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Worst DESCEND fears explained!

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Get 20% discount on Brilliant.org 👉 https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ What is that sudden turbulence that comes when the aircraft transitions through a cloud and what are those strange noises during approach? In todays video I will be tackling the FIVE most common fears that nervous fliers have during the descent, approach and landing phase. I will go into great detail in explaining all of these things so I hope you will feel a little bit better after! If you are a nervous flier, and you want to talk to real pilots or other people in the same situation, we have created a specific "nervous flier" forum inside the Mentour Aviation app. Come in and let us all help!
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RealyRandomStudio Savage (1 month ago)
You deserve a 100 million likes,
Colin Cochrane (4 days ago)
Good to see that aircraft are still using Christian units namely knots and feet. Whatever was wrong with acres, roods and perches, furlongs and barley corns ( a third of an inch by memory. Metric units are so unemotive. The term Christian units come from an English power station superintendent in an industrial plant where I maintained control system instrumentation.
North Lord (16 days ago)
thank you very much, i learnt a lot. i just hate the gliding at the descend.... you missed something i think. when the descend starts, there's always shaking in small mounts. is this because the nose is towards downwards and its hitting more air? this shaking scares me a lot....................... thank you, great video great knowledge.
North Lord (16 days ago)
2nd type of person is me...... i cant fly anymore for the past 5 years, i hope this video will help me!
Cissy2cute (26 days ago)
@paulmurphy42 Maybe would be shot down before he was able to accomplish that feat.
Slavko Pejic (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot You always have my like Mentour! 👍 BTW, I was looking forward for that gear down video but it seems you forgot to put the link in description.
James Armstrong (7 hours ago)
A wind gust blew the plane off the runway causing a go-around - a group started praying loudly Lord please get me down I'll never fly again - 3 times
Eric Berglund (8 hours ago)
I know the technical facts and the statistics. Still I always fly taking Sobril, a light tranqulizer, can't really fly without them. Works great and I use them only when I occasionally fly. I only has to remember that alcohol is strictly forbidden.
losttownstreet (11 hours ago)
a descend fear I sometimes have: - If I can't see the landing field I'm curius if I reach the field in a glider / new landing field it's allways differnt when I'm in the air - If I'm a little low to overfly the powerlines between my desired landing filed my position - If I suddenly look in the windsocks mouth - crosswinds, turbulences and thermik in my final and crosswind section
Lee Whittaker Golf (2 days ago)
I hate flying, thanks for explaining all things aviation
Galen Currah (2 days ago)
Clips of Boeing pilots landing their craft show them wildly turning their yoke from side to side. What is your brilliant reason for doing so? Do you watch a screen or gauge showing your need to take corrective action? Or can you see or feel your craft yawing? Do Airbus pilots do something similar with their control stick?
ShikataGaNai100 (3 days ago)
For me, it isn't fear; I have absoultely NO fear of flying...it is being uncomfortable with the feelings themselves. Sort of the equivalent of motion sickness or not liking the feelings on a roller coaster. Is there any way to learn to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of flight?
herobo123456 (4 days ago)
Stop being greedy Peter and stop talking shit
Marika Sae-ngow (4 days ago)
He has a point.
farodyne (4 days ago)
I turn 50 next year. I have flown for the biggest part of my life and I am never nervous, but I still find your explanations extremely valulable. Especially to people who DO get nervous. Great job!
Dibald Gyfm (5 days ago)
Airbrakes, simply, those panels lifted when the plane descends.
Brang Zonghus (5 days ago)
Problem solved - it's called staying on the ground...
Bert Visscher (6 days ago)
15:33 I'm guessing that's because the aircraft will stall if you go too slow. 20:33 Somebody's coming home! :)
2wrdr (6 days ago)
How come the spoilers don't move evenly and in unison?
BrantheBroken (6 days ago)
Love flying, even some turb (I'm crazy I know). But hate the travel process today, airports etc etc
Spanish Blog (6 days ago)
The best way to get over the fear of flying is by watching Air Crash Investigation in Youtube, works wonders ans gives you a good insight into when it's time to kiss your Butt goodbye.
