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This is life on $7.50 an hour

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Safiyyah Cotton makes $7.50 an hour working at McDonald's. So how does she stretch her budget? With a lot of help from the government. Here's a look inside the life and budget of a low-wage worker.
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Sith Lord (2 hours ago)
God bless you. Your working hard. I pray one day wages will rise for the poor. Rich get richer and poor live like this so sad.
laura the explorer (2 hours ago)
I don’t give a shit what anyone in the comments says. It’s sickening that people in this country have way more than enough money to help these people but don’t. Greedy selfish fucking bastards.
Manhattan Mama (3 hours ago)
This is heartbreaking but a reality, sadly. How can anyone live on these wages? I pray to God that she can get a better job, a raise or anything that will make her life easier.
Josh Theys (4 hours ago)
Y would u have kids if u make 7.50. Dumb bitch get a real job
Neda Emami (9 hours ago)
There is a fundamental lack of humanity in these comments. Y’all are quick to use your own stories as justification when your specific life has nothing to do with the struggles of others. This video is only a glimpse of her life and all this ugly judgement is dangerous.
I know what this feels like...i just pray things get better for her
genique130 (10 hours ago)
young lady i feel ur pain i am.right there in that same position. i do have a better paying job but the stoey is such one of many. I am doing what i have to do to afloat with my 4 yr old son but im not having another child lets promise that...PROMISE. But this young lady is much like me want the best for her son and with god on ur side and u keep doing yhe right thing he will be just they way u asked from god how he shall be. thats for your son and mine keep ur head sister
David Lee (10 hours ago)
1 reason some work 2 or 3 jobs
Rob Bravo (13 hours ago)
asians are more happier than americans $7.50 an hour , lol
Clement Lee (13 hours ago)
I'm trying to save up for a Rolex on $12/hour
Rachel K (15 hours ago)
People sitting here judging her for having a kid so young. Judging her for having an iPhone but no “toys in his room”. Did you ever stop for a minute and think maybe that phone she got for free with government assistance? That is possible you know.
ANDRE JOHNSON (15 hours ago)
JEHOVAH WILL FIX VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/805522052921574/posts/1313300365477071/ ISAIAH 65:21-25 21)They will build houses and live in them,And they will plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. 22)They will not build for someone else to inhabit,Nor will they plant for others to eat. For the days of my people will be like the days of a tree,And the work of their hands my chosen ones will enjoy to the full. 23)They will not toil for nothing,Nor will they bear children for distress,Because they are the offspring made up of those blessed by Jehovah,And their descendants with them. 24)Even before they call out, I will answer;While they are yet speaking, I will hear. 25)The wolf and the lamb will feed together,The lion will eat straw just like the bull,And the serpent’s food will be dust. They will do no harm nor cause any ruin in all my holy mountain,” says Jehovah. ANDRE JOHNSON AMERICA: 1-347-623-6025 JAMAICA: 1-876-570-8502 EMAIL: ajvelt@yahoo.com WEBSITE: https://pilotjar.com ADDRESS: 4819 Church Avenue Brooklyn New York 11203 Communication is the key to a good relationship.
Castle_Casting (17 hours ago)
I don't feel sorry for people like this, they have no drive no motive to do better in life. you're complaining about a job that requires no skill at all. I have struggled I was in and out of group homes as a child, even as I got older I was in and out of jail to even prison. I was indicted on 15 felonies and convicted for 3 of those felonies. I went to prison and right when I was released, I looked for a job non stop everyday until I got a job I wasn't going to settle for minimum wage. I got hired, I worked my ass off did what I needed to and made 50k my first year out of prison. Paid off all my fines and now off probation, I have my own place sweet cars to drive and a wonderful successful life oh and I am Mexican can you believe that. I also never asked the government to hold my hand never would of considered food stamps or welfare any crap like that, I will always carry myself. that's the difference between a real American and a lazy piece of crap. She should lose her kid, people that don't set them selves up and depend on others to care for them need to get out of this country. They're the real problem! America is truly a country where anyone can be successful, I now live in a good area I can pay my full rent in a week and I have no roomates and my rent is over a stack and I still continue to strive to succeed more and more, settling is never an option I will never be comfortable I won't allow myself to survive I promised myself that when I was released it was time to LIVE and not just SURVIVE anymore. So people no more of these sorry ass excuses blaming minimum wage, get your assess out their grow up and be an adult. Time to take responsibility for your problems, set goals, apply everywhere, get into sales. Their is so much opportunity out their stop been lazy just stop, stop acting like a victim. I do not feel sorry for anyone especially if you don't apply yourself. this is America home of the work your ass off, be responsible and you will succeed!
