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How Budget Airlines Work

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Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.Patreon.com/Wendover Productions Flying is an expensive endeavor, but somehow certain budget airline are able to sell tickets for less than 10 euros. This is how they work. Twitter: www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: WendoverProductions@gmail.com Thanks to Reddit users Phynub and Joey23art for their contributions and fact-checking. Video on "Why Flying is so Expensive": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oe8T3AvydU Last Video on "Immortality Through Quantum Suicide": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7RHv_MIIT0 Attributions: http://airinsight.com/2010/07/21/ryanair-fascinating-insight/ Ryanair jet footage courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD3t_Vmn-0T5VQz054Jn0Kg under Creative Commons License Air travel graph courtesy Mappy10101 EasyJet photo courtesy Biggerben Scale image courtesy Althepal Ryanair fleet photo and Cabin Crew photo courtesy Ryanair and used under fair use EasyJet fleet photo courtesy Curimedia Pilot photo courtesy Dmitrij.shpilchevskij Airport check-in photo courtesy Leonid Mamchenkov Ryanair interior photo courtesy Ruthann Select Ryanair footage courtesy Amsterdam airport Schiphol German wings flight attendant photo courtesy Oxfordian Kissuth Heathrow Aerial courtesy Panhard Charles de Gaulle aerial courtesy Dmitry Avdeev Heathrow ground photo courtesy Warren Rohner Bucharest airport photo courtesy Cristian Bortes Airline seat icon courtesy Adam Mullin Flight attendant icon courtesy Gabriella Fono Map of French regions courtesy Superbenjamin Regional airport image courtesy Mjrmtg Licenses available upon request Frankfurt Airport time-lapse courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFR5svvUyRJsQ05O-RVFxag Ryanair landing video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvweSaAB_DbI-9_9r1ydsA Ryanair takeoff video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuC-Wa5Djrz1C8XJP9hlk-w Ryanair ground photo courtesy Aeroprints.com Airport line photo courtesy Jaysin Trevino Southwest interior photo courtesy Paul Sullivan Southwest boarding video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpyjMRp-L7E Southwest flying video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXuyLR95xUU3Ft8PxT8em9w Baggage handling video courtesy Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Ticketing video courtesy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPZjepCPGzFTFZNJwJKSSw Ryanair check-in photo courtesy Jhcx Check-in machine photo courtesy frankieleon Jetway photo courtesy Cliff Ryanair stair photo courtesy Juanedc Song, metrojet airlines photo courtesy Anthony92931 Shuttle by United photo courtesy aeroprints.com All images and videos are both royalty free and used under fair use guidelines
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Crescent Rose (1 hour ago)
I heard you can take a plane to Warsaw in a Ryanair flight, spend the day there, and get another plane to where you originally wanted go. And thats cheaper than taking the train normally in the UK
Wazza Wazza (5 hours ago)
EasyJet has a319s as well
Christopher Crepon (6 hours ago)
In Europe there are bigger population centers closer together which is probably a factor...like Heathrow to Schipol
15Med6 (2 days ago)
should have focued on Southwest instead of Ryan Air....SW does things way differently and there is a reason SW is the worlds largest low cost carrier
ryan hineman (4 days ago)
the reason why they are so successful is because since flying is so expensive if you make it cheaper you get more business!
Jpbaylis (4 days ago)
I’ve been wondering for a while how airlines like united express and delta connection works. Why are these airlines operated by many other airlines. Sometimes I see united express planes flying under the Expressjet callsign and brand name and I see united express planes flying under the Skywest callsign and brand name. Why don’t these wholly owned regional carriers just operate as single independent airlines instead of having other airlines operate their flights for them?
Nia_ imogen (6 days ago)
I'm British and wtf is wizz airline?
Someone Else (3 days ago)
It is Arabian jizz in your hair.
