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Text Comments (283)
B (3 months ago)
These shits way better than boost way more comfortable y’all hyped up that boost shit it’s not comfortable as the 500
Robb holmes (3 months ago)
This kanye guy has had a platform for too long, and that shoe is a shining symbol of how far he's fallen off.. Im sure they comfortable, bt they look like complete carbage bro.. We cant let ye off the hook on this 1.. they look like durable crackhead sneakers b, i aint goin for it..
sh0rtaznant (6 months ago)
Looks like something I'd fine rotting in a moving box in the garage from my childhood
mauricesj66 (6 months ago)
Please pick up the y3 kaiwa and review
Jacob Johnson (6 months ago)
Best part of this was the Lion King description
Glenn Wright Jr (6 months ago)
Man these are the ugliest shoes I ever seen they look like u went got them pour your closet and made a interview i mean I like kanyne and his music but I doubt these shoes will go with your everyday clothes like a fresh pair of white Nike’s would go would anything
Jesis Maharjan (6 months ago)
Who cares i just bought a pair of yeezy 500 in blush a week back
Mike Silverii (6 months ago)
These are so fire. People really are sleeping 😂
A Winged Albatross (6 months ago)
I saw the grey powerphases sit for a good bit on shelves in Toronto
Philly B (7 months ago)
ugly as fuk thats why they sat on shelfs
The User (7 months ago)
These are ugly to be honest that's why they're sitting.
Deezz1212 (7 months ago)
It might literally be the ugliest show of all time. But to each his own.
BIG HUNGRY (7 months ago)
It’s not dead. If Adidas re-released the pirate black 350 boosts, they would sell like wild fire. ...same for when they finally release an all red yeezy. The reason the recent yeezys haven’t been selling is because of the shitty color ways and unpopular models.
csco72 (7 months ago)
Suede "feels like a young Simba" XD Totally agree! I love them too! Glad they didn't sell out cuz I got them for retail! W00T!!
Inrovert (7 months ago)
How do the 500s fit true to size or half size up?
obertowski (7 months ago)
Chay Diggs (7 months ago)
ppl like what they like but ummm... #ijustdontseeit
KickinAsh (7 months ago)
I'm sure they are comfortable and durable but I just can't get past how ugly they are to me 🤷🏾‍♀️ HOWEVER I love that everyone is able to cop who wishes to. That's beautiful and the way it should always be IMO
Charles Hodge (7 months ago)
Because their fucking ugly dad shoes... the style is ironic not progressive
Tuck3r (7 months ago)
It’s a dope-looking shoe but I hate all black shoes so this a hard no.
Jonathan Rivera (7 months ago)
There still on yeezy supply
holla9823 (7 months ago)
Really loving your content these days!! The editing and camerawork has BEEN super on point.
Moses Chappell (7 months ago)
Bro! You're preaching the gospel! I LOVE the 500's AND it's availability!! Great shoe! In the words of my man Busta Rhymes, "Gimme some mo'!" lol Keep giving us great content broham! Many thx...
TheChayneAngelo (7 months ago)
Make a red October v2 or 500 and make em limited and guess what.... hype will be back.
Daniel James (7 months ago)
Butters are nasty...suchba dead colourway....yeezy500 look like pradas on steroids😉😉
Kiko Antonio (7 months ago)
Kanye the cash cow of Adidas right now. They are selling yeezys as general release as there is no other adidas sneakers that people are waiting for. All restock in September of yeezys will give boost to Adidas income. And yes that move will kill the resell value of the shoes as it will saturate the market with too much yeezys.
Jaloy Duque (7 months ago)
In my country it sold out! so from my perspective it still sold out.
BackseatJuice (7 months ago)
Christian Valle (7 months ago)
These are better than the butter
King Armani (7 months ago)
Hey bro that yeezy Wyoming hoodie is it a gildand brand .... Thanks for the videos as well very informative
Steven Nguyen (7 months ago)
Still been trying to get a pair of Pharrells every time they drop. Here's hoping for the next time.
Scott Iffinger (7 months ago)
These didn't sell because they are disgusting. That's it. These are really bad.
