Movie Mistakes, Car Chases, Deleted Scenes, Plot Holes, Unscripted Scenes, Hidden Messages And Much More!
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Serena Williams - Rise | Beats By Dre
The world knows Serena’s story. It’s one that reads: adversity, doubts, haters, health obstacles, criticisms, comebacks and victories. This story is a window into Serena’s soul, into a chapter so personal no one in the world knew about until today. A window’s glimpse inside Serena Williams’ life as she continually pushes past adversity and naysayers in preparation of winning her 22nd major – inspiring our generation to ‘RISE UP’ a thousand times again. Some watchOS 2 features shown. Coming soon. Powerbeats2 Wireless combines the emotion of Beats and the power of wireless giving athletes the freedom to test their limits and play as hard as they can. Artist: Andra Day Song: Rise Up From the album Cheers To The Fall Listen now on Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rise-up/id996787628?i=996788062 ========================================­= Beats by Dre: Official Site: http://www.beatsbydre.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Officialb... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beatsbydre/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/beatsbydre/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/beatsbydre/ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+beatsbydre Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/beatsbydre/
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Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Plus Inversion Table With Ergonomic Flex Technology with Albany Irvin
For More Information or to Buy: http://qvc.co/-Teeter 1-800-455-8838, item# F11484 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Lionel Messi Suits Up As The Iron Man In Samsung's  Avengers Ad with Eddie Lacy and John Florence
Best Warcraft gold Secrets guide https://goo.gl/qrRCt0 If you like please support by subscribing Lionel Messi Suits Up As The Iron Man Lionel Messi has long been seen as a superhero in the eyes of many football fans over the years. The Barcelona star’s sheer majesty has been nothing short of superhuman at times as he continues to smash records with every season that passes. And with the help of Marvel and Samsung, he’s been given some extra powers – as he stars as Iron Man in a new advert. The 27-year-old Argentinian enters a virtual reality world in which they play as the characters from the The Avengers movies. The four-time Ballon d’Or winner is also joined by Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy and Hawaiian surfer John John Florence in the new commercial. Not usually famed for his footballing skills, Iron Man acquires some footballing powers as the crew take on a group of evil robots. Messi delivers a stunning overhead kick to destroy a robot
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Huggies Pull Ups Compilation Baby Commercials 2015 ○ HD
Now you can enjoy the best commercial in our new website: http://abancommercials.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abancommercials Huggies Pull Ups Compilation Baby Huggies Pull-Ups now come in Monster's U designs so your little monster can take their first potty break all by themselves.