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How Budget Airlines Work

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Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.Patreon.com/Wendover Productions Flying is an expensive endeavor, but somehow certain budget airline are able to sell tickets for less than 10 euros. This is how they work. Twitter: www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: WendoverProductions@gmail.com Thanks to Reddit users Phynub and Joey23art for their contributions and fact-checking. Video on "Why Flying is so Expensive": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oe8T3AvydU Last Video on "Immortality Through Quantum Suicide": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7RHv_MIIT0 Attributions: http://airinsight.com/2010/07/21/ryanair-fascinating-insight/ Ryanair jet footage courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD3t_Vmn-0T5VQz054Jn0Kg under Creative Commons License Air travel graph courtesy Mappy10101 EasyJet photo courtesy Biggerben Scale image courtesy Althepal Ryanair fleet photo and Cabin Crew photo courtesy Ryanair and used under fair use EasyJet fleet photo courtesy Curimedia Pilot photo courtesy Dmitrij.shpilchevskij Airport check-in photo courtesy Leonid Mamchenkov Ryanair interior photo courtesy Ruthann Select Ryanair footage courtesy Amsterdam airport Schiphol German wings flight attendant photo courtesy Oxfordian Kissuth Heathrow Aerial courtesy Panhard Charles de Gaulle aerial courtesy Dmitry Avdeev Heathrow ground photo courtesy Warren Rohner Bucharest airport photo courtesy Cristian Bortes Airline seat icon courtesy Adam Mullin Flight attendant icon courtesy Gabriella Fono Map of French regions courtesy Superbenjamin Regional airport image courtesy Mjrmtg Licenses available upon request Frankfurt Airport time-lapse courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFR5svvUyRJsQ05O-RVFxag Ryanair landing video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvweSaAB_DbI-9_9r1ydsA Ryanair takeoff video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuC-Wa5Djrz1C8XJP9hlk-w Ryanair ground photo courtesy Aeroprints.com Airport line photo courtesy Jaysin Trevino Southwest interior photo courtesy Paul Sullivan Southwest boarding video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpyjMRp-L7E Southwest flying video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXuyLR95xUU3Ft8PxT8em9w Baggage handling video courtesy Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Ticketing video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPZjepCPGzFTFZNJwJKSSw Ryanair check-in photo courtesy Jhcx Check-in machine photo courtesy frankieleon Jetway photo courtesy Cliff Ryanair stair photo courtesy Juanedc Song, metrojet airlines photo courtesy Anthony92931 Shuttle by United photo courtesy aeroprints.com All images and videos are both royalty free and used under fair use guidelines
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Text Comments (6077)
Guido Brits (10 minutes ago)
Interesting video, particularly when South Africa was also put into the conversation of low cost airlines. Interesting the end comment in the video is about the big airlines trying to capitalize on low cost flying and seemed to struggle in Europe and completely failed in America. It's the total opposite in South Africa. All the budget airlines in South Africa are in a way linked to a bigger one. Kulula is licensed under Comair, but is part of British Airways and is very successful. Mango, also very successful is part of SAA, though SAA is failing big time currently due to bad politics, management and corruption. Safair being a cargo and charter airline for many years has entered the low cost passenger market as well, and is also being very successful so far. In South Africa it was the independent low cost airlines which didn't make it. One Time went bang a few years ago. Though out of the blue as it was successful, so we don't really know what went wrong. Another one was grounded as a certain position in the airline wasn't properly qualified, and as far as I know, they all went quiet. But so far, in South Africa you don't get penalized for not checking in online, and you don't have to pay for wanting to take a pee either which is ridiculous anyway. I guess one can call it all continental culture differences.
Charlie Weir (1 day ago)
How come Lakers didn’t work
Joshua Brooke (1 day ago)
No ur wrong easyjet opperates a320 a320neo a319 and a321neo
Michael Talbot (1 day ago)
Higher frequency of flights mean increased fatigue on the air Frame and engine's They may have higher profit margins but what is the gearing ratio? That Will tell youp how it could survive a financial Knock
Chrome384 (2 days ago)
LucaGamez (2 days ago)
I thought easyJet operates A321-200
Trevor Austin (4 days ago)
You are assuming I want to go somewhere. Even if free I would not travel but I’m happy to pay once a year to fly, but not low cost. If I can’t afford it I will happily stay at home. Furthermore, I would prefer to eat my own turds than fly Ryanair.
