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Amazon is worth $1 trillion

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Amazon has doubled in market value in just a year and now joins Apple in the elite ranks of companies worth $1 trillion.
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James Petrycia (2 days ago)
F439E581441FA E6CEDB744473AED34E3DB48792937 (28 days ago)
$AMZN is partner and Alliance by New egg inc / Target / BOL (Dutch company ) , Tai-Bo/JD/1688 ( China) Ru ku tan (Japan) , Naver ( south korea) , Macy
Wade Cortez (1 month ago)
*Codenimi* - Sеаrсh it on Gооgle. Yоu wіll reсеіve а lоt of frеe cоdеs.
Joku Tyyppi (1 month ago)
Wow. The GDP of Finland is just somewhere 330 billion €
trifulquita15 (1 month ago)
Joku Tyyppi 😁 $330 billions 😄
Mateo San (1 month ago)
I wish this meant that the middle class and working class get living wages. All over the world riches are being amassed by few people, while the others are in full stress all year round, trying to scrape by. Don't you how wrong this is?
Серж Шуляченко (1 month ago)
I am informing about the price collusion in the world market of coal transportation. This price collusion is called the Rotterdam formula +, I ask the antitrust authorities to start an investigation. All companies that participate in this form arranged a price collusion on the world market of coal transportation. Only the market regulates the price, demand and offers, tenders. Anti-piracy, anti-monopoly organs should begin testing.
Marcos Fuerte (1 month ago)
Hasn't reached 1T market cap.
Tresna Soaduon Mulatua Napitupulu (1 month ago)
1 Trillion Dollar mean those zeroes are twelve..thats it.nothing more.period.
rms071 (1 month ago)
Donald, if you are watching, your not worth a shit.
sonicmax (1 month ago)
amazon is slave labor camps they monitor your bathroom time and your lunch time and 3 strikes policy and your fired and they take complete advantage of black communities here in Chicago with basic low wages and it sad when that is the highest out their and your are to work you asssssss off for a little bit and this man is the richest man in the world and his workers are broken and poor
Rowland Stevens (1 month ago)
No. Amazon IS NOT WORTH $TRILLION by any rational standard that has any meaning what so ever. It is typical meaningless reporting. The idea that a handful of stockholders who decide on any given day what they are willing to buy and/or sell a stock is MEANINGLESS. I can guarantee you that tomorrow ..... by that thought process AMAZON WILL BE WORTH MORE OR LESS THAN IT IS TODAY. How absurd! The Wall street stock market has long ago turned into nothing but a perception of value measure that changes almost literally by ..... random factors that have no rational basis what so ever. One of which is the perceived value of the money medium of exchange that it uses ..... that the federal reserve DELIBERATELY thinks that constant "inflation" of the money supply is as good, workable idea. And the intellectual Phd community that thinks every one else must pay for what they want EXCEPT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, that doesn't have to and in practice just doesn't give a damn about EVER PAYING FOR WHAT WE WANT THAT WE ISSUED .... 10 AND 20 YEAR BONDS THAT by the debt limit law can be constantly renewed when they come due to pay FOR EVER ..... which is really what that purpose of that law is. And never paid bonds is THE BIGGEST FACTOR IN INFLATION THAT MAKES OUR MONETARY SYSTEM AS AN INDICATION ..... OF REAL VALUE ..... meaningless and all the "statistics" generated by it. I'll tell you what entity is really important and IF FACT, does not give a damn about our bond system and "our" money supply. That is the REALITY INTO WHICH ALL HUMANS were born that contains forces and relationships, far more powerful that any humans are likely to create, filtered over billions of years into what works and what does not and has long since been changed into some other form that is workable or disappeared. And as a result, humans have no choice but to try and be in sync with these relationships ..... that will PREVAIL ..... including how any workable free economy functions in a workable way. End of discussion. That is our job description ..... just as REALITY HAS ITS JOB DESCRIPTION. IT IS 100 % RELIABLE. It takes into account all relevant forces and merges them in whatever way the various characteristics dictate. Turn on a light switch and it always works the same way. In fact, human "knowledge" depends on this characteristic. Humans on the other hand are PURPOSE orientated, and free to do whatever we want, whether what we try to put togethe .... r works or not. What is amazing is that we can do amazing extraordinary things that REALITY CAN NOT DO .... when we accept AND ARE MOTIVATED BY THIS PRIMARY RULE: Be in sync with REALITY FORCES AND RELATIONSHIPS ..... we can do nothing about. The sun turns off "its light" at sunset .... regardless of what we choose to do! But we have developed a huge light system that allows humans to have light 24/7 as long as ITS INFRASTRUCTURE STAYS in sync with the reality lit can do nothing about!. Life is not about perceptions that change with the wind. It is about relationship driven by the underlying REALITY EVERYTHING including humans is subject to dealing with. Including our own bodies, that are also made up of reality driven parts ..... that our Purpose and free will is therefore subject to .... like everything else
ILoveCoffee (1 month ago)
Amazon and Apple have more revenue than the entire GDP of England :D
UltraMonkeySapien (1 month ago)
Great. Now they can afford to hire people since every employee has been doing double workloads because every department is half staffed due to labor budget cuts. Fuck you Jeff Bezos!
