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See Starbucks' straw-free lid

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Starbucks announced that it will phase out plastic straws from all of its stores by 2020. Instead, it will offer a cup with a raised lid you can drink from or eco-friendly paper straws.
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Text Comments (835)
Kevin González (1 month ago)
Welcome to the New World Order.
Vural Celebi (2 months ago)
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Ναταν (2 months ago)
I thought CNN committed suicide?
Amelia (5 months ago)
And of course their default is to give you a straw.
LimeCinemas (7 months ago)
But mah vanilla bean Frappachino :(
Robson Fuchs Bianco (7 months ago)
cups are made of?
Kaushik Malepati (7 months ago)
The damage has already been done to the oceans. Better late than never I guess 👌😊
mikemorr100 (7 months ago)
The straw free lid that uses more plastic than a lid and straw lol
brut 20 (7 months ago)
for all the man babies who go there
Danny Deal (7 months ago)
Braindead Demoncrat Commie Libturds care more about Turtles than torturing and killing full term babies. That says it all.
Dane Pacheco (7 months ago)
I'm still waiting for my Ariana grande drink special
Catherine Kang (7 months ago)
I don't understand, if they do away with the plastic straws and create new "plastic" sippy cup lids, how does that make things better? The plastic lids are still "plastic"!!!!!! WTF??? If someone is willing to throw their plastic cup in a recycle bin, wouldn't they be throwing the straw in there too? So, they are going to spend god knows how much money into creating a new lid when they could've just used their lids for hot drinks that are used in the same way as these new sippy cup lids will have. In the end, the lids and the cup are still plastic! But their going to worry about the straw........WTF is wrong with society? I just love the way corporations manipulate people. Ugh.
Andrew West (7 months ago)
Uhhhm, the new lid is PLASTIC. Stupid Starbucks. Plastic is fine. It is one of mankind's greatest inventions. It has value to be recycled and should be. Other countries are far more efficient at recycling and that's where our attention should be. Banning straws does nothing to solve the problem and is only a sensational method to "raise money." Don't waste you efforts or your money. #WalkAway
Isaac Guan (7 months ago)
Don't use paper straws just use a metal one
Pau Alv (7 months ago)
Starbucks needs to go lid less instead
Jane Marie (7 months ago)
Instead of banning straws, why don't you ban guns?
Coffee Jack (7 months ago)
Just bring your own stainless mug with a sealed lid on it, but that probably won't fly with the adult kids of this generation.
silkyeoja (7 months ago)
Ok but I hope they consider people with disabilities on these new designs because we literally NEED straws to make food accessible.
marie venus (7 months ago)
Yeah about me with my Whip Cream...
MadSeason (7 months ago)
Haven't bought a Starbucks product in two mouths, heard their stock was down 20% also.
Miss Khadeja (8 months ago)
That's great news 😊 a lot of straws are hurting the oceans wild life
Herculean Bleu (8 months ago)
But the plastic cups are still being used. Why not have paper cups and lids waterproofing
Abiy BattleSpell (8 months ago)
but wht are the new cups made of...
Quan Lee (8 months ago)
I know that there’s a bit more plastic in these lids, but straws are dangerous for marine life as they get stuck in their throats. Also to another comment I saw regarding mixing your drink, why not use those wooden sticks to do so?
T k (8 months ago)
no please
icewallowcome (8 months ago)
jessica torres (8 months ago)
okay but the lids are still made out of plastic and plastic is bad for the environment so
leopardgal 333 (8 months ago)
I don't like that idea so I'm going to. Stop buying from starbucks
Anthony Hayes (8 months ago)
What about my frappucino
SEEZEE (8 months ago)
So why cant the cold drinks use paper cups as well?
GAS Tucx (8 months ago)
How they going to put the whipped cream
Chris Sanchez (8 months ago)
Gotta love those tree huggers.
Chris Sanchez (8 months ago)
1st. Love the Exxon Mobil commercial before the video. 2nd. There are just as many plastic lids as straws...plastic lids are no danger to the eco system? Why the discrimination?
