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The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

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Text Comments (2792)
Paul Sepe (3 hours ago)
Average annual snowfall at McMurdo is almost 150cm / 60 in.
I Made a mistake that reset my entire watch history (9 hours ago)
Is there internet there? Then I can stay there for more than 7 months
Pc Master Wraith (16 hours ago)
who can tell me is Antarctica is PAL or NTSC
Songo (1 day ago)
40 days to get supplies from one base to another, that driver is lonely!
Starlord (1 day ago)
Who is down to go to Antártica?
4NDR3W2000 (2 days ago)
Oil is found in Antarctica USA: men Antarctica is gunna be liberated
Edwin Dungdung (2 days ago)
Wait so that one plane in GTA is not actually just a work of fiction? Wow!!
Ariel Shikoba (3 days ago)
I would to take a visit!! Can a person visit??
T Dog (3 days ago)
9:21 This sounds like a great place for a horror movie to be set
Alex Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Why does it say July summer temperature? July is the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere isn't it?
random observer (4 days ago)
Another awesome video, another comments section full of people blasting verbal shotguns to try to draw out a couple of flat earthers. Pretty soon I'm going to see clips of Tom and Jerry cartoons with scores of commenters irrelevantly ranting "Here flat earthers, here flat earthers..." and dangling metaphorical chunks of bait.
Andrew Adam (4 days ago)
'Human eyes did not gaze upon the continent until 1820' - what about the Piri Reis map? Just forgot about that?
Zachary Southard (4 days ago)
What about jobs there as a logistician? As the video states, this would be a significant logistical challenge worth tackling if you can handle the cold.
Tasos Zagos (4 days ago)
One of life goals to go live there for some time with a chick or friend and a gym
Karunakar G (4 days ago)
Manual intervention should be reduced in Antartica to fight Global warming .
Dominic Quick (4 days ago)
why am I not surprised the UK claimed apart of Antarctica
Matt (5 days ago)
A WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS. End fake science welfare.
Buddy Clem (5 days ago)
Great video! Judging by the flicker, your generators have a tough time keeping a steady power frequency. I never imagined that the base was so large!
Leader success ! (6 days ago)
THIS JUST IN ! ISIS is planning to sink Antarctica and convert all the ice into a giant statue of Satan .🤔
justinl458 (6 days ago)
I like how there is that one camp in Antarctica they watch john carpenters the thing every year.
svenmega10022 (6 days ago)
Not on my bucket list.
LiliandSam Hong (6 days ago)
Do people there have anal sex?
IETCHX69 (6 days ago)
6:20 ..." Only 5 hours from N.Z. by air " . ... ONLY ?!? That's a long time at 170 M.P.H. Nearly 5,000 km. Crow flies .
IETCHX69 (6 days ago)
You put on a fine bit . No extra crap or bad jokes .
Abhishek Yadav (7 days ago)
Bhosdiwalo Antarctica ko to chod do. Waha v jamin k liye ladai mat kro. Maa chudane k liye Core Land bahut h. Waha apni maa chudao bhosdiwalo.
N/A N/A (7 days ago)
Michael Y. (8 days ago)
How much are the hooker's there?
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz (8 days ago)
I want to go visit but then I don't
sevadaj (7 days ago)
Looks like a good place to go swimming! :-P
Maria Kelly (8 days ago)
There is a scientist in Antarctica who's speciality is the study of suicidal penguins (I am not making this up).
Parrish Patten (8 days ago)
Beautiful segue into your sponsor my friend. Incredibly seamless.😉 11:10
serbia991 (9 days ago)
Antarctica is a no fly zone believe me there's something going on that is the edge of the world.
John Ford (10 days ago)
Kataru King scribe (11 days ago)
My grandma is going to Antarctica and when she does she will have visited every continent
furiousninja (12 days ago)
America fucking Antarctica also
vinnie greenlee (12 days ago)
Me: well come on kids were moving to Antarctica (I don’t actually have kids I just thought this would be funny)
Inordinate Allen (12 days ago)
I like me some science, but 'the pursuit of science' is not worth all that.
likenship (12 days ago)
"Your best shot to get there is if you're a scientist." That's a bunch of shit! Who makes up this stuff?
David Eichenlaub (12 days ago)
your videos are really, really interesting.
ZG Colorforce (12 days ago)
The flat-earthers probably think they research astronomy on Antarctica because it's the earths border, thus they can just take look out at the space when they want to..
Kyle Shoulders (12 days ago)
Yeah I've watched The Thing
Samuel Mount (13 days ago)
10:56 Humanity fuck yeah!
a d (13 days ago)
nsf and the 109th alw
Nouh Shaikh (13 days ago)
@Wendover Productions A very awesome video, i just have a question. How do they stay up there for many months without any transportation to the rest of the world and get food/water ?
TheDiggi (13 days ago)
good to see you forgot the norwegian research station, not like it was them who were the first ones there, nah
Ian Rosmarin (13 days ago)
How many other video are funded by Brilliant?
Marcelo Navarro (13 days ago)
Karl Heinrich Marx (13 days ago)
Wrong, humans have been to Antarctica long before 18th century.
Richard Shiggins (13 days ago)
No thank you very much ! The Arctic would be a winter break in the sun by comparison . Antarctic means , without bears !
Anil Lambakane (13 days ago)
For god sake leave at least Antarctica alone...!!
Commonlogicguy (14 days ago)
The only way to determine claim on territory is the ability to project force upon the claim. For example, the fallen island dispute.
