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Guy uses webcam to catch the office thief

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This guy noticed the fruit on his desk was being taken by somebody, so he set up a technological sting operation to figure it out...
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325133 (1 day ago)
If you can't afford food just shoplift like me. If you get caught then go to prison and get 3 meals a day for free
opannefrank (2 days ago)
Sick and sad that so many people find no fault with this thief's actions. Apparently the janitor is entitled to this office worker's property. Who knew? For all of you defending this woman's actions, can you post where you live so I can stop by when I'm hungry?
Walter Davis (4 days ago)
Fruit really. She was hungry. Take this week shit down. Am calling your boss. And your not protected by know amendments. Stop the foolishness!!!!
the54thfloor (4 days ago)
Petty, over fruit? Really? Ffs. May she was hangry? 😆
Jack Clements (1 hour ago)
It's hungry you tit.
Alexander Williams (1 day ago)
ya i mean the guy makin the video did say he was fed up, so he was cool about it for a while. also this went on for months, so of course he wont just take it for months.... if she hungry, good, she fat af anyway
Dave Chapel (4 days ago)
You don't get it do you, it's not yours dont touch, you are paid to clean not eat other peoples food, you are a millennial aren't you.....
Miguel Jr. Orias (6 days ago)
shes too fatass for eating food she doesn't earned. 😆😆😆😆 how embarassing!?
N R (9 days ago)
Good for you that all your fruit is accounted for. Also, you were ordered by your boss to take this video off the internet.
Alexander Williams (1 day ago)
something called strangers make copies and post it, so makes no difference. dum mf
adrii sua (9 days ago)
I used to take Candy's 😂😂 👌
adrii sua (9 days ago)
N R hhh who dont
N R (9 days ago)
yummy candy, and yummy candies.
Sonny Burnett (12 days ago)
Say what you want and complain as well but the simple truth is she was being lazy. Can’t afford an apple? Really, just stop stealing things of any value.
sheeba gireesh (15 days ago)
Poor lady she just took a fruit ... may be because of hunger... you made her a thief .... you could speak later to her about this.... now the whole office staffs will call her a thief....
Billy Ray Valentine (4 days ago)
+BigFatX Welcome to Idiocracy. Population: 7.8 billion.
BigFatX (4 days ago)
Wait... So, him taping her made her a thief? I thought her stealing makes her a thief.
Billy Ray Valentine (10 days ago)
+littleMschat Women will always make excuses for themselves and other women. Accountability is like kryptonite to women.
Barfa The Hook (11 days ago)
She is a thief. Thats what its called when you steal
littleMschat (11 days ago)
I understand if shes a starving person in poverty but her size shows otherwise...
Keith Reese (16 days ago)
1. The janitor is the office gossip 2. The janitor is the office enforcer making sure that’s not done again 3. You know you’re always giving her an something, you always say yes, she felt free to take what you’d let her have 4. Thief
Nancy Wilcocks (16 days ago)
Oh for Pete sakes.....
LaToya Jones (15 days ago)
Nancy Wilcocks 😂😂😂😂
Nancy Wilcocks (16 days ago)
They just keep coming back
Leslie Bessesen (16 days ago)
Rebel- Mode (18 days ago)
2:54 She touched his apple with the dirty glove
Bat Man (18 days ago)
Missing fruit, want to to catch a thief, "Who ya gonna call?? Ghost-busters!" 3:41
eliyanora animalia (19 days ago)
I dont care if this dude makes millions and he had an apple laying on his desk in his OWN office. Dont steal anyones stuff unless you are given permission. Blank period
eliyanora animalia (19 days ago)
Thats so embarrassing
Alex Stone (19 days ago)
............NEXT TIME LEAVE A SALAD.................
George Sorrows (19 days ago)
That Asian is an embarassment to our continent.
Imeh Smith (20 days ago)
Yea and every one of you who has a nerve to bitch about the awesome of how dude embarrassed this fruit thieving bitch would the ppl with the accident shits for me lacing my food with constipation meds for all you thieving coworkers, roommates, etc. to enjoy. I complimented a thieving housemate in college by stealing all of her frozen food to party with at a friend's house while she was away. She came back bitching as we other housemates secretly laughed at her!! 😂😆🤗
Adam Armstrong (20 days ago)
I still can’t believe this story and how you are bitching about a fuckin Apple that you set her up to steal you weirdo
Alex (3 days ago)
Yea he set her up to steal it and recorded it. Now everyone knows who the recording freak in the office is. Also if he was that concerned for his Apple his could have locked his office, better yet, he should have secured his “valuables” like in a drawer...
