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How a Zillow exec found her lakeside home

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See the one feature that convinced Zillow COO Amy Bohutinsky to purchase her Seattle house and turn it into her dream home.
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Text Comments (18)
Khmer Jewelry (1 month ago)
I love CNN 😍😍😍 Who thinks like me?
Slothrop 47 (1 month ago)
Obscene, disgusting, and evil,
C. Lincoln (1 month ago)
Native AD.... maybe you should say that its an ad.
Серж Шуляченко (1 month ago)
A caravan of 10,000 refugees is approaching the United States. Trump sent a soldier. Why kill destitute people? Metis, should withdraw the military. Ask the UN for representatives to attend.
Серж Шуляченко (1 month ago)
Jeff Bezos lost $ 8.2 billion due to the collapse of the US stock market. In the US, Joe Biden became the addressee of parcels with explosives.
B J (1 month ago)
The title made me think she was robbed or something lmaooooo
Chris Gouger (1 month ago)
This is an ad for Zillow -
Multiverse Pawl (1 month ago)
Is this Mercer Island?
[] (1 month ago)
Brandon Zender (1 month ago)
Hey CNN, can you start posting ACTUAL stories please? Thanks.
Bdubz (1 month ago)
For being so high up in a a company as zillow it doesn't seem like she spends barley any of her money
Daveomabegin (1 month ago)
Hey CNN, can you stop posting these videos of wealthy people and their expensive material objects like huge homes and yachts? It's not informative, and honestly it just makes me frustrated that wages for the middle class have been mostly stagnant for the last 30 years.
C. Lincoln (1 month ago)
Its because you middle class plebs are not more productive. If you want a real wage hike, then become more valuable to your employer. When you become 10x more valuable to your employer, he'll gladly pay you 5x your current income, otherwise enjoy your 2% wage increase and STFU.
Daveomabegin (1 month ago)
I think you all missed the point of my post. This was a criticism of news coverage. By glorifying the lifestyle of wealthy elites, CNN ignores the people who truly deserve news coverage: the shrinking middle class and struggling working class. As an avid CNN viewer, I vocalize my feelings to motivate them to change. If they don't change, then I'll watch someone else.
bazuka0190 (1 month ago)
jag10 hahaha come back when you have join them.. don't think you would now STFU you in the same place as that person
zed625 (1 month ago)
On the bright side for the last few years the middle class wage growth has been so strong and so many people have left the middle class and lower class for upper-middle class that the middle class has shrunk! Which coincidentally means more people than ever can afford homes like this.
Andrew Gisler (1 month ago)
You're right they have been moving into the upper class.