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Close Calls 2 Compilation

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CLOSE CALLS 2 COMPILATION ►► See some of the luckiest people in the world. Enjoy the best internet videos of people/animals coming up to the brink of disaster and coming out unscathed. Hold your breath and cover your eyes, but don't worry too much, everyone makes it out ok....just barely. ►Pick up a Clip'wreck t-shirt or sticker at the Clip'wreck Teespring Store! (https://teespring.com/stores/clipwreck) ►Visit the Clip'wreck Channel to see more awesome, funny, and amazing Compilation Videos! (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTep...) ►Questions about content or clips in this video? Send a note to the email address on the channel homepage. ►Music by Bensound (https://www.bensound.com/)
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Text Comments (2208)
YavinStudios (3 days ago)
2:20 When you have ur minecraft house in taiga and the 1.14 update comes out
Sr Gaita (5 days ago)
thumb, Gordon Freeman ...(・o・;)
Firstasa Lasta (7 days ago)
People rather die than plow through those railway crossing arms . Smh
1:27 just joking!!! RELAX!!!
Shelly Edson (10 days ago)
4:45 holy sh-t!!
Nitesh Jhawar (10 days ago)
3:48 Is no one going to talk about that truck driver?
DOGGY Lover (12 days ago)
1:30 Elephant: *about to hurt the humans* Also elephant:sike you thought
Raphael, The Lost Nigga GTMNT (14 days ago)
No dumbass
d a r m o r á n (16 days ago)
Song in video?
Kat LPS 101 (17 days ago)
That biker guy is an idiot ! Don’t get up so close to cars like that thinking you are gonna pass him ! Maybe almost getting his head flattened might make him have the brain cells to know how to drive instead of being a dick driver
teety woo (17 days ago)
The two cat, seal and dog ones were the cutest
Wissuta Pokpong (17 days ago)
Hu3 rcik (18 days ago)
4:11 Hero
Aleatha Vogel (18 days ago)
1:26 - That elephant though...that trunk movement was like, "Hah! Just kidding you guys! Carry on!" And the look on his face...man, he looks like he/she is laughing their butt off.
Shut da hell up (20 days ago)
0:45 I stopped breathing for a moment o_0
Prince Echo (20 days ago)
Look at the asshole at 3:09 in the yellow that didn’t even think to help the guy that fell right next to him. He would’ve died for sure if he wasn’t saved.
Prince Echo (20 days ago)
1:14 reminds me of the hardest level in Crash 1. The Highroad
Tami Napiwocki (21 days ago)
I love the elephant: if he could talk he'd be saying,"that's right. Bitch!"
Bry Danica (21 days ago)
Na Vita (21 days ago)
1:05 nice try ...😮😮😮😮😮
Fayaz Ahmed (22 days ago)
3:46 excellent truck driver.👌👌👍👍👍
Omkar maurya (22 days ago)
4:42 amazing ❤😍
Boston_Mama (22 days ago)
I want to know how the dude on the roof planned to get down now? What was left of his ladder was useless, too short and flimsy. Yikes!
Kevin H (23 days ago)
4:26 bro wtf was that guy thinking he was just mashing the gas and preying for the best
Murder Museum (23 days ago)
I think i would of shit my pants if i was the guy that survived the trian hit!.
g2macs (24 days ago)
2.55 Awe look the seal wants to hitch a ride.....Seal - 'out of my way jackasss before the fukin whale gets me!'
Play Unity (24 days ago)
3:05 what the lucky day😣
Play Unity (24 days ago)
2:41 😈
Rima Benbara (24 days ago)
ربي ستار حفيظ. لكل أجل كتاب
Zeeshan Khan (25 days ago)
3:07 😨😰😓
Long Lee (25 days ago)
3:48 kudo that truck driver. he saved someone life that day
Exosition (26 days ago)
Dislike for click bait
Technically Difficulties (26 days ago)
Stupid kills, people. Stupid kills.
Ciso Company (26 days ago)
3:06 yo guys I'm Jack Sparrow
Bjjs (27 days ago)
3:47 it happened to me. I'm alright
jasper426 (19 days ago)
Govinda Solanki Vlogs bullshit
Daniela Antonia (28 days ago)
Hate when animals are getting hurt for the stupid human activities.
Liam Burke (28 days ago)
El Djam (29 days ago)
Однозначно лайк!
Bruno Cardoso (1 month ago)
KEVLAR1911A1 G21 (1 month ago)
Nyum91 Toram Online (1 month ago)
Click bait thumbnail
Pulak Das (1 month ago)
IETCHX69 (1 month ago)
Ink me in for a sub . Not pencil ????!?!!!!!?!?!?!? nat pancal .
IETCHX69 (1 month ago)
How are your driving skills ? Is 4:40 good enough ?
IETCHX69 (1 month ago)
The first one? The bucket ? I felt a trickle of pee ooooze out . I did. I swear I did .
Ryan Heney (1 month ago)
GOD is great.
Diecast GuyKid (1 month ago)
I don't get the elevator one. What happened?
