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Lift off with a personal aerial vehicle - BBC Click

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Click takes to the skies with personal air vehicles, flying cars and tech from the Farnborough Airshow. Subscribe HERE Find us online at Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook:
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Text Comments (862)
gooni goo goo (19 hours ago)
those orange aviators do not fit . this guy can not pull off aviators at all ...I think white or yellow ray ban geek glasses would be better
Radrook (22 hours ago)
Six miles per hour is just twice regular walking speed.
Toraguchi Toraguchi (1 day ago)
There are much better flying vehicles around than the's got the google name behind it and nothing more.
Scott Fichter (1 day ago)
6:25 Listen carefully. Can you tell how he skirted the question by saying that there have been no crashes over water?
Jose Godoy (1 day ago)
i have seen that flying cars are coming since 1990, so dont get exited
pbase36 (1 day ago)
Tow it to the takeoff spot? My takeoff spot is my driveway. My landing spot is the Walmart 2 miles away.
Thiago Cruz (1 day ago)
over think? dont have to think? hmm sounds problematic
DigitalRanger (2 days ago)
Re the Kittyhawk: It's just like a computer - bugs cause crashes. Might take you a while to reboot, though. :)
Tim Trial (3 days ago)
wealthy elites calling each other pedophiles. The masks are slipping.
Mike Marley (3 days ago)
Can graphene make it easier to BREXIT?Yea get parliment on that .You can get that answer in 50 years.
Newer Account (3 days ago)
Our team has built one for under $110,000.00 and 3 months Thankyou 2019 Oh yeah and it is backed up by motors of equal thrust with one third less noise pollution of our already quiet Tomorrow Turbines. We are the First Hybrid pack. Watch for the hummingbird
Mike Marley (3 days ago)
British Bullshit Channel,now Twitter is being sued for 250 million and thats just the beginning .Google ,facebook,utube are all going to become public entities .They will not be around soon in the capacity they now hold.BBC should not even exist .They exist because they passed a law that everyone in GB has to pay for their made up stories.Giant media no longer has any veracity ,so to think that anything these CEOs say is worth listening to is a fools errand.There is no truth in these people.
Mike Marley (3 days ago)
This is the second "Kitty Hawk" flying vehicle I have seen, how many more out there using that name?
Dave Allen (3 days ago)
LOL the FB story hilarious........ Talk about backwards "facts". Not sure why it's in this video to start with, but I found it very amusing.
FooBar Maximus (3 days ago)
Jet pack only weights 115 pounds (dry) LOL OK. How many people can actually lift 115 pounds before it starts up? Not many.
Raghu Durina (4 days ago)
more like bbc clickbait
Jim Blalock (5 days ago)
250 mph in the jetback.... bullchit..
george boole (5 days ago)
Cinnamon Donkey (5 days ago)
Hang on. So you you'll need a license for a small drone but will be allowed to fly a personal aircraft license free? How many people have actually died as the result of a hobby drone vs 1 737 dropping out the sky? This is the real reason the governments are attacking hobbyist drones - because they have alternative plans for the air space.
shotgunnn (6 days ago)
Imagine the noise when flying vehicles becomes a thing for commuting... I'll be sure to move far away from any city!
Jo-Ann Frank (6 days ago)
Sad thing although all these things would be cool, because it's the BBC you have no clue if it's hype or truth because the BBC is so full of shit
J H (6 days ago)
No pilots lic means they’ll be flying city buses. No thanks. I’m shopping for a car that is all analog
kyle robinson (6 days ago)
Put a cage around the person
Phillip Steele (7 days ago)
can't do better than 62mph 25 mile range ele. what a piece of shit
Nock (7 days ago)
you're just putting blades on a boat at this point, its not a flying car unless it hovers with a big blue or red engine
Francisco Martinez (15 hours ago)
Nock Pi l
Chuck Hembree (8 days ago)
I agree as my wife is a very lovable person who can’t drive her way out of a parking lot let alone on an open byway,,,,,,
Todoroki Owo (10 days ago)
I think that jet pack idea is amazing but it’s not sustainable unless they find a way of using some different fuel. It’s crazy where we are. Simply incredible.
