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The Hub: Episode 1 - An Introduction to Loading

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An introduction to the process of loading packages into freight trucks. This is going on around the clock all over the country!
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Text Comments (226)
Featured (3 days ago)
I'm gonna take my training test today :)
Idontdrinkwater (5 days ago)
Broooo the scanners been holding me down for so long and it never occurred to me I could tape that shit to my hand thank the lord I caught that
Crawfdawg (1 month ago)
When you open a door and see that mess. Just close the door and walk out. Tell your supe you arent touching it. Theyll give you a nice purty clean on
Aris Trejo (3 months ago)
Just started working at fedex loading on my 1st shift, I know it sounds crazy but I love it, I just cant get the hang of building a good wall and it frustrates me
Hachiro (26 days ago)
You've probably figured it out by now, but if not, just keep going. You'll find techniques. Start out by putting packages on their sides, and not flat. You'll be able to get more Ts in the wall, and less columns.
Joshua Isley (3 months ago)
Show one that has the unloaders point of view
The King (4 months ago)
Wal mart D.C. Goal always is 2100 but normal is 2700 only one person loads truck ...
Ab ACURA (8 months ago)
Use hand to surface! Lol
Jesus (1 year ago)
I feel things will get done way more faster with more people
Star Galindo (11 months ago)
Jesus its harder to load with two people. You both have an idea on how to load the wall and the two ideas dont mesh
Jesus (1 year ago)
Scanners are so fucking annoying
callofdutyguy9 (1 year ago)
You still work at UPS.
karisma (1 year ago)
Too much camera motions,
Majin Oozaru (1 year ago)
Twight light shift 6pm starting Monday all I gotta do is load boxes in trailer?
Ramal Revilo (1 year ago)
At least all get help. We have to scan and load two trucks by ourselves
Hachiro (1 year ago)
Just finished my first year at UPS. (Commerce City, Colorado) Thanks for uploading these videos! It makes it a lot easier to show people what I do ^-^ I work the Twilight shift, and as many have said, a lot has changed :) But of course, we still have rollers, and no body regularly uses the load stands xD Last night actually, we were doing so well! Until our top pickoff had to leave and I had to replace him. About 10 minutes later, we went belt-wide! Had to call for help twice, then our floor guy had to leave with our bottom pickoff (They're all full timers, twilight being their first half) After he left, I had to keep stopping the belt so our replacement bottom pickoff wouldn't get fucked with missflow. In the end, we ran into the midnight shift, and they started off horribly. We went belt-wide about 4 times, about 5 minutes each in the span of about 30 minutes. We ended up getting out at around 23:10, leaving me with about 40 minutes of OT since I'm the setup guy :) But it's kinda scaring me, cause Tuesday are our hard days.. This is the first hard Monday we've ever had. Even during peak. (For the so far 1 year that I've worked there)
Sergy straystar (8 months ago)
Hachiro Bro that’s awesome I’m heading off to commerce city UPS this Friday for my first day. You got any tips?
RomesXIII (1 year ago)
Thinking about working here. The guy that gave us the tour told us that they don't use scanners here but idk :o
Hei Hei (1 year ago)
This makes me appreciate unloading during AM preload. At least with unload you aren't fighting gravity.
Edward Meza (1 year ago)
Only pussies quit ups
jimmyjoemonkey II (11 months ago)
Edward Meza hard shit job for shit pay or easy shit job for shit pay? Some ppl prefer the latter. Afterall, to many people it's nothing more than a temporary bills payer while in school to get a real career.
Rubic Cube (1 year ago)
i work out, play football and rugby so the physical work labor is not the hard part 4 me its learning to build a wall at your pace because i still over think things and taking my time to see what boxes could fit so the mentality is my problem over physical work but i strive to get better
MR.A-1THE DON (2 months ago)
Rubic Cube They making it look harder than what it is. Build the wall,fill the wall as u go. This my 3rd week n I do it like I been n the hub for yrs
Rami Ghazzawi (4 months ago)
Rubic Cube the trick is to pack the boxes tight to each wall
Star Galindo (11 months ago)
My trainer said give it the full 30 days then decide if the job is for you. Because in 30 days it will be like a light switch and your in robot mode and got it down. We will see, reaching the top and building the wall are hard.
