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The Reason UPS Trucks Always Have Their Doors Open

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In 2010, UPS ditched its iconic slogan, "What can brown do for you?" in favor of the more emotional and efficiency-oriented "We heart logistics." In 2015, the company cut the heart out of the equation, no longer professing its love for logistics and instead adopting the motto, "United Problem Solvers." While the latter two slogans sound less friendly, you could argue that they better reflect one of the unifying philosophies of the United Parcel Service: time is money, and if you want to save both...you can't waste a single second. In 2014, UPS employee Jack Levis explained to NPR… "Just one minute per driver per day over the course of a year adds up to $14.5 million." The pressure to shave off minutes from deliveries is increased by the number of stops UPS makes. For instance, according to the Chicago Tribune, in 2017, the company was slated to deliver 750 million packages worldwide between Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. To ensure the fastest deliveries humanly possible, and perhaps even super-humanly possible, UPS equips its trucks with sensors that track every movement a driver makes. When the company discovered that using a key to open doors was eating up precious seconds, keys were replaced with push-button key fobs. Drivers avoid making left turns to save time and fuel. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, trucks aren't air-conditioned because the average UPS delivery person opens their cargo bay doors 130 times a day. Similarly, during deliveries, drivers leave the passenger door open in order to make leaving the vehicle more efficient. Considering how often the doors are open during deliveries, it makes financial sense not to equip delivery vehicles with air conditioning. But that reasoning seems to assume that drivers won't stop mid-delivery to cool off on those long summer days when the sun seems determined to boil you alive. According to NBC News, UPS drivers have recorded temperatures in the truck as high as 152 degrees, and as Live Science notes, hyperthermia sets in for most people after only about 10 minutes in extremely humid, 140-degree heat. NBC also reports that various medical records and interviews showed that… "UPS workers have convulsed, fainted and landed in the emergency room with heat-induced kidney failure." So while UPS's candy-bar-colored trucks won't melt, the humans steering them probably feel like they're drowning in hot chocolate when Mother Nature cranks up the heat. In August 2016, 59-year-old James Klenk suffered heat stroke and kidney failure after several consecutive days working in his brutally hot truck. He spoke to NBC about his terrifying experience. In 2018, Klenk's wife, Theresa, started an online petition demanding that UPS provide air-conditioned trucks for its drivers. The company expressed appreciation for its drivers' efforts but noted that, quote… "Working outdoors throughout the year is the nature of the job." UPS only keeps a small fleet of air-conditioned trucks for trips that cross the California desert. But that's no consolation to drivers in other trucks when every road feels like a flaming desert and their minds start to play tricks on them. UPS is a well-oiled machine, and as the cogs behind the wheel, drivers are expected to be as efficient as mechanically possible. The obvious problem with treating people like machine parts is that they aren't hardwired to function like robots. Employees need time for basic human functions, like refuelling their bodies and, when nature calls, using the bathroom...which is something most robots don't have to worry about. In 2015, an anonymous UPS driver identified as "Bill" told the Nation that something as simple as using the restroom was considered, in his words, "stealing time" from the company. Bathroom visits weren't the only kind of waste the company frowned upon. Bill also said… "If you turned the truck on before you put on your seat belt, that's wasting gas." Sensors recorded when his foot was on the brake, how far he backed up everything. And UPS isn't alone in monitoring every millisecond of an employee's day. In 2013, FedEx warehouse employee, Reynalda Cruz, suffered inflammation in her arm because of a scanner that tracked her every movement, and when she slowed down because of the pain, she was ordered to speed up. Similarly, according to the Verge, Amazon automatically tracks warehouse workers and fires them for not meeting productivity quotas. Unfortunately, when companies obsess over cutting costs, staff members often pay the price and, in the end, do you really want your packages delivered by an overworked and underappreciated employee? #UPS #FedEx
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Grunge (2 months ago)
Are you friends with your UPS delivery driver?
