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What Hong Kong Unrest Means For Asia’s Financial Hub

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Hong Kong has witnessed clashes between police and protesters since April, after the city government attempted to amend extradition laws to allow criminal suspects to be tried in mainland China. The change was seen by many as creeping influence from Beijing over the special administrative region. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam soon pronounced the extradition bill ′ “dead” and apologized for how the situation was handled. But some experts think there’s more to the protests than just the extradition bill. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #HongKong What Hong Kong Unrest Means For Asia’s Financial Hub
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Text Comments (1580)
dan goh (2 days ago)
These terrorists wen face wt a police, one to one, they turned into mouse instantly.
Yang Cao (2 days ago)
Soros wants to do 1998 again with color revolution
Charlie Chan (3 days ago)
For many people that have been to china, knows that most of china actually still looks like a 3rd world country. And everbody know their government treats their own people like slaves... So it's no surprise to see them disrespect the rest of the world.. When was the last time, you hear someone say, hey I'm going to china for a relaxing vacation?!?!
zhmz888 (4 days ago)
If HK wants to harbour criminals, free to have them...mainland would not give a damn...bunch of fools..
Yang Lingzhi (4 days ago)
the 5th demand is actually about "Universal suffrage",I'm wondering why CNBC changed that. What to fear?
JVS 3 (6 days ago)
15 weeks, $$$ in destruction and disturbances to business and society.. Time for the police to bring guns to the riots and put an end to it. Start shooting anyone destroying property and throwing or using deadly items. The US police would have used deadly force after a few hours not waited 15 weeks and $$$ in destruction and damage to society. Enough time for the police to use lethal force and end this
FX UNITED (8 days ago)
Hong Kong is "Palestine of the East". Sad to see that the so called Hong Kong enforcement serving its outside non Hong Kong political master to suppress her own Hong Kong citizens. Hong Kong police did a good job (or stupitidy made used by communist) on act of aggression towards her own people just to show loyalty to her outside political master. So meaningless and foolish. I guess conflict is what the communist wants to see in Hong Kong. This conflict is going to last very very long time. All sufferings is on Hong Kong people and their political master is happy audience as they enrich themselves from the events happening in Hong Kong. Communist leaders planning to take over the physical economy of Hong Kong by force via instability. Communist do not care about Hong Kong welfare. SAME HAPPENED IN TIBET. Soon Hong Kong citizens will be slaves to communist cronies. Because communist knows only by rule of suppression. Remember the old classic movie "Flash Gordon". The young keeps fighting "Emperor Ming". When can communism ends?. Police enforcement by force will soon create formation of protester's suicide squad. Communism method is against universal rules of humanity. Communism must end via youngsters uprising. These protests will not end because the communist party will not let these protests in Hong Kong end easily until foreign ownerships in various business is removed and replaced by communist cronies participation. This Saga is much more deeper, complicated as orchatrated by the communist party since the Trump's trade problem. Hong Kong dollar peg to USD is of no use now to China. Eye for an eye. I hope Hong Kong government could be wise in not letting communist benefits from all these events. Lets sit down, peace talk and compromise to end this chotic events with no more police brutality on the protesters. Example - Cathay Pacific Airlines shares is down. The communist will use China Airline to directly or indirectly via cronies to buy up all shares that is sold off. The lady "Lam" is a scapegoat, using her to start this Hong Kong Saga. I support the Hong Kong struggle against all communism ideology employed by the communist leadership. Hong Kong police is helping communist leaders wash clean corrupted money into Hong Kong to take over Hong Kong economy. Its naive to say Hong Kong police is doing respectful and honourable work. Is beating up youngsters with no weapon on them with wooden baton on their head is consider honourable work?. Is the Hong Kong special train police force only good at showing to the outside world on bullying non violent citizens. Can you use your brain to think wisely by using forceful action you could resolve the Hong Kong people's sentiments and feelings towards the whole problem created by your governing body which comprised of representative authorities from communist China. Is all these police aggression towards your own Hong Kong citizens the decision made by Hong Kong police conmand or from Centre governing command?. Who pays your police salary, please