Matthew Cunningham (6 days ago)
Great tutorial Peter. Thank you Mentor 👍
Anthony Kernich (6 days ago)
I was on a flight to Krakow and we descended like the space shuttle it seemed - it felt weird short runway as well - only 8,500 feet
VoltStone (6 days ago)
I kinda feel a small stall when climbing like a rollercoaster ....
abbie jackson (6 days ago)
loving the channel mentor and when i am listening to the airband scanner how come pilots say Requesting basic service what dose that mean ?
MarkPMus (6 days ago)
Am I the only person who gets a massive headache during descent? What is it and is there anything I can do for relief? It’s happened the past that I’ve been screaming for something to make the headache stop.
Roy Manning (6 days ago)
The honer flights to Washington and back made me want to finish my pilots training I didn't finish back in the seventys. I didn't have the confidence of passing the writtin' test but I could fly .
Roy Manning (6 days ago)
What if you're sitting over the wing and the plane is making a 45 degree bank and as soon as it banks you hear a pop under you where the fuselage is bolted to the wing . I heard that sound the last time I was a passenger in a jet coming bank from Washington DC to Columbus Ohio on the 100th honer flight. It sounded to me like a loose bolt where the fuselage is bolted to the wing . It didn't fall apart so I didn't worry about it . I don't think the pilots could hear it . It was an air bus A 321. An american eagle. Nice plane . Just the right size . If I was an airline pilot that would be the kind I would like to fly.
Dan Hersey (6 days ago)
The most terrifying thing for me, is that they don't serve booze anymore.
chuck477 sein (7 days ago)
When i feel the gears dropped on approach to taipei
Beagle76 (7 days ago)
Concorde was up near 60 thousand and it came down pretty quick
Travis k (7 days ago)
Hey mentor. What's up with the ice cubes?
Madden Scrubs (7 days ago)
I appreciate this as a person who fears flying suddenly. Not sure itll help but ill keep it in mind. I hate taking off, I hate landing. Id rather be on land at all times. I dont like not having control and I feel we are not meant to be in the air. I know flying is mostly safe but just knowing we've had countless accidents and it only takes on thing to go wrong to cause disaster and has caused disaster, I cant shake. Im flying to and from Chicago this Wednesday/Thursday. Wish me luck.
Natnael Ethio (8 days ago)
thanks for your professional explanation!
vali ardelean (8 days ago)
17:44 student is panicked ...
TrainboyRR (9 days ago)
i had a question why do pilots dump air after they land and how is it being a pilot it looks like fun and what does the horn sound like on an airplane if they have them
Radimir Yanev (9 days ago)
When your sound is muted at the beginning of the video and by the time you turn it on both you and Mentour Pilot are saying simultaneously "...lutely fantastic". A priceless feeling after a long day in the library even better than a "Feierabendbier". Greetings from Braunschweig, Germany !
Pete Curran (9 days ago)
Flap king, 17:43?
Thusitha Perera (10 days ago)
In Aviation words its call Situational Awareness !!!
RiddyOnline (11 days ago)
16:26 Hungry mentour...lool
jr_0001 (11 days ago)
this is absolutely one of my favorite channels on youtube.
Sean Hodgson (11 days ago)
Like your navigation pillows
Netfocus (12 days ago)
@16:25 - hmm... hungry tummy? or farty?
MississippiRebel (12 days ago)
Mentor I have a question for you and would REALLY love to hear your thoughts. I spent 11 yrs in the US army (2000-2011) and have flown many times and on a lot of different types of aircraft (helicopters, small and large airplanes). I never once was nervous or have gotten sick flying in helicopters or the big transport aircraft (C-17's and C-130's) when I was in the army. But in 2009 when I took a vaction to Prague and flew from the US on a big and nice airliner i got really air sick and then on the flight back I got sick again. Do you have any thoughts why I would all of a sudden get air sick when I have never once gotten air sick before?
