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The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

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Text Comments (2599)
B L U E (2 days ago)
Bloqk-16 (3 days ago)
An impressive aspect of those working in Antarctica are the haul drivers taking the overland route from McMurdo to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station . . . 40 days?! Driving in all that vacant vastness of snow and ice. You don't have roadside service for vehicle breakdowns. But then, the chances of being hi-jacked are nil in that desolation.
Smitty Johnson (4 days ago)
I'm going to school for chemical engineering. I'd love to work there for half a year. Does anyone know if there'd be any relevant jobs there?
William Saunders (5 days ago)
Lol fake news
Alfa Romeo (7 days ago)
Have they discovered the white walkers?
PR0bro (8 days ago)
Night vision goggles.
Abhishek Dev (8 days ago)
There are Indian and Chinese stations too.
mbear1 (8 days ago)
Fascinating. Learned lots of new stuff!
Cabbage man (8 days ago)
Antartica was first sighted way before 1800 it's on maps of the 1400.
blingbling (10 days ago)
I've never wendover there
OldOne (10 days ago)
Sounds like a great adventure, I wonder what will happen when we finally find a way to mine effectively under the ice...
Tony Curoso (14 days ago)
Winter over McMurdo 92 and 94! Love these videos!
Windows Tech (15 days ago)
Well Ancient aliens said that humans knew about the Antarctica for about 1000 years.
abmo32 (16 days ago)
9:57 isn't july deep winter in the southern hemisphere? o_O
Harsh Lahoti (16 days ago)
But they could play fortnight there, right? Dont tell me they dont have internet
benjamin lopez (17 days ago)
Research enormous my camera advantage casual sensitive replace.
Hari haran (17 days ago)
I think the GoT scare phrase - "Winter is Coming" suits best for Antarctica than for any continent on the planet!
Diego Castillo (18 days ago)
The ocean is not international space
Kristoffer S (18 days ago)
I’m amazed you didn’t cover the journey by the cargo ships. A lot of the staff that aren’t scientists must go by the ship, and it sails in the roughest sea in the world. There are some videos around here. It’s wild to see!
Athallah Arsyaf (18 days ago)
Basically the shining but worst right?
br076ett (20 days ago)
Why is there a Texan flag in Antarctica
Princess Peach (21 days ago)
Hardship? Should see what they do at the South Pole post. A bit over the top. More than what military bases have or use.....
ravi shankar cs (21 days ago)
You deserves more subscription
The_White_Lotus (21 days ago)
Antarctica doesn't need any humans. Leave Antarctica alone! As one of the scientists from Akademik Fedorov clearly stated, bases in Antarctica are nothing but a claim to the land. Science is just a mask.
Kim Jakab (22 days ago)
Thanks for a really interesting and very educational video! What an exciting and beautiful nature!
kingikiller (22 days ago)
I wonder if the bases are like the athletes village at the olympics. Just a lot of fucking!
Joey M (23 days ago)
I keep on thinking about the thing!
mahadragon (24 days ago)
This video is leaving out a lot of information which is resulting in mis-information. First off, Antarctica is not an "international zone" and is far from the "common heritage of mankind" 1:39 Antarctica is off limits to everyone save for a few researchers and military personnel, and you couldn't fly there if you wanted to. There are a lot of comments here about people wanting to film the penguins and so forth, sorry, not gonna happen. Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on earth, even moreso than Area 51. We have aerial shots of Area 51 from overhead, but what of the south pole? Every picture, either from space, satellite, or whatnot has the very southern area either blotted out, or altered, why is this? There are maps from the 18th century (Buache Map) depicting Antarctica as being free from snow, mapped very accurately as a land mass. People have claimed this was a result of the existence of an ancient civilization that had mapped Antarctica when it was free from ice. Who was this ancient civilization and why doesn't anyone talk about it? Watch the video Secrets Hidden in Antarctica to get a more accurate story: https://youtu.be/237F1_aLXZ8
crimony (24 days ago)
How can this video be considered credible when it does not talk about the secret Nazi UFO bases there?
Henning Gu (24 days ago)
I think sometime in the near future various internet companies will try to get permission to build server farms in Antarctica. Good for the scientists there I guess. 😅
Aditya (24 days ago)
never seen the same video 4 times.this is the 4th time and i still love all your videos and see them repeatedly
Gauthier Plantevin (25 days ago)
This is so fascinating.