think.. of cause is the governing command.. its the governing command that gives the instruction to the police to deal with terrorist as mention by communist China. The Communist centre command created the idea of fighting terrorist thats why your foolish police have to show your political master a good show of aggression of hard blunt force to the protesters. Karma plays its part. You inflict harm by force and results will return to you the same way too. Honourable police publicity no longer can fool Hong Kong citizens, when cameras shows proof of the truth of police brutality towards Hong Kong younger generation of protesters. Hundred times multiply hatred will be generated whenever one police brutalize citizens in front of cameras. Resolve by dialogue and not by force. Giving out a grand police show is never the answer to your Hong Kong problem. The communist is happy to see instability in Hong Kong so that now communist cronies can help communist leaders to wash clean their dirty gain money... by now, Hong Kong police is helping the corrupted communist leaders to succeed in their plan to take over the Hong Kong economy... this is my believe... you can think wisely what has been shown to you. Stop your forceful policing or resign from your job. Do not abuse the power entrusted to you as police officers. Hong Kong is not communist and should not act like communist. Police should act neutral. In the Prince Edward Metro station police brutality video, clearly shown police officers went out of control in their action attacking (pepper spraying and baton hitting) young girls on floor with both hands held up with no sign of violent. This is totally an abuse of standard procedures act. Such action in the eye of the world clearly shown the incompetency of the Hong Kong police force and that the Hong Kong enforcer is going more lawless. That was my opinion. Overseas Chinese fore fathers left Communist China because of unfair treatment and communism suppression against liberal thinking. During the difficult times when Chairman Deng seeking help from Overseas Chinese to help progress China's economy to the world, the Overseas Chinese businessman came to help China economic infrastructures investment and financing of many various charitable programs throughout China to help people in poverty. Communist China do not show compassion in apppreciation to Overseas Chinese. Communist has forgotten the good deeds Overseas Chinese has done for their country. After grown big in economy, the corrupted communism leadership continue its merciless aggression towards Overseas Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet. Communism causes so much sufferings in this world of endless stories (Killings of Falun Gong practitioners, killings at Tiananmen Square). Kind and compassionate Overseas Chinese citizens from non communist control countries (Now that we are living in much better enviroment) I ask for your love towards humanity to provide support to those Chinese whom are currently directly affected by the unfair treatment afflicted by communist ideology rulings. Lets help fellow Chinese unite and free them from Communist selfish ideology rules. May all humans lives in better world without fear and without harm towards them. Lets end "Communism".
Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd. (10 days ago)
New world conflict in Asia after Syria in.middle east. CIA just put support on.Joshua,Wong Politic is politic no mercy in politics, the conflict of 2- powers, changing Hong Kong to SYRIA WAR IN ASIA.
Selamat Markani (10 days ago)
Spore is its own country while HK is not. So lets not compare freedoms in those 2 places. Spore's way of governance is to understand the people & then formulate policy while in HK the CM just bulldoze thru
John Chen (10 days ago)
HK used to be the ONLY international trading hub for China until the big Chinese cities took over it before WW II. After the CCP put China in communist control HK became the only trading hub again. In the 1980 & 90s HK took cared of every trade out of China, thus HK made tons of money. But in the 2000s Chinese big cities and banks started to phase out HK as the hub. Last year HK GDP was 0.1%, which has 40% consisted of REAL ESTATE development. There was hardly any export to bring money in. HK economy has been on the dying road for 5 years while the RE billionaires made more money from common working residents. The only way to save HK economy is to turn it to like Shenzhen, a production city. Put those young rioters in the production lines so as to make export goods. Establish and ENFORCE the rent control ceiling (to 1/2) so the 10 top RE billionaires will leave, along with hundres of thousands lazy bum rioters (who don't want to work hard). Then the rents will drop significantly for the hard working people who now are producing export goods.
Cardina Prout (11 days ago)
Hong kong used to be the safest place in the world, now under Chinese rules, you can tell how much fear hong kongers have under the communist party.
Wendy Wendy (12 days ago)
China govt don't care if hong kong citizen leaving. They have a lot of people replace them.