TeamChaps (14 days ago)
Everybody seems to want attention even the thief well she got it 💯 Go get it free fruit on trees not on pples desks
April Artis (17 days ago)
What are you talking about it's his apple on his desk and he was trying to find out who the person was
kriss mg (16 days ago)
How can you set something up to be stolen. Its HIS apple on HIS desk. She's a thief!
Potato PewPew (19 days ago)
Lol he totally held a gun to her head huh and made her steal his shit xD
kellie rerick (20 days ago)
put some razer blades in your apple like they do on halloween, that will teach that asian not to fuck with a white persons stuff
Izham Sham (6 days ago)
Historically, you do realise white people came to Asia to, as you put it, 'fuck' with Asians' stuff first, right? Please try to refrain from being too much of a i) racist and ii) idiot.
ashman9729 (16 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with you?
Ronny Sterling (19 days ago)
kellie rerick YEAHHHH!!!
Van VanZant (21 days ago)
Should've made some brownies with Exlax and left them on your desk.
Luz Ruelas (19 days ago)
You right !!!! Good idea
k spence (21 days ago)
Of course an asian woman .....they all steal never put one in a position of trust...they will clean you out🤣
kellie rerick (20 days ago)
of course its an asian, they deplete the world of everything, everything, they are one of the most destructive races besides blacks on our planet.
Sylvia J Davis (21 days ago)
Love the Music. Who's it written by?
k spence (21 days ago)
david alexander (21 days ago)
Raciest bitch
Richard Mann (21 days ago)
Not a waste of time. Great video.
PieceOfToast (21 days ago)
The faces that cleaning guy was making lol
Joshua Pettigrew (21 days ago)
She probably takes better stuff on the daily and nobody notices then this person sets up a surveillance cameras to catch her take a apple how many hours of video did you have to review lol
deadkennedys555 (22 days ago)
Rev. PimpDaddy (19 days ago)
Well it looks to me like the best part of you ran down the crack of your momma's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress! I think you've been cheated!
mark A.huller (22 days ago)
I can't finish watching this shit because the fucking music make me sick motherfucker !!!
Rev. PimpDaddy (19 days ago)
Is that you John Wayne, is this me?
N PC (22 days ago)
They're so used to free hand outs from white people, they havn't the slightest clue what she did wrong. Spoiled affirmative action employees.
Ronny Sterling (19 days ago)
Da Ke haaa exactly!
Imeh Smith (20 days ago)
Ummm, no rascist... just a disappointed Asian thief and laughing black & white employees!!! 🙄🙄🙄
kellie rerick (20 days ago)
Per Shop (23 days ago)
The worst part is that the lady doesn't even know where the fruit has been, if it's spiked, etc, but she still takes it as food.
Nicole Manso (23 days ago)
Omg what a waste of time!!
David Jackson (24 days ago)
Why are they so intrigued for? What are they looking at? Dude was taking pics from his personal device, wtf?
kriss mg (17 days ago)
That guy showed that pic to everyone he knows, his family, the local butcher and all his work colleagues. She was possibly fired!
Linda James (24 days ago)
You should be happy you fed someone. You're going to pick on the cleaning lady? Oh yeah never mind. You get it
Izham Sham (6 days ago)
Someone should go to your house and take a tv set, or cash. I bet you'd be ecstatic that you helped someone so much. God bless your heart.
blackz!!!! (22 days ago)
Smh Linda how's that picking on the cleaning lady.. She picked on him first... remind of Christians quick to judge someone else but hate to look in the mirror ..
Von Bergerfurth (23 days ago)
The fuck is this comment?
Dennis allen (24 days ago)
MY CHANNEL (21 days ago)
Relax, dude. You sound like an elder.
Cavpal (24 days ago)
are you high, or underage? which one is it?
