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Guy uses webcam to catch the office thief

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This guy noticed the fruit on his desk was being taken by somebody, so he set up a technological sting operation to figure it out...
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Text Comments (13366)
Anthony Shanklin (1 hour ago)
Lololol she said no I don't lololol fucking bitch
Mark G (11 hours ago)
Its usually the cleaning crew that messes with crap.
jrdn Roddy (11 hours ago)
Lmao chinks
D Adams (11 hours ago)
Stupidest part of this video is the comment section
Blöödfart69 (12 hours ago)
2:01 - fuckin' mouthbreather!
nanab256 (13 hours ago)
3:41 ghostbusters?
SANCHEZMP 88 (1 day ago)
Of course she wants to play stupid. This is why I love cameras. The only witness who can't lie.
dennis daniel (1 day ago)
2:14 this man have an epic expression xD
Garry Maxwell (1 day ago)
0:58 he be like "okay.. I won't fuck witchu, I'll leave this room okay?" 😂
ShadowRelic (1 day ago)
Ho's gotta eat too...
DXL.00124 (1 day ago)
Aw, the poor fat girl was just hungry. Nice video though. Clever way to tell her!
Blaines World (1 day ago)
How much do u want to bet she said that she didn't steal any fruit.
Demetrius Hunt (1 day ago)
But he still told without telling with pictures
Zalute (1 day ago)
the janitor is a legend not only does he clean but he catches ghosts at the office
Voidream EX (18 hours ago)
there's something strange and it's your fruit It goes missing Who you gonna call Janitor
Azeoon (19 hours ago)
Thats what i thought from the thumbnail XD
My Birthday is 420 (22 hours ago)
best comment so far haha
Tim Tim (1 day ago)
The bald guy is apparently a huge fan of your work lol.
all ball (1 day ago)
She looks petty.
Soma Dutta (1 day ago)
Why so many people defending the thief? She took something that wasnt her for a whole month and didnt even bother to notify the employee, why should anyone compensate for thieves? She isnt doing any extra help to him in return?
Carole Pearson (1 day ago)
Great film. Enjoy your fruit 🌈
Tobi der Igel (1 day ago)
did i just saw a video of a guy filming a woman filmed by another guy?
ShadysCrazy (2 hours ago)
Tobi der Igel no there was no other guy filming
Simon Moore (1 day ago)
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
Simon Moore (15 hours ago)
Alright! Partially sighted then..
Voidream EX (18 hours ago)
An eye for an eye makes 2 people half blind
_Nickelback YT (20 hours ago)
Gandhi fucked kids
user name (1 day ago)
That isn't true at all
Netflix guy k7 (1 day ago)
One hand: the bald guy though i could brush my teeth while using the head mirror On the other hand: this is why people commit sucide
Roger Smith (2 days ago)
5.5 Thousand POS's who think the victim is the bad guy! This is why our country has plummeted into the abysmal condition it's in. Parents... err I mean "the parent" no longer teaches right from wrong, schools are too busy teaching Marxism to take-up that slack, and we had a president in office for eight years who taught everyone there's no need to follow laws of any kind! But things are a changing, kids!! The "parents" are coming back to set things straight!! Enjoy what you HAD because it's about to end!!! 😉 👍 🇺🇸
D Adams (11 hours ago)
Just HAD to make it political. I can't even watch porn without the comments being political, just STOP
scar445 (1 day ago)
im sorry, exactly what parts of marxism is being taught in american schools??
Cthulhu The Unholy DK (1 day ago)
america is beyond saving. thank the heavens, USA is the worlds cancer.
Andy Pitchless (2 days ago)
Boring. Thanks.
Gray 21 (2 days ago)
Music used?
Jean Jésus (2 days ago)
Stop harassing her! Fat as she is, eating fruits is the best way for her to lose weight!
Jean Jésus (1 day ago)
Bad! Bad Jean Jésus! Gniiiih
scar445 (1 day ago)
maybe you were kidding. but there are stupid people out there who will take you dead serious, even after you proclaim it be a joke. and dont do jokes like that. its so untastefull.
Jean Jésus (1 day ago)
I was kidding...
Darca1n (1 day ago)
Then she should buy her own fruit to eat instead of stealing from others. Small crime is where many criminals start, so what's to prevent her from slowly starting to steal more expensive things too?