Antwan Frazier (7 months ago)
Mark C (7 months ago)
Those are Fugly i swear
Silky Johnson (7 months ago)
This dude is such a Cornball
jon doe (7 months ago)
These kicks are garbage thats why, 500 ,750,and 700 are lame. Hypebeast just want them
Isaiah C. (7 months ago)
I think these 500’s look amazing
yGen (7 months ago)
Simple because imo the sole is ugly
Ythien Duong (7 months ago)
Didnt he say the same thing about the butters?....
Carlos Diaz (7 months ago)
Truth be told from an actual fashion stand point em hoes are ugly as a m*f just like Balenciagas fuck a brand name.... My still favorite Yeezy has to be the triple black 750 🥀
Chenardnoir Presidentè (7 months ago)
Jon Jackson (7 months ago)
The utility 500's are still on yeezysupply as of 7/9/18. Markets just saturated. The average person just doesn't have money to spend on multiple pairs of the same shoe. For collectors and resellers- shits dead. Still overall great shoe. If its your first pair of yeezys- rock em'
1000 subscribers with a few videos (7 months ago)
They are so ugly they *HURT* so I don't think I'm surprised about them not selling out but o was surprised when the other 500 sold out
RainLefty React (7 months ago)
Not trying to be cool but that 500 is freakin ugly...
U MadBro or Nah (7 months ago)
Won’t pay 50$
U MadBro or Nah (7 months ago)
They are ugly as hell
J M (7 months ago)
Too me I'm in AZ and I just see resealing dying off all together.
L Mit (7 months ago)
They ugly thats why
WeareRevellers WeareRevellers (7 months ago)
the best
nycmanowar (7 months ago)
Yeezy 500s are ugly. Period. That being said. Utility Black colorway on Yeezy 500 is VERY ugly..only meant to be worked in. But..the upcoming ultraviolet purple 500s look cool..they're better than the next murky purple 700 colorway
412JFury (7 months ago)
These are sold out now. BUTTERS been sold out too. Yeezy is still yet to sit more than a few hours. And that's in store not online. Jordans sit.
ray laflame (7 months ago)
They’re now sold out online
Jordan Thompson (7 months ago)
Like Kanye said, yeezy’s for everyone. The 500’s are repped hard in Europe and fashion week, need to know how to type em
Robert Turnip (7 months ago)
I wouldn't wear these on a date..
Fureddo28 (7 months ago)
Yay! Yeezys for all!!!🙌🏽 I’m so glad adidas is doing its best to weed out the resellers mob. These guys are just here to kill the sneaker game. Personally, I want to buy sneakers to actually WEAR them; not make a (ridiculously low) profit out of them.
Ahmad Soliman (7 months ago)
Didn't the black Calabasas sit as well. At least in Dubai mall I saw them at a shoe store.
Lizo Joseph (7 months ago)
This is best looking yezzy 500 colorway
Lizo Joseph (7 months ago)
Yezzy hype is dead
G-Wiz (7 months ago)
Lizo Joseph spell it right, you've had 2 tries. C'mon, it's in the title.
Elias Hodge (7 months ago)
500s are shitty tho
Andres Young (7 months ago)
Yeah because ye said he is trying to put more sneakers out so more people can buy them
Alan Raju (7 months ago)
Yooo kickzr4us at university mall ? Tampa fam stand up
Matthew EverythingGaming (7 months ago)
They’re sitting because they’re absolutely, positively, unequivocally, ridiculously, unmistakably, undisputedly, undeniably, undoubtedly, unquestionably, clearly, obviously, TRASH...
The GOAT (7 months ago)
They look ugly honestly. No wonder why they aren't in demand.
Jose Jimenez (7 months ago)
People are sleeping on these. i bought a pair to wear to work. Boost is life but these are stupid comfortable in their own right.
InZaneKicks (7 months ago)
Have to say the visuals are on point.
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (7 months ago)
Appreciate you, bro!
PunjabiMafia187 (7 months ago)
grandpa shoes
Orlando Jr (7 months ago)
300k subs! Nice keep on going, you guys are marvelous
shoe patu (7 months ago)
i like this alot, it grows time by time. no regret on copping this one. great review tho
TooMuch Freetime (7 months ago)
Kanye trash. Hoodie trash. Shoes trash.
GoonieGromer (7 months ago)
At least Kanye is a man of his word “YEEZYS FOR EVERYONE” For now we shall see what the future holds...
