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UPS Hello Commercial - Singer Phil Cavill
UPS Commercial starring Phil Cavill of Les Miserables fame. Thanks to tvspots.tv
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UPS Commercial LOL you mean the black guy?!!
We all do this, a black guy is a black guy, its not a cuss word people!!
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1980 1993 Air Wick Stick Ups Commercial's
Air Wick Stick Ups Commercials from 1980 1981 1985 1987 1991 1992 and 1993!
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80's Junk - "SIP UPS" Drink Box Commercial - circa 1984
Here's an ad with a jingle that's been literally stuck in my head since 1984, and a product that was cancelled that same year. I remember these drink boxes were pretty good, but then as a kid, anything with sugar was good. Can't find any other info on these at all.
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Commercial E-Waste Pick-Ups (part 1)
Small scale e-waste recycling can be a rewarding part-time venture. Advertising to local businesses and households with flyers gets me enough e-waste to keep me busy at a comfortable level. Some may take it many steps further and I think it's possible because whilst at the highest level of recycling it's all covered, Servicing small business & residential homes is still very open for anyone wanting to pick up e-waste in smaller qty's. Space is always an issue for me so it's a balance between bringing stuff in, researching and then either selling or scrapping.
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Fruit Roll Ups Tongue Tattoo (2004) Commercial
here is another commercial from my childhood and this is the Fruit Roll Ups Tongue Tattoo commercial from 2004 or 2005 to be exact. Director-Brian English
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Commercial E-Waste Pick-Ups (Schools)
Schools are a good source of e-waste because there's so many schools around and very few have an e-waste recycler servicing them. I recommend advertising to them and contacting the IT Technician that works there, usually one IT Tech' will service 3 or 4 schools. For a part time small business, offering a free pick-up recycling service will get you a lot of free e-waste to recycle & for precious metal recovery. I have about 15 regular schools I service and am slowly building them up, eventually I think schools alone will be all I need to keep me busy with e-waste.
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Huggies Pull-Ups commercial 2002 | Mickey Mouse
In 1997, Disney character designs were introduced, featuring Mickey Mouse for boys and Minnie Mouse for girls.
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Chin-ups Suave Commercial
One in a series of shorts created for Suave Hair Products on Fox
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Victoria's Secret - Swim 2011 - We Love Push Ups TV Commercial - HD 720p
I do not own rights on this video
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UPS Commercial
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Dear Grown Ups - 2015 National LensCrafters Commercial
We created a commercial for LensCrafters. Director/Producer/Script: Angelica Saldaña Editor/Producer/Script: Edward Saldaña Starring: Arielle Olkhovsky & Narine Kchikian
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UPS Commercial Featuring 3D Printed Evidence
I was filming them filming me. Josh Weinberger of 3D Printed Evidence is being featured in an upcoming UPS 3D Printing commercial.
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Commercial Break - 1988 - CBS Detroit
A commercial break from an episode of Mighty Mouse - CBS Detroit, 1988 - Saturday morning cartoon bumpers - Super Golden Crisp cereal - Fruit Wrinkles - Pudding Roll-ups - California Dream Barbie - Win, Lose or Draw preview
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KFC $5 Fill Up Commercial With The Real Colonel
KFC Commercial with the Real Colonel Sanders talking about his $5 fill ups.
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Pampers Easy Ups Commercial
Pampers Easy Ups Commercial
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Fruit Roll-Up Commercial - Crazy Colors (1991)
Starring Rollupo the Wizard.
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The Power of Makeup (Korean Commercial for Mom's Touch burgers)
Proof that makeup and sorcery go hand in hand.
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Commercial Loan Packages & Credit Write-Ups
SBFI course "Loan Packages & Write-Ups" improves commercial lender performance. Learn more at: https://www.SBFI.org/Loan Packages & Write-Ups/
Fruit Roll Ups Nicktoons Commercial
Reupload June 16 2012 this video.
KFC $5 Fill Up Commercial
KFC Commercial with Colonel Sanders talking about his $5 Fill Ups.
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Trop50 "Personal Trainer" Commercial
The New & Improved Trop50 with Calcium commercial featuring Jane Krakowski and Dolvett Quince.
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Father and Son Pilot Team Makes UPS History
MD-11 Captain Nelson Lare and his son, First Officer Matt Lare made UPS history this week – giving each other a tremendous Father’s day gift along the way. The two were the first father/son team to fly for UPS. It also marked the first time the two had ever flown together. The pair made the historic flight from Louisville to Minneapolis. “It was so much fun, I never in a million years thought I’d be able to do this and it was even better than I thought it was going to be. My only regret is that I wish it was an 8-day trip, I wish we had more legs to fly together. It was awesome,” F/O Lare said after the flight. Watch the video, to see more about this historic flight.
