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Guy uses webcam to catch the office thief

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This guy noticed the fruit on his desk was being taken by somebody, so he set up a technological sting operation to figure it out...
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wesley snipes (4 hours ago)
Apples fault i blame the apple
Christy Charity Chambers (22 hours ago)
Fruit in a bowl in a shared space is free to take. Fruit in my personal office, on my desk, is not free. She stole it.
Christy-Charity Kobylanski (1 hour ago)
She did not wipe down that desk or clean it in any way. She should not even take from a bowl of fruit in the break room really. It's for the people who work at that office. She comes in after hours after the team leaves work for the day to empty bins and vaccuum. The tell tale sign is to ask, "Woud she do this during the day when people are there?" If the answer is no, then of course it's wrong. Our support team comes in during the day because we deal with health information and they never wipe our desks or dust. They don't raid our break room for goodies either. I help them when they are here ( move things while they vaccuum, etc.) and if we are having a pot luck we make them plates. We pool money at Christmas to give them. It's fun chatting about family with the sweet Manong Manny who loves to talk. But he would never every grab food from our desks or the breakroom without it being offered. I would not either. When I was a cafeteria girl that delived food trays to patients, I did not feel entitled to food in the nursing station or left by the patient after discharge. It's not where I work. I only go there to deliver trays. We will just have to disagree on this issue.
Louie Viz (3 hours ago)
Christy Charity Chambers her job is to clean up... She is cleaning up anything left over ... Not her fault you leaving food out. As a janitor she is doing her job . Put your food in frig not on a desk where she is told to clean .
Boy Trent (22 hours ago)
Her big gooby face of rampant entitlement. The "janitor" also has that bottom lip dropsy - denoting the dumb stare of mega entitlement. He doesn't like being filmed - which perhaps indicates his sense of ownership over anything that isn't screwed down or bolted to a wall. Not inspiring people or the sort I'd want to be sharing my work space with.
HA HA (12 hours ago)
Wow you sound like a douche.
jose deleon (23 hours ago)
I used to clean offices at night and I eat whatever on the table of course is in the jar they going to offer you, I just eat more because they.not there
muttonbuster (11 hours ago)
A much more serious offense is setting up a webcam on your employer's computer filming his employees and maintenance contractors most likely without the employer's consent. It's not the same as filming people in a public place. The other maintenance worker could sue and say hey, I never consented to being filmed on the job in a private office building and have my image placed on the internet. No employer in their right mind would want to open that can of liability worms over missing fruit.
Jeannie Castleberry (1 day ago)
It was just fruit she probably thought u left it for them
dodge driver (1 day ago)
so why you leave fruit over night ,,,, they thought you were leaving it as a gift for their good job taking care of the place ,, but no not your selfish ass ,,,, so you initiated a full investigation over an apple ,,,
danielle watson (12 hours ago)
dodge driver it does not matter... Any food left on his desk is only his. If you wanted to leave it for them he would have left a note. She knew what she was doing when she was taking that fruit off of his desk. And she got called out for it just so she should have
califdad4 (1 day ago)
some people put candy and sometimes fruit on their desk for people to take, but I left Little Debbie Cookies in my desk drawer and went and got one and a coworker was on the phone and opened my drawer and took one and had a bite and tossed it in the garbage, always wondered why she did that. I saw her do that
cat sniffer (1 day ago)
It is a big deal to take even the fruit from the desk. It all starts with petty theft, and will lead to stealing more expensive items.
Phyllis Hall (1 day ago)
I, for one, APPLAUD you for this. I used to have my stuff stolen ALL THE TIME. One thing they kept swiping was my hand lotion. So I got a new bottle with a nice floral scent, added some scentless, Ultra Strength Ben Gay to it and left it in MY mail box, where I always kept it. BURNED THE CRAP OUT OF A GIRL WHO SWORE SHE DIDN'T TAKE NOTHING. I then put a note, taped to the NEXT bottle, that the nest time someone steals my lotion, they will spread my PI$$ all over their faces. Never had anything else stolen from me. **NOTE: I worked in a hospital, and YES, I know it is a federal crime to contaminate items like that with your body fluids. I never did it, (only did the Ben Gay thing) but the threat alone was enough to stop them from stealing from me.
JustCause2Video1001 (15 hours ago)
Phyllis Hall Classic 👍👍👍👍
Softball Mom (1 day ago)
If you take an apple from the store without paying for it is that stealing? 🤔 To me Mr. Office man was simply letting Miss sticky fingers know that the gig was up. It was her co-worker who took it to the next level. She should've packed her own snack..
Alice Cornwall (1 day ago)
I don't understand why people are defending the fruit thief. If it isn't yours, don't take it. Pretty simple concept. It's how you build trust. Stealing is how you break trust.
derpina100 (1 day ago)
It's that serious? Over fruit? Lmao
danielle watson (12 hours ago)
It's fruit that he paid for it... If you have fruit taken off of your desk every day for a while you will feel some kind of way about it too. It doesn't matter how much it cost or what it was.
Thang Ly (14 hours ago)
derpina100 - Yes that's serious, if you want something just ASK
derpina100 (1 day ago)
Its not his home, it's an office. Its not valuables, it's fruit.
cat sniffer (1 day ago)
Would you feel that way if this happened in your home?