Tony Shaw (10 days ago)
Bloody nice
/\'Cypheir (10 days ago)
Queue the extinction of the rest of the dinosaurs... except the penguins...
fassenkugel (10 days ago)
2:08 pretty crap cgi..
Joe Blow (11 days ago)
@4:56 Be honest guys, 1st thing that entered your head was "Titty Hawk". 👀
David Hall (11 days ago)
I have been watching (television and computer) for the last 50 years with predictions that in 5-10 years we would all have a personal airplane. After all of those predictions, I have yet to see any of these come true. Either many people are lying or someone is stopping production before they become a reality. I live in the eastern US and have yet to see anything other than a bunch of 30 year old planes at the local airport. PAV? Bullshit!
Todoroki Owo (10 days ago)
I mean thinking about it there wasn’t until now an actual push. Or at least big enough push for them. Money wise either. I mean most people thought it was silly something of “sci-if” but what you said is interesting. I’ll guess we’ll see in 10years or so. But as you can see it’s getting close. Anyways that’s what I think.
Luke Warmwater (11 days ago)
less than 30 seconds in and I am hooked... flying shoes??! do tell.
Kandela Brown (12 days ago)
It needs to be towed to the take off spot? Front or backyard not okay?
Kenneth Surgent (12 days ago)
25 miles only on battery? Useless for most people!
O.I Inn (14 days ago)
24:24 what's the name of this music
thenomolos (19 days ago)
6:25 ummm.....ehhhh....welll...... credibility level: 0
RENZEENO (19 days ago)
That scientist speaking about graphene needs to speak up....talking like a mouse so quiet i could barely hear him wtf man...grow some balls mate!
Jerome Goodwin (19 days ago)
Those are NOT ROBOTS they are remote controlled devices. Robots control themselves.
Jerome Goodwin (19 days ago)
And don't forget your parachute.
runtime1976 (20 days ago)
your dead if even one motor fails
Samuel Dye (20 days ago)
All doomed until propulsion systems are disclosed from Special Access Projects of the Military Industrial Complex....
shop chilling (22 days ago)
6:24 he did not expect that question lmao
Kirk Augustin (23 days ago)
Never going to happen. Flying regulations are way too complex, and require a very well trained human. Computer can can never do, and humans will always require a very difficult and expensive license. Anything maned is way too heavy to be require a license to be safe.
darkblood626 (23 days ago)
Flying cars and jetpacks have existed for years. They won't ever become available to the general public because terrorism, alcohol, and human error are things that exist.
darkblood626 (14 days ago)
+Ronnie Ronson No it can't. You need special training and licensing to be a pilot
Ronnie Ronson (14 days ago)
That same logic can be applied to cars and already existing planes.. you’re dumb
Aj Wayne (24 days ago)
MrOramato (25 days ago)
The E-hang can go over 100 mph
MrOramato (25 days ago)
Most of the passenger drones for mass use that are currently in testing will be self-flying. And you likely won’t want to own one because they will take to exactly where you want to go and drop you off, then they go pick-up another passenger. You don’t have to pay for maintenance, parking, or parking. It is like Uber in the sky minus the driver. Unlike Bus Authority there will be multiple competitors.
Jan Marcussen (26 days ago)
Free book download at
flightisallright (26 days ago)
Efficiency = 0
Michael Mills (26 days ago)
BBC CREW. Ive not seen any more of your videos! Please send links or make intro video amd direct traffic to your website!
Michael Mills (26 days ago)
Ok plant bot and JB 11 are cats meow! Air bis Zephyr are dope! Im sure Zephyr will be 99% of the time used for S U R V A L E N C E (!) domestically! Notice he said “above Arizona”! Graphene will become clothing that looks like LCD TV!
adamsky0604 (27 days ago)
It's not a flying car. It's a flying upside-down lawnmower.
Felix Bose (1 month ago)
Dear Dr Kell, "Me or you"? Come on!!!!!!
AZMike (1 month ago)
I think a parachute should be engineered to the jetpack--otherwise what do you do if it quits at altitude (besides pray)?
