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12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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What not to do in Japan! Learn the etiquette before you get here! ►SUBSCRIBE for more Japan tips! https://goo.gl/Kq44VX ►SUPPORT us on Patreon: http://patreon.com/abroadinjapan
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­ (3 hours ago)
me, who has never been more than 500 miles from my birth town: ah, very useful. thank you
Isaac Garcia (3 hours ago)
Funny how this was uploaded just a few days before the Logan Paul incident.
kyle Driver (5 hours ago)
Mel G (6 hours ago)
Meanwhile in NA, people will litter if the garbage can isn't convenient enough for them to use, or even if it is. Because they are lazy, entitled asshats.
小笠原総太 (6 hours ago)
Kiler_mansters (8 hours ago)
that level of difficult is too high ugh
マイリトルポニー (9 hours ago)
Florian Neumann (10 hours ago)
me and may friends felt so bad when we thought we were nice and tipped and the waitress came up running like 100m away from the restaurant, to return it....
Sjwaria Law (12 hours ago)
In Buenos Aires metro there was a marketing thing encouraging people to listen to shit awful music without headphones...
Karl Hanks (13 hours ago)
Anyone thinks he looks like Elon Musk?
そいねちゃん (16 hours ago)
そのまえに、畳の和室にソファーもタブーだけどね。 畳って凹んだら治りにくいし、買うのも高いし、今でも畳職人さん沢山いるから、ソファーあったら「え?じゃあなんで洋室にしなかったの?」って思う。 わたしはそういうの気になるなー
N H (17 hours ago)
Elite Minx30 (18 hours ago)
Lots of people like to stuff someone’s physical extension down their back pocket 👀👀😂😂😂
はちこ (18 hours ago)
fileflies (18 hours ago)
Great video. Although, I’d think blowing your nose isn’t necessarily considered rude here. People just have mad allergies, especially in spring during the hay fever season, which may make it seem like it’s the norm to sniffle.
gamer16 (18 hours ago)
Don’t blow your nose?! I hate the sound of someone sniffling
どどんどんどどん (18 hours ago)
Yoshioka Hiroaki (19 hours ago)
めっちゃイギリスなまり笑笑 You’re from England, right?
Yoshioka Hiroaki (19 hours ago)
Owl Crazy (20 hours ago)
luna xox (21 hours ago)
Can we just talk about how in the subtitles the lady at the end is called NATSUKI?!
NotYourAverageWeeb _ (1 day ago)
One question, do I need to know kanji? I mean it seems like it is used a lot more than I originally thought, I know some basic Hirigana and I’m still a little rusty with katakana and pronouncing words, but kanji has always seemed like such an obstacle...
Hi (1 day ago)
nopp (1 day ago)
Zombie (1 day ago)
DON'T assume everyone in Japan speaks Japanese and fumble mysirably through half a sentence of Japanese only to be corrected and told you are an idiot in English.
Captain Leafy (1 day ago)
This is why I want to live in Japan. I love the food soo much, I act like i'm there already, I love the culture, etc. etc. One day... And i can use chopsticks well, already. lol
014Katerina (1 day ago)
He is hilarious!!!
farrad edmund (1 day ago)
japanese invented the sword, so they must be smart people but not smarter than bill nye the science guy
Ainsley Harriot (1 day ago)
I went to japan recently and saw japanese people breaking some of these rules like eating/drinking while walking, only using one side of the staircase, and not crossing the street.
mugi yuzu (1 day ago)
I think washing your body before bathing is the most important manner,maybe
Gameboy082017 (1 day ago)
Thanks for this video! This was very informative!
taichi curata (1 day ago)
OH GOD,propaganda!!! we need TIP!  Today workers are being harvested by managers.
Bus um Wrong punch card (1 day ago)
Do you know terrance and chzthurz
Solar Eclipse11 (1 day ago)
I live in Northern Ireland and literally no one tips anyone. So thankfully that's not a problem for me lmao.
Penelope Jones (1 day ago)
Awesome AND Fun 👏👏😋👍
bart g (1 day ago)
That guy signing at the end tho. That song = 🔥
のなぴー・ (1 day ago)
めちゃくちゃいい動画! 日本でお待ちしてます!
(1 day ago)
ヘイガニ (1 day ago)
I'm Japanese, and this video was interesting for me too. In my opinion, blowing noses is better than just snuffling, as long as you don't throw tissue papers away on the street. Forgive my poor English.
leung ching hei (1 day ago)
4:14: *In Japan* Films korean words
A (1 day ago)
I don’t care very small etiquettes, I’m Japanese tho.