George Megaw (12 days ago)
It’s amusing that you think we get HOT coffee back in the cabin....:)
George Megaw (8 days ago)
Jhonbus ah —well MacDonalds always has scalding coffee...maybe there’s a drive-thru? Hahahaha
Jhonbus (9 days ago)
At the pressure of the cabin during flight, you can only get the water to about 90*c before it boils!
iVince905 (12 days ago)
Anyone notice the FO trying to pull the flaps up from 15
Arctic Circle (13 days ago)
Ya mentor why you are posting such horrible dracola type photos on you you tube?😫
Darcy McEwen (13 days ago)
pa4tim (13 days ago)
funny, if you would take off in Eindhoven, in the south of my country (netherlands) and land in the far north ( Groningen or Friesland) you need to start decending before you take off. I never fly in reality but I fly choppers in xplane ( a sim that is mostly planes) and after seeing some of your videos I tried to fly the 737-800. taking off from Schiphol. just rotate, fly a circle and land because I have no clue what to do with the FMS and AP. Starting took more time as the complete manual flight. That thing climbs almost bizar so I needed half the country to get low enough and slow enough to land, I put the gear down just before touch down, needed the whole strip because I did not know the speed needed and how to break but I did not crash. I thought I was doing it wrong but your video gave the solution. Must be great to do this for real. I will try again using the info from this video, so thank you.
EnigmaticNova (13 days ago)
The best way I heard turbulence explained to me goes like this: the atmosphere under the wings of a plane is a lot like a road underneath the wheels of a car. Sometimes there are potholes in the road and the car bounces around but you’re never worried about the road falling out from under you. The atmosphere is there either way and there’s no way you can just fall out of the sky or anything. Even if you lose both engines, you’re still going to glide because the road is still there.
Sky (14 days ago)
i thought the video was on 1.5x speed
Ned (14 days ago)
At 16:25 your dog decides that #5 is most objectionable.
BSG 75 (15 days ago)
As someone who loves and appreciates aviation and the technology behind it....but secretly is always like "omg what was that, okay yea that sounds bad, or yup landing gear is gone byeee", the list of anxieties are endless 😂😂 -I really love and appreciate your videos and breakdowns, you are a god send! 👍🙌😎
Mentour Pilot (15 days ago)
Thank you! I’m happy to hear that our little videos are helpful.
Ingmar Thelen (15 days ago)
Why does the pilot sometimes says "brace for impact"? That's a scary noice. Never heard it on my flight, but I heard it many times in movies. LOL.....
andromacha (15 days ago)
Goodness... and I thought I was apprehensive... I have never noticed these slight changes... yes maybe a little trembling here and there, but nothing so punctual and specific! Well, minus the landing gear of course!! Everyone must notice that, but it is a very distinctive noise I tihink. Very interesting video, as always, Petter!
george em (15 days ago)
Watching your videos and other aviation videos on youtube makes me like flaying even tho i was so afraid of it...thank yo!
Matthew Rance (16 days ago)
I was on an A380 landing at Heathrow the other day. When we touched down, there was a lot of side-to-side buffeting. I am not a nervous passenger but I was just wondering why that happened. The weather was very calm too.
Dave B (17 days ago)
Dan Lundin (18 days ago)
turbulens i get but some time it is like drive a car whithuot rim........it is wery hard turbulens why
Andrew Horne (19 days ago)
I just realized the pillows on the couch are correctly laid out for airplane navigation lights...
akronymus (17 days ago)
*right* - a true airman indeed
CAPTAIN PAPER (19 days ago)
You have a noticeable talent in making thumbnails! 🤩🤩
Dianne B (20 days ago)
You’re thumbnail picture is hilarious! Got my attention. As a result I’m enjoying the video, too. 😊
Carlos Tafurt (20 days ago)
Flying is crap. And it seems that in the name of shareholders and mangers and profitability, arilines neglect the better judgement of crew to make the sensible decision to take a route less infested with bad weather.
Jairo Leal (20 days ago)
Great video
Ria Angalini (20 days ago)
Ria Angalini (20 days ago)
Take offf also like it is just the first feeling ohh i am going up xexe
Ria Angalini (20 days ago)
Nooo love descent
Stevie Gee (21 days ago)
The worst part after landing is when they open the overhead storage compartment & I accidentally fall out.
