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Every Star Trek Show Ranked Worst To Best

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The Star Trek saga has spread out over 50 years of television. And while it's true every Star Trek series has its high points and rough patches, there are some that come out far, far better than the others. Here's a totally subjective, and completely accurate, ranking of every Star Trek show from worst to best. When the Next Generation era of Star Trek came to an end in 2001, doing a show like Enterprise probably made a lot of sense. The franchise had spent over a decade chronicling what happened in the century after the original show, and since prequels were all the rage, going back to show humanity's first steps into space undoubtedly seemed like a great idea. Sadly, Enterprise proved that the distance between "seemed like a good idea" and "was a good idea" is so vast that even warp speed can't get you there in four seasons. To be fair, the show eventually did get around to some solid storytelling. Perhaps surprisingly, it was at its best with plots about time travel and mirror universes. The two-parter where they go back in time to fight Nazi aliens during World War II, for instance, is a hoot, and exactly the flavor of Star Trek's signature weirdness that was pioneered by the original series. Getting to those, however, is a trial. Despite its strong premise, Enterprise spent most of its run switching off between bad and boring, and sometimes managed to be both at the same time. The worst part, aside from that awful theme song, is that the show is just embarrassingly horny, and for Star Trek, that's saying something. Sex appeal has been a part of the franchise ever since green women were belly dancing for Captain Kirk back in the '60s, but Enterprise was at a whole new level, throwing in as many scenes of sexy decontamination chamber rub-downs into those first few episodes as it could. Maybe that's why they had the whole thing turn out to be one of Riker's holodeck simulations in the finale. If anyone's going to program in some uncomfortable bathing scenes into a historical document, it's that dude. Watch the video for the rest of Every Star Trek Show Ranked Worst To Best! #StarTrek #TheNextGeneration #Discovery Star Trek: Enterprise | 0:17 Star Trek: The Animated Series | 1:50 Star Trek: Short Treks | 3:30 Star Trek: Voyager | 4:34 Star Trek: Discovery | 5:34 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine | 6:46 Star Trek | 8:32 Star Trek: The Next Generation | 9:29 Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/182534/every-star-trek-show-ranked-worst-to-best/
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Grunge (10 days ago)
Which Star Trek series is your favorite?
Chastity Knite (2 days ago)
Deep Space Nine, it was my first and to this day is my favorite.
Silvia B. (3 days ago)
Screenwriter70 (3 days ago)
Deep Space Nine! They need to bring back The Sisko!
Carol Holmes (4 days ago)
Original. Series
Timothy Burnett (5 days ago)
# everyone (2 hours ago)
Discovery is the genital wart of Star Trek.
Gregory Garofalo (6 hours ago)
Listen I'm all about trying to give Discovery a fair shot, but to put it above Voyager?? What are they on?
inohope (6 hours ago)
Discovery not last? You sir, don't know shit about star trek
Lord Shadow Z (16 hours ago)
This list was not written by a Trekkie, that's obvious. Enterprise is leagues better than anything Discovery could ever hope to be.
Firstname Lastname (16 hours ago)
Discovery is the worst thing to ever be called Star Trek. It is at the ultimate bottom of the list below every series, movie, game, and novel. Even Shatner's spoken word album is better.
DJ TH (18 hours ago)
Finally a review of discovery worthy of listening to... discovery is good trek 🖖🖖🖖
Andrew Smith (1 day ago)
Im at 6:41 and referring to Discovery having "Solid writing". I'm done with this video.
michael801 (1 day ago)
Star Trek (1966 -2005) > Discovery, Picard
Anders Doktor (1 day ago)
Discovery is the worst, and placing it high on the list, shows you know nothing about Star Trek.
Anders Doktor (1 day ago)
How can you place Enterprise below Discovery?
Christoph Zeit (1 day ago)
Good ranking. But discovery isn't a star trek show.
Colonel Sanders (2 days ago)
Enterprise was NOT the worst! Season 3 was killer.
Connor Webb (2 days ago)
The Discovery review portion feels like a paid ad. Whether you like the show or not, there was no negative or any reason why it wasn't number 1. More negative was said about TNG, the number 1 show on the list. If this is sponsored content please let us know. Also no mention of Riker's beard. For shame.