Vinoth Shepard (1 month ago)
Google will become zillion dollar c
bonanzatime (1 month ago)
Just times that by 20 and we'll have our national debt paid off; and then there will be much rejoicing in the fartland.
Snake Pliskin (1 month ago)
I can't even lie, Amazon has been legit since day one. It's earned its place but that's insane it's climbed to the top so fast.
Uncle Nuts (1 month ago)
Ever notice how all the libtard billionaires never just say, I'll live off two million and donate my billions to charity?
Tessie Dobey (1 month ago)
My favorite place to shop!
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
Be hella excited when you get home and see that box on the porch 😂😂😂
Gus Shackleford (1 month ago)
So what. I just took such a long at work that both my legs went to sleep and the automatic lights went out. So blow me amazon
Debbie Does Dallas (1 month ago)
Money is the root of all evil 😠
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
This comment section is full of Communists and Right-wing retards
Ray Fan (1 month ago)
Amazon should merge with Apple and become the first $2 trillion company.
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
The market would implode. First of all drones will take ALL the jobs and then societies would start looking like those dregs in the Not Yo fries commercials.
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
That is terrifying on a stock market scale, that would REALY be a monopoly.
Hol M (1 month ago)
Fuck shopping in real stores where u can get shot nowadays or stand in line for 30 mins with rude smelly ppl and a slow cash register, when u can just shop online? Lol kudos to Amazon and all online businesses
rooster Sons of Atonement m.c (1 month ago)
This is the beauty of capitalism....suck it liberals! Suck it balls deep please
Patel Vidhu (1 month ago)
Overvaluation. Bubble will blast. Very less profit margin. At $177 b sales and $3.03 B net income valuation is too high. Growth rate will slow down in next 5 years.
alexxs S (1 month ago)
B S !!!! we all the people should get together and retrive all the energy from amazon......the company doesnt share a penny with us, the people that help the company.....
Feras Angel (1 month ago)
pay your employee
Tommy Cease (1 month ago)
And that's why trump hates amazon because they are a successful company.
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
Actually its because the owner of Amazon bought the Washington Post. And the paper has a very democratic slant *hint hint.
Luxottica Illusion of choice (1 month ago)
Thats when you start selling your stocks!;) wink wink
Josh Shinn (1 month ago)
Worth 1 trillion dollars but yet he still relies on taxpayers United States Postal Service to deliver his Goods
pbasswil (1 month ago)
A company doesn't become that big & profitable, unless every decision is a business decision that maximizes profit. They could build their own post office, & eventually the gov. post office would be out of business. But that's not a direction that they see the best profit opportunities in. We can all bemoan the cold efficiency of big biz – no matter what their slogan, profit is the highest value. The way to grow more human businesses is to patronize the little ones that have different values, and pay a little more as a result. Most folks won't do that. So our consumption is a vote for Amz, Walmart, & Apple's business values.
Asif Aslam (1 month ago)
Josh Shinn thats how he became rich. And us postal should b happy their bussier now
JORGE RODRIGUEZ (1 month ago)
Mik Rod (1 month ago)
I love amazon
PRO HEN (1 month ago)
This is the reason I would ban Amazon, computers, cellphones and the stock market in America. Bring back small businesses.
