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Revised Alley Dock with two free pull-ups

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This is a Mooney CDL Training video illustrating how to back a tractor/trailer rig into an alley dock. This version illustrates the use of two free pull-ups on the CDL test.
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raymond80hr (6 days ago)
my mom had trouble with its part of the test the next time she brought a 35' trailer and not a 53' trailer and got the job done.
Beck Silverback (21 days ago)
Dislike #210 ask me why.
Bodybuilding glory (26 days ago)
One of the best videos I've seen about backing up. Very well explained
Kenneth Thompson (26 days ago)
The challenge should be backing up on ur blind side
Kenneth Thompson (26 days ago)
Give me a minute or less n I'm done.. dats child's play
ashin candavara (28 days ago)
Dan Lyons (29 days ago)
I did the alley dock with zero pull ups on my test. :) Before I got my CDL. I was a WHS manager and had to alley dock all our truck at work because we didn't have enough doors for all of them. We had OTR drivers come in who couldn't dock into our location. You can google the old location if you'd like. 5100 fulton drive Fairfield, ca 94534. I never measured the distance, but we had 48', 46', 36' and 28' trailers. Those docks would take down guys driving over 20 years. They'd get pissed after I docked their truck and I didn't have my cdl yet LOL.
69adrummer (1 month ago)
Great video. No music, clean camera work, crisp audio and no "fluff n stuff". Nice
impala 1996 (1 month ago)
this look way to hard, way they force you to do it with only 2 pull ups?
James Patton (12 days ago)
impala 1996 u know as a beginner that’s now how it is in a trucker world, I pull up many times as I need till I’m comfortable
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
impala 1996 - no it’s not too hard if you practice. But if you drive a truck a few times and think you’re going to pass, you’re stupid.
Robbie Douglas (1 month ago)
He pulls up to start way to far out,, get close to the cones, about 4 feet,, turnright as ur drivers door see the opening go out a trailor length. Cut the tractor to the left, now ur whole unit is ore set in a curl to go right in, open the door cut ur wheel slowley left till u go right in no pullups, u wont have 40 feet in front of u out at customers dock lots,
Zakaria Bougrinat (1 month ago)
To be a good truck driver is a gift from God
mohd emran (2 months ago)
The first pull up they are taking is too much infront. The site where i am giving test one can't pull so much straight.you can turn to your left to pull up.
NC Styles (2 months ago)
Jounathan Lounder (2 months ago)
this guy is very good at backing
Chandra Bahadur Ghale (2 months ago)
Really impressed
Sami Safe (2 months ago)
They lock up with me quickly
Sami Safe (2 months ago)
I have failed twice I will try to learn from you
Sami Safe (2 months ago)
Arbalest Raptor (2 months ago)
Had that guy been a lot closer to the cones and not pulled so far forward he would not have needed the first pull-up.
Kane0441 (2 months ago)
can this be don in one take?
Isaac Chuene (3 months ago)
Eesh I have code14 but I don't know if I can really do that.
Aaron Nunya (3 months ago)
See all those lines (cracks) in the concrete? Use them, they are everywhere and are your best friend when backing. Even shadows can help.
videos4mydad (3 months ago)
This is basically parallel parking x100
ronbo owes me money (3 months ago)
U suck
Charles Chalissery (3 months ago)
what truck? WB 40, WB 62 or WB 67?
The Kidd (3 months ago)
2 free pull ups? dumb. oh wait, that's how they train Swift to take off your front bumper at 2am!
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
The Kidd - I’m sure you did everything perfect the first time you tried anything.
Kenneth Thompson (26 days ago)
john wayne gacey (1 month ago)
Sports Plus (1 month ago)
Funny bro
Sports Plus (1 month ago)
The Kidd 😂😂😂😂😂 lmao
Singh 007 (3 months ago)
Can anybody tell me is it right that we can't make any pull ups before our trailer last tyres entered in front cones Of an alley?
Chick Mooney (3 months ago)
In utah you can pull up when ever you deem necessary. You do not have to be in the alley first.