sweeteebabes (18 hours ago)
At least you have your own place. Many young woman are working at McDonald's in worsier predictaments than you. Hopefully you are filling out applications in your spare time. You can find another $7.25 job that actually gives you hours. The best time find another job is when you have one.
Betty Echols (18 hours ago)
You bought a frozen dinner which is a lot more expensive than making a pot of rice and veggies
Betty Echols (18 hours ago)
Go find a waitress job so you can make TIPS....
Afshan Tase (20 hours ago)
I feel so sorry for her may God help her all I can do is pray for her
T (23 hours ago)
Why have a kid if you can barely support yourself, its just torture for the kid and not a nice environment to be raised in
Layla Hopkins (23 hours ago)
This is what some nurses in the UK are expected to survive on, its terrible nobody should live like that
Louonnie. Lee (1 day ago)
People don't understand what people go through.It really is tough out there.
Letit Bemee (1 day ago)
Stay in school, get an education FIRST, married second then think of having kids. Nobody's fault that anybody is making low wages, & feeding kids.
D Reeder (1 day ago)
The ignorance is incredible! You guys are a bunch of idiots. Not one of you know this young lady nor do you know what brought her to this situation. No one has the right to judge anyone because in the end we shall all be judged by the most high.
desu ne (1 day ago)
mommy knocked up at 21 daddy locked up before seeing his son great life choices
masi x (1 day ago)
I’m 17 almost 18 years old. I make 7.50 an hour. I get paid every week and it’s around $185. That’s after taxes and for about 30 hours. If I don’t get a raise when I start college then I’m finding somewhere that pays more and they can kiss me goodbye. (I don’t work at McDonald’s. I work at a gas station/tourist stop)
Lillie Johnson (1 day ago)
this is life and it's hard everybody isn't lazy and looking for a hand out. I pray YAHWEH continue to bless her ,and she is blessed because each day she's here she tries and that's faith, she works. I believe YAHWEH will shower her with all she needs. faith and works is what flourishes, not faith and a hand out. may the FATHER keep you and your son. struggle is hard but God gives you the strength.
Gregory Valencia (1 day ago)
I see people my age always complaining about how much they make but when I offer them a construction job with me for more money they say nah that’s too hard there’s a difference between what u want and what u need a rich guy once told me it’s how u spend your money
sade' allen (1 day ago)
God bless her
sade' allen (1 day ago)
Soooo sad
Jared Tietjens (1 day ago)
She has shelter and food, don’t expect sympathy
richard chris (1 day ago)
stfu, next time don't get pregnant. i started at 2.00/hr.knowing this was a start, fucking cry babies.
viewmaster617 (1 day ago)
Take notes rich and greedy ppl
Kaden Rossney (1 day ago)
i pray she wins the lottery and buys her workplace
Robert Masina (1 day ago)
after high school graduation, you either get an education or learn a job skill and not have children and one wouldn't find themselves in this situation.
Tiffany Leblanc (1 day ago)
Work hard play hard. No matter where you work
Tiffany Leblanc (1 day ago)
My girl works at McDonald's n see has her own house n just bought a car. With two kids. Don't want to hear the bullshit excuses!!
Allicesa Ellis (2 days ago)
Um does she have a GoFundMe me??
Red1Fiz (2 days ago)
was in her same shoes working at mcdonald's told myself one day i couldn't do it anymore then found a better job at a sawmill. now im about to chase my dream of becoming an airline pilot.