Elena T (6 days ago)
Flew on jet blue like 3 days ago, looked up reg number, 12 years old
Spillz (7 days ago)
Jonathan Ng (7 days ago)
They charge you ridiculously for slightly overweight luggage this is also how they make money off you
max factor (9 days ago)
love how easyjet intentionally designed their logo hideous n ugly which implies the cheapness of the flight n attract budget flyers
Ruslan Egorov (4 hours ago)
+max factor it's Cooper Black not comix sans but agree with your point
max factor (5 days ago)
+Federico Di Liberto comic sans font
Federico Di Liberto (5 days ago)
How is the easyjet logo hideous and ugly?
fuffly Scott (10 days ago)
when u release aer lingus is becoming Ryan air. 😭😭
fuffly Scott (10 days ago)
to got to dublin to Morocco my parents were raging because we have to fly Ryan air
dimitris tastsidis (10 days ago)
athens santorini 4.5 euro!!ryynair
w4k1- 70wn (10 days ago)
Is the owner of Ryanair called Ryan?
aciducen1995 (10 days ago)
Best budget airline is airasia. Its far more better than those. My ticket from malaysia to singapore which is 1 hour flight is 9$ usd.
dandean (11 days ago)
It's Treviso, not Trevioso!
Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat (11 days ago)
Why is this always talking about London remember Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat (5 days ago)
Ok acception to that but still we have the most beautiful countrysides and castles and most gorgeous views and animals in the world 🤯
SuperBakteeri (5 days ago)
Cos in London there is almost most busier airport in the world.
Infinity Playz (11 days ago)
Valerio Appau (11 days ago)
Raad Yusuf (11 days ago)
Ryanair in 8 minutes
Jack Curson (12 days ago)
At 1:30 there is a glitch at the bottom that 2 planes are overlapping each other
Flight Master (12 days ago)
Transavia was actually a on its own standing airline founded in 1966 en bought by KLM.
dandansfu (12 days ago)
but then question is why some airline have different type of planes to increase cost. i understand there r short haul long haul but still wondering why
Roddy Zevenhuizen (12 days ago)
Transavia is a dutch Airline and The sister of KLM and KLM cityhopper. Airfrance joined waaayyy later in The game. And has Nothing to do with Transavia. Still liked this video though!!
Hurley Law (13 days ago)
did he just say T A R M A C ?!
What is Tarmac? I only know Apron
LoungeTopic (13 days ago)
‘tarmac’ AHAHAHAHA
Gamer Chace (14 days ago)
Tom de Koning (15 days ago)
Transavia is an company by KLM and not Air France and already exists before the France Dutch fusion was complete.
Barry D (16 days ago)
I find that budget airlines have some of the friendliest staff even if they have no training
Barry D (16 days ago)
Some times it’s cheaper to get the plane instead of the train to Scotland
J SV (17 days ago)
Flexibility and low prices are fantastic from the traveller point of view, but I always worry about the airline employees. 6 months employed - 6 months unemployed policies, low salaries... I want my pilot to be extremely happy with his job and salary, so that he's not stressed about his personal life while landing the plane I'm in, you know? I dunno, I know it's not all black (my pessimistic view) or white (this optimistic video).
Godot (17 days ago)
I once sneezed on a Ryanair flight and they charged me 10 Euros
FlashOfLight (19 days ago)
The Uber ride is more expensive than the flight.
KLM 569 Also, Ryanair 368 (20 days ago)
U.S has a budget Airline, Alaska but spirit cheats
The Secular humanist (21 days ago)
I really don't like jetways they're always dark and smelly I prefer walking to the plane
Nick Janic (22 days ago)
Cost index
Peter Lee (22 days ago)
U Get What U Get if Happy .Don't Moan .But Cheap Hop on Flights Ok .Cheap Don't Do Long Hall ?
Gustav Bengtson (23 days ago)
This is why I fly first class...
PhillipHardy93 (23 days ago)
My uncle actually works as a flight attendant at Ryanair. And yes. Hes starting his career lol
dragoon17c (24 days ago)
You forgot to mention staff are self-employed, pilots and flight attendants have to pay their training cost ant 0 hour contract
hu1a121 (25 days ago)
One thing that Ryanair and EasyJet have over Southwest and Spirit are the economic and transport treaties under the European Union. That is why Ryanair can fly between, for example, Hahn, Germany, and Girona, Spain; even though they're based in Ireland. Yet Spirit, based in the US, can't fly between, say, Abbotsford, Canada, and Tijuana, Mexico. Because there's no "North American Union". To even suggest an EU-esque agreement in North America would be met with Americans crying about "Mexicans are gonna steal our jobs!" and Canadians crying "Americans are going to steal our softwood lumber, fish, oil, and healthcare, eh!"
