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DELL - Lollipop "Treats" commercial HQ

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New Dell commercial for the colorful Inspiron laptops with workers singing the 1958 Chordettes hit "Lollipop" as the Wonka-esque factory cuts colorful laptops out of a gum-like substance that has been stamped by an elephant's foot. A newer revised version of this commercial also has the new Intel jingle at the end which is hummed acapella. June 2009. http://www.dell.com The full version of this song can be downloaded at http://www.dell.com/delights
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Text Comments (2247)
Jabari Wade (22 hours ago)
The few memories I had when I was 4
Miss Shondra (1 day ago)
This commercial annoyed tf outta me but now I kinda miss it lol
rkmugen (5 days ago)
It's so strange..... back in the day, we used to have commercials for not just computers and laptops, but even CPU chips (mostly Intel.... but occasionally an Apple PowerPC G3 commercial every now and then). But now........ no more!
Q.H.S (8 days ago)
Holy cow that's a classic
DragonCake (10 days ago)
My childhood
i’m everywhere (13 days ago)
this was my fucking commercial bruhhhhhhh
Alexis Montgomery (15 days ago)
2019 anyone
Gameshowrecaps 2019 (18 days ago)
GamingGamer01 (22 days ago)
THIS WAS 2009?!
Joys Happiness (22 days ago)
I remember this commercial when I was a kid.
jhcranmer (22 days ago)
One of my absolute favorite commercials! Always loved it when this aired!
ReReWithLove (1 month ago)
At 5 I didn’t even know about a pc or how this laptop was trash, I just wanted it because of the poppy colors it showed in this commercial 😂
Tyquarius lewis (1 month ago)
One of the best commercials of my #ChildHood
Oval (1 month ago)
Didn’t the majority found this commercial to be annoying as fuck back when it was new 10 years ago? Lmao, now people in their 20s look fondly back at it.
Primarina's Girl (1 month ago)
In 4th grade, one of my classmates was kicked out of class for singing the song in this commercial lol
Dead Magnum (1 month ago)
Thought this was about laffy taffy.
donté 😁 (1 month ago)
Abzuru (1 month ago)
Nostalgic commercial I remember watching it as a 6 year old memories😊
Jesus Lopez (1 month ago)
Summer 2009 Feeling Can't Believe Its Been 10 Years
Yantao Luo (1 month ago)
I miss this commercial so much
MJF Diecast (1 month ago)
I used to hate this as a kid because they would play it so much... I still hate it because I remwber them overplaying it 😂
THE BRAIN BRUTHUZ 888 (2 months ago)
What happened to commercials like this
THE BRAIN BRUTHUZ 888 (2 months ago)
I loved this song when I was in 2nd grade. I'm 15 😂😂👌
Andres Bravo (2 months ago)
One word: *NOSTALGIC*
Andrew English The Gaming Drummer (2 months ago)
Can believe this was 10 years ago.
Daniel Slade (2 months ago)
When the commercial begun, I could think there was just a singer stuck in a darkly lit contraptionus factory with no way out until he put his worker hat on.
Daniel Slade (2 months ago)
I loved this commercial!
Wyatt R. (2 months ago)
I feel old.
FOnewmike (2 months ago)
An ad to watch a commercial. How money hungry are you?
MrFlipperInvader792 (2 months ago)
Now I crave lollis & jolly ranchers
kevin durant jr (2 months ago)
I love you (2 months ago)
I loved this commercial YEO the memories
MacAttack Games (2 months ago)
The nostalgia I feel!
Mateo Aray (2 months ago)
Juliet Antonio (2 months ago)
I miss this commercial! It used to be my favorite as a little girl!
NC car guy (2 months ago)
Haven't seen this in years
Train & Elevatorfan8150 (2 months ago)
Happy Decade/10 Year + 1 Month Anniversary!!
Ezentia (2 months ago)
Dell falling behind buddy.
Ethan Bagwell (2 months ago)
Jordan Bledsoe (2 months ago)
The last time I saw this commercial was in 2012 damn I miss it
mahoraner niall (3 months ago)
Made me wanna buy a dell as a kid
Kamar Hawkins (3 months ago)
What is there names?
BioNichole (3 months ago)
Happy Ten Years, dell lollipop commercial. <3
Ant (3 months ago)
I still love this
Neznámý Boží Dítě (3 months ago)
Me and my dumbass over here in 2009 thinkin' this is how laptops were actually made.
Daddy Issues (3 months ago)
This, the yellow polka dot bikini Yoplait yogurt commercial, and the I got a brand new pair of roller skates HP commercial, were my favorites as a kid.
