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HD UPS 757-200F Landing, Unloading Time Lapse, and Takeoff at San Jose Airport-SJC With Live ATC

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*Please watch in 1080p* This Boeing 757-200F was as light as a feather! It departed to Reno about an hour after it arrived, with only 5,000 pounds of packages on board!! Enjoy :) All future videos will be uploaded to my new account BayAreaPlanespotting http://www.youtube.com/user/BayAreaPlanespotting
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EdwardRCL RCL (3 days ago)
Are the guys workinh there Ramp agents or Cargo Handlers? Or Drivers? Or freight handlers?? How can u call them .. as i got a job offer at Frankfurt airport but is called "Warehouse cargo operator .. i guess is similar or
EdwardRCL RCL (3 days ago)
Fra airport..?
Bob Donovan (1 month ago)
Where is the main cargo door operated from?
Jacob Aubertin (3 months ago)
I'm not sure where else to ask. Any UPS Pilots or loaders in here? What are some *typical* payloads for the 757? I'm sure you're not at max weight every flight, yes?
Joe Chuckles (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful jet, so graceful...
cdimmm (1 year ago)
no time for fuel
MELJOE FERREIRA (1 year ago)
Interesting stepladder
Sunny Wong (1 year ago)
I love your unloading video. I have one too but unloading in a sped up video. I hope you like it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1M852ocpms Thanks guys.
woodfern909 (2 years ago)
I did that job at LAX in my early 20s. We did 757s, L10-11s (pain the in the rear), 747s (easiest to work on), 727s and DC-8s. Now I have fifteen years in the public sector, but that job at the airport was the most fun I ever had. And a good work out, definitely miss it. Six more flight hours and I'll have my commercial pilot certificate! Hopefully I'll go back to where I started, with a different view though ha!
UUDD Spotting (2 years ago)
nice! like sub+1
gingerwood1969 (3 years ago)
Cool ass video dude!!!! Well done! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
habyss (3 years ago)
Everytime I watch a freighter loading/unloading video they always have the same cargo. Identical silver containers. What are they and what's so special about them they they have to be shipped by air?
habyss (2 years ago)
Oh, i get it now. I thought the containers themselves were the cargo!
Randy She (2 years ago)
Habyss ... those containers hold nearly anything - from legal documents, to medications, to Christmas presents ... almost anything that a shipper needs to have transported and delivered over night. In a 757 .. those containers might weigh as much as 7500 pounds each. In the 767 and A300 - they might weigh as much as 10,000 pounds each. However, in most cases, while the containers might be loaded to 100% capacity, their weights are usually far less.
Jonathan Hall (3 years ago)
Ditto with UPS
Quinten Novak (3 years ago)
Basically they're just shipping containers full of individual packages. We'll unload packages from feeder aircraft (small prop planes) and pack them into said cans, and load them onto the jet. Cans that we offload from the jet we'll put into semi trailers and they'll go to sorting hubs for the packages to be distributed to their final destination. Hope that made sense haha
Jeremy Gray (3 years ago)
At FedEx we call them "cans" or "ULD's" packages, boxes, docs are placed in them so they can be moved to different inputs throughout the airport and also for the pilots safety. The cans are locked into place so they can't move in flight.
General Ming (4 years ago)
I just got a part time job working for a Ground Service company to work on one UPS 757 that comes in once a day. How is it like to work on it? Is it strenuous or laid back?
Aiden Bach (4 years ago)
I love RB211.
Chris Reece (5 years ago)
nice SWA photobomb during the T/O there...
Dj Den Kot (5 years ago)
Hasta La Vista (5 years ago)
One of the newer ones with RR engines
Owen Leipelt (6 years ago)
Thanks!! Going to do it again!
Jake's Aviation (6 years ago)
Awesome!!! Great video!!
Owen Leipelt (6 years ago)
really? lolol if it were you then no problem :) Your job is more important than what I was doing :)
TheScreenCaptain (6 years ago)
I think that was me. My bad lol
TheScreenCaptain (6 years ago)
I drove by one day and saw a couple people standing around a camera on a tripod. In fact that might have been me in truck 14 blocking your shot. Sorry about that lol.
Owen Leipelt (6 years ago)
lol yup; ruined the whole video :-)
montkyle (6 years ago)
Funny how Southwest has to sneak one in there. lol
Owen Leipelt (6 years ago)
FSVectors (6 years ago)
This is seriously awesome! I mean, we see a lot of UPS hanging around at the Cargo Area - but we can't get up close to it like that!
Owen Leipelt (6 years ago)
Thanks! I know lol
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting (7 years ago)
yep! if you go back to the begining of my channel (was this summer) you'll see some good close up stuff from there. I can send you a few links if you want.
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thanks! indeed it is. Where at? Rockford?
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting (7 years ago)
0:25 always fun when they can get both runways working at the same time. NICE! i've been in the cockpit of a UPS A300..
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thanks Tyler! It was pretty awesome seeing theses beasts up close :)
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thanks lethal!
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thanks rampage!! lol, yeah, stupid southwest trucks, they always get in the way of everything...
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thanks!! Yes, these come nearly every weekday, in a couple weeks we will see the A300 because of peak travel season.
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Thank you!!
Owen Leipelt (7 years ago)
Lukeplanespotting (7 years ago)
Fantastic video!
iamsterling (7 years ago)
Very cool full screen video!!!
Rampage434 (7 years ago)
@0.25 dude your killin it! Awesome acess!! A UPS 757 Raptor!! Engines sound amazin!! Man your surounded by lots of big metal!! HEY.....where did that truck come from, lol!! Awesome buddy!! :-)"
B.L Videos (7 years ago)
So beautiful plane! Nice timelapse, enjoyed it very much :)
Flightline (7 years ago)
What a cool perspective for that landing! And damn those engine sounds are AWESOME! man that looked sweet.