Chandler Koziol (25 days ago)
Living and studying in Antarctica is a dream of mine.
Jan P. (25 days ago)
new thumbnail?
itwasagoodyear (25 days ago)
That 40 day drive sounds like a good time
hardkur (27 days ago)
check mate flat earthers
s lavoie (27 days ago)
This lad probably ignore people on Earth understand "Celcius" temperature.
your bruv Joey (27 days ago)
In 2015 the King of Norway was the first head of state to visit Antarctica, and the Norwegian prime minister visited as well. Plus the map showing the Norwegian claims are wrong. Norway annexed the remaining parts of Antarctica that where unclaimed next to Queen Maud's land.
RATUL SEAL (27 days ago)
good to see the nature but it is difficult to survive with nature
King Cakes (29 days ago)
I heard one of my friends friends went to Antartica and they took about 10,000 pictures the first day. I mean I would.
karl22 (30 days ago)
I bet the tractor driver isn't an astronomer( could be mistaken) How can i become a tractor driver or labor hand
n3bula (30 days ago)
Does anyone know the link to the picture at 10:33?
jayesh ahari (1 month ago)
Title is misleading it doesn't say anything about logistics list which are required to survice in antarica
Marge onthat (1 month ago)
Great place for creating a White Ethno-state !
Joe Patton (1 month ago)
7 months and no link with the outside world... what about the internet???
diskuse diskuse (1 month ago)
Really interesting - thanks for the upload
Chris Lareau (1 month ago)
No, Astronauts are better than antarcticans.
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance (1 month ago)
This was interesting! I wish I could go to Antarctica, although of course I would want to come back and probably live most of my life in the habitable parts of the world. I wonder what people at the South Pole station do with their sewage. Maybe they could dry it out outside with heated dryers and ship it out of the area. Otherwise, they would have to dump it somewhere around the pole, and it would eventually accumulate. That wouldn't be very nice, would it? I saw another video not too long ago that indicated internet service is available there via satellite. I also saw that petroleum-product fuel is shipped in to use for energy. I guess solar power is not well developed there, and of course it wouldn't be available without sunlight in the winter.
venom2k2 (1 month ago)
It would give me anxiety to know that you can't just get up and leave
Jungle Drums (1 month ago)
The difference between space explorers and Antarctic explorers can be summed up like this; How many famous astronauts can you name, and how many famous Antarctic scientists can you name? Most of the same hardships but not the same recognition...
Buy Bitcoin (1 month ago)
The most mind-blowing fact to me is that the drive from those 2 stations takes 40 days one way. What a hike!
Bloqk-16 (3 days ago)
Imagine having a vehicle breakdown out there. Or, if a crew member develops a tooth abscess and needs dental attention.
Nenaby Darkmist (1 month ago)
Right, I've seen all the videos on Brilliant.org about astronomy, am I a scientist now? Can I go work in Antarctica? ;D 11m10s
TheMiningTeam (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who's suggested video is a tour of South Pole Station?
Felix O. (1 month ago)
Id really want to stay in Antarctica over the winter just for the sense of being so alone and cut off. One of my life dreams
Mateo Ortega (1 month ago)
This channel should have more followers
Marco Stuff and things (1 month ago)
Antarctica still has better wifi than australia
GamingKunuck (1 month ago)
I bet there's a shit ton of oil down there
Ascended Life Form (1 month ago)
Your young prince will find only death in the cold north.
Elenor Wilson (1 month ago)
shut the hell up about your brilliant courses, it ruins the videos
Diego 123 (1 month ago)
Earth is flat
John Apawan (1 month ago)
It really is a place further than the universe...
UNIverse Gaming (1 month ago)
I would love to stay there for the winter
ЙЦУКЕНГШ (1 month ago)
40 days to travel 995 miles one way by road! many frozen coffee rest stops i guess. 190 days of hibernation is not that long if you're nice and toasty warm.
xiongmu1 (1 month ago)
This is all wrong. Antarctica has been a part of China since ancient times. China discovered Antarctica before other people even existed. Therefore, the whole of Antarctica rightfully belongs to China!
