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This is life on $7.50 an hour

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Safiyyah Cotton makes $7.50 an hour working at McDonald's. So how does she stretch her budget? With a lot of help from the government. Here's a look inside the life and budget of a low-wage worker.
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Joy Herring (32 minutes ago)
Reading these comments are literally making me sick. How heartless are we all as as a society. Shame on the majority of the commenters. To the young lady may you one day know your worth and attract all of what is yours.
Alexander Jenney (32 minutes ago)
minimum wage jobs are NOT made to raise a family on.
Dave A (42 minutes ago)
They rather just have more kids to collect more Welfare. Then try to be successful.
David Lee (59 minutes ago)
If she cant afford food why us she so fat
Armando Montoya (1 hour ago)
Did cnn give her anything she needs it
cong san (1 hour ago)
1) has a kid out of wedge lock 2) drop out of HS 3)don't have a full-time job = guarantee to be poverty in America. ...I came to this country with a shirt on my back and speak no English. I managed to go to college and now I live an American dream. Bad planning on your part and no desire to succeed. Why're so many immigrants succeed in America and native American fail?
tk214285 (4 hours ago)
I made less money than that at my first job when I was 14. I kept working until I found a better opportunity and higher paying job. Continuing to do this I built up my resume, had more experience and better work ethic. McDonald's is a job for high school kids to learn work ethic and how to manage money. Why should I feel bad for her mistakes? She's getting way more help than I ever did.
Daniel Gonzales (4 hours ago)
How you have your own place . I need that.
jeet kune do chun do kwan (4 hours ago)
You are a great mother
Panda Sannah (6 hours ago)
Is there a gofundme for her??
Tom Stanton (6 hours ago)
So she gets free daycare, the lowest rent bill I’ve ever seen in my life and works 16 hours a weed and we’re supposed to feel sorry and give her money? What a joke
kosmo seedo (6 hours ago)
Hope the best for her, she is hard-working ,she is beautiful and she is a good mom, hope it gets better
Michelle Erica (7 hours ago)
I’m praying for her but i’m also praying for those in the comments condemning her. “Next time use condoms.” How heartless. Regardless if she had her hair done or leather boots. You know how inexpensive you can get both of those things? You have no heaven or hell to put her in. Be ashamed.
S N (7 hours ago)
That food she made him did look nasty as fuck! She should’ve have been poppin that pussy 🤧🤠
Quaran Winchester (8 hours ago)
God please help her and her kid 🙏🏾🙏🏾😭
MARJAN (9 hours ago)
She can get a better job Most people settle due to a identity issue. She is qualified to work as a bank teller and double her income :)
The Bean Fiddler (9 hours ago)
Go get a real job
ryan stevens (9 hours ago)
What a bum. I’m in college full time and put in 50+ hours a week of work because I’m not a loser who wants handouts from the government . She works 16 hours a week and gets 11k in welfare and still complains lmao
Jessica Marcoux (10 hours ago)
Do inbound sales for Dish network,$3,500 biweekly I made
Mr. Carter (10 hours ago)
I wish I knew her
Keisha Millz (11 hours ago)
Girl, move to Canada. We have child care benefits, you get a lot when you are a single mother. Day care is dirt cheap when you are a single mother. Our minimum wage is $14/hr, the government is trying to mandate benefits for part time workers as well. We also pay for 3 hours if your shift gets cancelled in less than 3 hours, or with proper notice - if you show up and they cancelled your shift they have to pay for 3 hours. They have to give you 96 hours (could be wrong) of notice to start a shift, and if they don't they have to compensate you. Also, free healthcare. Come to Canada.
Tyler's Headmeat (11 hours ago)
Still has time to get fat
Ronald Schraa (12 hours ago)
Go out and vote
Schkera Brown (13 hours ago)
Is it me or the baby had jordens on😳
Schkera Brown (13 hours ago)
I would have kept that job and coped another one ..understand she has a child but if theres a will theres away🙏
Death Scythe (15 hours ago)
that chick looks miserable as fuck
Jesse Lopez (15 hours ago)
Billions and Billions of dollars payed out for assistance to help Americans who desperately need it to survive or they would be out on the street. Corporations making Billions in profits and they can't afford to pay their employees a better wage. Even if you have no children, how on earth are you going to build a better tomorrow for yourself? Absence of Hope. This will crush the soul and spirit of the strongest among us. Peace
Marco Trapoja (15 hours ago)
Well she shouldn't have been a whore then.