Itz_Cxlyn (7 days ago)
A UPS driver saved my life so yeh
Blaxter22 (12 days ago)
My ups driver is already a mile away the second I hear the doorbell and open my door
Model Train Whisperer Studios (13 days ago)
Yes I am
Alex Mireles (18 days ago)
Bruh my dad
tractorboy31 (19 days ago)
The ups semi drivers i see at work picking up are very friendly. And when ups or fedex picks up small packages by van instead of pallet loads i would try to assist with the trolling motors if i could spare the time
Dual Sport Numbskullz (22 hours ago)
This video is completely false! Drivers have their doors open because they choose to have their doors open. They are free to drive with them open or closed at any time. UPS does train their drivers to be efficient but it's top priority is still safety and they preach and drill it into you every single morning! Our number one stop is still home and the company invests alot of time and resources into making sure you arrive at that stop. As with any corporation though, as an employee, you will feel like a number at times.
Jennie Garcia (1 day ago)
They have no air....the trucks are so hot. They hooked up g.p.s to see every move they make. They dont care about there drivers. Its about the mighty dollar
Gollammeister (2 days ago)
It's all about money first people last
Frode Skibrek (2 days ago)
Tracking like that is luckily not legal here in Norway 🇳🇴,due to workers health and safety.
Sal ham (3 days ago)
Lol, UPS, Uncomfortable Piece of S***t, most likely
Rebecca Estrada (3 days ago)
So pretty much delivery drivers are treated like crap and left to die in trucks that are pretty ovens for humans. Nice. Now I will feel guilty everytime I order stuff during the summer.
Joseph R. (3 days ago)
To ventilate our balls it gets sweaty down there
Multicellular Organism (4 days ago)
Just learned what UPS stood for
Brian Mackay (5 days ago)
Id probably chuck a package to save time
Seko :v (6 days ago)
😂😂😂Everybody blaming the companies but they not blaming Karen who received her package for Friday at 12 at 3 and threatened to take everyones jobs
george curtis (6 days ago)
Yup, legal slavery.
Mitchell Crager (6 days ago)
Who the hell gets hypothermia in 150 degrees?? Maybe a heat stroke!!
dark days (6 days ago)
Big brother
Vincent (6 days ago)
wE aLl seArChEd fOr tHiS guys
JerryFunHouse (6 days ago)
Funny thing is, in Germany, we make jokes about their name since "ups" is "oops" in German😂
AS Tzfat (7 days ago)
HORRIFIC! What has changed?
Southside Hitman (7 days ago)
UPS drivers 705 teamsters that’s probably why they get $40 a hour and their pension is $4000 $4500 a month buy some pampers UPS drivers
farLander (7 days ago)
Drivers keep their door open because it's hot as hell, for the most part. My dad was a driver in the mid to late 2000s in Houston, Texas and it was sweltering in his truck when it was even remotely warm outside
Aiden Felton (7 days ago)
I literally have always wondered that
VolkingDeath (7 days ago)
They keep their door open to throw the shit out of the parcels
Itz_Cxlyn (7 days ago)
A ups driver saved my life
HOOKAH SPOT (7 days ago)
I wouldn’t work for any company that’s going to track every movement I make. As a free man I refuse that
Addicted to Gasoline (7 days ago)
To save you guys some time: The season they have their doors open is because they’re lazy.
Mint Below Freezing (7 days ago)
Reason: so they can toss your package out while still driving to save time
Hurry Clyde Bangot (7 days ago)
Thats the reason why you tag packages as delivered even if it wasnt 😂😂😂😂
C P (7 days ago)
Only so much bs one should take
Janietoogood (7 days ago)
Is that why the ups truck goes 50mph up our steep hill thats 20mph and really curvy?
WILMER GACHA (7 days ago)
Ain't ups UNION.? Ain't union supposed to be to take care and look out after employees.? 🤷‍♂️🤔
В Америке (8 days ago)
When I watch this drivers in Phoenix: my brain, why they still alive???