Kinaibhlan (8 months ago)
Or they could just encourage people to buy and use reusable cups like the ones they sell in the stores. Maybe offer a discount or reward points for using them as opposed to disposable cups. I only say as a reward because while the people who go to Starbucks claim they care about the environment they don't do anything about it and they're gonna need an insentive.
xomthood (7 months ago)
They already offer a discount for bringing your own cup, they've done that for years.
Ivan Won (8 months ago)
You can already hear the white girls lol
Sara S (8 months ago)
Cant we do something abt the WAY that straws are disposed off?? This is wayy too drastic bcz whats the point of iced drinks now? Ewe
axetonamill B (8 months ago)
Fuck the Eco the real culprits are the fuckin Chinese with their extremely high amount of waste not my straw
Juan X Palacios (8 months ago)
Since yall wanna act like lil baby's here's your fucken sippiy cup you grown ass adults 😂
Dina Corn (8 months ago)
It’s using more plastic
Kat K (8 months ago)
Re- useable straws ?
Some One (8 months ago)
What if you want wip cream
TheHylianJuggalo (8 months ago)
Not surprising millennials need a sippy cup :D
ThanossGaming (8 months ago)
Or you could just not act like a child and drink from a cup normally?
M Del Valle (8 months ago)
if you an environmentalist and are against straws why don't you just don't use them and have to put everyone else to drink from a stupid sippy cup.
M Del Valle (8 months ago)
environmentalists should grow some scales and swim away to help their own.
Xcryptic Garbage (8 months ago)
Yea what about the cup??
D Leong (8 months ago)
Just stop drinking starbucks. The world is saved!
Mr Eyeball (8 months ago)
**makes the lids plastic**
paulchankk111 (8 months ago)
Only taking out the straws is pointless. It makes up almost nothing when compared to other disposable.
Keen Cloud (8 months ago)
Wait how about the frappe with whipped cream on top???
bangtan (8 months ago)
I’m happy Starbucks is changing the the lid to this lid. So many people buy Starbucks and straws are really bad for the environment.
Ducati M (8 months ago)
Starbucks sucks, you can’t tell the difference between gas station coffee in Starbucks. It’s just ridiculously overpriced coffee
Rachel Kakar (8 months ago)
What about the whipped cream domed lid???? 😱
Ravedaze (8 months ago)
Make edible straws.. simple
Hassan Sabra (8 months ago)
Trust me straws aren’t what we need to worry about
Wesley Estelritz (8 months ago)
So we are talking about around 300 metric tons of plastic saved(worldwide) which I guess is good, but tbh it doesnt take much space on a dumpster. Like whatever idc cause i dont go to starbucks, but im just saying that straws aint hurting anyone.
Liow Jian Fei (8 months ago)
*Well done*
NonviableHydra9 ! (8 months ago)
What’s the point the rest of the bottle is plastic? Why not make biodegradable plastic
Playliszt Man (8 months ago)
I personally think this isn't that great of an idea. A better idea would be issuing out eco-friendly straws? Not paper ones, those suck. More like reusable straws made by Starbucks. They could use edible straws too (Free ones. The edibles straws in my local Starbucks are expensive).
Fierce (8 months ago)
I support it
Rosy Akhter (8 months ago)
Idk why people are freaking out I mean it’s helping the environment and you could just bring your own straw
Handsome_ Squidward12 (8 months ago)
The paper straws are terrible..please keep plastic or make metal ones..
Moonlight (8 months ago)
What will happen to the whip cream on my vanilla bean ;-;
Not Really A Racer (8 months ago)
this is the *last straw*
David Fordom (8 months ago)
Paper straws?
The Universe Within (8 months ago)
Yea but the cups are plastic.
TS Night (8 months ago)
Now it’s time for McDonald’s
SweetCat163 (8 months ago)
Liberalism in full effect
Sam Weems (8 months ago)
Sippy cups for adults smh
Alana Plays Roblox (8 months ago)
I personally don’t like this I like to stir my whipped cream with my Frappuccino
frank Gurza (8 months ago)
Sippy cup?
