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Target Lady: Meets Her First Lesbian - SNL

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Target Lady (Kristen Wiig), whose odd behavior annoys her customers, encounters her first lesbian (Aidy Bryant) and thinks up unusual uses for maxi-pads and deodorant. With Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer. [Season 38, 2013] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (3575)
Luke Cobabe (9 hours ago)
God she was irritating. Why did I watch the whole thing?
foxibot (13 hours ago)
IT would be hilarious if they put her in target secretly filmed reactions.
spargo mcdicky (17 hours ago)
Areal Mann (1 day ago)
The best part of this sketch is at 5:53
Hanna Hanna (1 day ago)
Местами напоминает наших операторов на заправках shell😂
HelloSophiaTrang (2 days ago)
She’s basically what Katrina from the Pink Windmill Kids was like as a kid but the adult version😂
KitLivy 6 (2 days ago)
Girl: every month a women... Target lady: drives to Florida just to get a quick look at Florida Me: I live in Florida so trust me that’s a bad idea
Tammy Forbes (2 days ago)
So the guy who was a customer in another skit is now a target employeee guess he got fake hired to work with th me target lady she must have made it seem fun
Stephan Gauch (4 days ago)
Can I have some of that chocolate bar for sustenance?
Eric Staples (4 days ago)
"yesterday I learned coca cola is dark brown!" "Wow, maybe tomorrow you'll learn how to tell a funny joke."
Ma Wi (4 days ago)
Racists. Why does SNL get to bash White women only like this? Pure racism.
zerocool1ist (4 days ago)
Did they ever show the manager it be funny if it was someone even more eccentric then her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UOdqmiCoxk
Michelle V.H (5 days ago)
Mad TV Walmart lady it's much better
Krampo (5 days ago)
SNL was funny 25 years ago. Now 💩
It's Chris (6 days ago)
okay but she sounds exactly like sarah from the amazing world of gumball
de nahz (6 days ago)
I hate her voice so much
WereAllStrangeHere (7 days ago)
Oh my god there is literally a cashier at my target like this no joke
Caz Evans (7 days ago)
Bad vìd.😡
Shant Arakelian (9 days ago)
That would be $441... WaIt WhAt????!!!! Lol
up gradde (9 days ago)
Thus the invention of self check out
Lili Hampton (10 days ago)
Are you a hoarder?!
Dan Lowe (10 days ago)
Every month ladies ....... LADDIES WHAT?! You know....... GO TO FLORIDA EVERY MONTH JUST TO GO SEE FLORIDA?????? (I think the end should of been. “well yes but something else”😁
David Saling (11 days ago)
Goto Kohls who are you Donald Trump? Lol
ALL CAPS BRYAN (12 days ago)
FF Games (13 days ago)
i just remembered when people say everyone in SNL os reading prompts but if you look closely Kristen Wig is one the people that doesnt read the prompter that much
Jennifer Webb (13 days ago)
Deodorant $6 Paper plates $3 Madagascar DVD $29.64!?!? Wtf!?
Kris Art (13 days ago)
i want her to be the star in a -target lady movie-, please! #targetladymovie
Jeff Ewart (13 days ago)
Best era cast
Monique from Mars (14 days ago)
*I’m on the clock and ready ta ROOOCK!*
Sydney Martin (14 days ago)
The Trump one hit too close
Regan Collins (16 days ago)
Lame skit
ShadowsArch (16 days ago)
I don't get insecure about my purchases because its just that. A purchase. Just halfheartedly answer and move on with your lives. It's not like that cashier actually is interested. Working as a cashier, I was just friendly to make the day go by faster and to remove that ugly grim mug customers walk in with. Besides, if the majority of you(sometimes cashiers but barely) were moderately pleasant, you wouldn't receive such annoying service.
macmusic08 (18 days ago)
This is a terrible skit
asmRTPOP (19 days ago)
trump wishes he could shop at kohls
dmitrigarcia (19 days ago)
This wasn’t very good.
Basic Pigeon (19 days ago)
I'm just happy the target lady is so happy
ilike tiddies (20 days ago)
“she told me she’s suffering between realms, what do i do?”
up4playin21 (20 days ago)
What the hell is a cashier at Target?
Greg Nelson (21 days ago)
Back when it was okay to mention Donald Trump in a non negative way
Linda Thomas (21 days ago)
This lady is a fool 😂😂😂
Himesh Khatri (22 days ago)
Sometimes I forget she is Kristen.. she is so into character damn😅
Josh Virzi (22 days ago)
I still to this day don’t understand the Donald Trump and Kohl’s joke, am I missing something?
tristan smith (19 days ago)
Kohl’s has a reputation for being expensive. Walmart has the cheap stuff, you pay extra to go to target just to avoid Walmart, and Kohl’s is expensive, so by calling him DT she is saying in effect “what are you, rich?”
