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Police Learned Open Carry Lesson in Southfield MI

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Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GPd9Xjwjpk http://www.facebook.com/LibertyIsForEveryone
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Text Comments (350)
Keenan DeJong (1 day ago)
Why buddy swing his hands so much walking ,, loll like he skipping ffs
Borge (6 days ago)
When you see a random guy walking around openly carrying a gun you're gonna get worried. Fucking moronic.
grizz tough (10 days ago)
aholes trying to make legal gun owners look bad.... get a job hairbags
Civilian #72583119 (16 days ago)
Who walks like that?
MadTitan (16 days ago)
I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way. I'm a vet. I'm also Black. Im not a thug or living a criminal lifestyle. Now I see these open carry vids and support this activity. But I wish more attention could be called to supporting the same activity for minorities. One reason that the ratio between videos like this featuring whites as opposed to blacks is so skewed is because minorities are simply afraid of being shot by law enforcement. Or instances of minorities exercising the same rights is that historically minorities are, for the most part, treated much different. Often losing their lives or coming close to it. Even when clear instances of police misconduct surfaces, organizations like the NRA are silent. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but it seems to work in practice much more for whites than minorities. But I believe that with your support, we can work together to change the way the 2nd Amendment is applied in favor of being more fair.
Daveoceanair (15 days ago)
Don't understand this comment, I've seen 2 black guys in 2 days open carry where I live. I ask one any issues he stated nope. However they were not open carry rifles. I wander if that's a game changer for anyone?
michael delano (16 days ago)
Stupid video. What actually was th epoint? What did it show?
Michael Chauvin (16 days ago)
I don't get it. Why would someone want to bring attention to themselves. If one thinks OPEN CARRY is cool....think again. Your not that bright!
Dever Solmon (16 days ago)
You spelled you're wrong...
Splaticus Blah (1 month ago)
Open carry nutcases. They need to get the shit kicked out of them.
Matt (1 month ago)
Just out looking for problems This is the open carry douche in Walmart
Andrew k Adams (1 month ago)
So, are these videos purposely to bring "awareness," or just trying to goad the cops into ultimately doing something stupid and being caught up in it on video? Maybe something that will end up "stroking" ones ego? Time will tell the answer to that...
Tam Hughes (1 month ago)
Dam is we watching cops are hands gone wild lol
Marshall Dillon (1 month ago)
why post video that is so vague and uniformative?
Big birchwood (1 month ago)
I hope no guy falls asleep near that cop because the guy would wake up with a cop in his butt hole.💩
LW INC. (1 month ago)
open carry is not going to give you a better chance of survival in a encounter,people that open carry are trying to intimidate others,conceal your weapon
Bobby Williams (1 month ago)
That was 8 mile, I know I’m from Detroit
tc1uscg (1 month ago)
Personally, I don't have a problem if approached by an officer who wants to acknowledge my open carry. But as a concealed carry holder, I rather not anyone know I'm packing. It's not the cops I worry about, it's some wack job who wants to make a name for themselves.
Josh Lollar (1 month ago)
However any white guy that does this that doesnt think the incident would be handled differently had they been another race ......
Robert Rugg (1 month ago)
never saw anything, never seen anyone open carry in Michigan as it's illegal, permit needed for concealed carry.
L.D. Dong (1 month ago)
You idiots need to get more convincing evidence of police ignorance. This is nonsensical...not to mention borintg as hell.
Trump Baby ! Vanquish our enemies (1 month ago)
I personally think open carry is foolish. I have a conceal permit and own seven different pistols and many different hunting and battle rifles and I don't want anyone to know I am packing. Someone who wishes to do you harm already knows he has to shoot you first because he knows you are armed . My size is usually enough of a deterrent to pause most people from messing with me but there is always someone who thinks differently. Use your head .
adam smith (1 month ago)
What's really sad is people feel the need to walk around with guns to feel like real men. I'm guessing most of these guys don't measure up in some way. You want to be a hero: go join the military or police or fire department. What in the hell do you need a rifle to go walking for? Are you really that scared? God, WE get called snowflakes and half these people are too chicken-shit to go out in public without a gun. Try being brave like the people you make fun of all the time.
scottlidster (1 month ago)
Gee rustin (1 month ago)
I apparently missed something here especially the federal lawsuit allowed them to walk the sidewalk????? Looked like the cop is always wrong to me. I guess when in trouble call you corner drug dealer?
