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Wild Turkey vs. UPS Driver (around FedEx Truck!)

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Yesterday, we were treated to a little lunchtime entertainment as the local UPS driver was chased around the FedEx truck by a wild turkey. Filmed from the hospital lunch room in Minnesota. For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Text Comments (140)
william horvath (7 months ago)
Thanksgiving is just around the corner LMFAO!!!!!
Charles Martel (10 months ago)
Turkeys package was damaged. I'd be upset too😂
No namer 1010 (1 year ago)
you guys are mean help him
_____iBeg_____ (1 year ago)
super Ethan Martinez right? assholes lmao
AL (2 years ago)
Clearly, the turkey was cold as it chased the mailman for the late delivery of a jacket.
d3g3n3r4t3 (2 years ago)
+Snow Biggie u from corpus?
GoodVibes (3 years ago)
Where is my MUDAFUKNG package? I've waited 2 days and nothing... call your supervisor I don't care.
Capcom Network (3 years ago)
Zorya Lyrics (3 years ago)
This is why Fedex has bad delivery service.
Zorya Lyrics (3 years ago)
+WeAre Metal yeah its the only choice we have anyway. Even though the fedex at my city delivered my package a week late. Then UPs almost completely destroyed my other package. Id rather have my package late than never actually get it.
Zorya Lyrics (3 years ago)
+WeAre Metal they suck dick to
James G (3 years ago)
Apparently, FedEx is now hiring turkeys for a new marketing campaign...
jfsa380 (3 years ago)
...which is why we leave the door open on the truck. No not really, but it helps
Maria Fincken (3 years ago)
Hilarious  I would have cooked the turkey.
Codeman (3 years ago)
I would have grabbed that turkey by the neck and ringed it out and cook him up!
Kelly Rau (4 years ago)
Lmao thats my uncle!
Kelly Rau (4 years ago)
Lmao thats my uncle!
Steve 30x (4 years ago)
Isn't that a Fedex driver?
ertem eğilmez (4 years ago)
hindi küçük harfle yazılır 
Scott Averette (4 years ago)
Half-Life 3 confirmed.
Richard Allen (4 years ago)
That turkey is now employed by FedEx. 
Steve Giovanis (4 years ago)
Fedex is not UPS
willForeverLOVEyou (4 years ago)
Omg, this happened to me when I went to the Philippines to visit logo and Lola when I was 5. I got so scared that they cook the turkey the next day so I won't get nightmares anymore. Lol
JGuilherme (4 years ago)
At least the guy have an entire medic team available in case the turkey fuck him up! LOL
sreeraj bhaz (4 years ago)
New Ad Campaign ##FedEx !!!
Ozzy (4 years ago)
Looks like that turkey was FedUp!!!
jagwaar (4 years ago)
All he had to do was show the turkey a can of cranberry sauce. LOL
kindom2010 (4 years ago)
That turkey was hired by the Fedex and USPS to show UPS a lesson.
zynthypops (4 years ago)
The revenge is priceless we have trained that Turkey years for all those lost, broken, not delivered packages on time. GO GET HIM !!!! 
Michael Termath (4 years ago)
Wild Turkey
G Philip C (4 years ago)
The DHL (yellow and red trucks) guy was the only wise one.
ilona rása (4 years ago)
sehr gut!!! Danke!
Beth Liberman (4 years ago)
Clearly, it's because someone's true love sent the six geese a-laying by UPS and this turkey was coming to their rescue (Dec 30th, the sixth day of Christmas?)
Aileone (4 years ago)
How embarrassing!
Devin Kissinger (4 years ago)
Another upset ups customer
chandra1221 (4 years ago)
Gobble, Gobble, motherfu**ers!!   #Thankskilling
Jandi Benö (4 years ago)
Can someone explain the reaction of these type of humans today? From when I was a small child I remember turkey chickens chasing after me but all i did is kick them if they attacked I kicked them harder. Why is it so hard to do this as an adult man?
rthornton4 (4 years ago)
If you weren't raised in an environment that opened you up to those experiences, then you wouldn't know how to react.  That's a pretty big bird and not something the driver was prepared to deal with and he probably has never been harassed by a wild turkey. 
LV RB (4 years ago)
No, the Turkey is from FedEx and it just wanted to put the UPS guy on his place
sudhindra srinivas (4 years ago)
That turkey's relatives were eaten up around Christmas. Payback time!
Hector Martinez (4 years ago)
Surprise ending where the earth is in quarantine and all humans must stay indoors in scrubs.
