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Lake Berryessa is 3.5' OVER the Glory Hole Spillway 4K HD Drone Report - Lake Berryessa News 2-21-17

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The latest rains in California are topping the lake off at over 3.5' above the World Famous Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa, so check out Lake Berryessa, Putah Creek, and the Monticello Dam from the perspective of a drone, this time with MORE WATER. Also, high water at the dam means minor flooding in the resorts, happy geese, and lots of water for fishing! Check it out! FEB 21, 2017 LAKE LEVEL FACTS: -Lake level is still rising, and as of 1:00 pm, at 443.5 feet, or 3.5 feet over the Glory Hole spillway! This is equal to the highest the lake level in 11 years on January 2, 2006. -It is only 3.2 feet lower than the highest level in lake history - 446.7 feet in 1983 - 6.7 feet above Glory Hole. -The lake level has only reached Glory Hole 26 times in its 58 year history. -From the chart we can see that 1996 to 2006 was a wet period with the lake hitting Glory Hole 9 out of 11 years. Also, the lake has just seen the second fastest rise in its history. The fastest rise was 61 feet in 1995 - and the lake never even got to Glory Hole level. -Are we entering another 11 year wet period? How much higher will it go? -The lake level at this time last year was 401.4 feet, 42.1 feet lower than today. -The level has risen 44.9 feet since its low of 398.6 feet on 10/23/16 and 39.8 feet since January 1, 2017. -This winter rainfall total has risen to 40 to 110+ inches in the watershed. www.VisitLakeBerryessa.com - Check it out in March 2017 - All Good Easy Access Tourist Info brought to you by the LB News. Do not operate drones within 400' of infrastructure. This video filmed by professional media UAV pilot, for The Lake Berryessa News. Music: "Napa Valley Marathon", Bill Scholer Copyright 2017 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com
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U can see Fluid Flow "ground effect" of a reflected wave of flow off nearby roadway abuttment where normal spillway flow receives extra flow rebounding from closeby ground
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I like that there's no AC/DC in this video. Beautiful
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Please tell me why does it happens???
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It's a spillway. It's built to keep the water level from rising and eventually overflowing the dam.
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