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Retail Macys Commercial

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Demonstrates Macy's use of Branded Products from wide range of Celebrities
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Text Comments (23)
Jake Taller (5 months ago)
Does Anyone Remember That Macy Commercial Where Three Girls Were Doing Magic Tricks?
Tony Morales (10 months ago)
Fk that blonde toupee at the end
Joshua Samuels (10 months ago)
0:25 & 0:37 Mariah.
VillageKevTalks (11 months ago)
Mariah just casually hitting high notes at Macy's. No big deal.
Faisal Rifal (1 year ago)
Jessica Jung (2 years ago)
0:19 is that jessica simpson?
Joe Cabral (2 years ago)
Trump is here...may we vomit now?
basorexia (3 years ago)
Trump ruined this.
Vernon Visperas (3 years ago)
mariah's like a queen there
Rigel Mc (4 years ago)
her whistle and her laugh is just so mesmerizing! *-* 
Squizree (5 years ago)
I have no interest in ANY of these people. Except Mariah.
RaciouS91 (5 years ago)
I only watch this because of Carey. still great thou all of them here!!!!!!
roge715 (7 years ago)
there is all the money (for food) in paying for the commercial
19941994alex (7 years ago)
@Zoroastrianistic LOL! me
Wonhos Toes (7 years ago)
@Zoroastrianistic *puts thumbs up* XD
TheDev313 (7 years ago)
i mean 0:38 is she doin the high sound
TheDev313 (7 years ago)
@ 0:37 is mariah doing that note.?
Ahgwenas (7 years ago)
Star4u1201 (8 years ago)
@mes5961 she is doing her whistle note !
Sweet Lily (8 years ago)
Whooo A seat XD hahahaha :D
mes5961 (9 years ago)
What the hell is Mariah doing at :39,this is the only part of the commercial I don't understand?
Melicio DelTorro (2 months ago)
Her Whistle Register! She still has it :)
Ron A (1 year ago)
mes5961 she was making the ringing sound with her champagne glass and harmonizing with it.