Jack Dawson (1 month ago)
What sad lives these open carry losers live. Can't imagine being that starved for attention.
Blues Vibe (1 month ago)
Man that view looks like I'm watching Hardcore Henry
Electric (1 month ago)
12 year old Tamir Rice holding a toy gun was rolled up on and murdered by police in Ohio a open carry state. The reason because he was Black. This is America.
justice g (2 months ago)
Why flaunt it though...
Mick Pala (3 months ago)
Keep the frontier spirit God guns guts
Rusty Rhoads (3 months ago)
Unmarked cop cars should be illegal for the fact when they are chasing a car and your on a motorcycle you hear a siren but can't see emergency lights and you can actually be killed by them running you off the road .
james William (3 months ago)
Listen if u wanna walk around with a weapon join the marines or something. Y walk around like that ur a fkn idiot.
intelin123 (4 months ago)
Pigs harrass people they are supposed to protect. No longer an honoring job. Prople hate the police. They did it to themselves. I tell my kids not to trust the police.
tc1uscg (1 month ago)
And every person is thug till proven otherwise. Thats what I tell my kids. Do not trust anyone.
Alize Francis (4 months ago)
white privilege is sickening
Johnny Hagstrøm (5 months ago)
wah wah my rights wah wah, how about you stop looking for the confrontation? shees
Shayne Guthrie (5 months ago)
Yes...LEO'S are against freedom. They hate and despise the freedom this country was founded on. Definitely anti freedom.
Armoni Q Fields (5 months ago)
This Only Futher Proves that "White People" Have NO BUSINESS IN POWER OR CONTROL OF Nothing...
OBAMA HATER (6 months ago)
Duke Of Hesse (6 months ago)
Gee, what an exciting video. Never watched two guys walk down a street before. Just amazing!
So said gls Just for fun (6 months ago)
When asked why you carry, simply state, for the muscle memory!
kjilk simble (6 months ago)
hey buddy i learned to NOT counter swing my arm ITS POSSIBLE TO STOP.....any time you wish its rather annoying seeing you're arm come in & out of the shot
John Martinez (6 months ago)
Thank god for the invention of phones capable of taking pictures and video.All of the constantly added crooked cop videos on this site and many others clearly illustrates cops have been getting away with this for years, until now.This why so many cops are quitting and taking up other jobs because their now on notice and the public won't take it anymore.
Dan Crawford (6 months ago)
Open carry is for pussies.
J. M . Youngquist (7 months ago)
Well that was stupid misleading and a total waste of time
Robert Urkevich (7 months ago)
Being a cop is like a weather man you can be wrong every day and keep your job anyway
Ruben Scott (7 months ago)
Have you ever seen some one buy a gun and walk home I have
roy hoco (7 months ago)
if every one was allowed to open carry we wouldn't need as many cops
Rick Raven Rumney (7 months ago)
I have opened carried and have a cow permit. I never had a problem. I can guarentee this guy was pushing for a confrontation with the cop. He has had numerous frivolous lawsuits dismissed by state and federal courts. It's people like him and not the cops that are the problem.
K Nine (7 months ago)
"The only thing that stops police abuse is a good guy with a gun."
APM (7 months ago)
Open carry people are such fucken idiots why would you want to walk around public with like a ar15 strapped to you? Oh because it’s my right blah blah blah Merica!
Big Wig (8 months ago)
If they were people of color, the outcome would have been very different. And for elmer fudd and gang to play the childish games is ignorance on so many levels it's pathetic..
AMD Guru (8 months ago)
What's the lesson you taught the police? The video didn't show much.
Amir Harris (8 months ago)
Open carry is stupid
HOPE (8 months ago)
You people who go out on the street just to 'open carry' so you can have a run-in with the law and prove how cleaver you are, are idiots. We have children and other people on the street, have no idea who you are or why and you think you should just be able to walk down the street with a weapon and not even be asked questions. Go home and take care of your house.
Brandon Vaughan (8 months ago)
Open carry is dumb. It's just for neckbeards who want attention. Your weapon being concealed is your ace in the hole.