Waldner Douglas (3 months ago)
I was told that the trailer has to enter the box before you can pull up. Otherwise, if the trail doesn't enter the box the pull up has to be back to the a 90 degree angle to the box again and counts as one of your pull ups. Is that true that the trailer has to enter the box? So, for example since his trailer didn't enter the box and since his pull up wasn't back to a 90 degree angle, that is an automatic fail.
Chick Mooney (3 months ago)
In Utah that is NOT the case.
cavefalcon (3 months ago)
In Poland if you driving like this on exam = FAIL. 1. You can backing only from the blind side. 2. You can only one time changing driving direction (back, front, back). 3. You can't exit truck to check finish distance. 4. You have time limit to finish maneuvers. 5. And the best: comparision to US salary the exam costs: 250 USD. You can watch here (without trailer): https://youtu.be/va3t4DES6Kw?t=111 and here (with trailer) https://youtu.be/0Yf7irKcXEg?t=297 because you need pass two exams if you want driving truck with trailer.
Allan Santa Maria (4 months ago)
88 Mike
Danico Williamson (4 months ago)
Always love trailer driving wish I could learn more
Luxottica (4 months ago)
Guys buy 250$ rear Bluetooth camera with lcd cabin monitor for your truck it will help big time!
Kimberly G (4 months ago)
Also wondering how Where you trailer tire position is they seem far up the sliding tandem frame(towards the Tractor) and also wondering how long the Trailer might be. thanks in advance......
Kimberly G (4 months ago)
I thought you had to make some of you Trailer in the "alley" Box before you could get a "Free" Pull Up? and / or if you were to Do a Pull Up like you did in the Video here you had to Start over? SO Again. You Can Pull Up to the boundary cones If YOUR TRAILER Is "Early" like you did in the Video??? what State are you in?? Maybe my state is different? But its a DOT thing right? so thats FEDERAL? anyways thanks in Advance for answer. Kimberly
Ron Kessler (4 months ago)
I’ve always heard that you can’t make a forward pull-up until the back of the trailer has crossed the first two cones. -Ohio
i'm for me (4 months ago)
سواق Good driver
Rovik Rb (5 months ago)
during the exam skilses you can go out from the cab to look behind ???
tennesseewalker12 (5 months ago)
shit is to easy
Fah Blizza (5 months ago)
Been on this Earth for 32 years and this is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to learn.
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
Fah Blizza - it’s easier than differential equations, but I can see your point.
Adrian Leon (5 months ago)
Nice vid bro great job
Mark Tuggle (5 months ago)
This is the alley dock? I thought there would be less space? I've been in some depots where there was less space. You have to start close to the spot then angle the trailer towards the spot.
Julio Diaz (5 months ago)
The 4th Horseman (5 months ago)
I remember taking my test,heart racing, hands sweating, and so nervous. Now I'm a city driver. I feel more comfortable driving a truck than my own car. It's actually all about practicing. No one can be taught how to drive. You have to learn from mistakes. Just don't hit anything while learning and you'll get there for sure.
Tina Jones (1 month ago)
Sounds exactly right and I am in this part of the testing now. Nervous at first but confident now. Thank you
Votka S (5 months ago)
Very good video, this helps me a lot for the 1st time I go to do my test.
CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby (5 months ago)
Done my frist on when I was 7
126cardinal (5 months ago)
these trucks should deff have cameras in the back
Mthandazi Vilakazi (5 months ago)
I like the way hi drive
Kendrick Osborn (6 months ago)
I use this very method and passed with only one pull up. Very informative video. Well at least it was for me.