Im Zeigen (4 years ago)
The turkey just wanted to ask about his amazon orders
Coops (4 years ago)
Charles Doodson (4 years ago)
Hot nurses!!! Amen!!
Gabriel Soberanis (4 years ago)
Morrons, do you have any idea how much it sucks to deliver boxes in the freezing cold for 11hrs everyday? Wait that's why we make 80K, that's right that guy made $5 in those 3mins he was being chased , you laugh at us, we laugh at your packages ;) (plasma tv if you know what I mean )
Feeze2 (4 years ago)
Turkey: "Where's my package at, bitch?"
Jan B. (4 years ago)
To everyone chastising the medical audience for "sitting around watching a turkey instead of being at work" (saving our sorry asses): they're people. They need lunch breaks too. And with the stress of their jobs, a refreshing laugh on the break is good.
martin kwok (4 years ago)
That Turkey cames from the Fedex
joanne ramos (4 years ago)
"No you're the Turkey, Jive Turkey"
1rtricky (4 years ago)
Turkey probably didn't get his Christmas present on time! LOL. 
Michael Keating (4 years ago)
Amazon Turkey trying to get a lift from an UPS driver after talking turkey about the delivery services. The Turkey is lucky that he is not road kill. UPS does run circles around Fed Ex especially when they want a full service carrier. Turkeys do not take air very well. The Fed Ex truck is an air truck. The pedestrian surely is not Elmer Fudd. Because he should have brought dinner home but his wife will be Fed UPS.
Maiyuran Kana (4 years ago)
Turkey a FedEx undercover operative
EDGAR BRAVO (4 years ago)
buz zee (4 years ago)
typical UPS knucklehead.... "trained" the UPS way (methods),,,. keep turnin right my friend!
Caleb Akaehie (4 years ago)
The Turkey Was Demanding Compensation For Late Delivery of Christmas Packages of Its Owner ... Is awesome when turkey knows how to claim right
MrSkytops (4 years ago)
That turkey was definetly from FedEx!!
Tina A (4 years ago)
Looks like Fedex has trained some new workers to harass the UPS drivers. ;-)
pantericacfh3 (4 years ago)
I'm totally gonna laugh at him at work on Monday haha
Hoovermango (4 years ago)
Fed Ex Machina
Metaluck768 (4 years ago)
Nossa, que milagre: nenhum idiota dizendo que veio pelo ah negão.
Aku The Shape Shifting Master of Darkness (4 years ago)
That is not a turkey, its a female peacock. Get your shit together.
Aku The Shape Shifting Master of Darkness (4 years ago)
ElCid48 Badmouthing people is what trolls do, and that is what you are doing. You are no better. Talking shit like that without know jack diddly? you is sad
ElCid48 (4 years ago)
+bonnie3312 Don't waste time with that Fluffle idiot. He/she is a sad troll and that kind of individuals feed with the hatred and controversy they try to inspire. Fluffle is a pathetic sample of a human being.
bonnie3312 (4 years ago)
This is in Minnesota, we don't have wild peahens!  It's a turkey! 
Aku The Shape Shifting Master of Darkness (4 years ago)
it seems like that's all you do, isn't it
ElCid48 (4 years ago)
+Fluffle Puff I have no intention of losing my time with contentious ignoramuses like you. It must be very sad to wake up in the morning and being you, and when you wake up in the morning you see reflected in the mirror the face of the same sad loser. Bye, kiddo!
TheLordYankee (4 years ago)
Those FedEx guys an their anti-UPS turkeys!
Betty Hernandez (4 years ago)
Ups delivers turkeys to.glad that wasnt my friend who has wk 37 yrs.Go UPS
Fantse Rishea (4 years ago)
"Laughter is the best medicine"
Lucas Lery (4 years ago)
Ah negão !!! the zueiras never endis 
Deadpool (4 years ago)
theres a new season of scrubs?
Antreas Xatz (4 years ago)
Turkey(ish) March by Mozart
ElCid48 (4 years ago)
I thought it was by Beethoven
Erika M. (4 years ago)
WHYNOTMEB4U (4 years ago)
The turkey was really the Fed Ex driver in disguise..he was mad because UPS has stolen some of his customers and took his parking spot.
Lights254 (4 years ago)
His delivery was not on time. What can you do?
Jon D McBride (4 years ago)
was that a Fed Ex turkey?
Schmiegel Barbarino (4 years ago)
Those union guys are only tough in numbers. He probably called his steward and had a hit put out on the turkey.