Alex Voxel (25 days ago)
I don't like Ryanair, other budget airlines are great tho
And Bic (25 days ago)
Great Video. Just a detail: Trevioso does not exist, it's Treviso
Gaming Master (27 days ago)
I go by BA FirstClass
Puffin The Muffin (27 days ago)
Typical Toppings (27 days ago)
Pam Coulter (1 month ago)
They're rarely on time. To check your luggage costs more than your flight. Everything is extra and they end up miles away from where you actually want to go! Will never use them no matter how cheap they are. Have to say easyjet is marginally better than Ryanair but only just. Watch "fascinating aida" and their song "cheap flights" it's hilarious cos it's true lol
anis nadia (1 month ago)
Did he just say india and asia separately😲😲😲😲😲
umink Nordhälling (1 month ago)
Welcome passengers to gready airlines.
Ana PatriCiia (1 month ago)
i just came back from milan i flew there with easyjet and paid 35€ to go and return, the flight was delayed yes but i dont care because of how cheap it was
Davide Stefani (1 month ago)
James Neilson Graham (1 month ago)
Easyjet and Ryanair charge for stuff that come as standard on regular airlines. Cabin baggage is strictly limited and anything that goes in the hold is subject to a surcharge. Choosing a seat costs money, as does anything you eat or drink on the plane. Insurance is aggressively marketed as is 'priority boarding'. Before you know it, you find yourself paying pretty much the same as you'd pay on an ordinary flight . . .
cryingbeast (1 month ago)
36 Beats (1 month ago)
Make a video on why flying is so shit for the environment
A Z (1 month ago)
Wow... binge watch Wendover's newest vids then click on this one. Sounds high AF. Amazing what 2y can do.
Unknown Sylveon (1 month ago)
0:33 What the hell happened to The Netherlands?
Andrea Fierro (1 month ago)
TREVIOSO?? seriously????
FR RomRIJSEL (1 month ago)
quite well documented with a few misakes, like, airbridges sometimes are mandatory (for example in Madrid we almost always have one), but they make boarding and disembarking twice as slow, typically a ryanair turnaround is 25 minutes (believe me it's sooo hard to comply with, lucky us, we're often early so we have more time, or if we lose a few minutes it should be recovered during the flight), but with an airbridge it goes to 35 minutes (in theory, in practice it's almost 45), also flight attendants don't go to the gate, check in and boarding agent is someone else's job (at least in ryanair), often made from another company (swissport, LESMA, aviapartner), sometimes they're direct ryanair employees and have a flight attendant uniform but that's just the uniform. Also, I saying they're targetting tourists is wrong, tourists often travel with luggages or need more than just the simple ticket anyways, sometimes it's cheaper to fly with traditionnal airlines, yes a lot of routes are made for tourists, but IMO where ryanair thrives is with destinations that see people going from home to work/studies (loads of businessmen, but also students or people working in another country, or commuting to see family/girlfriend etc), that's due to the world being very open and people travelling a lot for more than leisure Also, no mention on fuel, no huge savings to be made at first sight but in ryanair, fuel is 2/3rd of the costs if I'm not mistaken, and ryanair has procedures to save sometimes as little as 10kg of fuel per flight (I mean for one procedure, like for example to use the APU less, or turn off an engine after landing, or carrying the bare minimum of fuel to be lighter), but multiply it by the number of flights a year and it becomes millions
Aldo Costagliola (1 month ago)
It's Treviso, not Trevioso :)
James Stimpson (1 month ago)
They sting you for everything else like luggage, name changes...
Christiaan Metz (1 month ago)
Transavia is dutch :)
Jenx Vlogs (1 month ago)
Its still much very expansive on the summet holidays from england to siuth spain for me a child 13 my brother 17 my mum and dad it was at one point £500 and the least it was is £250!
Name Here (1 month ago)
I bought some fries and a coke at my RyanAir flight, only to realize that this was more expensive than the flight it self
MathCubes (2 days ago)
Huh? Here an ticket would be at-least 300 dollars.
Avaition 2009 (5 days ago)
Sean Ramos (8 days ago)
my name is ciko *mafia Yes I’m cringy
my name is ciko (14 days ago)
Thats how ryanair work
Phoenix 990 (1 month ago)
Easyjet operates b737 700 too
owtena (1 month ago)
Ryanair is cheap, but I prefer other companies, because it's hell to fly in that can for 3-4 hours! and you need to pay for everything! Better to pay more and fly comfortably. IMHO!
