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Air France Airbus A321, Paris to Nice ; Thunderstorm landing [FULL FLIGHT] Cannes film festival 2019

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This time, it was not me who filmed, but my wife ! i wasn't on board She was on a proffessional trip Camera : Iphone XS Nice côte d’Azur (NCE)
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Razgriz Flight & Spotting (1 month ago)
IMPORTANT: This time, it was not me who filmed, but my wife ! She was on a professional trip I was not traveling this day Do not be surprised if the shooting style is different ;) I just did the video editing when she got home ;)
FlyTravelXpert (17 days ago)
Nice report! Your wife had a windy approach, right? The video is excellent! I give you a like :)
JAMES Rivis (24 days ago)
Sweet landing !! Cabin crew's English too French for me. What was the actual flying time ?
AirlineTraveller (25 days ago)
Wonderful video! Thank your for sharing! =D
William Jenness (25 days ago)
Well done and very enjoyable. Clearly, Nice needs to be on my bucket list of destinations.
Mike&Ash Experience (28 days ago)
Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻
Trieu Long Ho (29 days ago)
Air France 747 ......BraZil - France
med larbi (1 month ago)
Une très bonne qualité d'image, Nice Cote d'Azur je l'ai pas vu depuis 1986. Merci
marwan PC mod (1 month ago)
Cool la vidéo ;)
Nives Gasparic (1 month ago)
Your wife did a good job. Thanks.
Tante Lilis (1 month ago)
If I look Airport sometime still remember him. Where's Lufthansa? Always arround the world.
Tante Lilis (1 month ago)
@$weet Escape
Niamat Bahram (1 month ago)
The video was absolutely stunning but Plz mention the duration from Paris to Nice.. is it one hour ??
Razgriz Flight & Spotting (1 month ago)
80 minutes of flight
Joshua Duran (1 month ago)
Where is nice??
marwan PC mod (1 month ago)
Prononciation "neece"
Razgriz Flight & Spotting (1 month ago)
in the south of France
C 70015 (1 month ago)
Great video! Excellent camera quality 👍😀
C 70015 (1 month ago)
1st 😀