Andrew Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I believe that ds9 is the best in my opinion, but I also cannot believe that discovery is even being considered. I don’t want to consider it cannon.
Gaming with Pax (2 days ago)
This must be the list from the parallel universe were they never made the Picard series and they actually put effort into diversity- I mean Discovery
45100 (2 days ago)
Soooo... who did this list? Because it utterly sucks! Sure sure Enterprise did have it's flaws from horrible title song through some really poor writing but Discovery anywhere then the bottom of the list is the outmost blunder. I can name most of the characters of all the series and movies. But from Discovery? None. Because I don't even want to remember them! I mean even the Oriville, which is the purest parody of the Stat Trek, felt more like the Star Trek then Discovery ever did. So if you want to talk about the accuracy, then either delete this travesty or remake it!
Jared McLintock (2 days ago)
You put voyage ahead of enterprise
Anai Bendai (2 days ago)
What? Enterprise bad? 3rd best series after TOS and TNG. And you missed PICARD.
nigel Caicedo (3 days ago)
Short treks Discovery Star trek TAS Enterprise Voyager Next generation Star trek TOS Deep space nine My worst to best also Enterprise is way better than discovery discovery is garbage
PetersonZF (2 days ago)
Michael Burnham has charisma?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... hahahahahahahahahahahahahshaha... okay, breathe.
Jack Burton (3 days ago)
1. TNG 2. DS9 3. Voyager 4. Enterprise 5. TOS 6. All the rest are garbage and not Star Trek
Jack Burton (3 days ago)
WTF did I just watch!? This guys an fing moron! Praising Discovery!? GTFO!!
Nick Okona (3 days ago)
DS9. Duet is amazing.
Moondoodle Zoflez (3 days ago)
The next generation and DS9
dineenporter (3 days ago)
I agree with this list 100%. Discovery hate makes no sense to me. The shows great. And yes, Voyager sucks
chinemerem ukaegbu (3 days ago)
Sell outs
Solomon Kelsie McQueen (4 days ago)
Worst. Video. About. Star Trek. Ever!!!
Michael Kata (4 days ago)
You may want to recheck your facts if you think the animated series was worse then discovery.
Michael Kata (4 days ago)
Prequels were never the rage...they just caused it.
wes (4 days ago)
whoever made this list is the most retarted person on this planet and never watched any of the shows
Rebel 4444 (4 days ago)
1. TNG 2. DS9 3. TOS 4. Voyager 5. Enterprise 6. Picard. And I don’t accept the other ones existence. I believe Picard will pass Enterprise easy but there’s only been a few episodes ha so we shall see maybe contend with Voyager but that’s just being hopeful. The top 3 for me are untouchable.
Stuart Nelson (4 days ago)
Why put a rather big spoiler about the captain of Discovery, totally unnecessary given the nature of the video would have been exactly the same without it included??? First down vote I think I've ever given to a video on here. I've only just started watching Discovery, and some people I know haven't watched it at all yet.
TheWeirdestScience_JBS (4 days ago)
Can we just come to the logical conclusion that all star trek fans have their opinions and what makes trek, "trek", is that it appeals to all. The ones you don't like, I do. The ones you like, I don't, but we all love "trek". I think that what makes "trek" is that it always hit it's mark. You don't like Discovery or Picard, you're old and have kids or just holding onto nostalgia... #ALLTREK
Adrastos O (4 days ago)
TNG is the best of the star treks by far! There is just something about it that makes it believable! Voyager was a really good series too, with characters like captain Jane and 7 of 9! Plus traveling to the other side of the galaxy and struggling to get back. Q was a big part of it and the Borg pissing off the wrong species that almost wiped them out was extremely compelling. I enjoyed watching the Borg meet its match! With that said, voyager should be number 3!
Jason M (4 days ago)
Piccard is turning out to be my least Favorite. DS9 has always been my least fave.
