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How Courier Company UPS Operate

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An overview of how UPS (and no doubt other similar companies) operates. This is quite an old video so it won't be a surprise if the facts and figures in the video are even more mind-boggling today.
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Sm1 Sm1 (7 months ago)
The worst courier...
Arnold J Rimmer BSC (10 months ago)
Poor Lobsters, went on the adventure of a lifetime just to get eaten
Melissa Tatum (1 year ago)
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anandguruji83 (1 year ago)
anandguruji83 (1 year ago)
Nipple Wizard (2 years ago)
6:50 how about y’all quit fuckin around, I got next day air I gotta deliver lolol
Галина Крюкова (2 years ago)
I-parcel is the most expensive and the worst carrier of parcels. where is the tracking number of the shipment AEIIPNJ0008711502, AEILIL10000255861, AEIIPLA0001686395 WITH SUCH an EXPENSIVE DELIVERY AND PROBLEMS LARGE
ITz That Guy (2 years ago)
In the UK this company is shit to work for the management is corrupt along with the supervisors and you get talk to like shit and they don't care about your packages
Abe Barrera (2 years ago)
is it wired i am waiting of a delay of the iPhone 7 through ups and this is based on ups INCEPTION
Gene Havermann (2 years ago)
wat? these regards trying to save face due to people finals getting fed up with poor customer service lousy work ethics and a chain of command that has no idea how to fix the continueing screwup of their hub, it's personnel, and their drivers. S two day delivery ends up in four states no of which were the receivers state. or was the receiver
Karl Ponte (2 years ago)
Bla bla bla...still waiting my parcell, which is only 3000 km away for over 2 weeks.UPS where "P" is for " patience".
Deplorable American (2 years ago)
what about customs?
Aerith (2 years ago)
At least the lobsters got to see the world before dying :')
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
they saw nothing. no windows sadly xD
Evelyn Pendall (2 years ago)
kg062007 (2 years ago)
Jesus this is fucking Amazing. I just ordered some boots that got here from NY to Arizona in 3 hrs. Im tracking it with Amazon prime. With all the ugly shit going on in politics its easy to forget how amazing people are. Who figured this all out?
mike watters (2 years ago)
them sorting conveyors are amazing
mike watters (2 years ago)
Ups are joining forces with fedex the new firm will be called fed up
Christian Young (2 years ago)
Granny like bitch please😑
Apostolos Der (3 years ago)
Does anybody know the song at 7:05 ??
King Finehair (1 year ago)
I have tried to find it for years. I found it once but forget the name. I think it was called something along the lines of Aliens by a david something
Jay Quick (3 years ago)
Ups steals packages. Corporate covers it up. Then they block you from commenting on their Facebook page.
Bergen Nicholson (3 years ago)
T-34-85 Rudy lol
ItsJustRain (4 years ago)
09:15 Bitch don't look too delighted...
Deplorable American (2 years ago)
ItsJustRain 😂😂 Holy fuck
David Berquist (4 years ago)
should i get a refond on shiping if i call ups say returnn to sender before its loaded on the plane
STRAlGHT x EDGE (4 years ago)
Lobsters?! What the fuck?! Imagine you live your whole life in a glassbox only double of your size and your hands are being hold together so you cant use them. suddenly you get pulled out of your glass jail and put in this weird box where you cant move at all and someone else got put on top of you. No idea whats going on or will happen to you. You spend the next 24 hours in complete darkness with that person laying on you, being shaken around with no food or water or toillet and you still cant move. Then finaly light and air! (Or water for the lobster) Still not knowing what will happen Then this fatass cooks you alive when you were still pretty young. All of this miserable life just so some asshole can have a 5 minute pleasure. How is this even accepted? What the fuck is wrong with humanity!
Karl Ponte (2 years ago)
STRAlGHT x EDGE what is more pathetic, after 5 minutes of pleasure it will be turned in to a shit a flushed in to a toilet.
STRAlGHT x EDGE (2 years ago)
kg062007 They do it for survival, they don't abuse them like this. Humans don't do this for survival they can live without killing and eating them. You know what you're right. Your wife/husband and children die someday anyway. I'll just abuse them first, afterwards kill them and then eat them. It's the circle of life get over it. What animals do is a pathetic excuse for your own actions.
kg062007 (2 years ago)
Either a shark is gonna eat that little fucker or I am, might as well be me. Animals eat other animals all the time. Its natural, Its the circle of fucking life, get over it.
Northern Sailor (3 years ago)
yeah this is the stupidest comment threat I've seen on youtube in a while XD
STRAlGHT x EDGE (3 years ago)
@Vad @Lovely Lady Isee my comment from last year got some people on here. Let's all just stop this conversation, nobody is going to change his/her view and only ends up with saying mean things to eachother. No offence to anyone. okay? :)
everyone (4 years ago)
Did you see how smashed a couple of those boxes were? Either the mailers didn't package them right or they were placed under something *REALLY* heavy. lol
HAUNTXR (4 years ago)
Granny did not look pleased.
Ian Terry (4 years ago)
Granny is not entertained...