Deth Rugg (8 months ago)
People are worried more about the police because the place so more likely to act like a criminal than a law-enforcement officer
Kyle Porter (8 months ago)
Where was the camera? In your hand or your belt buckle? That clicking.
ROY bean (8 months ago)
power of the video
P G (8 months ago)
Their permits to carry should be revoked, Why would they waste the police depts time with this crap. This behavior is daffy I don’t think they should be trusted with firearms, this is how accidents happen!
Douglas Moomey (8 months ago)
your the problem. it's called a RIGHT not a priviledge.
Sun (8 months ago)
P G the dept chose to waste the time
Ryan wyrick (8 months ago)
I didn't see anything justified in this video.. how the hell do we knew you weren't apprehended how the hell do we know that the cop in the cruiser was just getting an eye on you first and because of your Firearms chose to stay back being alone and all maybe waiting for backup or something or for a definitive answer on if and when to engage you. but for all we know you are engaged and it didn't go well for you and you just stopped at here entitled the video like it was a victory for you I mean hey 99 out of a hundred of us are not going to verify public record out of state or anything like that but all I see is you walking by a cruiser in the video stopping I mean you have a whole department talking about you on the radio and we're supposed to believe they didn't engage you? help me out
Baba Yaga (9 months ago)
CrOoKeD Ass Cops!!
George Popovich (9 months ago)
Wow great video! 😡
chico (9 months ago)
Just trying to get some trigger time, cmon guys, the reason to be a cop is to shoot someone, not serve and protect. Its a shame, some cops go a whole career and never get to shoot a person..shit, some never get to shoot a dog, so you cant blame them for trying.
Ancient aliens (9 months ago)
Gestapo Law meant that the activities of the Gestapo were free from any review by courts of law. This law effectively meant that the Gestapo became a law unto themselves. In NAZI AMERICA, the police were allowed to arrest people on suspicion that they were about to do wrong. This gave the police huge powers. The American Gestapo’s greatest weapon is fear that it creates. American Police force is run by men who could disguise their violent nature simply because they ware a uniform.There are no legal restraints on detention of suspects, evidence collection, or police violence. This lack of legal restraint, paired with the America Gestapo's tendency to attract and employ Nazi extremists and former criminals in the American Justice System.
John Smith (9 months ago)
*BLUE ISIS* much worse than pedophiles and scumbags....
Sun (8 months ago)
John Smith nothings worse than a rapist and these piggies have been caught unlawfully arresting men women and children just to rape them
freespeech1776 (10 months ago)
learn and know your rights ...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/know-your-rights-Police-interview-card-5th-amendment-Photography-lot-of-5/112549923923?hash=item1a347f8c53:g:4AAAAOSwq9lZg9H7
frank sullivan sr (10 months ago)
Your a instigator plain and simple. You make it difficult for us who DO obey the laws. Through your OWN stupidity you will one day make your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cover.
Sullied Goat (10 months ago)
That audio at 2:18 sexy af 10-4
Jerry Flynn Dale (10 months ago)
8 Mike and Southfield rd, Southfield / Detroit MI border.
C Wolf7 (10 months ago)
Did I miss something? Where is the encounter? Other than dont touch my hand. Lol
Sullied Goat (10 months ago)
Google that big word encounter. Your answer lies within. Moron
Jim Scott (10 months ago)
Those two guys are on a suicide mission💣😂
Dave Taylor (11 months ago)
Thanks fuckhead
Dean Mckell (11 months ago)
Yes, it is your right to scare the shit out of everyone else in the world because you carry your big gun........pathetic.
Colonel Cole (11 months ago)
What a worthless video. Total waist of time watching.
The Order (11 months ago)
When I walk down the street in my state of Texas with my open carry, I have people that look at me funny which is okay. The vast majority of people don’t mind at all and actually in this last year I’ve seen more then my whole time as CCL holder(9years). Now it’s a nod of acceptance that you’re one of the good ones and life goes on. I’ve only had to draw my weapon once and yes I did fire and it was justified. I was a wreck afterwards but my son is alive and that’s all that matters to me.
tc1uscg (1 month ago)
+Josh Lollar it will mess anyone up. I have friends who were in the Army and they had to take lives. Some just never recover.