Damian O’ Donnell (4 days ago)
Best irish airline
chaosMusic (5 days ago)
Is Treviso, not Trevioso, but nice video though!
jcnwillemsen (6 days ago)
Transavia was not created by Air France. It was a stand alone, after purchased by KLM- air france. Air France makes zero profit, all profits comes from KLM branch. Besides luxury products ( wine, fashion), the French cannot do anything on their own, if they do it fails.
alaneasable (6 days ago)
Whats with the ice cubes being poured down the toilet?
E1craZ4life (5 days ago)
My guess is that they're supposed to provide scrubbing action in the plumbing.
dessnom (6 days ago)
him: easyjet, ryanair, wizzair all have higher profit margines than luthansa ba and af me: unless the airlines is emerites
SiXiS4 (7 days ago)
its not Trevioso but Treviso
Paul Field (8 days ago)
Luton isnt in london😂😂
Ivan Mazeppa (8 days ago)
Aerobiz Supersonic anyone?
Nathaniel Taberner Smith (8 days ago)
kinda fucked up tho because pollution and all that
Maya Bulai (8 days ago)
I live in Ireland in Dublin Ryanair is the best place ever
Beatriz Almeida (8 days ago)
I flew with a lot of companies but I have to say Ryanair is still the best it’s cheap and 99% of the time arrives sooner
Tayyab Khan (9 days ago)
trump airlines please?
Anistorm (9 days ago)
You haven't mentioned who is the most affected by these low cost practices: the workers. Pilots have to pay for their own uniform and learning materials, ground staff is underpaid and overworked, and here in Spain there has been legal issues since Ryanair was using Ireland's work policies (since they're based there) instead of the Spanish ones. It is because of this that I thank the heavens for having Vueling here. Sure their flight prices might be a little bit higher but they are not even close to the high-cost airlines, they have better customer service, they have a good realtion with their workers (I myself am employed as a flight dispatcher with them and so far why it's not the greatest salary they've treaten me quite well, and as a student that's all I can ask for now) and also has more benefits than flying with Ryanair.
Zilvia Nissan (10 days ago)
you did not mention the main reason why budget airline make such massive profits.
Naum Rusomarov (10 days ago)
It's all cute until you realise they treat their workers like garbage. It's cheap because you're not paying someone for their work. At the same time, Ryanair flights on certain routes that aren't served by other airlines aren't cheap at all.
Matt Cruiser (10 days ago)
Transavia is actually a really old airline and subsidiary of KLM nowadays
TommyTube (10 days ago)
My dad works for JetBlue
Bert Cochran (10 days ago)
Can't yous jest take tader chips wif yu?
Francesco Peloi (10 days ago)
Trevioso 😅 it's Treviso
Daan van Eibergen Santhagens (11 days ago)
One mistake in your video re Transavia. It was originally an independent charter aiorline, bought by KLM and then rolled-out to France. Still making a nice profit and thus contributing seriously to Airfrance/KLM (see https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transavia_(Nederland)
Yannic Huisman (12 days ago)
Transavia is originally an independent airline but it was took over by KLM and AIRFRANCE is together with KLM and now its also theirs but it was not really created by airfrance
Pursuit Mane (12 days ago)
I even flew with RyanAir from Brussels to Rome Fiumicino Airport. It was cheap and standard!
RAB 2 (7 days ago)
Pursuit Mane they fly to ciampino not fiumicino
Communism is great, Capitalism is evil (12 days ago)
I flew one way from Madrid to Buenos Aires with Norwegian for 87 usd
Mandip Dahal (12 days ago)
I am a regular viewer of all your videos, can i request making of “How private jets works/ flies?” I was always wondering how they pays airports , refuels and how they asks for landing and all...
A2DJP (12 days ago)
They just have a separate division that handles everything (Non-scheduled/private operators)
AviaRaymondRBLX (12 days ago)
4:20 “Ze planes” French man over here.
America Awesome (14 days ago)
Southwest was around 40 years . First cheapest .
Mr200710 L (14 days ago)
Biman gives food for free
A2DJP (10 days ago)
Mr200710 L the price isn’t quoted. It’s just included in the base price of the ticket (as you can’t choose to not have food and reduce the ticket cost)
Mr200710 L (10 days ago)
+A2DJP how much?