Erich Borrmann (4 years ago)
Where's Phil Robertson when you need him
wieman351 (4 years ago)
The turkey is probably pissed off cause UPS was late with his X-Mas gift.
zplnfan (4 years ago)
Did the driver ship his pants?
Mauser (4 years ago)
The Turkey was trained and released by Fedex in a bet to slow down UPS deliveries. Dirty competition!!!
Marla Seats (4 years ago)
congal42 (4 years ago)
Turkey has been to  Goose College
Priya Sridhar (4 years ago)
hi I am a reporter from the Associated Press. Did you film this video? If so I'd like to contact you about using it. please let me know, thanks!
Panchal B (3 years ago)
Hey Priya you still did not change the Bangladesh map showing India as part of Bangladesh in  http://www.priyasridhar.com/workportfolio.php This is an insult to this country (India)
alexvalora (4 years ago)
the turkys can smell u fear !!!!!! its a ninja skill
B Schlough (4 years ago)
Jeremy McReynolds (4 years ago)
Tell Mr. Brown he can surrender his man card at the front desk.
Shocked Cat (4 years ago)
guys what if the turkey just wanted his package?
Travis Pagliara (4 years ago)
FedEx hires new body guards for it's transit...
ArtiDecay (4 years ago)
The smurfs watching a turkey chase!
invalidchars (4 years ago)
It's "Do no harm," nothing about saving people.
tmac20031 (4 years ago)
Establish dominance! Establish dominance!
Byron B (4 years ago)
Were all those people surgeons? - Hey guys! - What? Can't you see we're in the middle of an operation here? - You gotta see this turkey chasing a UPS driver!
Byron B (4 years ago)
or if this was a university hospital: - ok I've unleased the Turkey! let's cross our fingers that we finally get our first patient! - suit up everybody!
MokilokiD (4 years ago)
Meanwhile in Southpark ...
space elves (4 years ago)
Why are they just standing there? Go down and help the man being attacked by a wild turkey
Bill Vincent (4 years ago)
+Hydrogencar Hellow In his defense, wild turkeys are huge assholes, but he WAS being a bit of a sissy.
Hydrogencar Hellow (4 years ago)
its just a turkey man. 
Masaki Fujikura (4 years ago)
Not ups
Isaac Yanguez (4 years ago)
Mr Turkey was mad bc his package wasn't delivered on time
Debbie Ring (4 years ago)
maybe he thought that bag was a dead turkey, lol
Kevin Johnson (4 years ago)
Snorted coffee out of my nose this morning watching this...
boland191 (4 years ago)
hahahahahaha incredible!
Schahram Mh (4 years ago)
he was saying to take him for his the silvester dinner!
Bill Vincent (4 years ago)
Notice they're all eating? It's a break room, Mr. Judgie.
Not Michael Jordan (4 years ago)
LOL at the UPS driver hiding behind the FedEx truck. 
CALUCA57 (4 years ago)
TheoBrixtonTheKid (4 years ago)
Adam Stovicek (4 years ago)
Wait a minute. Did they all leave some guy dying on a gurney table while they all ran to the window to guffaw at this turkey nonsense?
Don Kernan (2 years ago)
+Snow Biggie Sure it was...
Snow Biggie (4 years ago)
no, this was in the lunchroom when staff was on break.
Cassie Novak (4 years ago)
To those calling the UPS driver a yellow-belly, do a Google Image search of 'turkey spurs' and you'll see why avoiding these Wild Turkeys is a good idea. A kick from one of these birds can result in an emergency room visit.
GL2814 (4 years ago)
Agreed.  I've been spurred while turkey hunting in the spring.  Sometimes they flop around after you shoot them (they're already dead, most birds do this) but there are ways to get them to stop, and while implementing one of these methods I got a spur to the calf.  It bled a bit and hurt like heck, but I was more upset that it ruined a brand new pair of camo pants.
fghtffyrdmns (4 years ago)
Good thing he's just outside a hospital then.
Nataly RAW (4 years ago)
why is everyone a smurf
greenelephant1231 (1 year ago)
why are the hmong ladies so shor and cute
Snow Biggie (4 years ago)
hospital workers in the lunchroom...
otzey (4 years ago)
USPS turkey
Tagnana.com (4 years ago)
FedEx Driver saved the UPS Driver. whats up with that!?
Mauser (4 years ago)
ha ha
WhoIamIsNotImportant (4 years ago)
Weird how the most interesting part of this video was when the camera turned to a room full of blue people.
jx14aby (4 years ago)
+SuperHooCee What is smoreplay?  
SuperHooCee (4 years ago)
mike b (4 years ago)
just kick the bastard.