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Ceramic Galaxy S10 Plus - Will It Crack?! 🤔

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ceramic durability drop test! Ceramic back and Whitestone tempered glass durability drop test! Will it crack or break? Get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus here: US Unlocked: International Unlocked: Get the Whitestone Tempered Glass here: Galaxy S10: Galaxy S10 Plus: Subscribe! (it's free!): Gear to make this video: Sony A6500 Camera: Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens: Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic: Instagram @timmers_em1: Twitter @timmers_em1:
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Text Comments (260)
Corey Burns (9 days ago)
That ceramic is beautiful!!! I wish my note 10+ was ceramic
Austin Wolfe (16 days ago)
This is seriously the most useless, time wasting video ever. He talks and talks and talks, without actually saying anything. You sir should go into politics.
Julian Esteban (1 month ago)
Resiste muy bien yo queiro una nena ya y queiro estar en la actualidad darme fuerzas
Julian Esteban (1 month ago)
Es bueno yo le pondré una mica paso de las fundas ojalá tenga nena pronto
infinity (1 month ago)
Every glass breaks
ALxdCr4ftPlays (1 month ago)
Ceramic is VERY DURABLE. This big fat problem is, Samsung makes the glass abnormally far to thin! THAT is why it breaks so easy. Well at least the back of that phone isn't glass....
BxChicc77 (2 months ago)
Wish my Note 10 plus was made of ceramic. That's a beautiful white phone💙
Batata daora (2 months ago)
Please stop it hurts
MR-FLIP (2 months ago)
Im still a huge s8 active fan active is prob the best it gets
MR-FLIP (2 months ago)
@Michael Groenendijk i ment s8 lol all this s10 talk got me mixed up
Michael Groenendijk (2 months ago)
There is no s10 active
Ankur parashar (2 months ago)
First learn how to drop a phone
NeO (2 months ago)
Que dolor de riñon ver eso dios dolor de pasta
JayGola17 (3 months ago)
I'm watching this after dropping my s10+ gorilla glass my ass
Rameez Jamion (3 months ago)
Was waiting for this video, could not find any drop tests on the ceramic version! Thanks
Taylor Lovenkramds (3 months ago)
That guy u throwing like that ....i feel pain i wish it were mine......
Paul Wiggins (3 months ago)
It looks like ceramic version is the one to get if you're concerned about durability.
Vernietiger NicK (3 months ago)
Rembrandt (3 months ago)
Can we please agree to stop making these phone drop tests? It is pointless.... there will be cracks and breaks....and its rather sad to see a clean, expensive device just thrown about .... :/
Ferbeldeyberb (3 months ago)
The spit noises.
Landen Emerson (3 months ago)
You don’t do face down first
Fethi Cool (3 months ago)
If you dont need it give it To me i dont have one 😭
Weeblackie (5 days ago)
Beggar, but understandable
naufal naufal hazza nabila (4 months ago)
each drop is equivalent of taking a dozen arrow to my knee
Zohaib Hassan (4 months ago)
9:45, screen protector is still in it,if he takes all of it,then it will clean!!
Zohaib Hassan (4 months ago)
Hey,the screen is not crack your screen protector is cracked. Fool
Gr Cousins (4 months ago)
0:54 thanks me later
Latin Kuro (4 months ago)
Dropping a $1000 dollar phone I can barely afford just to test the glass endurance, hmmm people with disposable income indeed do crazy things. Still, thank you for doing this craziness, definitely getting this white stone dome for my s10+
Roco does everything (4 months ago)
My brother threw his controller and it hit hos s10 and now 1/3 of the the screen is broken
Tulius (4 months ago)
Which tempered glass are you using in the front?
Marius Bijan (4 months ago)
Why a drop test took 11 minutes. Did the phone fall for 11 minutes?
Michael Holliday (4 months ago)
Is that the screen protector that came in with the phone?
can I get 1000 subs (2 months ago)
No it's Whitestonedome screen protecter
Sammy Storm (4 months ago)
#jerryrigeverything we wanna see him play with the ceramic s10 plus
Velysean (4 months ago)
And that is why I never use glass screen protectors. Only plastic.
zoroxtreme (4 months ago)
Will it scratch at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7
Chey Mįlíoņ (4 months ago)
Anthony Stanley (4 months ago)
i wouldnt even do that if i was rich
TONG U.C.H The nature man of commercial . (4 months ago)
😂😂😂😆 so crazy
Camila Salgado (5 months ago)
But "will it blend? That is the question."
SolarChip (5 months ago)
It's samsung it's B quality.
JH Entertainment (5 months ago)
I have the ceramic s10 and my Rhinoshield back protector bubbled up and I like using the crashguard bumper. This video makes me feel relieved after I took off the back protector.