Alex (16 hours ago)
2015-McDonald employees ask for raise. 2018-Mcdonalds replace employees with kiosk. My advice to you is learn a trade.
Chip Skylark (16 hours ago)
I work for 8.50 an hour. It sucks
Shaelondria Griffie (17 hours ago)
Damn those stairs look dangerous.
Grabbearjet (18 hours ago)
I know your struggle... I lived it.. I hope someone powerful sees this video. Minimum wage is bullshit. Pay a living wage. I'm in vegas and i need to make at least 15 an hour to afford to live and raise my daughter alone with no government assistance. 7.50 is insulting... Somethings got to give
1967davethewave (19 hours ago)
I feel sorry for this lady but the idea that she doesn't have any marketable skills to get a job where she earns more money so we should raise the minimum wage to suit her is ridiculous. I worked in fast food years ago starting at minimum wage. I advanced in the company by doing a better job then my co-workers and within a year I was a manager and then I moved to a bigger company and eventually was earning 25% above the median household income. That was in 1995. I left fast food for something I enjoyed more and today I make $100k+. I have no degree and I was a single parent though much of the struggle.
Andrew Amos (20 hours ago)
$240 per two weeks, huh? Man I would hate life too if I were expecting to live comfortably off of 16hrs worth of work per week, let alone got pregnant whilst doing so. I have pity, but only for the child, and it's future.
the gopnik (20 hours ago)
This is what happens when you incarcerate black dads across America, people are getting lengthy sentences for petty stuff like drug possession or possession of marijuana, all it does is destroys black families. This is why Democrat ran cities like Detroit and Chicago are so bad, they are so many incarcerated black dads and the Democrats aren’t doing shit to help these people who are in needz
Emilio Chavez (20 hours ago)
I feel bad
Cheryl Sibson (20 hours ago)
When McDonald's started to not take in tips for workers a good waitress can earn more from tips then just an actual wage. they off set it with education programs some years ago, " the next five years, we will invest $150 million to give restaurant employees more money for college and more flexibility to study and work at the same time. Restaurant employees are now eligible after just 90 days of service, working at least 15 hours per week. We’re even expanding the Career Online High School and College Advisory Services to restaurant employees’ family members." Perhaps if Saffiyyah were to apply to be transferred to Australia or another country? Perhaps she and her son could learn some skills and learn a custom? the ones in other countries do makeMcDonalds Crew Trainer salaries - 15 salaries reported A$19/ in Australia Average McDonald's hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.97 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $11.62 per hour for Assistant Manager. in Mexico. So I suggest that workers could actually make contact with each other and make an international living wages, at $19.00 an hour, it is clear that single parents cannot survive without help, that perhaps McDonolds can lead the way for a livable international wage so that people thrive not just survive. .Otherwise, the refugee and mirgration to other countries will continue.
letisha maughan (21 hours ago)
At least she’s a good mother ! Trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Hope she is doing better now. She’s strong xx
Marco Trapoja (15 hours ago)
A good mother? The whore had unprotected sex knowing she was broke. How selfish.
Jesse Hancock (21 hours ago)
No one told her she needed to have a child or sleep with a man who wasn't fit to be a father.
Psychic Medium Ella Dawn (21 hours ago)
To live you need 20 an hour to have normal life w a kid
Tony Rodriguez (22 hours ago)
Well, she makes bad food choices. She does not buy fresh and healthy inexpensive foods, she buys the expensive processed foods like frozen meals because she is lazy and doesn't want to cook or freeze veggies. The first two things she puts in her cart are sodas that she doesn't need and her kids don't need. They are just keeping her overweight. The black community needs to get its act together. This is not okay! She is leaching off the system and still lives in squalor because of black culture!
brian 5 (22 hours ago)
stoping having a damn baby before you even have a job to support them ... the dads in prison too lmfao
Tony Rodriguez (22 hours ago)
If your job is not giving you enough hours then get a second job. I have had multiple jobs at one time and I am white, educated and have no kids. You have to work hard to get past that.
Tony Rodriguez (22 hours ago)
Your parents failed you!