Tim Kim (2 days ago)
D Adams (11 hours ago)
Idgaf he paid for it, how'd you feel if you ordered pizza and I ate it all?
Shawn J O'Hara (1 day ago)
scar445 that's the truth you're speaking. Some people will never understand that. Tim Kim is a example of that. Plus her co-worker takes a pic of it why you ask? So he doesn't get fired for it, or to turn her in. That's just one office what else is she doing throughout the building.
scar445 (1 day ago)
its dumb to defend criminals, but honestly, she is just a fruit thief. it starts with fruits. it ends up with her rummaging through every drawer in the office building
Shawn J O'Hara (1 day ago)
Wow if that was your mandarin orange I bet you'd be upset.
Shawn J O'Hara (1 day ago)
Danny Provolone hey just wondering how you justify her taking what isn't hers? She didn't buy it. She has a job. She could've bought some fruit. If your food was taken would you be ok with it? I'm sure you'll say yeah. However if it happened every day for a month are you still ok with it? I'm going to guess that you'll say he shouldn't have left it there. The other question I have is this if the same woman takes the Amazon parcel off "your" porch are you ok with that? The reason I say that is because if a person is so petty as to steal an apple off of someone else's desk then they're willing to steal anything. I personally would have left fruit that I dipped into the toilet out for her every night prior to leaving the office. That would have been my screen shot an apple floating in the bowl, and then the shot of it on my desk.
GrimDivinity (2 days ago)
Why the hell is this video blowing up? It's 6 years old and super lame.
Gray 21 (2 days ago)
GrimDivinity Cuz its ancient, the new videos today are pretty dope but old videos are somehow relaxing to watch
ig2d (2 days ago)
You shouldn't just post this on YouTube for everyone - her family and friends - to see...
Sam Kash (2 days ago)
ig2d you shouldn't do things you don't want your friends and family to know you did
Harry Hov (2 days ago)
Bitch have her fired
Mind Yours (2 days ago)
That's too extreme. I'll just have her compensate me for thee fruit by ordering me my next meal. Not like she stole a stapler, usb, or something irreplaceable.
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
All this for *fruit* that the janator could have thought it was trash. Privileged assholes, you have your own office while you get a janator fired for doing her job.
Hutch214 (19 hours ago)
roslolian11 Who cares how many bites she took. She still walked out of the office and down the hall with the whole fucking thing.
Soma Dutta (21 hours ago)
Are you hallucinating while typing this? Where did you see her keep the food back? Where do you see this bullshit? Tell me the minute in the video son. And do you know what "what if" implies if it's put before a statement? I'm using a probable situations as an example which could have happened moron. Did I say she stole cash? I said "This time it was just fruits what if there was cash?" Learn the the difference moron. I'm not making bullshit like the thief taking a bite and leaving at that. Don't make bullshit claims and base your stupid thesis on that. You still couldn't provide how you came to know that she just took a bite. She stole his food everyday for a month you moron. Every fucking day for a month. How hard is that to understand even a 12 year old can tell the difference. And what's wrong about asking for a ride? You sound to be so generous you can't afford to give me a ride for one single day of your life? How is that possible son? And why do I have to do the same thing she did? You mean thieves do not have different preferences? They do not not have different choices? Why are you so discriminative? All your life did you only come across food snatchers and thieves? And stop making me repeat myself. Use your head a little. I'm not dumb enough to go your place everyday for a month to take your stuff if I can do that in one day instead. I don't want your food son, don't even want your money, I'll instead take various other things that I'd need for myself, which I possibly could take if I visited your place for a month. The same plan as the girl. Simple as that. And that's where pretty much everything I need to take comes under. And don't try to play my words like a looong scumbag, I didn't say I was gonna go take your money in the first place. Neither did I say I was going to rob you off everything. Are you that afraid by knowing that I want to go visit your place and take a few things of my liking that you suddenly feel overprotective about every fucking thing in your place? Don't bullshit me. If you want to win your argument that bad then do that by your own capability. Don't complain about my analogy when all you're doing is making up bullshit and putting them in my mouth and can't even prove the bullshit you claim yourself. At least I don't spout bullshit.
roslolian11 (21 hours ago)
Soma Dutta You can see the example of the janitress taking the fruit it was literally one bite and then she left. You are the one making BS up cash? When did she steal cash? Did the video maker say she was stealing cash? All that dude said fruit was disappearing and we see an example of that fruit disappearing...one measly bite. Did you see her take the entire platter? No? Then stfu. What is the relation to the janitress taking a small bite out of a fruit plate to you getting free rides, money and everything under 10 dollars? Did she do any of those things? All she got was a bite out of fruit, where does the free rides and free stuff and money come in? How does one piece of fruit equate to me not having a problem with you taking everything? Lol you can't even make correct analogies.