A2DJP (12 days ago)
They don't give "free" food, the price of food is included in the ticket.
Mr200710 L (9 days ago)
Actually easyJet doesn’t just do Airbus. I went to Marrakech via easyJet and we were on a tiny Boeing 737
Mr200710 L (14 days ago)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (15 days ago)
Less cost, hard landing, is it worth it?
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (15 days ago)
Landing problems in Ryanair.
Michael P (15 days ago)
Don't fly Spirit.
DarthSailorMoon (16 days ago)
Just because people are forced to travel with airlines doesn't mean they "like it".
xd Ruutana (16 days ago)
JoM0BX (16 days ago)
I got a nonstop flight from KPHX-KORF for $60 from Frontier. One of the best flights I’ve ever had.
Alfons Rasmus (16 days ago)
Why does ryanair dont fly to Finland?
Kristijan 07 (16 days ago)
It is not Trevioso it is Treviso, and WizzAir is better than Ryanair amd esayjet
GyrosPuppal (16 days ago)
The thing with the seat is totally wrong. There is a bagnets and your able to change its back lean.
Jarea (17 days ago)
In EasyJet you have free water:-)
Adam Webb (17 days ago)
7:58 employees*
D/L Gaming (17 days ago)
0:54 that the airport I fly from Edinburgh 0:49 as well
LEGO DARVEYSH (17 days ago)
I am going on a budget airline west jet.
laenmowre (17 days ago)
Budget airlines are the only airlines that succeeded after 9/11
ItzEhs (18 days ago)
4:06 That's almost what happened to Oslo Torp Airport a few years ago
Badge Ricketts (18 days ago)
I would never fly these cheap airlines, pay for this, pay for that etc etc, could go with a proper airline for what you pay for all the hidden extras on these jokey airlines.
6kara2 (16 days ago)
I once took a 2€ return flight from Brussels to Zaragoza, and not ANY extra (even the hand lugagge was included at the time and enough for me). I might take a proper airline if it's worth it. But it never does for me.
Dazza 2412 (18 days ago)
6:01 I've been to that very counter more times I've been on a flight
Han Meng Tube HD (18 days ago)
4:58, is that Ryanair B737-700?
Han Meng Tube HD (11 days ago)
+A2DJP thank you
A2DJP (12 days ago)
Nope. 737-800 the -700 is EI-SEV
SoldierUnit66 (18 days ago)
7:08 Frankfurt
Fernando Ramoa (19 days ago)
what about the luggage restrictions that non-budget airlines dont have
Thomas Daniels (19 days ago)
Lots of RyanAir jokes here but tell me, has RyanAir ever had a fatality or multiple hull loses?
Fadezz (19 days ago)
Fadezz (19 days ago)
3:24 OUCH
suzycreamcheesez (19 days ago)
what's with this guy and Ryan Air? which I never heard of.
Pietro Beltrami (20 days ago)
Trevioso doesn't exist, It's Treviso
Vörös Gellért (20 days ago)
Wizzair isnt really a budget airline because it literally cost my friend's family 10% more going to London Heathrow with BA than going with Wizz to Luton
Classy Whale (20 days ago)
Please do a video on Skybus Airlines!
Davey1805 (21 days ago)
Transavia is the budget-company of KLM and not Air France. I believe Air France has JOON. However, Transavia is Dutch and not French.
Davey1805 (18 days ago)
+Daniel Harford-Lyons true! But Transavia is and remains a daughter of KLM. KLM bought Transavia a while ago, way before Air-Framce and KLM were operating together. Transavia is part of the AF-KLM group, however it's (i believe) a full daughtercompany of KLM.
Daniel Harford-Lyons (18 days ago)
Air France & KLM are the same company. There is a French division of Transavia called Transavia France but all 4 companies are in the same group.
Nice On Rice (21 days ago)
I was on an easy jet to Heathrow so I guess they do fly to big airports sometimes
Luton Town (21 days ago)
Let's Gaming YT (21 days ago)
3:44 I will not give my credit card informations to that site
Kolby Dunning (21 days ago)
It’s not called a tarmac, it’s called an apron
Eddy Voyage 365 (23 days ago)
The voice is amazing
Aurora Fox (23 days ago)
No, Swiss001 sponsoring Ryanair.