Rubic Cube (1 year ago)
+Reese you'll never gat it your first week basically it takes time it took me 3 or 4 by far my first week
Reese (1 year ago)
Me 2 man! I'm only 4 days in, and I'm goin thru the same thing!
Firearm Fiasco (1 year ago)
my first day is today. I hope i unload
Be Kind (3 months ago)
Firearm Fiasco just so you know unloading physical af to lol
Ms. Brito (1 year ago)
well I start tomorrow is going to suck for me 💀
Just Bae (10 months ago)
Ms. Brito how’d your first day go?
Xavier Govindan (1 year ago)
You still working for UPS lol
Firearm Fiasco (1 year ago)
Ms. Brito same
Ro Su (1 year ago)
Only people that don't know have a hard time working at UPS.. I know how to keep the flow moving & how to build good walls .. I love this job .. It's like a workout & you get to show people that you're motivated .. Only lazy people don't get anywhere
Neo Reflex (4 months ago)
Rumeel12708 Same, construction was a bitch especially in the sun midday. All I have to do is unload boxes which is not in the sun at least. I fucking love this job, guess construction experience was a good thing.
Oscar Garcia (7 months ago)
Any advice for a 1st timer I'm new like at a distribution center
Rumeel12708 (1 year ago)
Wooooo i start monday, but im not worried i used to work in construction
Jonathan Volkmer (1 year ago)
SentinelMace working for UPS in Germany and man those are Scanners fucked up
SentinelMace (1 year ago)
Started this job 3 months ago and absolutely love it (unless the scanners fuck up)...
Joe Boulay (1 year ago)
This is the Shittiest job in the building, if you actually load the package cars it's a fun job. I load 4 trucks a night for FedEx ground and it's way better
ALL Pro__ (1 year ago)
1st work day tomorrow
DowgFish (1 year ago)
I'm still in training and start loading today. Man this look like going to be hell of a time.
Red Guy (2 years ago)
Y is no one using a load stand
Crawfdawg (1 month ago)
Only use load stands in extendo loads.
Frist Name Last Name (4 months ago)
Red Guy Because its a waste of time. its easyer if you throw the packes up there, or put them in the gaps.
Anthony Dargan (1 year ago)
600 loader nation lol. Because I learned to use the load stand efficiently. If you learn correctly it'll speed u up actually
fmthebaron (1 year ago)
There's no time for those worthless load stands. When you're loading in the busiest part of the building filling up 53 foot trailers by yourself and those packages are coming nonstop, you're loading to survive!
Hachiro (1 year ago)
Recently at the Commerce City hub in Colorado, they took all the load stands and cut them in half. After like 2 months, they brought in new ones and expect us to start using them again xD
Mike G (2 years ago)
This job looks like absolute living hell. You'd be making the same money as a janitor somewhere, but without loosing your mind.
Rami Ghazzawi (4 months ago)
Mike G it's for people who like to work and take advantage of a physical challenge
Star Galindo (11 months ago)
Except after 1 year you get free healthcare benefits and after a year and a half your family gets benefits!
Anthony Dargan (1 year ago)
Y'all get paid minimum wage?
Jack Middleton (1 year ago)
I thought I heard from a friend that you get like 20 an hour for UPS anything.
EverFlexx (2 years ago)
is their one guy per truck or two?
Red A11 Day (2 years ago)
depends on the work load. usually one person but if the packages are coming in extremely fast then a person can get help
marky mark (2 years ago)
not that it might.matter but tell the pick off to put the long shit down weakside.. less hidden jams
marky mark (2 years ago)
cheers to not having to pull hazmat slips anymore.....