Star Girlie (1 month ago)
India Is Asia! I hate American people when they class Indian people separate we don’t do that in the uk! When you are from Bangladesh India Sri Lanka Pakistan you are asian! The countries are based in South Asia! Anaerican ppl are so dumb I swear!
Αντωνης Δμς (1 month ago)
Alex Travel (1 month ago)
I looove ryanair i travelled everywhere in europe and many times for 5€!!
TURBO DIESEL (1 month ago)
Well fuck off stupid ass airplane, first day it cost like 2€ then the other day 200€. The fuck I can't even find a stupid ass shit fly from Spain to Grece for less than 400€. Bouje ass air companies be like "TrAvEL w/ Us 4 LeSs tHAn 1€ tO ALL oF EuROPEE £€£¥¥£€£¥$£$₩$£$€$¥$£$£$£$" god damn it if u wanna organize a good ass vacation u can't book ur fly too early because is too expensive, u cant book to late because is "LaSt MiNuTe" fuuuuckk offfff. Airplanes are just terrifying and stressful just to boom ur ticket "btw let's not talk about cheking-in the airplane, like getting a liver cancer for all the waiting and the stress" YES it's the most safest way to travel, YES is it secure, YES is it fast, YES u can NEARLY get around the world if u have €€££¥¥$$, YES u can book a ticket for less than a taxi ride IN FUCKING FEBRUARY WHERE EVRYONE IS FUCKING WORKING or in april or November suuuure.
MM Aviation (1 month ago)
TURBO DIESEL exactly, everyone tells me book a flight to make a video
N. Schneider (1 month ago)
Guaranteed all of the employees at these companies hate their lives (excluding SWA employees).
Jing Cai Han (1 month ago)
I would pay double the price for seats that don’t recline
Nina Maxim (1 month ago)
We took a flight with Ryanair for €2 each! BUT: you pay for everything, literary! A bag, a seat, a glass of water. It's surprising they don't charge for toilet use!!! Nice video!
Lubomír Lubomír Šebesta (1 month ago)
Budget airlines also makes money by not compensating their passengers. That is why I rely on professional flight compensation company Skycop, they somehow finds a way to deal with the airlines.
Samrat B (1 month ago)
These airlines, are shit, in terms of their baggage handling, timing and labor rights, also they contribute to pollution and carbon emissions just like the major airlines - while cheap consumer folks enjoy trash holiday offers regardless ... Cheap? Or just mooching capitalism at work again...
Atari Andre (1 month ago)
Good video, clearly explained and true on all points. However, Transavia was NOT created by Air France. Transavia was "created" in 1966 in The Netherlands as an independent charter company. KLM bought 80% of Transavia in 1998 from Nedloyd and the remaining 20% in 2003. The only connection with Air France is when KLM entered the (horrendous) co-operation with this sick airline company. Transavia made 81 million dollar profit in 2017....
Jasmina Maki (1 month ago)
I mean if you're trying to get from point A to point B quick and cheap sure.
Léon Marty (1 month ago)
What's not mentioned is the shit pay and shit working conditions some budget airlines have for cabin crews, pilots and ground staff.
GlennCocoGuitar (1 month ago)
5:10 Not true, it's more efficient for a zone system where pre-boarders and people at the back of the plane board first, so it doesn't block the aisle for next zone of passengers in the front
Have Me (1 month ago)
+GlennCocoGuitar other dude had it right i think you misunderstand. Pre-booked seats means people take their time to the airport cause they know their good. First come first serve means people fight to get there early. Psychological trick more than anything else.
GlennCocoGuitar (1 month ago)
+Bubsy G First come first serve makes sense, basically standbying the whole plane
Bubsy G (1 month ago)
I think what he means (and I might be wrong) is you can't pre-book your seat. When you check in at the airport you can choose your seat so people are more likely to turn up on time to get good seats and so the plane is not delayed by passengers who turned up late to check in. The seat is assigned at check-in and then a zone system like you said would be used when actually boarding.
uhh ok (1 month ago)
easy jet
taxiway.c (1 month ago)
i cant understand why they dont fly to paris charles de gaulle and LHR but fly to frankfurt
lugi93 33e33 (1 month ago)
Trevioso?? You mean treviso??