Hutch214 (1 day ago)
roslolian11 My gateway can go 10 hours with a webcam running. So I don’t know where you get that 2 hours from. Probably another one of your assumptions.
Soma Dutta (1 day ago)
With your bullshit you sound like someone delusional talking out of their ass.
JOE MAHMAH (2 days ago)
This is so dumb
powertool4uau (3 days ago)
Good vid.... and funny too... well done
Joe Durkin (2 days ago)
powertool4uau agreed I guess people don't find this funny I do well put together
Ni St (3 days ago)
this filthy little shit with his hidden camera should be fired immediately. the fucking nerve. self-appointed Gestapo shit face.
scar445 (1 day ago)
the woman employee that has long fingers and dont know mine from yours should be fired. stealing is a crime
Danny Provolone (1 day ago)
Chad Williams I'm coming for your fruit, get the SWAT.
PEPSEY (1 day ago)
Ni St you are so fucking retarded
Chad Williams (2 days ago)
OP is an office thief.
Hutch214 (2 days ago)
Who cares if she has kids or not. Fuck her for stealing.
blunted333 (3 days ago)
You made a screensaver? wow.. badass.. I'd have gone with the LSD laced apple, or at least Laxatives..Then follow her about the office filming while she loses her shit...figuratively and/or literally.
Jay Brewster (16 hours ago)
Hopefully she'd stab your eyes out during her trip and get away with it because she was high on drugs you dosed her with.
Mind Yours (2 days ago)
You could get charged if they knew you intentionally did that. It's dumb but that's the truth. That's how our system works. Being its premeditated.
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
blunted333 for fruit.
leonsennin (3 days ago)
Why leave valuables out in the open anyways.. and I guess for this guy his valuables are fruits...
12- Gage (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone maybe if I was in middle school I'd be on that fuck shit .
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
12- Gage if you're going to call me boy it's gotta be "Boi" get that shit right next time.
12- Gage (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone boy you're going to everyone's shit trying to defend the fruit thief lol
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
Sches (2 days ago)
leonsennin Why should you hve to hide your fruit if people can just respect people's stuff?
chris Lau (3 days ago)
She's ugly inside and out.eww
JUAN ROMAN (3 days ago)
Stupid music
TNB TheNewBlood (3 days ago)
Fix ya glasses mi hoi mi boi
Safetyleed Nkom (3 days ago)
Nice one.. hahahaha
Tronald Dump (3 days ago)
I'm not surprised that it was a woman at all, she probably maried and divorced a dude just to get that alimony
12- Gage (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone every single comment
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
This lady is a janator... FRUIT
Tronald Dump (3 days ago)
Dylan Jones Ah there's no alimony there, but still. Don't be a banana. Dont steal apples.
Dylan Jones (3 days ago)
Tronald Dump actually those two are married and own a janitorial business together
Kally954569 (4 days ago)
Lol. Auesome.
john king (4 days ago)
This pleased me no end. I work nights in a security office, and have had to resort to taking all my belongings home each night; mug, coffee, sugar, plate, whatever else I use; as if I don't more often than not when I return the next night at least one of the items is completely gone or has been abused in some way. Funny how no one sees anyone taking my stuff though. I could've looked back thru the cctv footage but have a life, and a job to do while there, so chose the easier option. Can't abide office thieves.
C. Diddy (4 days ago)
She probably thought it was a communal bowl of fruit like those bowls of candy and only took one piece..didn't seem like that big a deal
bizarro20daves (7 hours ago)
I think this was appropriate response. She had done it multiple times from description. He warned her, he didn't go to her bosses and get her fired.
scar445 (1 day ago)
it a desk inside an office. not much to mistake. she knew it was another persons property and she still took it. text book stealing
C. Diddy (2 days ago)
bizarro20daves true. The Screensaver was a bit much tho. Not like she stole a stapler or tablet or something
bizarro20daves (2 days ago)
it's sitting on his desk. not in a fruit bowl in a shared area. jeez
zzerulia lase (4 days ago)
I dunno why im watching this ..