Bajan mitch (5 months ago)
I'm glad I get to see someone actually drop their phone with whitestone dome
cpt. probe (5 months ago)
I want to see it done without a screen protector. Because I throw my phone all the time no case no protector and it has never cracked just dinged up the edge a little.
Alex Whitton (5 months ago)
Ceramic is definitely the way to go
Tanner Grinzel (5 months ago)
Alex Whitton it cost more
Tyronne Person (6 months ago)
That breaks my heart 💔 lol
Richie S (6 months ago)
Watching on my galaxy s10+
Seymen Kivrak (4 months ago)
I got prism blue
BlackVelvet (6 months ago)
@Richie S ouuh daeng love that color!
Richie S (6 months ago)
@BlackVelvet prism white bro
BlackVelvet (6 months ago)
Which color?
It Looks Like A Hamburger (6 months ago)
Dave Lemke (6 months ago)
Lame video! LMFAO this guy sucks!!!!!😂😂😂😂💩💩🚽
David Dinero (6 months ago)
this is why i bought an outterbox
Евгений Резников (6 months ago)
Блять,в россии на дороге не такой асфальт,такой у меня лежит в спальне!
swastik Pradhan (6 months ago)
Madarchote pagal fucking creature
Saszko D (6 months ago)
You are mad .......
Darius Mitchell (6 months ago)
0:55 made me cringed!!!! Just because I just bought my s10plus recently.
Shub Style (6 months ago)
My heart hurts by watching this...!
Shane Lawson (6 months ago)
Drop it in a parcel and send it to me🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
David_ Dave (6 months ago)
I like how ppl are judgmental about this vid. Yet, the channel showing a 100 Ft. Drop test with the large arrow showing the target in the thumbnail will not only get 1M+ views. It will also be saturated with comments requesting future drop tests on different electronics (mostly phones obviously).
Adeel Aslam (6 months ago)
Its not a damage stupid.. Its dust
Robin Kershen (6 months ago)
I wouldn't drop the phone - glass will crack and it's an expensive phone....
Edziorro Stach (6 months ago)
What screen protector you use ?
Rodrigo Sanchez (6 months ago)
Whitestone Dome!!! Love me
john Hightower (6 months ago)
Basically a lot of people are stupid and don't put the phone in case and it gets fucked up that's what I do I put it in case
john Hightower (6 months ago)
Basically you need to put your phone inside a case
ഷാഹിർ (7 months ago)
Heart breaking movement 💔 If u dont want that Plz give me i am so poor🙁
Shane Lawson (6 months ago)
@Lu P im working but i wont get it on a plan, so im putting a $100 a fortnight so i can buy outright😀🙂😀🙂
Lu P (6 months ago)
Work and get one
paulo velez (7 months ago)
Hasta un metro es lo habitual.
BLACK BIRD (7 months ago)
john Hightower (7 months ago)
Buy a case for your phone don't be stupid
Roxy Coco (7 months ago)
Do they purposely make them out of glass or ceramic whatever to be less durable so you can buy a new one when it breaks 😈😂
SACHITH HIMARUWAN (7 months ago)
I not have phone don't drop the phone please give me it
Karen Villagomez (7 months ago)
Dropping $1000 phones. It hurts!!
Julie Ann Berug (7 months ago)
It makes me sad to see these kinds of videos. I just think you're wasting them. 😔
Tony Gui (6 months ago)
Relax, just remind yourself that's not your money lol.
Marvel Boy (7 months ago)
You are bad at dropping phones lol
Tony Gui (6 months ago)
@Marvel Boy I really want this kinda skill then I won't pay that much on fixing my screen 😭
Marvel Boy (6 months ago)
true lol@Tony Gui
Tony Gui (6 months ago)
Bad for a video but really good for daily usage lol
Хачатур Соломонов (7 months ago)
Antonio Kim (7 months ago)
You should’ve threw it down like a football
LuK (7 months ago)
They should use ceramic for the display
JH Entertainment (5 months ago)
Ceramic is not clear.
Gsonz (7 months ago)
The cracks on the screen at the beginning shocked me, but then i noticed the screen protector xD
Earl Samson (7 months ago)
How much does it cost to replace front glass?
Next G3N Gaming (7 months ago)
I have insurance cost $29.99 with sprint no insurance $275
NXVI (7 months ago)
I _have_ this phone, using it right now... so this is painful to watch
Knights of ni (7 months ago)
I want to see him drop it off the top of a building while it's still in his pocket
William Lindahl (7 months ago)
Dude, you know you have the screen protector that come with the phone on and that is why it looks much worse then it really is
William Lindahl (7 months ago)
@Bobby Shifflett Ooh, didnt read the descritpion and watched with music in the background so didnt hear
Bobby Shifflett (7 months ago)
Um you realize the one that comes with it is a mere film.... he's testing a glass screen protector
Rudy Phua (7 months ago)
Yes. You should have removed the plastic screen protector first.