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅ (1 month ago)
Just 1 murdered relative away from becoming a Superhero 10:03
Joe Scott (1 month ago)
The FLIER Will Cost $245,000 At First Public Availability - Not Too Bad !
Joe Morrow (1 month ago)
How About a parachute on that jetpack
Joe Morrow (1 month ago)
Got to have guards around propellers for public use
Scott Savage (1 month ago)
Kitty Hawk: "Please keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times, seriously."
Stanley Jones (1 month ago)
These will never work. Hate to have something fail and come crashing down.
Steve Muuray (1 month ago)
Where did they find the idiots and their "flying cars to pop down to the shop for a bottle of lemonade"? Does the hysteria about 3kg flying "drones" not give a hint of the feeding frenzy that something 50+ times heavier would cause?
Руслан Фаррахов (1 month ago)
JB-11👍интересно на чем он керосин ,бензин.
all the boost (1 month ago)
I think it's funny the only person covering their ears for the jetpack was the guy talking to the camera.
Bob Bob (1 month ago)
Wow 6 min flight times! Think of the possibilities!
SARBAJIT DAS (1 month ago)
Superb content.... graphene was my favourite....and also rolls Royce bots
ANDRE JOHNSON (1 month ago)
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Alexandros Sotiropoulos (1 month ago)
Anything will fly in the future! The dog, the cat! There will be no borders!
GLEN Dooer (1 month ago)
Lithium is doing to the World what Oil did to the industrial revolution.
bipola telly (1 month ago)
Gawd... This show is garbage. BBC crap.
bipola telly (1 month ago)
government... the bane of mankind.
bipola telly (1 month ago)
"created a small hangar" ? That's just brilliant! "Haven't had a single person go in" the lake. Any married people gone in?
Constantine Stamos (1 month ago)
It's not the fall that kills you. It's the landing.
Life Present (1 month ago)
i see ya baby ....
Lonely Ranger (1 month ago)
So the battery will carry you 25 miles. How do you get back? It only leaves you 12.5 mile travel. I'll wait for dilithium crystals.
Jedds Dreams (1 month ago)
after 20 years of working in the airline industry my fascination with flying has been satisfied. From now on I'm keeping my feet on the ground.
willibill c (1 month ago)
Have you ever had one of you flying cars fall out of the sky? aaa ho studer studer well we have never had one fall in the water.
Dale Bergeron (1 month ago)
The thing we need is no one person should pilot it. you probably won't even be able to own one. You would have an app that is like calling uber . It would land to pick you up. You get in and no stop signs, no traffic lights, No waiting for people to stop texting to finally start driving again. it has to happen. forget driver-less cars. 10 years ago it took me 10 minutes to get to the gym. now it takes 25-30 min. Due to people texting and eventually taking off. Someone needs to show just how many hours are lost each year due to this time lost. .
Andretti (1 month ago)
Are they solar power ? If not , then this is BS.
kickinbackinOC (1 month ago)
Great video, thanks! You need to cover Zapata, and their range of personal flying vehicles!
Ted Twietmeyer (1 month ago)
New lithium batteries, high power small motors with lower costs have made jet packs obsolete. Military would want a quieter jet pack, but suppressing noise lowers jet engine power. Electric motor jet packs are the wave of the future.
Andrew Rios (1 month ago)
Great video man!
Steve AnacortesWA (1 month ago)
Another group of fools putting the blades right at head level, is it really that hard to not raise them up over your head so you don't execute your customers?
fitness tarik (1 month ago)
I'm buying on of this bad boy
James Jones (1 month ago)
5:05 T I T T Y H A W K LMAO
Top Global (1 month ago)
Phil Gray (1 month ago)
Every thing is electro magnetic plasma " we are decived by false propulsive movement"""""" !!!!