3DFX (4 days ago)
zzerulia lase Becoz it was acually worth it?
RizeVize (4 days ago)
I work in a part-time job as a cleaner in a office and boy do I have many chances to steal stuff such as iPhones, Laptops, etc. But guess what, I don't. Don't be a douche, don't steal unless you're fine with people taking your stuff as well.
12- Gage (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone this is crazy , you fr have gone down this entire string of comments trying to defend this lady , this is insanity
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
OneCheezyPizza *Fruit*
OneCheezyPizza (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone yes she did
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
OneCheezyPizza (4 days ago)
and if you are fine with people taking your stuff, the felony charges should scare you away from doing it XD
Muayyad Emad (5 days ago)
the music is what makes it even funnier
Grant Piper (5 days ago)
After all that time it turns out he was a ghost buster disguised as a janitor.
jiveAt5 (5 days ago)
Sewing needle in apple works great.
scar445 (1 day ago)
it came from his desk??? presumed guilty by default
Meru Fpv (1 day ago)
Only if it can be proved that he placed the needles in the apple...not otherwise
scar445 (1 day ago)
that will land you in jail. premeditated intent to willingly cause bodily harm to another person
K.·.R. (3 days ago)
Thats fucked!! Lmao!
Meru Fpv (4 days ago)
Jesus Lopez (5 days ago)
1:59 might of lost some i.q. points looking at dude's face expression.. 🤔
Son Of Montreal (5 days ago)
2:54 love how she handles the fruit with the dirty gloves she probably just used to wipe the toilet seats in the bathroom. Class act.
Jbaker114 (5 days ago)
What kind of phone is that?
Poop_Blower (3 days ago)
Some kind of blackberry I guess since this was uploaded in 2012
Chicken Feed babe (4 days ago)
Jbaker114 what the fuck you talking about there's no phones at in this video they're recording with a cheap ass webcam
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
If he wasn't gay I think he was taking the photo to Blackmail the moose.
Tahmid Ahmed (5 days ago)
Idk why some people in this comment section are defending the thief.
Bear Experiment (2 days ago)
Fruit *in a bowl*. That has always been for sharing. Just meant for clients not the cleaning staff. He could just leave a note asking the cleaning staff not to take any instead of putting her face on the internet; would have been much less effort to do so too.
Tia Starks (2 days ago)
Because it’s fucking fruit
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
Tahmid Ahmed *FRUIT*
Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos? (5 days ago)
why is this in my recommended and why did i click it
rab day (5 days ago)
what the fuck is it with the fucking music ..
F S (5 days ago)
Why not just lock you door, idiot?
12- Gage (2 days ago)
Danny Provolone you're amazing with how many times I've found you in other people's comments talking shit about a truit their
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
He can't clean his office himself, he has too many fruit peels on his desk
cliffishot2def (4 days ago)
F S you the type that threw all the things under your bed when your parents told you to clean your room.
cliffishot2def (4 days ago)
F S damn you really need convincing that you're smart dont you fella?
Benjamin Lee (5 days ago)
F S Because he wants his office cleaned. Idiot.
Aaron T (5 days ago)
Maybe she can get away with that in China
Ni St (6 days ago)
you're a piece of shit. the punishment is far worse than the crime. you should have left some food for her, shit bag.
scar445 (1 day ago)
Ni St. you are kind of a troll arent you??? i have seen multiple comments on you defending this lowlife stealing from a coworker. tell me. how can he trust her with anything?? he already knows that she doesnt know my stuff from her own stuff.
Danny Provolone (2 days ago)
Wow I guess it's easy to Bait on here cause all of yall took it and deep throated it.
Ashes Xxxx (2 days ago)
Ni St Fuck face? Lol that's nice. That is not my logic, your putting words in my mouth. I'm saying it's not up to you! You are in no position to declare what you see fit punishment on any crime. You feel so bad, become a lawyer or stfu. Maybe you can let her stay at your house? Since your so altruistic
Ni St (3 days ago)
Ashes Xxxx: by your logic, any punishment executed on the perpetrator, no matter how severe, and any resulting consequences, no matter how severe, incurred by innocent parties, are justified for any crime, whatsoever. you are completely missing the point that a just punishment must be proportional to the offense and careful consideration must be given to preventing unwanted, unjustified, or unforeseen consequences, particularly as regards innocent, dependent, or vulnerable parties. otherwise, the punishment becomes simply further offense and criminality. fuck face.