Josh Lollar (1 month ago)
Rule of thumb, Dont pull your weapon unless you intend on using it. Dont fire your weapon unless you intend on hitting your target. My cousin had to do that a couple years ago in an attempt to save his neighbor boys life from another boy who had entered the house and attacked with a knife. The neighbor boys sister ran next door to my cousins house and he entered armed, but was unable to save the neighbor boy in time, and the other boy refused to drop the knife. It messed my cousin (who is fire/emt) up alot after that.
Rachel Santoleri (1 month ago)
Did a dog attack?
J80 (4 months ago)
God bless you and your family sir.
MR. Allen (11 months ago)
I'm confused. This video showed me nothing.
Danny (11 months ago)
Nothing screams, "Look at me, I open carry! See this gun? I wear it everywhere I go because I have no self-esteem, no confidence and a small dick, but at least I'll be prepared if something happens!" like Open Carry. As a gun owning, 2nd Amendment defender, Open Carry is one of the most idiotic displays of superficial machoism our species has ever seen.
Mastergunner97 (11 months ago)
Rights aside, some of you Really should read "Street Survival" series, The last thing you ever want to do is FCKING advertise that you are armed! I know you are trying to prove your rights, but you are also advertising to every felon and gang that you have a weapon. You do know the majority of cops are killed with their own gun.
jon domino (11 months ago)
Lol he asked for 1 sec. That's all he got 😂
Dada Fan (1 year ago)
I don't agree with the cops at all and despise their ignorant and abusive earlier behavior, but you are being obnoxious, confrontational and very, very, stupid. Now that I have your attention, 'listen up': You need reminding that what you are 'open carrying' is a deadly weapon. It is like the elephant in the room. It demands respect, yes, respect from everyone in the room. That includes you first and foremost. The cops made a bad mistake before. That does not entitle you to be an asshole now. Concealed, open, in car, it doesn't matter. It is only a tool. The wielder of that tool is always the issue at hand. Possession of a firearm demands mature and responsible behavior. 'Testing your rights' amounts to two strikes against you. If I were nearby I'd be watching you like a hawk waiting for you to make that move toward the third strike. At a minimum I'd want to be the first to find cover. If I felt truly threatened I already have the perfect case for self-defensive use of counter deadly force. Please think about what I have said here as objectively, unemotionally and carefully as you are able. It might save your life. When you are dead it doesn't matter how just your cause was unless all you really want is a memorial statue in the town square. I can promise you that is only satisfying to the pigeons. One more thing: in the old west, theft of a man's horse was an automatic death sentence. It didn't require a judge or jury. A man who shot a horse thief was likely an instant hero. (Why, should be obvious.) I find it very sad that times have changed, but they have. People have turned into wimpy, for lack of a better word, pussies. I am not one of them. The majority of people today seem to feel they need a government 'nanny' to tell them how to live their lives. In this unfortunate environment if I feel I have a possible need for a weapon I choose concealed every time. It gives me the advantage of surprise and with luck it also gives me time to plan my move. I also don't have to worry about some idiot feeling threatened and over-reacting in some irrational manner. In addition, you will most certainly be facing persecution/prosecution by that 'nanny' state for months or even years if you use the firearm--rightly or not. You will be financially devastated with no hope of fair and just recovery. You will not, repeat: not be toasted at the saloon with shots of (very bad) whiskey by your neighbors and be served a free (and very fresh) rare steak from the chuckwagon. I hope you will find that to be worth consideration as well.
Samuel Colt (10 months ago)
Dada Fan .. You used many words but, said very little... You seemed to forget that, our right to carry, open or concealed, is given to ALL us by our Creator. It is a right called Self Defense.. That is why moral and educated free White men put it second only to the freedom of speach, assembly and worship... The fact of life and history shows that the 2nd Amendment protects all others and the entire Constitution itself.. Free men should be in charge of their government. Free men who follow law and defend themselves and others, by open or concealed carry are only a threat to a corrupt and unworthy government and their servants.. Whether they be Police or Redcoats...
Alan Edwards (11 months ago)
Dada Fan repost intelligibly so we can understand what you mean ..