Henry Gill-Pratt (4 days ago)
I’m so angry that he dismissed voyagers seasons as a full ride it’s all in opinions because 100 percent there’s plenty of intersting story’s in voyager it’s just patching it together with each other that makes it gret
john wheeler (4 days ago)
TNG(best cast)=DS9>(best writing and character development. )TOS>(iconic)ENT>(bad timing)VOY>(should have been the best but network meddled)Discovery>(Unlikeable characters, inconsistencies)Picard(meh so far)
jiah81 (4 days ago)
Dethfeast (4 days ago)
Please, Enterprise was so much better than Voyager, let alone all the new messes. Voyager was total crap until 7 of 9 showed up.
Anthony Yelchibekov (5 days ago)
I don't think any star trek fan would put discovery this far up, especially above voyager. I can look past enterprise, but better than voyager? STD literally lacks all the things that made star trek great. The show isn't just dark, but it makes the federation look terrible half the time. It would have been better to just not call it Star Trek, but CBS needs the name for marketing
ztunelover (5 days ago)
Rofl which imbecile made this? Discory and short treks are the two worst trek series by far.
Jorge Ventura (5 days ago)
Here goes grunge thinking it knows something
Cherrykye Waters (5 days ago)
The Orville is an unofficial star trek and should get a little mention and the Orville is good.
David Kaylor (5 days ago)
The actual list: Deep Space Nine The Next Generation The Original Series Voyager Enterprise Picard The Animated Series Discovery Short Treks
Screenwriter70 (3 days ago)
David Kaylor Right on!
chinemerem ukaegbu (3 days ago)
Discovery is dead last
James Caringal (5 days ago)
Waste of time. Stop watching this
Ashwin Arun (5 days ago)
Voyager and Enterprise while they had their flaws were at their core, Star Trek. It was about exploration and discovery, a sense of wonder and strange new worlds and new civilisations . You can’t really say the same about Discovery. It’s just another generic sci fi show with an overly emotional Vulcan who they try to portray as Spock
BNuts (5 days ago)
How much did they pay you to say that _Michael Burnham: A Trek Story_ is better than _Star Trek: Enterprise_ ? The series, and its characters, is completely obsessed and dependent on Burnham, whereas true _Trek_ develops and follows much more of the crew. Not to mention all the characters are caught up in a series of constant conflicts and the Contest of the Ultimate Jerk. Season 1 made me not want to watch season 2. I've gotten further in any other series.
Jakub Polewka (5 days ago)
„Discovery is that good” XD Discovery and good in one sentence XD
William Meyer (5 days ago)
I like... Voyager Next Generation Deep Space Nine Original series Enterprise Discovery Havent got to watch Picard enough to rank it, but Id put it near the top from what Ive seen so far.
Star-Lord Peter Quill (5 days ago)
This video makes the same mistake as everyone in the comments: your personal opinion is not the objective truth. Regardless of how much you hate Enterprise (or Discovery for that matter) it’s still Star Trek and it entertained hundreds of thousand fans. There is no “best” show, there are only “favorites”.
Glenn Webb (5 days ago)
Despite the check from CBS fattening your account, Discovery is crap.Nothing the copy writers hand you will change the fact that ST:D is a steaming load of PC sewage pandering to mentally ill "woke" Twitter Trash. In fact, ST:D is the single worst pile of serialized crap to have the name "Star Trek" attached to it. But ST Picard seems to be trying to outdo it. Enterprise's problem is that they kept trying to turn it into "The Amazing Adventures of Trip Tucker".
Dawn Admin (5 days ago)
Nice video, and you’re welcome to your opinions! One pedantic correction: the great episodes you brought up as turning-points for TNG (which also introduced the themes of Picard) were from the second season.
Jesse K Young (5 days ago)
1. DS9 2. TOS 3. TNG 4. ENT 5. VOY STD and STP are not Star Trek.
toobbeebopper (5 days ago)
The narrator of this video just said that Discovery has, and I quote, "2 seasons of solid writing". He said it out loud. On a video. And then uploaded it for the world to hear. Interesting life choice.
Ian Cypes (5 days ago)
CT T (5 days ago)
Lol! Person who scripted this so clueless about Star Trek, bet they wouldn't wanna put their real name to this haha.