Cardina Prout (12 days ago)
Yes, 1.4 billion people, that's how the locust take over.
Wendy Wendy (12 days ago)
Carrie Lam need to resign for her mistake. She is standing to china side instead for the Hong Kong people. Therefore she has lost the trust of the people of Hong Kong. The citizen want the city mayor who is able to represent 2 big side happy.
On Guard (12 days ago)
My...my....things have certainly deteriorated haven’t they! And who’s fault is it.....why Carrie Lam of course for not dealing with the extradition issue when it was obvious with 2,000,000 protesting in the street, that it was a bad idea. She hid for over 18 weeks and did nothing except complain she could not even go to the hairdresser without being harassed by protestors. Perhaps she was waiting for the Central Government in Beijing to assist but they threw her under the Bus! False bravado moving troops to Shenzhen! So now she has 5 demands instead of 1 to deal with. The world is watching very closely as Taiwan is in Chinas sights as well. Hopefully what happens in this case, is that the United Nations finally grow a pair and give full sovereign nation status to Taiwan. There will be China and there will be Taiwan. They can trade with each other and China will have to get along with Taiwan as an independent country as they do with Singapore or any other ASEAN country. Last time I checked, most people have an aversion to being ruled by a despotic, cruel, evil, totalitarian communist dictatorship such as China is. Let it go China! Nobody wants to play with the school yard bully. You will never be chosen and you will have to take your evil game play and retreat back within your borders and stay there.
Saint Louis (13 days ago)
To Mr. Xi (Chinese Communist Party) and Ms. Lam: You do not own China, the Chinese people or the world. Human beings like you just want freedom and a decent life. Do not use your powers to get that away from them. And you have nuclear power, a huge military arsenal and a permanent member of the UN >> do not use it to bully the world and grab propery that other people need for their living. Killing people will not stop the world from the thought that you are liars, bullys and exploiters. 习先生(中国共产党)和林女士:你不拥有中国,中国人民或世界。像你这样的人只想要自由和体面的生活。不要用你的力量来远离他们。你拥有核电,庞大的军事武库和联合国的常任理事国,不要用它来欺负世界,抓住其他人赖以生存的财产。杀戮的人不会因为你是骗子,欺负者和剥削者的想法而阻止世界。
lass1234 (14 days ago)
Finally one of the main stream media talks about the main factor behind the protest - Housing price! Little does one know, average Hong Kong resident spent at least two-third income on paying back a 30-ish-years mortgage. Within the 30-so-years, if you were unemployed or the home value declined you were pretty much screwed and bank-owned. -says by a Hong Kong resident
ALICE (15 days ago)
Who stopped higher tariffs to China? Just check on their money.  It has been revealed that China Founder Group (Fangzeng company) is the one who set up Shanghai and Hong Kong stock market computers and they are able to rewrite their computer Han, Chinese codes to manipulate the market, New York stock exchange has been influenced as well.  How stupid our administrations have been. We must know the swamp beside Trump administration.  Why the CCP always can outplay us?  Trump should Stop looking at Hong Kong and New York stock exchange to deal with China, all are manipulated by China and increase tariffs to China, help Hong Kongers. Whoever beside President Trump that is in charge of economics and trade talks are so stupid when dealing with China.
electroplaque (17 days ago)
Isn't it convenient to the police that the protesters attacked them suddenly without any provocation against their own self-interest? Hmmm.
lixjiejie (17 days ago)
Those so-called peaceful protesters are destroying the city. Way to go.. misinterpreted the extradiction bill, or probably use it as an excuse to demand demand demand. I think even if HK Govt gave in to their 5 demands, they will want more. Paving the grave of the city
Paz Cavejitto (19 days ago)
Monsieur ! believe what you wish...Shakespeare, what a piece a work is man how noble in reason, how infinite faculties and form and moving , how like an angel 😇 in apprehension , how like a god , the beauty of the world , and yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust!
James Comiskey (19 days ago)
Nice bit of Chinese influenced reporting
CW (21 days ago)
News media provide too much publicity for these student manipulators trying to destroy HongKong!