Mermakeup Kim (4 years ago)
Haha, no. I have a parcel coming and it takes nearly 30 days. Its in the USA and I live in the UK but on this video it was Germany and USA, and 24hours! What the heck!
djmaster1995 (3 years ago)
+Mermaid Kim They paided for express services, you did not.
yawnburger (5 years ago)
WOW! Fedex guy just came threw a package on my steps I opened the door and said Don't throw things your going to break them. He said I set it there I said no you threw it! he then flipped me off...WOW real nice....my ups man would never be so nasty....
michael roy (5 years ago)
Does UPS provide an envelope when they pick up?
Brandon Zgadzaj (5 years ago)
Haha 85% of boxes are from amazon in the U.S. I work at the provo hub in Utah
Gene Havermann (2 years ago)
Brandon Zgadzaj probably clowns just happy to say they have a job, not concerned on how they perform it, or the trust that has been afforded them. fire the bunch! start over, bet of it was coming to their homes it would get to its intended destination on time! buncha fukups. ...
Khaltazar (5 years ago)
Lies, they don't knock on your door. They throw the package on your porch hoping you don't have any cameras.
Richard A Irwin Jr (5 years ago)
Irony is the box the clock was but in was DHL.
Charles Bronson (6 years ago)
what a life for that lobster. go vegetarian!
Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic (6 years ago)
I remember when the UPS guy arrived at my house with my microphone came....
Rammstein45 (6 years ago)
Maybe Granny just died at that very moment and she hasn't fallen over yet.
Victor TE (6 years ago)
i love this job; get me on board.
Julius Bernotas (6 years ago)
9:15 delightful botox face
shutupnumnuts (6 years ago)
U;m no PETA freak but were the lobsters alive when he stuffed them into the box?
Eddie Kok-Leong Teoh (7 years ago)
This is how my books are shipped from Breinigsville PA US to Singapore! Splendid !
Victoria F (7 years ago)
What happens if you send K2 or spice in a Box with clothes ?
alexkg1 (7 years ago)
Despite knowing that this is a UPS video, when I first saw that yellow box, I thought it was being shipped via DHL and groaned...loudly
Ultranothing (7 years ago)
That is NOT the clock that granny wanted!
Almighty Lewis (7 years ago)
i here because im waiting for a package?!
Connor Keegan (7 years ago)
so he saw he was out of lobster which is on his menu and he only orders 2 lobsters? lol
thatfatboiforu (7 years ago)
gotta remember that they are in Germany, and mercedes is German. It's like having a ford there lol
MastaSwallows (7 years ago)
holy crap. the ups trucks are all mercedes...
stephanie martin (1 year ago)
MastaSwallows can't wait to drive mine.im on here studying
order9066 (8 years ago)
The free market moving packages quickly at a price the free market decides to pay for the service.
toasterflakes (8 years ago)
lol an amazon box
vikings844 (2 years ago)
toasterflakes Why is that funny, Amazon uses UPS to ship most there boxes dummy!
Deep Sukhwani (8 years ago)
Amazing! So thankful to such thousands of ppl for getting our belongings delivered with a very close precision of time and security
Riki Yamashita (8 years ago)
Granny realises her time is up.
Youtube King (4 months ago)
Saltmancer (8 years ago)
If lobsters can make it, so can I. Hand me the tape, would you?
Muscleduck (9 years ago)
UPS has excellent service. I like this company. And thank you Triwood for the vid!
xdevilxbabex2003 (9 years ago)
@XxAssassiNxX089 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'
Melon (9 years ago)
@nilojan30 i think its how do thay do it?
Melon (9 years ago)
if he's ordering lobsters from the other side of the world,he should have ordered way more boxes of lobsters than that small box of lobsters
Oliver Stephens (9 years ago)
@silver760 it's called competition, and there is no way to reverse globalization, so stop whining and pay for the premium local product with YOUR choice.
silver760 (9 years ago)
@jagislaqroo Asumes pride of place in the cupboard under the stairs followed by the bin a few months later.
silver760 (9 years ago)
No sane German chef buys lobster from N.A.This modern bullshit has gone too far,for example by him buying lobster from the other side of the universe that's one less sale by his local fishermen.This is why all our economies are fucked its all down to fat cats trying to buy stuff in cheaper from other countries which kills off our own industries.When the price starts going up abroad they dont want to buy there anymore killing their industry,now NO ONE has ANY industry,all because of a few cents.
computersales (9 years ago)
UPD will do anything to destroy you package given the chance... Yet they still do a good job somehow. Irony at its best
deadman liveman (9 years ago)
thanks twiwood again
NaturalRights (9 years ago)
Of all things - a coo coo clock.
nilojan30 (9 years ago)
What Show is this?? Please and Thanks.
davidthefat (9 years ago)
Imagine the complexity of the tracking programs...
Uplift3r91 (9 years ago)
Thanks for the upload. i was starting to wonder when's the next time you'll do a new one :D
Jakub Kurzawa (9 years ago)
Very nive video ! Always been wondering how it's working :) Thanks for upload !