Vortex Productions (3 months ago)
Ellie Krueger (3 months ago)
This was the best commercial out there at the time
Jahh Figure (4 months ago)
I used to know every word now I Kno the chorus
Razan Ibrahim (4 months ago)
Remember this commercial as a kid 😂
youwannaspritecranberry (4 months ago)
who be here in 2019 bois
ayba (4 months ago)
MusicBox (4 months ago)
They started airing this commercial around the time Michael Jackson passed.
Wazilian Films (4 months ago)
i am this old
Isaiah Wasabi (4 months ago)
xvii_Dev_xvii (4 months ago)
Anyone from 2019 that remembered this from out of nowhere?
Lucy Cossavella (4 months ago)
I forgot this existed until just now I love it so much 😂😂
Rod Redline (4 months ago)
I just remember this commercial existed
Spinning mc spin Face (4 months ago)
Wow this was 9 years ago
Brandon Coleman 64 (4 months ago)
I loved this commercial
Sly Sab (4 months ago)
I remember this
Glo Boy Tre (5 months ago)
Wtf this used to be favorite commercial😂😂😂
Marqueze Crowe (5 months ago)
Dis is memory’s❤️
SomeSteven (5 months ago)
dang been looking for this for years. This used to be on everywhere.
Kyle Fleming (5 months ago)
how many people just searched lollipop commercial.
StormTrooper Commander (5 months ago)
Plz bring it bacc
Neale W. (5 months ago)
I remember this
Luca Peyrefitte (5 months ago)
Man I loved watching this as a kid
Ashley Official (5 months ago)
Iconic 🥰💕💕💕
Mr_Atomic _apolo/nathan shultz (5 months ago)
man 10 years later in 2019 time flies for the best commercial of 2009
christopher draper (6 months ago)
This song was stuck in my head from when I was 6 in 2008 and I just thought of it now
Exotic (6 months ago)
remember this song in cars?
David Barrios (6 months ago)
this is the most 2009 video I've seen so far
Gary (6 months ago)
Man I wish I can go back in time this commercial is so nostalgic.
Knyixx (6 months ago)
This fucking commercial SLAPS back when I was a kid and now
TheGameFilmGuruMan (6 months ago)
Oh hey, actually good music in an ad.
NegroLeagueBaseball (6 months ago)
I easily remember this. It's already been 10 years with this commercial? I didn't think so.
Jasmine (6 months ago)
I suddenly started singing this song today so I just had to come back here 🍭🍬
Jazmine Rusk (6 months ago)
I was 5 when this first came out. Loved it then and still love it now😂😂😂
raider nation (6 months ago)
I was 15 when this commercial aired. Damn time flies
Mission to be A Man (7 months ago)
Remember this thing used to play 24/7, dell must have shelled out millions to get that much airtime.
Tyrik Reed (7 months ago)
Villain Vc (7 months ago)
This was a commercial I remember when I was a little kid
SPADES (7 months ago)
I was 4 when this commercial came out I somehow remember it
Snoop (7 months ago)
I remember seeing this commercial all the time on Disney XD
Bazil (7 months ago)
My favorite commercial ever. It makes me so happy.
jebbie joober (7 months ago)
This is so nostalgic to me haha. Back in 2009 when this commercial was in heavy rotation all my classmates and I had this stuck in our heads the whole school day. Haha an unforgettable time.
Jonathan Hay (7 months ago)
Nostalgic boner
Bren _613 (7 months ago)
The nostalgia...
Originella (7 months ago)
I was a freshman in high school when this started airing... Man, I feel so old.
Paul Derrick (7 months ago)
still one of the greatest ads for a tech product i’ve ever seen. the ad men blew this out of the water, almost a decade on and still as memorable as yesterday
WWF 1992 (7 months ago)
Love this commercial ten years ago
Cyllic CrEEt5 (7 months ago)
2019 anyone
Jon Sesgundo (7 months ago)
Where did all the years go....
Will (7 months ago)
This was dell? I thought it was a sweet advert
Bob Rosiak (8 months ago)
2019 ANYONE!?!?
Tails19935 (8 months ago)
Randomly had this commercial pop up in my mind recently. Every time I saw this commercial, (which was a lot considering how much it was played.) I would want candy because the color of the laptops were so enticing. It even made me wish I could go inside the commercial to eat the laptops because I imagined they would taste sweet. How strange huh? Haha!
Tails19935 (8 months ago)
@Miragold123 Glad to see I wasn't the only one! Lol.
Miragold123 (8 months ago)
To be completely honest, this was exacly what I thought everytime this commercial was on tv
Keynan Faison (8 months ago)
I remember seeing this commercial before going outside to catch the bus in like 5th grade. I’m 21 now, fuck I I’m old.
Khadija Bibi (8 months ago)
Dark Tanuki (8 months ago)
I used to hate that song