Lee Kh (22 days ago)
Let's analyst what are the 5 demands. Extradition law? Is to punish the evil and criminals and it's not to catch the public. The tycoons are worried. Release the roiters who were disrupting essential services and rioting? They were caught in the act. And instead investigate and imprisoned the police who were doing their duties to maintain law and order? What a joke Let HK be independent?..is already agreed to be one country two system. So the demand is basically nothing if the riot haven't started. For the extradition law is already suspended. For Independence... Even if all 7 millions protest it'll never happen. Remember there are 1.4 billions in China. So it's good to maintain peace and work and progress within the framework given by the one country two system. Don't destroy what you have but appreciate it and make more business. Seek for better things like welfare, low cost housing for HK citizen esp to develop Lantau island for HK people and restrict foreigners from buying. But the tycoons there won't be happy as it would effect their property prices. Otherwise ask yourself why Lantau so much land why is it not develop? Otherwise if recession happened it will be too late. Who actually are suffering now? HK esp the middle income earner and the poor. Wonder how many businesses is impacted by these riots and how many will close shop and people retrenched....not in China but HK. Will China give up their HK state? And let it be a usa base? I think not in the wildest dreams or in a billion years. ... and the 1.4 billions people won't allow that to happen. That's the reality.
Allyinthewonderland Z (19 days ago)
Ice Blue (22 days ago)
These protestors make demands sounding like the US democrats. LOL
electroplaque (17 days ago)
LOL. You're so funny. These people are fighting for their freedoms and are being killed by the police. LOL.
Ice Blue (22 days ago)
Why did the US weighed in about extradition bill?
Ray Mon2 (23 days ago)
Too many people injured on both sides...step down.
k (23 days ago)
this is the point of the protests, because nobody listens until money starts disappearing
Erick Cisneros (23 days ago)
I read somewhere, I cannot remember exactly , but I heard when HongKong changed sovereignty to Chinese, the mainlanders started buying the property raising the price of real estate.
Erick Cisneros (23 days ago)
Agreed they have got to build an enormous island filled with high rise condos with affordable places to live! Everyone deserves a nice place to live that one can afford! The Mainland Chinese do & the HongKong citizens too
Viper_a13 (24 days ago)
5:58 Notice how they did not mention the USA.
Peter Cabauatan (24 days ago)
So, who's trying to spoil HK as Asia's financial hub?
Stacy Clarkson (24 days ago)
Singapore has demographic problems as does China,they/ Singapore would love an influx of young Chinese!
vanessa yu (24 days ago)
I feel bad for the stray animals though..
Porsue (25 days ago)
If only china allowed freedom of speech and stop those surveillance things then maybe hong kong people will change their minds who would want to live their life in complete surveillance browsing the internet ? Nope China's government won't make it easy want to say something about the country ? Be carefull cuz hours later you may be at a prison
gonchin5678 (25 days ago)
A bit dishonest with the reporting on the amendment to the extradition Bill at 0:30. The highlighted part is not the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (FOO, cap.503) which would do the extraditing. Rather, it is the amendment to Cap.525, which with this amendment would allow you to seek legal assistance from HK if you are under Chinese legal proceedings. Why did they highlight this one? Allowing people to ask for HK legal assistance when in the PRC seems like a very good change, right? You can protect your rights with assistance from a more open and free court system. Well, it is the only time the amendments specifically mention the PRC, so they flash it quickly, narrate something else and play on your emotions. The amendment to cap.503 is a general change, which allows HK to use it on a case-by-case basis to ANY TERRITORY. Cap.503 is a very strong bill, following the UN Human Rights framework. Sadly, it only applies to 20 territories. It has been successfully implemented and used since its passing on the 25th April 1997 (yes, the extradition law is 22 years old - passed months before the handover of Hong Kong to China.) This year's amendment aimed to strengthen the FOO, and allow the Bill to be used for every territory in the world. People commit crimes and run to Hong Kong from all 190 territories. HK needs a system to send them back to face their respective courts. The amendments have been deliberately muddied, and only half the story told. A good chunk of the protesters can't even recite "the 5 demands" that they supposedly are fighting for.