Ashes Xxxx (3 days ago)
Ni St Being insulting doesn't prove your point. And your example is rather dramatic. Neither you or I could decide what would happen to this women of she were reported. Especially if she is suppose to be doing her job she shouldn't be doing things like that. She is a thief no matter how you want to sugar coat it.
Benjamin Lee (6 days ago)
Are these people retarded? Look and look and look again.......
pinballrockstar (5 days ago)
Benjamin Lee hahaha yeah that is so dumb
Heru- deshet (6 days ago)
Illegal alien strike again.
FANATIK-J (6 days ago)
Sneaky Kamikaze fruit thief!
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
FANATIK-J she was a fat Fruit Ninja.
Cristos Palabras (7 days ago)
Live in Mexico like I do. 85% of EVERYONE steals shit. You have to keep it under lock and key and STILL keep a loaded gun in your hand. Those fuckers will steal anything. Supposedly Christian neighbors stole my puppies when they got loose. Then wanted to sell them back to us when we caught them. That's Mexico.
Cristos Palabras (5 days ago)
Lauri22 Finnish people have a sense of "neighborhood" like my friends who I met in Rome, they were from Finland. They seem to watch out for one another. I lived in Malaysia for a little while and I had to sign a statement on the inbound plane that I was not bringing drugs, and it said "The penalty for drug smuggling is death by hanging." I snapped a photo of that and sent it to friends and family... very low crime rate in Malaysia. I lived in China for a short time, too, and the crime rate is higher there even though the penalties are strong, because there's so many people and they feel they can get away with crime. They banned motorcycles in Guangzhou while I was there because motorcyclists were robbing everyone.
Cristos Palabras (5 days ago)
Amartje010 Amartje010 I was in Netherlands briefly... the only thing I heard of was a rape. I lived in England for several years and back then there was very little crime. Now, even with the cameras everywhere, there are petty crimes, assaults and robberies. Anywhere drugs or Muslims go, crime increases.
Amartje010 Amartje010 (5 days ago)
Cristos Palabras lol in the netherlands you can leave your door wide open like a store. No one will come in. There is a murder like once a year. And even if a bird shits it will come on breaking news. Sorry for bad english.
Cristos Palabras (6 days ago)
timon raccoon Yeah its bad when they stoop low enough to steal your sanity. Feel sorry for ya.
Lauri22 (6 days ago)
Fortunately I live in Finland. In here you don't even need to lock your doors when you go out. Nobody cares
tom tiitt (7 days ago)
KenN Folkz209 (7 days ago)
The first janitor look was priceless
Robert Taylor (7 days ago)
I fucking hate thieves and think they should go to exercution for their crimes.
a lvl 3 mage (3 days ago)
Robert Taylor If you think people should be executed because of stealing fruit you might be a psycopath
K.·.R. (3 days ago)
Chinggis Han I heard its MUCH WORSE!!
Chinggis Han (4 days ago)
Robert Taylor Shit I’d hate to be “exercutioned” A lot worse then execution.
Lewi Sardo (6 days ago)
You should be executed for your spelling
Psycoholic2008 (6 days ago)
I think you need to go to school. -.- Check your spelling.
sam mass (7 days ago)
The original video was a lot clearer. What happened?
Falsea (7 days ago)
I loved this, man. The look on her face, she was kinda wondering whether to act dumb or not but i bet her only reaction was to pretend she found it on the floor, and................, "" ahh stupid froot on floor, ""what?, i should just put back next time huh, so it dirty for him huh" ""some peepol have no gratitood for low paid woker"" HOKAY, IF DAT HOW HE FEEWEL, IT FINE, HE CAN HAVE HIS DIERTY FROOT"" LOL,!! You know she will!!
resmen81 (8 days ago)
Whether you steal 5c or 5 million dollars it's the same thing. Stealing is stealing, end of story
hamburger helper (8 days ago)
I'd waggle my dong at that camera.