Jai Jackson (1 day ago)
I want an update . It’s been 3 years
Marco Trapoja (15 hours ago)
We assume more fatherless nigglets.
Shelby Merkle (1 day ago)
Find another job? Get a degree in something. Yeah the cost of living is high, but doesn’t mean you have to settle for the worse. I’m 18, making $10.50 and hour. All I do is wipe old people’s asses and I live in some small ass town.
Bryan Abrego (1 day ago)
Yo my dad and mom came here from Mexico 30 years ago illegally, with nobody to help them With 10 dollars in their pockets and didn't even speak English, they are both citizens now, my dad owns his own businness and makes a good living and has his house, my mom also has a house and makes a good living. Stop fucking crying and get to work. There a difference between being broke and being poor, being broke is economical, but being poor is a depressed state of mind and the soul.
mattson hahne (1 day ago)
And she's taking housing allowance.....this video is a terrible example of living on a budget because if she's getting all this help from the government she's not truly living as a low wage worker
mattson hahne (1 day ago)
Must be nice to get welfare we gotta go through the whole month on our own dime stop your bitching oh and McDonald's is for highschool kids its not meant to be a career unless your management...want better pay? Go to school and get a better job
Omar Suave (1 day ago)
I think that she probably did not do well in school or get a good education because this seems stupid. Her son has baby Jordans on and she has an iPhone and their mattress is on the floor? It just seems like she spending money on really dumb decisions. Also , if McDonald's is not giving her hours and she has free childcare then why can't she just get a second job anywhere else? Also if food is so expensive then why is she buying soda? She just needs to put a drop literally one drop of lemon juice in water and she'll be fine. It just seems like she never really learned how to spend money wisely, or how to go grocery shopping , or how to manage having two jobs on two schedules. She pretty much just doesn't know anything because she's doing this all wrong.
Omar Suave (1 day ago)
My husband and I could absolutely live off 216 a month for food. Just buy chicken and frozen vegetables and broth. We do not buy any soda or juice we just drink water. 216 a month is very doable. Also, I don't understand why she does not have a second job if she gets free childcare and she also lives with her sister who could also watch her child. Most people have more than one job with either a second job or a side hustle.
Jon Sobaski (1 day ago)
Start scheming or start complaining. You choose
teuila siitia (1 day ago)
God this just brought tear's to my eyes. Even though I'm struggling with four I'm still blessed to have my family. She is alone. Seeing she's trying so hard to fight her tear's is heartbreaking God bless them both. How TF did they interview but not help her?
amber lopez (1 day ago)
Doesn't have money? But can get a full head of FAKE hair? FU! parasite Negroes. Leeches on society. She gets welfare and food stamps. Free medical and money for housing. Stop the bullshit!
Johnny Rocket (1 day ago)
I bet when that income tax season hit she looking fabulous!
samuel abramson (1 day ago)
6400 a year comes out to just over 15 hours worked a week. Another 10 hours a week would change her life. Minimum wage clearly isn’t the issue. The issue is hours worked. Increasing minimum wage will only decrease hours worked.
Anna Lafayette (1 day ago)
Poor girl needs to stop and think; do I really want to live like this? Study part time online and get qualified. Get a job that even if you go part time, you still get a decent wage.
Jose Parcenary (1 day ago)
Whenever I ask myself "how does this fake economy of ours manage to perpetuate itself generation after generation?" I just have to remind self of the millions of stupid people out there like this woman who make choices that effectively sell themselves into a lifetime of slavery.
Daniela d (1 day ago)
I am from Romania, my parents are both college educated, my father was a professor at the university, with a PhD , they both worked all their lives until retirement, and still cannot afford a kitchen this size. It makes me feel that americans are living way beyond their means. Also, minimum wage here is about 300$ a month and averge wage 500-600$ a month , gasoline more expensive than in America, most food also, yet we get by because we adjust our lifestyle to our conditions.