Tacara Guice (2 days ago)
I would go right to the meat market. Then buy some veggies and baby food in the jars . then the next check go to tjmaxx go on the clearance rack get his Clothes . I pray that you get more help love . Oh yeah pantries to stock up.
shivam gupta (2 days ago)
Man you guys think 6000$ is not much. Many people don’t see that much money ever in their life on this side of the planet
Dai-jae Morgan (2 days ago)
By British comparison $.7.50 equals £3.15 an hour we are on £8.00 an hour minimum so you should be on $16'17 dollars an hour it feels like slave labour over in the states hope things get straightened out.
Lissa K (2 days ago)
I feel for these workers. Shame on the government for cutting taxes for corporations, while taxpayers fund these programs. Raise minimum wage!!!!!!!!!!
Jazzie Tay (2 days ago)
The minimum wage is too low. Republicans don't want people on food stamps and other help programs and they do not want to raise the minimum wage. They say go to college or ask your parents or get loans. Not everybody has the same intelect some people have learning disorders. Not everybody has rich parents. So many programs that are essential to daily life are being cut. If you work 40 hrs per week you should be able to make enough money to eat and pay your bills.
A M (2 days ago)
McDonald’s is a billion dollar company, they need to pay their workers more. This is dang near slavery. Where is all that money they make going?
Tyron Clark (2 days ago)
7 anything a hour ain’t enough to survive off that’s sad
Kim Borland (3 days ago)
Lets have a kid witha drug dealer at 20 knowing yull be stuck with the basterd when he fucks up Lets not do anything to better your career orschooling for career and she be wearing fuck me boots lol Five yeas later three more kids too 2 more different dads
Kim Borland (3 days ago)
She eats good shes clearly l,ike 200 pounds dont worry get his , how about, stop eating four big mac meals a day and maybe yull have enough money for yur booze while yu go out drinking with your kid at grammas house
DontAsk (3 days ago)
If she were to work 56 hours every day for a year should have $20,440 And possibly her job give her benefits for working past the typical full-time job •Let’s say she works 8 hours a day 7 days a week 7 x 8 =56.00 • In one day she makes $56 • There are 365 days in a year 56x365 = $20,440 This woman could be making $20,440 in a year most likely including the company benefits due to working a full time job, which is typically considered around 30- 40 hours a week. And after that she usually would start getting benefits. Personally I’ve never had children but I can understand basic concepts of living a dismal Insufficient lifestyle versus doing all you can and enjoying life. As someone who has severe debilitating health issues I’m quite offended by this lazy individual who chooses to be overweight and chooses to not be self-sufficient and cook for Herself and her child, and chooses to buy frozen meals because she chooses to guarantee that healthy food will NOT get eaten... I really don’t understandIt what’s going on here, it’s not like she has a disability inhibiting her from working... Why doesn’t she get another job? i’m so confused as to what the issue isThis is so wonderful that the government has all this set up housing, Medicare, food stamps, She even has the luxury to bypass healthy food which is cheaper and go for frozen meals which can lazily be put in the microwave, instead of being Responsible for her health and the health of responsible for her health and the health of her child. It’s like she doesn’t want to take responsibility and have a job and doesn’t Enjoy the fact that her two legs work that she can get her ass out of bed She intentionally does not buy fresh food because she CANT guarantee shell eat it!!! She refuses to learn how to cook, Based on the tone of her voice and her dismal demeanor and from what she is describing as her current living situation it’s evident she doesn’t care about her self or her child instead being involved , she’s a detached defensive, victim who chooses to not get a new job who chooses to buy frozen meals who chooses to be overweight. Who fails to realize the precious moment of being alive her son is alive and breathing right next to her !!!!! she’s bypassing all of the moments she could be teaching him about nature, teaching him about morals ,teaching him how do identify objects and what they do , She could beShe could Wake up early in The morning in order to go to work so she can’t clock out by mid afternoon pick up her child from daycare and take him through the grocery store quizzing him on the multiple types of items and what their function is as she accumulates her healthy non-frozen meals In order to stimulate communication with her child and stimulate his brain cells to in order to have better communication resulting in him having a higher intellect. ... instead she just waddles her way to the store and buys a frozen meal and shoves it in the microwave, on the table because she can’t guarantee that she’ll eat healthy food... Find it very Find it very strange That she was complaining about her tooth getting pulled yet she can’t guarantee to eat healthy food and is overweight neglecting her health...