Branden Nicholls (2 years ago)
your walls are fucking horrendous
Anthony Dargan (1 year ago)
It wasn't that bad unless there's a worse one
Dee Holly (2 years ago)
+Branden Nicholls LOL!!!!
tonycarlson42 (2 years ago)
Where was your load stand? Why are you filming in the building? Where was this filmed?
BossSpringsteen69 (2 years ago)
I watched the videos during training and still felt dumb as a box of rocks. I had no access to reference material for important stuff after my training was complete. At least my walls are usually solid and i scan my hazmats correctly.
Albert John Nguyễn (2 years ago)
yes, jam breaker is a position during peak.
Second Thought (2 years ago)
Star Galindo (11 months ago)
Ryan K.I. (1 year ago)
Second Thought fuck you punk. Chumpass tie bitch
Jeffrey McCall (2 years ago)
They are called pups not pubs! Double 28ft trailers!
lanteri salvatore (3 years ago)
I currently work at ups yes, it's hard work yes, it's nerve wracking yes it's a lot of things it's not a walk in the park or picnic you have to physically mentally ready for what each and everyday it throws at you !!!!!!! Just entered my 5th year and never looked back
Este Wey (3 years ago)
Aw snap!
Demetrius Davis (3 years ago)
I unload the trucks and it sucks when the freight falls all over in the trailer it feels like you'll never get done
Lil Molda (3 years ago)
4:35 kills load rate
Lil Molda (3 years ago)
Is working at ups any different than working at fedex ground? And do they let you bring your phone in there? Fedex takes our phones if we bring them in
mike jones (3 years ago)
no wonder ups sucks ass. they have idiots sneaking cameras into the facility to fuck around and pretend to be on a reality show. how about doing your job?
babyShrimp (3 years ago)
Is this job different than a package handler?
Bla Blah (1 year ago)
Child, I quit after a few days if not a week. It was utter shit and nothing like what this video said. Its hot, its fast paced, they overwork you and no one gives a shit about the packages. If you are fine with that and can handle it (a lot of people can handle it, a lot of people cant) then all power to you, but I got my ass out of there and I now work at the library full time and I enjoy myself and my work. That is not to discourage you, I can see how some people like it or can do it, but not for me personally. I'm rather short and small framed so I didn't last long, but there were people there both smaller and bigger than me who were doing their thing. Its just not for me personally, but I say go for it if you think u can handle it.
wowboi69 (1 year ago)
Bla Blah How'd it go?
babyShrimp (2 years ago)
+Bla Blah Most people don't last for longer than a month, especially if you're not built enough. I have friends that have worked there for a year and come home complaining about how their arms hurt still
Bla Blah (2 years ago)
+ventor11225 So basically you are either stacking boxes in the truck or taking them out? I'm 5'6 and skinny as shit, but I need a job and hate working around lots of people. Would this job be a good fit for me?
biffthegriff17 (3 years ago)
That is a load that would send me into a cussing rant as soon as i open the feeder door.
Be Kind (3 months ago)
Amen lmao
jeff fecko (3 years ago)
10 employees like you, and I could fix my sort!
Omar Niagne (3 years ago)
ROBIN TILLEY (3 years ago)
Wow lot Work bless you .
William Drewes (3 years ago)
I used to work at U.P.S as a loader for 5 years In Stafford CT. hub, it was HARD! work but i stayed in shape and met a Lott of good people and had fun.
William Drewes (3 years ago)
Went to collage and working a better jod now.
Black lighting (3 years ago)
U say u used to work for UPS, but I'm assuming your not there now cause?????? I'm curious:)
Marcos Monterroso (3 years ago)
I will feel useless in life working for ups,  guys just quit,  fuck UPS !!!