Emansrif Emantsal (1 day ago)
I am pretty sure these fruits will stay there couple of days until he will throw half of them in the bin, stupid cunt
ynotnilknarf39 (1 day ago)
I'll just come into your home and take stuff off your table/fridge no problem eh, I mean you're going to bin half of it anyway aren't you stupid cunt?
Emansrif Emantsal (1 day ago)
This guy is full time stupid man, For a fruit, In my society without encouraging theft we do not blame people who take foods and even you want to blame them we do not expose and shame them on public in the Internet for a fruit, you big scumbag doubled with douchebag and huge Miser, go close your door with key or hide your fucking fruits until they rot stupid cunt
Thang Ly (13 hours ago)
Emansrif Emantsal -if you want something just Ask. You Dumb fuck
Valerie Paulsen (1 day ago)
Looking back I think I was too harsh. It is only a piece of fruit, not worth loing your job over. I guess I was feeling bitter about what was stolen from my home and from the helpless ones in it.
Bearhappy 711 (2 days ago)
I would have put down my pants, placed then watch...LOL
Dana Xu (2 days ago)
10/10 music
Valerie Paulsen (2 days ago)
Little philipino chicks all thieves. Used to use community home support and stuff was constantly taken. No use complaining. The boss didn't care.also they only hire phillipinos. No caucasians. Don't even bother to apply.
Holinyx (19 hours ago)
Implying that the fish you are eating is jewish is also racist
psycho dog (1 day ago)
Holinyx lol I’m eating goldfish
Holinyx (1 day ago)
seriously this is some good watermelon. it's racist though.
psycho dog (1 day ago)
Holinyx I love the fact that you had to edit that
Holinyx (1 day ago)
Your post is racist. This watermelon I'm enjoying is also racist
Callie Rose Martinsyde (2 days ago)
I'm not a big fan of publicly shaming people, but this was brilliant! Maybe replace the fruit on your desk with dollar store plastic fruit and keep the real fruit IN your desk in future...
Jesus Chavez (2 days ago)
Jajaja stupid bitch
Edward Garcia (2 days ago)
it was fruit calm down bro
TelevisedChaos (2 days ago)
Thought she had downs syndrome at first but I think it's just a fat asian. Thieving biatch.
John Fourshared Dotcom (3 days ago)
sneak thief stealing sweets? - swap sweets for laxative pills ... wait for amusing results
tupou tira (4 days ago)
Jerry (4 days ago)
Buck tooth CHICKEN NECK who in hell are you? Your ass be fired if'n I were there.
Dachdog (4 days ago)
Yeah, but we want her fired. The thief.
Trench (4 days ago)
Her reaction...Thought: Damn it I thought I could get away with it Expression: Ugh Idk what this is um um i have no clue how what where?
David Farmer (2 days ago)
The best form of defence is attack.
smitty smithers (4 days ago)
I want to smack her in her clueless denial face
eddyy132 (4 days ago)
eddyy132 (4 days ago)
Ms K Jones (4 days ago)
e yikes. I worked as a hotel clerk and we had a big fruit bowl on front desk. For customers only. I took fruit from it a few times because I was hungry. This video makes me feel bad. I have had a night time cleaning job a couple of times and I would probably take a piece of fruit if I saw a bowl of it. How embarrassing this must have been for her.
David Farmer (2 days ago)
Jacquellynn ditto
David Farmer (2 days ago)
Ms K Jones. If you take something it's a good Q to ask does it belong to you.
Jacquelynn (3 days ago)
primalfury2011 It is stealing. I don't know who raised you, butyes a bowl of candy is usually to take a piece, but even then I ASK.
primalfury2011 (3 days ago)
U put a bowl of candy on your desk.. everyone take a one.. So wats the difference with fruit. ??? It's not theft.!! U power freak idiot
riggsmed (4 days ago)
That bitch didn't look like she had missed too many meals. She was stealing his personal fruit.
slicktre931 (4 days ago)
Maybe clean your own office and lock the door or even don’t leave food in your office.
slicktre931 (19 hours ago)
Warryn Fullagar taking the fruit isn’t right at all. I am only stating an obvious way to avoid it getting taken by a simple solution because it’s what I would do from this persons perspective not the janitor
Warryn Fullagar (21 hours ago)
slicktre931 that's good for you, but whenever I tried doing something like that i'd get reamed. Some places have different rules. But a hotel office, and a office that's set up in the way that this looks is different. Hotel offices are more private, where business offices aren't. Lastly again it's not his job, if he doesn't want to clean up like that, that's his choice. If everyone cleaned up after themselves then there'd be no work for us janitors. My job was to clean, his wasn't. Simple as that. Also that's going off topic of the actual reason of the video. If the fruit bowl was on a counter in the kitchen for example, even i'd take a piece if I was feeling peckish, but this bowl of fruit was in his office, if you saw a wrapped sandwich there would you take it, no. So why would taking fruit that is clearly not for public use considered reasonable?