Vincent Lam (1 month ago)
PRO HEN Do you own a cell phone or a computer? If so, then you're a hypocrite. Why don't you throw all that into a fire? And who the fuck are you to say that we only need computers for work? It's not any of your business what we do on their computers. Games, movies, videos, etc., are all things that we enjoy doing on our computers, because it's entertainment, and it brings fun into our lives. If you want to live in a boring world without that, be my quest, but I'm going to keep my computer and cell phone, because they have made my life, and the lives of millions of other people, more convenient. Unlike you, I'm grateful to be living in a time where everyone can have access to this technology. Also, if you think computers should only be used for work, why are you on YouTube right now? Unless you have a job at YouTube, get off YouTube. Oh, by the way, Amazon has 566,000 employees. I don't know how you think it would be a good thing if Amazon shut down. You keep saying how large companies have killed small businesses and caused many people to lose their jobs, but what's to stop the small business employees from getting a job at the large companies, like Amazon? These large companies typically require more employees than the small businesses.
PRO HEN (1 month ago)
+Hol M I'm actually 40 I said ban cellphones, only have a home phones. No more car wrecks from texters, people will actually be working instead of worried about their phone. I said ban computers except for businesses, if you're not using it for work you don't need it. No more people getting shot, kidnapped, etc from internet beef from Facebook, Instagram, etc. No more wasting precious time on computer games and all that crap that you could be using that time at a job. Yeah, we need small businesses, cause how many people have a job at Amazon maybe 10,000. That's millions of jobs taken away from 1,000's of businesses that could have 10-1000 workers each. This is why everyone's parents were making good money back in the day and could afford a house, car, etc. These days it's a miracle if someone 20yo can actually buy a house , car, all that because there's not enuf good paying jobs for everyone. My mom had a house and new mustang at 18yo and started working at 13yo, she lived in a house with a tree crashed thru the roof, rain pouring in it and rats all over cause her mom and grandma were broke as hell with 6 kids so she wanted to work to get out of that situation. So nobody gave her anything to start with and she's a multimillionaire today. Try that these days, you'll still be living in that house with tree in it cause you can't work minimum wage and get ahead these days. It's not inflation, it's the internet taking all the jobs and the rest went over seas for penny workers thanks to NAFTA. I'd rather make .75/hr and houses cost $16k, mustang cost $4k, than make $8/hr, houses cost $150k and mustang is around $50k. You'll make way more outta your life on .75/hr. Inflation is just an excuse to keep everyone broke and all the clowns just keep on working to never get ahead. The government is like by the time they earn 10k for that car we'll inflate everything more and it'll be 15k. By the time they save that 15k, it'll be 20k. It's rigged for you to lose unless you gamble your life away and how many people actually have the money to do that gamble, definitely nobody on minimum wage. No matter if you're Democrat or Republican, it's turning into either the rich or the poor and no middle class, middle class is what keeps the money coming in, so it's about controlling the population by keeping them broke.
Hol M (1 month ago)
PRO HEN u wanna ban phones and computers??? Lemme guess ur 80 yrs old...this is a new world from 60 yrs ago...the population has increased and theirs no need for small businesses anymore...every store would have long ass lines and be full of ppl. Nobody would ever close lol there wouldnt be enough supplies for everyone nowadays in the stores, and ban the stock market?? Ur either wayy too old or wayyy to young or reallly stupid
Clee4000 (1 month ago)
Amazon beats Ebay any day! From my experience Ebay sucks!
Sandlin22 (1 month ago)
Amazon is boss I worked there four years while in college starting pay was double the minimum wage and they paid for my degree in office management and human resources. To be fair they paid me back once I graduated but still. Amazon is one of the best places to work. It's not easy work but the benefits are amazing.
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
Good amazon is a good company well deserved
jean luke (1 month ago)
Where is the outrage by the hypocites about the top 1%?
fran farrell (1 month ago)
Go Bezoz
James Smith (1 month ago)
Amazon IS NOT worth a trillion dollars. It produces nothing. Amazon is just a retail middleman operation. Their stock is WAY over hyperinflated. Apple ACTUALLY produces ACTUAL products. Fuck Amazon. 🖕
Ben Bending Rodriguez (1 month ago)
All while the normal workers make $12 an hour. What a greedy shame.