BUDDHA Smiling (1 day ago)
So what are the Do's & Don't while enjoying a cute Japanese Chick??🤫🤫🤫🤫😋
Lord Alcyoneus (1 day ago)
Bruh I do most of this stuff already, Japan sounds kinda easy. I'd have to get over feeling bad for not tipping though, and I'd probably get deported for all the jaywalking. No cars no problem, god dangit.
ああああああ (1 day ago)
Japanese don’t put their elbows on the table. Because it is bad.
bts forever (1 day ago)
says “ DON’T DO THOSE” * does every single one while demonstrating*
AlixxxX _ (7 hours ago)
Yh as an example
徳川吉宗 (1 day ago)
とにかく誰かの迷惑になるようなことはしないこと。電車や人混みでは特にね。 赤信号は正しいことをするべきだという刷り込みみたいなもんかな。特に人前だとそうだね。 誰も見てないならこっそり渡るし、田舎だと信号が長かったり押しボタンだったりするから待ってらんない時あるw
カラフルさん (1 day ago)
I have to keep the signal sign in Japan Because it seems like a useless person who ca n’t follow the basic rules.
白カバ (2 days ago)
逆になんで外国人の方たちは、平気でルールを破りマナーの悪い行動がとれるのかが不思議なんですよね。 ルールは知らなかったなら仕方ないと思うこともありますが、マナーは理解ができないんですよね。 なんで他国に来ているのに平気でゴミをポイ捨てしたり、電車では凄く場所取って座ったり、迷惑行為をするのでしょうかね? あと、当たり前のように英語で話しかけてくるうえに、なぜ喋れないのかと、見下してくるのとか。 オリンピックが始まったら、いろいろありそうだなぁ。
John Ree (2 days ago)
For trash can I just went to McDonald's 😂.
dj miXin (2 days ago)
I'll stay in my California home.
Junior Barajas (2 days ago)
Yall shouldve taken the school scene more seriously when the teacher freaked out at Sean because he wasn't wearing his "wabaki's"😂😂
emperor vers (2 days ago)
うーん、別に人前で鼻はかんでいいかと…寧ろ啜ってる方が汚いしね?後主張を頑固に終始したとても問題ないよ、余程悪口を言わなければね。 日本人がやたらと主張しな過ぎる人が多いだけで普通にそういうのはあるから。 後赤信号でも全く車が来なければ渡っちゃいますよ。 ヨボヨボの老人ですらそうですそこまで頑なじゃ無いからご安心をw(まあ大都市圏の人口密度の高さは異常だから東京や大阪などではそう言う機会もたしかに少ないけどねw)
Sandra Yamamoto (2 days ago)
Thanks. Enjoyed your video.
eliabrez (2 days ago)
And this why, the japanese society is one of the most false on the entire world and not to mention about the suicide rate they have, everything else and their traditional culture is beatiful.
antiguy360 (2 days ago)
is texting or just browsing the internet quietly on your phone okay?
Mr_BigForehead (2 days ago)
“Don’t use your phone in public transport” If you look carefully it looks like a woman is on her phone
Mr_BigForehead (22 hours ago)
TravisLee92 just referring to what he said
TravisLee92 (1 day ago)
He means don't talk on the phone (or anything else that would be noisy). Tons of people use their phones silently and no one cares.
Hungry Bird (2 days ago)
The government has them folks trained good! I ll always do what’s right and cinvienent for everyone too but strict rules and me don’t mix. They seem like a very very decent people to me and the food looks delicious !
Hungry Bird (2 days ago)
They ll put our assets in jail , not til u get bailed out but for 23days or so and more until you admit guilt .
Hungry Bird (2 days ago)
Paola from Tokyo has Tokyo covered
mario luigi (2 days ago)
man, people in japan has thick sticks far up their asses
フラグクラッシャー (2 days ago)
semjaavria (2 days ago)
A lot of these I'd appreciate in America...
HeimBatmn (2 days ago)
Not sure if this is still the case, but in 1990 when I visited, my buddy was laughed at by the hostess for drinking directly from the beer bottle as opposed to waiting for her to bring the straw...
Jessy G (2 days ago)
00:52 why does this dog look like Nick Nolte.
Lex Van (2 days ago)
Japan is my dream vacation, maybe one day I get to go.
14おまめ (2 days ago)
Uaint Shytho (2 days ago)
Don't be Mexican
Dario Džimbeg (2 days ago)
In short: watch what japanese do and mimic that.
Yurí (2 days ago)
S...Sendai? Summer Wars??!