slicktre931 (1 day ago)
Warryn Fullagar I cleaned a 5 Star 5 diamond hotel for a year and a half and if the door of an office was locked that mean they don’t want strangers in their office and they probably clean it themselves, and I if I made a mess on a bus I would definitely clean it before I left
Warryn Fullagar (1 day ago)
slicktre931 no. I'm saying it's not his job. When you use the bus, do you sweep, and mop after leaving. How about when going to a store. No. His job is whatever it is, and the cleaners job is to clean. Sure he keeps tidy, but his job is not the janitors job, he doesn't get paid to do two jobs, it may take a short amount of time, but it's not his. Also for all we know he does clean it up every day, but the cleaner still has to do their job to earn their money to live, and eat. Trust me I use to work in the cleaning industry, and it's more difficult than it looks, especially the roofs. Even when I came into an office that was clean I still had to vacuum, wipe down all surfaces, dust, check for mold/holes(mice), get rid of bugs, and once a week do the roofs, I tried skipping the clean rooms once, and after the fourth time I got reamed by my boss, because while it looks clean, it doesn't mean it is clean. The guys/girls tried their best, but since it's not their job they don't have checklists they have to follow, and know everything to look out for, or know how to do everything that needs to be done. God you people anger me, preaching about such things.
Will Grello (3 days ago)
slicktre931 Filthy unemployable fruit thief.
Jeff Williams (5 days ago)
You're a real Sherlock Holmes.
English JD (2 days ago)
Jeff Williams really ? For turning on a go pro ? 😂😂
Drake (5 days ago)
I hope a lot of the people who say dont steal get one day in the same situation being nearley poor and then get fired because a small mistake like taking a apple. they deserved it.
Nicola Nicola (2 days ago)
Cory Burns I think you need to put it this in to context. Its just food...and fruit at that. Socio-economically, poorer people have a worse diet which is why a lot of poor/ low income people are over weight. And no disrespect to cleaners - they are as important as the woman/ man at the top but they normally don't earn a great wage so fruit can be a luxury for some. No excuse for stealing but she didn't search down anyones drawers for personal items to sell on. It was fruit in a basket. Fair enough, it may piss the fruit owner off and he may have a low income and fruit may be costly to him also, so I think he handled it ok to begin with in order to stop it from happening again without making a drama or getting anyone unnecessarily fired- he should have blurred her picture though, no need to humiliate her infront of her colleagues and by putting it on YouTube and not blurring out her face!! Classy move - embarrass her, get her fired and make it hard for her to get another job and then we'll be paying for her out of our taxes!! Personally, if you can deny ONE human a piece of fruit, you've got your prioritys wrong. If someone was only taking one piece of fruit a night, a week or however often she did it, Id buy extra. If you seriously can't afford to spare a piece of fruit, then fair enough, put up a BLURRED image, give a cctv warning and ask them to stop. Strange how waitresses/waiters get a tip for their low paid hard work yet a cleaner who gets even less pay and had equally hard work can't even have a piece of fruit. Smh!
Cory Burns (5 days ago)
Drake and so do people that steel all the time deserve to be fired I don't know why you are on the side of the thief
circlek (5 days ago)
Big deal.
George Gibbs (4 days ago)
circlek you’re absolutely right
Lil Yoda (5 days ago)
You really showed them didn't you!
Neil kenny Kenny (5 days ago)
Hungary fucker in the office crying about a little bit of fruit going missing...pathetic....
Neil kenny Kenny (9 hours ago)
私の名前はガベgabeS I beg your pardon. Hungary/hungry i meant i blame my clumsy thumbs or spell cheak.
Yikes! (4 days ago)
Papa Mac it's not selfish she was clearly in the wrong for not asking about the fruit, instead she decides "yea let me steal this fruit" it might be a small thing but its still theft and in the end it's also about respect I'm not gonna trust someone who thinks it's okay to take my stuff even if it's cheap
私の名前はガベgabeS (5 days ago)
Neil kenny Kenny Okay xD but you wrote hungary
Papa Mac (5 days ago)
You spelt it wrong sir, in your first reply..you said hungary. Not "hungry". But you are correct in your questioning someone making a big deal out of something that really does not matter in either direction. The woman could be poor AF, and need it. I am 100% sure he did not consider this. Second, said Douche-Bag, gave little consideration to ANY possibility other than it was THEFT. As I stated in another post on this video, it is NORMAL for folks to put bowls/baskets or some sort of treat for ANYONE whom may want/need to indulge/partake in it. The selfish and non-empathetic are the ones that seem to follow this route. Selfishness can be addressed easily, as I have done thus far. Lack of EMPATHY is much more difficult to deal with...they will not understand...until put into the SAME circumstance.
Neil kenny Kenny (5 days ago)
私の名前はガベgabeS ,🤣 you misunderstood me. The owner of the fruit is hungry=greedy for making a big deal over a bit of fruit.
kapppz (5 days ago)
I used to clean buildings at night and would always filtch from candy bowls on desks. Don't think its a Federal offense. At that time I was so dirt poor a little something extra was appreciated.
Katina Beauty (2 days ago)
kapppz should ask first.
mjustice98 (5 days ago)
MichaelRMcCoy (5 days ago)
Once a thief, always a thief -- and a sneak thief is a parasite that thinks the world owes them. They're always looking for an opportunity, and they have no respect for others or their property. The best thing that could happen to this thief is that she gets fired. Maybe she'd think twice in the future.