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
+Hol M That's called in a trashcan bro. If you live in rural America that's passable. Not in any city worth living in though.
Hol M (1 month ago)
Ben Bending Rodriguez welcome to earth lol its a dog eat dog world. This is not new thats just how monopolies operate and function. At least their giving ppl jobs, sometimes those ppl have a 2 family income or work part time...alot of ppl can actually live on $12 an hour depending where u live in America
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
Ben Bending Rodriguez Tf how much do they need to fill boxes. That’s too much
Kash Sason (1 month ago)
Amazon, Google, Facebook are nothing in front of the Rothschild wealth. All these so called trillion dollars companies work for Rothschild and with out Rothschild back they all would shut down.
EF Polo (1 month ago)
Chris Carroll (1 month ago)
It's called a monopoly. And now we have NO RETAIL BUSINESSES LEFT. Malls are empty and wages are at an all-time low with cost of living expenses, so we are becoming an impoverished nation!
MasterDK (1 month ago)
Chris Carroll boi Wages are not at an all time low or even close to that unemployment is lower than ever before even lower than the WW look it up Trump said it too. Economy is doing so good and so is the stock market.
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
Yeah, you know what else went out of business overtime? Slavery. Stuff goes out of business as the times change.
Dark Doge (1 month ago)
+Sandlin22 oh really? Retailers and malls are still doing great with amazon? Stop being so ignorant and saying fake news at everything retard.
Sandlin22 (1 month ago)
Everything you said is fake news lol
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
Chris Carroll So what? Online is easier
Ivo Poblete (1 month ago)
Just today I bought there!
MIKE BARAN (1 month ago)
Employees Need To Unionize And Get Paid A Living Wage..
Sandlin22 (1 month ago)
Double the minimum wage isn't a living wage? If you think that you're clearly financially irresponsible.
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
MIKE BARAN No they need to be payed what they are truly worth $5 a hour
Kent Krueger (1 month ago)
Yeah....but. They had to operate in the red for 20 years to get to that valuation. Are they really worth a trillion? Show me the money!!!!
Kent Krueger (1 month ago)
+Nicholas Fowler , but if the economy has another 2008 bust, all that crap is worth zero$.
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
They have services in over 200 countries, it's the value of their stock, their warehouses, and their funds to do more research.
Luxottica Illusion of choice (1 month ago)
They are not! Another bubble like BTC
yo Alex (1 month ago)
I don't believe for a second that they are worth it.
Tony Sylvester (1 month ago)
Amazing you're not talking about Trump
Brian Holmes (1 month ago)
dafttool, if any president were to be forgotten, it would be Obama. Trump has backpedaled nearly every piece of Obama’s legacy. Obamacare is toast, Iran nuclear deal is toast, Paris Climate Agreement is toast, regulations on businesses are toast, and open borders are toast. Trump will be remembered as the president who created the strongest economy in American history, and as the president who preserved our rights by picking two conservative Supreme Court Justices, and as the president who stopped the democrats from allowing unrestricted immigration and taking control of the Country forever. Trump has burned his name into the American history timeline forever, and it hasn’t even been two years since he was elected.
PRO HEN (1 month ago)
+dafttool They'll put an asterisk beside his name saying, The president who tried to make America great again but the dumbass citizens of his country wanted to battle against him the whole way cause they just love living in a third world looking shit hole country.
dafttool (1 month ago)
Tony Sylvester One day in the future, we won’t hear his name at all. Not once. And in the history books, he will be known as the Asterisk President. —I will be dead by then, but whatever 🤷‍♂️
Tramaine Terrance (1 month ago)
Hello, Humans. In the words of Black Dynamite- "Mama, you can bet yo sweet ass and half a titty whoever ordered the hit on you has already got the pigs in they back pocket." ~ Black Dynamite TERRANCE OUT
Mark W. (1 month ago)
Hmmm... Oh, cnn. That means it's not worth that.