Kenneth Thompson (26 days ago)
This didn't need no pull up.. it's a BIG space
Richard Hoapili (6 months ago)
For all the people that failed your tests What ever you guys do never give up
Jon Paul (23 days ago)
Mike White quit now to save further embarrassment mike
john wayne gacey (1 month ago)
Thank rich
AK_MOB559 (1 month ago)
+Mike White did you pass
True Love (1 month ago)
+Mike White never ever give up...life is not easy to live .......just get up , work for it , get taste of victory....my blessings are wd you........best of luck
Richard Hoapili (5 months ago)
Mike White failure is not an option you worked this hard to get where your at right now close your eyes and imagine you doing the alley dock take a deep breath open your eyes and do your thing and think only positive thoughts it helps a lot to calm your nerves and think of the big smiles your gonna get when you let them know you got your A license
Crip Franco (6 months ago)
It's not even 90 degress no more
Crip Franco (6 months ago)
How u going to fuck up on teaching video
James Gray (6 months ago)
To many variables .. We teach it in 4 moves of the steering wheel .. And practice does make perfect .. Alley dock is a jack knifing procedure ..
dhaliwal sabh (6 months ago)
Trucker Pete (6 months ago)
This is easy! I want a how to alley dock but with only about 40-50 ft in front of parking space. Had to back up to something similar today & struggled so much
Robert Boyer (6 months ago)
I can't really see which way you turn when you pull up the first time. It doesn't even look like the steers turned. Maybe I steer too hard?
Michael J (6 months ago)
You should have been closer to your left this would have gave u more room to work with This should have been done with only one pull up
Manuel Santos (6 months ago)
Getting my cdl was a great accomplishment
Zhoongiidaay- ay (6 months ago)
Great video, very helpful of what I was doing wrong with my practice yesterday. I'm currently in AZ training, with a week and a half left till my road test. I'm hoping for the best and to pass in one go.
RobertBOUSKILL (6 months ago)
You hit this from the wrong side. Pull up close to the trailers until you clear the empty spot. When your body crosses the imaginary line at the edge of the spot turn left as fast as you can and wait for your trailer to follow you around. Once you stop you can go into reverst and the trailer will drop into the spot. It is magic.
Black Mans (6 months ago)
I take my test on the 28th of June I been attending international truck school in Stockton California this video and a lot of practice has helped me a lot thank you
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Personally, I like to 90° in a hole much more than 45°. As a student, I did it like they told me to do it, but after being out here 7 years, I'll slam those tandams all the way back and 90 in all day long.
R Dukes (6 months ago)
Heinzkitz Velvet I agree I like to 90 in too
Jeffrey Whitworth (7 months ago)
This back would be a whole lot easier with your tandems set back all the way.
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Jeffrey Whitworth Agreed.
Jeffrey Whitworth (7 months ago)
I have only been driving 17 years, but I am still learning. If it's tight, I slide my tandems all the way back since some shippers/receivers want them slid back anyway.
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Jeffrey Whitworth Absolutely! It's better this way in a controlled environment where you can only destroy a little orange rubber cone. But I think students should practice with the tandems in a more realistic setting. There's a sweet spot for those tandems, about 13 holes up from the back, that makes the trailer a dream to drive AND back. I know weight distribution doesn't always allow that, but when you can, it's the best spot.
TjThaReal13 (7 months ago)
Yea, except you have nowhere near that much room in an actual parking lot or truck stop....10x harder when you are trying not to damage a $200k truck on either side of you
TjThaReal13 (6 months ago)
Michael Hawes lets see...truck, trailer, all the equipment that goes with it and customizations...that set upwith a newer truck can hit 200 easy
Michael Hawes (6 months ago)
i would be worried about the guy or girl that spent 200 grand on a truck
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
TjThaReal13 That's when you slide the tandems back. There's WAY too much ass hanging off that trailer. That's the quickest way to hit something.
Martin Godinez (7 months ago)
After 3 years of driving I could tell you that that imaginary Red Line is crucial. your Brain power to extend that line out, always start turning before you get to the line, by the time the back wheel is over the imaginary line you should be almost perfect.
Robert Sise (7 months ago)
When the driver got out to inspect his distance frim the dock, would have been a good time to open and secure the trailer doors too. Also, it was good to not after his first pull up that his steer corrections were quick and small. Good video.
TX militia (7 months ago)
I do this with a 57 tandems all the way back piece of cake
rig rocker (7 months ago)
Funny. I just did this. It's not hard drivers
Jaimi Perry (7 months ago)
rig rocker just because you find something easy doesn't mean it's the same for everyone else.
