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1972: Our Lives Through TV Commercials

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Text Comments (566)
John .Saylock (1 day ago)
He said: If you've never been to McDonalds @ 31:17 Holly cow.
roman14032 (1 day ago)
those SSPs where effin awesome
Paul Forester (2 days ago)
I had that Snoopy toothbrush. Around 40:44
Patti Brooks (3 days ago)
Loved the classics of tv commercails not the newer ones of today too much not many of the newer ones can compare to the old classics !!
Lisa Miller (4 days ago)
Guess my favorite on here is the Pepsi commercial.
Partinaire (4 days ago)
I live in Maryland so seeing a commercial for Landover Mall is fuckin CRAZY 😂
njmikec (6 days ago)
Love the Aiee Aiee in your bumper.
Brian Phillips (7 days ago)
23:45 Ken Nordine alert!
Alain Rheault (7 days ago)
2:39 to 3:07 this advertisement is so sexist !!!!! (especially for Bob , who make the next Sears commercial)😁😁😁😁😁 Thanks Mister FredFlix, your works reminds me some funny memories ! Friendly
tubiephrank0707 (8 days ago)
23:40 -- Flair Pens -- Narrated by Ken Nordine, who also voiced the colorful Levi Jeans Ads.
tubiephrank0707 (8 days ago)
38:40 -- TWA AD -- Lawrence Luckenbill gives the tour.
tubiephrank0707 (8 days ago)
Xerox Computer Ad at 7:15 -- If this was indeed 1972, who could've known then that we were getting a true taste of the future. Of course, as many now know, Xerox would not take the lead in this field. Instead, their established rival IBM, along with two yet-to-be-born firms Microsoft and Apple, would be the ones making history.
Julie Medlin (9 days ago)
My dad drove a Ford Galaxy for 25 years! That thing was like a tank with a sofa in it. My brother was playing Dukes of Hazard, and jumped it off an embankment. It didn't have a scratch and ran like it was brand new!
Winning Grinn (12 days ago)
Does A&P still exist ?
Winning Grinn (12 days ago)
Pinto was one part away from being a safe care . I hated them but they sure sold .
Daniel Golus (12 days ago)
4:31. How amazing to see Odyssey (from TV maker Magnavox). I had always thought "Pong" was the first video game (which was only played using a television screen). Pong came out at the end of the 1970s. Odyssey is 1972. Now I know I am mistaken about Pong.
Memento Mori (13 days ago)
Dinner at Mac d's for under a buck That's how George Carlin was able to take about 250 of us "To dinner, after the Show" at Massey Hall in Toronto in 1972 .I watched him pay the bill, over and over and over again. It was hilarious. Thanks for kickstarting a fond and funny memory Fred. W
Michael Bacon (19 days ago)
Nixon was the first President of my memory.
Michael Bacon (19 days ago)
You could feed a family of four for under $4 at McDonalds? Times have changed.
Michael Bacon (19 days ago)
I remember the Odyssey early video game set. We've come a long way since then.
This Sucks (23 days ago)
4:28 What the hell? I don't remember video games before 1976 and it was only the ping pong thing without color or graphics more than a line and a square ball.
This Sucks (23 days ago)
Johnny Cash rapping his Amoco pitch was great.
UR Just Wrong (24 days ago)
34:15 That's all I'm saying.
Roger inKC (26 days ago)
That electronic message sending gadget was a fad that never really caught on...
1964DB (28 days ago)
How many of you had at least one K-Tel gadget under your Christmas tree?
MilwaukeeMark65 (1 month ago)
The Cricket lighter was $1.49 then, which is $9.17 in 2019 dollars according to the Consumer Price Index. The Fram oil filter was $4 then, ($24.45 in 2019 dollars). Some still sell for less than $5. The American standard of living actually peaked in 1970, but medical care and taxes are the main reasons for the decline.
Kathleen Sheridan (1 month ago)
Great memories Fred! I remember having a snoopy toothbrush. Great job gathering up all this great information.❤️
dalexkom (1 month ago)
ktel record selector ...classic
Neil Mackinnon (1 month ago)
That vega car must have been very heavy and mushy on braking
James Mack (1 month ago)
Delta is ready when you are!!! Always remembered that jingle.
Bill Payne (1 month ago)
Nixon Now
Darrin McGann (1 month ago)
Wait...... NO! Johnny Cash sold out?. . . My memory must,, must, must.... must be tainted!