Todd Kurzbard (5 days ago)
My grandfather was one of the animators on 'The Animated Series'. So when you insult it, you insult my grandfather's memory.
superzentredi (5 days ago)
TNG and DS9 are #1 and #2 respectively with TOS/TOSANIM being #3. All the rest fall far behind on the list with the only passable one being #4 VOY. #5 (a very distant #5) is ENT with the others that are not worth mentioning because they are non-canon taking up the rear (and I do mean rear)
Malcolm Armstrong (5 days ago)
From best to worst 1 TNG & TOS (Joint first depending on my mood) 2. The TOS movies (actually they could be joint first too) 3. Those fan films with James Cawley as Kirk 4. DS9 5. VOY 6. TAS 7. Discovery 8. Enterprise 9. TNG Movies 10. J.J. Trek
SuSboi Gaming (5 days ago)
This is dumb, how could you possibly put discovery above voyager. No respect.
aidan kerrigan (5 days ago)
Was grunge paid to say discovery was good? It’s boring and dull.. how can you say that discovery and ds9 are in the same quality. Gul dulkat, Garak and Quark are great characters... Suru is the only good character in discovery, the only likeable one. I think Micheal burkam is a Mary Sue character which can be okay.. but she never seems to be pushed.. also the speech at the end of the series1 was just off. I don’t think there is no comedy or characters to root for..
Kate F (5 days ago)
Voyager is my favorite and probably the one I’ve rewatched the most, followed by Next Generation. I didn’t love the first season of Discovery, but thought the second season was much better. I would definitely watch a Pike spin-off.
Richard McLaud (5 days ago)
How could you not put Discovery as the worst? It’s awful in every way. Enterprise should be much higher and DS9 is the best.
Donald Wyant (6 days ago)
I've been watching star trek from day one, but never got to watch Enterprise, was on the road, most of, if not all of its run, til, I got Netflix, then I saw the whole series of Enterprise, from start to finish in about a week. I like it..seeing the sauga in unfold, o! I over looked the steamy rub down.. I know "Picard" just started..wondering what your take on it so far?
LoLshark99 B (6 days ago)
Discovery blows, but I'd fingerblast the girl in the thumbnail
M. Douglas Miller (6 days ago)
Terrible analysis overall. I can't believe that you have short treks and Discovery on this list higher than any other Star Trek. My God, even the animated series is a lot more entertaining and more like Star Trek than that garbage. You praise all the things that makes Discovery so dreadful and abhorrent. I don't thumb videos down often but I sure did to this one because it wasted my time. I know it's subjective... and so is my comment.
Wallace Presley Jr (6 days ago)
I really tried to give Discovery a chance, but sorry it stinks on all levels as far as I am concerned! I agree with a previous post; Enterprise was nowhere near as bad as Discovery! It had some really strong and weak episodes like any series! But Discovery not only ignored canon, but trashed it! Truth be told the animated series was way better than Discovery! We won't even discuss some fan made episodes which stuck to canon like Axanar and Star Trek Continues which both blow Discovery out of this universe!!!
Jon Archer (6 days ago)
Sry but you have no idea
Rob (6 days ago)
The good breakdowns of DS9 and TNG aside, this list lost all credibility with it's completely laughable critique of Discovery, especially when it fawned over the acting of Green and the writing. It's almost like they were scared to death of upsetting the easily upset millennial generation, so they just went so far over the top with the praise, that it came across as being farcical, kind of as a way of winking at everyone else who see's it for what it actually is, which is second to last to the cartoon.
Vinod Menon (6 days ago)
Ha ha ha you actually rated Discovery over Voyager 🤦, Even a disappointing series like Enterprise was way ahead of crap like Discovery.
George Marsden (6 days ago)
You missed Star track Picard.
Logan Shute (6 days ago)
Voyager is my favourite.
TheRyumancer (6 days ago)
Who puts Discovery ABOVE both Voyager AND Enterprise? The former got MUCH more somewhat justified hate than the two latter.
AJS Hutchison (6 days ago)
DISCOVERY is rubbish! From wooden acting to laughably stereotypical characterisations to the worst ST main character (Michael...I'm not even going to go there) ever. So genuinely unlikeable. Enterprise had its flaws, but was and is a superior show. Discovery Voyager Enterprise (highly underrated show that was cancelled far too early) DS9/TOS (later DS9 seasons had some amazing moments, with some of the finest ST acting courtesy of characters such as Garak, Sisko, Weyoun, Odo, Damar and Dukat). TNG (first two seasons were actually pretty dull, but it improved steadily as seasons progressed).