Darth Vader (2 days ago)
11: Litraly the same in Germany. It can be 3:00 in the middle of the night at a lonly trafficlight in the middle of a countryside. YOU WAIT FOR THE GREEN LIGHT!
Dillon L-X (3 days ago)
“You rarely see people kissing out in public” The couples at American Schools:
Ratchet0203 (12 hours ago)
Don't get me started.
Dillon L-X (1 day ago)
Khail Olsen (2 days ago)
Are you Navy Horizon
Dillon L-X (2 days ago)
Khail Olsen (2 days ago)
Do you play xbox?
Gary Cameron (3 days ago)
If the only light got stuck on red I hope people wouldn't starve to death waiting for it. Would be an interesting candid camera type psychology experiment (I know they have similar type TV shows in Japan) to secretly film a group of people where the lights were stuck on red, and see how long before they react, and how.
James Rountree (3 days ago)
Avoiding conflict at all cost allowed rape gangs in the u.k to proliferate (19000 girls last year) as the authorities didn't want to offend minorities so it's not a moral act
ioi (3 days ago)
ionGAMES (3 days ago)
so, i never go to japan
Loki Gamer of Mischief (3 days ago)
*"you dont want to stuff someone's physical extension down your back pocket"*
esukann (3 days ago)
世界に発信したい日本の言葉 『KAROSHI』
Doll Faced Beauty (3 days ago)
I’m glad I watched this to know I could never survive there. I’m stuck with dreadful sinus problems and allergies all year and constantly stuck blowing my nose. I hate it but nothing I can do even on meds. Plus not being able to have an opinion or express yourself fully seems utterly droll.
St.'Dino (3 days ago)
Music @11:00, anyone?
Trev Oshima (3 days ago)
I’m Japanese and a big hugger. I literally have no sense of personal space. Oops😂
Trev Oshima (3 days ago)
I eat and drink while walking...and yes, I’m Japanese...hahaha(awkward laugh)
HoolsSteam (4 days ago)
I have the same couch cushion
Xhaka sp (4 days ago)
小林 (4 days ago)
Levi H (4 days ago)
Are you sure I don't want to stuff a physical extension in my back pocket?
LukaTisus (4 days ago)
....people rub their chopsticks together before use? What?
Hazer86 (4 days ago)
Passing around bones with chopstick? Cool. That'll be our equivalent of burying people with an eating-fork... wtf japan?
Nep (4 days ago)
Honestly just seems like an overall pleasant place, we’re everyone is pretty conscious of everyone around them.
ma-chan (4 days ago)
日本人からしたら当たり前のことだから新鮮で面白かった( ¨̮ )
yusuke miyake (4 days ago)
题加藤浩 (4 days ago)
The last one is the best part :D
プーダス (4 days ago)
働きに来るならこれぐらい守ってくれないと困るけど、 別に観光とかオリンピックで来るなら気楽に楽しんで欲しい。 でもここまで調べあげる人もいるんだと驚きました。 ありがとうございます。
i cant think of a name so this is it (4 days ago)
I'll do great when it comes to meeting people in Japan, since I don't like people touching me and I normally nod when someone says thank you so that's an absolute win
range 10 (4 days ago)
I'm good in us 😳 being free
Chocolate Pug (5 days ago)
is there a rule for no videoing in puplic.
WozzaDekon (3 days ago)
I mean, clearly not
Communcapitalfascist (5 days ago)
What not to do in Japan Keep acting like you know their culture just because you watch anime
なりっくだよ (5 days ago)
日本は人の目を気にしすぎてるから 意味のないルールも守ってしまうよね。 後、ハッキリ話す人が増えると良い
real cartoon girl (5 days ago)
**japanese walking down the street** **japanese sees litter on the side of the floor** japanese: NANI!! thatsu irregal! **intense anime screeching**
e b (5 days ago)
Japan is a wonderful place...I did 2 western pacific deployments in the 1990's and had extensive stays in Yokosuka...Nagasaki...Hiroshima...Tokyo...and Osaka...Met very nice people...learned the language...and made friends with whom I still communicate with today.
e b (5 days ago)
Never turn your back to Buddha in a Buddhist temple.
e b (3 days ago)
I'm not...it is considered disrespectful to turn away after praying to buddha shine in a temple.
Gloomy bear (3 days ago)
Don’t bs
e b (3 days ago)
Yes you back dat thang up!...lol
Evelyn Dragone (3 days ago)
So you walk backwards? 😂
Scott Gattenio (3 days ago)
How do you leave?