George Jennings (1 month ago)
"Sears opening soon" that's a statement you'll never hear again .
Vanna6345 (1 month ago)
TV 60's ads were amazingly powerful. Half a century later the still lure me to want them.
Elmo Trex (1 month ago)
14:00 Pinto-My grandmother had one we went everywhere in that pinto....ah, the 1970s....
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
The 1st campaign commercial I saw "Nixon Now "!
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Great President! Nixon now & Forever!!
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Can't believe you could buy fries, hamburgers & a fish sandwich for under $4 at McDonald's back then, & I started eating at Mickey D's back then.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Gordon Jump from "WKRP " played the father in the Eggo waffles commercial.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I remember Joan Crawford doing Hostess commercials, I forgot Ann Blyth did them too?
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I didn't hear of Hardee's until I came to Florida.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I love Count Chocula!
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I didn't know Casey Kasem did voice overs for Chevrolet?
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
That looks like my pop's '71 Nova (except ours was in yellow )
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I had my 1st A& W when I was a kid. I just had one yesterday.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
The 1st time I heard of Joey Heatherton was the Serta commercial.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Joey Heatherton, what a talent! Look for this on YouTube.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
This is when commercials were cute & funny.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I remember A& P
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I loved this herbal essence commercial.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I grew up with these commercials.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
The 1st TV set I remember owning was a Quasar.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Sammy Davis & Raquel Welch doing commercials.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
The 1st video game, Odyssey, ahead of its time.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
These commercials take me back.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
Funny how I don't remember Garfinkels, I thought that was the guy with the red afro who sang with Paul Simon.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I could listen to Johnny Cash read the phone book.
Sam Bradley (1 month ago)
I remember when Esso became Exxon.
Baylor58 Duncan (1 month ago)
Xerox had that system and gave it away, the idiots on the board wanted copy machines not getting your messages on a screen ! 😂
Baylor58 Duncan (1 month ago)
That's funny because now Southwest is the worst cramped up dirty airline in America. Am I the only guy who miss a pretty white girl not all covered in tattoos ?
midwayization (2 months ago)
The Southwest Airlines one early on is amazing...I don't remember it, was probably only shown in Texas at the time. I guess it was real as no special effects were around...did she wear ear protection? What if the pilot needed an aborted takeoff?...Something like that could never, ever be filmed today in this post 9/11 world
CBS 70sfan (2 months ago)
Nixon Now? I watched a lot of TV as a kid and I don't recall ever seeing that one.
Troy W (2 months ago)
23:07 Don’t see commercials like this these days 😂😂. Young kids be like “gotta get one of those” 😂
Conscious Love (2 months ago)
These prove white people of demonic bloodlines.
Yosen B. Mamma (2 months ago)
Anybody else notice the car at 40:00? It looks like it has an elephant in its trunk. (No pun intended.)
John Wahan (2 months ago)
I Remember Going Shopping With My Grandparents At A&P . My Grandmother Would Grind Her Own Coffee. I Allways Loved That Smell. Thank.you For Sharing This. I Love The Memories Of Them And The Old Days. ☺
Rusty*\m/*Angel (2 months ago)
@ 30:11 best ever.
Jeffrey Richardson (2 months ago)
scotts new space command his movie now on demand douglas pounding sand
Jessica Mills (2 months ago)
I get a kick out of the McDonald's commercial, where they said you could feed a family for under $4. Now, depending on what a person orders, one might not be able to feed themselves for under $4.
George Bobb (2 months ago)
Interesting ! No military recruitment commercials like 10 years before.
George Bobb (2 months ago)
Wow ! Raquel
George Bobb (2 months ago)
Pumped that AMACO " high" into my 68 Road Runner many times
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
After nearly 50 years, neither McDonald's nor the Big Mac has changed their tune or their tastes.
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
At 13:00 Ford brought out the Pinto. But all those rear end collisions that blew up the Pinto's gas tank made Ford reconsider that shitty roundabout.
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
Unfortunately I don't think that Zenith is around anymore.
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
At 8:40 Why didn't Lipton tea get up the hill? Because the hill was too steep.
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
At 6:45 unfortunately we had the AMC Hornet. Now I wished we could have had the Impala instead of that shitty AMC or that crappy Pontiac.
Scooby Carr (2 months ago)
3:35: I wish that Sears could go back to this "retro" logo. Maybe if it can go back to this logo, Sears would get back to respectability instead of bankruptcy.
Rodney Kingston (2 months ago)
Remember when white people worked at McDonald's?