M JP (14 days ago)
There are nautical maps from the 16th century where you can see the land mass of antarctica, so ppl have been there before the late 1800
Rheyad Ismail (14 days ago)
If I have to be there for 7 months at a time let ther be some ladies 😏
Robert Vaughn (14 days ago)
You know what, I bet that you could get enough people to move there from around the world to legitimately make a colony. Hardship breeds science, and I bet they would be able to figure out how to make food in that cold, breed food etc.
Josh Stakey (14 days ago)
Frank Stall (15 days ago)
Perfect place for hookers !
Jackie Varughese (15 days ago)
Jon Snow where you at!!
libertateaaa (16 days ago)
do they have a red light district over there ???
doodskie999 (16 days ago)
I could build a sperm bank there because living for 7 months being isolated from everyone, we all know how bored and horny you can get
Cranjis McBasketball (16 days ago)
I would like to stay there stuck for 7 months
J P (16 days ago)
I wonder how much oil is there.
Reaper Redni9e (16 days ago)
Me, a camera, a rally car, and a bottle of bourbon. Fuck yeah
The Doctor (16 days ago)
Why are you showing July temperature as summer temperature? Isn't their peak summer around December-January?
TBLjoker (17 days ago)
40 days?! Fuck that. Why not just parachute that shit down to the inland bases?
Saleh Hashmi (17 days ago)
video starts at 3.40
Kevin Hodges (17 days ago)
2 percent of the land mass covered in ice and is the dryest place on earth more than the deserts in Arizona well damn I would not go there at all
Ukraine2011 (18 days ago)
Then the entire planet should be called a common zone. The only reason it isn't is because mankind greedly claims the land. If it wasn't for humans it would be a common land
Harris Avaan (18 days ago)
Antartiica is Russian Federation. I just told you what you would know after 10 years otherwise.
zg32e9 (20 days ago)
I would love to live there.
manmachine30 (23 days ago)
40 days trip?
George Truth (23 days ago)
For what you need this unuse land? What are you looking for there? Ice?
Oliver Brindle (27 days ago)
You didn’t mention Ken Borek Air. They fly out of Calgary AB Canada and are legendary for their mid winter Antarctic flights
ThatGuyNamedJosh (27 days ago)
Bit chilly for my liking
Nils Bertaloth (28 days ago)
Lmao thats not very cold. I mean -13°C is not cold at all
A Drum Tsukumogami (28 days ago)
This video was....cool
IbaMbaBankGre (1 month ago)
Antartica is the synonym for death. The sad tales of Antarctica makes me curious to know more about Antarctic and do an expedition there.
No Subs Without Any Video? (1 month ago)
So what happens if I kill someone there
YaBoi Brabdon (1 month ago)
8:39 look I found Greg Paul
Jonny five (1 month ago)
I just finished watching 'The Thing' (highly recommend) and was wondering about this exact subject. This video came up in my suggestions....perfect!
Canal no operativo (1 month ago)
Your video has a huge mistake. The Antarctica has 2 civilian populated towns. They're called Villa Las Estrellas and Esperanza, and they are the only civilian populated bases in the continent, being administrated by Chile and Argentina respectively (and so, they are also the only Latin American countries to have foreign military bases) But the costs are soaring and Chile is retiring starting in 2019 until further advice. Argentina is also having problems to maintain populations.
Supaasandy (12 days ago)
No, but REAL civilian settlements, not only created by scientific and military purposes. Chile even have a school in their town.
Hydrochloric Acid (12 days ago)
scientists are civilians ...
Foxx (1 month ago)
I’m guessing they have radio communication if they can call for medical evacuations but do they have internet or any other forms of communication?
joe caterman (1 month ago)
you need a PhD to work as an astronomer... and a degree in physics. There are some awesome amateur equipment for looking at stuff... and it looks really cool The pro stuff though... mostly its instrument driven. You generally have a lab... and a scope... and on the scope some equipment which sends data to the lab.
Brickskid (1 month ago)
sounds like a nice place to live... Only thing to wait for is the internet.
Bipin Khatiwada (1 month ago)
how do get enough electricity for winter?
Ossis (1 month ago)
Can you go there as a tourist and stay there in the winter months
Dave Pawson (1 month ago)
Dummy free zone.
DenGames (1 month ago)
But... wich langauge do they speak there?
Lucas Dobson (1 month ago)
Elon musk:build a hyper loop around the bases and some boring company stuff with a rocket to complete then you should be good
John (1 month ago)
Trumps are build ski resorts on the rest.
Strand (1 month ago)
The logistics of fighting a Thing
John Nash (1 month ago)
Does our cum gets frozen too ?
Sparragus (1 month ago)
You can go as a tradesman, they need people to fix things, so plumbers, electricians, mechanics
kacchabang kacchaboom (1 month ago)
If anyone here wants to watch a show about going to Antarctica, go watch the anime Sora yori mo Tooi Basho:D
Zach Guth (1 month ago)
hmmm... it would be great to test equipment for NASA down their for longgevaty in the winter.
Think Outside The Prison (1 month ago)
Haha hahaha. .
Sam Lau (1 month ago)
I'm not a scientist but would definitely want to go there on day. Don't mind the 7 months isolation.
Facts plus IQ tv (1 month ago)
Resreach is just a excuse ..actually they are here after finding and extracting natural resources.....
Facts plus IQ tv (1 month ago)
USA tires to bully other Nation like China ,India etc to stop Industrial growth to stop pollution. But they himself done the most harms to Environment .
Mary McFly (1 month ago)
I wonder how many of the people that say they are not hiding anything there, have actually been in the middle of it to really see. I bet about zero. I don´t think those people are here on youtube making comments like that.
Andrew N (1 month ago)