Yikes! (4 days ago)
Drake awww he made a weeb comment you gave me a good laugh have a nice day
Drake (4 days ago)
Dont talk to me dumb weeb
Yikes! (4 days ago)
Drake you gave me cancer
Drake (5 days ago)
MichaelRMcCoy Do i ? Awhhhhhh
MichaelRMcCoy (5 days ago)
Drake, let me show you how much you bore me ....
Mike LoPinto (5 days ago)
Door looks wobbly because of the directional scanning of the sensor.
Credible Mulk (5 days ago)
Thats why I never leave anything on my desk and lock my drawer.
ezzz9 (5 days ago)
Turn her in. Get her fired. She will just keep taking things. Not from you but form others. Bet if you ask around other people have noticed things missing. She not going to stop.
Tsunero (3 days ago)
What if the owner left it on purpose for the next day to eat? You are an ass. Respect private fucking property, even if it's just an apple.
James Kaplonek (4 days ago)
You wanna get a cleaner fired for picking up an apple that was abandoned on someone's desk? Bravo, way to overreact.
sAN sEE (6 days ago)
You misspelled deported...
Credible Mulk (5 days ago)
Papa Mac (6 days ago)
Fruit, in a bowl/basket, out in the open, is usually assumed by most to be like a candy dish mister einstein. Did you have a sign stating that it was NOT such? You are a class act for sure. Did they take the Jolly-Ranchers as well... Next time, come up with a posting that shows a REAL thief. Problem is, you have shown you would be clueless as to how to catch one in this example. Shame on you for posting this under the premis that it was a "thief". Especially if the woman was fired.
kman543210 (1 day ago)
There's a difference between a bowl of fruit out in the open at a reception desk or maybe a break/lunch room. This was in someone's private office, so I don't see how it could be considered self-serve.
Will Grello (4 days ago)
Papa Mac I used to be part of a cleaning crew. I never assumed candy or fruit or anything like that was for me unless obviously indicated. On rare occasions when I had to throw out fruit I always made sure to let the office occupant and crew chief know about it so everybody was on the same page.
Jack Skellington (4 days ago)
Papa Mac it's the fact that it's his personal office. It'd be different if it was shared or a communal room. That drink on your bedroom desk isn't for your whole family, is it?
Papa Mac (5 days ago)
Anyone else have comment..that is possibly a legitimate arguement? + or -
Papa Mac (5 days ago)
Sky, I feel as though it is a cultural/social/intellectual ability issue. However, MANY people are so detached from these types of cultural/social norms (never been outta thier own "hood") that they do not understand, and probably refuse to accept. They are both ignorant of this fact, and SELFISH as individuals. (which shows 'what' they are really made of). ...folks you need to keep an eye on, as they are so collapsed into thier own world.
AlabasterClay (6 days ago)
But the thief still picked up the fruit with her dirty glove! Yuck.
Chee C (6 days ago)
omg...that is hilarious. I like how she looks at the camera and has that confused look.
Angel Ashley (6 days ago)
Well maybe she thought it was for the taking.
Otto Metzger (6 days ago)
Who in the f@ck keeps fruit at their desk overnight?!?
Edward Budiman (6 days ago)
Otto Metzger you right she probably thought it was going to waste anyways
Thumper J (6 days ago)
should have injected the apple with ghost pepper juice
Thumper J (7 days ago)
hope he didnt eat the apple after she picked it up with the glove she just used to wash the toilet ROFL
Michael1313 michael (7 days ago)
Probably threw it away cause bugs
Ronnieb12c (7 days ago)
so who''s the thief?
Anvilshock (7 days ago)
Kind of invalidates the "or I will report you" part, doesn't it? Asshole.
Thumper J (6 days ago)
Anvilshock (6 days ago)
Yes, asshole. Says that person. Why this would be relevant in any way to the actual message, though, will probably have to remain a secret of your pea-brain's twisted back-alleys.
Thumper J (7 days ago)
says the person calling someone online an asshole ROFL
zat rat (7 days ago)
Anvilshock chill
Todd Morrissey (7 days ago)
That janitor had an AWESOME JET PACK!!!!
truth is indestructible (7 days ago)
at least she was eating fruit
riddikssaga (7 days ago)
the janitor is soo cool....not the one stealing the fruit.
zindi1138 (8 days ago)
intro the fat asian..bitch !
Credible Mulk (5 days ago)
And false victim, judging by the confused, innocent look she tries to pull when she sees the evidence of her being a thief.
Tango Bango (7 days ago)
zindi1138 You can add “Butt Ugly” to that.
BlueMagic 420 (8 days ago)
Thumper J (6 days ago)
oh lol
Bigbuck13 (6 days ago)
Thumper J free welfare phones
Steve CVNT Niko's Lawyer (6 days ago)
"THEY WERE ALL BEEN GONE"...You sound retarded bro. Maybe put the bong down for a bit?!