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Fruit Roll-Ups Commercial (Ren and Stimpy) 1993
My pants, ruined!
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Ollie’s Truckloads of Deals Commercial 2015 – Coloring Books for Grown-Ups
Coloring books for grown-ups are the hottest trend in America and Ollie’s has the best quality at the best prices. We have over 4 million dollars at the fancy store prices, with over 25 different styles to choose from. At Ollie’s Bargain Outlet we’re loaded with brand name deals and our trucks just keep rolling in! We’ve got name brand toys, Christmas decorations, books, stuff for your home, all at up to 70% off the fancy store prices! November 2015
Fruit Roll Ups (Berry Blitz) (2002) Commercial
here is another commercial from my childhood and this is the Fruit Roll Ups Berry Blitz and this features some kids finding what the newest flavor will be and end up throwing at them as a food fight for some reason! and this commercial was from 2002 or 2003 to be exact!
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KFC commercial 2015 - Merry Go Round
Kentucky Fried Chicken $5 fill ups
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Fruit Roll Ups Missing Formula Commercial (1997)
Reupload June 16th 2012 this video.
Pudding Roll Ups commercial
Pudding Roll Ups commercial
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Perfect For Start Ups Commercial Space In The Mission Super Close To BART. Gustavo Lopez AMSI
Fantastic opportunity for a startup company to rent 2400 square feet in the center of the Mission. 24st and Folsom. 6 Offices, Two bathrooms, One kitchen with IT room. Reception room, and parking space. Close obviously to everything. Restaurant with delicious food downstairs. This opportunity is not going to last. Contact Gustavo Lopez for a showing at 415-312-5017 or to his email at glopez@amsiemail.com. http://gustavolopezrealtor.com/ AMSI HAS FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED UNITS ALL AROUND THE CITY. Buy, rent or sell with experts to your side..
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Stick Ups Commercial
School project
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Bulls-Eye Baseball (Warm Ups) commercial
here is a Bulls-Eye Baseball toy commercial i found online and this commercial was 2008 or 2009 to be exact. and notice that boy with brown shaggy hair is wearing eye black makeup and as a matter of fact It is often used by football, baseball, and lacrosse players over the years though i'm not surprise to see that coming and still i'm okay with this so i usually loved baseball as a kid which is my favorite sport ever and enjoy!
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Commercial Aviation, UPS Boeing 757-24APF Landing
Aviation and Flight and Commercial Aviation, UPS Freight, Arrival at Manchester Boston Regional Airport
Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups Candy Fruity Money TV Commercial
Fruity money from around the world
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Huggies Pullups Commercial
Undakova music collaboration with Earseph Studios. I auditioned several musical scores with various styles for this one commercial. After they chose this one we made a few edits and changes until this was the final draft. What a great experience.
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Commercial Airline Pilot Salary
COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PILOT SALARY Have you ever wondered what a commercial airline pilot salary is. Well I can tell you because I'm Ty Macchia and I make a great commercial airline pilot salary working for one of the top four national carriers. Pilots are in very high demand today and will continue to be and a commercial airline pilot salary can reach upwards of 300 thousand dollars per year. In this video I will briefly discuss commercial airline pilot salary ranges as well how to go about earning your wings. The top end of the salary scale is 300 thousand. I make about 200 thousand flying in the co-pilot seat of a national carrier on a 777 wide body international schedule. My pay is based upon the type of airline I'm flying and the seat position in the plane. I choose to make less as a 1st officer in a 777 flying internationally with less legs in a four day trip than a captain in the left seat on a 737. Reason being you are paid for the amount of trips you make departures and landings or legs in the aviation industry. A captain of a 737 can make 280-300 thousand a year but might make 16 legs in a domestic 4 day work week as opposed to only 2 legs for me in a 4 day international work week. The average commercial airline pilot salary for a 1st officer or right seat of a major carrier starts at 60 thousand dollars per year and could reach 100 thousand by year 5 or 6. Then once you become a captain typically 7 years your commercial airline pilot salary can increase to 150 thousand. Problem for most people is the amount of time it takes to reach those numbers to make 150k from start of schooling is on average 9-10 years. Most pilots start out at a regional carrier making about 23-24 thousand dollars a year in the co-pilot or right seat. Also the cost of school is 70 thousand dollars. If that's too much money to invest with too long of a time for return. I have a side business that makes me easy money. It makes more than my COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PLIOT SALARY!!! My partners and I can show you how just click the link.
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Fruit By The Foot (Puppet) (2011) Commercial
here is a Fruit by the Foot commercial that i found online recently from 2011 and this features a boy and a Puppet that's dressed in the exact same boys clothes and looks more like a something from a Christian Puppet Show or like the Anything Muppets from Sesame Street and here's to all of you who wanted to see this now that i found it.
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