Mark W. (1 month ago)
Imaginary drone delivery technology.
Kent Krueger (1 month ago)
Correct. They operated in the red for 20 years to get to that valuation. But where's the cash?
Uncommon Knome (1 month ago)
Oct 2015 · The accumulated monetary wealth of the world in 2015 is quoted as $164 trillion. Divided by 7 billion inhabitants, that works out at $23,428 for each person.
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
Or we could just pull a Joker and destroy all the currency?
kp ps (1 month ago)
Whoopie shit. Why don't you throw me a bone so I can finish paying for two colleges...Navy mother
Aceves Efrain (1 month ago)
lionvalley (1 month ago)
You think they could afford to treat their workers better. I hear all types of horror stories
lionvalley (1 month ago)
@Sandlin22 I did a little research and it seems like some of what your saying is true. From what I've read most people agree that they have good benefits for hourly and salaried employees - health care, stock options, tuition reimbursements and 401K. There was some conflicting info about pto. To me it seemed like salaried employees praised the pto but hourly workers not so much. I did not find any info confirming that they pay double the minimum wage for entry level positions or any hourly positions. This is where I think amazon can do better. I'm not an accountant but as a trillion dollar company I think they can find a way to at least pay their hourly workers a living wage. They are leaders in so many areas why not take the lead and provide all their workers with the minimum they need to support themselves and their families. Again I'm no Jeff Bezos but I think they can afford it. Additionally, one of the universal complaints from the hourly workers was the extremely short breaks during the 10 hours shift. I have also heard this anecdotally that people barely have enough time to use the bathroom let alone eat or actually take a break. What has your experience been with this? When it comes to the fleet workers I haven't been able to find any significant info on their earnings. Where did you get your info on this? Overall it seems like Amazon treats their salary workers pretty good, the jury is still out on the fleet workers but I have a feeling Amazon can do a lot better there and when it comes to the hourly workers they can definitely do better.
UltraMonkeySapien (1 month ago)
I'm an employee
lionvalley (1 month ago)
@Sandlin22 Where are you getting your information from? I'd like to check it out
UltraMonkeySapien (1 month ago)
You are lucky to make $11.50 an hour for Amazon. Don't know where the "double minimum wage to start" myth came from. There also isn't a discount on anything, not even prime membership
Joe Smith (1 month ago)
+UltraMonkeySapien that's what I got to deal with. Over worked and understaffed. And company pays $30 an hour and has $250,000 a month in available unclaimed payroll. But everyone runs and works for Wal-Mart and Amazon cause they offer more.
One Piece (1 month ago)
Trump and the Republican administration are allowing monopolies to run rampamt by taking away Regulations.
One Piece (1 month ago)
+Ryan lex that's not a good thing because it allows for monopolies and ruins competition. Meaning Amazon prices will skyrocket in the next 5 years because nobody can compete
Ryan lex (1 month ago)
+One Piece lmao yet they manage to reach trilion company second to do so after apple. Amazon hire more american then democrats would have with their trade agreement
One Piece (1 month ago)
+Ryan lex Nope. Amazon loses more jobs than it hires.
Ryan lex (1 month ago)
Atless amazon are hire more american tho
One Piece (1 month ago)
+Brian Holmes Lol that's just one example. I'll show you a website that shows evidence and facts of Fox News lying you Trumptard. https://www.politifact.com/punditfact/tv/fox/
One Piece (1 month ago)
Amazon >>> Apple.
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
One Piece NOPE
One Piece (1 month ago)
Pepe Hung YEP.
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
One Piece Nope
One Piece (1 month ago)
+James Smith yep
James Smith (1 month ago)
One Piece Nope.
Noel Valenti (1 month ago)
Sorry, Apple was not the first company to ever be worth $1 trillion. The first company to be worth a trillion was PetroChina in 2007!
Noel Valenti (1 month ago)
+The legend of Timbuktu you're thinking of the China National Petroleum Corporation. PetroChina is the listed part of that company!
Noel Valenti (1 month ago)
+The legend of Timbuktu Ummm it is traded on the Shanghai Stock exchange!