Thumper J (7 days ago)
the hell is an obama phone
Michael1313 michael (7 days ago)
Cause they Obama phone
August Von Mackensen (8 days ago)
Stuff was going missing in our office and we did the same thing. Turned out to be the cleaners family member who was coming to help him clean at the office. Saddest part was the cleaner had been with us for 15 years, was really nice and was only trying to help his family member with work and he wound up losing his cleaning contract. Also for the people below going "its only fruit" yes I agree, taking some fruit once a month or something isint a big deal. But when your stuff is going missing from your desk every single night it starts to get really annoying.
Katina Beauty (2 days ago)
August Von Mackensen stealing is stealing.. want fruit go buy some
Lisette Nicole' (7 days ago)
I need to do that for when I have guests at the house
Michael1313 michael (7 days ago)
Bugs that shit brings bugs it should be thrown out
Lisette Nicole' (8 days ago)
BirdRockin (9 days ago)
Love the thief's reaction: "Huh? What? how DARE he!"
LiquidDevil,Inc. (8 days ago)
you could tell she was trying to figure out how to deny it...
neil brown (9 days ago)
3:42 who ya gonna call? Ghost busters!
tauresa ttauresa (9 days ago)
She needs to be sacked on the spot.
Jillian Bowman (9 days ago)
I wonder if the staff thought the food was a free perk. Sometimes banks have cookies or apples set out for people as a free treat for example. Maybe put your name on your food or just inform the cleaning people food left out isn't free food.
Thumper J (5 days ago)
Drake come on dude come up with better shit at least make it worth my while to open these lol
Drake (5 days ago)
Thumper J you have no job? sorry my bad 😅
Thumper J (5 days ago)
Drake bwahahahaha
Drake (5 days ago)
Thumper J I hope you get fired one day
Alex Holly (5 days ago)
Who puts their name on fruit?
Kids Toys TV (10 days ago)
the janitor looks like he could be my sensei
zat rat (7 days ago)
Kids Toys TV okay....
Walther Right (10 days ago)
That’s cruelty at its worst. Poor woman is a janitor trying to survive. She’s obviously struggling financially. Instead of being a little bitch you should’ve bought her a fruit basket. #ApologizeNow!
halo48189 (4 days ago)
Walther Right thats your problem you live in Cali your a leftist antifa soy boy.😂
Drake (5 days ago)
Blackadder153 I hope you get fired and hopefully die from starving
LeJigglyQueen Teemo (5 days ago)
lol salt. ..... sorry i couldn't resist
Credible Mulk (5 days ago)
I have never eaten a question mark. What do they taste like?
Thumper J (6 days ago)
HappyKeepin ItNappy (10 days ago)
That heifer said ”I didn't steal anything". 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Adam Armstrong (10 days ago)
bitch ass cying over a fuckin banana lmao!
Thumper J (6 days ago)
lol are you still here crying
Anvilshock (6 days ago)
Why look any further? You're providing enough material in one spot where otherwise dozens couldn't come up with half as much. That's right: You're several dozen times as dumb as the average YouTube commenter! Congratulations, you otherwise insignificant little twerp!
Thumper J (6 days ago)
Anvilshock easy target huh LoL exactly my point thanks for pointing out what I said was correct and to answer your question have you seen any of the other comments on this video or did *your* down syndrome only allow you to find the first post you came across with bad grammar nvm LoL I’m waisting my time
Anvilshock (6 days ago)
Well, you really do make it ridiculously easy for me, what can I say. Besides, you don't even grasp basic concepts of written communication, where would be the point of addressing "something else" in the first place?
Thumper J (6 days ago)
oh gawd *Barry McGuire* watch out the grammar police are watching you cause they to fucking stupid to figure out something else to argue about lol
Ribbs5335 (10 days ago)
The self denial in her face...no that's not me.
black widow (10 days ago)
VegasRider702 (10 days ago)
The bald, blind Filipino dude makes this even more funnier!😂
QUEEN BUBBLE (6 days ago)
VegasRider702 yeeeeeessss yo I couldn’t help but to laugh when his popped up
Seal Stealer (10 days ago)
3:30 That face.
Letit Bemee (10 days ago)
Oh get over your 38 cent apple. If it's sitting on the desk, people think it's free. Plus, she probably makes on 8.25 an hour, cleaning up your messes.Cry Baby.
Neil kenny Kenny (5 days ago)
Its a bit of poxy fruit get over it.
Thumper J (6 days ago)
well we now know who else steals from their work lol way to go for snitching on your self letit
lordpoochalot (8 days ago)
Letit Bemee what if his car was just sitting there??? Derp
LiquidDevil,Inc. (8 days ago)
by your logic, is his computer free also?
mark p (10 days ago)
Doe the term "illegal wiretap" sound familiar at all? It might if the right person sees your rig. And no, it's not a public place, it's an office.
Thumper J (6 days ago)
HAHAHHAHA this asshat said wiretap
Sue Perman (7 days ago)
mark p Does the term 'dumbass' mean anything to you? No? It will as soon as you look in the mirror.
Dubfansince 1980 (7 days ago)
mark p As long as the conversation isn't being recorded it is quite probably legal.
rubiscas (8 days ago)
mark p you're right, it isn't a public place. It's his personal office. He doesn't need her permission to film there, just like you don't need a burgler's permission to put security cameras in your house. If a thief comes into someone's private space and gets caught on camera stealing things, that's the thief's problem.