Luis Mendez (8 months ago)
I had 12 chances couldn’t fucking gget it
j minor (8 months ago)
I followed these exact instructions with some practice and passed my driving skill test . excellent instructional video
M. Lo (8 months ago)
With all that room you had when you started there's no need for a pull up
AK_MOB559 (1 month ago)
BILLY Gomez (8 months ago)
I could have done this in 1...there is more than enough room for it and that's a junk 900 that don't turn all that great..but it's taken me 40yrs if experience to learn this and still learning..
LuvLeta (29 days ago)
How would you have done it if it was closer to the left cone?
Jay Peso (8 months ago)
That was 2 easy! 🤔
Yacine China (8 months ago)
thanks thanls thanks very much
zulfiqar ali (9 months ago)
You said go forward if you have not place forward then ? I am also truck driver and I have 6 experience only but I can park every truck parking place from bliend Sid and driver side you all making videos but even you also don't know how to tell people's so think about it
MsDannyrevs (9 months ago)
I have no CDL but I have a ton of practice at this I am a full-time Yard Switcher at a Distribution Center, we never leave the yard so no CDL required. If you have a big Distribution center in your area try to get a Yard Dog job it is a great way to get paid to practice moving trailers around and learning how to do a pull through, and button hooks, 45 and ally docks or button hook away from parking space so you can straight line back. Lots of practice I move 75-90 trailers a shift. Good exercise too climbing them 3 steps up to the truck and walking back to open swing doors and kick chocks. You also learn how to hook up gladhands and operate the airbrake system valves you learn what it means to slip a king pin or fail to couple and almost drop a trailer "even though you tugged it and it passed the tug test." cranking landing gear and if you are lucky you will get to move around pup trailers as well fast reacting little terds they make 53' look easy.
MsDannyrevs (14 days ago)
Hope you have strong knees because it is a lot of up and down climbing. I do not drive yard tugger anymore I got my CDL A and now run Line Haul for a local LTL company!!! Yard doggin really made me shine at trucking school over my classmates After I completed my first range day everyone in my class was asking me for advice and the instructors had me watching the other students on one of the practice exercises because they knew I knew what I was doing! Advice, well remember the less wheel movement and adjustments you can make during the backing phase the better you will be. I advise you crank the shit out of the wheel at first just to see how much they move that way once you experienced the max adjusting to the minimum is easy. If you have to deal with PUP trailers I advise you hook on then lift it up then get out and crank the landing gear down a few cranks makes putting a jack under them easier after you unhook. Trial and error backing trailers is simple driving big vehicles with a trailer is simple just give them plenty of room when you make turns and the sooner you learn to button hook and do pull thru's to park the sooner your workmates will like you because that is the fastest way to park a trailer in a yard do a pull thru vs backing in. Oh, Chapo as for your comment up there Sleepers I do not drive them, I went from yard dog to day cab and this is where I will be until I retire. At the end of the day getting the yard dog job was the best thing that could have happened to me as far as propelling me into actually driving Semi Trucks. It is a fantastic stepping stone into the world of Truck Driving. You will be nervous your first few days but everyone is, so do not worry about it. The people training you and checking you out in the yard dog are not looking to see if you can just jump in and do the job. They are looking to see if you have the potential to do the job, if you have the underdeveloped skill set they are looking for because the truth is a job like this is only learned by doing it. Everyone sucks at first everyone is nervous at first but you get faster and better with every back. I am sure you have forklifts at your warehouse job. Driving a yard dog is like driving a forklift. Everyone sucks for a few weeks but then it just clicks.
ivan d (22 days ago)
MsDannyrevs I applied for yard driver at my warehouse, any advice?
MsDannyrevs (3 months ago)
Yes it depends on the account. If you never leave the yard you do not need a CDL
burkey426 (4 months ago)
I hate pups and flatbed 28’s
Manoj Agnihotri (4 months ago)
Can we be a Yard Shunter without CDL
Anthony Abelardo (9 months ago)
Alley dock lol.. as OTR you have to back up in truck stops like this all the time. The amount of space you have is nearly no room for error. I was OTR for 2 weeks.