TopScore _ (29 days ago)
the dogs leash was inside and almost got hanged to death until the guy saved him
Davis Wangodi (1 month ago)
never jump of a damn ferry,the guy almost become lunch for a tiger shark. shit to scary to imagine
nevermore (1 month ago)
0:53 that's not a close call, few people in the train died and the conductor lost both his legs
Rick Mepsted (1 month ago)
Love it
arvin ghanadzadeh (1 month ago)
Elephant is a paid actor
Crab Gaming (1 month ago)
Because of that little girl in the end 👎 dislike
BehindTheMask (1 month ago)
GOD: sorry bro not right now Death: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk
hugo forare (1 month ago)
0:54 mom diners redy 0:55 do the dises
byknmike rc (1 month ago)
jabir khan (1 month ago)
3.55 lorry driver👏👏👏👌👌👌
Ahmad Faour (1 month ago)
1:04 another time cats save the day.
jj waters (1 month ago)
That first one tho😳
Hùng Hà Nội (1 month ago)
4:46 may k chết
epoi'z paradigma (1 month ago)
3:47 thats guy so stupid ..dont xross between lorry and car again veru dangerous
epoi'z paradigma (1 month ago)
1:08 ha ha funny..that cat
Savanna Appleman (1 month ago)
Awe. That elephant just had Port eye sight and got up to them and was like "woah! Woah! You guys are fine ahh!! I'm sorry!! *run away*
Purplex (1 month ago)
The elephants just like “OH OH SH-Nah I’m just playing with y’all,Have a nice day!”
SkYinZo Collazo (1 month ago)
2:36 why record that??? I’d be sprinting to save that dogs life. Smh
The Weeping Skull (17 days ago)
I thought that was a security camera
SkYinZo Collazo (1 month ago)
Looks like a dog too
SkYinZo Collazo (1 month ago)
Okay it’s wolves, but you could distract them easily to buy time. Three wolves, that’s cool and yes can kill people. But they do get frightened just like Cheetahs and Mountain lions
Bandito Ben (1 month ago)
No you wouldn’t .. you would be scared hiding behind a camera too their wolves they eat people ?! Could you take it on also it’s a fox not a doggo and people who say smh are automatically stupid
Rose White (1 month ago)
Landscape at 4:40 is a perfect example of Flood topography from 4,350 years ago.
PnW Gate (1 month ago)
Have yet to see a tractor trailer win vs. a speeding locomotive LOL
KuroReanimation (1 month ago)
I swear that lady in the first clip probably clenched so hard she wont have to work her glutes for a year. She probably ripped a hole in her pants from it.
Squad4 Bus (1 month ago)
The elephant put up his trunk and backed up like man forget y'all 😂😂
BoBo 420 (1 month ago)
2:27 whats wrong with this person just watching their dog almost get slaughtered and eaten by wolves
Ashok maish Chida (1 month ago)
Ness (1 month ago)
Dogs leashes getting caught in elevators is actually more common than you would think
DinG DonG (1 month ago)
Peter Hawthorne (1 month ago)
bad music
Panda Pulamte (1 month ago)
That dude who save the flipping guy is a hero
Nolan Love (1 month ago)
Now imagine all the bad stuff that happens that cant be put on YouTube
lovelessissimo (1 month ago)
4:20 When the wife asks why I spend so much on suspension components.
مرحبا مرحبا (1 month ago)
الدقيقه 4:37 هذا قبل سنه بالسعوديه في المنطقه الشمالية
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GD Dud3b0y (1 month ago)
That fox must've benn like **i am speed**
Phil Gray (1 month ago)
Just watch this stuff on YouTube. It is way too dangerous out there.
Angel Caido (1 month ago)
Some people áre protected by God.
Mrssea Sea (1 month ago)
no thumb nail video?
Herald Junn (1 month ago)
Napa like ako dahil sa bata sa panghuli.hahaha
Arnau Suriol Escalé (1 month ago)
It,s super crazy!!!!!
tecknos africa (1 month ago)
cities life is as dangerous as in the Jungle , making it back home every days after work is a miracle .
Haluk Yağız Mecit (1 month ago)
Tweed (1 month ago)
Re-Title it "Almost snuff"
Garth Algar (1 month ago)
Yeah...think I'd go for a lunch break after that first clip
Stew Meat (1 month ago)
I had to cover my eyes when that cat almost dropped that iPhone
Fabian del Rosario Baldur (1 month ago)
That was a good one xD
GD Dud3b0y (1 month ago)
lostone4711 (1 month ago)
stop fucking up videos with your crappy ass music
iman F (1 month ago)
Mef Hefty (1 month ago)
First clip .. no hard hat..no gear WTF???
PrOTzaPz official (1 month ago)
1:34 bro, that's a fucking hero
All Day Watcher (1 month ago)
I'm never gonna complain again when it's raining while i'm on my bike on my way to work.
Jacob Cudlitz (1 month ago)
Could do without the music
Tim Sutcliffe (1 month ago)
There is no blade its just they want you to like it
partha music production (1 month ago)
S Apser (1 month ago)
Meredith Grubb (1 month ago)
How do u not make sure ur dog isnt on tbe elevator with u. Thank God its not a kid on a leash.
Richard Grajeda (1 month ago)
This is why god got an eye on us. To keep us safe.
BINSAKA MASSA (1 month ago)
@Mef Hefty That's why missionaries are a thing
Mef Hefty (1 month ago)
You just offended the 20,000 innocent children who just died from lack of having access to clean water. Where is your god for them?