BootLoxes (1 day ago)
You shouldnt be having sex if you cant handle the consequences... Fast food and low paying jobs are for those starting out in the work force. They are meant to be a stepping stone to higher paying jobs as you get older, more experienced, and educated. You are not meant to make a career there at all (unless you plan on management). It is not McDonalds fault that you couldnt keep your legs closed with a dead beat guy who ended up running out on you. They are not responsible for any of that. You made those choices. The company shouldnt have to pay for your screw-ups. She needs to learn a valuable skill ASAP to pull herself out. She is still young and if she can grind hard enough at a trade school (with financial assistance) she should be able to create a better life for her and her son. While i dont feel sorry about her situation, i do wish her the best in pulling herself out
Dun Hildas (1 day ago)
no this is her life, as a Single mother who opened her legs to the first deadbeat father that came along, hell, likely wasn't even the first, the father is in Prison, tells you enough about that, he wasn't prepared to get a job that pays the money, wanted to be a criminal, now look what happened. Now look at the life of a mother who has a child and that child also have a Father who works, or look at a Single person, or perhaps look at a couple with no children who are being responsible and saving their money, hell you have legalised abortions, yet it's not being used, it's there for people with such struggles. She should seek out another job to cover her hours, and she thinks she should be paid $15 an hour? What happens if they cut hours again and even bring in them self check outs? I've worked low wage jobs, and have a Child, I got training and skills and then a better job, when you are employed, ironically you find more job offers.
Mirage Mashud (1 day ago)
This is how scary life can be, if you aren't able to provide it can be very tough out there
Laura Smith (1 day ago)
I’ve been so lucky in my life. I’ve never had to go through that. I feel for her. Some day she’ll be able to afford to go to college and get a good job that pays well
Christopher Hale (1 day ago)
O Stop it! Chick, you have to get a better job. McDonald’s is Fuckin Garbage & you have a plethora of benefits to Help...
Dylan Nelson (1 day ago)
Here's the bottom line is: This is wage slavery & it needs to end. Where is Robin-Hood?
Sopy Choeurn (1 day ago)
I was there not too long ago, I cried a lot. While working a 7.45 cent job, going to school to get my education, being on government assistance with my daughter. Food bank was the place to go for groceries. Continue to keep working hard, I now work for a healthcare company that gives 100 percent health care to myself and my daughter with education grants to continue school. I’m a single mom of two now. It was all worth it. Praying for you and sending LOTS of Positive vibes.
Marco Trapoja (15 hours ago)
Did you also knowingly have sex with some bum you nearly knew?
Steve Yurchak (1 day ago)
Coming from a left propagandist fake news outlet CNN! This network supports the Democratic Amnesty, DACA and open borders which keeps the wages low, displaces American jobs, increases prices of homes/real estate, increases health care premiums, lowers our education system and the tax burden alone not to mention the recidivism in Billions sent back to their home country!!! Effn hypocrites! MAGA
Planner38 (1 day ago)
Her command of the English language is terrible. Did she even graduate from high school? Then she decided to open her legs so a convict could bang her. Does a sense of personal responsibility ever enter into her decision-making? How come I struggle? Poorly educated. Single mother. Two-hundred pounds overweight.
Faisal Mehmood (1 day ago)
Lmao. Why she crying for. Just accept where u are. I think I'd kill myself if I were earning minimum wage. Another thing, why did she keep the kid. He probably gonna grow up to be a criminal or a drug dealer. If you don't put something useful into the economy then I don't see a use for you.
scrotum hunter (1 day ago)
Have some ambition and keep your pussy in your pants.
Torenzo Gregory (1 day ago)
That’s why I refuse to have have kids until I have two cars a house and at least 10000$ in the bank
Cody Banner (1 day ago)
Only thing I can say is find a better job because there are plenty out there now...
Brandon Mcbride (1 day ago)
Baby girl go work for Amazon minimum wage is 15. And there is a couple factories in there if you haven't found anything yet. Hope someone help you out by now stay strong.