Bitmap. (24 days ago)
what the fuck? what are you even on about right now
AAAEA (24 days ago)
very satisfying
Zoë Lkjsdhf (24 days ago)
This was awesome! I thought it was cool of you not to report her. She's a janitor and probably doesn't make that much or have many jobs prospects and we never know when people have kids to feed or may be late on rent. So many people are one paycheck away from being homeless. I always feel bad when people steal food. If it had been something else I'd feel different. But for the life of me I can't understand why she would keep stealing it like someone wouldn't notice. Maybe she was really that hungry. Maybe she gives her kids most of her food and she goes hungry.
kriss mg (17 days ago)
After her colleague showed everyone that picture he took she was possibly fired.
Alison Sanchez (22 days ago)
Zoë Lkjsdhf you realize janitorial jobs rather really well right?
thole blepot (24 days ago)
shortriver (24 days ago)
I liked when she grabbed the apple with her toilet cleaning glove and put it back.
Sheryn Jaafar (24 days ago)
Well it's the end of the working hours already. Let the most needed take the food.
Beast Master (25 days ago)
I mean it's just an apple
kriss mg (17 days ago)
I've stayed in hotels and had stuff stolen. Its not ok. If it don't belong to you, don't take it!
Oh yeah Cool (23 days ago)
Apple lives matter.
cosmic kaboom (24 days ago)
I mean it’s just your girlfriends cherry.
T Rex (24 days ago)
And it's just theft.
Lady Amalthea (25 days ago)
Your coworker is hot.
Simon Thuo Ndungu (21 days ago)
And Cool........!!!!!!!! (Am Not Gay......)
userdetails1 (25 days ago)
she no rove you rong time
Anthony Farrar (26 days ago)
Is the bald guy from Ghost Busters?
sportster1988 (26 days ago)
Sure is.
Adammartini (27 days ago)
Its fruit on a table in an open room... you should know that means here take one. What are u 4? Put it in the fridge or behind your desk like a normal person who doesn't wanna give out their fruit lol
T Rex (25 days ago)
It's an OFFICE, they are the CLEANERS. They are not invited to help themselves to anything on anyone's DESK, nor the fridge, and probably not even from out of the trash! You are the kind of scum that helps themselves to their colleagues shit without a care, aren't you?
Learysinsight Wakefield (28 days ago)
Felix Culpa (28 days ago)
Maybe if you were capable of emptying your own tiny trashcan, you wouldn't be forced to interact with such lowly commoners...
T Rex (25 days ago)
If he wanted to empty his trashcan then she wouldn't have a JOB. And if she didn't want to steal she could not be a scumbag, or get an education, but she would still be.
Aeox (27 days ago)
Don't justify theft... It's a fresh apple.
WeirdCityCitizen (28 days ago)
4:03 - close your mouth - there's a train coming!
redneck girl (28 days ago)
Have you ever heard "if you're to good to ask for you don't need it?" I believe feeding someone hungry but I also believe what else could be taken? I've had this ladies job I done my job ppl put trust within you! On break I ate my on food! This is sad! Thanks for sharing!
Derek Boni (29 days ago)
Someone is hungry, feed them.
userdetails1 (25 days ago)
she's already fat. maybe she steals everyone's food
T Rex (25 days ago)
Someone is hungry, get a job, earn money, buy food. Not: someone is hungry, obuses their position as an employee, steal food. If you were EVER an employer I wonder if you'd be as understanding of your staff stealing from YOU every day. I mean it's something they want, and you have it, so it really doesn;t beloing to you - right???? This woman is a) not starving, and b) lucky enough to have a job.
pia ariba (29 days ago)
Fuck you
Me Mulyk (24 days ago)
JPR (29 days ago)
Wow, you showed him! So edgy!
Ass HOLE (1 month ago)
Fake and gay
StormRider42 (1 month ago)
Stealing is stealing, no matter how small or insignificant the item is. God only knows what else this woman steals when people aren't looking.
T Rex (25 days ago)
She's an employee paid to clean an office. She knows she isn't supposed to.
Jim Jimmy (25 days ago)
Terrible, terrible logic.
StormRider42 (26 days ago)
What bowl, and what open room? It looks like a small office room where a few people work. With office jobs like these, people tend to leave a few personal items on their desk, like food or items like that coffee mug in the background, to be used the next work day. The woman shouldn't have assumed the food was free to take. It would be different if the food was bad and was throwing it away, but she was eating it. Also, she had been doing this for at least a month. I know a piece a fruit isn't worth a whole lot, but imagine running a little late for work and expecting to eat that fruit for the breakfast you missed, only to find out it is gone when you get to your desk. I'd be like those people on the Snickers commercial, "You're not you when you're hungry." That Asian hussy better have a Snickers on hand as restitution.