Ryan K.I. (1 year ago)
Marcos Monterroso fuck you spic
tonykegger (2 years ago)
I think the people you work with/for makes a big difference too. I got along with my co-workers, but I didn't like a few of my supervisors.
lanteri salvatore (2 years ago)
If you like getting up in the wee hours of the night then this is the job for you . This job ain't for everybody I'm. About to enter my 6th year this Xmas eve it's a lot of work good pay excellent benefits if you got nerves of steel yes It's not always peachy and rosy take the bad with the good there will be days your day will be tested to actually see what's inside you what your made of you always have coworkers keeping you grounded and helping you out
Roman Tills (2 years ago)
+Bla Blah well right now it's peak season which means there is a crazy amount of boxes you have to get through the hub. If you do not like repetitive hard work, this is not for you. There are alot of big guys but they complain just as much as the next would. But, if you get through peak season it will not be so bad. Overall, the job isn't hard at all its just repetitive and tedious sometimes.
Bla Blah (2 years ago)
+Roman Tills Would you suggest it for someone who isn't a fitness nerd or anything? I am literally 5'6, and like average weight but I'm looking for a job and this doesn't seem terribly bad. I just don't want to apply, get accepted and then be surrounded by all these tall beefy dudes only to find out I can even handle a few hours of box lifting....
auroraionaa (3 years ago)
I load in Phoenix and its not an easy job but i love it! Call me crazy but i enjoy it ;)
Just1MorePerson1 (4 years ago)
i wanna work here I love working out s so I think I'd like it.
sarah von smashed (4 years ago)
Where's your load stand, dude?
super mario (3 years ago)
You forgot the 5 keys to preventing slips and falls. Use the acronym LEADS 1. Look before you step 2. Establish a firm footing 3. Adjust to changing conditions 4. Dont run 5. Stay off moving belts Also you need to know the 12 keys to being yard control certified. LOL I have been at ups in daytona since summer of 2013. I work the 4 hour night sort and am already doing covers for internationals and air truck loading and small sort. It's cake once you get out of loading and unloading permanently. Although one of the part time supervisors at night puts people she doesn't like in the heaviest trailors.
tonykegger (3 years ago)
+keith lol they made us remember that stuff, but I don't think anyone really got in trouble for messing up a few steps. UPS is hell...it makes any other job feel easy.
Black lighting (3 years ago)
oh ok, I have another question, is it true you have to wait 2 years before they can rehire again? I tried going back but they said I had a no rehire status, which is weird because I put in good work for them, never been late, and when I left i had put in a month notice before time, so yeah left on good terms but they still won't rehire me back.
Imran Haque (3 years ago)
+sony1233 It's a "One year commitment" job, if you worked for one full year of SENIORITY (as in, not including training) they will rehire otherwise not.
Imran Haque (3 years ago)
+sarah von smashed You're supposed to check for shifting contents "before" you grasp opposite corners. I know it sounds stupid, but that's the method. I ask how that goes whenever I get audited and they say "just kinda hit it around".
surfcrazy27 (4 years ago)
How many trucks do they have to load up?
Chris Mejia (1 year ago)
tonykegger it's pups not pubs. pups are 28 ft trailers.
tonykegger (3 years ago)
what are pubs? Mondays suck.
surfcrazy27 (3 years ago)
Thx. On Mondays I get hit with 4 pubs.
tonykegger (3 years ago)
It depends because you don't always get an empty trailer. And some districts (is that correct?...I can't remember now) are busier than others. I would usually load up at least 1 trailer. They are huge and you're only there for 4 hours so it's not like you load 5 or 6 trailers every night. It's 3 at the most.
xpoom3 (4 years ago)
if there is one thing i learned at ups is that burning trees helps when your back is sore, its 90 degrees with no ventilation and your working too hard without much water.
jdolaktv (4 years ago)
I hate when the rollers are at floor level.
Frist Name Last Name (4 months ago)
Black lighting At lest with the extendos you can put packes under it and dont have to worry about what could happen to it.
lanteri salvatore (3 years ago)
tonykegger (3 years ago)
+sony1233 I wish I had extendos. I always had rollers.