Mike1614b (8 days ago)
green card? oh why bother
Bo Duke (8 days ago)
At around 4 min the janitor taking the pic kinda looks like a bald Napoleon Dynamite auditioning for a cameo appearance for the next Ghost Busters movie.
cherpa007 (8 days ago)
So after she reads the message indicating that the person who the fruit belongs to would like her to stop taking it, she decides to pick up another piece of fruit with her gloved hand that might be brand new and clean but my guess would be that it isn't. Silly inconsiderate person. She should have been taught you don't take whats not yours. People saying its just fruit so it doesn't matter must be trolls because if they honestly believe that taking it is fine since '' its only fruit'' go to a store and take a piece of fruit without paying and see what happens....
Jay Brewster (16 hours ago)
"go to a store and take a piece of fruit without paying and see what happens...." Go work in a grocery store and you'll see just how many people who are obviously well off feel entitled to do exactly that. You'll also see what happens. Which is nothing.
Altair (8 days ago)
You all saying it’s just fruit don’t understand. If she is still fruit all the time then you bet she will steal something valuable in future.
Brit NY (8 days ago)
Cleaning companies makes it clear to workers never touch anything...it can cause them to lose the contract. She even have the nerve to get mad and picking up the apple with her dirty gloves. Hope she got fired and the cleaning company did not. The same way she picked up that apple and eat it is the same way she will pick other items up. A thief is a thief...start small and increase it.
King Fosk (8 days ago)
Brit NY well said
Bharat P (9 days ago)
Don't leave food in the office Put it back in your lunch box and take it home...will rot if left in the desk...
scar445 (1 day ago)
leaving an apple overnight wont cause it to rot but will actually mature it a bit more, if they wee picked a little early.
Can't Beat The BAY! (9 days ago)
when i liked the video it went from 28k to 29k .... i must be worth 1,000 votes! ayyyyyyy
Dick Damage (8 days ago)
Adrgot That doesn't make sense. Snowflake.
Adrgot (8 days ago)
has more votes than trump
Truth Matters (9 days ago)
You lead a fuckin boring life.
cliffishot2def (4 days ago)
Truth Matters you look too old to be on youtube.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Truth Matters You say truth matters but theft is ok? I vet you are lax on that truth thing too.
John Robles (7 days ago)
You have no job and life.
oziumzx (7 days ago)
Says the Youtube troll from his mom’s basement.
Rachel X. (10 days ago)
Too dumb to be able to keep his damn mouth closed
johcoh1 (7 days ago)
Or use it as blackmail material against the other cleaner!
Matthew Knight (8 days ago)
Rachel X. Smart enough to know he should take a picture to prove it wasn't him
DaMarshmellow (9 days ago)
Rachel X. Look at urself artist girl retard
Edgardo T. Lugo (10 days ago)
This looks like like a freaking NEANDERTHAL ....
Atrum (9 days ago)
but what if he sexually identifies as a neanderthal, then that makes you sexist and genderist for saying we can't talk about it
Rachel X. (10 days ago)
Edgardo T. Lugo can't say stuff like that in 2018... It's racist & sexist & speciesist =)
Borrusimo B (10 days ago)
Why does she need to pick up the fruit and inspect it at 2:53
HopeChroniclesGaming (10 days ago)
3:54 his mouth does not close
Moz Dee (10 days ago)
She's fucking keeping your desk clean from any food. Invite the fat fuck to your house she'll lick your plates clean.
David Axmann (10 days ago)
Moz Dee maybe she thought it was a gift lmao
Hal McAdams (10 days ago)
Food left on desks attracts mice and insects. Staff are told to remove all food sources from offices at the end of the workday and the cleaning staff are also instructed to remove ALL food from areas assigned to them to clean, NO EXCEPTIONS. Portable refrigerators will be removed if they do not meet clean standards when inspected. Full size refrigerators will be stripped and cleaned every two weeks, NO EXCEPTIONS. MEDICATIONS WILL NEVER BE KEPT IN COMMON STORAGE.
scar445 (1 day ago)
that might be the rules where YOU work. but you cannot speak for every single bussiness practice.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Hal McAdams maybe the s*** hole you work in you has a mouse infestation. Obviously the fruit was still in good condition that fat Fruit Ninja didn't mind eating it.