CheapestGamer (6 days ago)
For me it's a tie between TOS and TNG with the rest kinda not really even ranking. I gave up on Enterprise after three times trying to get into the show. It was just so, SO boring most times. I watched 1-2 episodes of Discovery, but like Picard I guess I'll never see any more episodes unless I find them in "alternate" ways because I REFUSE to pay for a streaming service when I already pay for a crap ton of cable channels (most of which I don't even watch).
Loki (6 days ago)
Sorry, but TAS and VOY were way better than Enterprise and Short Treks; Discovery is garbage.
Rick Stevens (6 days ago)
Ever wonder exactly what, "OK, Boomer" means? Watch this video and it will become obvious.
Anaken12 (6 days ago)
I liked enterprise. People were too critical.
scott Craig-Stearman (6 days ago)
Discovery is, and always will, be shit.
Eric Aarseth (6 days ago)
Was this biased on overall ratings or a popular vote? I guess it all boils down to opinion. I for one liked Enterprise, I felt it got a bad rap. should have ran a bit longer, I would have liked to have seen the Romulan war etc. Formation of the federation etc. it was starting to get there in season 4. So many great potential story lines.
Johnathan Williams (6 days ago)
"Deep Sleep Nine" - Marina Sirtis
Ryan Shih (6 days ago)
No. You got it totally wrong. Worst to best would be: Cartoon Star Trek DS9 Voyager Short Treks Discovery Enterprise Next Gen TOS I dunno why everyone thinks DS9 is so highly rated. DS9 wasn't about exploring strange new worlds, discovering new civilizations, etc.
AJS Hutchison (6 days ago)
No, it was about machinations and interpersonal relationships. It took a dark turn that I welcomed. Brought some badly 21st century-ness to the universe.
LadyDors (6 days ago)
Enterprise is way better than Discovery, which is the worst of all
Deanna Albert (6 days ago)
"Undoubtably" is not a word. It's "undoubtedly". And you got so much wrong about Enterprise I'm not even watching the rest. Riker wasn't making up the entire series - just the finale. Which no fans of Enterprise actually like - they did a horrible job with the ending.
Michael C. (6 days ago)
TNG = best, TOS, Voyager... The problem with Voyager, DS9, Enterprise. They never had the characters gel as a family. I never enjoyed the acting and the blend of the crews. Enterprise had a shot to be up there, but it doesnt have that spark of TNG. Each character on TNG worked together like a real crew. The audience could tell, what a great blend of characters.
Ashwin Arun (5 days ago)
Michael C. DS9 had some amazing characters that were great together Julian and O’Brien Julian and Garak Jake and Nog Odo and Quark Quark and Rom Kira and Odo I could go on
Willi six (7 days ago)
So far I believe Picard is leading the charge as the worst Star Trek series ever
Joseph Sokolowski (7 days ago)
I hope some people who watched this video and read the comments agree with me on this statement. In my humble opinion it feels like the person who made this list has never watched Star Trek: Discovery and only is repeating what CBS has said about the show in press releases. There is absolutely no way this show can’t be the worst one on this list. Don’t get me wrong I watch every episode and not all of the episodes are terrible but they are all a little more miss then hit a majority of the time. For every Bullseye like Captain Pike we are reminded of the absolute volcanic disaster that are STD Klingons, especially there good awful, slow, drawn out Klingon speaking. I don’t hate the show but it’s sure hard to watch the episodes or even looking forward to watching them all the time. I just wish it was more Seth Trek like, as in Seth McFarland’s The Orville. If that show was considered part of this list, it would easily be at #2 on my list with of course Next Generation head and shoulders above all others in the 1st spot.
MrNaxman (7 days ago)
You put the original series ahead of DS9, I have only one reaction, your crazy.
Juan Ayala (7 days ago)
You can tell this video was NOT done a trek fan. Oh, let me look at the ratings to compile my list
Sebby 94 (7 days ago)
Everyone knows top 2 are Next Gen and Voyager, this is exactly why Picard is so well received.