Black lighting (3 years ago)
Lol I love rollers, fuck those extendos though, I always hit my elbow on those fucking extendos man.. Like seriously
Brandon Ringo (4 years ago)
i just got my job at ups the other day i go for my tour on tuesday i cant wait to start working!
derek jeffords (4 years ago)
It's kinda weird y'all's belts are color coded. Our belts are numbered 1-20. Our maybe it's weird that ours are numbered. Idk what is normal for as I've only been to the facility I work in.
marky mark (2 years ago)
mines colored
Dumn Goblin (3 years ago)
ours are numbered, too
derek jeffords (4 years ago)
derek jeffords (4 years ago)
Nice hand to surface on that hazmat
ImmaGhost (4 years ago)
"it's all gonna fall over anyway"  yeah..gonna fall over other people's precious items...
FacultyBob (4 years ago)
hardest job in the world
jeffmurnahan (11 months ago)
This doesn’t tell me how to do the job, although I appreciate seeing it be done
RICO SLIMEBALL (1 year ago)
I'm with Timone dishwasher is by far the hardest demanding job I've ever been in. I quit after four days because they tried to take advantage of me.they wanted me to do double the work by myself, even one of the chefs told me in secret that that was unfair and that they were doing me dirty so I quit. But I start with ups in a couple of days so I will see then which is harder
tonykegger (3 years ago)
I do believe you when you say it's a hard job. That job and UPS are the kind of jobs that you really have to be there and experience it to truly understand how difficult it is. Just telling someone how hard it is doesn't really do it justice.
timone1002 (3 years ago)
Lol I wish I had recorded that job, it was like running a marathon with dishes while a million people are shouting and running around you, I think it would go viral. I've tried to explain the job to people before but they all think I'm exagerrating...
tonykegger (3 years ago)
+timone1002 Interesting information. I would still say UPS is the hardest job in the world because I'm biased, but I'll tell you what...I would not want to go anywhere near that Cheesecake Factory job. I've never worked there so I don't know what that's like but you do make a convincing argument for dishwasher at the cheesecake factory as the hardest job. I'm definitely putting UPS Loader as Top 5 especially with the midnight shift hours and the pay.
Connell Crooms (4 years ago)
Soooo did this guy get fired?  Pretty sure that's against policy. 
tonykegger (3 years ago)
+xpoom3 Very hard to get fired. Almost impossible. I got written up like 20 times in my 7 months and I don't even know what was the point because I never saw any noticeable punishment from it.
Courtney (4 years ago)
Unless you're management :) But I quit :D I did however, last over 4 years as a supervisor.. was not about to become a Full Time and have high bloodpressure and anxiety attacks.
xpoom3 (4 years ago)
its surprisingly hard to get fired at ups
Courtney (4 years ago)
yeaaah... you're not even supposed to be able to bring in cell phones unless you have special permission, and that's usually only given to very few supervisors. 
JackKnife TV (4 years ago)
Most likely that guys fired .
Her Ship Sails (4 years ago)
where's ep 2!!!!???? I wanna see more from uuu!!! xO it was soo  funny!!!
Her Ship Sails (4 years ago)
2:54 omg lmfao.."you want a hug?" "not really." "I can give u a man hug." "no"
pnojazz (4 years ago)
Archtop shippers cringe over 5:45!
David P. (4 years ago)
I'm A Loader At UPS In San Antonio... We Get At Least 80,000 Packages A Night On Our Shift... I Get About 2,000 Scans On A Average Night... I'm Pretty Damn Beast... Lol... But Yeah It's Pretty Hard Work And I've Seen Soooo Many New Hires Come And Go... Most Of Them Quit Within A Week... The Only Reason I've Stuck Around Is to Become A Driver, My Main Goal... :)
Crawfdawg (1 month ago)
Fancy BEAR i load dulva trucks from new stanton hub lmao
Be Kind (3 months ago)
fmthebaron 450-700 is pretty decent. We got a guy named Justin who hits around 900-1000+ hourly. Most of the time it's around 940 just due to the flow being irregular
Be Kind (3 months ago)
derek jeffords yo I work at the Jax hub to lol I work sunrise shift :D
bkohler89 (8 months ago)
Probably because you dont have to do anything but drive and deliver packages
Star Galindo (11 months ago)
David Puente yeah the drivers can make $30 an hour by year 4
ex0gen (4 years ago)
I never saw any load retainers, wasup with that!