Idris (9 months ago)
Every trailer should have a backup camera 😁
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
Idris - the problem with cameras is they get dirty so you’ve got to get out anyway to clean it, and by then you’ve already inspected the area.
Kenneth Thompson (26 days ago)
Once u get use 2 it.. it will be like the air u breathe
Old School Trucker (29 days ago)
Now park in a tight parking filled with eld drivers at night
Federico Astica (2 months ago)
+viny vici That's like saying that automatic gearbox is for bad drivers.
Mode Liukas (2 months ago)
Votka S So when you back up with your car you dont use your rear view mirror is well ?
Kenyon Hicks (9 months ago)
Can you get out and look before you’re in the box?
Kenyon Hicks (9 months ago)
Shaquille Bennett thank you
Shaquille Bennett (9 months ago)
Kenyon Hicks yea should have two free get outs . Use one make sure you’re in the box & not outside the wall & use last one to check if you’re in the box or close to it .
Mua Mulwa (9 months ago)
Only one free pull up in Minnesota
Most Popular Videos Around (10 months ago)
When I create the warehouse I'm going to have dock doors 50 feet apart
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
Most Popular Videos Around - no you’re not. You’d do better to have a wide area for turning.
Young Hustla (10 months ago)
How do you remember what way you turn your wheels?
Shovel Stream (3 months ago)
you have absolutely easy way to explane the whole video nice
Don S (5 months ago)
Another good thing do turn towards trouble
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Shelby k My drill sergeant of an instructor told me to put my hand on top of the wheel and watch my mirrors when the trailer starts to drift, move my hand in that direction and it straightens up.
Temper Thurman (7 months ago)
Use your mirrors. If you see more tire on one side and not the other, turn your wheel into the side with more tire to straighten it.
Shelby k (9 months ago)
You can also put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and turn in the direction you want your trailer to go so if you wanna go right turn the bottom of the wheel to the right
Ben Bloomington (10 months ago)
If there is a wireless back camera for the Trailer then you don't have to get off the truck to see the space available. Saves time.
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Ben Bloomington Yep, right up until the moment you drive away under another trailer and forget to grab your expensive wireless backing camera. There's no excuse for being so lazy that you don't want to get out of the truck to find out what is going on 75' behind you. It's not a car. You CANNOT be staring at a dashboard screen while you're backing up. That camera is only going to show you 1 angle. It's not gonna show you what your tandems might be driving over. It won't show you the side of your trailer destroying the hood of someone else's tractor. Nor will it show you if the top of your trailer is about to take off the awning on someone's building. No. It won't save you any time at all because all of your time will be spent writing up accident reports. To back safely, you MUST use all the tools available. Both mirrors, head out the window looking at what is going on and most important is goal... Get Out And Look
Kaleb Forbes (10 months ago)
im having a pretty hard time on mine too. i can pass everything but the 90 in west virginia. i can do both offsets without pull ups but my brain just cant do the 90
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
90 is my favourite way to back in. Some places see just too difficult to 45 your way into and 90 is your only option. I liked it so much, it's pretty much the only way I back in now.
dr stinky (7 months ago)
Chew a piece of gum. And don't over think. Once that happens you screw yourself up.
Ben Santaguida (9 months ago)
Kaleb Forbes Stop over thinking it. Been there, done that till i relaxed and went with the flow.
K.B. Shaw's (10 months ago)
Thats one way... I pull up, turn my wheel all the way to the right... back up, and kinda jack knife... straighten up my wheel... 1 full turn to the right... drive it in... if done right, no pull ups are needed... js... If i had a drone id video that...
Barry Adams (10 months ago)
No truck and trailer to practice on
Black Mans (6 months ago)
Barry Adams I thought the same thing needed a truck to practice with but in do time all the angles will come into veiw
Barry Adams (10 months ago)
My biggest thing is trying to find that imaginary line... I need help
lowriderrider (3 months ago)
I really think he is kidding
Candy Diamond (6 months ago)
For long now my husband have been trying to get a trucks drivers license until he meet the right guy.if you need any documents just contact realdocuments100@gmail.com and happy like we are now.