Adammartini (27 days ago)
StormRider42 its fruit in an open bowl in an open room she probably thought it was free since when u see that in America it is 99.999% of the time
Crystallyzer t (1 month ago)
This is the biggest deal ever made about a fucking Apple... lmao.
eliyanora animalia (19 days ago)
+Adammartini not necessarily an open room. Since it was in his office. Now if it was in a break room and out in the open. It would make sense.
T Rex (24 days ago)
Clearly embarrassing a thief is too much punishment. I'll be clear, if you were caught taking ANYTHING from a client of the company *I* worked for when *I* was a cleaner you would never be put back in that premises, and you might lose your job. Why is stealign an apple worth 17c (YOU SAY) any better than stealing 17c from his desk. If 17c is ok why not $1.70. If $1.70 why not $17. You see where that's going??? Because if you are prepared to steal (and it is theft) 17c, then how much trust should the client or the employer have. Again, if I was her employer she'd be gone, because I'd value a paying client, and having an honest and professional staff, that I can entrust my businesses future with. Most cleaners understand this. And most employers will give the cleaners stuff from time ti time, or say they can have stuff. This cleaner is one to get rid of.
Crystallyzer t (24 days ago)
Salah Eddine H... he absolutely didn’t just write her a note dude... lol. He staged a mini sting op & then put the pictures on blast for everyone to see... obviously making a spectacle of the chick.. that’s the whole point of the video... him getting revenge..
Salah Eddine H (25 days ago)
+Crystallyzer t Well.. yeah, I was responding to you saying this was the biggest deal ever made about an apple, and I was saying no, the Bible claims an entire race was banished to suffer because of an apple. (I'm not religious is any way btw) what I meant was that he didn't make that big of a deal as you seem to think. He simply wrote her a message telling her that she won't get away with it next time. I'd love to start eating part of your lunch everyday and see how much of a deal you'll make of it. Maybe I'm being petty. But it does get annoying after a while when everyday you have to leave work to buy more fruit because someone else took it. And I feel like he could've overreacted by trying to get her fired or something. Instead he just told her to stop. Cheers!
Crystallyzer t (25 days ago)
Salah Eddine H.. LMAO. Weren’t you the same person talking about the Bible... LOL. You petty folks sure do stick together. Lol
Jeremy Archambault (1 month ago)
Is this the new ghostbusters trailer?
Never Nevertheless (29 days ago)
Jeremy Archambault this looked waaaaaaaaaay better if you ask me
Josh A (1 month ago)
7.2 million views. We could've been to the stars by now boys and girls. Instead... this.
Violet Tray (1 month ago)
Stellar comment
ArchCon Designs (1 month ago)
Why is this in my recommendations
GavinIceBuckets (25 days ago)
I think we know why.
holyfnshet (1 month ago)
2:53 handles apple with toilet glove
President Theodore Roosevelt (1 month ago)
2:27 me when I come home and notice someone’s been in my room
exomonxt (1 month ago)
Bruh I'll give you $5 for the fucking apples chill out
T Rex (25 days ago)
No cleaner would think it was free, except a complete idiot. Only an idiot without moral compunction would argue that on here. Which is clearly you. I work in an office. If I leave a can of coke on my desk or fruit it will stay there. If it is taken without my permission that is 1) rude, and 2) theft. And that is for staff... you are defending a professional cleaning service doing it... You're a dill. If a staff member was caught 'taxing' another colleagues food like that it would mean a word from the boss, if it was a cleaner they would be GONE. Get some morals. If it isn't your ask. And stop stealing from your colleagues or your bosses clients you trash.
Adammartini (27 days ago)
Barbara Danley then dont put an open bowl of fruit on top and in front of your desk in an open room in an office idiot. This person was asking for it, she probably thought it was free like anyone would
Barbara Danley (27 days ago)
Bullshit, you can't eat a 5. I plan my food at work so I have tasty healthy things to eat. You take my food, I have to go hungry or eat crap. No way am I letting that go.