Heaterpowered (9 days ago)
What wiretap you fool? It's a camera and it's perfectly legal to film people. Do you even know what 'wiretap' means you idiot???
Seif Eddine B (11 days ago)
So it's about fruits, mothfucking greedy cunt...
John Johnson (11 days ago)
Thieving Chinese cunt.
Jane Goodnut (3 days ago)
Thanks for the good wishes. I wish you and your wife/cousin all the best for the future.
John Johnson (3 days ago)
Jane, you have proven yourself worthy of your name. You are a good nutter. A liberal election contender's wet dream. You will vote for any BS served to you on the PC platter and will ignore being fucked up the arse by the system as long as you get to play the PC game. You clearly have an IQ of less than a 100, so it is beneath me to continue discussing anything with you. Good riddance to you and may you have lots of luck in your life - you'll need it as it's clear you won't get far with that inferior brain of yours.
Credible Mulk (3 days ago)
Thats rich coming from a whiny whatever who felt obliged to come on youtube and vilify people. Its people like you that are the issue in society, where you just cannot let someone else have an opinion without feeling the need to comment without even having a decent opinion of your own. Im no snowflake, but I guess thats the label you need to go to because you have no reportoire of your own. ck to the liberal left handbook for you so you can respond in "the right way".
Jane Goodnut (4 days ago)
Why do you think anyone wants to hurt you? Poor little snowflake, is everyone out to get you? LOL.
John Johnson (4 days ago)
What he said. ↑ ↑ ↑ :)
Ri_ Wil (11 days ago)
lol....that was great!
Tyra Ritter (11 days ago)
People crying over fucking Apple or a piece of fruit or even a piece of candy these people are fucking morons people act like an apple or an orange any kind of fruit cost of a million dollars you don't want no one to take it then fucking take it with you home crybaby motherfukers
warship satin (5 days ago)
bitch its not about how much it costs its the principle of the thing you fucking retard. you dont take things that dont fuckin belong to you. you a black person or something?
Thumper J (6 days ago)
its not the point of what it is its the point of her being a thief and its a personal office meaning she has no right to touch shit in there but the trash kinda ironic they have trash taking out the trash
maddooggg (7 days ago)
exactly.. nothing wrong with the girl eating fruit. I would put more fruit out.. promoting health awareness.
Stephen Wilson (10 days ago)
@†ANGÉ|† Agreed.
†ANGÉ|† (11 days ago)
Tyra Ritter some times it’s not the monetary worth of YOUR belongings but the lack of respect others have and continuously abusing such is the con n
yolanda a. (12 days ago)
Paused the video and made me some popcorn!! 🍿 Nicely done!!!
Cynthia B (12 days ago)
Should had used hot pepper injections..lol..
Thumper J (6 days ago)
Anvilshock (6 days ago)
You're* Thumper ... have you ever heard of punctuation to separate that stream of logorrhoe that you just puked into your keyboard? Anyhow, English is not my first language, either, but do you see me demonstrate a complete disregard for intelligibility of what I produce? Furthermore, the purpose of spelling tests is not to hopefully pass them and never look back, they facilitate verification of whether your skills are sufficient to express yourself in a competent manner. Of course, you would neither comprehend nor value such skill as you do not appear to desire such manners. Fair enough, go on and sound or read like the dipshit you are all too happy to label others with.
Cynthia B (6 days ago)
@Thumper J - No worries..your correct.
Thumper J (6 days ago)
my comment was not to defend you im just tired of grammar nazi patrol getting online and the first thing they attack is someone elses spelling cause they feel the need they should cry about everything yet have nothing to cry about other than grammar cause they not smart enough to think of something else
Cynthia B (6 days ago)
@Thumper J - We speak English as the first language but the 2nd now is Maori..followed by others whom have made their home in New Zealand..so,could be well over 50 plus or more languages.How one speaks English in the states differs from English spoken in the U.K.,Australia, New Zealand or other present or former British Commonwealth countries..Thank you for the comment..
Ramona Lee (12 days ago)
Please tell me they fired her.
Adam Abrahams (12 days ago)
This deserves an OSCAR Award
Thumper J (6 days ago)
for making you ask dumb question
Jane Goodnut (11 days ago)
For what?
McChrister (12 days ago)
Well done....the whole silent movie editing is brilliant!!!👍🏼😂❤️
Anakin Solo (12 days ago)
lmao, even with evidence...the still attempting to deny it haha
Shawna Mcintosh (13 days ago)
"Me!?, no... No.. I no eat fruit"
Thumper J (6 days ago)
LoL triggered and and as for the link not only am I not dumb enough to click it I’m not going to be typing it out cause I could give to shits as to what it is
Anthony Baker (6 days ago)
Your a fucking retard i didn't think you were a racist it was the comment that Shawna Mcintosh made that was racist you moron I mean really WTF why am i bothering with you celestial single cell beings if your worried about the link then type it out NOW FUCK OFF
Thumper J (6 days ago)
Anthony Baker LoL ya like I’m goin to click that link and the only racist here is you for even thinking that was racist and fyi thumper is my real name but I love how your concerned about me not having a real name or pic so you can get off to it lol
theMAOER (6 days ago)
Thumper J - got butthurt indirectly
Anthony Baker (6 days ago)
So angry take a valium , Looser ! check this out http://bois-damont.com/ MINE!!!!! What was said and the way it was said was clearly defamatory and mocking in the way that Shawna Mcintosh phrased the culprits psumed response assuming that she had a bad level of English i therefore i considered she was being racist and i stand by that i don't make assumptions i leave that to fuckwits like you Thumper J.Not your real name not even a picture.