The legend of Timbuktu (1 month ago)
PUBLIC company! The PetrolChina isn't a public traded company
Kent Krueger (1 month ago)
Yeah. Never get married. Hookers are cheaper.
No One (1 month ago)
Got any financial tips ?
Christine Thornhill (1 month ago)
Just stop packing stuff in massive boxes , then you might make 2
No No (1 month ago)
Walmart in the back like damn it’s over for us
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
+Trueskeptic Yes. That was the point of the comment. Limited supply = limited demand. Outrageous prices supersede the convenience that particular brand of retail thrives on. They're defeated by Amazon in supply, and mostly defeated by Wal-Mart in price. The one thing they did bring in terms of seperation and individualism was intimacy between customer and consumer. Now with the implementation of the self check out, they pretty much disqualify themselves from that as well. Small retail is going the way of the mom and pop shops. Soon they will all be bought out like Peoples and Rite aid.
Trueskeptic (1 month ago)
+Chaos Magnifigo CVS isn't meant to have everything.
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
Nah. Wal-Mart is the real life version of Amazon in the sense that you could get almost anything. Most other retailers are definitely feeling it though specifically CVS type retail. Very limited supply of goods.
Hol M (1 month ago)
No No I hope walmart and its employees suck. I haven’t shopped at a walmart since 2009
Trueskeptic (1 month ago)
Lol, Walmart is a shitfest.
Benny Nunn (1 month ago)
I use ebay.
its not your damn business (1 month ago)
since when has amazon own delivery?
No One (1 month ago)
Mr. Pink (1 month ago)
It's easy when you don't pay taxes and you don't pay your employees a living wage.
Mr. Pink (1 month ago)
Pepe Hung are you sure, because, they admitted it. Not sure why you would want to cover for them but hey, to each their own.
Mr. Pink (1 month ago)
INFAMOUS STREET PERFORMANCE are you that stupid or did you hit your head?
Mr. Pink (1 month ago)
Hol M lol, i think the correct juvenile response is, no why don't you.
LinusMLGTips (1 month ago)
Before the cool kids say "heerr econ0micz ur paid wut ur worth." I'd just like to say that since these employees aren't paid a living wage, they have to live off of government handouts so they can live and survive. And who pays for the government handouts? Middle and upper class tax payers, which make up the vast majority of Americans. We aren't talking about a small business, we are talking about a multinational corporation. They can easily afford to pay their employees better.
If the president does it why shouldn't they.
trifulquita15 (1 month ago)
rich people 📈 middle class 📉
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
Rich people get richer but faster than poorer people
Im Batman (1 month ago)
+Aidan Moretz upperclass 📈 middle class 📈
Aidan Moretz (1 month ago)
Actually that’s not true. Just because the upper class may get richer doesn’t mean the middle class gets poorer. In fact the middle class is at a state of living higher than ever before. Compare the average middle class from a decade ago and you’ll see a dramatic difference.
James Smith (1 month ago)
+knalle kalle EXACTLY!
knalle kalle (1 month ago)
They should learn to stop breeding people into poverty and misery then.
some body (1 month ago)
Apple, Amazon, Google.....all own by liberals who piss and moan about the "rich" leeching off of the poor. Well, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Stop blaming Republicans for shit and own up to the fact that you, yourself, are greedy, entitled hypocrites who do absolutely nothing to better society. You pocket the money, treat your workers like crap and pay them at the lowest rates possible. I challenge these companies to reinvest their resources BACK into their respective industries by increasing employee wages and benefits, improve working conditions and to be more communally oriented. Elon Musk does these things, and I admire him for it. So, CEOs, how about putting up or shutting up? This goes as well to all the liberals who cry when Republicans make any profit. Look at your OWN idols before judging others.
Kristen berer (1 month ago)
Every single package that goes out Jeff make $1.48 in government subsidies for using the USPS
MasterDK (1 month ago)
Kristen berer holy crap that’s dumb USPS is already losing money and now even more. Government needs to not give money to Amazon.
Kristen berer (1 month ago)
+Blue sky sure. I first saw it in the Wall Street journal a year ago. This is the same info http://fortune.com/2017/07/16/amazon-postal-service-subsidy/
Fixedguitar (1 month ago)
Well Jeremy, Richard and James made the right decision!