BrantheBroken (6 days ago)
Next time use the gear bay, much more fun 🤪
Soandnb (21 days ago)
Yeah, okay, great video and all, but where were your turbulent cloud layers that usually occupy the couch?
B. Maguire (21 days ago)
Thanks for this video! 'Fear of Ground Contact' is the Official Term, I think? Having been 1 to have survived the (total) destruction of (MacK-Air) CF-KAH (an early DC-3) in Canada's High Arctic, I no longer wanted to fly, in anything! I HAD to bypass this, as I really enjoyed Flight! So, I took up G.A.... You really nailed this!! Cheers and CAVU to You, Sir! Thanks!!
230968 (21 days ago)
I like the way this presenter blends knowledge and commonsense.
TheYodaman22 (22 days ago)
The thing I get scared by is the last 3 meters or so where they drop you out of the air onto the runway
TheYodaman22 (22 days ago)
Is the turbulance in the clouds the same updraft that gliders rely on?
K Menon Mangat (22 days ago)
Watching your videos are a treat!
Nelson Romero (23 days ago)
Thank you!
ZimmMr (23 days ago)
Last flight of mine to Newark it felt like the pilots hit the ground real hard (with a bang), does this mean they missed the 305mark? Thx for the crash course on clouds!
Charmaine Babs (24 days ago)
So greatful for your video
TWCSteven Live (24 days ago)
I have the same scariest moment when the plane sudden descends
akronymus (17 days ago)
@ TWCSteven Live Why? If it crashes, so what? It is not your plane.
blaine pond (25 days ago)
watching a lot of aviation videos I noticed that almost every pilot speaks English if not every and I was curious if English is the industry standard for pilots communication
blaine pond (21 days ago)
@Stevie Gee thanks
Stevie Gee (21 days ago)
blaine pond yes it is
Mike Smith (25 days ago)
I have a question about short flights (~1hr)...specifically from Detroit to Trenton. We (seemingly) never reached a standard cruising altitude. Seemed like about 20,000 ft or below and we stayed below clouds the whole way. I've flown that route many times and never saw that before. Any thoughts?
akronymus (17 days ago)
@ Mike Smith This is a low-firmament-area. You don't want to scratch it.
MasterVertex (26 days ago)
Is anyone else here afraid of flying but also finding it fun at the same time? I kinda move between 'Wow this is so exciting and fun!' and 'Oh my god we're going to pancake this aircraft any second now!'
Ice Karma (26 days ago)
I love your in-depth explanations, and how your channel targets all levels of knowledge! ❤ And please don't take this as criticism, but... "shudder", not "shrudder". ❤
Paul Ferradas (26 days ago)
Did you guys notice the copilot in the simulator trying to raise the flaps after the go-around was initiated?? LOL He's like? WTF?!?!?
Dana Patelzick (27 days ago)
You often speak in terms of kilometers, kph. When you calculate distance do you used knots and nautical miles?
akronymus (17 days ago)
@Dana Patelzick Knots are nautical miles per hour, I think we agree here. Still, US pilots measure speed in NM/h and distances in land (!) miles. Using scientific units, speed would be m/s and distances m. Lot of unnecessary calculation work involved, causing risk of unnecessary error. Mentour is pilot flying in Europe, so he tends to use scientific and not historic units (unless advised differently). 1 km = 1000 m, no fuzz possible. km/h and m/s still have a factor of 3.6 to calculate, so km/h should go away as well as kt or mph. We are not on horseback or galleons any more. Pilot - no, flying - yes, Europe - yes. But for sure, geography is done (in science and in Europe) based metric.
Dana Patelzick (17 days ago)
@akronymus Nautica miles (mentioned) are a unit of distance. Speed would be knots. If you report speed in knots the you have to insert a conversation factor to get km. I am familiar with navigation in North America, but wanted clarification because Mentour gives distances in km. Are you a pilot flying in Europe?
akronymus (17 days ago)
Distances are not calculated in knots, knots mean speed. For what reason ever, flight-distances are given in land miles, and speeds in knots (sea.miles per hour). Quite dangerous old crap. Science ans industry are metric since long time ago. It is easy and avoids errors.