dazed genius (13 days ago)
Don't eat that fruit!!!! She touched it with her nasty glove, maybe after cleaning toilets??? Gross!
geoh7777 (13 days ago)
Well, I suppose this is better than chasing her around with a ball bat, but is less interesting.
lucid dreamer (13 days ago)
dumb ass edited film. dude closes the door with the light on then it is explained that he returns but the light is off.
viopsadmin (12 days ago)
Of course he edited the film. It probably happened over the course of an hour or more. Would you sit here and watch 55 minutes of nothing happening?
NxT Bman (12 days ago)
lucid dreamer motion sensor activated lights. The dude cleaning the office swiped his hand over it, some people might have thought he hit a light switch. He didn't.
Ruby Red (13 days ago)
Nah most offices have lights that turn on whilst theres movement and turn off after a bit without
Rekway (13 days ago)
The lights are on a timer
HeihachiChaolan (14 days ago)
Man, she a ugly ahh fat ahh cunt lmaooo
Heaterpowered (11 days ago)
HeihachiChaolan You mean plain Jane Goodnut? Agreed!
kmarshirley (14 days ago)
What you couldn't share an apple? What are they like 50¢... What did she take a few grapes?? What that's like less than 1¢? Why don't you show some appreciation for her cleaning your office so you don't have to. Bananas are like 59¢/lb. What you couldn't spare a banana? I get the whole point is she didn't ask but seriously you kind of suck too. You could've done a follow up where you leave her out fruit with a note marked free or maybe a candy bar, something she would actually want. But I guess she's not good enough for you with your fancy office. 🤨😒
Dubfansince 1980 (7 days ago)
kmarshirley So if you let a repairman into your house and found out he stole something small while he was there would you hire him again? I wouldn't.
Barry McGuire (8 days ago)
Not the point, douche, she would be arrested at a store, so an office is different.
yellow shit (10 days ago)
kmarshirley no one gives a shit its all a for fucking memes, now shut your goofy ass up and fuck off👍
Melody Johnson (10 days ago)
Ayy L-mao Don't leave your office door open & unlocked, mental midget!
Pamela Sharp (14 days ago)
A short film that kept my interest. Very well done.
Seal Stealer (10 days ago)
Even though it was almost 6 years ago.
Matthew Jorgenson (14 days ago)
3:50 That backpack would make for a great Ghostbusters costume!
Jane Goodnut (14 days ago)
What kind of a fucking pig leaves food sitting on their desk?
Jane Goodnut (9 days ago)
Heatpowered - This is so funny. Do you not understand how obvious it is that you're the same person? Why do you think I never reply to "Sue Perman"? Jesus Christ, you are so dumb. You don't understand that when you change your name it takes a while to propagate through the system and my email alerts still have the name you were using yesterday before you changed it. Yesterday you changed your name from "Peter Howard" (aka "HeatPowered") to "Sue Perman" because Peter Howard and HeatPowered are obviously the same person. You utter fool. It actually makes me feel quite sad that you have nothing better to do with your wonderful gift of life than to sit on youtube abusing people and creating fantasy stories and false accounts to apparently make it look like another random stranger supports you. How on earth can that make you happy? What possible satisfaction can that give you in life? What a sad, lonely freak you are.
Sue Perman (9 days ago)
Jane Goodnut jeez ur dumb, even tho' he's fucked you over and muted you you're still going on about it. shame he wont see you saying " the cleaner did the right thing" when its clear she ate the apple and then denied it was her. Ppl don't do that if they did the right thing. He owned you when he saw she ate it! lolololololol I'm gonna follow heater power now cos ur a nasty little bitch so ur muted.
Jane Goodnut (9 days ago)
I don't care about the bowl, that other guy who exposed you for the lying copy-cat you are was talking about it. Then some other idiot started blabbering on about it like it negated my point or something. I simply said there is no bowl. And then it seemed to trigger all these morons out of the woodwork that have some obsession about fruit bowls. So many weird people in this thread. My point still stands - the person who made the video is a disgusting pig for leaving food out in an office environment. Very selfish behavior. The cleaner did the right thing. Now run along, child - there is a board meeting starting soon about the Q3 sales projections, your fantasy secretary will be upset if she finds you slinging insults at strangers on youtube again x
Heaterpowered (9 days ago)
Jane Goodnut By the way Plain Jane Goodslut. You lost.. and now you're muted. Suck on that loser.
Heaterpowered (9 days ago)
Sue Perman Thanks Sue but I've just wiped the floor with her anyway :) The cleaner actually ATE the apple so now, all Jane goodslut's crap has been smashed... and I've muted the thread. Nothing like quitting once you've won eh? Lol! ;)
Not-yours (14 days ago)
Lol at the very end the guy didnt even vacuum the room😂
john Mitchell (13 days ago)
Daniel Renard ROFL that was awesome.