Heinzkitz Velvet (7 months ago)
Barry Adams It's kind of like basketball. When you shoot, you've got to imagine the arc the ball needs to travel in order to hit the basket. I look at the back tandem tire and the painted line on the ground and imagine an arc between the two. Then I stick the bitch in the hole.
Barry Adams (10 months ago)
I failed mine too, using too many pull ups, im going back next week... Just a setback
Mr Magelacuttie (1 day ago)
Barry Adams and you have to pray for God to remove all fear and doubt from your mind!
Mr Magelacuttie (1 day ago)
Barry Adams good luck
ken he (14 days ago)
In the real world, you can use pull up as many as you wish.
andre thegiant (18 days ago)
Barry Adams you will get it my brother just keep your head up .
Trafala32 (1 month ago)
Same here bro . I’m so down
Joey thakid (11 months ago)
Im studying to become a CPA how did i get here
Aaron Lassiter (8 months ago)
Joey thakid I’m studying to get my CPA too! LOL!
Mr. Butterworth (9 months ago)
Joey thakid - YouTube algorithms recognized your search terms, and for your benefit lead you to videos of jobs way more fun than accounting.
Diego Mendez (11 months ago)
In a real life scenario nothing like this, good luck people
Omid Ahmadzai (9 months ago)
That's is easy for me
BOXER69 (11 months ago)
I can do this with my eyes close.
Minta (5 months ago)
BOXER69 me too 😂😂😂😂
Gremlin (8 months ago)
BOXER69 spoken like a true Swift Driver
Gremlin (8 months ago)
Spoken like a true Swift Driver
Andy Davis (10 months ago)
Doubt it
wiener wantalot (11 months ago)
J.ALEXAN13 it's better with your eyes open lol
Paulie Wallnuts (11 months ago)
lol 2 pull ups for the instructor
jimmyfly (19 days ago)
Paulie Wallnuts - giving a demo, jackass.
gEt nEuterd (11 months ago)
Perfect camera angle for beginners! Liked and subscribed!
Caleb Cortez (11 months ago)
The ONLY way to get this is to practice,practice,practice!!!!
jeffrey Williams (26 days ago)
this video help me pass my skills test. this pass Monday. 🖒🖒
Yairel Sotomayor (2 months ago)
+Mike Akins Exact bro 👍
MsDannyrevs (3 months ago)
Not if you never leave the yard
Matt (3 months ago)
+MsDannyrevs you still have to have a class A cdl to be a yard dog
jay parlato (5 months ago)
Man we don't even have this much room to pull foward just enough if u don't get it right the first time you would have to start over
KENNETH KING (1 year ago)
About how far are you out from the box? Great vid by the way.
Ben Santaguida (9 months ago)
Just remember it takes 10 feet for your tires to do one full revolution.
Picture Me Rollin (1 year ago)
Just failed mine because I use too many pull ups. A 45 degree is so much easier than a 95 degree.
impala 1996 (1 month ago)
+August Sage why ?
August Sage (10 months ago)
If it took you 15 pull ups to do an alley dock...I don't blame the trooper for not trusting you on the road
wiener wantalot (11 months ago)
Dario Campos congrats party time
Truly Trill (11 months ago)
Picture Me Rollin big up yuh self
Picture Me Rollin (11 months ago)
Dario Campos I passed my driving test yesterday. I am officially a CDL operator.
kelso dilla (1 year ago)
great and to the point video, i have an interview test tomorrow and have watched this tons trying to prepare thanks a bunch
Paul Deknikker (1 year ago)
Very good example.
BlackDynamite901 (1 year ago)
After more than a year I still have gotten everything done with a 45.
soblessed D General (1 year ago)
This is the hardest maneuver
Alexander Crash (1 month ago)
Dun Deal (3 months ago)
soblessed D General doing it on your blind side is the harder maneuver.
Michael J (6 months ago)
soblessed D General it’s not hard. This is simple maneuver. Have your driver window down and look
5065ca (9 months ago)
soblessed D General maybe offset using passenger mirror
Blue Collar Millennial (10 months ago)
I had more trouble with the parallel parking
E Street (1 year ago)
Thank you