Anything Under The Sun (29 days ago)
[BGF] SpaceCowboy  I absolutely agree with you!!
[BGF] SpaceCowboy (29 days ago)
Id be hella pissed off if someone stole from me. Even if it is the littlest things. If it's not yours don't take it lol. 😂😂
Paranormal Blanket (1 month ago)
It's the garden all over again, Satan loves it when we eat apples.
Paranormal Blanket (27 days ago)
+clmaynor I am well aware that it was not a apple, the word apple was a mistake made buy a scholar. If anything it might of been a poppy or psychedelic plant. But that is my interpretation.
clmaynor (27 days ago)
Actually, the Bible does not specify what kind of fruit that Adam and Eve ate during that first sin.
Enma Enigma (1 month ago)
I wanna be this level of petty
T Rex (25 days ago)
Get a job.
littleMschat (1 month ago)
Too fat, stop eating fruit (not even your own).
Paul C (1 month ago)
Did she get fired for being a thieving cow? Hey-steal some grapes...I wouldn't want to be leaving anything valuable lying around in that office. Get the Klepto canned, you will thank me.
T Rex (25 days ago)
Yes, I hate stealing too.
Adammartini (27 days ago)
Paul C hate
Lauren Wisteria (1 month ago)
Okay most of these comments I'm seeing have been in the last 10 hours and I really don't get what YouTube is getting out of promoting a video like this from forever ago but not current content from creators that work their butt off to upload videos regularly.
Salah Eddine H (29 days ago)
Honestly, I don't mind. Given the humongous number of videos I scroll past everyday, I don't mind if some of them are old. It's actually good for old content not to get buried, as long as it's good. If people clicked it, and stuck around to watch it, and didn't dislike, then it was worth promoting, so the system will keep promoting it, thinking it has done a good job. Cheers!
Jeanne Harmse (1 month ago)
+2QS Interesting cause there's been a lot of 'personalised' vids bein recommended to me lately an it seems to other people too
Paul C (1 month ago)
It's good tho...
Rando Miller (1 month ago)
Stupid video
JustCallMeKeebler (1 month ago)
This shit is GENIUS! Lol. You can see the grin on the male janitors face. He's like, "girl, he caught you apple handed!" LMFAO.
Hydrogeddon (1 month ago)
That male janitor is nosey and you can tell he has no life XD. You can also get him in trouble for not doing his job
T Rex (23 days ago)
I cannot help you with that!
Paranormal Blanket (24 days ago)
+T Rex ohh and now it's not funny. Well done T Rex you ruined my day!
T Rex (24 days ago)
It's a figure of speech, I do anticipate the cleaners have legs and perambulate...
Paranormal Blanket (24 days ago)
+T Rex roll about the office, lol
T Rex (25 days ago)
I think he might have a valid point when he took out his phone and took a photo of something (even something as innocuous as this) on a company screen. Imagine if someone left their screen unlocked at the end of day and it had a personal email stuff visible and he took a photo of that. Different scenario completely, but the expectations of discretion and whether a cleaner can roll about the office taking photos of stuff remains.
Project KJ (1 month ago)
I love the look on her face - like she's mad at YOU for catching her and even though you have proof, she'll deny it. Doesn't matter if it's an apple or whatever, if you clean offices, you DON'T take anything that's not yours. If she'd take that, she'll take more, period.
Vernice-Roy Zelvyki (1 month ago)
i dont want to watch old videos youtube i dont care its interesting or not just not old videos appearing in my recommended please
Salah Eddine H (25 days ago)
+megazion34 neither have I, to be honest.
megazion34 (25 days ago)
Salah Eddine H never actually called anyone a dolt before...sooo
T Rex (25 days ago)
Anyone that spells dolt 'dult' is a dolt.
Salah Eddine H (29 days ago)
I'm curious, why? Why does the fact that they've been uploaded a long time ago make them undesirable to you? Videos get reposted, too, so if this was a repost you wouldn't have even noticed that it was old. Cheers!
megazion34 (25 days ago)
Vernice-Roy Zelvyki don’t click them the. You dolt
Cristian Rodrigo dos Santos (1 month ago)
I'd have done a bit differently: 1. Record and make prof 2. Buy a seringe and insert salt water inside an apple 3. Record the fun stuff 4. Put both images on Screen Saver
T Rex (25 days ago)
How would that get him fired? Unless he intended to get someone that was invited to have one as a prank. Oh, no the thieving woman from cleaning ate a bad tasting fruit, YOU'RE FIRED. Should have just got her fired.