Benty Baroon (3 days ago)
Somebody give dat ho a solid quarter! Bitch need a solid quarter.
T K (3 days ago)
Y’all be pro-life until someone messes up and needs a little help lmao
Frank Makell (3 days ago)
I would like to meet her and help her and her son. My name is Frank from Columbus, Ga. She can stay with me and we help each other
Teemo Bot (3 days ago)
I bet she doesn’t even know how to cook a meal that would last 5 days.
Vault Boy (3 days ago)
Maybe don't have kids if you can't afford them? You aren't supposed to live on minimum wage. Get a roommate to save costs. It's not impossible. In fact, I've done it before. So before you start saying, "walk a mile in her shoes" just know that I have. You just need to be clever with your money. Look at things objectively, and work out ways to get around them. I now work a 6 figure salary as an attorney. My struggles have paid off. It's ridiculous that people believe their job at a fast food joint warrants $20 an hour.
Jenny (3 days ago)
Black and brown people hold on because when your God is finished with them they going to be sorry that they ever mistreated you used you and abused you and took the things that belong to you for their own selfish foolish evil selves. They hate you because they hated your God first
Eric Ruiz (3 days ago)
Tough out here.
OnceUponADream (4 days ago)
I thought minimum wage was $10.00
dori bonneville (4 days ago)
this is terrible i work for burger king and have for years ..i always get a raise every year..i have a 401k and health insurance aval if i wanted it ..paid sick time an vacation every year..full time hours ..she needs to get away from mcdonalds that shit aint right..
Ian Stuart (4 days ago)
So instead of this "victim" bettering her life and furthering her education to try and find gainful employment, just give this loser more money? That's the solution? To quote snoop "if the bitch can't swim, then she's bound to drizound
Chanel Dompierre (4 days ago)
Watching this video makes me wanna do even better in school 📚
pat welch (4 days ago)
WHAT, did you learn in school ??? Nothing apparently.. This is why you make crap money. Why didn't you study harder ?? Why do you have children when you don't have any money. You only get out, what you put in.
Luis Bartolo (4 days ago)
Go do construction there always looking for workers any type of construction the pay is good right now, like you suffer cause you wanna suffer, construction is hard work not gonna lie but it’s worth it cause you’ll hopefully save up more not because you make more you spend more.. no you gotta save and just by the necessary things, and keep doing that for years so that you won’t end up in rock bottom , don’t be scared it takes a lot of self motivation and mental strength to do better and change your life for the better. I highly recommend construction for anyone in this situation yes you’ll be tired , yes your most likely gonna get dirty and it is hard work but you’ll get used to it but you can save up and do something else later on but I say construction is a underrated option
Q&C Carter (4 days ago)
Princess Emerald (4 days ago)
I decided to check the comments to see what anyone is saying and they're still negative. White people love to make racist comments. Smh.
Thunderbird (4 days ago)
Why have kids at 22??
Nishchaiy Dakhane (4 days ago)
So touching. Praying for her 🙏🏻
green ghost (4 days ago)
The only way she will be able to do better is go to college apply for grants, scholarship, government loans and making the Dean's list. Where there's a will there's a way. As patrons we should be boycotting Wal-Mart, McDonald's and others conglomerates who keep Americans struggling.
Kim Dillard (4 days ago)
I would really like to see how she is doing now
Steve Ramirez (4 days ago)
Get a cdl it pays
MyEpiphany77 (4 days ago)
She doesn't have enough but gives her son a smartphone????? It's about getting your priorities straight.
John Long (4 days ago)
The solution is to get the skills needed to make more money...The world is hard on stupid people...