Chris Cheshire (2 months ago)
Coke always had great songs with their commercials
Larry Rubin (2 months ago)
Great stuff. Thanks for putting together amazing video's
FredFlix (2 months ago)
You're welcome, Larry.
Fred Wucher (2 months ago)
There were a few interesting commercials from 1972 here. One was The Xerox as featuring an early e-mail system that is now commonplace today. Another was the Vitalis ad featuring the whole Super Dolphins of that NFL season, and the Sears ad featuring Bob Griese, the 1972 NFL MVP award winner.
Lucky B (2 months ago)
That Johnny Cash photo with the American Oil logo reminds me of the scene in the movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot where the Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood characters steal the Buick at the gasoline station. If you're old enough to remember all the gasoline credit cards with the affiliated station logos on the reverse side of those credit cards and full service gasoline stations, you can appreciate the joke from the film. In the scene: Dub Taylor is pumping fuel into the Buick and recites a monologue to the man sitting in the car about America, credit, and Buffalo Nickles. The man in the Buick continues to show Dub different gasoline credit cards from his wallet portfolio and Dub will interrupt the sermon with a glance at the credit card to say, "That ain't it!", then go right back to the monologue, "That ain't it!" The man's wife, sitting on the passenger side, keeps interjecting, "What's he saying?"
Rick Marone (2 months ago)
Well today you couldn't feed a family of 4 for $4.00 at McDonald's they want $15 an hour today would be more like $25 dollars oh well at it was good product back not how it is today
akc 2019 (2 months ago)
When coke tasted good in those glass bottles, now at mc Donald you pay a arm and leg for a meal , miss the old days
P J 1 (2 months ago)
Odessey, pretty primitive.
Manon Mars (2 months ago)
I was 11 in 1972 and remember those days quite well. It was, for a child, a really cool time because toys were so cool and the color TVs were coming of age. We had a Curtis Mathes in 1969 and bought another in 1974. Talk about a TV set. Since I'm going back in time, I want a new Chevrolet, a Zenith TV and K-tel record selector.
Gordon Shumway (2 months ago)
Sitting here turned off my TV to watch these great memories in commercials on YouTube. I was 7 and life for me in ,72 was carefree, warm and loving where me and my siblings just enjoyed the peace of childhood, we delt with children struggles by not crying forever victim. We either settled it as kids, trusted our parents or our teachers to solve issues. Girls acted like girls, boys like boys, men and women flirted, corted, even fought like men and women and not as nondescript political victimd. Women were tough back then, any douche got lippy or too sexual with them the ladies would just tell them to pound sand. Was life perfect? No but we all just made the best of things. Some people did better, others not so. Life was what you made of it. Mothers and fathers knew to say the word NO to unruly and entitled kids. Commercials here froze time and yes embellished things but marked reality in a special way. Thanks for the upload 🤗
FredFlix (2 months ago)
Nice comment, Gordon.
Richard B (2 months ago)
Wow! A simpler, easier time. No mass shootings, no immigrant invasions, no school shootings, cheaper prices with better quality products. But then I guess we have technilogicly advanced as a human race. I think not!
Leo Thomas (2 months ago)
The year I was born.👶 1972 this is great thanks. ✌
FredFlix (2 months ago)
You're welcome, Leo.
Chris Fox (2 months ago)
Joey Heatherton - hubba hubba!!
Jimmy Barr (2 months ago)
12:47 The car that explodes upon slight impact from behind.
William Opalewski (2 months ago)
I remember the papa, mama, and baby burgers at A&W
raginrajan (3 months ago)
“And Sears, opening soon.” There’s something you don’t hear anymore.
Guitar Man (3 months ago)
The commercials then were more entertaining than television shows are today.
gregory griffin (3 months ago)
K TEL RECORD SELECTOR: I spotted Jackson 5's first album and Sly and the Family Stone's "LIFE" album! What familiar albums did you spot??
Frogman Smith (4 months ago)
Playing pong, email as an experiment, black woman knitting in her living room, mini skirts...ahhh the good old days.
Joy R (4 months ago)
I passed an elderly man and lady in a Chevy Impala yesterday. Those things were as big as tanks. The couple probably bought it new.
Darrell Palmer (4 months ago)
Thanks fred I miss those days. No terrorist no feminazis it was a simpler and better time. I'd give anything to go back to that time.
Peter Lamoureux (4 months ago)
Just imagine a phone that fits in your pocket...