Courtney (4 years ago)
Well you've been there for longer than most FT will get to bcs UPS will, um, find a reason for them to resign so they don't get retirement. I got out after 4 years bcs even though the day sort manager for the building said he wanted to promote me, and still laments why I left, I had been told that it wouldn't happen bcs I glowed in the dark. So... but I didn't really want FT bcs most all of them either go out on short term disability for stress or on some kind of drugs to keep up or are alcoholics that leave after sunrise and are still at the bar when the day sort sups show up at 5pm.. I do sometimes miss the hectic-ness of the place but after dreaming of loading trailers and having the belts go down.. I don't :)
ex0gen (4 years ago)
Well I have been with the company for 16 years and a sup for 14.  I have always done other things so I never went full time, but I am second in command and run the operation when the full timer is out.  I am going to leave soon though, time to move on.
Courtney (4 years ago)
oh I know, I was a loader, IPLD, trainer, dock and tactical in the load... for 4 years :) so much fun, and no other job feels hard compared to being in that place during Hurricane Katrina with all of the MS, AL, LA in one outbound.
ex0gen (4 years ago)
Well CACH is the largest facility, and they always have problems trying to get supplies in.  
Courtney (4 years ago)
Load retainers? what's that? Don't know where you work at but I used to work at CACH. Sometimes there were none to be found in a million plus square foot facility :( Sux that way.
ex0gen (4 years ago)
You guys need the new smart scanners. They scan WAY faster than those GSS pieces of crap.  Seriously, you don't even need to check the zip codes anymore, its good.  But people STILL get misorts, unbelievable.
marky mark (2 years ago)
+derek jeffords it's fun when it dissaccosiates, associates, dissaccosiates, associates and then tells you it went into batch mode and wants to turn off smart scanning.... then reboots itself ... or when your sup travels to the scanning room and hits the 'find me' button for everyone's scanner.... fun times.
ex0gen (4 years ago)
GSS were crap, and so is the smart scan. Smart scan is only good cause it catches misorts.  That's it!!  They could have done that with an updated version of the SCS scanners.
derek jeffords (4 years ago)
I guess our hub never had the GSS scanners. I think we had the SCS ones you said went on your arm then went straight to the new smart scanners. Cause thinking about it now I think (from what I've heard) the scanners that we got rid of right before I started working went on your arm. Everyone that was around with the old scanners said they would rather have those any day than the new smart scanners. And after hearing what you had to say about them I would agree.
ex0gen (4 years ago)
That's because UPS got sold on Motorolla like fools with the old GSS scanners and the new smart scan the same thing.  We used to have these old scanners years ago made by a company called SCS.  They had no bluetooth, and they went on your arm.  They were actually lighter than any of the recent designs, you could type in 1Z's WAY faster (like literally 3 times as fast, I could type in a tracking number in about 3 seconds), and they were hard wired.  Seriously UPS got fucked on that one.
derek jeffords (4 years ago)
We got the smart scanners at Jax hub like 6 months to a year before i started working there and when i started they were already beat to hell and back. I have been there almost 3 years now and half the scanners wont connect and the other half will work fine until it gets busy then you here a beep and look down to see the "scanner disassociated" message. they are all crap. My record of changing scanners is about 10 in a night, but that's rare.
