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FedEx Ground Doubles - Double Trailers

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Layn Muller with C2C Express Inc shows you how to build and breakdown double trailers. C2C website: http://c2ccorps.com/ Like us on Facebook, and subscribe for updates! https://www.facebook.com/C2CCORPS/ Special thanks to Kelly K. of station 0511!
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Sariah Robinson (1 year ago)
so the button u pulled and pushed on the dolly allows and stops the air to the tag trailer?
sangeeta nautiyal (6 months ago)
Sariah Robinso
Glenn Helmly (1 year ago)
Not a good idea to “John Wayne” the landing gear handle like in this video if you like your teeth! Plus it’s much safer to just hold the handle and turn while bracing yourself with other against trailer! 🤔
Zeamus634 (1 year ago)
Commonly know as a push-to-shunt valve...
Leigh MacKay (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video. I appreciate the time it takes to produce an instructional video.
C2C Corps (1 year ago)
Thanks Leigh! We're glad to know there's people benefiting from the video, and reading through the comments!
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85 (5 months ago)
14:28 😂
Hot80s (5 months ago)
reminds me of conway doubles
Greg P. (5 months ago)
That looks like a pain even in fair weather on a paved surface during daylight hours.
J A (5 months ago)
How hard is it to get a job at FedEx and what do they pay?
Paradise Road (5 months ago)
...use an old fan belt to pull the fifth wheel release so you don't get grease on the back of your shirt or jacket...
Surviving The 6ix (5 months ago)
Not gonna lie, I’d much rather stick to my straight trucks
Mark Butler (5 months ago)
What happened to inspecting the brakes on a pre trip ? 🙄
Dennis Bartolome (5 months ago)
That two trailer are small. Why they have to make it two trailers instead of a one whole size of a semi trailer. Basically that double trailers is considered only as the whole normal size of a regular semi trailer. It doesn't make sense. Your just only making your job harder. I will be much impress if the double or triple trailers in America is just like the one in Australia what they called the ROADTRAINS.
DALus WALus (5 months ago)
Nevardo Álvarez Álvarez (5 months ago)
El menor momento del vídeo está en le minuto 14:47 jajajajjaja
De Wolfie (5 months ago)
No second gear on that landing gear? How unfortunate. Poor arms.
winter time (5 months ago)
Do u turn up a week before hand to do that very slow process
Ron Smith (5 months ago)
Well done video. In the winter though, it would be a lot tougher job wrestling the dollies on slippery ground.
MikeyK (5 months ago)
Yeah some drivers don't necessarily follow the "check trailer to see if PH is in there". I've been loading before and they back up into it which jostles the trailer around a bit.
Douglas McCarty (5 months ago)
Use to pull doubles but my tractor ,trailers and dolly were all tri-axels.
Klaus Steinhuber (5 months ago)
Und wie oft hat es schon einen Fahrer zwischen dem ersten und den zweiten Dolly Auflieger eingeklemmt , beim Zusammenhängen . Per Hand den Anhänger ziehen , um anzuhängen ist in Deutschland verboten 🙈
Bruce Jewell (5 months ago)
Good informative video. Thanx. A refreshers course for me. I've pulled doubles before, but never had to drop n hook. I'm hoping to be driving for Reddaway soon.I let my CDL expire a few years ago.. just need the Hazmat now. I've passed the other required endorsements already.
Mike Mascow (5 months ago)
I used to be a DedEx Fround contractor 15 years ago...absolutely the worst....started at 3 pm, sometimes done at 11 pm or 12, and other days, the sun was coming up again...they didn't really care. Get home at 7 am, go to bed so I could wake up and do it all over again. Look at your pay settlement, not much difference between the 2. I never had the guts to do it, but, I always admired the guys who could break doubles by releasing the pintle hook on the dolly and slide it out from under the rear trailer at the same time! It always looked great! Dolly bang the pavement. My luck, it wouldn't come out under the trailer all the way and be stuck up in the air! Also, the guys who can back up doubles, turn them around...that is talent! There just isn't any money in running for $1.40 a mile, I don't care what EdFex does for fuel supplement. Cost of repairs, insurance, tires just keep going up. I have my own authority and haul my own freight. Much better off.
Pickles Gherkin (5 months ago)
your safety hooks are on backwards ... r.o.t. hooks up
Fozia Shoaib (5 months ago)
Who dat human in 14:27
mad tex mex (5 months ago)
The correct tire pressure is so important.
Cheeseburger Network (6 months ago)
who is this targeted to
ReNsil Martinez (6 months ago)
FedEx and Flash Light isn't comparable. Visually confirmed.
The Kurt's Place Channel (6 months ago)
Very interesting. Have a nice day now.
Steven Herrera (6 months ago)
No thanks been there did that i'll take a 53 footer any day over double troubles.....
FSXNOOB - GAMES & MORE (6 months ago)
Funny thing is, i have never seen this kind of truck combi here in Europe.