Em _ (4 days ago)
Wow that's actually quite a lot compared to the Czech Republic
Sampada Gurung (4 days ago)
As someone with Asian immigrant parents I can tell u that u can still live well on minimum wage. Just buy cheaper food, and don’t splash ur cash on random expensive items that u don’t need like those Jordan’s that kid was wearing. My parents constantly always search for new jobs that give them better pay or more suitable time table
Dre Taylor (2 days ago)
+Teemo Bot it dose go up
Princess Emerald (3 days ago)
+Teemo Bot No. It's called affordable housing. The more money your make, the higher your rent. It's trap. It's 30% of your income, but due to inflation and other things, the more money you make, the more rent increases.
Teemo Bot (3 days ago)
Princess Emerald You do realize that rent is a flat rate for apartments, right? I could be a millionaire, but my rent isn’t gonna go up from $800/month...
Princess Emerald (3 days ago)
Not that easy for her. Her rent will go up the more money she makes. It's really tough. Most people don't realize that. Affordable housing is a joke.
Makeup by Desiree C (5 days ago)
She just looks tried. I feel so bad ugh
ronnell pratt (5 days ago)
I wish I had a beautiful treasure like her precious son she fine I would take care of her I a truck driver single no kids she amazing at least she trying
Shyra Love (5 days ago)
Our creator didn't intend for us to live this way, to be enslaved, held down and reduced to poverty, we are the aboriginals, this is our LAND! She don't have to live like this! Wake up my people!
mir mir (5 days ago)
When i see her i see my mom back then but my mom got us a apartment went back to school my dad helped but not that much got her effa got a job in a dental office found a husband then he got shot and then got a new house
mir mir (5 days ago)
But we not poor no more
Black Disciples (5 days ago)
Should of had a better education
GamerGrl90 (5 days ago)
Birth is a Monopoly
david sasson (5 days ago)
Dear Ms. Cotton, Hopefully President Trump will make it easier to get a job in housekeeping, construction and restaurant work if he builds the wall and lets Americans get those jobs. David
Gmail Gamboa (5 days ago)
The government ain't your baby daddy
Djkid 958 (3 days ago)
+Gmail Gamboa my God your a dick man wow
GamerGrl90 (5 days ago)
+Gmail Gamboa what if the father had a decent paying job, and she stayed home? I know of a homeless couple who live in a tent in the woods. The husband has qualifications for master carpenter, but also has a felony record.
Gmail Gamboa (5 days ago)
+GamerGrl90 don't have babies on the government's dime if you don't have enough food or to pay your rent . don't have kids. Simple
GamerGrl90 (5 days ago)
Your point?
JOEL KAHIGA (5 days ago)
Americans are big..How is she 22??? Am 22 i look like her son.
O R (5 days ago)
Why do poor people always pop out a bunch of kids they can't afford? I guarantee the baby dady wasn't a good guy with a future, so it's not like the tables turned unexpectedly.
James Webb Jr (5 days ago)
You want to get paid more money, find a real job that requires skills. As long as you bum ass work at Mcdonalds, you bum ass is going to be broke.
where did I go wrong? (5 days ago)
My mom has always told me "K just wanna give you the life I never had" while crying and just imagine her telling that to her son when hes a bit older and still getting that amount of money? It's hard to live like that I've been through that with my sister and mom..... like that's just hard..... my mom hasn't got a job yet because she was in university she had me at 20 age 32 now and had my little sister at 25 shes been trying her best and is getting Family Allowance for food but we live with my great grandma shes 74 so theres 4 of us We help my grandma lots we sweep, vacuum, do the dishes, mop, clean our rooms, do the laundry.. my grandma still helps us but we all have to pitch in... So if you read this thank you.... ❤ I hope whoever reads this has a good life not as bad as her imma pray for her because that's not fair and for whoever is living like that imma pray for all the people like that❤
Ariel Adams (5 days ago)
How blatantly staged is the sadness in this video? The sad piano? Really? She’s making $240/week because she’s working part time hours at an entry level job. It’s tough because she got pregnant with someone who was a poor choice because he is not a present and active father. You make your own worth. You make your own success. Leave the shitty job, find an entry level job that doesn’t cut your hours, register in community college for classes that offer classes with flexible hours, use the college daycare, work small shifts every 2 days. Graduate. Get high paying job. No one said it would be easy. It will be hard. But she chose to have a baby extremely young with a horrible selection of father and she chose to not be graduated from college at 22. 19-22 she could have been in college. Awful.
