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The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

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Text Comments (3090)
Flamer Gamer2018 (15 hours ago)
The Arctic is a frozen ocean surrounded by land snd The Antarctic is a frozen land surrounded by ocean.
A. (1 day ago)
but when you say "no contact with the world" and "isolated" does that include internet? it might seem silly but i think that if a person can still connect to people in other places virtually whilst living in Antarctica without sunlight and at freezing temperatures, there's still a chance they won't kill themselves
Rory Snow (1 day ago)
9:50 I’m sorry did you forget that July is WINTER in the Southern Hemisphere?
Tiosh (1 day ago)
My father is retired navy and was deployed in Antarctica once. Thank you for this.
Ephrain Arguello (2 days ago)
I definitely won’t have service there 😭😂
Moolers (2 days ago)
This is very interesting, but what is it like actually living there? What do people do on their spare time? What do they eat and drink? What can you buy at the stores? How many stations have internet access etc.
Farouq Janmohamed (2 days ago)
the way you segwayed your video into your sponsor was Brilliant ;)
Christian Gifford (2 days ago)
40 days!?!?
Srta.TacoMal (2 days ago)
Yooo, I learned a lot from this video, but I was especially awed by the rocket boosters on the planes! Also, I can’t imagine how tedious that drive must be. It would be nice if it could be automated.
Sunny Wu (3 days ago)
No where else on the planet you can become that isolated? Isn't it called North Korea?
vondahe (3 days ago)
I wonder if there has ever been a serious crime like murder or rape and what - if any - law would apply.
Rachelcookie321 (3 days ago)
This is the only time anyone cares about Christchurch And I’m super excited about the recognition!
Rachelcookie321 (3 days ago)
The only thing special about Christchurch is that we have the international Antarctic centre
Orion6699 (3 days ago)
I used to think it would be fun to be stationed down in Antartica. Now days... I would rather do one of those tours for a week and then come home.
Victor Sierra (4 days ago)
You forgot to mention the German claims and expeditions... New Swabia it's called and is legit
Zero Hour (4 days ago)
Al Gore said that Antartica is gone. Thank God paying taxes stops global warming! Money is the best climate change fighter
MegaThepostman (5 days ago)
I would love the silence there.....😇❄️
Checker_guy (5 days ago)
Most things are hugely expensive
Leemyy (5 days ago)
At 9:45 you say "The average July high temperature" and the video shows "Average High in Summer". But last time I checked Antacrtica was on the southern hemisphere, meaning summer should be sometime between December and February, right?
Rory Snow (1 day ago)
Leemyy correct. That bothered me too
Will Harris (5 days ago)
-55 is the lowest temp that jet fuel in a 757 can fly with, so it is possible to fly to the centre in the winter. Just
chaleur (4 days ago)
Will Harris that’s the high though
ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ (5 days ago)
Hey look, argentina is claiming shit it doesn't have any rights to... I expect them to claim the moon at one point...
mariano egg (5 days ago)
Its ashaming the way the editor has omited the argentinian presence in the continent since the early start of the 19th century. We have six permanent stations and at least seven summer stations; they are mainly inhabited by scientists. They are all located in the Antarctic Peninsula, its the part of the territory claimed by our country.
Sergio Jardon (6 days ago)
anyone know how to aply for a job to work there???
Gaming Guy (4 days ago)
Sergio Jardon just swim
BikeStuff (6 days ago)
10:15 - wrong. So very wrong. they do have a link to the outside world. they all sit on the internet and watch movies. its common for people who work there to have hard drives full of a 1000 or so movies, tv shows etc.
Justin Hopkins (5 days ago)
BikeStuff You’re confused. He means a physical link. Meaning there aren’t any planes linking them to civilization during the winter.
BikeStuff (6 days ago)
Chinas going to take over Antarctica for its oil. mark my words
MultiScooter68 (6 days ago)
I have a GREAT idea how to put Antarctica's most abundant resource to GOOD use.. Set up a bottling operation somewhere along the coast. Get Antarctic ice - melt it - and bottle it and market it as the PUREST water on earth having the ability to "cure" most diseases and maladies. The dumb hipsters will GLADLY PAY $5-$8 for a pint of the stuff; perhaps Snapple could also use it and change their slogan from "The Best Stuff on Earth" to "The Best and Purest Stuff on Earth".
MultiScooter68 (5 days ago)
+Justin Hopkins Some industries are much more BENIGN than others when it comes to pollution. We're NOT talking about a TANNERY here. Not to mention there are some areas in the 3rd world where CLEAN water is as precious as gold..