JPR (29 days ago)
And that's how you get fired.
Camryn Tompkins (1 month ago)
It was an APPLE. Do you think she makes a fraction of what he does and wants to sit and watch food go bad? We can grow apples in almost every climate, why is there not fruit everywhere free to pick.
T Rex (24 days ago)
Well, they are a professional service, but I think anything more than minimum wage would be unlikely. But a job is a job, and theft is theft.
CrazyIrishmen7 (25 days ago)
janitorial type jobs are usually paid pretty fucking well, i can tell you that from experience, she could easily be making more then him, she can afford her own damn apple, theft is theft, people that make excuses for it are just as bad.
T Rex (25 days ago)
Anyone that WORKED THERE Adam you bulshitter. She's the goddamn cleaner. Why don't you go get a job, then ask your boss if he minds you stealing from his client because you are too cheap to buy your own lunch.
Adammartini (27 days ago)
Natalie Demary did u even read my comment? Lol i can pretty much copy an paste it again in reply to this comment....
Natalie Demary (27 days ago)
You’re thinking of candy bowls at front desks in lobbies or receptionists decks. This office is clearly not a public area. The door is open for the janitors to come in and clean, but I don’t think most people would see his fruit bowl at his private desk and confuse it with free candy (or as you’ve seen fruit) in public areas, such as receptionist desks or front desks in a lobby area.
ReasonNLogic (1 month ago)
GameArmy (1 month ago)
Quality content everybody
Andrew Smart (1 month ago)
fruit left out when you're not there would imply you didnt want it. If you did still want it, why didnt you eat it or store it away?
T Rex (25 days ago)
Adam you are comparing hospitality fruit for CUSTOMERS with an office space that only people that work in the office can access and making a claim that a professional cleaner hired to clean that place has the reasonable presumption that fruit on the desks is for her to eat. You're a goddamn imbecile, or someone that like her thinks whatever she wants is fair game. Can she also help herself to people's food in the fridge while she is employed to clean and entrusted not to steal? I mean fruit gets kept in a FUCKIN BOWL Adam. Other food gets kept in a fucking fridge Adam. Can she raid the fridge too since her job is apparently to clean and eat food? Scumbag.
Salah Eddine H (27 days ago)
+Adammartini I respectfully disagree, my friend. This wasn't a reception area or a bar or a counter, it was the desk of a lowly office worker. I don't know, my friend. Maybe it's just me. But when I see a bowl of food on the desk of a co-worker, I assume it's something he was eating, especially if it's still new and wasn't rotting. I'd feel very bad about taking something off of my co-worker's desk. (Also I'm paranoid about taking food like that in general. That's how you get poisoned) Anyway, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Cheers! Good day!
Adammartini (27 days ago)
Salah Eddine H when u see an open bowl at the front of a desk normal people would people do it alllll the time. Some places back east mostly have like bowls of candy or mints out here in cali i see bowls of free fruit alll over the damn place because they dont want to give out candy... its a normal thing... this guy is obviously a dick and wanted to film this ir hes a total idiot if he actually didn't eant his fruit taken. A computer? Dont be dumb when u see a grill on the side of a road u gonna think its free if u see a car your not. "Why not just take the car too?" come on man
Salah Eddine H (27 days ago)
+Adammartini dude.. That's someone's desk.. Not a buffet.. Where do you live? There was a computer there too. Why not take that? I just can't believe how humans can defend this type of behavior.. So next to his computer keyboard and office equipment you see an apple in a bowl. And you decide : "Well, unlike everything else next to it, this Apple was meant to be given away". How?
Adammartini (27 days ago)
First Name in an open bowl in an open office in the front of desk. That mean free idiot.
Jeremy Logsdon (1 month ago)
I bet they both are thief
T Rex (25 days ago)
Yeah, I think they worked in unison. He would be lookout while she stole fruit.