Robert Killian (7 days ago)
Disagree with your assessment of Enterprise. The theme song is trash but to me it is better than most of the newet series out.
slevo mcdevo (7 days ago)
this list is utter shit, discovery good writing with good actors? enterprise bad theme song?, wtf are these people talking about
bazodee2 (7 days ago)
1. Voyager 2. Tng 3. Enterprise 4. Picard 5. Ds9 6. Discovery 7. Ost
Scousie Red (7 days ago)
I'm surprised by your opinion on Discovery. It's universally accepted that it's a flop, with poor acting, writing and terrible characters.
Leo Gavitt (5 days ago)
The vast majority of critics would disagree.
John Ballard (7 days ago)
Deep space nine is the number one best Star Trek I don’t care what y’all say
chinemerem ukaegbu (3 days ago)
In the top 3 for sure
Cardboard Sliver (7 days ago)
Discovery: good Cast: good Uh...what world are you from? Discovery is trash.
Pedro Guedes (16 hours ago)
Discovery is underrated ngl
Anthony Yelchibekov (5 days ago)
He's from the mirror universe
Dwaun Elam (7 days ago)
Discovery is absolute Dumpster juice...
The Mediocre Collector (7 days ago)
My Totally Subjective (obviously, this is my opinion, it can't not be subjective) Rankings (from Less Good, to Very Good) Voyager - Good cast, good acting, but I would have preferred more character growth, and - well - the ending seemed rushed. The Animated Series - Good cast, obviously, but, generally, the stories were a bit hit and miss - some were good, most were mediocre. The Original Series - I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but this is my opinion. Good starting point for a great series, really set the ball rolling, and a great cast. However, it was very episodic, the stories were mostly good, but self-contained, which - also - meant that the characters lacked growth. It was a good show, and a great starting point, but - as it should be - much of what came after was better - after-all, what is the point of a sequel if it doesn't improve upon the original. Discovery: Good show, good cast, good acting, decent story. Generally good, and certainly the Second season is and improvement upon the First, which was a bit too war focused, for my money. Certainly I am intrigued by what Season 3 will have to offer. However, there are still some issues - the story, though good, is kind of convoluted, and I feel that the show has quite found its feet yet. Enterprise: Loved the cast, loved the theme, and really liked the stories. Good balance of episodic, and arc type stories, with a Captain that really can do both. Overall, solid, but the finale was not the best, which is why it's not at a higher ranking. The Next Generation: Amazing cast, great stories, and - well - it was my first Star Trek show, so I'm bound to be a bit biased. Like TOS, it was a tad episodic, but that didn't impact substantial character growth throughout it's run. All in all a great show, but for a couple of dud episodes, which means it fall short of the top spot. Deep Space Nine: As good of a cast as TNG, with as good of a story, and a brilliant seven-year arc. This show was character rich, and exciting from the first, with all the episodes being connected, in some way. Despite being on a Station, the crew were still explorers, and the writers were able to handle the Dominion War, without overdoing it - the war didn't preclude character growth, and relationships, nor the exploration for which Star Trek is famed. And, with all this, didn't include a single bad episode, in my opinion. If you ask me, DS9 is the best of Trek Please note, this list is about my OPINION, you might disagree, and that's fair enough, but please - for the love of God - don't get all offended by it. This is not heaven, and I am not St. Peter, so don't think you're any less of a fan if you disagree with me, also, you are not St. Peter, so don't think I'm any less of a fan if I disagree with you. I am not egotistical enough to say that my opinion is right, please extend to me that same courtesy. Yes, I know that's quite a disclaimer, but frankly this comment section is on fire with people arguing, and I don't particularly want to feed the flames, apparently a lot of folk have traded in their opinions for self-made gospels, which accept to contrary views, and deem such view heretical. Long story short, this is an opinion, and like your opinion it is neither right, nor wrong, get over it.
Yves Neidlinger (7 days ago)
Wow what a terrible ranking. Enterprise was a very good series. Yes, the rub down scenes were gratuitous, but otherwise I loved the show. Discovery is also an excellent take on Star Trek.