Chandler Whitchurch (22 days ago)
Drives to Florida just to see Florida
Mi L (22 days ago)
Am I the only one who tried to laugh but didn’t. 😑
Cali Qm (22 days ago)
I think someone's been in the pharmacy section for too long
Liz Beth (23 days ago)
Target lady!! Every sentence ends in explanation points!! 😂
Nathan Romero (23 days ago)
Meredith Julia (23 days ago)
ironically enough, i'm the cashier who gets these comments from my customers........
Rico Bellic (24 days ago)
She getting fired for leaving the money on the counter.
laura matthies (24 days ago)
Omg! So funny. I have seen a checker like this at my target. I always switch lines. They comment on everything I buy.
conchitina bernardo (25 days ago)
Renae Rufus (25 days ago)
Er yer er hwoarderr?
Emily Carter (25 days ago)
So no one else is confused as to why Target Lady has never had a period? 😂
Leah heart (26 days ago)
Lmao flat is where it's at lol nope can't relate
Get Ripped (27 days ago)
She must have been on weed lol
The MoW (27 days ago)
When life is so shit, work seems like fun
Izy Sly (27 days ago)
I'm in....
Norglad Mbile (27 days ago)
Hahaha.. she's so good.
Zach Mussen (28 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Heidi Stanton (28 days ago)
Mad Tv.. skit 2011 ..bummer
J. B. (28 days ago)
I remember when SNL was funny, i was in my teens...... 40yrs ago
الحمد لله (28 days ago)
يا رب
whats it to ya (29 days ago)
All I will say is Mad TVs Walmart greeter is the og 😂😂😂
Terry Wilson (29 days ago)
I live in NC and there's a lady like this that works at Walmart here me and my wife call her the crazy lady but she's cool though
logan lin (29 days ago)
She’s weird af but damn we all wish we were that happy LMAO
Michael Doyle (29 days ago)
So not funny
jack the Lass (29 days ago)
I was just driving by an old folks home and noticed that there was an ambulance and fire trucks with their lights on parked outside, and I suddenly heard " oh, someone died." In the target lady voice
Morgan S (29 days ago)
If there is anything I learned from this: Flat is where it is at
risk603 (30 days ago)
WOW, an SNL skit where there Not crying like little babies over Trump
Ralph Hickok (30 days ago)
I could only listen to that voice for about 30 seconds :)
Jackie Barnes (30 days ago)
Kristin Wigg is a Hoot.
Blkjakk (30 days ago)
Oh my gerd it’s Tearget !!!!!
Por_Qwa (30 days ago)
What accent is that?
sophia 896 (30 days ago)
“I like to cut out the models eyes and put them on my eyelids so the birds never feel alone and the ghosts think I’m awake!”
shellyedmb117 (30 days ago)
Stereotype busted 😂😂😂
shellyedmb117 (30 days ago)
Lol idk how they keep a straight face with her 😂😂😂
Lunker (1 month ago)
Pretty Dumb...
Ms Foster (1 month ago)
What happened to the lesbian?
PATRICK BARBATI (1 month ago)
I wish she was my Target cashier-lady lol!!!
Oofus Doofus (1 month ago)
Great, and they H A D to put it against Donald Trump, I used to watch SNL but it’s just not funny when every episode they say something against the president.
Cobb ETL PROGRAMMER (1 month ago)
LOL: At the End the Wife says in response to shopping at Coles; "Who are you Donald Trump?" Ha! I didn't know coles was that expensive.
Big Okie (1 month ago)
Drummond Fengdahl (1 month ago)
i never found her funny, for some reason.
StarBucks 42367 (1 month ago)
Did you know if some other random person you don’t know shows up in your dream it’s a ghost in your room watching over you
Kathy Kimpel (1 month ago)
her voice grinds my brains
New AussieHunter (1 month ago)
Not funny at all.
Jessica Feuster (1 month ago)
Me on caffeine 🤣🤣🤣🤣☕☕☕☕
The Doctor (1 month ago)
This isn't funny.
world through my eyes (1 month ago)
SNL is on a downward spiral and it's pulling us down with it! This was a stupid skit!
Gino Asci (1 month ago)
WEEEEEEEE !!!!! she’s on A RIDE all the time
Aurelia Wunsh (1 month ago)
she looks drunk
Anonymous User (1 month ago)
Kristen Wiig is soooo cute
McKenna Lake (1 month ago)
This one wasn't that funny.
Mike Rotch (1 month ago)
Welcome to terget
Jt Hurry (1 month ago)
almost like a female Ed Grimley.
UrbexBrendon (1 month ago)
“Wow, look at all of these CERDS”
siouxsielover88 (1 month ago)
Who doesn't know coca-cola is dark brown? Was this lady raised in a cult? Is she color blind? What's the story?
John Monroe (1 month ago)
Perhaps this. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/soda-vs-pop_n_2103764
Fred Derry (1 month ago)
SNL skits always go on too long
Cyndee Payton (1 month ago)
I had a customer buy several bunches of bananas and several boxes of condoms...I was very professional that day..true story!!
Vampire Queen (1 month ago)
The almond thing killed me!😂 I luv the way she says "ale-mond"
Savedby Grace (1 month ago)
Wow this is bad. Really bad.