The Royal Memes (1 month ago)
I hope she dies from Ligma
Chris Summers (1 month ago)
I hope you do too
VoidTitan (1 month ago)
"the royal memes" Still using a dead trash meme
JMPeRager (1 month ago)
4:18 He's going out to bust some ghosts
Rawn Broken (1 month ago)
Asians steal
Rawn Broken (1 month ago)
+Paul C shut it englishman you twats aren't human either.
Paul C (1 month ago)
Nasty comment. No need for that.
Cristian Rodrigo dos Santos (1 month ago)
Asian Flags are Red? https://thumb7.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/2787634/642777244/stock-photo-flags-of-asia-waving-in-the-wind-isolated-on-white-background-642777244.jpg Oh, some are XD
Rawn Broken (1 month ago)
+Squiddo SquidHead lmao
Squiddo SquidHead (1 month ago)
+Rawn Broken Yiikkeesss, you're setting off some red flags there buddy.
Sonet (1 month ago)
I worked in a control room with a computer room for one entrance and the break room on the other end. One time I was working nights and heard the soda machine going off like 20 times (we had free soda, just had to hit the button). I stuck my head out of the control room and the janitor was filling a trash bag full of our free sodas. Another place I worked had a security guard that helped herself to all of our copper left over from cabling stuff out (was supposed to be used for a party when enough was there). Moral of the story: If you have these type of contractors around, lock your crap up!
T Rex (25 days ago)
Yup, they'll be GONE.
JMPeRager (1 month ago)
Or report them, maybe they'll lose their job, maybe not. Either way, they'll stop doing it.
naruto32158 (1 month ago)
Bruh, please close your mouth
Sideoutside (1 month ago)
He probably drools a lot..
Sara (1 month ago)
damn let him be
The 'your' Police (1 month ago)
Spoiler: the guy on the image is not the thief. Though he does look goofy.
Jon A. Evans (1 month ago)
He came in and brought back his friend 😂
bitofbeer (1 month ago)
Looks like you work for the ghostbuster HR department
마구와구 (1 month ago)
0:49 he is like who the fuck is that? cheat bastard used cheap ass cam i cant see shit...
8arbarossa (1 month ago)
6.9K that watched this vid is a thief and didnt like the vid.. Youtube got your usernames, we know who you are
harrisnutter (1 month ago)
Maybe she thought he was leaving her a gift? 😂
Richie Rich (1 month ago)
Just another reason and video why I will and can't ever trust a cunt.
jimmy metaData (1 month ago)
Why not just put arsenic in the apple?
T Rex (25 days ago)
So when my cokes were getting stolen form the fridge at work and I dipped the lip of one in battery acid and let it dry and put it in and waited... I could have been breaking the law? I'm not convinced, otherwise the guy getting mauled by razor wire trying to scale a fence to steal shit could sue...
Salah Eddine H (1 month ago)
Well there already IS arsenic in an apple, right? (or is it cyanide?) In the seeds I believe. So if you eat enough of them, you die. But unfortunately that's still voluntary manslaughter, if the police can prove you knew it was going to get stolen. That's why we put alarm systems and not bear traps outside our doors. Funny comment though. Cheers!
Leon W. (1 month ago)
that bold janitor will never steal at his work. ever.
Nathanael Chavez (1 month ago)
CrazyIrishmen7 (1 month ago)
Mike Litoris (1 month ago)
Are you alright? I think you forgot your medication.
ITubaUTuba (1 month ago)
Nathanael Chavez - go and do one you pathetic clown
Jim Coyle (1 month ago)
Nathanael Chavez , you DICK
Josh (1 month ago)
haha good on you! stealing is stealing. I've had food and other items stolen by co-workers as well. So to the people bitching about him being petty or to shame her, i feel what he did was to teach her a lesson about not touching or taking what isn't hers. He could've easily taken that video to the higher ups and had her fired. Instead he told her to stop and showed her proof that she was stealing.
Icedwarf M (1 month ago)
This comment needs more likes, well written
Sorrito (1 month ago)
Josh just put a load of chilli and pepper
Imara Brooks (1 month ago)
Just read the comments and you can spot the ones that are thiefs lmao
T Rex (25 days ago)
That guy Adam is a massive theif. He's in every comment just about saying how anything that ain't died down is fairly thought to be left out for the cleaners to eat. 99% chance he is 1) cleaner and 2) thief.