Thomas Carroll (1 year ago)
I really struggle with some Americans obsession with firearms. I know you live in a country with wilderness, and semi-rural areas with dangerous wildlife, where a gun could be a lifesaver (if you neglect to take basic precautions, but millions of people in Africa and India Live cheek by jowl with lions leopards tigers and do so without needing guns to survive. I know you like to shoot. You can go into the woods, down to the range, to the skeet place and shoot yo your hearts content. But why can’t you accept Laws that you have to keep guns and ammo separate and secure while your not indulging this hobby. Some of you want guns for Home protection, ok. But do you really need to carry (open or concealed) on the streets, to the mall, cinema, church, or school? How on earth do you expect a police officer to tell school shooter wandering down the street from you guys? Are you happy with the distinct possibility of a school shooter being questioned by police then allowed to proceed with their murderous errand, because they have a permit in addition to their AR15 and 9mm pistol? Would it really hinder your rights not to be able to swagger around town brandishing your gun? If you are so fearful of being shot (presumably for no reason) do you not worry that someone may just come up behind you and shoot you in the back? Do you think they will challenge you to a duel, do you think murderers give advance notice? Would you be prepared to give one inch on your rights if it would only save one child’s life, one person’s life?
tc1uscg (1 month ago)
+Allen Schoonbeck Dude, I'm afraid thats never going to change. Too many people on meds out there to hope for that.
tc1uscg (1 month ago)
@Thomas. It's like the cars we drive. Having a firearm for protection makes one feel righteous, invincible. Like people who drive Hellcats. They may be no reason on this earth for anyone to drive a 700hp car on city/urban streets. But they do. Now, as a non-hell cat owner, I would not pull up next to one with my Jeep and take them on in a race, no more then a non-gun carrying person will take on someone who is carrying. Gives you that moment of pause. But, on a snowy day or even a rainy day, I'll blow the doors off that hellcat in the snow or really wet conditions. I can drive over curbs too. But my point is, owning a gun and the boost it gives you in confidence is like how owning and riving a 700hp car gives you. But if you are out just to antagonize, it makes these open carry types no better then the tactics the 1st amendment auditors. They are out for one thing and one thing only, to provoke a response and as a concealed carrying card member, I feel they do more harm than good. But that's just my opinion and they have a right to be assclowns if they want.
Allen Schoonbeck (2 months ago)
The second amendment was created so we had the chance ti fight back. Not only against individuals who wish to harm us, but more importantly, our own government should the need arise! That's why I and so many other gun owners vehemently defend our right to bear arms. And if more people exercise their right to do so openly, people would stop losing their minds and calling the police when they see any gun
heightsofsagarmatha (4 months ago)
remember the most crime-ridden cities in the US are ones with strict gun laws, like Chicago. doesn't do anything about criminals or hostiles using guns but does prevent the law-abiding citizens from doing it.
Rebecca Duncan (1 year ago)
"now you're touching me. "you were touching me. If it happens again I'm going to take action on it" bow chika bow wow
bob f (1 year ago)
Good for you!!!!!!!!!!
Ancient aliens (1 year ago)
I fear the police in the mid section of the country will pull me over unlawfully and try to charge me for crime i did not do...
RidgeRider RC (1 year ago)
Exercising your right doesn't mean walking around with a police scanner and camera.. These idiots are looking for problems.
Sun (8 months ago)
if the person is a level headed human they wont give trouble. no such thing as "looking for trouble" among rational humans
Bryan (1 year ago)
Or they know that police tend to overreact and want to make sure they have all of their bases covered in the event some dick hole cop on a power trip does something stupid. Even if they went out with the sole intention of baiting officers into doing something stupid by open carrying and having a camera present, it doesn't excuse the cops for overreacting in an area that allows open carry.
Dawn LeForce (1 year ago)
Or they could be educating the police so you & I don't have to.
Ray C.K. (1 year ago)
Idk, I feel that if you need to open carry your weapon in public, regardless of the amendment and law you're most likely a pussey with a slim to none penis size and a big ego and maybe even a mental health case. I can understand in the wilderness and confines of your own property, but in public, no. Put your tiny penises away and conceal that shit. Open carry around me and I'll have you in my sights. I consider you a threat.
Mark (1 year ago)
Ray C.K. Simple, if you don't like him open carrying, get the law changed. As it is, he has every right to do so, as you have every right to your opinion.