dhana raj (1 month ago)
மிக அருமை
fingerhorn4 (1 month ago)
Autonomous, personalised air travel is total fantasy driven by vanity projects that are of zero worth to the individual. Imagine corporate jet transport, which is already fantastically expensive, wasteful and exclusive and multiply it by a thousand or ten thousand translated to individual air-transport pods. There are already more airways than there are major roads. The idea that the "common man" or woman could ever own these things to go down to the shops is utterly absurd. The future is in safe, inexpensive public transport that people can trust. Most people can hardly drive straight in an SUV even without the interference of gravity to end the journey abruptly. Imagine a few hundred of these things flying around. It is utterly untenable, and as others have pointed out, these machines will be appropriated by a combination of the military and self-appointed "important" people. Meanwhile let the mainstream media have their disneyland reports and laugh. This is completely ridiculous and anyone who believes that mass-personal vertical take off machines will ever become viable is living in a childish world of make-believe. It is not being luddite to say so and of course that's what these nincompoops rely on, the myth that anyone who is sceptical must be some idiot living in the dark ages. Nearly all personalised hi tech transport is miss-described. It cannot be viable except for the very few highly privileged who can bend the rules in their favour. The rest of us will still take a bicycle, walk, drive a car, catch the bus or queue for 3 hours for an aircraft. Just for one moment imagine all this is possible. It is bad enough that physically designed roads, without the interference of gravity, are dangerous and impractical enough. Try to imagine all that translated to 3d space. The environmental, safety, over-crowding and other constraints are just the beginning. Being sceptical about this is not the equivalent of requiring a red flag to proceed a motor car in 1896. These people are seriously assuming that airspace is going to be allotted to hundreds of thousands of untrained individual people in an environment that is already on the brink of over-capacity. They are nuts.
Martin Van Luyn (2 months ago)
So the girl weighs 45kg?
Matthew Pulls (2 months ago)
I see a lot of decapitated people in our future.
patman0250 (2 months ago)
A lot of law need to pass !!?? fuck that bull shit no body owns the fucking sky's just like no body owns space !!! We want to fly we can do so and no body can stop us !! we want to go to space fuck off government you cant do shit about it !!!! Because technically no one owns air space its just some strong arm bull shit going on!!
Jorge Chavez (2 months ago)
wax up wit d sound?
John Baxter (2 months ago)
All the designers are going totally the wrong way. All the blades need enclosing for safety reasons. Best way to show a flying cars design is like Bruce Willis taxi in the film Fifth element. Aston Martin sort of got it with their design. Bruce Willis taxi is best design for flying cars trust. Wen we land and park we can't have all fans sticking out, they need enclosing within the vehicle. Also I'm saying as flying cars fly they can have wind turbines on that power the craft. And solar built in. Forward momentum creates energy. Same with electric car, as the wheel turns it can generate energy. Self powered vehicles are totally possible. Futures so bright ur gonna need some cool sunglasses.
Eric Wilkes (2 months ago)
So that's where some of the missing 21 trillion dollars went.
Horace Hogsnort (2 months ago)
2:42 Restricted to 62 miles/hr in the US? Who the hell would want one? 4:38 SIX MPH?!! Whatta joke!
Michael Mills (26 days ago)
Horace Hogsnort Yeah experimental aircraft have to stay under 62 mph and have less than 5 gallons of fuel. But let’s say you have a tail wind of 30 miles an hour and you’re going 62 you’re really cruising right along 92 miles an hour or faster. Non-aeronautical inclined individuals never take into consideration a headwind a tailwind barometric pressure having an effect on how smoothly your vehicle cruises through the medium.
Jordan Belfort (1 month ago)
Horace Hogsnort people who want to skip traffic
Horace Hogsnort (2 months ago)
0:53 You can bet your ass that plane has been STRIPPED DOWN and is extremely light for an airliner. It also has a minimum amount of fuel.
Lawrence Daniels (2 months ago)
If you look at the drone technology, much of that can be implemented in these. With GPS and the sensors they use they could be very safe. I think it could be a great way to go. Everyone on here seems to be like all the naysayers that told the Wright brothers it would never work out. A little more time and I believe you would see them.
Mark Carney (2 months ago)
HellCrafter5 (2 months ago)
13:40 *walks in with camera* *zoom in on the no photography sign*
Maciej Komosinski (3 days ago)
...because it says "no photography", not "no video" :-)