Salah Eddine H (1 month ago)
Yeah I love people who are like "Well it's an apple! She makes a tiny fraction of his salary! If he left it out it means he didn't want it!" I'm usually sympathetic to janitorial staff as they do a hard and often thankless job. But once you start stealing you lose a lot of my sympathy. You were selfish enough to believe you deserved that apple more than me, so you took it. That's being a dick. Cheers!
Project KJ (1 month ago)
Ain't that the truth! LOL!
Imara Brooks (1 month ago)
Just read the comments and you can spot the ones that are thiefs lmao
tokionovaloid (1 month ago)
that asian dude expressions look like a cartoon character
Jorge Vences Pizza Murderer (1 month ago)
LOL they didn't even clean his room 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that's what he gets for bitching over fruit ARE U SERIOUS 😂😂😂
Salah Eddine H (1 month ago)
Also, the janitor did empty his trash can, and there are other desks around. Worst case scenario they'll do it the next day. Now that woman knows she won't get away with stealing next time. I'd make that trade.
Salah Eddine H (1 month ago)
+Jorge Vences Pizza Murderer yes, he was planning on eating that fruit the next day, now he can't have fruit until he goes out to buy some more, so not until he leaves work. She took the apple because she thought she could get away with it. Why didn't she think the computer was a nice gift from her boss? Because she knew taking it was gonna get her in serious trouble. She knew it was wrong. Also *he WASN'T HER BOSS! He just works there!* You think he's the CEO or something? He's an office worker who was getting his lunch fruit taken by a co-worker. He was considerate enough not to try to get her fired over it, he just warned her to stop! Gaah I can't believe I have to explain this stuff to people!
X OX (1 month ago)
Jorge Vences Pizza Murderer Clearly you are a thief too if you agree with stealing. It doesn’t matter if it was a pebble, it’s not hers to take.
Alessandro M. Lupacchini (1 month ago)
"oh look a nice healthy snack my nice boss left me" I'm dying LOL. who the fuck thinks like that?! AHAHAAHAH Sorry boss I saw a thing in a room and I guessed it was mine
LeoKat (1 month ago)
It starts with fruit....
Dylan # (1 month ago)
jono aji (1 month ago)
Jorge Vences Pizza Murderer (1 month ago)
jono aji makes it really interesting it's like if the music is pointing out the idiots on the job and the elites 😂😂😂
MarklarsonTube (1 month ago)
"This is my favourite office to clean, the guy always leaves me fruit to eat. What a nice man"
T Rex (25 days ago)
Seems to be a lot of entitled people that think stealing what isn't theirs is normal and expected. I expect a high level of dishonesty and beneficiary dependence in their camp.
Salah Eddine H (1 month ago)
+Ty Coon dude.. No one tips their building's janitor by just leaving food on their desk. Are you okay? Whoever eats food off of office workers' desks is either a thief or a complete moron. I should be a janitor and consider everything on a desk as a tip, take the laptop and office equipment. But she didn't do that, because she knew she wouldn't get away with it. She thought she *could* get away with taking fruit from "that idiot that leaves fruit every day", not realizing the idiot won't have fruit for the next day because he has to leave work to buy more. So no. Leaving stuff on your desk doesn't mean you've given it to the first janitor who stumbles upon it. That's just nuts.
CrazyIrishmen7 (1 month ago)
Calling it moronic wasnt and insult, it was just the truth. Calling someone triggered because you cant understand simple logic, "A guide on how to tell someones lost an argument and has nothing of value left to say" lol honestly, how do you only think in absolutes? I also never said you couldnt tip someone that makes a larger paycheck, i simply said that because they make more money they dont rely on tips to get by, and there isnt an established tipping system in place for jobs just as janitorial work because of it. The head out of your ass thing was just a joke but im starting to think its actually up there lol
Ty Coon (1 month ago)
CrazyIrishmen7 someone's triggered lol. I believe the petty insults started with "moronic" from you bud. And thanks, I'll be sure to ask the waiter and anyone else who performs a service how much they make since that's what decides tips according to you, the all knowing YouTube comment genius.
CrazyIrishmen7 (1 month ago)
if you cant grasp this from this point, you're a lost cause and im done with this conversation.
h3ll0gudbye (1 month ago)
Ew, she touched the apple with her dirty gloves. It's funny how offended she looks lol.
Shaloopy (1 month ago)
I’m an hour late to the recommends