TheStopGuy (8 days ago)
Is that why they throw my package in to my door like there going to break it down with it
Kyle E Carlson (8 days ago)
When companies like this spy or surveil you, Then tell you do it or else, It's no wonder many people are walking away from this sort of business and finding other ways to make money I don't feel a bit sorry for huge trucking companies that do the same thing. Try recruiting the next generation then.
kewl malibu (8 days ago)
New slogan, we will kill ourselves to deliver your crap.
JohnnyReb (8 days ago)
That first guy could have a career in radio, he's got that radio voice
Deacon St John (8 days ago)
They need the be open so the driver can get out quickly when the police start filling their truck with holes.
Kasey Rangel (8 days ago)
So they get back in their car without getting caught
Benjy Harris (8 days ago)
Ups is the sound they make when they drop my parcel on the floor...
Joe DeMasters (9 days ago)
Let me let everyone know that UPS is a union company and they treat their drivers like SHIT! Ihad a good friend who drove for UPS. He died of a heart attack while on the job! Their biggest concern was to get the truck back to the terminal! His family had to drive an HOUR & HALF to pick up the body from the corners office to bring him home to preform his funeral! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR UPS! & it os BULL SHIT that UPS doesn't make left turns I see them do it all the time!
kevin stonerock (9 days ago)
If you’ve ever tracked your packages ups has an irritating habit of shipping packages beyond its destination to a distribution hub and then backtracking to the destination which takes more travel time. They’d be better served to look at the executives decision process for choosing the distribution locations rather than the drivers time it takes to put a key in the lock. I delivered as an independent contractor and I always had the air conditioner running in the minivan I drove. I had a vehicle that I was able to lock the van and still have the engine running. They say it wastes gas but they don’t take into account the excess use of the starter and battery which will fail rapidly if required to restart at every stop. Any savings is negated by the frequent replacement of these larger repair items. If I had to go without the air conditioner I would end up getting so fatigued that I found myself walking slower to the door even when trying to force a faster pace. These efficiency experts need to learn what’s truly efficient not only time wise but money wise as well. Time how long it takes me to do this:🖕 Someday I hope you’ll be the ones out of a job.
Robert Johnson (9 days ago)
UPS drivers don't turn left...... Yeah right
Shawn Sitaras (9 days ago)
That’s the job at hand if you can’t do it don’t apply I used to work in a refinery for a living outside of a lightning storm and earthquake whatever mother nature felt like dishing out you had to sit there and take it I was paid well for my efforts and got to live a very nice lifestyle but I worked my ass off for what I earned
Snusmumriken (10 days ago)
Just instal a Sunroof🤷‍♂️
Liam Darling (10 days ago)
What Jim Carrey movie is that at the end?
scott15236 (10 days ago)
Sounds like a shit place to work!
Van Life (10 days ago)
Shame on UPS! Ridiculous
Roscoe Coltrane (10 days ago)
Cuz it be hot bruh
Adam Lemus (10 days ago)
I hate when companies try to mask their bullshit with some stupid philosophical reason. Such as when I worked in a Wal-Mart distribution center all of our forklifts were standing forklifts. There stated reason? We at Walmart do not sit, sitting breeds inefficiency and demotivates the worker. Real reason? The standing forklift was cheaper then the sitting ones. With UPS they don’t want to spend the money on buying and maintaining air conditioning systems and the fuel it takes to power them. Just be honest about it.
Emmaunel Sandpaper (10 days ago)
So the reason my packages don’t get here in time is because workers are slacking?
Tony The Truck Guy (10 days ago)
Lmao, that Ace Ventura scene gets me every time 😂 That being said, I can’t believe how strict they are about some of that stuff. They better pay hella well...
Robert Johnson (9 days ago)
Ace Ventura is one of my favorite movies
MEELO (10 days ago)
So most ups drivers are probably just hallucinating?