Leonard Rohde (6 months ago)
12:06 R.I.P. Earphone
Jose Mercado (6 months ago)
Did they really make the guy do everything twice
MRX773 (6 months ago)
Man that is the most primitive coupling between the trailers. Have you ever heard about VBG in the states?
Frank From Upstate NY (6 months ago)
Why are men being paid only ~$1-2 dollars more....to tout around twice as much product? Is this just MORE fleecing of Amercans...yet again?
Timothy Caldwell (6 months ago)
what music did you use for this video?
Атабек Ещанов (6 months ago)
Пздц мужик ты походу америку открыл)))
Chris Putt (6 months ago)
I'm not even a truck driver and I watched this whole thing.
Will B (6 months ago)
that emergency service thing @ 13:35. what would happen if some idiot in traffic opened it?
TheRepconn (6 months ago)
почему у этой компании такие нищие тягачи? На них ездят рабы?
Hannover Dashcam-TV (6 months ago)
Tyre-Check with your fists? :D i will spend a hammer for u
Thomas whitelock (6 months ago)
So why don’t you just reverse the dolly under the back trailer
AsumaKurita (6 months ago)
absolut primitive technologie.... murica....
Jose Tovar (6 months ago)
I say not
Jose Tovar (6 months ago)
The concecuence it when u. Oldere
Jose Tovar (6 months ago)
My self i never do ed
Howie (6 months ago)
Erschreckend, was in manchen Ländern noch für eine veraltete, ungesunde und gefährliche Technik zum Einsatz kommt.
Owen (6 months ago)
WIFIGHOST CRUISER (6 months ago)
14:26 HAHAHAHA OHOH! I don't think I'm supposed to be in the picture! 16:28 I'm not a trucker, will Somebody explain to me why it looks like the tractor drops down from underneath the first trailer at this point?
Effortless Perfection (6 months ago)
They give you a hookslip with just the trailer numbers not with the dolly number lol
Unknown Unknown (6 months ago)
Great video mate.
John Campochiaro (6 months ago)
Watched this last night. Great video. Nice to see the difference between the American and European Doubles.
alan white (6 months ago)
why wouldn't you hook dolly up to lead trailer then couple lead, dolly to rear trailer
Rivera (6 months ago)
That’s a cool Segway
Christoffer Van Dyke (6 months ago)
I apologize for calling that guy an a☆☆hole....its just he was in your shot
Blastcal (6 months ago)
How do you know witch Trailer is heavier. You should talk about looking at the paperwork first.
Carolina Alanis (6 months ago)
Brian Potter (6 months ago)
seems like the railroad is more efficient to me
TheFilmMixer101 (6 months ago)
14:25 - Oh Hello There
purple potato chip (6 months ago)
Why not hook the dolly to the lead trailer and back it underneath the rear? So much easier.
Roman RP (6 months ago)
American trucks are so strange. Europe is so different
Firman Ferdiansyah (6 months ago)
Euro truck the best not the American truck
Malik (6 months ago)
I can hook a set in under 8 min if the trailers aren’t that far away from each other
matt w (6 months ago)
no idea why i watched this whole thing lol
Fuzzy Butkus (6 months ago)
Here in Mich. if your a gravel train driver we have to hook tandem axle Jo-dogs to our leads then back them under the pup. That takes awhile to get remotely good at. A 9 ft. Spread on the pup gets us 161k everyday no permits day in day out. Unlike road trains.We have to back up with our doubles.
mochoa63 (6 months ago)
Primer gringo que veo que no trae equipo de seguridad para trabajar, no zapatos de seguridad, no faja, no guantes,no lentes, que pedo?..
John Edwards (6 months ago)
when u hook to a trailer u do a pull test so that way u dont have to go under the trailer and check it
SDSBBQ (6 months ago)
*Brings back memories... I used to be the switcher / yard jockey at the DC Fed Ex Ground Hub for the overnight load. I used to help the line haul guys and get the doubles setup for them*
Depressed Pilot (6 months ago)
So that’s how its done.
Percebe (6 months ago)
Use globes noob
Donna Tillery (6 months ago)
This is a great video if you work out of terminals. But if you are heading out with a set of joints full of freight going to some obscure warehouse, the set up may be different. There are a lot of little tricks you need to know. For example, if you are dropping your trailer on a curbed street be sure to drop your trailer with the front of the trailer nosed out from the curb a ways. If you drop it straight against the curb then when you go to back under the trailer it will slide toward the curb because the crown of the road surface will cause the landing gear to slide up against the curb. When that happens your duals will run into the curb and you will never be able to line up the kingpin into the center of the fifth wheel. When that happens you have to call a tow truck ($400.00 in 1974), to come and lift the front of your trailer back away from the curb so you can get under the trailer to hook up. One of several expensive lessons I learned the hard way during my trucking career. Nobody ever told me Jack.