Tattle Boad (1 day ago)
poor people deserve to be poor because they dont work hard
Eric Pro (1 day ago)
Man you need to go hard right now, work that job and go to a trade school for something, not everyone can go to college, I went to trade school to be a mechanic I make 75k a year, beats hustling and always watching over both shoulders anyway
SuperBoy Prime (1 day ago)
Or she could have not had a kid go to college and get paid atleast 30k a year lmao
Stay out The way (1 day ago)
So from the comments I’m not suppose to have kids because I don’t have a good paying job well Fuck you my life my struggle give me a good paying job. I wish her the best stay focused
Marco Trapoja (14 hours ago)
"Duhh...I can't afford to pay my rent but imma open my legs and let some bum I Bearley know get me pregnant and I will bring a child into the world that I won't be able to support" -black people in 2018
Lexxi Chan (1 day ago)
Why are some people quicker to jump on her for having kids than they are to get angry at the system for raising prices and not raising wages to match? Yes, she shouldn't had had kids until she was financially able but minimum wage could easily be 15 bucks and not make a damn DENT in the pockets of the top tier of the people who run these businesses. And to people sayin' robots would replace servers for that wage- once again thats a problem with THE COMPANY. Stop getting angry at people for complaining about their lives when prices have skyrocketed and wages have stayed the same.
2Legit2Quit (1 day ago)
If you can't feed em don't breed em 😏
Hayden Holman (1 day ago)
This idiot did it to herself, finish getting educated. Maybe don't have a fuckin kid when you clearly can't support yourself.. I don't know why this is supposed to be our problem? Get off your ass and fix your fucking life loser.
James Hopkinson (1 day ago)
They should use this video in schools to show what can happen if you choose the path in life. A child at a young age, father in prison and a part time job with no future.
Parry Gardner (1 day ago)
Why do they make it seem like she is the victim here? She got herself in this situation. These are the people i despise, living off my fucking tax dollars when they can stop being a fucking bum and get a better job. It's entirely her fault she is working at McDonalds, and honestly if she couldn't get a better job guess who's fault that is? Her fault, these people are starting to drive me fucking insane with their bullshit.
Chaz Flemmings (1 day ago)
I would love to give her a job!!
Oh yeah yeah (1 day ago)
Jesus. She could get a better job. Even another fast food place could even give promotions or something. Hope things change for her.
amdaglas (1 day ago)
well I work 60hrs a week and make less than her welfere
Mall La Soul (1 day ago)
240$ every two weeks ? No fucking way
MrProTechHD (1 day ago)
blame yourselfs liberals
sweiland75 (1 day ago)
How many condoms you could have bought with that $7.50.
Xykloud DuPont (1 day ago)
LHDC (1 day ago)
All this money this video has made from google . CNN , why don’t u assist her smh . The way this life works man everyone is just worrying about their pockets.
Faisal Mehmood (1 day ago)
It's capitalism, commie.
Sandra (1 day ago)
Wages need to go way up across the board. Hasn't kept up with inflation, at all. And $7.50 an HOUR? That's just criminal. Think about what that can buy you. You basically have to work an hour to pay for one package of chicken. It's just shit. And then the cost of commuting to get there? We can do better than this.
nukestrom (1 day ago)
The worst is most restaurants don't consider the tip as an addition to their pay check, so in reality, they get much less than $7.50/hr. That's why I put $0 tip in the bill with Credit card, and leave cash as the actual tip.
Life_ Racer (1 day ago)
I hope CNN gave her some money
LaniaLost (1 day ago)
Why are you buying so much junk, packaged, processed foods? Including junk sodas, and candy bags? You can get veggies and other fresh foods that are greatly reduced in price. There is the bargain aisle, reduced grains, rice, etc, to put together a quick wholesome and filling meal, with plenty leftover for the next day's lunch.
nez born (1 day ago)
Minimum wage in Pennsylvania has been 7.25 for the last 20 years and Philly being the 5th largest city in the U.S. & 2nd on the east coast is ridiculous Delaware 8.60 and Jersey is about the same plus they increasing it 50 cent in three months. Know need to wonder why crime, poverty, murder so high. I see alot of young females and families in this situation in Philly and everywhere people don't get it till you lived it never judge till you have.
Steven (1 day ago)
You work at fooking mcd, what do you expect?
Mary Ann Iaeck (2 days ago)
Maybe she try’s to get a job in healthcare at least she’ll make 13:00 14:00 a hour to start. At least in New Jersey. And yes she had to pay for the class to get certified, but I can’t believe someone wouldn’t help with that,
Hamzah Patel (2 days ago)
So many heartless fucking comments
Chris Johnson (2 days ago)
22 years old and have a kid... why not stay in school instead have baby which you can’t afford. Why are our government/our taxes paying for child she no business of having kid in the first place.
Tyler Withers (2 days ago)
Get a different fucking job.