Dana Patelzick (27 days ago)
Convair 990, lots of abrupt clunky noises when taking off and on final. OH MY! did the tail fall off?! Great fun.
Tiffany's Tales (27 days ago)
Awesome video ...this should be a compulsory video watched in all flights
Nick Eberhard (27 days ago)
Hey Mentour How can the weather radar readout the conditions behind bad weather by just scanning the foremost layer of weather? Thank you for an Answer!
Igor Dubrovski (27 days ago)
Your insights are great! What still worries me on descent - an aborted landing (go around) cause i've never experienced one yet.
Lion McLionhead (27 days ago)
It's what's waiting on the ground, packed breaklights, dirty laundry, empty fridge, whether the car will start.
Stummel01 (27 days ago)
what is the guy doing with the flaps during the go around? broken the lever?
Mentour Pilot (27 days ago)
The sim lever was a bit stiff
Tygran Amalyan (27 days ago)
Great video
Aviator 747 (28 days ago)
Very Good explanation... I have knowledge about those things you talked about :-)
Aviator 747 (28 days ago)
What is all about Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) and Standard Instrument Departure (SID)??
Tena Carr (28 days ago)
I’ve never had problems with descent or flying, except for the take-offs. For some reason, I never got use to those take-offs and it was worse if I was seated towards the back of the plane. I’m pretty sure I’ve left a few finger impressions in the arm rests in the past. I did find that putting on head phones & listening to music helped immensely. Once we leveled out, I was perfectly fine the rest of the flight including landing.
lllbutcher (28 days ago)
Why do i hear about Bird Strikes on takeoffs, but not on landings?
SA Tauranga (26 days ago)
Bird strikes do happen on landing too. They’re less serious on landing, rather than take off due to having altitude and speed in your favour.
Jeff Daugherty (28 days ago)
Good job
Mentour Pilot (28 days ago)
Thank you!
Shashank Kunte (28 days ago)
That cute little dog looks more fearless than descending passengers!!!
Jon Golding (29 days ago)
i love the noise the flaps make
Jimmy Crackerlacking (29 days ago)
Isn't there an auto pilot system for landing, especially in low /ground cloud base?
Jimmy Crackerlacking (28 days ago)
@Airbus A340-600 ah OK
Airbus A340-600 (28 days ago)
Jimmy Crackerlacking no they use ils which the plane tells you how to do it
Gusto0172 (29 days ago)
Patronizing wanker.
Anthony Martinez (29 days ago)
Dude, you are awesome!! I’m terrified of flying and your vids have made me feel better about flying. Can you pilot my flights? 😎🛩
Greta J (29 days ago)
Question: If pilots avoid severe turbulence clouds, why does it still happen occasionally that a plane does hit severe turbulence? Too broad of an area covered by those types of clouds and no way around it? Or does it sometimes come as a surprise even to pilots?
Random Stuffs (28 days ago)
Sometimes what appears may as severe turbulence to the general public, is actually and technically light or little more than light turbulence . It doesn't have any implications over controllibility of aircraft or aircraft's structural integrity . However it maybe uncomfortable or even scary for some passengers . And pilots cannot see every kind of turbulence on their weather radar , for eg. Rotor turbulence and wake turbulence or turbulence caused by jet streams.
imaflightsimmer (29 days ago)
labor doodle where ahhhhhhhhhh
Susanne Sheffer (30 days ago)
I don't need to know what all the sounds and sensations mean. The only two things I got to listen for are: DIRECTIONS ON WHERE THE HELL THE EMERGENCY DOORS ARE LOCATED OR THOSE FATEFUL WORDS "BRACE FOR IMPACT". But thank you anyway.
Arve Eriksson (30 days ago)
Det här är absolut bra att känna till för dem som är flygrädda av rationella skäl. Men... jag verkar få någon slags panikanfall vid start och landning oavsett. Det är något med den där nedstigningskänslan som bara slår slint med besked. (Jag hade en mycket minnesvärd inflygning till Akureyri, när vi plötsligt hamnade i ett kraftigt, nedåtriktat luftflöde - fick en känsla i munnen som när man sätter två ståltrådar kopplade till polerna på ett batteri på tungan.)