Itsmya :[ (8 months ago)
I don’t like it cause I am one to make a mess and all of it will fall onto me but if it helps the environment
Bbygirl_sim❤️ (8 months ago)
I’m going to Starbucks I wanna see if they give me one
Jack Dawson (8 months ago)
Why not just replace all cups and use our hands?
The facts guy (8 months ago)
Cool... cant wait when they will make the service be less racist?
Kathleen Daisy (8 months ago)
just so you all know, the plastic cups and lids are recyclable, but the straws don’t break down easily, which is why it’s better to use the lids🙄
Idc Idc (8 months ago)
But what about the straw industry reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lord Razor (8 months ago)
Replace plastic with plastic just for the sake of saying "we are eco-friendly" ffs
bradhorn14 (8 months ago)
What about differentially abled persons that require the use of single use plastic straws...
Emma Horn (8 months ago)
Wow those ceos are dumb and think we are dumber..the amount of plastic in the new lids is way than a simple straw
josh plaut (8 months ago)
Customer reusable cups, flat rate for a nice Starbucks themed cup they can bring in over and over again and they get a small discount on their drink
just a dude (8 months ago)
Replacing plastic with more plastic
Susan S (8 months ago)
There is NOTHING eco friendly about getting your coffee at Starbucks.
tully adams (8 months ago)
Dosent it have to use more plastic to make the different lid than would require to make a straw? Maybe weigh a straw and regular lid and compare it to the new lid it could turn out that it's slightly worse
FalconPixel 14 (8 months ago)
Both the cup and the “new” lid are made of single use plastic. This is the most pointless change
Grumpy Monk (8 months ago)
When I went McDonald’s in London I got given a paper straw. It was a horrible experience, the straw started getting wet and it was near impossible to drink with. I ended up ripping a bit of straw off to get a new dry straw
Before Tommorow (8 months ago)
I'm sorry little sea creatures who are affected by Plastic straws but I have necessities😒. Maybe instead of us humans having to stop being comfortable with everything we do😑, the dumb fish and whatever lives in the ocean should learn how not to eat trash🙄.
Jessica Ferry (8 months ago)
"eco friendly staws" are paper straws and paper straws don't fucking work. People could just cut their staws or recycle them
mwint1982 (8 months ago)
McDonald's and Starbucks have the best fucking straws. Please don't take my life away. Fuck the sea turtles. Jealous little green mf'ers
H H (8 months ago)
But it's all plastic??
Southern09 (8 months ago)
Starbucks is a disgusting liberal company I refuse to ever spend my money there
Nancy Yang (8 months ago)
Starbucks loves to jump on the bandwagon. This is nothing more than a marketing ploy to help boosts stocks. For Starbucks, it's not about the customers or "partners" it's always been about the share holders. Don't be fooled by these lids, they've been around for a few months now and just so conveniently be a great marketing strategy. Also, make sure you get rid of those green stoppers...thatll be next.
Trover19 (8 months ago)
let’s just make edible cups and straws, sure it’s more expensive but cookie straws... come on.
Bella Lancaster (8 months ago)
but straws make everything taste better.
Theresa Welker (8 months ago)
How about requiring people to bring a sustainable cup with them and not price gouging your damn cups. $45 for ONE 16 oz cup is absolute bullshit
Megan Kelly (8 months ago)
It's great that they are removing plastic straws, but a skinny little thing versus a plastic cup and lid? Starbucks has big plastic cups, so they should change that up.
Chicken Night (8 months ago)
So basically your Coffee Lid, wow
Michael Skinner (8 months ago)
How about get rid of all plastic cups. Must be Dunkin donuts is living in a future because they use paper cups.
Max Pardo (8 months ago)
Step in the right direction. If only we could get more companies to do this. No it won’t solve global warming but if more companies follow suit it can make an impact in the long run
Chris Glisson (8 months ago)
Wow a lid.