V King (5 days ago)
Ugg!!! "My labor high! Clock out! HATED THAT SHIT!! BITCH! I payed $2.50 in bus fare! You wasted my time..... When they say labor is high, they really want to fire you! They want you to get mad. Fast food restaurants is the worst and the total opposite of what customer service is. The meaner and nastier you are, the More hours you get.
SovietSpy2291 (6 days ago)
Wtf $7.50 is minimum wage. In Canada its $15
Yvonne D Cave (6 days ago)
Hi Sophia .thinking about u this morning😘
Matthew MacWilliams (6 days ago)
I was raised in a broken home by a single mother, lived in Louisiana with no A/C sometimes had to go without power and water. There was no public transportation. It was a place in the country with a gas station half of a mile away and an elementary school and that was it. People think that this is all that's available when they're brought up in this kind of life. You start believing There's nothing else, but there is. There's no reason for her to not find another job. Her words for his future should be taken by her. She needs to stop being a victim and step up and do what she needs to do. McDonald's is part time for high school and college kids. No one is going to do anything for you. Depending on government assistance will never get you anywhere and you'll live in that situation for the rest of your life if you think you can't do anything else. You'll always be poor, choosing to pay a bill and go without something else. You staying in that situation will do nothing for your son's future, he'll be in the same situation as you are now. Apples don't fall far from the tree and they adapt. You need to become inspired and act to inspire him or he's going to believe that he's stuck with what he's been given. It will take sacrifice to better yourself, but the fight will be worth it when you can provide him with a better life. Then no one can take that away from you, that will always be your golden moment. Something to look back on and say I did that, blood, sweat, plenty of tears, but here I am.
raexenos (6 days ago)
My parents both started very poor, but they worked hard for many years, so that their kids (my siblings and I) could go to school and not have to worry about the roof over our heads and the food on our plates. I'm so grateful to them and I respect them a lot. Then I see some of my class mates, whose parents are also wealthy, bullying others and spending money like it's nothing. My family may be well-off now, but we weren't always. It took hard work and humility. My parents raised me to be humble to help people whenever I can-- I wish my class mates could know what it's like to not be able to afford luxuries.
deming xie (6 days ago)
makes me so happy to see other minorities struggling. I am a minority myself, but we aren't the retarded breed. :) Blacks are by far the dumbest peeps in the world.
Yume Dreams (6 days ago)
You may keep scrolling but, please pray for the Parkland Shooting families and anyone who was affected,
Ailín Ó'S (6 days ago)
She is just a baby herself and she has a son :( i hope she gets the help she needs to change her life
Elishia Wilson (6 days ago)
You're crying because you work, get food stamps, child care, And public housing assistance?? And your bitching!! GEEZ POOR THING! NOT
Elishia Wilson (6 days ago)
So go to school online and take courses to obtain a career. America has all the tools needed to better yourself.
vic dow (6 days ago)
Do anybody know what McDonald's this lady work in so I can gather up some people to help her with some stuff for her kid and her
kaczynski (6 days ago)
Unpopular opinion: How can she say she doesn't have enough money for food she's overweight. She bought soda that's not a necessity
kaczynski (5 days ago)
+GamerGrl90 Sure, but it's still not necessary. It's really bad for their health, and if they get diabetic they're going to have a lot of medical bills
GamerGrl90 (5 days ago)
At my local grocery store, generic 2L of soda is only 99 cents.
Ben Levy (6 days ago)
Let's hope she makes it easier for her son.
Nichole Marie (6 days ago)
So glad I don't have not got kids to worry about
Piper O (6 days ago)
Just starting out at 21 why you people embrace the struggle. Go to school trade school at lease . Enjoy your young life . Stop doing yourself a disservice by these sorry ass boys . Knowing better is doing better .
Piper O (6 days ago)
Sad ... baby’s happens of course . Young ladies stop having babies until you get your self together go to school . Children can wait stop inviting hard ship . Wish you well .
Adam Othman (6 days ago)
Looking at this video makes me sad because my dad makes $300-$400 a day