Peter2kx (11 days ago)
I’d love to lock the CEO in one of those trucks on a nice hot summer day and see how he likes it. Must be very different from sitting on his pile of cash in an air conditioned room.
itsbionickidd (11 days ago)
If you work for ups and you think this is okay you need to re-evaluate your life and quit this damn company bro honestly. Your KILLING YOURSELF making a ceo Rich. Take your one precious life and go elsewhere.
lxCRON1Cxl (11 days ago)
I say they should Unionize so they can fight for their rights.
Emily Klug (9 days ago)
They are unionized. Teamsters.
R3KTRAY (11 days ago)
White trucks should be better!?
Supreme. Dee vlogs (11 days ago)
So basically they drive w they doors open to deliver faster ✏️
Jonathan Finger (11 days ago)
They have thare door open because its to hot in side during the summer they dont have cooling sadly
John Smith (11 days ago)
Thought you were going say, cause they eat alot of beans.
woulfe42 (11 days ago)
In the end though if you accept this type of trearment and allow it to happen the way I see it is either your masochist or deserve being treated like shit for allowing that to happen. Either way the solution is to get another job any job, hell even if you got to work in walmart or 7-11, but until droves of people stop driving for this bastards nothing will change.
james coury (11 days ago)
Sounds like a terrible job.
Robmoney 4life (11 days ago)
Treating ppl like they are robots
grimmsin (11 days ago)
Now I understand why they speed literally all the time 🤦🏻‍♂️
Socrates The Wise One (11 days ago)
White people really can't take that heat
Vince Black (11 days ago)
Well why stop for gas have it refilled while on the move like air planes. Stupid ups. People are more important then money.
Wil Robles (12 days ago)
Boy, that's brutal.
James unknown (12 days ago)
Thumbs down what a stupid video drivers make left turns all the time, and AC brings more wear and tear on the trucks. Starting your truck causes more wear and tear on the truck as well,
Jon Minnella (12 days ago)
Very disappointing to hear
M0HAWK HMS (12 days ago)
Cuz they are united pot smokers
Tim Ramich (12 days ago)
Aren't they all Teamsters? I highly doubt that they are treated this poorly.
guest man (12 days ago)
CEO should sit in the hot southern weather.
The fire beast Is no.1 at fortnite (12 days ago)
The doors are always open! That's how u.p.s lose people's clutches and flywheels then.
Howzer The man (12 days ago)
So their trucks dont have aircon but do they have heaters for the drivers in the colder states.
John Rodrigues (12 days ago)
Always remember three rights make a left! If I'm driving in heavy rush hour traffic I will use that philosophy to make left-hand turns safer. It may seem silly but was today's distracted drivers it's really a safe way to drive.
Derrek Mitchell (12 days ago)
Mount a fan and you will be just fine in those trucks.
Tim Fierek (12 days ago)
Thanks YouTube recommendation algorithm
crazy benzy (12 days ago)
It's like the school bus you got to have your door open when you going by a railroad track and stopping that way you can let the train in
sk33t (12 days ago)
remember when their innocent employee got killed by the police and they defended the police
mark p (12 days ago)
I worked a temp Christmas driver helper job for a month a few years back. It was more like "haul ass" and sling the packages. It was really cold most days and I rode in the jump seat on the passenger side. I kept the door closed between stops.
Metal Music Maniac (12 days ago)
All you need is a low profile solar exhaust fan I'm fairly sure #tesla could build them you only need a 1 inch space
Kyle Crisman (13 days ago)
United postal smashers 👍
David Ellsworth (13 days ago)
UPS saves time by leaving my packages somewhere in the middle of my 1/4 mile long driveway. Don't worry, FedEx and the USPS does the same thing.
Eliaz YT (13 days ago)
I once was considering to seek their employment, I’m so glad I didn’t and ever won’t knowing it is a slavery job... beside, they suck at delivery!