Marta Sattin (1 month ago)
it's Treviso not Trevioso 🤣🤣🤣
Zara Bella Stone (1 month ago)
A ryanair ticket in summer vacation is like 50 times more expencive than a normal ticket on a normal day.
Renata Rucinskyte (1 month ago)
+Zara Bella Stone well yeah, thats what they do to make profit. to get a cheap-ass flight ticket is the same as go hunting - you need time, patience and planning. thats how i always "win" the cheapest tickets even in the holiday periods
Natasha Hunter (1 month ago)
Natasha Hunter (1 month ago)
East Midlands to Malaga
Zara Bella Stone (1 month ago)
+Natasha Hunter A ticket (to go and return) to Marocco on a normal day is somtimes just 10€. On summer vacations if you have luck 550€. But it depends where you are flying to.
Natasha Hunter (1 month ago)
Zara Bella Stone not really, family of four to Spain for 2 weeks in the summer holidays, which is peak, for £580
Hatim Filali (1 month ago)
Transavia is Ducht and not French, the owner of Transavia is KLM, and when Air France and KLM am-urged, They both are the owner now. But it is not created by Air France, Transavia is existing for many years, and they began as their own flight company.
SuperCensura (1 month ago)
You missed an important point, Ryanair take money from local government to leave their routs in some city that are not profitable for Ryanair.
Maciek Trybuszewski (1 month ago)
Seriously, who needs a meal flying from Europe to Europe? Expensive or not, if you're not suffering from diabetes or some other disorder which for some reason requires you to eat something, average mature person can spend a couple of hours fasting, right? I'm not talking modern times nervous disorders which require you to nibble Snickers and sip Pepsi almost all the time, otherwise you'll sit in the aisle and start crying or take all passengares hostage.
Muschu o (1 month ago)
or u could just bring your own food.
DigUrOwnHole (1 month ago)
I went to Greece from Romania with 30£,return flight as well. London to Czech Republic as well. Europe <3
MWB Gaming (1 month ago)
"Ryanair charges you £45 of you don't print your ticket at home" What if you don't have a printer? (Nobody I know has one)
Daniel Watkinson (15 days ago)
MWB Gaming yep I think so anyway I’m only 15 so no prior experience 🙈
MWB Gaming (16 days ago)
+Daniel Watkinson even though your boarding pass is usually emailed to you when you check in (it is over here anyway)
Daniel Watkinson (16 days ago)
MWB Gaming It’s probably just so they can make sure everyone actually gets it on their phone and doesn’t leave it to them when they get to the airport
MWB Gaming (17 days ago)
+Daniel Watkinson then why does the £45 fee even exist if you can get your boarding pass send to your phone over there too?
Daniel Watkinson (17 days ago)
MWB Gaming Yep I agree! I’m from England and we do the same here
Wess (1 month ago)
Good video man! Very informative!
Jimmy D'Amore (1 month ago)
With these budget airline flying so much with so little downtime for maintenance, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen once their fleets start aging.
Andrew Aikman (1 month ago)
Fascinating explanation, but your dogmatic statement that all competition in good, may be true in THIS situation, but it is certainly not universally true. Just look at the mess and prices on railways in Britain, for a start.
Michael Widdowson (1 month ago)
That's because there is no competition on the British railways but rather, private monopolies.
Ricardo Pinho (1 month ago)
With Ryanair you can travel for cheap but everytime you land, its like a fucking rock... but its fun
TheSnakeGaming (1 month ago)
Ryanair flew from London Gatwick to Dublin, had to pay an extra £ 150 before take off because I had not printed out my boarding pass at home.
Alexandre Raposo (1 month ago)
also, they’re heavily subsidised by local governments, yearning for tourists.
De U (1 month ago)
I had a friend who travelled from Liverpool (England) to Nantes (France) sometime in 2012 for less than 10 GBP.
Lenka Tonkatsu (1 month ago)
at this point, everytime they announce a new cheap connection, we are like - where the f is Nis? Serbia? let's go and check it out the next weekend😁
rulsey23 (1 month ago)
Very annoying accent. Couldn't watch
Roland Oz Traveller (1 month ago)
That`s why there are so many americans in europe. Cos it`s cheaper to get around here and in the US... Even LAX-EWR flight is more expensive than LAX-LHR