Daniel Renard (14 days ago)
He wasn't there for that. He was clearly there to hunt and catch ghosts! 👻
piet hein (15 days ago)
Louie Viz (15 days ago)
This is bullshit ... She wasn't stealing the fruit she was cleaning and throwing away what she considers appropriate. Fruit ?! Foods can bring pests.
Louie Viz (2 hours ago)
Ocean Martin NO she is cleaning , we never see her ACTUALLY eat anything so to be fair , innocent until proven guilty... What if the janitor is instructed to toss all food .. candy is different but an apple or banana or orange or whatever may be considered " open food " and she could have been told to throw away any an all food . Damn people where your humanNess lol
Contumelious - (11 days ago)
Peps Ludvs "what the fuck is wrong with you? she is cleaning woman she doesnt fucking care about apple or whatever the fuck it was, its a mess just throw it to the bin" There are any number of things wrong with me, if you want me to go into it. I do, however, think I have a pretty good line on this video. If it helps, watch the video again. You can see the cleaning woman begin to EAT the apple in the hall at her cart. So what was that about the bin, now...?
Contumelious - (11 days ago)
Louie Viz "gn00560894 leftover food is considered trash . After it was brought to her attention she cleaned his room without throwing away his leftover food. Not stealing ." If I may interject...Where did you get this idea that leftover food is trash? Especially an apple left on a desk? That is pretty far out there, I don't think you are gonna be able to bullshit anyone into thinking it's a thing. Cause it isn't...Nobody thinks an apple left on a desk is trash unless it's rotting away. This one clearly isn't since you can watch her start to EAT it in the hall. We all know she stole the apple, not sure why you are trying to obfuscate this truth
john Mitchell (13 days ago)
No she's a fucking thief. O and by the way janitors are NOT suppose to touch anything on a employees desk. I don't care if its a steaming pile of shit, its still off limits.
Louie Viz (14 days ago)
Wasn't stealing she was doing her Job .
Marie Taylor (15 days ago)
People need to assume that cameras are everywhere because they are more often than not. And maybe that way, it would stop them from doing foolish things.
KDN Games (15 days ago)
if you drive to the ghetto and leave your car running with the doors unlocked and scream "free car!", who's fault is it really if your car gets stolen?
Heaterpowered (11 days ago)
No one's fault. You just said it was FREE! Dumbass!
Jason Forever (14 days ago)
LMFAO! You yelled free car and left it there, there is no thief in this scenario you moron, nice try at stupidity though, you've got that perfected it would seem. 😂
Tyroil Smoochie Wallace (14 days ago)
but it's not the ghetto, it's his work space. I can tell this rotten woman has trolls working hard for her.
Fire&Ice909 (14 days ago)
KDN Games um the car thief?
Doom Archvile (15 days ago)
Usually people don't continue to leave their food out to be taken,once it has been tooken the first time. The employee taking it could have easily assumed you kept leaving it there purposefully as an indirect gesture to thank them for cleaning,by leaving a snack without a note stating so. Some people enjoy giving kindness without directly speaking it and leaving food in the same exact place knowing it'd be savored by someone else could be a sign of good will or bliss ignorance. All that matters is you didn't report them from my knowledge,but it would be wise to either feel grateful for their service or to do your own external services and clean your own office.
Contumelious - (11 days ago)
Doom Archvile "Usually people don't continue to leave their food out to be taken,once it has been tooken the first time. The employee taking it could have easily assumed you kept leaving it there purposefully as an indirect gesture to thank them for cleaning,by leaving a snack without a note stating so. Some people enjoy giving kindness without directly speaking it and leaving food in the same exact place knowing it'd be savored by someone else could be a sign of good will or bliss ignorance. All that matters is you didn't report them from my knowledge,but it would be wise to either feel grateful for their service or to do your own external services and clean your own office." That's pretty far-fetched reasoning. I don't believe it. The cleaning lady gets paid to do her work. As in a hotel, you leave any tips or extra clearly marked for the staff or they can't be sure it's for them. Some hotels will not allow staff to take tips that are not clearly marked just for this reason, because people will use it as an excuse to steal. Which is what I think this lady was doing and, indeed, under the law without any sort of contract written or verbal, she is guilty of. Doubt any jury would buy this reasoning (not that the epic apple thief case is going to trial anytime soon :P)
c_r_hansen (13 days ago)
Genghis Sean and you claim it’s easy... for one... I can actually tell you exactly what it’s like. I know for a fact there are a shit load of people that can’t stand on their feet that long for work... or the back pain of bending over constantly... don’t give me that shit unless you can make a valid point about doing it... faggot
c_r_hansen (14 days ago)
Genghis Sean respond bitch... do as your told
c_r_hansen (14 days ago)
Genghis Sean “horrific job” your words... not mine. “Calloused hands”... figure of speech compared to desk job. “bitch”... I’d turn you out. Only thing easier than that desk pussy is your mom... how’s that for “grown up”? You lame sissy
Genghis Sean (14 days ago)
yea bitch, some custodian who fuckin vacuums and empties waste baskets has some rough calloused hands from the horrific job they have to do. grow the fuck up, and get off your high horse. Being a janitor is easy as fuck.