Sven Schwingel (7 months ago)
This hurts without even watching the video.
Khanya Mbatha (7 months ago)
Noooo don't drop it give it to me
Henrique Borri (7 months ago)
Omigod s10 +😓
sUpRa53 (7 months ago)
advenzizi (7 months ago)
I just don't see a reason for a 11min video for this 30sec expirment
Dobermann Jeff (21 days ago)
@NotRocketScience false u can monetize 30 seconds too but Ehen u reache 10 you can put many ads into the Video
NotRocketScience (5 months ago)
Videos only get monetized if they are over 10 min. due to ads etc
Crecross (7 months ago)
σπύρος spiros (7 months ago)
I almost felt pain watching him dropping the phone
Rayan Aamir (7 months ago)
It hurts to see
Michael Lui (7 months ago)
Great video:-):-)
Tony P (7 months ago)
These tests are silly, it's like playing pro football without a helmet hoping to not get hurt. You need a case with a glass phone period! Do the test with different cases on the phone makes more sense. I'm just saying!
Tanner Grinzel (5 months ago)
Tony P this is the caramic version
Macchiato Beatz (7 months ago)
Eh... Think of it as a baseline test.
OSCAR BADILLO (7 months ago)
I'll give you $32.75 for that phone as is
OSCAR BADILLO (7 months ago)
@Dr. Order damn! Competition! $32.77 and a jawbreaker
Dr. Order (7 months ago)
I'll give you $32.76
laddiel montejo (7 months ago)
Dont get the whitestone dome glass its trash buy the blackweb screen protector from Walmart its way cheaper and easy to apply
Tanner Grinzel (2 months ago)
Phil PJ Davis it’s a thick screen protector
Phil PJ Davis (7 months ago)
@laddiel montejo . That's cause otter box is old tech? Go with UAG?
laddiel montejo (7 months ago)
I put on an otterbox case and the white stonescreen protector popped off that shit cost 50 dollars
Dorma Gaming (7 months ago)
ray H jr (7 months ago)
the Ceramic is basically useless because the glass camera bump can/will still break. then it's basically ruined. Cnet did a drop test and the camera broke after the 2nd drop on there test.
JQuery (7 months ago)
You illiterate fuck. The glass on the cameras isn't the same as on the phone's back.
mblacksenior (7 months ago)
0:55 that sound hurt my heart.
Eric Davis (7 months ago)
I have the S10+ Ceramic White. The extra durability provided is reassuring. I expect that ceramic backs will be common place in the near future. Always use a case and a screen protector either way
Eric Davis (7 months ago)
@Anton Von Loeben I actually bought a ceramic black one first and loved the dark grey tone of the color, but my cell carrier couldn't support an Android device that wasn't their own. I returned the one I'd purchased from Samsung and bought the ceramic white from my carrier this time (black was backordered for 2 months). I have a clear backed case to show the sleek design of the phone and it's raised bumpers protect the frame and more fragile screen. The Whitestone Dome screen protector I installed is really nice for added protection too.
Anton Von Loeben (7 months ago)
Each to their own, but what is the point in paying a premium price for the ceramic s10+ and then cover it up.. Surely a big point of having the ceramic version is to show it off
GEORGE THEGREEK (7 months ago)
Idiot ! You play tuber spender experimenter to get the views money while scamming the insurance to pay for the phone damage. What you are doing is illegal. Furthermore you ellaborate nothing of use. I guess not too bright a student nor successfull in life to follow this trend of vain... Thumbs down. Big time.
Rxonmymind (7 months ago)
I think you hurt the concrete. 😁 Edit: Just came to me. This rivals the Droid turbo 2 in terms of durability. Impressive.
Parag Sarker (7 months ago)
Legend says it's still clean back there to this day
flamingomkd (7 months ago)
Are you stupid or is any reason that you are doing drop test with screen protector?
Bobby Shifflett (7 months ago)
To test the screen protector or you to stupid to understand that....
Humberto Rubio (7 months ago)
I actually like the text, because that's good most people will use the device like me.
J D (7 months ago)
This was the worst video I've ever seen on YouTube . Very amateurish. You dropped the phone wrong over and over again and then didn't even show the front screen without the screen protector after . You could have simply turned off the camera and then done it and then show us on camera . What an idiot
Technomar (7 months ago)
White ceramic 😍
Corey Burns (7 months ago)
This phone is beautiful!!!! And strong
beast_slayer 1202 (7 months ago)
Spin the phone a little bit to get it to land flush on the ground
Johnny Ortiz (7 months ago)
Thibs 88 (7 months ago)
That was painful to watch but I'm impressed! I didn't expect it to hold up like that.
mel johns (7 months ago)
Thank you very much for checking that whitestone dome....... I was thinking about getting one but it's hanging in there...
Akbar Omar (7 months ago)
Milan King 00 (7 months ago)
Learn next time how to drop the phone.