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Profiling a Target Variable Before a Predictive Model

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View this video tip from Catherine Truxillo to learn how to profile target variables using the segment profile node in SAS® Enterprise Miner™. This material is related to the type of content covered in the SAS training course, "Advanced Analytics for the Modern Business Analyst." To learn more, visit: To view another video tip on using the segment profile node, visit
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Text Comments (4)
Shivi Bhatia (3 years ago)
very nice. thanks
SAS Software (3 years ago)
+Shivi Bhatia We're glad you enjoyed the content, Shivi! Thanks for your post!
H Narouei (4 years ago)
Thanks , I have already seen this, I am looking for a tutorial to show me how it is done in software environmet, specially with raw data.
SAS Software (4 years ago)
@Hossein Ali Narouei Khandan You are welcome! Your feedback was shared with our training department.