Tom Thumb (13 days ago)
You need to have the door open to spit your tobacco out. Their Motto, "The world is my spittoon".
CrazyMexican21 (13 days ago)
I've worked for UPS for a month as a seasonal preloader and I got to say it's not for all people. It's tough work but overall really laid back & simple. Most drivers I met said they loved their jobs because the facility management was good. PS.. Hardly anyone cares about packages conditions they will get thrown unless it says fragile lol.
Jason Broom (13 days ago)
Whats the name of that movie with Jim F. Carrey?
Cornbread Fed (13 days ago)
No AC!!! UPS is a slave driving sum bitch!!
saintrecon (13 days ago)
trucks and building was to clean in this video. and yes summer sucks. driver wouldn't drive on the grass either that is an accident. they do track everything.
Joe Murdoch (14 days ago)
I hope the guy who suffered heat stroke sued their pants off. He could have easily died.
Jeff Brasher (14 days ago)
Just so everyone knows, drivers are union and make damn good money.
Pretzel Stick (11 days ago)
Jeff Brasher 100k doesn’t go very far in the Bay Area.
Jeff Brasher (11 days ago)
Pretzel the pay isn’t good? If you’re a driver and at top pay working OT your bringing in 100k a year easy. They make just a bit more than the mechanics. You go into the job knowing the working conditions, you stay because the money is good as hell. And I’ve seen plenty of managers and supervisors get fired off of grievances for threatening drivers that stopped to take a piss.
Pretzel Stick (11 days ago)
Jeff Brasher just so you know, the union(teamsters) is corrupt, and is in the pocket of corporate. This is why the conditions are so bad today. The pay isn’t that good considering most drivers work 13-14 hour days 5-6 days a week
walter kersting (14 days ago)
Remember “ Brown knows”?
John Papa (14 days ago)
Ac is pointless on these trucks. I drive across the desert without ac and I have no problem. Just have to drink a lot of water. The heat is much worse when the humidity is high like in Louisiana. In the desert, a swamp cooler would be better and use less fuel than ac.
soviet boi (14 days ago)
Bruh why not give the driver a cessna with STOL ability so they can land and takeoff on road
KingXGaming (14 days ago)
When I worked as a seasonal helper my driver was only there 5 years and already making 38 dollars an hour so I would say they are fairly compensated
Raven Raider (14 days ago)
Gave these bastards 9 years of my life and almost cost me my sanity. Management rules with an iron fist. Forget about showing and proving a better and more efficient way of doing a task, they'll hear none of it. Weight of the world was lifted off my back when I quit, both mentally and physically. Too bad because I had a great relationship with alot of my regular customers, almost like family. I still chat with some of my old colleagues from time to time and they say it's only got worse since I left and I was smart to leave when I did. For most of them with a mortgage, kids, car payments etc they don't have the option of finding a similarly paying job with pension and benefits. Drivers actually have a term called the "golden handcuffs". They're probably stuck there til they retire or die of mental or physical breakdown. 10-12 hour days going non stop are the norm...
Ibrahim Harris (14 days ago)
Oh trust me, Amazon tracks it's drivers too. Believe me, I would know.
J C (14 days ago)
Wow I didn’t know that!
PRO HEN (15 days ago)
I highly doubt the UPS guy wants to open and close the door 1,000 times a day.
Tyson Webber (15 days ago)
Corporations are not your friend and are evil
Sonu Singh (15 days ago)
Corporations—- oh we care for employees- there will be hydration classes after safety meeting.
goliath yeti (15 days ago)
Ups pilots start out at a 70k salary. Eventually if you stick with ups long enough you can make up to $300k a year
roadrailn (15 days ago)
From this point forward, when I meet a UPS truck on the road, I will pull over to the side as if they are an emergency vehicle 🚨 so the employee doesn’t get delayed and fired.