Rayan animates (23 days ago)
Why did I see bru to cmn for 200 Euros
Samuel Haase (23 days ago)
ITS NOT CALLED THE TARMAC!!!!! It’s a ramp!!!!!
raspberrynation (23 days ago)
Budget airlines use stairs(ramp) for boarding because it's cheaper. Passengers just walk across the tarmac to get to the stairs(ramp), or take a bus. You fucking high?
Luca Prataviera (23 days ago)
Jasmine Johnston (23 days ago)
What about Jazz Aviation, which is owned by Air Canada?
JRM_ RL0703 (24 days ago)
6:03 OMG DUBLIN AIRPORT XD yeah it's my country
Travis The Owl (23 days ago)
Its lit
AndżejU FALL (24 days ago)
Easyjet operate a318, a319, a320, a321 and few 737
A2DJP (12 days ago)
They don't operate the A318.
5olace (25 days ago)
And I'm here living in Toronto where our airport is one of the most expensive places to fly out of in all of Canada..
6kara2 (16 days ago)
I've came to your aiport from Paris, go and return flights for 138€. But... It was a bug on Air Canada we were lucky enough to buy before they fix it. They decided to not cancel tickets so 👍 Air Canada.
Coolkidwill888 ROBLOX lover (26 days ago)
FAT1GU3 (26 days ago)
brussels brussels brussels brussels
Snow Ball (26 days ago)
Why don’t they name their airlines about what everyone is going to say? Like Ouch Air or Why Am I Flying on This Airline I’m Going to Die Airways.
Patchouli Colt (26 days ago)
This is more than half as interesting, it's about ¾
gaurav sharma (28 days ago)
Why jet airways and WOW airlines failed ?
Aviation Fan Account (28 days ago)
Btw: KLM created Transavia. AirFrance created Hop!
Aviation Fan Account (28 days ago)
DoglinsShadow (29 days ago)
Great video, thank you! One thing to add: budget airlines charge for EVERYTHING. Often it is cheaper to fly non budget if you have a small backapck, carry on, and checked bag. Wizz air charges more for checked bag than other airlines, but it can still be overall cheaper. You just have to check to see what the final cost is because sometimes these budget airlines still cost just as much as normal airlines if you have a checked bag and forget to print your ticket!
wolfpack 5432 (1 month ago)
Lets compare the satey record of a buget airline like lion air to a more expensive airline like Qantas or Southwest. Lion air multiplt fatil incedints. Southwest 1 death ever. Qantas no fatal incidents.
Nominal gaming (1 month ago)
Ryan also operate shitty propeller planes
Offensive Username (1 month ago)
Now a word about the CO2 emissions of flying around the world for a weekend trip and party.
Vanessa gacha (1 month ago)
Frost (1 month ago)
cheapest flight I’ve been on was a connecting flight for £500... :/
reecist (1 month ago)
Luton is not in London
Cool Bro Thorogood (1 month ago)
3:48 I was flying with jet2 from stansted and as I was taking of I had seen this this big Ryanair bunker thing
xlgaming simulator (1 month ago)
Aerohk (1 month ago)
WoW Ryanair profit margin is HUGE
Wade Sultan (1 month ago)
What are your thoughts on jetBlue flying form New York and Boston to London?
Lyuda Ryabkova (1 month ago)
Is Brussels Ryanair s home airport?
Jeziel Glinoga (1 month ago)
Actually my mom pays like 500€ to go to the Phillipines with Emirates lmao😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Noah's Comics (1 month ago)
6:25 did he just say tarmac.. wtf is a tarmac? You've runways, taxiways and ramps. NO TARMAC
Chris Dk (1 month ago)
Tarmac, any paved surface of an airport, regardless of material, for example Airport apron Taxiway Runway dude fuckin read up on shit man.Dont just post your first thought , you never know how wrong you could be
Swiss 003 (1 month ago)
hellslayer 96 (1 month ago)
just saying ,,, indias biggest jet airways went bankrupt last week and has lost almost 5 billion dollars it was the biggest airline after air india which was govt. owned and doomed and jet airways never got a bailout from govt. or competitiors for takeover
gymnasiast90 (1 month ago)
Transavia was launched by KLM, not Air France. (And that's not a technicality, Transavia existed before the Air France-KLM merger.)