Patricia Williamson (7 months ago)
I was gonna say butters are sitting but I live next to a mall that still has bred 1s.
Drizzy Got Sole (7 months ago)
I think if it was a all blacked out 350, they would have sold out
Young Clapped (7 months ago)
Someone is gonna mistake those for new balance hiking shoes
Cristian Gonzalez (7 months ago)
The yeezy calabassas Black were also sitting for over 24 hrs but still these are staying longer
Mark Davis (7 months ago)
I swear mans don’t know these are heat, and im okay with that, watch when they make em og
Tha Kali Life (7 months ago)
Those shits are ugly AF
David Spane (7 months ago)
For this to be an all black yeezy these should have had campouts and the whole 9.but i guess with all Kanye's antics he brought this on hiself
Kayte Beltran (7 months ago)
I think a lot of people hate all black shoes because they end up looking like work shoes
Mar78 Andres (7 months ago)
I actually like these and I think they’re fire and I buy kicks for me, these days it’s all about how important it is to look dope in front you’re friends and people in general... Im getting a pair because they are dope to me and not anyone else.. and especially not for the hype..
Griffin M (7 months ago)
Nah the black powerphases still on shelves
The Witcher 3 Misc (7 months ago)
Yeezys are dead, nobody buying Kanye shoes anymore because he's stupid racist retard.
Justin Brooks (7 months ago)
The Simba tangent had me dying bro. 🤣🤣
J Rizzle79 (7 months ago)
Foamie, it is amazing how you and only YOU could get someone to eat dog s***! Those are TRASH bro but your video is good.
Kevin Moreno (7 months ago)
I was at work the day they drop and I just went on yeezy supply just too see if they were still there and they were, but I had to pass, the Blush color way is the best out of all of them, never was a fan of triple black shoes, it always makes shoes look like work shoes for restaurants
David Smith (7 months ago)
And yet they sit on shelves. These sneakers are dope.
Dacollector (7 months ago)
Need a size 12 but for retail anyone know where to get them ?
ツClinxeo (7 months ago)
Dasolecollector get them from adidas or stock x
Chill man, chill! (7 months ago)
The 350 v2's aren't cool anymore and need a refresh, and the 500's look wack af tbh lol. Like the fit could be great and they look very well made, not like the Powerphase Calabasas model. I watched like 4 reviews where the reviewer pointed out poor qc on the shoes and you could see it too
elijah camacho (7 months ago)
Bro these are better then the waves!! It's just the hype behind the shoe.
Simon Bryant (7 months ago)
Resell isn’t high on the 500s partly because of mass production but also because it is kind of a love or hate shoe. Aswell as the fact that Kanye hasn’t pushed this model that much. I don’t think resell would go up if they reduced stock because there are not that many that want them.
g doubleyou (7 months ago)
Adidas doesn't make yeezy shoes because people hoard and charge a thousand bucks. They've created a demand and now they're supplying the demand. They're making more to sell more. They don't make money off the bottom feeders reselling them. It's that simple.
Ivan The Dude (7 months ago)
all yeezys look like nineties payless shoes. not feelin it never have. the waverunners... just smh
CrippledChimp (7 months ago)
They sat on shelves cause they ugly
IronmanAdrian (7 months ago)
Adidas still has them in stock
Junior Polanco (7 months ago)
these shoes are for the ppl who cant get V2's. to say they rocking Yeezy's. They are bricks none the less.
MStew23 (7 months ago)
Sitting because they are trash. Not even worth outlet prices.
The Butters Were the First to Sit on the Shelves then these and this is great for the consumers
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (7 months ago)
I agree!
Royce Ochoa (7 months ago)
All the people calling these shoes ugly can't even dress or got no style honestly. lol. Most hype beasts be wearing yeezy's with Walmart white socks and plain bball shorts lol.. The type of dudes you see at sneakercon LOLOLOL. Most people just hype bandwagons. These are similar to blushes but just different color way lol
Nguyen Bach (7 months ago)
agree 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Isaias Torres (7 months ago)
This shoe is ugly, plain and simple. Its not worth spending money on, so they sit. Period.
Wilson Negrini (7 months ago)
Not in Brazil! This sold out in 3min