Brit NY (8 days ago)
Not true. My office is allowed to keep fruits. A thief is a thief
King Fosk (10 days ago)
U stupid jackass
Borrusimo B (10 days ago)
Nature Nolan Eliquently said 😂
Ricky Ray (11 days ago)
Fuck yall saying it's just fruit, if she is stealing it then to hell with her. Stealing is never okay, maybe he should've just talked to her but still.. she stole something that didn't belong to her.
Matthew Knight (8 days ago)
Ricky Ray Maybe the government should make this a No Stealing zone, *then* she would know not to take stuff that isn't hers
Ricky Ray (10 days ago)
This is sort of a grey issue isn't it? I keep going back and forth to what I originally thought up there and what you say. Lets just say with better communication between both parties this probably wouldn't have even been an issue.
David Axmann (10 days ago)
Ricky Ray Yeah but it's not very professional to leave fruit out in the open air like that. Nobody wants fruit flies in the office space. She might've even thought she was doing good by eating the fruit instead of throwing it away, which is what she is likely supposed to do if she finds food laying around lmao
Nick X (11 days ago)
Her job is to clean. Get off the FUCKIN phone and get on your knees.
Jimmie Rustler (11 days ago)
She was probably just cleaning up thinking some dumb nigga keeps leaving a fruit on his desk every day when I'm trying to clean up the place.
scar445 (1 day ago)
doesnt matter. standard cleaning company policy. do not touch ANYTHING that is not related to your work. this is put in place because cleaning usually happens when workers have left. this means, they need special acces outside of normal working hours with minimal (if any) supervision. that is a LOT of trust to place in complete strangers. hence, the rules about NO FUCKING TOUCHING!!!!
Boston Towny4life (11 days ago)
Fucking yuppie faggots complain and bitch and everything
Boston Towny4life (5 days ago)
douglas carpenter I can tell you are a very unbalanced person just by talking to you. No where in what I said did I “defend her right to steal”, nor did I said she had a “right to steal”, what I said was to make such a big deal a out a piece of 10 cent fruit is absurd and idiotic, it’s a fucking waste of energy. Saying this woman has a house packed with stolen items because she ate a piece of fruit (that she may have thought was left out for people who work there) is nothing but a baseless accusation that has no merit. If you actually believe the world is as black and white as “only having 2 types of people, people who steal and people who don’t steal” then you are a naive fool. Grow up kid, stop being so angry over a YouTube video of people you don’t know and never will meet.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Boston Towny4life didn't call you a professional Thief. You're on here actively defending someone's right to steal. And you called me stupid that's classic. That fat b**** has free reign of that whole building while nobody else is there I guarantee you if you go to her house it is packed with s*** she has stolen. There are two types of people there are people that don't steal and then there are people who steal and defend others who steal.
Boston Towny4life (5 days ago)
douglas carpenter yea because I don’t cry about a piece of fruit, must mean I’m a professional thief. Lol, you’re stupid.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Boston Towny4life f****** Boston townie will steal any f****** thing that's not nailed down human garbage.
Boston Towny4life (11 days ago)
So you may have got this girl fired over an apple or 2. Nice going, asshole.
cliffishot2def (4 days ago)
Boston Towny4life you must be a white boy
Boston Towny4life (5 days ago)
douglas carpenter You must really be a brainwashed political puppet to call someone a “democrat” without knowing 1 thing about them. Because I don’t cry and make a big fuss over fucking fruit, that MUST equal to being a DEMOCRAT and a professional thief. Jesus fucking Christ kid, are you off you’re medication or something? I’m FAR from a Democrat, I don’t belong to any political party, because belonging to a political party just means you’re okay with being brainwashed. Political parties don’t care about the country, they just care about being right. And I’ve never stolen a thing in my life, I own my own business and I do Uber on my free time.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Boston Towny4life Fucking Democrat scum.
Borrusimo B (10 days ago)
Yes maybe she gets fired and they can hire someone who doesn't steal your things. This is called business.
Brit NY (11 days ago)
Boston Towny4life nahhhh you start with an apple then its money next. A thief has no boundries
Dawaishi Moves (11 days ago)
... that it?