Zachary Smith (4 years ago)
Where's your load stand lol
Harry Balls (4 years ago)
If they could only put the packages on the right porch after going through this stage all would be fine here. Hell' Id settle for the correct street....Waited a week for them to locate a radiator shipped 2 day service only to find it myself a block away {same house number wrong st}. Woman said she called them 1st day told them it wasnt hers and UPS never came got it.  Great locating/ tracking system lol? Mid summer even. Happens so often I considered switching street signs but that wont work because they put it on the street behind us too..So they dont read signs no matter where I would put them.... 8}) {{{{{  heres me, glass's smiling with mustach and my long Santa beard I wear yearly, how you like me now...lol...  PS to UPS.  Thanks for all your hard work,Marry Christmas too you all.     Where is my router?..lol 
Aaron I (4 years ago)
What's your job title? I'm a driver helper for the season and want to move into the sort center after if I can
Kristian Politis (4 years ago)
pfft.... Saddle Brook NJ - unload 2 night sort PT supervisor.. come try to handle our flow - guarentee you don't have time to record a video of it! #2 in the country baby!
EveryoneLovesHabibi (4 years ago)
Look how fuckin easy they make this shit look.
Mike Bridges (4 years ago)
Yeah sometimes theres a downtime. Maybe a minute. Theywant you to help thhe next trailer if you dnt have any comin down
lorien07 (4 years ago)
Oh the memories. I did that job for 2 years. Now I work at safeway and my coworkers think I'm lazy. Kind of want to go back. 
John A (4 years ago)
What made you come to that conclusion? That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard
manner1232 (5 years ago)
Aaron I (5 years ago)
Are there times when you have to wait for more packages to come down to fill up a trailer?
adam mickiewicz (5 years ago)
damnn fuckin dropping the packages and shit
Clos9068 (5 years ago)
Im so glad I left that shitty ass job.
bfredvideo (5 years ago)
Its only boxes - ready for the strike teamsters?
Aaron Waterman (5 years ago)
Lol wow what a light night that was for me picture that trailer full of car shelters that need to be unloaded
Roberto Pérez (5 years ago)
Suuuuure... So you haven't seen the one where the FedEx driver throws a computer over a fence?...
Amanda Snowden (5 years ago)
Horrible Load Quality. tisk tisk.
Killah Kev (5 years ago)
I love how everyone is hating on the flow and the load quality.. Every hub has its light and heavy days this was just a lighter night. Plus we only saw a couple different scenes working UPS you all should know the flows vary.. Anyway im a supervisor and i love my job...
c Ali (5 years ago)
UPS is a bunch of racist pussies....they didnt hire me because of my last name ALI im as white as they come and im American pure. im dedicated hard working and strong as shit. i hope UPS goes the fuck out of buisness fucking NAZI piece of shits
Leo Theo (1 year ago)
c Ali Do you blame your last name for everything that goes wrong in your life?
Shonn Yang (5 years ago)
Yea cuz u ain't union
Andy T (5 years ago)
hahah yeah if i staked like that at FedEx id be fuckin fired
DodgeRam (5 years ago)
ddamn straight son
DodgeRam (5 years ago)
i dont think ive ever put a hazmat paper in the pocket
Antiquity (5 years ago)
damn i was about to apply there, whats it like?
coopcity21 (6 years ago)
working at UPS is not fun, i work there everyday i hate it
Edwin Mendoza (6 years ago)
What are those belt means? ???
Mark Lewis (6 years ago)
i know right i went in at 105 now im 115 and cut..... thats real work. shitty but its a paid exercise.
xXJestrXx (6 years ago)
When you load a trailer for fedex or ups, you dont need a gym membership.
TheGreatDemon LordDragneel (6 years ago)
im doing 2 trucks and im new smh plus those mf boxes come really fast
SAIKOsean (6 years ago)
Wow that volume has nothing on Redmond, Wa.
TheKidCosmic (6 years ago)
I'm only watching this because i recently got hired at UPS
blahblahmonkey (6 years ago)
must be nice to have 2 ppl per truck the one in cerritos ca is 1 person a load sometimes even doing 2 trucks at the same time
Moorexec (6 years ago)
What is the procedure for a Supervisor to punch up a truck, when it is loaded and ready to go. What codes are entered on the keypad terminal?
Andrew Ross (6 years ago)
No shit. I work at Jax Hub also. I laugh at your "jams" imagine 100-200 foot jams. You wouldnt survive in Jax