Ray C.K. (1 year ago)
Haha, ok! When you open carry you make yourself a target for an attack that you won't see coming!
Dawn LeForce (1 year ago)
WTF have you been? Kids can't go to school without getting shot up. People can't go to the movies without getting shot up. People can't go to a concert without getting shot up. People can't even go to church without getting shot up. Everybody should be open carrying. You're the one threatening people mental health case.
Spaethon (1 year ago)
Hell, you could totally make a handsome living walking around in open carry states, getting unlawfully arrested, and suing the state. The police radio is an awesome touch. Don't see that much in these vids. You can even download a free Android app that contains most police department radio channels throughout the country. Its really boring for the most part, but handy in this situation.
Richard Besse on Bribie Island (1 year ago)
Don't unarmed citizens worry about being robbed by a guy walking with a gun?
James Barnes (1 year ago)
I worry about coward traitors with badges murdering me more......
what's up (1 year ago)
Well aren't you guys just a special kind of stupid. No wonder we need cops.
James Barnes (1 year ago)
Cops are the stupid ones moron.....
Reaper Kezia (1 year ago)
The way you walk really bothers me for some reason. It's like your left leg is a foot shorter than your right.
Ted Nugent (1 year ago)
I have guns behind my seat on my seat and on my dash everyday but then again I live in Arkansas and Colorado.. Life is good baby!!!!!!
Jay douglas (1 year ago)
you guys need a job and a better hobby
The Train (1 year ago)
Wtf why did i even watch this shit till the end im the. Dumb ass !! Stupid fucking vid
No Drama (1 year ago)
That was a yawner........where was part about being harassed?
Dark Night (1 year ago)
why provoke them tho...let's walk around with a gun and a body cam...you guys are stupid.
Right to Record (1 year ago)
Yeah, that's the same s*#t people just like you were saying when I was a kid and black folks dared to sit in the front of the bus. In your America someone exercising their Constitutional rights is provoking the police? Pitiful.
Doug M (1 year ago)
here's a great video of two guys walking down the street
bugs bunny (1 year ago)
these people are cop bating they have nothing better to do then harass police.    these stupid americans are just trying to upset police and public.  Even though it may be legal to open carry, some states require you have a permit or license in which case you are required to prove that when asked to police,  plus if your a feleon
Simon Maroof (1 year ago)
David young you a stupid ignorant rat
matthew clark (1 year ago)
See its uneducated people like you that piss me off! They have no right to stop you and demand anything if a crime hasn't been committed you idiot.
Douglas Davis (1 year ago)
+Teneysia Leno -- In Indiana: May carry openly with license. According to the state's official website, "carrying an exposed firearm in public may be alarming to some people and create unnecessary and unwanted attention to yourself."[2] On May 9, 2017, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that detaining an individual based solely upon their possession of a handgun (in order to verify that they are licensed) violates the Fourth Amendment absent any other reasonable articulable suspicion of a crime being committed.[3] IC 35-47-2-3
Teneysia Leno (1 year ago)
david young actually no they dont. they must be suspected of having committed a crime to be stopped and disarmed or even asked questions. it's illegal to detain them.
tiger1945 (1 year ago)
I hope all the state's don't allow open carry without a license because many dumbass would carry without the necessary training needed
Right to Record (1 year ago)
So I suppose you can point to all of the problems caused in states that do allow open carry? Chicago has very strict gun laws and is the murder capital of the nation. How is that possible?
4Body2Soul (1 year ago)
Open carry is fucking stupid, and only serves to draw attention to you and your peers. You're only reducing your advantage at that point. Get some training, conceal it, and get on with it.
4Body2Soul (1 year ago)
If you truly believe demonstrating anything should serve to override any and all advantages of carrying - there's a deeper problem. I get you're trying to educate the masses, and I used to argue the same when I OC'ed - but concealing is the way to go. Most people don't want to be educated, anyway. They're afraid of what they don't know - and flashing a gun on our waist unfortunately won't change much (especially in states anal about it).
Robert Watson (1 year ago)
Don't exercise your rights nor demonstrate to others what their rights are---correct?
papa al (1 year ago)
I love seeing people carrying.
kenny bopaloo (1 year ago)
what a waste of a video
Jay Warren Clark (1 year ago)
What is this?