Dyan vernanda (28 days ago)
The housing price is falling
Dean (28 days ago)
Are cops there called racist also ? 🤔
Caroline Lato (29 days ago)
Hong Kong police are currently reported to being armed by U.K. arms dealers . . . .... ?
racin undead (29 days ago)
Aren't elderly pepole suppose to show example but to Hong Kong I guess they don't know that their homes are so small that a toilet is littaraly next to the bed
racin undead (29 days ago)
Tf why did that elderly man attacking a woman no shame no shame at all
Sigma Geranimo (29 days ago)
henry chuah (30 days ago)
China come out do something.
beje ball (30 days ago)
not "M and C's" its MNCs (multinational corporations) 3:51
Alissa Ma (30 days ago)
The protesters (X) Rioter(X) Scum (√)
_ (30 days ago)
4:24 Damn that is *trippy*
Stevena Carlos (30 days ago)
China will take it soon its over !
rogers owen (1 month ago)
western dirty hands are behind hong kong riots
rogers owen (12 days ago)
but this time it seems to be true
Neptune (12 days ago)
rogers owen That’s what China’s media says
Paul Mathew (1 month ago)
Hong Kong gathers 1million for freedom and dumb Americans burns their freedom flag and want communism and also wants to raid Area 51
Vikram Singh (1 month ago)
God Bless Hong Kongers, I fear the statanic PLA is planning to attack these innocent people,like they did in 1989, Tiananmen square masscare, The coward PLA!!!
Comrade of the Balance (1 month ago)
Vikram Singh define coward. Also you even BELIEVING the PLA will do something is stupid. The mainland government knows better than to allow the PLA to come in like during Tiananmen
King King (1 month ago)
If we burn, you burn with us.
Lodemé Carp (1 month ago)
China government is the real culprit. See what he did to other Asian countries. #Bully
worldpeacefighter (30 days ago)
Lodemé Carp i dont think there's problem about that, if you dont like this, fight to China, or shut up
sigit tanoko (1 month ago)
fake media, where is the protestor molotov, where is the protestor stones? cnbc lets talk about the US 22 trilion $ debt, look like US will never gonna pay a dime
Lam Par (1 month ago)
There are other suitable locations in that region to replace HK as new Asia Financial Hub, no need to worry about.
Jan Kvapil (1 month ago)
4:40 average** not median, what is with leftists not understanding math? The wage gap is null void of importance in the west and far east. The leftists should be talking about the middle east, but they never do.
Jan Kvapil (1 month ago)
Honestly, I'm with Hong Kong having freedom, but ai don't think it should be brought up at the g20, considering how the US didnt want Iran to have a democracy
pascogiguere (1 month ago)
They wish they had the 2nd amendment now
Ben Wong (1 month ago)
Hope major foreign companies start moving to other nation, like SG.
Sirui Gu (1 month ago)
zhmz888 (1 month ago)
unrest?? fxxking riots..real bullets should be used an machine gun should be taken out to teach those mobs..
Cinder Cinnamon (1 month ago)
Teach them what exactly? Not to oppose CCP rule? Freedom to people!
Adrian Chin (1 month ago)
These people are so dumb.disgrace..chinese are Chinese don’t matter if you in Jamaica,Guyana,Trinidad ,Cuba Hong Kong Panama Taiwan USA,Canada.forget the white man deception
Guess Guess (1 month ago)
Keep on spreading propaganda USA . Nothing can change the fact Hong Kong is China
C Chin (1 month ago)
If those terrorist keep doing this to Hong Kong. No one in Hong Kong would have future. Those terrorist do not represent we Hong Kong people. We will not compromise with terrorist try to use gas bombs to burn down police stations and their home. We will not cooperate with terrorist who would beat up police and anyone who disagree with them.