Justin Hopkins (5 days ago)
MultiScooter68 The point is to leave Antarctica pristine and free from industry. Your idea is contrary to that.
Forest Green (6 days ago)
40 days by sled? Jeeeeeze
Skylar Stellarwing (6 days ago)
go figure america has the most pointless dicksuck station of them all at the south pole
Lame game (7 days ago)
8:44 Jesus Christ... Is that a fucking Steelers logo, the virus has even spread to Antarctica.
Rohit Rai (7 days ago)
5:58 New Zealand looks cute 8:25 fuck, 995 miles. Doesn't look that far
ADzim4 (7 days ago)
9:52 says the average July high is -67F which is mid-winter, but the graphic says "Average High in Summer." Northonormativity.
LX Forde (7 days ago)
hmmm wonder what the crime rate is like? Is there// are there cops in An tarctica??? Wd. love to know more re human inter actions!!!!!!!! Do they have a n opioid crisis! Not likely...............has there ever been a murder????????????
Ashutosh Vaish (5 days ago)
Ryan Linden (8 days ago)
Says, "No bare ground", literally next video clip is of mountains.
killmypcd (8 days ago)
whats with the 3 minute ad ; [
Bob Smithereens (8 days ago)
The earth is flat and surrounded by an Ice Wall. Look into it!
Hydra11B __ (5 days ago)
Bob Smithereens kys
Bob Smithereens (8 days ago)
How is research in Antarctica going to help this nigga in the u.s.?
Maelstrom (8 days ago)
man... I want to move there so fucking bad xD -drinking is a norm -gaming is a norm -no fucking laws -no violence -so much free time and WINTER BOY! best season of the damn year!
AARON ZHANG (9 days ago)
Human feet never touched Antarctica - Human Shoes touched it
chaleur (4 days ago)
AARON ZHANG who knows
Cyg & Adi (9 days ago)
Now I want to feel and see Antarctica in the flesh
T SS (9 days ago)
I’d rather live in Antarctica for a year than Chicago or Detroit
Vital Mark (10 days ago)
9:50 July is in the winter, not in the summer
fyukfy (10 days ago)
9:47 isn't July in the middle of winter there?
Ryan Wagner (10 days ago)
is there a Tim Horton's in Antarctica?
MrBeatboxmasta (10 days ago)
You should make a "logistics" series. I would watch the whole playlist an a day!
That Guy (10 days ago)
Isn't this where Santa lives??
Bronwyn SoCal Gal (10 days ago)
But where are the Swedes? ... err... wait... they're Norwegian! Lol "You really wanna save these Swedes, huh Doc?" "They're Norwegian, Mac!" "Well, you read the map Doc because I'm going to be busy flying." "These crazy Swedes found something buried in the ice and they blew it up." "What is that? Is that... is that a man in there?"
Nachos gaming - Minecraft How to (11 days ago)
Gwarrar02 (11 days ago)
Question. The video states at 9:53 that the average "summer" temperature in JULY is -67F...isn't that Winter below the equator? I thought the seasons were reversed?
Ram Krishnan (11 days ago)
I hope they don't find oil there.
Matt Slocum (12 days ago)
9:51 July at the South Pole would be Winter, not Summer. Overall, great, educational video. Thank you!
de mun upswing (12 days ago)
I've heard the Antarctica Peninsula is somewhat livable in the Antarctic summer...
outpost 38 (12 days ago)
can i just go to Antarctica like if i just show up and start doing what ever i want who is gonna stop me
Shahidh Ilhan (12 days ago)
1:52 Who left a vim bar there?
Emblazened (12 days ago)
Ares (13 days ago)
man that's brilliant
Zach m (13 days ago)
My best friend lives there every year for 3 months. The air force guys that go there every year are nuts. The Stratton air base in scotia ny is home to all of the remaining c130 planes that land there. Being 10 mins from my house they are cool to watch fly around.
Conorsz (13 days ago)
probably a dumb question, but why not use giant hovercrafts? They would go much faster over the ice/snow then a traditional track/wheel based vehicle. Is it because they would use too much fuel? Or are they not as reliable? Anyone know?
B BG (13 days ago)
At least you don't need a Freezer for your food 😜
WhatsGahdly (13 days ago)
People heating shit getting rid of ice and exposing more soil totally not creating more warmth and melting.....dafuq over 1000 ppl at once base fucking how, they all using sample diggers at random fucking spots in teams of 50? More of a waste of money than it was to read this comment.
WhatsGahdly (13 days ago)
Late as fuck...but please leave it alone holy shit the amount time time and energy spent on it ruining it... fucking humans are retarded.