Red Throw (1 month ago)
Got to be alone for only 7 months? Psh! Amateurs
akdlfogp fpglgmeb (1 month ago)
9:51 The tag at the south pole should say winter, not summer. July is in the Antarctica winter.
biocybernaut (1 month ago)
The Antarctic ring of ice.
jack jon (1 month ago)
I don’t know how I haven’t found you until now. I am really enjoying your videos
Robosy (1 month ago)
Is it possible to turn Antarctica into a Sadia Arabia of the snow
QuarioQuario54321 (1 month ago)
YouTube thinks that the video is mostly about planes, probably from the thumbnail.
John Uferbach (1 month ago)
QuarioQuario54321 afaik youtube doesn't go by thumbnails or video tags but by the interests of the people who have already watched the video :x
runningkirk walk (1 month ago)
I am dislike #586, yay
runningkirk walk (1 month ago)
Fabricio DLT (1 month ago)
8:43 Jet fuel can't melt ice beams.
My name Is him (1 month ago)
Great video
Karim Amin (1 month ago)
They should build a prison there and send all criminals there to shovel snow
flyby501 (1 month ago)
40 days one way?! Holy shit.
john li (1 month ago)
why doesnt Australia and the UK withdraw their claims wtf
Tom Edwards (1 month ago)
john li Tasmania is pretty close by and so are the Falkland Islands
Gelfling Music (1 month ago)
Why call it the harshest place on Earth? It is not. Extreme heat is far worse. Much wrather live in Antarctica. With my telescope. Peace and quiet..
Dylan Shramko (1 month ago)
McMurdo Station, prepare to here that a lot
Fuxser (1 month ago)
40 days one way, imagine that lol
Dolan Danger (1 month ago)
What if someone dies during the winter. Are there morgues there? Or do they bury them in the snow lol?
Bloqk-16 (3 days ago)
You could probably put the body in an unheated "out-building", where it would remain frozen until summertime travel is possible.
sunny mittra (1 month ago)
Researchers should also be limited .. this much aircrafts and people interference is not good
Andrew Dortignac (1 month ago)
So no planes for 7 months, but what about helicopters?
neoroxx (1 month ago)
well, 7 month is harsh, but I would really to try this once, isolated for 7 whole months!
andrew T (1 month ago)
be sure to keep some flamethrowers and some guns around unless you guys like having alien shapeshifters killing you all off without help.....
Jacob P (1 month ago)
40 Days one way?!??!
figadodeporco (1 month ago)
6:58 Funny, you "forgot" to point 1 Brazilian, 4 Chilean, 6 Argentinean, 1 Equatorian and 1 Uruguaian stations at your map. Just "developed" nations can do research there?
Francisco Alvarez (1 month ago)
How do they have electricity?
Bentley Kawasaki (1 month ago)
I thought living in Saskatchewan was bad, but this is actually worse!
The Q (1 month ago)
If it is "mankind's heritage" I'ma go make a secrete evil villain lair down there. No one will give a fuck. I mean, the US military practically built a military base in Greenland with a nuke as their power source. Why the fuck cant I do the same in some Antarctic mountain range?
David Holder (1 month ago)
Antarctica:" A place further than the universe"
thevichox 07 (1 month ago)
Antartica is T H I C C
Sameer Pawar (1 month ago)
Well we are draining the last dollar of what we have to reach Mars. Where as we could take civilization here on Antarctica for just a qaurter of the funds
Exayevie (1 month ago)
9:13 that can't land planes in the dark thing just ruined one of my favorite parts of the Antarctica-based novel I'm writing :(
G G (1 month ago)
I'd rather live there than in Mars.
einsamaberfrei (1 month ago)
If global warming continues, Antarctica would become habitable and there will be a war to settle the territorial disputes.
Stuart Morrow (1 month ago)
> which as helped enormously in keeping the last continent pristine Translation: useless
Stuart Morrow (12 days ago)
Still doesn't make it right.
Hydrochloric Acid (12 days ago)
Last i checked, pristine isn't a synonym for useless. Not every square inch of land needs to be stripped of natural ressources, either. Especially since Antarctica isn't a prime candidate for those.
Jerrhad Nadonza (1 month ago)
Such a miracle there's no claim by China
MoonMoon (1 month ago)
you forget to mention the most interesting thing on antartica, the sunlight hours. 24 hours of daylight occur for several months over summer, while there is complete darkness for several months during winter.
SmrTiTo (1 month ago)
other than pegasus being the older airfield fact, most of your facts are outdated. You should just work in USAP to get the real info.