Stoxx (1 month ago)
And people in the world die of hunger
Nicholas Fowler (1 month ago)
It's not owned by one person it's the value of all their stuff, imdont see you selling your house to help the needy
Hol M (1 month ago)
Stoxx well blame those countries greedy politicians and lack of food for their own people. Also blame drug addicts that buy drugs instead of buying food and food for their children. gangs, crooked politicians, and messed up countries are all to blame along with ignorance
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
Stoxx You know amazon doesn’t just have 1,000,000,000 dollars chilling in the bank they invest it and spend it. It’s not free to run a company
One Piece (1 month ago)
+Trueskeptic no it doesn't
Scitch2781 (1 month ago)
Boo hoooo
Luis ortiz (1 month ago)
I want to see trump ugly face TRUMP FAKEEEEEEEEE RICH HE IS NOT EVEN A BILLIONARE .. This is how you get things done you fake BILLIONARE you thief getting things done not making excuses or taking sides ..... Learn things from people who got things done you rat.... Trump=loser bigot racist low life fake president and failed investor low life fake rich ..... Bezzos =trillionare hard working successful businessman open minded Trump now even fit to be American but fits to be a Russian puppet and Russian spy.. Well done bezzos
Kent Krueger (1 month ago)
Trump Derangement Syndrome
Orangutan (1 month ago)
Can’t imagine why, its not like they pay their workers nothing or anything is it...oh wait
dafttool (1 month ago)
Pepe Hung A trillion dollar company. I should hope so
Chaos Magnifigo (1 month ago)
+Dilaisy Rodriguez They pay ok. For a company making that much? Proportionally they start at minimum wage.
Dilaisy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Nah, they actually pay really good
Joe Smith (1 month ago)
Oh is that why no one is quitting?
NPC #472 (1 month ago)
dafttool Pay more than you
Judge Dredd (1 month ago)
Good deal
ck c (1 month ago)
"The Dutch East India Company worth $7.4 trillion" most valuable company in history
Saiyan Kakarot (1 month ago)
It is 7.9 trillion
Da Hawk (1 month ago)
Here's an idea for an iPhone protective case: Clip a net around the perimeter of the phone. If you happen to drop your phone, the net will prevent it from dying. Good enough for the person who built it, good enough for the person who uses it.
Dilaisy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Da Hawk like if any company in the hole world do. Technology companies pay more and the work is easier. The clothing market is worse
Da Hawk (1 month ago)
Damian said: "...Apple has no control what goes on there..." Au contraire. Apple has total control. They control their side of the contract. Apple can insist on just about anything they want. Even without having many other places to turn to, all you need is just one alternative to spur competition. The reason why Apple doesn't do this is because they are well aware that their stockholders care far more about the stock price than they do about some Chinese worker bee living in horrid conditions. Apple is a phone company, not a human rights organization. Who ever heard anyone at Apple say "Don't be evil"? They've got a 4-decade track record of doing whatever it takes to get markets cornered. Best interests of the _User_ be damned, let alone best interest of anyone working to make their products.
Larry Navarro (1 month ago)
Dutch east India Company was basically a country. They waged war and signed treaties. They were not a company at that point.
Investing Hustler (1 month ago)
First apple now amazon , google is next !
Investing Hustler (1 month ago)
Bill yah you’re right Microsoft is actually ahead of google in market cap size
Trueskeptic (1 month ago)
Samsung makes alot of money to.
Aceves Efrain (1 month ago)
knalle kalle (1 month ago)
Microsoft might beat them to it.
Bill (1 month ago)
Or Microsoft.
lileryy (1 month ago)
not that anyone's gonna buy it or anything
Rushell reigns (1 month ago)
Well damn
omar mills (1 month ago)
Wendy Alexander (1 month ago)
Then let the employees buy stock.
No One (1 month ago)
Buy Nike stock..as it plummets.
Da Hawk (1 month ago)
Medical care = can of 3-in-1 oil.
knalle kalle (1 month ago)
Or replace them with more efficient and compliant robots.
ZELX (1 month ago)
dark king's dream (1 month ago)
dark king's dream (1 month ago)