Jack Beans (13 days ago)
themilemunchervlogs (13 days ago)
Mr. 2006 (13 days ago)
We should send the FEs there.
Aditya Purwanto (13 days ago)
Bet the Japanese are building Gundam in there.
7alexander17 (13 days ago)
This cute girl in my class told me she would go on a date with me if I get 1000 subscribers. Please help me!!!
Marco Oliva (13 days ago)
Antarctica is in my bucket list.
Varshious (13 days ago)
okay im not a scientist so how do i move there as my summer home
Captain Barbossa (13 days ago)
Is pedophilia legal in Antarctica? I’m asking for a friend.
Everything's Alright (13 days ago)
Is there wifi?
John Ford (13 days ago)
Yes the thing, is in antartical, and aliens.
boom (14 days ago)
Why Tf does Argentina need Antarctica
Tumb Blubbsen (14 days ago)
This is such a good YT channel! I just discovered it.
TJO (14 days ago)
There will eventually be a war for control of Antarctica. Because of strict international laws, they have not been able to probe much of the continent for natural resources. It is believed from the information they have gathered so far that there are vast oil deposits throughout the continent. Not to mention the plentiful rare earth deposits. Once oil, and minerals start running out everywhere else, you can bet everyone is going to land grab in Antarctica, eventually leading to war.
Tim Estes (14 days ago)
Every one can Thank the U S Navy and the U S Navy Seabee’s for the bases on Antarctica.
unmalditoenpanama (14 days ago)
No no no no no NO!!!! a flathearther told me that Santa Claus proved him that this video is false
Kelsey Bell (14 days ago)
I'd go there to get away from all these damn people
Roope.T. (14 days ago)
No contact to the rest of the society for 7 months a year... sounds like a dream.
Паульс Павел (14 days ago)
What about russian station "Vostok" wich is impossible to get to in winter. So the scientist are left alone for 120 days! Its easier to get a rescue mission from space that from this place. Its a shame you didnt mention this.
Darkvine (14 days ago)
Imagine earning your Ph.D. in climatology and spending 7 months stuck in darkness at -30°C studying climate change in ice, only to have some American idiot on FB claim climate change isn't real telling you to do your "research" by which he means sharing political memes all day :D
Will Conant (14 days ago)
For anybody further interested in the subject of day-to-day life on the continent, I highly recommend "Antartica: A Year on the Ice." This doc was made by a dude who has lived and worked on Antartica for years and he offers a fascinating perspective.
Pr00ch (14 days ago)
"but for the pursuit of science, all this hardship, all this work, and all this cost, is worth it" yeah also they get laid a lot
akumma (14 days ago)
This was a fantastic video. Informative, to the point, and little fluff.
A. M. (14 days ago)
You sound like the guy from ownagepranks, good videos too
CueBall69 (14 days ago)
I assume during summer they use solar (24 hour sun and all), but what power source do they use in winter?
Yaksh Pachchigar (14 days ago)
Wait so in Antarctica, the Summer is colder than the Winter? Thats what it says at 9:56
Venatix_ 92 (9 days ago)
Yes because in the southern hemisphere it's winter season from April to July, as a result of the earth's axial tilt.
dsar2 (15 days ago)
im currently crystrubating to thjis video what has my life come to
I Shoot Stuff (15 days ago)
But can I just live there, I wanna be alone.
Sonny (15 days ago)
Glenn Johan (15 days ago)
International zone my ass, Antarctica is Norwegian for obvious reasons. End of story.
AudiowaveformTV (15 days ago)
*11:06** Thats a pyramid in the background....WTH?!?*
Saif Gaber (7 days ago)
Antarctica is Egypt confirmed
Kollamkaran For life (15 days ago)
I think when all the drinking water in gets exhausted there will be a war for antactica .
Adam Ray (15 days ago)
I'm bummed that you made this great video and the description is a coupon. Your description says nothing about the video or why you made it.
zum (15 days ago)
so is it legal to move there as a civilian?
drecruz (15 days ago)
You gotta mention the temperature in Celcius too!
Jorge Chiu (15 days ago)
Antártica is not like the norte pole. Its never ever dark forma 24 hrs. Ever
Jennifer McNulty (15 days ago)
the Thing and lovecrafts Elder Things live there so thats why access is limited there
Sean Hartnett (16 days ago)
And claiming Antarctica is banned based on the Antarctic treaty. However the US and the Soviet Union have a we can claim territory whenever we want clause.
Sean Hartnett (16 days ago)
I want to do so before I die.
Sean Hartnett (16 days ago)
Keep up the good work!
Sean Hartnett (16 days ago)
Great video! Love this content!