Paz Cavejitto (1 month ago)
Trump is not dealing with a “ full deck of cards” he’s playing with himself ....I don’t trust his rhetoric ...the markets technicals and fundamentals are explicitly clear
BLACK HAND (1 month ago)
I'm reading comments about the old peeps are losing a lot more than the young generation protesting. Oh trust me they're going to lose a lot more than the old peeps, all the old peeps can see is the life they've built, all their assets being destroyed. I can understand that but the young one's FUTURE is on the line here. And they're not protesting something trivial or stupid, their protest has depth, truth and danger behind it
Austin Lee (1 month ago)
Lazy youths are destroying their country instead of building it
Coco Taveras (1 month ago)
Austin Lee Respectfully, I disagree their doing their country an amazing service by trying to cement a future of liberty for all of the city's inhabitants against an authoritarian regime which wants nothing more than to tighten its grip and restrict said rights even more, like what they have done on the mainland with the media censorship, military crackdowns, and arbitrary arrests.
Ayrun Stark (1 month ago)
I don't think they have enough police officers or prisons to stop Hong Kong. Good luck to Freedom! It will come to all.
Kenji Lim (1 month ago)
Larry Wong (1 month ago)
very well put together and informative. thank you.
Coco Taveras (1 month ago)
Larry Wong Agreed, that's what I personally love about CNBC.
Eastdarth (1 month ago)
Easiest way to slow down protesters is to cut off the internet - the young cant live without wifi😆
AriVovp (1 month ago)
The violent comes from Chinese Communist infiltrated bad actors. Mainly. They use this tactic to stir up the crowds and causing chaos
William Levy (1 month ago)
Why did ANYONE accept being taken over by a communist country would end well ?
ArgoNaga (1 month ago)
They never accepted they were meant to as the uk stole hong kong from china and since imperialism is now hated upon today they have to hand it back
Shane XC (1 month ago)
The market gonna speak of your aint giving what the people want
Flak Lognon (1 month ago)
trump as discedited democracy in china the psy-op failed period, cant hide it they will have to make major walk back on their narrative lol
SF Chong (1 month ago)
Chris Muller (1 month ago)
Sounds like china wants some democracy!🤣
Chris Muller (1 month ago)
@guilueng chou lol, point proven 😂
guilueng chou (1 month ago)
There is no need to tell the people through time that the tragic stories of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Ukraine have proved the truth of these "democracies."
Chris Muller (1 month ago)
@guilueng chou time will tell😉
guilueng chou (1 month ago)
The People’s Republic of China is already a democracy. China no longer needs additional ideological debates. Economic liberalism and political elitism are suitable for China.
Chris Muller (1 month ago)
....wwAd? What would Americans do?
Anthony Soares (1 month ago)
CNBC will never comment from a pro democratic POV. they will always favor the establishment. EAT THE RICH
Pan John (1 month ago)
I think this report is fair. Just one thing, Singapore is better than Hongkong because they are Authoritarianism, Less liberty, No protest. that's interesting.
ClayDog (1 month ago)
Just wait till ANTIFA does this in the USA
rayt (1 month ago)
Chinka is doing this to Hong Kong and Taiwan and trying to takeover everything just like South Chinka SEA greed and absolute power just like their buddy Rushka also trying to takeover Ukraine, Georgia and the others like Poland , Hungary, Romania but only see America, Japan and the UK as their only obstacle .
BenPa Aka (1 month ago)
But I do disagree the protests now is because of the housing problem! Instead, the freedom of the Hongkongers are being seriously threatened by the PRC government, moreover the situation is being more worst by the brutality police force of Hong Kong! Message from one of the Hongkongers
ArgoNaga (1 month ago)
I guess people forget that you would have gotten shot at back when you tried to protest in a communost state but now whine when you get tear gased when you destroy property
Tak Tsing (1 month ago)
They are mob. It is nothing to do with democracy, equality or human right. The mob do all the damage, attack those have opposite opinion. They do plenty of damages but not a singal construction.
S T (1 month ago)
You are salty because the protesters aren't white?
T D (1 month ago)
Free Hong Kong—Support Hong Kong for democracy and human rights!!👍
herrdirektor1969 (1 month ago)
Lam should be jailed as a traitor to HK.
Paz Cavejitto (1 month ago)
One of the ads taken out by Li Ka-shing—a 91-year-old tycoon worth $27 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index—was aimed at the Chinese government. It referenced a Tang dynasty poem that calls on an empress not to kill her own children. The other, aimed at protesters, called for an end to violence and cautioned that the best intentions can have the worst outcomes.