Victoria B (11 days ago)
lmfao WHY SHOULD HE SHARE HIS FRUIT THAT HE SPECFICALLY BOUGHT & BROUGHT IN FOR HIMSELF AT HIS DESK/OFFICE. That's scummy as fuck! Not even just one time.. But MULTIPLE TIMES over and over again. So because He got himself a job that is better than the janitors choice in job or pay he now has to give up the right to not have his shit taken off his desk OVER AND OVER Again? Bullshit. and I'm pretty sure the woman even has the audacity or DENY it from my Lack of mouth reading skills I'm pretty sure she Mouths " NO i didn't" when shown the screensaver. But I'm not positive. lol Don't be scummy and steal off peoples desks/offices. ESPECIALLY REPEATEDLY.
Pat B (11 days ago)
Just ridiculous, all this just bcos some fruit were stolen !
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Pat B is a thi3f.
Califresh (12 days ago)
Way to treat someone who cleans up after you...ppl in the office are always fuckin dicks. I was a security guard for an office, they always offered us food, but the janitors? Talked to them like shit, never offered them anything. And always complained how the place wasnt "clean" enough. That fucking building was spotless, i could see a flies ass reflecting off those floors from mid air. Humans are fuckin disgusting. The janitors liked me, i was always nice to them. They are people too, and they fuckin clean up after you. Show some respect.
scar445 (1 day ago)
if you worked as a security guard, and you are okay with this women stealing, you need your license revoked since you apparently pick and choose the laws you decide to enforce. that is not the case for security guards. stealing is stealing. if you cannot agree to that, you should never have been in security to begin with
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Califresh typical stupid leftist if everybody cleaned up after themselves and did not need the cleaning lady she would really have to steal s***.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Califresh the point is your stupid ass thinks that some people are allowed to steal While others should allow them to steal. Apparently your leftist garbage parents instilled in you zero morals and misplaced compassion.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Califresh Gay assed thieving bastard.
Gregory Dearth (8 days ago)
Way to treat those that employ your services. Siding with thieves now? THAT is disgusting.
JOSH (12 days ago)
Hmmmmmmmmm.......2:50 look at the woman's mouth movement, it looks like she said "ha?, hindi ah!"
lakersfan1988ee (12 days ago)
Bet the black guy got fired fpr misuse of a cell phone during work hours, And the thief is still employed.
OG SKYWALKER (13 days ago)
Fuckin goofy ass fucking loser keeps coming back looking at screen saver!!! Lol
David Reece (13 days ago)
Really. So who actually stole the fruit? Or is the fruit in the office???
mangekyoumusa (13 days ago)
The janitor is gonna steal yo bitch
Jo Jo (13 days ago)
All for a fruit? It's probably sitting there for days she probably grabbed it and threw it away
scar445 (1 day ago)
so mature JoJo. instead of admitting fault you go for personal insults instead. when you reach 3rd grade maybe you can start arguing likee an adult?
Jo Jo (5 days ago)
douglas carpenter actually she placed it in your butt hole.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
Jo Jo she put it in her mouth you dumb b****.
wazy2 (12 days ago)
You literally see her eat it in the video
Randy (12 days ago)
Nah that bitch started eating it lmao
Joe Mako (13 days ago)
She look like the fat bitch from TMZ.
StankyFace (13 days ago)
TF it's freaking fruit for christs sake!! I swear I always thought Fruit Bowls were a free for all!!!
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
StankyFace this wasn't a fruit bowl this was fruit in a guy's desk. My mother worked in a restaurant that was also a convenience store. I walked past the gumball machine and pushed open The Little Door and found a gumball inside my mother saw me chewing gum and asked where I got it. So I told her she made me go to her boss and tell him what I had done and he pretended to call the police for nearly an hour I was convinced I was going to jail. That lesson has stayed with me. I don't care if it is a piece of paper in a stack of thousands if it's not mine I am not welcome to it. A person who steals a car is a thief a person who steals an apple is a thief that has set the bar very low.
StankyFace (5 days ago)
Look, I once stole a lego man from my friend when I was a toddler and tried to hide it from my Mum in my welly boot, I learnt my lesson about stealing on that same day, having walked very oddly and in pain back home with my Mum later putting me in tears, forcing me to ring up, apologise and say sorry to my friend Rowan. I think I know that stealing is bad. Fruit bowls where I am from however, are often put on reception desks, interview desks and meeting desks sincerely as an encouragement for staff to eat healthily. Technically, she is stealing but I think it's stupid to label her a thief because she probably thought about fruit the same way I did aka: purposefully put out for everyone.
douglas carpenter (5 days ago)
StankyFace that's because you're a thieving piece of s***.