Marsh Monster (6 months ago)
I've been working for FedEx for 25 years. And it's shocking to me that all the truck drivers on here that missed the one thing he missed on the pre-trip. That was obvious as someone putting a live chicken in the cab your truck. There's no way you could pull these doubles down the road like this legally. Let's do a challenge let's see who notices what's wrong with this set of doubles and why you can't pull it down the road the way it is? I will tell you what it is if someone doesn't see it in the next couple days. It's a safety violation.
ighor silveira (6 months ago)
e os triplos como são ?
Lankster Price (6 months ago)
This is why my package take 4 days longer then UPS...
Luther Blankenship (6 months ago)
U pulled that thing further than u towed it why didnt u just pull the dolly by hand first time
Walter Sobchak (6 months ago)
That is one very complex, labor intensive way of having a splittable truck & trailer combo ! In the Uk this is illegal, we are only allowed one articulation in a formation. Instead of two trailers we have one rigid & one drawbar or A frame trailer. The drawbar units usually come with demountable boxes front & rear, these can be dropped on a loading dock, loaded then picked up.
Hans Österblad (6 months ago)
The hook on the first trailer where he hooks up the trolley looks like it's from the sixties. They
Robert Harris (6 months ago)
we need to improve these possibilities including the roads. this is the future to better efficiency. the less fuel that people and companies waste on purpose the less we have to pay for a gallon
Richard Brown (6 months ago)
Good training video....only critique is to not spin handle while rolling up landing gear. Place one hand on trailer for support and roll up slowly. Too easy to loose grip and slip or hit yourself with the spinning handle. Current CDL A driver of 30 years and 1 year with Fedex Custom Critical. Thanks for your video.
parker mohr (6 months ago)
I live in Indiana
williams9071 (6 months ago)
Wow, that was some basic boring shit lol
doboy340 (6 months ago)
Isn't this what stringers are for?
ROGER GODIN (6 months ago)
Great video I think a helper would be great
Nathaniel l Hill jr (6 months ago)
I've driven trucks for 40 plus years never doubles.It was a good demostration but he never wore Gloves and his hands didn't get. dirty or greasy.
MartinTimothy1 (6 months ago)
Great video, 8:47 .. I first thought the plane was an STOL de Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo, now I think it must be a Russian Stroukoff YC-1 34A one of which went to the NASA Ames Research Center in California :)
Daniel Vaughan (6 months ago)
Where's the ring feeder you really need to see how this works in Australia
aniwack (6 months ago)
This is by far the best double trailer training demo video on the internet.
Chris xxx (6 months ago)
Greasy hands all over your steering wheel, nice job.
Jared Caudill (6 months ago)
116 must be UPS lol
Can We Get One Million Subscribers With No Videos? (6 months ago)
Wait so those landing gears are on like every trailer right? And so when I see a random trailer parked I can just lower it and cause insane damage and possibly destruction of it? 😂 asking for a friend.
CSI48 (6 months ago)
i am already trained to do all this , but i watched it anyway. :) +1
tevin weir (6 months ago)
14:22 was the funny part LOL
Hunterwj12 (6 months ago)
Why did YouTube recommend this to me? I'm a teen with no experience or plan to drive trucks. Not complaining tho, good video 10/10
JustinFPS (6 months ago)
14:28 oh shit 😂
ANH-Greedo (6 months ago)
Make note. If your dolly that you pick has a problem. Please "RED TAG" the dolly. Note/state problem on Red Tag. Also let your dispatcher know that there is a problem with the dolly. Also goes for the trailers. Don't have RED TAGS? Ask your dispatcher/local maintenance shop. It makes my job a lot easier know what's wrong with the equipment and not just someone red tagging a dolly or trailer so NO ONE can us it. Thanks!!!
pork n beans (6 months ago)
Funky dentist office music..the drummer rocks....
JOHN MCADAMS (6 months ago)
4:50 Not a very safe landing gear handle technique.
Peter Albers (6 months ago)
Its strange to see so much room between truck and trailer. In the netherlands we move our 5th wheel much closer to the cabin. This is probably because of our length regulations. Truck/trailer maximum length is 15.5 meters. Driving a double trailer, its 25.25 meters. there is also a categorie that is aloud to be 18 meters. But i am not sure how it is called in english.
buck rowley (6 months ago)
when will they ever use the air to raise and lower the landing gear?
neckarsulme (6 months ago)
wow, I would've hooked the tractor to the front trailer and backed it up to the rear trailer saving time and muscle
Yazeed (6 months ago)
Do triples
Dave Pawson (6 months ago)
I'm 48. I've never seen either a Fed Ex or UPS truck involved in an accident. The worst thing I saw was two UPS panel trucks race to the speed limit. One was diesel the other CNG powered.
Lt. Dan (6 months ago)
After watching this video I think I'll go to work for SWIFT. I'll have more training than some of their drivers.
bing crosby (6 months ago)
Seems pointless to still use that method, one big trailer can take more then both of those.