Der Las (1 month ago)
Matthew Golden (1 month ago)
My home office is over 120 sq ft.
张彦文 (1 month ago)
In conclusion, HK is a part of China
KEK Freedom Heritage (1 month ago)
New considerations in the struggle of Hong Kong and China Communists. This may ramp up into a long petition for a self governing region known as Hong Kong. But, the protesters should consider new tactics, and to play cards very carefully, to seek good allies, and seek legal ways of formal petitions for self governing. Perhaps the two systems agreement can continue, or be enhanced, or a new political solution of freedom that is technically supported within the upfront language in the Constitutions of China and Hong Kong. <><> Expression can sometimes be more powerful than physical force. Ideally, the Protesters and Liberators need to change tactics and to stay safe. Just some ideas, include small flags of freedom (of various types) on higher ground, or start new dance party protests, or maybe try making friends with some police, and try formal legal petitions, and more powerful Memes. <><> Hearing feedback from much of Kekistan Nation, with strong support for Hong Kong Protesters and Liberators. Wishing you positive energy and hope. Celebrate Reeee New Freedom ! May the KEK Force be with you. Shadilay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihKSHT7gIBY
Yellow Blue (1 month ago)
Stay out of this USA it’s one country 2 systems
Paz Cavejitto (1 month ago)
China will not use military force it would be economically catastrophic ...and a colossal miscalculation of unprecedented proportions ..today markets up S& P 500 dividend yield is 1.96 value is better then treasury 30 bonds yesterday they formed a intraday reversal pattern but didn’t close down exchanging into weak hands to stupid people
Impire Uday (1 month ago)
China is bringing Army tankers to control people. What if chinese president's son/daughter in opposite side. China is behaving like a mad man
James Anagnos (1 month ago)
Hong Kong knock offs are elligal ,the criminals should be sent to China for trial, if Hong kong is corrupt and alows this to happen a higher authority should step in and end the corruption, you cant have your cake and eat it hong kong
zi sun (1 month ago)
Send these people out it doesn’t cost brain drained China can replace it easily
zi sun (1 month ago)
If Hongkong people don’t go into criminal acts why shud they be afraid of the extradition law
John J (1 month ago)
It’s a broad bill that basically could consider anything a criminal act, and impede freedom of speech
ThewayICit (1 month ago)
I naturally tend to side with the people over unelected government but the fierceness of the protest in this case seem out of proportion to the demands. Remember HK-ers already enjoy far more freedom than their mainland brothers, including considerable freedom to protest, a free press, a fair trial and other rights mainland Chinese can only dream of. True in HK they don't have the right to choose their leaders or make all their own laws independently, but then they never did have these rights, not even under British rule.
官长S (1 month ago)
It means that Shanghai will be no.1
官长S (1 month ago)
Terence Ng “ Triggered” LMAO
Terence Ng (1 month ago)
@官长S 🖕🖕🖕
官长S (1 month ago)
Terence Ng And my evidence is the chart you can find by google, look up the economic growth of Shanghai, combined with the situation of HK now. That’s why I say it “will”. Your turn
官长S (1 month ago)
Terence Ng See? Is this kind of “ I don’t have a valid argument so I have to attack you personally” education going on in your family? Or is there a teacher tell you to do so. If so, you should be shameful that nowadays a middle school kid knows that an opinion need to be supported by evidence. I’m 18, I said will, by your means, Shanghai cannot replace HK in around 62 yrs. I want to know why and all you can give me is this... Oh come on. If you don’t know why, then don’t harass others okay?
Terence Ng (1 month ago)
@官长S 🖕
I O (1 month ago)
John J (1 month ago)
So remove all of the people that live in Hong Kong from there? So it will be an empty city? That sounds useful... think before you speak moron 😂😂
Modus Operandi (1 month ago)
Time to fund some antifa and burn down the white house.
jason harvote (1 month ago)
Its strange how riots and protests are very similar. So how if government were to start killing or incarcerating or disappearing people people are supposed to do peaceful protests if not they rioting and get 10 years in prison? Seems legit.