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5 Facts About Roundabouts

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HowStuffWorks presents five reasons why roundabouts rock.
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CC33 (23 days ago)
I love your mom's roundabout.
N9NE (4 months ago)
Strange in my old street they replaced 3 roundabouts with lights because roundabouts were causing too many accidents. In the 7 years i lived there i heard about 20 accidents in my roundabout alone when i was home. I don't see how roundabouts create less accidents. There has been a huge reduction since lights have replaced them.
Jule (5 months ago)
this video and the comments under it are all that's wrong with driving cars in america. if you'd had more than one hour of actual driver's ed, you'd know that roundabouts are a hundred times better than intersections
Rachael Blue (10 months ago)
I live by two of them.. So easy to navigate. They rock but i see a lot of drivers who get confused on them to
Kenneth Fountain (10 months ago)
Did the stop sign break?
Karla Luhrs (11 months ago)
Weird seeing cars drive to me the wrong way.
bradmeg128 (11 months ago)
Not a fan or hater of roundabouts but the biggest problem is they take up much more land/space than a normal intersection for anything over 1 lane.
Mr Camoron (11 months ago)
Turn Signal lol! You mean "Indicator".
KC Wildcat (11 months ago)
And remember: the Yield sign is NOT a freaking STOP SIGN! You don’t have to stop if it’s all clear!!!!!
Jack Schwartz (11 months ago)
Roundabouts DO reduce traffic due to people avoiding them.
BioCyberNaught (11 months ago)
Roundabouts weren't covered in Driver's Ed nor the handbook. The first time I encountered a roundabout I was like 'wtf is even going on here' and nearly caused an accident.
James Morgan (11 months ago)
How long did you take to come up with these rubbish facts? Only 3 of them actually mention roundabouts anyway. Here's another boring fact that I just made up lying in bed watching Youtube. Fact 6: Bigger roundabouts allow for more traffic flow. Can I have a job HowStuffWorks? I can probably make up another 10 pointless facts on roundabouts if you need me to.
PARADOXICLES (11 months ago)
people who hate round abouts are just ignorant....... we really should have more roundabouts, double diamonds, over/underpasses and similar things that prevent, or reduce the need for intersections...... safety and efficiency are more important than personal preference and opinions.
TheBsheep (11 months ago)
5 facts about roundabouts: 1) They're confusing 2) They're irritating 3) They're chaotic 4) They're accident prone 5) They SUCK!!!!!!!!!
Bahrg Smith (11 months ago)
wrong its cuz u r ....
Dave Taylor (11 months ago)
And yet I've still seen accidents and near accidents in roundabouts because they can be vague and unclear
Alvin Tossler (11 months ago)
The music genre is called Electro Swing. You're very welcome.
Suomalainen Varis (4 months ago)
But what about the name of the music?
هائل الايوبي (11 months ago)
Fantastic work man
Shaine MacDonald (11 months ago)
I've never seen anyone use a turn signal in a roundabout!
nemanja milosevic (11 months ago)
I love them! ...and I can't understand people that don't.
CC33 (23 days ago)
There's one in Yucaipa.
Ducksauce (6 months ago)
Yeah i'm from Pasadena, MD and they have been putting a lot in over the last decade or so
Ricardo Hernandez (10 months ago)
BioCyberNaught in Maryland we have roundabouts galore
BioCyberNaught (11 months ago)
Yeah...I'm from CA and I can't think of a single roundabout I've even seen there. The only 2 I even know of are just inside Elsworth Air Force Base in SD, and the city of Anarbor in Michigan. Anyway this is all to help nemenja understand why so many people don't like them: they're rare with special rules one isn't used to.
remilia scarlet (11 months ago)
Roundabouts don't work as well in my area. The roundabout creates traffic jams every morning that the government had to install a traffic light at the roundabout.
remilia scarlet (11 months ago)
FireLikeThis The cars is barely moving at the roundabout in the first place. An area with high amount of cars needs an extremely huge roundabout. The roundabout in my area is around 20-30 m. Roundabouts worked much better in Europe as there's less cars on the road and have a smaller population in general.
FireLikeThis (11 months ago)
Your government should perhaps make sure people know how to drive then... how ridiculous!
Shawn m (11 months ago)
Hate em
Deep Winter (11 months ago)
All I saw was "HowStuffWorks presents five reasons why roundabouts STRESS ME THE F*** OUT!"
justanothercanuck (11 months ago)
Every intersection in north america should be a traffic circle. Maybe that way it won't be so chaotic when your average schmuck finds him/herself on one and doesn't know what to do...
shaggy (11 months ago)
They are pointless enough said
Ginger Biscuit (11 months ago)
Beth M (11 months ago)
They're fine but roundabouts are stressful lol
Jamm3e (11 months ago)
they're meant to be
William Chandler (11 months ago)
Hey kids big ben...the parliament....
Dont Worry (11 months ago)
Still not a fan of them
Dont Worry (11 months ago)
silversonic99 California is not designed for them, when you have 18 wheelers or double haul trucks the divisional planning was set for a different system. So I do know how to drive and when going through all greens I don't need to push the brake either.
silversonic99 (11 months ago)
why? if you know what your doing they are a breeze.hell sometimes i dont even hit the brakes. i just coast right in. you just gotta get better at timing i guess
silversonic99 (11 months ago)
i guess if you can"t drive...
lalaithan (11 months ago)
They're roundabout annoying.
PurpleRain59 (11 months ago)